Friday, January 30, 2015

Jennifer was having coffee alone at Club TBD when she spotted Paige and said hello. Seeing Jennifer made Paige clearly uncomfortable, but Jennifer warmly invited her to sit down. After some awkward small talk, Paige asked how J.J. was. Jennifer admitted that her son was sad, which surprised Paige. Jennifer acknowledged that she knew why Paige and J.J. had broken up, and while Jennifer would not try to excuse J.J.'s behavior, she knew it was also possible for people to get past mistakes.

Paige wanted to know if J.J. had really said he'd made a mistake, but Jennifer only knew that was what he'd meant. After Paige learned J.J. was probably at home, she said she was glad she'd seen Jennifer because things had become clearer. Paige left, and Jennifer discovered that Paige had left behind a textbook.

Eve stopped by the Horton house to see J.J., who was less than thrilled to see her. Ignoring his displeasure, Eve declared that she'd figured out a way to fix their problem for good. A skeptical J.J. asked if Eve knew how to undo their sleeping together -- twice. Eve knew that Paige would never stop digging until she found out whom J.J. had slept with -- so Eve's solution was for J.J. to leave town. Eve had a handful of suggestions of schools J.J. could transfer to outside of Salem, but J.J. refused to leave his home.

Eve was insistent that J.J. leave town for Paige's sake -- as well as for Eve's. "Why? What do you think will happen if I stay?" J.J. asked. Pushing aside memories of having sex with J.J., Eve maintained that she feared J.J. would let something slip, and Paige would put the pieces together. Eve ordered J.J. to do whatever it took to get out of Salem right away. As Eve passed by him on her way out the door, J.J. grabbed her arm and warned her that she couldn't tell him what to do. "Fine. Just leave -- for everyone's sake," Eve urged J.J. before exiting.

When the doorbell rang a short while later, an annoyed J.J. assumed that Eve had returned, but when he stormed over to the front door and flung it open, he found Paige on the doorstep instead. J.J. didn't think the two of them had anything to talk about. Paige assured him that she wasn't going to ask whom he'd slept with -- and she might never need to know, but that depended on J.J. Paige explained that she'd talked to Rory, who'd told her that J.J. felt he'd made a mistake -- but Paige was partly to blame because J.J. had thought she was never returning from California.

Paige continued that, after doing a lot of thinking, she was willing to talk, to see if they could start over. J.J. didn't understand how Paige could even think that was possible. Paige suggested that they talk the next day after they'd both slept on it. "I know that, no matter what happened, I still love you -- and deep down, I know you still love me," Paige said.

As Jennifer was leaving Club TBD, Eve arrived. Jennifer said that she was just about to head over to Eve's apartment to return the book Paige had left behind. Jennifer explained that she and Paige had just been having coffee and chatting. Eve irritably guessed that her daughter and Jennifer had been discussing J.J. Jennifer admitted that she and Paige had, indeed, been talking about J.J., who was very unhappy -- just as Paige clearly was. Eve began ranting about how J.J. had cheated on Paige, ending with, "I think it's time that you faced it, Jennifer: J.J. is a piece of scum!"

Eve ordered Jennifer -- and J.J. -- to stay away from Paige. "What your son did to my daughter was an abomination, and he knows it. And I don't care if he feels bad about it; I don't care if he wants to undo it --" Eve fumed, but Jennifer cut her off, curious how Eve knew how J.J. felt. "You are consistently at my house uninvited! You can't seem to stay away from J.J., so tell me: how does he feel? Did he tell you that he wished he could undo what he did?" Jennifer demanded. At a loss for words, Eve stormed off.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady admitted to Maggie that Victor had just asserted that Theresa still had feelings for Brady. "All I know for sure, Maggie, is I don't want Melanie in the middle of whatever Theresa's latest drama is," Brady added, scoffing. He was admittedly worried about what Theresa would do when she learned that he was dating Melanie, because he knew Theresa had a tendency to lash out when she'd been hurt.

Maggie listened while Brady reflected on his past failed relationships, as well as the deaths of Arianna and Madison. He added that he and Melanie had always been able to make one another laugh, and he hated how badly their date had gone. Noting the flowers that Brady had bought for Melanie, Maggie pointed out that the night wasn't over yet. Grinning, Brady took the hint, grabbed his coat and the flowers, and hurried out.

While Theresa waited for Clint near the nurses' station, she spotted a nurse rushing in with a baby, followed by a worried-looking couple. "What is going on with me?" she wondered aloud about her emotional reaction.

In a nearby waiting room, Clint was smoking a cigarette while he called Mandrake to give him a report about Theresa Donovan. Melanie arrived and paused outside the door to eavesdrop when she heard Clint mention Theresa's name. Mandrake reminded Clint of what had to be done if Clint suspected that Theresa started to remember what had happened. "Yeah, I know what I'll have to do, Doctor Mandrake. No problem," Clint assured the shady doctor. Mandrake stressed the importance of making sure Ms. Donovan did not remember anything -- and of not failing Kristen DiMera.

Clint suddenly noticed Melanie in the doorway and demanded to know if she'd been listening in. Melanie reprimanded him for smoking in a hospital. Theresa strolled in and told Melanie, "Buzz off, bitch. He's with me." Clint left after promising to pick Theresa up later. A bit concerned, Melanie asked how well Theresa knew "Tobacco Head." Theresa didn't understand why Melanie cared until it occurred to her that Melanie was jealous. Shaking her head, Melanie tried to tell Theresa about the phone call she'd overheard, but Theresa was so busy boasting about her own attractiveness that she didn't hear it. Melanie gave up and left.

Later, Melanie cautioned Clint that she'd call the cops if she caught him smoking in the hospital again. "Just in case you can't read, here's a little picture," she added, patting the "no smoking" symbol on the wall before boarding the elevator to leave. Theresa returned and told Clint that she was finished and could leave with him -- but when she spotted Brady arriving, she told Clint that she'd meet Clint downstairs after she took care of one last thing.

Theresa stomped over to Brady and gave him a hard time about continually showing up at the hospital. She informed him that he would have to leave his flowers at the front desk because visiting hours were over. Brady revealed that the flowers were actually for Melanie because they had started seeing each other. Theresa wished Brady luck, implying that the relationship would only last a couple of weeks. Brady cautioned her that he would be at the hospital a lot more, and Theresa would have to deal with it. "And I don't want any drama," Brady warned. Theresa insisted that she didn't care what Brady and Melanie did.

After Brady left, Clint returned and found Theresa throwing a temper tantrum. "I hate that son of a bitch!" Theresa spat, more to herself than Clint, but he offered to "take care of" whomever she was talking about. Struggling to seem cheerful, Theresa declared that she just wanted to forget about everything and party with Clint. She kissed him passionately to demonstrate.

Brady returned to the Kiriakis mansion and informed Maggie that although he'd just missed Melanie, he'd set a few things straight with Theresa.

At Victor's new club, Daniel manhandled Nicole away from the bar and to a table. Daniel proclaimed that they were going to talk about what Nicole had done to him -- to them -- earlier. Nicole earnestly explained that sometimes reporters had to go with their instincts and check the fact later, and she pointed out that Serena had acted like she'd been hiding something. Daniel maintained that Nicole hated Serena, and Nicole was obviously lying to herself about being over Eric.

Nicole pointed out that the scoop she'd gotten from Ted had seemed credible because he was intelligent and articulate. Daniel argued that reporters frequently got fired for not verifying their sources -- and Nicole had not done so because of her feelings for Eric, and because she was jealous of Serena and had wanted desperately for Ted to be right. Nicole interrupted Daniel's tirade to declare vehemently, "I am not still in love with Eric!" She maintained that although she still cared about all of her friends and even her ex-lovers and would try to protect them if she felt someone were out to take advantage them, it did not mean she was still in love with Eric.

Nicole suggested that they go back to Daniel's apartment and try to work things out. Daniel said he was done, reminding her that they had made a pact that it would be over if either of them realized the other was hung up on his or her ex. Nicole tearfully repeated her assertion that she was not in love with Eric, but Daniel urged her to be honest with herself. As she caressed Daniel's face, Nicole said he was the only person she cared about.

Daniel reminded her that he had told her from the beginning that he would not let either of them get hurt. "But Daniel, if you walk away, you'll be hurting me -- us. Please, don't do this," Nicole cried. Daniel admitted that it did hurt him because of his feelings for Nicole, but she hadn't been able to make the total commitment to him that he'd required. Nicole protested, but Daniel cut her off. "We're done. Goodbye," he said as he walked out, leaving Nicole sobbing.

Daniel was already home when Melanie returned from the hospital. She filled him in about her disaster of a date with Brady, after which she'd done a short shift at work. Melanie asked if Daniel knew a Dr. Mandrake, either from University Hospital or St. Mary's, but Daniel said the name didn't ring a bell.

Serena located a small figurine of an elephant, mounted on a wooden pedestal, in Eric's bedroom. She compared it to a photograph of the same elephant statue that she'd snapped in his hut in Africa and let out a sigh of relief. Just then, Eric returned home from picking up a smoothie for Serena. Serena emerged from the bedroom, wiping her eyes, and claimed that she'd gone into the bedroom to check her makeup because she'd started crying while speaking to Edward's parents on the phone.

Eric asked if Serena were really sure she didn't want to press charges against Nicole. Serena was hopeful that Nicole had learned her lesson, and besides, Serena understood why Nicole had bought Edward's story. Eric admitted that he still didn't understand why Serena had seemed so "unnerved" before she'd found out about Edward's involvement -- yet she'd still seemed freaked out after Edward had arrived.

Serena pointed out that most of the information on the flash drive was confidential, and it could destroy her career if the wrong people got a look at her files. "Look, Eric, I trust you totally and completely, so if you want to open this drive, you can read any file. You can do that, right here, right now," Serena offered, holding up the flash drive. Eric assured Serena that she never had to prove anything to him because he trusted her "absolutely."

Serena started to kiss Eric but pulled away at the last second. She noted that it had been an exhausting night, and she had tried to explain herself -- but she refused to let Nicole keep being a part of their lives. Eric denied that Nicole was in his life any longer, but Serena countered that she could tell Nicole was still in Eric's head and heart. Serena hoped that she and Eric would make love again when he was completely over Nicole, and Serena and Eric could be as happy as they'd been in Africa. Serena kissed Eric on the cheek and left.

Eric was in Horton Square a little later when a miserable Nicole wandered in. He asked if she knew where Daniel was. "Gone," Nicole replied. She asked where Serena was, but Eric told Nicole never to ask him about Serena again. Nicole pointed out that Eric had asked her about Daniel. Eric said that, despite their history, he had done his best to get along with Nicole. "Being tolerated is such a high," Nicole retorted sarcastically, fighting back tears.

Eric demanded to know why, after his warnings to stay away from Serena, Nicole hadn't been able to do that and couldn't simply let him and Serena live their lives in peace. "If you try one more time to hurt Serena, I will have you arrested. Do you understand me? I will do whatever it takes to stop you," Eric declared. He added that Nicole had been lucky because Serena hadn't wanted to see Nicole punished. "She proved once again who she is and who she will always be -- which is far better than you'll ever be," Eric asserted.

Back in her hotel room, Serena took off her shoe and used it to smash the flash drive to bits. As she logged into her computer, she muttered, "If I had pressed charges, people might have seen things I never want seen." On the phone, Serena told someone, "Yes, I'm sure. Eric has it. Yes. I know exactly what comes next."

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