Thursday, October 30, 2014
by Mike

John and Theresa tried to do damage control when they realized that Brady had overheard what they had been talking about, but it was too late. "Oh, my God -- she was right. She was right," Brady realized as he entered John's hospital room. Confused, Theresa desperately started to confirm that she had been right about what had happened between John and Brady at the Kiriakis mansion, but Brady irritably ordered her to shut up.

Brady quickly realized that his father had lied about the incident to keep him away from Kristen. John quietly confirmed the suspicion, explaining that, while he had considered telling everyone the truth after his memories of the night in question had returned, he had ultimately decided that doing so would have been the equivalent of aiding and abetting Kristen, so he had chosen not to help her.

"Dad, what you chose to do was let your son go on believing that he was the one that put his dad in a coma and almost killed him. [...] Do you have any idea what I've been going through, believing that I was the one that put you into that bed? [...] I have been eaten up with guilt about this thing, and you just let it go on, like it was no big -- what, did you think that -- that being with this liar was better than being with the other one?" Brady asked incredulously as he gestured toward Theresa. Theresa insisted that she loved Brady, but he thought her actions had proven otherwise.

"The sickest thing about this whole thing is the one person that had the respect enough to tell me the truth and to treat me like an adult was Kristen!" Brady bitterly mused. Theresa argued that Kristen had simply made up a story and that no one would ever know what had really happened on the night in question. Brady guessed that Theresa knew, but she claimed that she only knew that he hadn't done anything wrong.

Theresa complained that Kristen had lied to and manipulated Brady for months and therefore had no right to claim that she loved him, but he countered that the same could be said about Theresa. Brady started to list the people who had warned him about Theresa, and when he named Daniel, he suddenly remembered what Kristen had told him earlier. John insisted that he hadn't told Daniel anything, but Brady was certain that, one way or another, Daniel had learned the truth -- and that was another thing Kristen had been honest about.

Brady gave Theresa a chance to admit the truth, but she maintained her innocence, so he revealed that Kristen actually had a recording of Theresa confessing the crime to Anne. John started to say something, but Brady interrupted and told John to go to hell -- and to take Theresa with him. Brady stormed off, stating that he was headed to see someone he knew he could actually trust.

John tried to stop Brady, but Brady said John had no right to judge Kristen, since John's love for Brady was just as twisted as hers was. Theresa latched onto Brady's arm and tearfully begged him to give her a chance to explain, but he shook her off and boarded the elevator before she could regain her footing. As Theresa waited impatiently for another elevator, she warned John that things weren't over yet.

Kristen pulled away from Daniel's embrace and apologized for bothering him at home, explaining that she didn't really have anyone else she could turn to for support. Kristen thanked Daniel for not pretending to be sorry that things hadn't worked out for her and Brady. Kristen hoped that, despite Daniel's doubts about her, he at least knew that she loved Brady more than anything else in the world.

Daniel clarified that he knew Kristen believed that, but she insisted that it was actually true. "We've gotten close...a few times. I keep playing it over and over in my head, and I can almost find the exact minute -- the exact second -- when it just -- it just turned...and he was gone. And I knew that I couldn't stop it, and that I was never, ever gonna be able to stop it when it keeps happening over and over again, and I guess I just...have to accept it. [...] I'm never gonna be with Brady -- not ever -- and there's nothing I can do to change it," Kristen sadly concluded.

Kristen told Daniel about what had happened earlier, and she bitterly mused that it was quite ironic that she had been completely innocent for once but had still lost out in the end. Kristen had expected Daniel to revel in her misery, but when he remained shockingly silent, she guessed that he instead didn't believe that she was telling the truth about what had happened. Kristen pointed out that she had nothing to gain from lying about having her heart figuratively ripped out of her chest, and Daniel agreed, assuring her that he believed her -- and that he actually knew exactly how she felt.

Kristen found that really hard to believe, and she waited for Daniel to do his dance of superiority, but he quietly replied that he wasn't in the mood for that. Kristen irritably wondered what Daniel was in the mood for, and she impatiently urged him to say -- or, better yet, do -- something -- preferably something that involved saving Brady from "that gold-digger bitch" before she ruined Brady's life. Daniel said he wasn't going to get involved, and he added that Kristen needed to leave. Kristen guessed that Daniel was worried that Jennifer might catch them together again.

"Is it because she thinks I'm contagious and that me being even a little bit around you is somehow gonna rub off on you and it's gonna tarnish your perfectness? [...] What, she thinks I'm evil and I'm toxic? I've heard it so many times before. And you're the perfect one, aren't you?" Kristen bitterly guessed. Daniel remained silent, prompting Kristen to wonder if he and Jennifer had gotten into a fight of some sort -- perhaps one that had involved the mysterious issue that had gotten between them that no one really knew anything about. As Kristen continued to taunt Daniel about the matter, he finally snapped and shouted that she needed to shut up.

Daniel explained that Jennifer had ended their relationship for good earlier. "Okay. So I guess you do understand what I'm feeling. Good," Kristen replied. Daniel called Kristen a sadistic witch, but she dismissively replied that she simply couldn't take him seriously, since Jennifer always got over things in the end, anyway. Kristen spotted a glass of whiskey sitting next to a framed photograph of Daniel and Jennifer, and she teasingly guessed that he had been drowning his sorrows when she had arrived earlier.

As Kristen drained the glass, Daniel angrily grabbed her wrists and observed that she seemed to feed off of everyone else's pain like it was her blood sport. Daniel warned Kristen to shut her mouth, but she just challenged him to make her shut up, and before he could respond, she kissed him and ripped his shirt open. Daniel and Kristen headed into his bedroom, and as they continued to undress, Brady arrived and found the apartment door slightly ajar.

Adrienne was confused when she received an urgent text message from Sonny about needing to see her right away, and she was even more confused when she got to his and Will's apartment and noticed two suitcases sitting next to the couch. "Will and Ari are going to Los Angeles," Sonny announced, plastering a smile on his face and draping a supportive arm around his husband's shoulders.

Will, who was clearly quite excited about the trip, rushed into Arianna's bedroom after suddenly realizing that the shoes Adrienne had recently purchased for the child would be perfect for the beach. "You want to tell me what's really going on here?" Adrienne asked Sonny once they were alone. Sonny explained that Will was headed to Los Angeles because he wanted to help Sami and the kids. Adrienne argued that Sami didn't need a babysitter, but Sonny clarified that what Sami needed was her family, including Will.

Adrienne understood that but wondered if Will would even be able to work for Sonix from Los Angeles. Sonny explained that Will had actually been hired to write the film adaptation of Sami's life story. Adrienne rolled her eyes and started to make a sarcastic comment about the plan to turn Sami's life story into a movie, but Sonny shushed her and quickly closed the door to Arianna's bedroom so Will wouldn't overhear anything.

Adrienne apologized and explained that the whole thing just seemed really drastic, especially since Sonny and Will had only been married for six months. Sonny stressed that he and Will weren't separating and that Will had wanted him to move to California with the rest of the group. Adrienne argued that Will should have known that Sonny wouldn't have been able to just abandon the club. "That's not Will's fault. It's not fair for my business to tie him down," Sonny countered. Adrienne started to clarify that, while she wasn't blaming Will, the situation just seemed odd to her, but Sonny interrupted and insisted that the matter had already been settled.

Will emerged from Arianna's bedroom a short time later, carrying the shoes he had been searching for. As Will slipped them into a suitcase, Adrienne observed that it seemed like he was about to embark on quite an adventure. Will hoped that would be the case, since Sami could use the escape from reality. Adrienne added that it sounded like Will had gotten a really good job out of the deal, too, but Sonny saw where she was headed and clarified that the job offer had been a surprise. "It just came out of the blue. Such a lucky break," Will mused as Sonny remained silent.

When Lucas arrived at the DiMera mansion to say goodbye to Allie, Kate was watching Sami sign documents in the living room. Lucas jokingly asked if Sami was signing away her soul, and she replied that she was actually saving it for once. Sami informed Lucas that Allie was in the garden, so he headed outside to see his daughter.

Sami signed the final document and declared that Kate had just officially been made the sole CEO of DiMera Enterprises. "If you can hold on to it," Sami wryly added, although she conceded that she wasn't willing to risk betting against Kate. Sami guessed that Kate would soon replace their portrait with one that didn't include Sami, but Kate admitted that she had actually grown fond of it.

Kate mused that Sami was like a bad haircut -- one Kate had been unable to fix but had eventually grown accustomed to. Sami laughed as she recalled that Kate had called her worse things in the past. "For twenty years, you gave me nothing but grief, and I hated you for it. But you taught me how to be tough; you taught me how to fight for myself. [...] So now you're gonna fight for both of us, right? You're gonna fight for the kids. It's all on you -- you've gotta finish what we started, okay? And promise me you won't stop until you make sure that Stefano's destroyed for good," Sami added.

Kate assured Sami that they were on the same page about Stefano, pointing out that neither of them would be safe until he was neutralized. Sami pointed out that she would be just a phone call away if needed, but Kate didn't want Sami to worry about anything other than taking care of herself and the kids. "Anyway, it'll be easier to run things here without you screwing things up," Kate jokingly added.

Sami scoffed and challenged Kate to admit that she would miss having Sami around, but before Kate could respond, Marlena and Roman entered the mansion and interrupted the conversation. Sami hugged her parents and braced herself for Roman to declare that she was crazy for deciding to move to Los Angeles, but he admitted that, while he had initially planned to do just that, Marlena had convinced him that the move would be good for Sami and the kids. Marlena abruptly excused herself so she could check on the kids, and she pointedly cleared her throat as she turned toward Kate, who took the hint and headed into the study to make some phone calls.

Confused, Sami wondered if she was about to be hit with a bait-and-switch tactic of some sort, but Roman guessed that such a trick wouldn't work on her, since it never had before. Sami tearfully stressed that, while she had often dismissed Roman's advice in the past, it had never been because she hadn't cared about making him proud or getting his approval. Roman replied that he had only ever wanted Sami to be safe and happy. "I will be proud of you till the day I die," Roman sincerely added as he embraced his daughter.

Roman acknowledged that Sami had always been fearless, but he added that she was also a great mother, and he assured her that he knew that was why she was moving to Los Angeles. Sami confirmed that she wanted her kids to have room to breathe -- and she wanted time with them, too. Roman urged Sami to enjoy every moment she spent with the kids, since he knew from experience that they would grow up far too quickly.

As Sami hugged her father again, Eric arrived and greeted her, smiling as he warned that he wasn't going to let her sneak out of Salem without saying goodbye to him. Sami laughed and embraced Eric as she pointed out that he never allowed her to get away with anything. Roman went outside to give Sami and Eric some privacy. Sami admitted that her first impulse had been to tear up the Universal Pictures deal when it had been offered to her, and Eric was surprised when she added that a visit from Nicole had made her change her mind and decide to accept the offer instead.

Eric and Sami spent a few minutes laughing about Johnny and Sydney's efforts to smuggle pet geckos and fish, respectively, onto the plane, and afterward, Eric handed Sami a framed photograph he wanted her to take to California. Eric explained that he had found the picture -- which had been taken when he and Sami had been two years old -- in Caroline's stash of photographs, and he had done some editing to improve the quality of it, since it had been pretty worn when he had found it. Sami's hand was in front of Eric's face in the picture, so she teasingly blamed that on his editing skills.

Eric guessed that Sami had probably just been trying to protect him from something at that time, as she always had. Sami clarified that she had probably been trying to protect Eric from something she had done, but he dismissed the suspicion. "You -- you, Eric Brady, are a wonderful human being, and you are so kind, and people take advantage of that, okay? So you have to work at protecting yourself better," Sami tearfully advised Eric, who shook his head and replied that it was her job to protect him. Sami agreed and vowed to never stop doing so, and she assured Eric that she would be back in a flash if he ever needed her.

As Sami hugged Eric, Marlena entered the room and informed them that Will and Sonny were helping Sydney with something but were being very secretive about it. Sami and Eric simultaneously realized that Sydney had convinced Sonny and Will to help her pack her fish, so Eric raced upstairs to stop them. Marlena struggled to maintain her composure as she hugged her daughter, explaining that, while she knew the move was only temporary, and she planned to visit Sami and the kids in California very soon, it still felt like they were saying a very big goodbye to each other. Sami jokingly pointed out that she never did anything in a small way.

Outside, Allie admitted to Lucas that, while she was sad about E.J.'s death, she was glad to be going on a trip, since school had stopped being fun lately. Lucas had already heard about Johnny getting teased for having the DiMera surname, and he assured Allie that it probably wouldn't be a problem in California. Lucas hugged Allie and promised to visit her as often as possible and keep in touch with her via all her favorite methods of contact.

Elsewhere, Johnny promised Roman that he would watch out for Allie and Sydney. Abe interrupted to say goodbye to Johnny -- and to give E.J.'s watch to the boy, reasoning that E.J. would have wanted his son to have it. Johnny slipped the watch over his wrist and started to set it back a couple of hours, knowing that there was a time difference in California. Roman offered to poke a few more holes in the strap so the watch would fit Johnny's wrist properly. Johnny revealed that he wanted to be just like his father when he grew up, and Roman diplomatically replied that he was certain Johnny would grow up to be a good man.

Will and Sonny strolled through the garden, looking for pebbles Sydney wanted for her fish. Will doubted that the pebbles would make the fish any happier about the trip, but he admitted that he simply couldn't say no to his sister, because he just wanted her to be happy. "I know the feeling," Sonny sadly mused. Will stopped what he was doing and hugged Sonny tightly.

"I'm gonna miss you just as much," Will assured Sonny when they finally let go of each other. Will admitted that he was really going to owe Sonny for supporting the trip, and he suggested that he might even be willing to climb a mountain with Sonny to show his gratitude. Sonny and Will reminisced about their first date, during which Will had said he didn't even like being as far above the ground as his height demanded, let alone going even higher. Will promised to learn to get over that fear. "You don't need to negotiate, Will. I know you want this, and I want this for you. You need to be there for your family," Sonny assured Will.

Will reminded Sonny -- and perhaps himself, as well -- that the trip would only last six months. Sonny feared that Arianna would outgrow all her clothes and return to Salem looking just as big as Sydney, but Will assured Sonny that there was nothing to worry about. Will added that he would stay in shape for Sonny while in California, too. Sonny smiled and quietly said he would hold Will to that promise, and they kissed passionately.

Back inside, Sami regretfully acknowledged that there were a lot of things she had never said to Marlena. "I'm so sorry...for how hard I made it on you -- how difficult I was. I mean, now that I'm a mother, I -- you never gave up on me, and...I'm so lucky to have you," Sami tearfully began, but the kids interrupted before she could continue, funneling into the living room to announce that the limousine had just arrived.

Everyone headed outside, but Sami soon returned to the living room, realizing that she had forgotten something important. Sami quickly located a photo album on the bookcase, and she sighed wistfully as she flipped through the pages of cherished memories. Certain that she wasn't forgetting anything else, Sami started hugging everyone -- even Kate, who had initially offered to just shake Sami's hand instead. Sami thanked Sonny for lending her his husband and daughter for a while. Sami said Will and Arianna were lucky to have Sonny, but he replied that he was the lucky one, so she urged him not to forget that.

Lucas interrupted and informed Sami that the kids were tearing up the limousine -- and that Sydney's backpack was inexplicably wet. Sami called out to the kids to warn them that she would be inspecting their backpacks before they left -- and that all animals would have to stay behind with Harold. The kids were disappointed, but Sami promised to buy them new pets in Los Angeles.

Sonny walked Will to the limousine after Will and Sami said their final goodbyes to everyone, and Will and Sami got in the vehicle and headed off to the airport.

. . .

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