Halloween in Salem!
Posted Tuesday, October 31, 2017 12:00:00 AM
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Halloween in Salem!
A Halloween tradition continues! Join DAYS' Two Scoopers, Laurisa and Tony, as they dress up those saucy Salemites for some silly and scary fun. Don't worry -- there're no tricks, just treats! So, grab a handful of candy and some cider and enjoy Halloween in Salem in this year's annual DAYS Two Scoops spooktacular!

Happy Halloween! Just for fun, your faithful Two Scoopers put together a list of costumes for the DAYS family this year. Let us know what you think they should wear in the comments section below, on social media, or on the Soap Central message boards!

Sami Brady as Mr. Kotter from Welcome Back, Kotter
Welcome back, welcome back, wel-come baaaack!

Kate Roberts as Wonder Woman
She does it all. She needs no man. And she sports a wardrobe and accessories only she can pull off.

Andre DiMera as Tim Gunn from Project Runway
His style has become such a staple. We kind of want to see him scold, "Make it work!" to other Salemites who don't quite have it together.

Chad and Abigail DiMera as Santa and Mrs. Claus
They need a night where their only job is to be happy. We mean it. No serial killers, no crazy brothers, no meddling grandmothers. Nothing. They get to be jolly and delightful for a complete night!

Ben Weston as A Clip-On Tie
What a better way to show he's changed? No strings attached. *insert groans from the audience* #sorry

Hope Brady and Rafe Hernandez as Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show
Hope's the big cheese now, so she should pay homage to one of TV's favorite cops! Besides, we know Rafe sleeps with a Barney pillowcase. He has to idolize that guy.

Hattie Adams as Samantha Evans
She might as well complete the Evans' sisters impersonation cycle. Plus, something tells us Hattie and sassy Samantha might have gotten along!

Bonnie Lockhart as Cindy Snow (Chrissy's even worse cousin) from Three's Company
It's about the last time the schtick of a woman offering her melons to a man was entertaining(ish) to watch on TV.

Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis as Stefano DiMera
It's time for her to pull a fast one and get herself out of that jail!

Lucas Roberts as Cole Sear from The 6th Sense
He sees "dead" people. (This one was too easy.)

Justin Kiriakis as your "perpetually single guy" friend
OMG, he's so cute! He has a good job! He's stable! Why is this guy single? We'll totally fix you up with him!

Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady Johnson as Randall and Beth Pearson from This Is Us
Responsible adults talking through their issues while still loving each other deep down? That's the Stayla we know and love!

Eric Brady as Sir Lancelot
Sure, that gal was technically committed to another. But, jeez, we couldn't help but root for the couple and for this servant to knock the king down a few pegs. He's probably going to pay for it, too, and be too chivalrous to fight back.

Will Horton as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones
Have we ever wanted a dude to come back from the dead so much?

Nicole Walker as P!nk

So what? She's still a rockstar.

Brady Black as The Beast from Beauty and the Beast (before Belle gets there)
This guy is in such an ugly place and so much demanding his reality is the only one people should accept that we're pretty sure there's an enchantress waiting in the wings to give him a magical, get-your-act-together rose.

Henderson as Cogsworth
The long-suffering butler who has to put up with the Beast's antics.

Tripp Dalton as Alexander Hamilton from Hamilton
The world may be seriously underestimating this (kinda) orphaned outsider. Well, at least Claire is. #wakeupClairebear

Claire Brady as Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project
Sure, she's obsessed with social media and pop culture. But, that doesn't mean she's not a total badass chick who can get through life with flair.

Theo Carver as Elliot from Mr. Robot
We're all about him digging into his computer genius side. He might as well dress up as one of the best to get him going in the right direction.

J.J. Deveraux and Lani Price as Sonny and Cher
We think it would be good for him to take on the persona of someone chill for a bit. And she has been asking us to turn back time and forget she kinda assaulted J.J. for a while. A great Cher tribute goes a long way toward making friends.

Gabi Hernandez as Raven Gates from The Bachelor (Nick's season)
She finished in second place yet managed to come out classy and with her dignity intact. Here's hoping there's a beach and a tall-dark-and-handsome man waiting for her soon.

Eli Grant as Job from the Bible
He's going to need that level of patience if he's going to be Rafe's partner.

Roman Brady and John Black as a witch and a peasant
We're kind of wondering if there was a deleted scene from years ago where "witch Roman" says to John, "Fine, peasant. You can have my love. But in return, for generations, my offspring will ensure that yours are lonely forever -- and THAT'S a fact!" Followed by a bunch of evil cackling, of course.

Julie Williams and Chloe Lane as Lucy and Ethel from I Love Lucy
They couldn't be more different, but we just adore this partnership, even if one of them is a total loony tune.

Doug Williams as Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show
This would be a cute nod to Fallon's adorable real-life encounter with the legendary Bill Hayes. Plus since both Jimmy and Bill do shots directly from the Fountain of Youth, it wouldn't be much of a stretch! Did we mention they can both sing?

Arianna Horton as Princess Leia; Thomas Horton as Luke Skywalker; Tate Black as Han Solo; and Holly Jonas as Yoda
The former three are destined to team up at some point in the future to fight off evil-doers who come to Salem. The latter is already a master at using the force.

Marlena Evans as Brandy from the song "Brandy"
She's been waiting forever for her man to come home to port, but his life, his lover, his lady is the sea ISA.

Abe Carver as "Pumpkin Spice" anything
He had an awesome fall! We're also pretty sure he'll completely vanish by Christmas. Boo. And not the fun "Halloween boo."

Valerie Grant as a unicorn
She came to town with a great job, landed a true gentleman, her kid still likes her even after her deep, dark secret was exposed, and Julie's playing nice with her? Someone draw this woman's blood. We need to turn it into a potion.

Jennifer Horton as Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote
Let our favorite investigating grandmother pay homage to one of the best!

Victor Kiriakis as Jock Ewing from Dallas
He's a rich old dude with swagger to spare whose earned his licks, and he's the head of a dynasty, but all he seems to do is referee bickering kin, much to his exasperation. Can't a tycoon just retire in peace?

Maggie Kiriakis as Monsieur Thenardier from Les Miserables
We're not sure what's been up with her lately, but suddenly, Maggie's become the master of her house. So, everybody raise a glass.

Paul Narita as Aquaman
He really is a legit superhero. But, for some reason, he doesn't always get the respect.

Sonny Kiriakis as Mini Me from Austin Powers
He's trying very hard to be a menacing tycoon, but he's just too cute and squeezable to take seriously.

Eve Larson as David S. Pumpkins, Saturday Night Live
We love it when Eve randomly pops up and stirs up a fright or two for her foes! Plus, both characters are played by actors we adore. Win/win. Any questions?

P.S. we totally wouldn't be mad if Anne Milbauer and Theresa showed up with Eve as her dancing skeletons!

What costumes would you suggest for the residents of Salem? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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