Week of Dec. 22: THE SCOOP B&B DAYS GH Y&R      

December 23 to 27, 1996
Peter and Stefano left Salem. Jack almost caught them. Both Peter and Stefano vowed to return for the women that they loved. Laura was found on a bench in the park on Christmas Day. Kristen worried about whether Laura would remember anything. The Hortons hung their ornaments and sang carols. Everyone in Salem put their problems aside for Christmas. Laura called out Kristen's name. Hope overheard Bo remembering the second date with Billie. Jill did not identify her attacker in a lineup. Kristen questioned John's love for her. John and Kristen planned to elope. Jack decided to plead guilty at his trial. Yet again, Sami tried to break up Carrie and Austin by stealing his car. She got into an accident.
December 30, 1996 to January 3, 1997
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