Tuesday, November 25, 2014

At Club TBD, Ben gave Clyde a free cup of coffee as a thank you for helping him with his school tuition. Clyde and Ben talked about Chad. Both men agreed that they did not like Chad. With a chuckle, Ben said that it was odd to find common ground with Clyde. Clyde commented on the hickory coffee back home at Annabelle's and laughed noting that Kate had not liked hickory coffee. Ben told Clyde that it seemed like Clyde was making an effort to make amends with him and that he appreciated it.

Chad went to the hospital to talk to Jordan, and he interrupted Jordan's session with Paul. Chad and Paul recognized one another and made chit chat. Smiling, Jordan told Paul he was done with his therapy session. When Paul flirted, Jordan shifted uncomfortably. Realizing that Jordan was dating Chad, Paul apologized for overstepping. Jordan assured Paul that Chad was on the hospital board and would not tell anyone that Paul was in the hospital for surgery.

After Paul left, Chad informed Jordan that he was officially the new co-CEO at DiMera Enterprises. To celebrate, Jordan and Chad kissed. Chad asked Jordan about Paul. Jordan explained that Paul's surgery was confidential. With a grin, Chad wondered aloud if Paul had undergone shoulder surgery. Jordan shifted her gaze in an obvious non-answer. Chad shook his head and commented that it would be terrible if Paul lost his ability to pitch a baseball.

While Chad and Jordan chatted, Ben rushed into the rehabilitation room. Chad noted that Ben was scheduled to work at the club. Defensive, Ben joked that he was impressed that Chad could run DiMera Enterprises and memorize Ben's work schedule. Jordan pleaded with Ben to be quiet, but he continued. Ben said that the club had a new account at the hospital and that he was making a coffee delivery. With a smirk, Chad told Ben he was doing a good job. Chad kissed Jordan goodbye and left.

Ben grumbled that Chad was a jerk, but Jordan countered that Ben was acting like one. Jordan warned Ben not to antagonize Chad. Jordan admitted that Chad had been abrupt but that Ben needed to reign in his temper. With a sigh, Ben apologized and gave Jordan a cup of coffee from the club. Ben joked that it was hickory coffee, and Jordan wrinkled her nose in disgust. When Ben commented that Kate had disliked Annabelle's hickory coffee, Jordan nodded. After Ben left, Jordan wondered aloud when Kate had been able to taste Annabelle's coffee.

While Marlena worked in her office, Kate barged into the office and demanded to know what was going on with Will. Marlena joked that Kate's unnecessary aggression was out of character for her. Kate apologized and explained that she had not heard from Will in days. Marlena urged Kate to remain patient. Kate nodded grudgingly.

Daniel went to Eric's apartment to talk to him about Nicole. When Daniel said that he had resumed his friendship with Nicole, Eric asked him if there was something more than friendship between Daniel and Nicole. Eric angrily retracted his question. When Daniel assured Eric that he had a right to ask about Daniel's friendship with Nicole, Eric took a gulp of his beer. Eric noted that he had seen the chemistry between Daniel and Nicole, and Eric asked Daniel if he planned to act on his attraction.

Daniel admitted that he was attracted to Nicole, but that he was not planning to get romantically involved with her. Daniel asked Eric if he was sure that his relationship with Nicole was over. Daniel swore that he would not even think about dating Nicole if there was a chance that Eric and Nicole might reconcile. Eric told Daniel that he was civil to Nicole but that there was no chance that he would reconcile with Nicole. Daniel nodded.

Changing the subject, Eric thanked Daniel for his housewarming gift. Eric showed Daniel a photo of his hut in Africa. When Daniel offered to help Eric unpack, Eric declined the offer noting that he needed to work. Eric thanked Daniel and stressed that they were good friends, but that he preferred not to talk about Nicole. Daniel nodded, then left. Eric stood in his living room and thought about his conversation with Nicole when he had told her that he could not forgive her.

At Daniel's apartment, Melanie was shocked when Nicole answered the front door in only a towel. Melanie demanded to know why Nicole was in Daniel's apartment. Nicole assured Melanie that she was only friends with Daniel. When Melanie grilled Nicole about the towel, Nicole explained that she had spilled tea on herself. Noticing Melanie's furrowed brow, Nicole made a snippy comment and argued that she did not need to justify her behavior.

Nicole mentioned that Daniel had not told her about Melanie, and she asked Melanie why she had returned to Salem. Melanie admitted that her visit was a surprise. Nicole went into the bathroom to get dressed. While alone, Melanie looked in her purse at the piles of money and sighed. When Nicole returned to the living room, Melanie told Nicole that she refused to accept that Daniel's relationship with Jennifer was over. Nicole deflected and suggested that Melanie talk to Daniel.

Melanie admitted that she had been surprised to see Nicole, and she offered to turn down her hostile tone. Melanie stressed that she had learned of the things that Nicole had done to Daniel and that she was not interested in pursuing a friendship with Nicole. Nicole reiterated that Melanie should talk to Daniel and argued that Daniel could make his own decisions. With a raised eyebrow, Nicole noted that Melanie had avoided her question about why Melanie had returned to town. Melanie shrugged and said that she wanted to see her family.

Suspicious, Nicole said that it was strange that Melanie had decided spontaneously to return home. Nicole asked Melanie to tell her the truth. Melanie said that she wanted to surprise Daniel to help cheer him up. Daniel returned home and excitedly hugged his daughter, while Nicole sighed. Nicole said goodbye to Daniel and left.

Once alone, Daniel asked Melanie why she was back in Salem. Melanie deflected the question to note that Nicole had answered the door and she was not pleased that Daniel was friends with her. Daniel stressed that he was only friends with Nicole. Daniel ordered Melanie to treat Nicole nicely. With a groan, Melanie agreed. Daniel asked about Melanie's travel plans and Melanie admitted that she was staying in Salem permanently. Daniel was stunned but puzzled. Worried, Daniel asked Melanie if she was in trouble.

Melanie argued that she would have told Daniel if she had done anything wrong. Melanie explained that she was homesick in London, that she hated work, and that her friend was moving to Salem so she had decided to return home as well. Smiling, Daniel welcomed Melanie home. Laughing, Melanie said her suitcases were on their way to Daniel's apartment. Citing the need to run an errand, Melanie promised to be home for dinner, then left.

In the Horton living room, Jennifer and Abigail celebrated the fact that they would be working together at the hospital again. When Abigail mentioned Daniel, she blanched. Jennifer assured Abigail that she understood that Abigail admired and respected Daniel. When Abigail asked about Jennifer's relationship with Daniel, Jennifer swore that her relationship was over. With a smile, Jennifer asked Abigail how she had managed to get her job back. Abigail admitted that Chad had been responsible for the hospital rehiring Abigail.

Jennifer suggested that Chad had forced the board to rehire Abigail as an apology. With a grin, Jennifer noted that Abigail was glowing. Jennifer asked Abigail why she was so happy. Abigail admitted that she had grown closer to Ben. With a sad smile, Jennifer remarked that Abigail deserved to be happy.

Marlena visited Paul in his hospital room to talk. When Marlena mentioned that Paul had declined therapy previously, she asked Paul to confirm that he did not want therapy now that he was no longer under the influence of the anesthesia. Paul assured Marlena that he had not changed his mind. Nodding, Marlena left without a word. Later, a mystery person visited Paul in his room.

Outside the Brady Pub, Nicole and Maggie ran smack into one another. Laughing, Maggie and Nicole apologized for their clumsiness When Maggie mentioned that she had been surprised earlier in the day, Nicole guessed that Maggie had talked to Melanie. Maggie asked Nicole if she had seen Melanie at Daniel's apartment. Nicole nodded. Defensive, Nicole argued that she did not care what people thought of her friendship with Daniel. Maggie assured Nicole that she was comfortable with Nicole and Daniel rekindling their friendship. Maggie warned Nicole that if she hurt Daniel again, Nicole would have to deal with her.

Nicole went into the pub and met with Daniel for coffee. When Daniel asked Nicole if Melanie had given her a hard time, Nicole grimaced. Nicole commented that Melanie was "less than thrilled." Daniel assured Nicole that he had talked to Melanie about Nicole's part in his life.

While Eric hung photos on the wall of his apartment, Jennifer visited with a housewarming plant. Jennifer asked Eric if he could provide pictures for the hospital's new pediatrics wing. Eric nodded. When Eric asked Jennifer about Daniel, she admitted that the relationship was over. Eric told Jennifer that Daniel had visited to talk about Nicole. Eric explained that Daniel and Nicole were friends again. Nodding, Jennifer changed the subject to Eric's photography.

Jennifer spotted a photo on the wall and noted that she could see Eric's soul in the photo. When Jennifer asked Eric why he did not talk about Africa, Eric said he did not like to talk about what he had seen there. Jennifer apologized for upsetting Eric. Eric told Jennifer that Africa had returned him to his faith, and he was thankful for that time in his life.

While Kate angrily stomped her way through the town square, Clyde called out to her. Kate warned Clyde that she was in a foul mood, and Clyde asked Kate if her anger was because of Chad. Kate grunted. Taking Kate's chin in his hand, Clyde assured Kate that she was, "the meanest son of a bitch in the valley." Kate smiled and walked away. Jordan overheard the exchange and followed Kate into the park.

Jordan demanded to talk. Kate asked Jordan if she wanted to thank her for giving her boyfriend Chad a promotion at Dimera Enterprises. As Jordan narrowed her eyes in anger, Kate cautioned that Chad was too good for Jordan. Jordan bristled and commented that Chad was kind, which was a character trait that was not familiar to Kate. Jordan accused Kate of directing Clyde to Salem.

At Club TBD, a long-faced Ben spotted Abigail sitting alone at a table. Ben greeted Abigail, and she noted that he looked upset. Ben asked Abigail to join him outside. Out front of the club, Abigail asked Ben what was wrong. Ben changed the subject to Abigail. Smiling, Abigail told Ben that she had talked to Jennifer about him. Abigail explained that Jennifer had seen how happy Abigail appeared to be, and Abigail had told Jennifer that she owed her happiness to Ben. Abigail and Ben kissed. Smiling, Ben invited Abigail back to his apartment.

Taking advantage of a cancellation on Marlena's schedule, Clyde met with Marlena to talk. When Marlena asked Clyde to explain why he had said that he did not want to be like his father, Clyde called his father a monster.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad sat in the library and talked to one of the board members on the phone. Melanie overheard Chad comment that he intended to live up to the Dimera name. When Chad hung up the phone, Melanie announced herself by commenting on what a relief it was to hear Chad admit the truth.

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