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Xander tells Nicole she can say goodbye to Eric before he kills him
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Friday, October 19, 2018

In their hotel room, Bonnie and Mimi argued about the baby. Mimi was anxious to get her daughter back. "All cons can't be great ones. I'm sorry, honey," Bonnie said. Mimi argued that it was time for Bonnie to tell the truth so that Mimi could get her daughter back. Bonnie begged Mimi to give her more time.

"You're making me choose between you and my little girl. You know what I have to do," Mimi said. "Yes, I do, because I chose my little girl. I took the rap when she killed her father," Bonnie said. Bonnie added that she would make sure the police knew the whole truth if Mimi insisted on telling the police about the baby. Mimi told Bonnie she did not believe that Bonnie would turn her in.

Through tears, Bonnie said she had, always loved Mimi although she had not always been good at showing it. Bonnie admitted that she had spent her life surviving instead of putting her children first. When Mimi suggested that Bonnie should put someone else first for once, Bonnie asked Mimi to think about how much Bonnie had suffered in her life. With a groan, Mimi agreed to go along with Bonnie's plan a little longer. Worried about the case, Bonnie noted that they needed a good lawyer.

At Doug's Place, a contented Belle talked about Marlena's progress. Chloe told Belle she was glad to hear the news. Talk turned to Xander, and Belle and Chloe said they were hoping the police would catch the fugitive soon. When Belle asked about Chloe's life, Lucas walked in with baby Bonnie. With wide eyes, Belle said, "Clearly, I've missed a lot."

"We have a baby, but it's not ours," Lucas said. Lucas explained the situation with Bonnie Lockhart to Belle. "I'm gonna sue for sole custody," Lucas said. Belle warned Lucas that Bonnie would not go down without a fight. Chloe chimed in that Mimi wanted to fight, too. Belle was surprised that Mimi was in town. Chloe told Belle that Mimi had mentioned the Holly situation. With a grimace, Belle apologized for telling Mimi about Holly's custody fight.

"It's hard for me sometimes because I love you and I love Mimi, and I just don't want to get caught in the middle," Belle said. Belle said goodbye to Lucas and Chloe and left. As Belle walked out of the restaurant, her phone rang. Mimi called and asked to meet up with Belle.

In Nashville, Nicole paced her apartment. There was a knock at the door. Hopeful to see Eric, Nicole rushed to answer the door. It was Xander. "Hoping to see someone else?" Xander asked. "Who else would I be expecting but you, my loving husband," Nicole grumbled. Xander said he had dealt with Eric. Xander waggled an electronic tape recorder in front of Nicole's face. Worried, Nicole asked Xander what he had done to Eric.

"Your true love is still alive. I wanted to put him out of his misery, but I wasn't sure what brilliant plan you two had cooked up, so I needed to rush back here to make sure you didn't disappear," Xander said. Xander noted that Nicole had clearly packed in anticipation of leaving town with Eric. Xander stroked Nicole's face with his hand.

"For you, our marriage was just a business transaction. To me? Those vows are real. I promised to be with you until death us do part. Is it really that time already?" Xander asked. Nicole reminded Xander that Holly was in the next room. With a grin, Xander said he did not want to hurt Nicole. Xander urged Nicole to pack up and get ready to leave. Xander told Nicole he would let her say goodbye to Eric before he killed him.

"If you hurt Eric, I will never forgive you," Nicole stressed. Xander countered that Nicole would never be his true wife unless Eric was out of the picture. Nicole ran her hand across Xander's face gently. "You will learn to love me, and if not, I will be forced to destroy your life, too," Xander said as he held up the recorder.

After packing, Xander escorted Nicole and Holly to Kristen's facility. Nicole reached into the stroller, and a jumpy Xander grabbed her arm. Nicole pointed out that she was retrieving Holly's water bottle. Xander opened the door to the lab. While Xander's back was turned, Nicole slammed her metal water bottle onto Xander's head, knocking him unconscious. Nicole fished the recorder out of his back pocket.

At the Brady Pub, Bonnie complained to herself about her lack of funds. Roman walked over and asked Bonnie to take a seat. Bonnie said she was on her way to a meeting. "Well, you do own a paper," Roman said. With a twinkle in her eye, Bonnie asked if she could put her breakfast on a tab. Roman agreed.

"Almost like you're eating for two," Roman said as he carried out two plates of food. When Bonnie chuckled and reached out for the food, Roman raised a suspicious eyebrow. "You're not Adrienne. You're Bonnie Lockhart. Just get the hell out of here," Roman said. Bonnie grabbed her purse and ran out of the pub.

At the Salem Inn, Belle met up with Mimi. Belle asked Mimi about the baby. "I want you to fight [Lucas]. I want you to represent my mother," Mimi said. Belle pointed out that Lucas was family and that Chloe was her friend. "Apparently, Chloe just loves to play mommy with other people's kids," Mimi grumbled. Belle said she did not want to get between two of her friends. Belle added that Bonnie should not have custody. When Mimi yelled that the baby should be with her mother, Belle asked Mimi if she truly believed that.

"Yes. Because that baby's mine," Mimi blurted out. Mimi explained Bonnie's plan. Belle noted the plan did not make sense. Reluctantly, Mimi confessed that she had killed her father by accident in order to protect Bonnie. Mimi explained that Bonnie had threatened to tell the police the truth about the murder if Mimi did not go along with the plan to pass off Mimi's baby as Lucas' child. Belle agreed to help Mimi if she told her the whole truth.

"Lucas is related to the real father," Mimi explained. "Please, tell me it's not Philip's," Belle said. Grossed out, Mimi said Philip was not the father. With a chuckle, Belle said, "Oh. The baby's father is…" "Bingo," Mimi said.

In the square, Lucas fussed over baby Bonnie as Chloe smiled. Chloe noted that she was lucky to have Lucas in her life. Bonnie walked into the square and walked over to the baby. Lucas warned Bonnie that she was violating a restraining order. With an eye roll, Bonnie reminded Lucas that she was walking in a public square. Lucas scowled and pushed the stroller away. Bonnie stopped Chloe and asked her to talk. Bonnie asked Chloe to help her end the custody case. Chloe said she wanted what was best for the baby.

"Just because Mimi picked on you in school doesn't mean you have to punish her now," Bonnie complained. "What does this have to do with Mimi?" Chloe asked suspiciously. Bonnie lied and said it would mean the loss of a baby sister. Flustered, Bonnie rushed off.

At the Brady Pub, Roman was cleaning up a table when a familiar face walked in the door. "Hey, Dad," Rex said. "Rex," Roman said with a smile.

At Kristen's morgue facility, Eric and Sami looked for evidence of E.J. Eric found a photo on a desk of Xander with Nicole. Sami told Eric to look for the recording while she searched for E.J. Eric was reluctant to let his sister go off on her own, but Sami could not be stopped. The siblings wished each other well.

After Sami ran off to search the other rooms, Eric broke into a desk and found Nicole's recorded confession. Eric listened to it.

Sami wandered the corridors until she found the room with "E.D." on the door. Sami burst into the room. There was no one there. Brady entered the room and startled Sami. Brady informed Sami that she was too late. Eager for news about E.J., Sami asked Brady if he could confirm that E.J. was alive. Brady explained that he had seen someone but had not been able to confirm it was E.J. Sami yelled that she had found Brady and Kristen's "love nest."

"How could you do it? How could you work with that crazy bitch?" Sami asked. Brady explained that he had cozied up to Kristen so that he could determine if Kristen had information about E.J. Sami told Brady that she wanted to believe him but that she was reluctant to listen after what Brady had done to Eric. Brady admitted that what he had done to Eric was awful and that he felt terrible.

"When have you been team Nicole, by the way?" Brady asked. "Never! I can't stand that baby-stealing tramp. I don't want her with Eric," Sami said. Sami added that Brady had crossed the line by blackmailing Nicole. When Sami mentioned that Eric and Nicole were back together, Brady offered to help them by continuing to work with Kristen.

"Where is E.J.?" Sami asked. Brady said he did not know. Sami lost her temper. As Sami ranted about Brady's betrayal, Brady interrupted to stress that he would not stand between Sami and E.J. Brady argued that he had not learned anything concrete about Kristen yet. Brady told Sami about the man in the wheelchair and that he had not seen the man's face. Brady noted that the build of the man in the chair had been similar to E.J.'s body. With a groan, Brady explained that Xander had knocked him out before he could identify the man in the chair for certain.

Sami asked what had happened after Brady had woken up. With a furrowed brow, Brady said he had returned to the room later, but the man in the chair had been gone. With a nod, Sami recounted that Stefan had said E.J. was in a private facility, and this was likely the complex.

"We just have to find where he is," Sami argued. Brady noted that the facility had many rooms. As Brady reached into his pocket, he realized that he had keys. Sami grabbed the keys then locked Brady in the room as she ran away.

Brady begged for Sami to let him out. Brady argued that Sami needed his help to check all the rooms. Sami refused and noted that she did not trust Brady. With an apology, Sami ran off.

Down the hallway, Eric lay on the floor, unconscious. Kristen stood over Eric. "Look what the cat dragged in," Kristen muttered. "I guess Xander took care of Brady. Which means we have other company," Kristen said. When Eric woke up, Kristen asked him if he was looking for Nicole's taped confession. Kristen explained that Xander was her employee. With a grin, Kristen told Eric that Brady was in town.

"Brady's here? I didn't know that. I need to talk to him," Eric said. "He is temporarily indisposed," Kristen purred. Kristen explained that Brady had been unable to fight his feelings for her. "I am the only person in the world who accepts and loves Brady for exactly who he is," Kristen said. Eric argued that Brady was drowning in guilt and that if Kristen let Eric escape, Brady might be able to forgive himself.

"I really do admire your devotion, Eric. You're better than this, though. You deserve someone much better. You ask me, she and Xander deserve each other," Kristen said. Eric argued that Kristen understood what it was like to fight for love.

"Nicole is my soul mate. She is my heart. She is my everything. That's why I need to get to her," Eric said. Kristen asked Eric if he was asking her to let him go "in the name of love."

"If that is the case, are you rooting for Brady and I?" Kristen asked. Eric said no. Eric urged Kristen to let him go so that Kristen could concentrate on Brady and her work. "You're going to have to let Nicole take care of Xander on her own," Kristen said. Eric told Kristen that it was not too late for redemption.

"My salvation has got to be another day," Kristen said. Kristen argued that she needed Xander's help with an important project. Eric asked what Kristen had done. Kristen cryptically said that Xander needed her help transporting precious cargo. "Are you talking about E.J.?" Eric asked. "Among others," Kristen responded.

Down the hallway, Nicole crept into the facility with her baby. Nicole opened a room and called out Eric's name. Nicole opened up several rooms, but each room was empty. Nicole found several locked doors with labels reading, "A.V.," "V.A.," "A.D." "S.D.," and "W.R." Nicole cried out Eric's name in frustration.

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