Zende Forrester Dominguez
Actor History
August 2001 to 2002 [contract]; October 21, 2005 [guest]
Was said to be 10 years of age in March 2002
Resides At
Antonio Dominguez (father; via adoption)
Kristen Forrester (mother; via adoption)
Eduardo Dominguez (grandfather; via adoption)
Liliana Dominguez (grandmother; via adoption)
Eric Forrester (grandfather; via adoption)
Stephanie Douglas (grandmother; via adoption; deceased)
John Douglas (great-grandfather; via adoption; deceased)
Ann Douglas (great-grandmother; via adoption)
Thorne Forrester (uncle; via adoption)
Angela Forrester (aunt; deceased; via adoption)
Felicia Forrester (aunt; via adoption)
Eric Forrester Jr. (half-uncle; via adoption)
Bridget Forrester (half-aunt; via adoption)
Ridge Forrester Sr. (half-uncle; via adoption)
Eric Forrester III (half-cousin; via adoption; deceased)
Nicole Marone (half-cousin; via adoption; deceased)
Thomas Hamilton Forrester (half-cousin; via adoption)
Stephanie Forrester (half-cousin; via adoption)
Phoebe Forrester (half-cousin; via adoption)
Ridge Forrester Jr. (half-cousin; via adoption)
Alexandria Forrester (half-cousin; via adoption)
Dominick Damiano (cousin; via adoption)
Crimes Committed
Stole Kristen and Antonio's camera in Africa
Brief Character History

While honeymooning in Africa, newlyweds Kristen and Antonio Dominguez noticed that their camera was missing. A mysterious boy showed up with the missing camera. As they began to talk to him they felt a bond forming. The boy, named Zende, invited them to visit him before they left the country.

Kristen and Antonio were shocked to discover that Zende had been orphaned when both parents had died of AIDS. Zende had lived at the orphanage with his younger brother, but, sadly, his brother also died of the disease. To help pay his way Zende worked around the orphanage and helped take care of the younger children. Kristen and Tony discovered when Zende became too old to live in the orphanage he would probably end up on the streets or working anywhere he could find work.

On their return to the U.S., Kristen and Tony admitted that Zende had never left their thoughts. They had both been drafting letters to send him. Since Antonio was HIV-positive himself, he felt a special connection to Zende; this was the couple's chance to have a family of their own. They decided to rush back to Africa and start adoption proceedings for the young boy.

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