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Julie realizes the full extent of Gabi's lies
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Monday, December 17, 2018
by Mike

At the Martin mansion, Eli received a late-night visit from Rafe, who wanted someone to talk to about Hope's secret alliance with Ted.

"Why didn't she tell me?" Rafe wondered at the end of the tale. "Because you do everything by the book," Eli guessed. "That's what they both said," Rafe grumbled. "I'm sure she hated lying to you," Eli assured Rafe. "So she says," Rafe skeptically replied. "Ted put her in a tough position, [so] if you're gonna blame anyone, blame him," Eli advised. "I feel like there's enough blame to go around," Rafe countered.

At the DiMera mansion, Ben joined Stefan in the living room and quickly realized that something was wrong. "Gabby left [earlier]...and I don't like it," Stefan explained. "You still think [Abigail's] playing you," Ben guessed. "It's a possibility," Stefan insisted. "What makes you think that?" Ben asked. "Well, earlier this evening, I tried, let's just say, was time to go to bed...[and Gabby] said she had to wait because she had just given birth," Stefan clarified. "Well, that makes sense...doesn't it? [I mean], the real Abigail, from what I hear, couldn't stand you, [so]...for my money, Gabby's back, [and you're] just being paranoid," Ben replied with a shrug.

"You may very well be right...[but] one of the many things I've learned -- painfully -- is that you have to be careful when you want something to be true, because it can make you blind to what really is true. [And] the fact remains that Gabby left this house the first chance she had," Stefan argued. "Well, look, you don't need to get yourself all jacked up. Let me find out where she went, and I'll bring her back," Ben offered. "[I mean], if she's Gabby, then she won't care [that you sent me to look for her]. It's Abigail who's scared of me," Ben added. "Yeah, [but] seeing you might trigger something, and I don't want to lose Gabby all over again," Stefan replied.

Ciara was nearing the end of a work shift when Hope entered the Brady Pub and called out a greeting. "[I heard] there's been a lot of changes in your life lately," Hope began to add, joining Ciara at the bar. "[This] job, for one...[but also a] new boyfriend?" Hope continued. "Uncle Roman talks too much," Ciara grumbled. "Why would you date someone who tried to kill you?" Hope asked. "[First], he swore to me that he didn't set the fire, and second, we went on, like, one date," Ciara replied. "That's one date too many," Hope insisted. "Damn it, Ciara -- [I mean], how many times do I have to [remind you that] he killed three people?" Hope added.

"Do you know who he's working for now?" Hope wondered. "He told me," Ciara confirmed. "And it doesn't bother you that he's working for the scum of the earth?" Hope asked incredulously. "Well, he would prefer to be working for world peace, but working for Stefan was pretty much his only option, [since] everyone -- especially you -- is trying to keep him [from putting his life back together]," Ciara replied with a shrug.

"He told you how I tried to get him to confess," Hope bitterly assumed. " -- actually, he didn't," Ciara clarified, confused. Hope sighed and reluctantly proceeded to tell Ciara about the incident.

"All right, so...what you're really telling me is [that] you tricked him into going to a motel, where he didn't kidnap someone, [and] you can't tell me [who that person is]. That's a great story, Mom. I buy it [completely]," Ciara sarcastically stated at the end of Hope's tale. "I know you don't want to believe anything I have to say about him, [but] he's still dangerous," Hope insisted. "[And I know] you don't want to believe anything I have to say about him, but he was a good guy who got sick, and now he's that good guy again," Ciara countered. "When he 'got sick,' it's not like he ran through a red light -- [he] murdered three people!" Hope reiterated.

"You can save your breath, [because] I believe in Ben, and nothing you can say is going to change that," Ciara insisted with finality. "I will find a way to prove it to you," Hope replied before exiting the pub.

Ciara immediately summoned Ben to the pub. "Why didn't you tell me my mom tried to set you up?" Ciara asked when Ben arrived. "I didn't want you to get mad at her," Ben explained with a shrug. "Is that it? Or is it that you didn't want me to know Stefan DiMera hired you to kidnap someone?" Ciara countered. "Stefan is my boss. As head of his security team, I have to follow his orders," Ben explained, shrugging again. "That's what Himmler said," Ciara countered. "That's extreme," Ben defensively argued. "And believe me, [the guy I was told to find is] no saint," Ben added. "Yeah, I'm sure he deserved being kidnapped," Ciara sarcastically agreed.

"I don't know what to say. [I mean], I told you before [that] there are certain lines I will not cross...[but] that is the best I can offer you," Ben warned. "I guess I can accept that...for now," Ciara replied.

Rafe found Hope in the Horton Town Square and quickly realized that something was wrong. "[Ciara] just refuses to listen to reason [when it comes to Ben]," Hope explained with a shake of the head. "[And please] don't tell me I'm going about [this] all the wrong way," Hope preemptively added. "If you're daughter's dating a serial killer, I don't know if there's a right way," Rafe admitted.

Hope soon noted with a cringe that Rafe smelled like beer. "A beer," Rafe clarified. "Or two," Hope argued. "No, a beer," Rafe insisted. "I just went to talk to Eli about what happened at the motel," Rafe added. "Eli knew about that?" Hope asked, surprised. "And Lani. [They're] the ones who helped me track you down. [We] ran a check on your credit cards, [and] that's how we found you," Rafe explained.

"You had no right to do that!" Hope insisted. "I was worried about you!" Rafe explained. "I don't think you were worried; [I think] you were jealous. You thought I was having an affair," Hope guessed. "I didn't, [but] Julie and Eli did," Rafe confirmed. "You told Julie?" Hope asked incredulously. "Maybe next time you'll be honest with your husband," Rafe suggested with an unapologetic shrug.

At the hospital, Abigail confided in Kayla, who had been prepared to report Gabby's break-in to the authorities. "[So], did you prescribe sedatives to Gabi?" Abigail asked Kayla at the end of the tale. "You know I can't talk to you about one of my patients," Kayla evasively replied. "Even if she's using the drugs that you prescribed her to frame me?" Abigail countered. "I would do anything for you, Abigail, but I could lose my license [if I do this]," Kayla stressed. Nodding, Abigail apologized for having put Kayla in such a difficult position in the first place. Abigail assured Kayla that there might be another way to prove what Gabi had been doing, anyway.

"Julie is breaking into Gabi's room?" Kayla asked incredulously after Abigail elaborated. "[I really] don't think [that's] a good idea," Kayla warned with a nervous chuckle. "Well, it's a little late for that," Abigail replied.

Just then, Abigail received a phone call from Stefan, who wanted to know when Gabby was planning to return to the DiMera mansion. "Did you not get any of my messages?" Stefan asked. "I turned my phone off briefly. There were, um...there were some carolers in the square," Abigail claimed. "Really?" Stefan skeptically countered, finding it hard to believe that Gabby would be into that sort of thing. "I know -- it's so corny...but it's [also] sweet, and I was thinking we could take Charlotte there together next year," Abigail coolly explained. "Yes, of course," Stefan agreed. "Come home. I miss you," Stefan added. "I miss you, too, lover," Abigail replied.

"That was an impressive performance," Kayla observed after Abigail ended the call. "Well, it has to be," Abigail reasoned with a shrug. "[I mean], this way, at least I get to be with one of my children. And, you know, it kills me that I'm not with Thomas -- I mean, it just breaks my heart -- but Chad's not gonna let me anywhere near him if he thinks that I'm a danger to him...[and] now, thanks to Gabi, he is thoroughly convinced that I am," Abigail continued. "[But] it's gonna be okay, [because] I have a plan, you know? Tomorrow, I'm gonna start the process of divorcing [Stefan] -- take away his power to throw me back into Bayview," Abigail concluded.

"Wish there was more I could do [to help]," Kayla said. "[Just] promise me that you won't say anything to anyone -- especially my mother -- about what I'm doing," Abigail requested. "You have my word," Kayla agreed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor summoned Chad to the living room. "Did you think you'd get away with it? Did you think that I wouldn't find out? I know everything that goes on at Titan -- even when you're trying to fix it so I don't!" Victor began when Chad arrived. "You're referring to me buying that energy company," Chad guessed. "[You bought] a cockamamie start-up and [paid] top dollar for it!" Victor clarified. "I was in a bidding war with DiMera," Chad explained. "For a company we don't need!" Victor clarified again. "It was a risky move, but it's gonna kill DiMera's bottom line," Chad insisted. "What about our bottom line?" Victor countered.

"I don't like my CEOs acting like four-year-olds who had sand kicked [on them] at the playground!" Victor continued. "I was up-front from the beginning. You knew I wanted the job so I could go after Stefan," Chad unapologetically reminded Victor. "And I said yes -- but not at the expense of my company!" Victor countered. "[Titan's] already vulnerable. My ex-CEO had to marry the guy who charged him with sexual harassment. Not exactly terrific PR," Victor added. "I thought Sonny was with Will, [so] why the hell...?" Chad asked, stunned and confused. "Because I didn't have that much of a choice," Sonny explained, joining Chad and Victor.

"So, Leo's blackmailing you? With what?" Chad asked. "I'd rather not say...[but] it's temporary. I don't plan on being married long. I just need to figure out a way to neutralize Leo," Sonny replied. "The marriage vows still say 'till death do us part' -- [and] I know a guy," Victor dryly interjected. "What about Will?" Chad asked Sonny while chuckling at Victor's comment. "That's the hard part -- I have to stay clear of him, 'cause if this marriage doesn't look real, then the shareholders are gonna think I married Leo just to kill the lawsuit," Sonny replied with a heavy sigh. "I'd rather kill the blackmailing little liar...[but] who listens to me?" Victor dryly interjected again.

"Next time, you talk to me first," Victor warned Chad, changing the subject. "Pull another stunt like that, and I'll have you out on your ass," Victor continued as Chad nodded in response. "Wait -- a stunt like what?" Sonny asked, confused. "Check your phone," Victor advised Sonny. "What the hell were you thinking?" Sonny asked Chad after realizing what was being discussed. "More to the point, what was he thinking with?" Victor dryly interjected. "I give you a second chance, and you go and do something like this?" Sonny continued. "Whoa, whoa, whoa -- a little clarification here. What second chance?" Victor wondered.

"[This is] low, even for a DiMera! Venal! Gut-churning!" Victor declared after Chad provided a careful explanation that didn't implicate Kate. "I wasn't thinking," Chad admitted with an apologetic shrug. "Well, now that we're all on level ground, I have a simple business question -- what do you do with a CEO who admits he doesn't think [and has] betrayed his best friend?" Victor asked. "You fire him," Victor answered, glaring at Chad.

"Maybe you shouldn't fire him," Sonny argued. "What, we should give him a bonus for stabbing you in the back?" Victor dryly countered. "I hate what he did...but I ended up figuring out that it was a relief not to be in charge of the company. I'm just not sure that I'm cut out for that life," Sonny elaborated. "He still has to go," Victor insisted. "And you're lucky -- my people have raised revenge to an art form," Victor told Chad, who stopped Sonny from trying to raise more objections. "[Your uncle] can't have somebody in charge that he doesn't trust...and, obviously, I can't be trusted," Chad told Sonny. "I'm sorry for what I did," Chad sincerely added.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Gabi demanded to know what Julie was doing. "I was looking for Maggie's room, and I just got lost in this labyrinth of a house," Julie claimed with a shrug while discreetly pocketing the envelope that contained Charlotte's paternity test results. "You were looking for Maggie, so you decided to enter an empty room, turn the light on, and shut the door? Did you think that Maggie was underneath the bed or something?" Gabi asked skeptically. "You have some nerve, lady!" Gabi added, outraged. "Moral indignation from a murderess?" Julie countered. "You are not going anywhere until you tell me what you were doing in my room!" Gabi insisted.

"Fine -- I was looking for evidence [that] proves you have been gaslighting Abigail all along, just as she said you had, because I don't have any difficulty believing that you could be that cruel, that cold-hearted, that evil," Julie unapologetically admitted, glaring at Gabi. "Abigail is certifiably insane -- [and] so are you if you believe anything that she says. [Just ask] J.J., Jennifer, Chad, [or] Stefan -- they've all agreed that Abigail has lost her little mind yet again," Gabi dismissively insisted. "Honey, you can fool everybody [else, but] you don't fool me. I know the kind of person you are, [and] I know what you're capable of," Julie countered.

"[You know], I knew all along [that] you never felt any [real] regret about shooting Nick. That was all just a big load of hot, steaming bull! You [actually] enjoy doing evil [things], don't you?" Julie continued, giving Gabi a look of disgust. "I didn't regret killing Nick, because the man tried to rape me, [and] he got what was coming to him," Gabi confirmed, shrugging unapologetically. "[So], now you're the judge [and] the jury? Tell me, is Abigail gonna get what she has coming to her, too?" Julie countered. "Because of Abigail, I can't even have children anymore! Is that something that I'm just supposed to forget?" Gabi spat.

"Sounds like a confession to me," Julie observed. Gabi scoffed and innocently invited Julie to search the room for proof of the gaslighting theory. "I don't have to search anymore, 'cause I [already] found this," Julie replied, producing the envelope that contained Charlotte's paternity test results. "Must be mighty important for you to have hid it so cleverly," Julie mused. "That's nothing," Gabi insisted with a nervous gulp. "It's just -- it's the test results that prove that I will never be able to have children again. And it's very painful to look at, [so] that's why I had it put away," Gabi continued. Julie nodded skeptically and opened the envelope while dodging Gabi.

"Oh, my God -- Chad is the father of the baby, and you didn't tell him, and you didn't tell Abigail, [either]! You mendacious little bitch!" Julie spat after reading the enclosed document. Julie slapped Gabi then vowed to reveal the truth to everyone immediately -- starting with Chad. "And if I'm this angry, you can just imagine how Chad is going to feel!" Julie warned Gabi before starting to walk away.

Gabi chased after Julie, leading to a struggle at the top of the stairs. Sonny and Chad, who were trying to patch things up in the living room, heard the commotion and rushed out to the foyer to find out what was going on.

When Sonny and Chad entered the foyer, Julie was lying at the foot of the stairs, having fallen backwards when Gabi had finally managed to forcefully secure the envelope that contained Charlotte's paternity test results. Shocked, Sonny and Chad stared at Julie's motionless body for a few seconds then glanced up at Gabi, who was still standing at the top of the stairs, hiding the envelope.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Sonny and Chad try to help Julie.

• Gabi worries that Julie will expose the truth.

• Hope and Rafe get into an argument about Ted.

• Sonny tells Will that they can no longer see each other.

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