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Love a storyline? Want to throw the remote at the screen during others? Our Two Scoops columnists feel the same way. Each week, they provided their own commentary on the action in the Two Scoops column.

Every week, our Two Scoops columnists share their thoughts and opinions in the Two Scoops commentary columns. Those columns are archived to allow fans a chance to make sure that they've read every opinion for every week. This archive features columns written about Days of our Lives in the 2007 calendar year.

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John Aniston
January 1, 2007
Love it or hate it, you can't deny that Victor setting up Belle and Shawn to lose custody of Claire is one of the most interesting things to happen on Days of our Lives recently.
Drake Hogestyn
January 8, 2007
Poor Marlena. She finally gets her memory back after the Alex North fiasco, she and John get married again, and he catches a bullet.
Peter Reckell
January 15, 2007
There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Salem during the week of January 10, 2005.
Lauren Koslow
January 22, 2007
How many times has Kate pretended to try to work things out with Sami, just so she can get the goods on her and kick her when she's down?
James Scott
January 29, 2007
The 'obsession-with-a-Brady-woman' torch has officially passed down to the next DiMera generation.
Rachel Melvin
February 5, 2007
This past week, Chelsea, the black sheep of the Brady family, stepped up and volunteered to help her brother, who really hates her, escape with Belle and his daughter.
Alison Sweeney
February 12, 2007
Poor Sami...she just can't seem to help herself from making the same old mistakes over and over again.
Josh Taylor
February 19, 2007
This past week, Bo and Roman were both in the running for the crappiest father in Salem award.
Brandon Beemer
February 26, 2007
If Shawn and Belle's storyline hadn't already stretched the limits of belief, this past week saw it firmly step in to La-La-Land.
Stephen Nichols
March 5, 2007
How likely is it that no one noticed the new nurse with the eye patch (Steve) removing one of the richest men in Salem from the hospital this past week?
Matthew Ashford
March 12, 2007
Our columnist was not able to provide a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Salem during the week of March 7, 2005.
Bryan Dattilo
March 19, 2007
Lucas knows that Sami is hiding something, and yet he is still willing to push that aside in order to prove that he won't abandon her. How can she NOT tell him the truth?
Stephen Nichols
March 26, 2007
This past week, E.J. managed to shake down, threaten, or make some unholy deal with Sami, Celeste, Nick, Willow, and Philip. He was a busy little butterfly.
Kristian Alfonso
April 2, 2007
Break out the party hats and streamers, because Hope finally found her jewelry in Willow's room! Willow finally got caught red-handed!
Lauren Koslow
April 09, 2007
Would someone PLEASE put a muzzle on Kate, just like they do for vicious dogs? She. Just. Doesn't. Shut. Up.
Alison Sweeney
April 16, 2007
Feisty, fiery Samantha Brady is back, and she's ready for a fight.
Blake Berris
April 23, 2007
It takes a special person to convince themselves that the lie they are telling is the truth, but Willow has managed to do just that.
Martha Madison
April 30, 2007
There are a lot of really annoying characters in daytime, but Belle Black-Kiriakis has to be near the top of the list.
Renee Jones
May 7, 2007
Apparently, E.J. is holding Lexie's whereabouts over Celeste's head, and he's using that to force Celeste to help him in his weird love game.
Alison Sweeney
May 14, 2007
Yes, kiddies, it finally happened! Sami not only made it all the way down the aisle, she actually made it through the wedding!
Rachel Melvin
May 21, 2007
This past week, Chelsea decided that since Nick didn't want to have sex with her right then and there, that he had to have been thinking about his tryst with her mom.
Blake Berris
May 28, 2007
Nick apparently believes that lies are bad, unless he is the one telling them and there is a good reason behind it.
Thaao Penghlis
June 4, 2007
A plane that shuttles Salem's high-rollers to Las Vegas once a week? How many high rollers can Salem possibly have, and is it enough to sustain an airline company?
Joseph Mascolo
June 11, 2007
Stefano is back! For real this time, not just some hand popping out of an oxygen tent with a fake sinister laugh!
Alison Sweeney
June 18, 2007
It seems fishy that the only thing that Stefano wants in exchange for ending his decades-long vendetta against the Bradys is for Sami to marry E.J. and raise their baby as a DiMera.
Blake Berris
June 25, 2007
After Nick played Extreme Knockout with Jett last week, he basically told Chelsea that their relationship was over...which lasted all of ten minutes.
Lauren Koslow
July 2, 2007
This past week, Kate was back in full effect, using information given to her in a private conversation to blackmail Nick into doing her bidding.
Joseph Mascolo
July 9, 2007
Anybody who has been watching the show for any amount of time has to have wondered why the DiMeras hate the Bradys so much, and now we're finally starting to get to the bottom of it.
Alison Sweeney
July 16, 2007
Our columnist was not able to provide a new column this week. Instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Salem during the week of July 11, 2005.
Thaao Penghlis
July 23, 2007
Anna figured out in one lip-lock what has eluded the residents of Salem for the past 20-odd years: Tony is not Tony. He is Andre DiMera, Tony's look-alike evil cousin.
Blake Berris
July 30, 2007
Blake Berris is good at playing the smooth geek, but this past week proved that he can do comedy, as well. Nick's antics may have been the highlight of the week.
Stephen Nichols
August 6, 2007
The biggest difference between the way Steve treated Kayla a couple of months ago and the way Jeremy is treating Stephanie now is that Steve was being brainwashed. What is Jeremy's excuse?
Lauren Koslow
August 13, 2007
Our columnist was not able to provide a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Salem during the week of August 8, 2005.
Martha Madison
August 20, 2007
Our columnist was not able to provide a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Salem during the week of August 15, 2005.
Kristian Alfonso
August 27, 2007
Due to the departure of one of our columnists, there was not a new column this week. Instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Salem during the week of February 27, 2006.
Lauren Koslow
September 3, 2007
Due to the departure of one of our columnists, there was not a new column this week. Instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Salem during the week of January 23, 2006.
Brandon Beemer
September 10, 2007
Shawn has decided to become a cop. Honestly, the boy seems to have trouble counting to twenty without taking his shoes off at times, but not everyone gets to be an astronaut when they grow up.
Alison Sweeney
September 17, 2007
This past week was great for Santo and Colleen, but it was pretty boring for E.J. and Sami.
Thaao Penghlis
September 24, 2007
Andre has to be one of the smartest characters on a soap opera. Why? Simple -- he actually carries a tape recorder around with him.
Joseph Mascolo
October 1, 2007
In Stefano's twisted mind, Sami and E.J. are the reincarnation of Colleen and Santo.
Stephen Nichols
October 8, 2007
Joseph Mascolo and Stephen Nichols are amazing. Their conversations go from hate-filled to hilarious to heart wrenching and back again within seconds.
Bryan Dattilo
October 15, 2007
Finally, Lucas got a clue and realized that the way to keep Sami was to provide her with support. This past week, Lucas let Sami know that she doesn't have to end the vendetta on her own.
Drake Hogestyn
October 22, 2007
This past week, the news about Drake Hogestyn's departure shocked viewers, but is John Black really gone?
Jay Kenneth Johnson
October 29, 2007
Steve feels that Philip isn't entitled to raise Tyler, but Steve should know better than anyone how it feels to try to reconnect with a child that you weren't there to raise.
Lauren Koslow
November 5, 2007
Kate needs to stop hanging out with the DiMera boys. She really needs to pimp herself out one last time and use that money to buy a clue.
Martha Madison
November 12, 2007
Belle has no right laying a guilt trip on Philip for ruining a marriage that she never wanted in the first place. Despite great performances, the storyline doesn't make any sense.
Josh Taylor
November 19, 2007
For someone who lies most of the time, you'd think that Kate would have come up with a better story to explain her missing pistol this past week, but she stuttered and stammered like Rain Man.
Jay Kenneth Johnson
November 26, 2007
If Kate really wants her children to stop hating her, she might want to quit turning them over to the police as accessories to attempted murder. Just a thought.
Deidre Hall
December 3, 2007
If ANYONE deserves revenge, it's Marlena. It would take at least fifty pages to list all of the things that the DiMeras have done to her, and she's never retaliated...until now.
Thaao Penghlis
December 10, 2007
Imagine the possibilities if it turns out that Tony, the black sheep of the DiMera family, had actually earned the title because he was the only good seed.
Martha Madison
December 17, 2007
Are Belle and Kate related? She seems to be turning a trick from Kate's book; she was handed a gift horse, but instead of trotting up the high road, she had it turned into glue.
Darin Brooks
December 24, 2007
This past week, Max offered Nick some advice about Chelsea. Just what the heck does Max know about how to have a successful relationship with Chelsea? Most people don't hire a tutor who failed the class.
Joseph Mascolo
December 31, 2007
Part one of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Salem. This week, our columnists talk about the best that Days of our Lives had to offer in 2007.

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