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Wyatt Spencer
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Actor History
Darin Brooks
June 21, 2013 to present
Other Names

Wyatt Fuller


Vice president at Spencer Publications

Responsible for social media at Spencer Publications

Presumably still in management at his mother's company, Quinn Artisan Jewelers

Former head of public relations at Forrester Creations

Former liaison for jewelry designer Ivy Forrester at Forrester Creations

Resides At

Presumably a beach house once owned by Bill Spencer, Jr., Malibu, CA

Formerly the Forrester Mansion (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)

Formerly an apartment above Quinn Artisan Jewelers in Los Angeles, CA

Formerly a Malibu, CA cliff house owned by Bill Spencer, Jr.

Formerly a shack in Hawaii

Marital Status

Engaged to Katie Logan as of February 23, 2018

Past Marriages

Hope Logan [Married: 2014; divorced: 2015]

Steffy Forrester [Married: 2016; divorced: 2017]


Quinn Fuller (mother)

William "Bill" Spencer, Jr. (father)

Karen Spencer (aunt)

Caroline Spencer Forrester (aunt, deceased)

Bill Spencer, Sr. (grandfather; deceased)

Caroline Spencer (cousin)

Douglas Forrester (first cousin, once removed)

Liam Cooper Spencer (half-brother)

William Logan Spencer (half-brother)


unnamed son (miscarriage, with Hope; 2014)

Flings & Affairs

Hope Logan

Nicole Avant (kissed)

Steffy Forrester (kissed)

Ivy Forrester

Katie Logan

Crimes Committed

Kissed Hope Logan knowing she was engaged to Liam Spencer [2013]

Stole the Hope for the Future Diamond, then planted it on actual jewel thieves to impress Hope [2013]

Punched Liam Spencer [2014]

Romanced Nicole Avant to get incriminating information about Rick Forrester [2015]

Slept next to Steffy Forrester despite her being engaged to Liam [2016]

Health and Vitals

Punched by Liam Spencer [2013, 2014]

Slapped by Aly Forrester [2014]

Punched by Bob Barker [2014]

Had a wedding ring tattoo removed [2017]

Brief Character History

Wyatt Fuller is the son of jewelry designer Quinn Fuller and Bill Spencer, Jr., with whom Quinn had a long-ago affair; Wyatt grew up believing his father was dead. Wyatt met Hope Logan when she photographed him taking a solar shower at his campground in Big Bear, California; Wyatt impulsively kissed Hope, who had run away and knocked herself unconscious. Though Hope lamented the absence of her on-again-off-again paramour, Liam Spencer, who was working through being deserted by his wife, Steffy Forrester, Wyatt introduced Hope to Quinn, unprepared for the shock when Hope figured out that Bill was Wyatt's father by matching up the identical sword necklaces they wore. Wyatt felt betrayed by Quinn and was furious with Bill for having given his mother money for an abortion.

Wyatt briefly entertained taking both Hope and Spencer Publications from Liam, but soon he focused solely on Hope; Wyatt kissed Hope, earning Liam's fist in his face. Wyatt thrilled when Hope decided to incorporate Quinn's accessories into Hope's Hope for the Future (HFTF) fashion line at Forrester Creations, and gladly followed Quinn's order to take Hope to Mexico to secure a rare diamond. Surprised when Quinn sent Hope a video tribute Liam made for Steffy, Wyatt used the resulting rift to propose to Hope himself, then pocketed the diamond and placed it on actual jewel thieves he pretended to retrieve it from.

Wyatt dated Hope after she dumped Liam for having a secret meeting with Steffy on their wedding day. Wyatt made love to Hope for the first time on a beach camping trip, his reverie broken when Liam arrived with security footage of Wyatt "stealing" the diamond. Wyatt was dismayed when Hope left him standing on the beach, but later, after Hope took him back, Wyatt's theft was buried by Forrester Creations to prevent a media scandal.

Wyatt wanted to honor late Forrester matriarch Stephanie Forrester by tying her personal jewelry into HFTF, but Stephanie's granddaughter, Aly Forrester, who had a history of mental illness stemming from the violent childhood death of her mother, loudly objected. Wyatt dismissed Aly's contention he was corrupting the message of purity Hope had layered into HFTF and was slapped by Aly for bragging he'd slept with Hope; Wyatt worried when Aly caught him in bed with Hope and threw a tantrum.

Wyatt was disappointed when Hope's pregnancy scare was only that, but more so when Hope agreed to date both Spencer brothers. Wyatt lost Hope when he punched Liam for going off on Quinn, whose attempts to come between Bill and Brooke Logan, Hope's mother, ended with Brooke's ex-husband, Ridge Forrester, falling from a helicopter in Abu Dhabi and sustaining brain damage. Hearing that Quinn had been tormenting Liam to keep him away from Hope, Wyatt barely stopped Quinn from impaling Liam with a sword. Wyatt and Liam bonded over the ordeal, and later Wyatt received a text from Quinn in which she said she had checked into a psychiatric hospital.

Wyatt inherited the HFTF diamond from its owner, Ricardo Montemayor, and publicly presented it to Hope. But when a detective told Wyatt that Ricardo had been murdered, Wyatt briefly wondered if Quinn had been responsible. Wyatt flew to Paris with Hope, who had told Liam to meet her at the Eiffel Tower to get married. When Liam didn't show, Wyatt convinced Hope to marry him in Monte Carlo instead. Wyatt was sure Hope would leave him when they found out Liam was late was because Quinn had pushed fellow jewelry designer Ivy Forrester into the River Seine; instead, Wyatt got news that Hope was carrying his baby.

Wyatt grudgingly considered getting a restraining order against Quinn, who kept insinuating herself into the pregnant Hope's life; when Hope fell down a flight of stairs and lost their baby after arguing with Quinn, Wyatt sadly watched as Hope went on an extended trip to Milan, Italy. Wyatt followed to plead his case, but came back with a divorce. Wyatt frowned on Quinn's relationship with Hope's father, Deacon Sharpe, knowing Deacon still had a thing for Brooke, and went straight to Quinn after hearing Deacon tell Brooke he'd reunite with her if he and Quinn weren't engaged. After Quinn and Deacon worked things out, Wyatt was the only guest at their wedding except for Hope, who chimed in via video call in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the ceremony.

Wyatt teamed up with Liam to force tyrannical Rick Forrester out of Forrester's CEO chair. Sensing a secret surrounding Rick's mistress, Maya Avant, Wyatt romanced Maya's inexperienced little sister, Nicole Avant, for information. Wyatt genuinely liked Nicole, but worked on her until she admitted Maya was transgender. As Wyatt and Liam deliberated over what to do with the revelation, publishing magnate Bill splashed it across his media platforms; Wyatt understood when Nicole declared she'd never trust him again.

Wyatt took an interest in Steffy and kissed her despite her desire to reunite with Liam; eventually Wyatt began dating Ivy. After the increasingly unstable Aly regressed and died confronting Steffy, Wyatt incredulously viewed a video Ivy shot that seemed to show Steffy killing Aly with a tire iron. Feeling marginalized by their families, Wyatt supported Ivy using her video to blackmail a modeling gig out of Steffy; later, Wyatt thought better of it and helped persuade Ivy to delete the incriminating footage. After Steffy fired Ivy and forced her to model lingerie, Wyatt went to Bill with a request to bankroll a new fashion house and was angry when Bill declined.

Wyatt resented Steffy's brother, Thomas Forrester, flirting with Ivy and refused to believe Steffy's claim that Ivy had kissed Thomas. Wyatt walked out when Ivy confirmed it but rushed to her side when she was electrocuted following a scuffle with Steffy. Wyatt talked Ivy out of having Steffy arrested for violating her restraining order, then bought a ring for Ivy. But Wyatt's proposal was interrupted by Quinn, who overheard Ivy telling Liam she wanted him back. Wyatt sent Ivy packing and cuddled Steffy in bed while Liam escorted Ivy back to Australia.

After Liam sent Steffy text messages ending their relationship, Wyatt wanted Steffy to move on with him and kissed her again, soon asking her to marry him. Wyatt couldn't believe his good fortune as he exchanged vows with Steffy on the beach and began training under a much more accepting Bill, but Wyatt was torn when he saw Forrester security footage that showed Quinn driving off with Liam after he fainted and hit his head in the parking lot. Wyatt went to see Quinn at her cabin and found her kissing an amnesiac Liam, who had been told Quinn was his wife; when Liam had total recall, Wyatt helped his brother lock Quinn in a closet and brought him to a worried Steffy. Wyatt felt for Liam when he had to be told Wyatt and Steffy were married, but Wyatt was back to sparring with Liam when Liam declared he wanted Steffy back.

Wyatt was shocked to learn that Liam's home intruder was Reverend Rydell, who officiated at Wyatt's wedding. Wyatt breathed a sigh of relief when his marriage turned out to be valid and turned his attention toward making Steffy the face of Spencer Publications' social media. To that end, Wyatt paraded Steffy around the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo, promising Steffy he'd keep Quinn away from her, but Wyatt soon learned that Quinn had gotten involved with Steffy's grandfather, Eric Forrester. Wyatt told Quinn not to accept Eric's invitations to return to Forrester and move into the mansion, but Wyatt couldn't keep Steffy from bunking with Thomas when his efforts were for naught.

Unable to convince Steffy to return home, Wyatt stood by her in a boycott of Quinn and Eric's wedding. Wyatt ultimately felt bad for hurting his mother and saw how much she loved Eric when Eric collapsed from a brain hemorrhage. Wyatt joined Quinn in battling the Forresters when Eric made Quinn interim CEO of Forrester and gifted Wyatt with a leadership position for his support. Wyatt lost Steffy when he told Quinn that she and Ridge were keeping it a secret that Eric had appointed Quinn his power of attorney; Wyatt sadly agreed with Steffy's request for a divorce and watched her go back to Liam.

At Thanksgiving, Wyatt was surprised to hear Ivy apologizing for the poor treatment of him that led to their breakup; Wyatt told Ivy it was all in the past. Wyatt realized that Quinn's idea to make Steffy CEO of Forrester was also a ploy to push them together, but Wyatt couldn't deny he wanted to save his marriage. When Steffy accepted the position and Wyatt was promoted to head of PR, Wyatt asked Steffy to stop the divorce. Wyatt held out hope even after Steffy moved back in with Thomas, but finally Wyatt agreed to fast-track their divorce so Steffy could be with Liam. Afterwards, Wyatt quit Forrester Creations and returned to Spencer Publications. While Steffy married Liam in Australia, Wyatt drank heavily and vented to Nicole and her husband, Zende Forrester Dominguez.

Wyatt threw himself into work, where he sassed Bill and developed a camaraderie with Liam. Wyatt knew that Bill had written a scathing review of designer Sally Spectra, the namesake of Spectra Fashions' original owner, because Bill wanted to bulldoze Spectra and put up a skyscraper; Wyatt felt for Sally but was dismayed when Liam discovered the truth and told Steffy, which led to Sally's boyfriend, Thomas, investing $100,000 in Spectra to save it from Bill's wrecking ball. Wyatt became very upset when someone began shooting at Quinn and Bill couldn't resist making jokes about it; Wyatt couldn't believe it once it was revealed that his former stepfather, Deacon, was the gunman.

Wyatt was glad to hear that Katie had been given his old PR job at Forrester and eagerly let her bend his ear about social media, since it had come into prominence since Katie's last tenure as a publicist. Wyatt suggested that Forrester mount a fashion show during the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo and declined to take credit for inspiring Katie to focus on swimwear at the seaside event. Wyatt was on board when the show turned into a Forrester/Spectra fashion duel, and found himself playfully bantering with Katie, aware there were sparks flying between them. Giddy from the success of the showing, Wyatt and Katie kissed repeatedly, with Wyatt assuring a doubtful Katie there was no reason they couldn't explore things, despite their connections to Bill and Quinn. Wyatt ran straight to Katie after she tried to set him up with Charlotte, a besotted intern. Wyatt was amused when Bill nearly caught him and Katie in bed together; Wyatt hid in the bathroom until Bill left.

Wyatt and Katie decided to keep their newfound relationship a secret, but shared confusion when Bill suddenly stepped down as CEO as Spencer Publications, Liam took charge, and Brooke left Bill. Wyatt did some sleuthing with Justin and learned that Liam's first act had been to buy Spectra Fashions, which suffered extensive fire damage, and give it to Sally. When Katie came back from Brooke's closed-mouthed and upset, Wyatt figured out that Bill had arranged for Spectra to burn; Wyatt raged at Bill but also fumed when learning Liam had threatened to call the cops if Bill didn't give Liam control of the company. Wyatt refused Liam's offer to run Spencer with him, warning Liam that Bill would surely get revenge on him.

After Bill turned the tables on Liam by destroying a recording of Bill confessing to the fire, Wyatt was surprised but pleased that Bill wanted him and Liam to run Spencer Publications at Bill's side. But Wyatt soon found out he had been set up to side with Bill in a vote to demolish Spectra and put up the new Spencer tower. Though Wyatt felt for his brother when Liam and designer Sally Spectra almost died trapped in the rubble of Spectra, and later counseled Liam when Steffy left him over kissing Sally, Wyatt continued to defend Bill to Liam. Wyatt also had to defend Katie to his mother after Quinn caught them in bed and forcibly dragged Katie out of it.

It disgusted Wyatt to learn that Bill and Steffy had slept together and betrayed Liam; Wyatt nearly abandoned Bill and Spencer Publications, but hesitated when Bill appealed to him. Later, Wyatt received a shock when he ran into Hope, who had moved back home from Milan.

When Wyatt realized his feelings for Katie were deeper than their no-strings relationship merited, he let herself in to surprise her only to see her kissing Ridge's brother, Thorne Forrester, through Katie's telescope. Wyatt broke up with Katie but then thought better of it, sending her a text she never responded to. Wyatt finally confronted Katie in person; the two deduced that Thorne had deleted Wyatt's text, then professed their love for each other. Wyatt's happiness after proposing to Katie was short-lived when Bill went ballistic, vowing to disown Wyatt and take Will, Katie's son with Bill, away from Katie. Wyatt angrily swore it would be the last thing Bill ever did.

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