Wednesday, April 23, 2014

At the hospital, Daniel informed Abigail that his hearing had gone about as well as he'd expected. He was eager to tell Jennifer the good news, but Abigail advised Daniel that she had no idea where her mom was except that she wasn't in her office. Daniel tried unsuccessfully to reach Jennifer by phone. Abigail pressed him for details about what had happened in the hearing, so Daniel told her that the board was allowing him to perform all of his non-surgical duties for thirty days, and he would be fully reinstated if there were no further incidents in that time.

A relieved Abigail embraced Daniel happily. She asked Daniel to relay a message to her mom: Abigail was going to get the key to the Horton cabin from home and leave it in her mom's office, so Jennifer could head straight there from the hospital.

After Abigail left, Daniel spotted Brady and thanked him for what he'd done in the hearing.

J.J. was changing light bulbs in Horton Square when Paige offered him a hand. After J.J. finished with the fixture he was working on, he explained that he was trying to bank some community-service hours by switching all the lights to compact fluorescent bulbs. He invited Paige to go to a movie with him when he finished, and she accepted. J.J. got a call from Abigail, who asked if J.J. could get home right away. J.J. agreed. He promised Paige that he would return soon.

When J.J. got home, Abigail complained that she'd been trying to get her bike down when his recycling system had fallen on her. She also filled him in about Daniel's hearing. Sensing that J.J.'s good mood had to do with more than Daniel, Abigail guessed, "It's about Paige, isn't it?"

Marybeth showed up after J.J. had gone, but Paige didn't want to talk to her. Marybeth apologized for deleting J.J.'s text. Paige pointed out that it was her decision whether to be friends with J.J. or not. After Paige got an alert on her phone, she excitedly revealed that she had been accepted to Stanford. Paige wanted to tell her mom immediately but had to step away to make the call so she'd have better reception.

J.J. returned right after Paige had left, and Marybeth greeted him hostilely. Fed up with Marybeth's attitude, J.J. started to send Paige a text message. Marybeth gleefully informed him that Paige had been accepted to Stanford. Seemingly pleased by J.J.'s stunned reaction, a smug Marybeth sauntered away with a warning that Paige would leave him "in the dust." When Paige returned, J.J. asked why she hadn't told him that she was going to Stanford in the fall.

Nicole sat on a park bench, ruminating about her earlier phone call with Debra Frazer, Liam's ex-wife. Nicole wondered what Liam had done to spook Debra -- and what he would do next. Nicole dialed Debra again and was leaving a message when Eric showed up. Nicole quickly hung up and greeted Eric with a kiss. Eric said that he'd just seen Theresa, who'd insisted she hadn't had anything to do with drugging Daniel, but it had sounded like she'd been trying to convince herself. Nicole suggested that Theresa might not be guilty.

Eric and Nicole got simultaneous text messages, letting them know that Daniel's hearing had gone well. Nicole thought that Eric should use that opportunity to talk to Brady, but Eric wanted to know what had been going on with her when he'd arrived. Nicole claimed that she had a story brewing. Eric praised Nicole for being such a good friend to Daniel, but she wished she could do more.

After Eric left, Nicole called Debra again. "[Liam] did it again. The same thing he did to you, he's doing to something I care about. I need your help," Nicole implored Debra. Debra said, "He won't stop unless you make him." Nicole recognized Debra's Chicago area code and offered to meet her somewhere neutral. Debra pointed out that she did not know Nicole. "If this is one of Liam's tricks, I will have the Chicago P.D. on notice if he tries to come near me," Debra warned. Nicole promised that she would do whatever Debra said. "Okay, listen carefully," Debra began, and Nicole got out a notepad.

A little while later, Nicole was in a booth at Club TBD when a blonde woman approached her. "I'm Debra Frazer, Liam's ex," the woman said.

Liam donned a headset to eavesdrop through the listening device at Daniel's apartment. "Showtime," Liam muttered, grinning ominously.

Meanwhile, Jennifer had discovered the bottle of Dilaudid that Liam had planted in Daniel's kitchen cabinet -- a prescription in her name that listed Daniel as the prescribing physician. She was staring at it worriedly when Daniel called her a few minutes later. Jennifer hit the "ignore" button instead of taking his call. Jennifer called the number of the pharmacy on the bottle, gave them her name, and asked them to look up the prescription. The woman who'd answered advised Jennifer that the prescription had been filled about a month earlier and had refills remaining.

Jennifer hung up abruptly. A bit later, she was sticking the prescription bottle in her purse when Daniel arrived and asked what she was doing there. Liam eagerly waited to hear what Jennifer would say, but before Jennifer could explain anything to Daniel, Brady showed up. Daniel informed Jennifer that he had been reinstated except for surgery, and Brady was there so they could discuss strategy. Jennifer thanked Brady for his help, but Brady said that it hadn't been hard after watching Daniel get railroaded.

"Technically, he wasn't. He was drugged out of his mind when he went into surgery, so the hospital had to react," Jennifer pointed out, to Liam's delight. Daniel and Brady wanted to know why Jennifer hadn't been there after the hearing. She explained that she'd gotten a call and had returned there to pick up something that hadn't been able to wait. Daniel asked what Jennifer could have needed to pick up at his apartment. Jennifer lied that she had left the key to the Horton cabin there.

Daniel made an excuse that he needed to videochat with Parker, who was staying at his mom's for a few days, so Brady agreed that they could meet later. After Brady had gone, Daniel told Jennifer about Abigail's message regarding the key to the cabin. "What are you really doing here, Jenn?" Daniel demanded. Jennifer stammered that she'd needed to look for something. Daniel reminded her that there was nothing she couldn't say to him.

"No, you're right, and as serious as all of this is, it's more important than ever that we are totally honest with each other," Jennifer stated. Daniel begged her to tell him what was going on. "This," Jennifer said, holding up the pill bottle for Daniel to inspect.

Brady returned to the Kiriakis mansion and gazed longingly at the bottles on the bar before noticing that Eric was already there. Eric revealed that Theresa had told him about what Brady had done for Daniel; she'd also told him that Brady had stopped drinking and put their relationship on hold. Brady pointed out irritably that he'd only been trying to help a friend. "Let me help you help him," Eric requested.

Brady said coldly that there was nothing they could do for Daniel right then. Eric wanted to know if anything would make what had happened with Kristen would go away, since it was still between him and Brady. "Maybe it never will," Brady said.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. was on the phone with Stefano discussing the incriminating photo of E.J. and Abigail that had arrived at the mansion. "I can't [destroy] it until I know who sent it," E.J. said irritably. When the doorbell rang, E.J. hung up and locked the photo in the desk drawer.

Gabi entered the living room, and E.J. informed her that they had convinced the agency to build their entire campaign around her. A thrilled Gabi asked E.J. to look over the contract for her. E.J. noted that Nick might not like that idea very much, but Gabi asserted that it wasn't Nick's decision. E.J. voiced his concerns that Nick might change his mind about telling what had happened at the river that night -- and if Nick did that, a lot of people would lose their freedom. Gabi pointed out that E.J. hadn't been involved in what had happened that night.

E.J. reminded Gabi that she had sent him to Smith Island to talk to Abigail. He acknowledged that he could have been followed because he and his family had enemies, although he hadn't seen a tail. Gabi admitted that she had told Sonny about E.J. going to Smith Island, but neither she nor E.J. was worried about Sonny. Gabi suddenly remembered that she had also told Kate that E.J. had been headed to the island. E.J.'s mood instantly darkened, although Gabi assured him that Kate had as much to lose as the rest of them.

After Gabi had gone, E.J. retrieved the photo from the drawer. "Kate. Yes, this is just her style," he muttered grimly.

Sami was puzzled when Kate led her into Lucas' office for their meeting. Kate teased that what was on her desk would keep Sami up at night. Sami started fretting about how they could go to prison -- causing Kate to ask what Sami had done to make her worry about it at that moment. Sami explained that Gabi had been with Nick right after Will and Sonny's wedding. Kate had a hard time understanding why Gabi would be with Nick again.

Kate pointed out that Gabi's fate was tied to Sami and Kate's. Sami reminded Kate that Nick had accused them -- not Gabi -- of "killing" him. Sami worried that Nick had figured out a way to send them to prison without hurting Gabi. A suspicious Kate repeated, "What did you do?" Sami reluctantly admitted that she had called Gabi an unfit mother. Kate was none too thrilled. Guessing that Nick would say something to Gabi that they would need to counteract, Sami suggested that they make sure they had their stories straight about what had happened the night of Nick's "death."

Kate agreed, so she and Sami started recounting the events of that night. Both women wondered if Nick had really hurt Gabi, but they agreed that he would back up Gabi's story that she had hit him in self-defense. Kate recalled that she had actually been the one who'd suggested dumping Nick's body in the river. They remembered that Gabi had protested, and although she had carried Nick's backpack, she hadn't helped them carry him and had only "kind of" helped push him into the river. "We are screwed. He has us exactly where he wants us," Kate said dejectedly.

Sami announced that she was going to try to get back into Gabi's good graces. "All of our lives would have been so much easier if Nick had just stayed dead," Kate noted. After Sami left, Kate said to herself, "You do it your way; I'll do it my way."

Gabi met Sami at the Brady Pub at Sami's request. Sami apologized sincerely for what she'd said to Gabi, but Gabi was skeptical that Sami would ever change her ways. "I've tried because I want things to be easy with Will's family, but don't pretend to like me," Gabi began. Sami recounted all the ways she'd helped Gabi even before Gabi had been Arianna's mother. "I liked you then; I like you now. Gabi, I don't have a problem with you," Sami insisted.

Abigail arrived and watched Gabi and Sami's conversation from the bar, as Gabi pointed out that Sami had a big problem with Nick. "I put my butt on the line for you, to protect you from him... You were so scared of him that you thought you had killed him," Sami whispered. Gabi reminded Sami that Nick could have put the three of them away but hadn't. Sami asked if Gabi felt as if Nick were holding her hostage. "The point is that Nick is the one holding all of the cards," Gabi pointed out.

Abigail approached the table then and said hello. Gabi made an excuse about being late and hurried out, so Abigail sat down across from Sami. "What did Gabi mean when she said Nick is holding all the cards?" Abigail asked. Sami maintained that she had no idea what Gabi had meant. Abigail reiterated that she thought that Nick had changed. Sami countered that it would be better to wait to see if Nick could prove himself first. "Don't you wish you had done that with the worthless jerk you were dating?" Sami asked.

Sami apologized for her lack of diplomacy, but she said that she hated how the guy had treated Abigail, who deserved better. Uncomfortable, Abigail got up and went to the coffee station as she insisted that it has been just as much her fault as it had been the guy's. Sami apologized if she had overstepped and asked if the man were still in the picture. Abigail insisted that it was over, and she was glad that it had ended before anyone had really gotten hurt.

An assistant entered Kate's office with a delivery -- a small blue box tied with a silver ribbon. The attached card read, "I hope you will wear this to our next dinner, cara mia." Kate muttered that Stefano shouldn't hold his breath for that to happen. When she saw the gold ring with its glittery green stone in the box, she slipped it on her finger and said that she didn't intend to give it back.

E.J. arrived and dropped the envelope onto Kate's desk. Kate asked cheerfully, "Is this about you?" E.J. replied, "No, this is about you and your very predictable bag of tricks." He asked what Kate's next move was, but she coyly replied that he would have to wait and see. "I'm not a particularly patient man, Kate, so why don't you just tell me what you plan on doing with this?" E.J. hissed, tapping his finger on the envelope.

Suggesting they negotiate, Kate asked how much E.J. would offer her for what was in the envelope. It dawned on E.J. that Kate didn't know what he had, so he noted, "You know how much that formula is worth to Countess Wilhelmina." Kate countered that it was worth as much as the formula that E.J. had stolen from her. When E.J. said that had been the wrong answer, Kate snatched up the envelope to see what was inside it -- but it was empty.

"Really? So you were just bored at your office and you decided to come over here and yank my chain?" Kate remarked wryly. E.J. took the envelope and headed for the door. Kate noted that the envelope's contents had obviously upset E.J., and she wanted to know why he'd thought she had sent it to him. "It was a minor annoyance that I could take care of in one afternoon -- your specialty," E.J. quipped. Kate warned E.J. that he wasn't going to drag her down with him if it had anything to do with Nick. E.J. left without another word -- but in the hallway, he wondered, "If not Kate, then who?"

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