Friday, September 26, 2014

Sonny, Will, and Rafe entered Club TBD after a pickup basketball game, ribbing each other about how things had gone. As Will and Sonny stepped away, Rafe informed Ben that his conversation with Jordan the previous day had not gone well. Rafe wondered if it were even possible to fix things with Jordan after the way he'd hurt her. Ben asked if Rafe really felt bad about cheating on Jordan or if he just hoped Ben would pass that along when he talked to her. Tired of Ben's attitude, Rafe said goodbye to Sonny and Will and left.

Sonny told Will that it seemed as if Chad had really changed since his return. Sonny pointed out that perhaps it was the two of them who had changed. Ben's ears perked up when he heard the guys discussing how Abigail was watching Arianna, and Will and Sonny couldn't resist joking about how many children Abigail wanted. "Abigail's going to be an amazing mom. Abigail's amazing, period," Ben said. Will and Sonny teased Ben mercilessly for saying that.

Ben called a hotel about a special he'd seen advertised online, but he balked when he heard the price. Sonny asked if Chad had been in, but Ben said that he hadn't seen Chad since the previous day, when Chad had tried to apologize for accusing Ben of stealing and lying. Sonny wondered aloud if Chad intended to continue to be a silent partner or actually show up and help. "I want you to know that you have my full trust, and whether he's around or not, you're here to stay," Sonny reassured a grateful Ben. Ben noted that he wouldn't mind "tossing a block or two" on Chad the next time they played basketball. Sonny promised to make sure that Ben was on his team

At the DiMera mansion, Sami hugged her younger kids and welcomed them home from camp. Lucas listened with concern as Sami told the kids that E.J. was at a meeting but would be home soon. After Sami inspected Allie's poison ivy rash, Johnny and Allie filled their mom in about their exploits at camp. Sami sent the kids to the kitchen, where the cook had breakfast and a surprise waiting for them.

As soon as the children were gone, Lucas lit into Sami for -- predictably -- getting back together with E.J., even though not that long before, she had been dead-set on revenge because E.J. had betrayed her with Abigail. Sami protested, but Lucas didn't want to hear her explanations because he knew her story would be the same as it had always been. Sami needled Lucas that he was starting to sound just like his mother.

Bristling, Lucas wanted to know what Sami would do when Stefano found out what she'd done to him. Sami maintained that E.J. would protect her from Stefano. Lucas blamed Sami for "sucking [his] mother" into her plan, but Sami argued that Kate had blackmailed her into making Kate co-CEO. Sami said that her parents had given her their blessing, and it would mean a lot to her if she had Lucas', as well. Before leaving in a huff, a frustrated Lucas declared that the next time E.J. hurt Sami, she would be on her own.

Jordan visited Abigail, who was babysitting for Arianna at Will and Sonny's apartment. Abigail asked if Jordan had gotten a chance to talk with Rafe. Jordan admitted that she hadn't been able to look at Rafe without picturing him in bed with Kate. Jordan continued that she wished she could find a way past that because she really loved Rafe. Assuring Jordan that her feelings were completely normal, Abigail revealed that Sami and E.J. had gotten back together. Jordan wondered if perhaps Sami had gotten things right by realizing that she loved E.J. enough to forgive him.

Abigail said that she and Ben had gone on a picnic in the park the night before to get some privacy, since he couldn't have guests at the room he rented and she lived at home. Abigail asked if things had improved between Jordan and her stepfather. Jordan admitted they hadn't, but she added that things were more complicated than Abigail could understand. Jordan claimed that she had a client waiting for her at the hospital and left.

A little later, Lucas dropped by to see his granddaughter, but Abigail broke the heartbreaking news that "Princess Ari" was asleep. After Lucas and Abigail made small talk about her job search, Lucas said that he was glad Abigail and Will had buried the hatchet. Abigail clarified that although she was always happy to babysit, she still thought Will was "a complete jerk" for what he'd done. Lucas tried to insist that Will felt terrible about Abigail's name being revealed in the article, but Abigail cut him off, understanding that Lucas simply wanted to defend his son.

Will returned home just then, so Abigail started to head out, but Will stopped her to advise her that he was writing an article about Chad for Sonix. Will reassured his perturbed cousin that his contract gave him final approval on his article, plus Chad had promised not to throw Abigail under the bus. Before Abigail could leave, Will told her that Ben had called her "amazing." "Trust me, if a guy blurts something like that out in front of other guys, it means something," Will noted, and Lucas backed him up. Seemingly unmoved, Abigail left.

Lucas tried to reassure Will that Abigail would eventually forgive him. He asked if Zoe Browning had assigned the article to Will. "How did you know that? I didn't even mention Zoe's name," Will asked. Lucas sheepishly explained that he'd given Zoe a piece of his mind at the pub recently -- and she had called him a horse's ass. Will apologized for not telling Lucas about the article but reassured his dad that he'd "covered [his] butt."

Abigail met Ben at the club, and Sonny continued to tease Ben about referring to her as amazing. After Sonny left them alone, Abigail said that she was on her way to a job interview, but she didn't want to say anything more because she didn't want to jinx it. Ben said that he was trying to find a place where they could go afterwards, but he didn't want to jinx anything by telling her what he was planning. Abigail gave him a kiss for luck and left.

When E.J. and one of his henchmen met Clyde in the park, Clyde set down a satchel full of cash for E.J. to admire. Clyde suggested that he and E.J. could become even more successful together and make even more money, which they would otherwise be leaving on the table, by expanding their territory. Clyde explained that he'd been able to move E.J.'s competition out of the way easily. E.J. firmly warned Clyde, "This is my town, Mister Weston. You stick to the area that I designated to you."

Making it clear that he was in charge, E.J. asserted that he had intentionally restricted Clyde to the parts of town that E.J. and his family did not frequent. He warned Clyde that going against him would be a fatal mistake. Clyde assured E.J. that he understood. After E.J. and the henchman had gone, Clyde made a phone call and requested that the person on the phone set up a meeting.

Kate met Chad at the café in Horton Square, and he revealed that he'd advised Stefano that everything was going according to plan -- which included earning Kate's trust. A suspicious Kate wondered whose side Chad was really on. Chad insisted that he, not Stefano, was in charge. Kate wondered why Chad hated his father so much. Chad explained that despite promises to change, Stefano was still his old self -- someone who only wanted to use his son's pain to his own advantage. "I'm not his son. I'm his proxy, his pawn," Chad asserted.

Chad continued that he was back in order to go after Kate and Sami on his father's behalf. Kate declared that Stefano would not get what he wanted. Chad pointed out, "He thinks I'm on his side. We can use that against him." He continued that he wanted revenge against Stefano, just as Sami and Kate had -- and he and Kate could keep Stefano and E.J. on the sidelines permanently. "Not only do I want Stefano and E.J. gone, I want my fair share of what's left over," Chad maintained. Clinking her juice glass with Chad's, Kate declared, "Let's go get 'em."

Clyde appeared nearby and watched furtively as Kate left her meeting with Chad. Clyde followed her to the park outside the square and joked, "I just happened to notice you talking to a handsome young fella. I would hate to find myself in competition with a DiMera." Kate wondered how Clyde knew Chad, but Clyde hedged that he'd just met Chad the day before. Kate maintained that Chad was nothing like "those other two miscreants." Clyde claimed that he'd never met them. "If E.J. could just disappear, life would be perfect," Kate declared. As Kate started to walk away, Clyde remarked that if the two of them teamed up, they could rule the world -- or at least Salem.

Later, Clyde met E.J.'s henchman in the park at Clyde's behest. "I was watching you when I was with Mister DiMera earlier. You seemed to perk up when I mentioned all that cash being left on the table. Now it's clear that you have earned Mister DiMera's trust. I was thinking perhaps you could speak to him when he's in a more receptive mood -- or maybe there's another way to skin this cat," Clyde proposed.

Jordan dropped her purse as she was walking through the square. Chad spotted her and went over to help retrieve the spilled contents of her bag. Observing that Jordan's hands were shaking, Chad asked, "Has that guy been bothering you again?" Jordan said no. Chad suggested that she sit down and have a cup of tea anyway, but she declined. As Chad handed back one of the items from Jordan's purse, he grabbed his elbow in pain and claimed that it was just "a little tennis elbow."

Jordan asked Chad to sit down so she could have a look. After checking out his elbow, Jordan diagnosed Chad as having a "raging case of hypochondria." Chuckling, Chad admitted that he'd been faking to try to take her mind off of whatever was bothering her. Jordan agreed to have tea with Chad. They were laughing about the treatment for his previous case of tennis elbow over iced teas a little later when Rafe arrived in the square.

Although he was clearly dismayed to see Jordan with Chad, Rafe walked over to welcome Chad home. After the guys talked for a moment about Gabi, Chad left. Jordan started to follow suit, but Rafe asked if he could have just a minute. He warned her that Chad seemed like a nice guy, but he was a DiMera. Jordan maintained that she had heard all about the DiMera family -- but since she wouldn't want anyone to judge her or Ben based on their family, she would never do that to someone else. "I judge people on how they act, how they treat me and the people I care about," Jordan added before walking off.

Chad stopped in front of the Brady Pub to call Stefano, who said he was pleased with Chad's progress. Chad asserted that Kate had taken everything he'd told her on faith because she was so desperate to get rid of Stefano. Stefano advised Chad, "Tell her that you have learned that I am flying to Frankfurt tomorrow... She'll figure out the rest." As Chad hung up, Stefano was still chortling. "You just keep laughing, old man. You'll never hear me coming," Chad muttered.

E.J. arrived back at the DiMera mansion, on the phone with his lawyer about repaying the back taxes and penalties in order to secure a deal with the D.A. He hung up and went inside but paused in the doorway to the living room when he saw the kids showing Sami their gifts from camp. As she leaned over her mom's shoulder, Allie spotted Sami's new ring and asked about it. Sami explained that she and E.J. had exchanged new rings to remind themselves of how much they loved one another. "So now you're double, triple, quadruple married!" Johnny announced.

The kids spotted E.J., and all three of them ran over to give him a big hug. They showed Sami and E.J. the gift they'd made at camp: a crayon drawing of the family in a hand-decorated frame. "It's the perfect gift. You all are the perfect gift," Sami proclaimed, as E.J. scooped the family into a group hug. Sami reminded the kids that it was time to leave for school for orientation, so the little ones headed off to grab their things. Someone watched from behind the bushes out front as Sami left with the kids for school.

After dropping the kids off, Sami walked through the park. Kate stopped her and remarked that she'd seen very little of Sami. "I'm surprised your first question wasn't about your granddaughter, since she's just home from camp," Sami noted. Kate countered that Allie had probably been glad to get away from all the tension in the house for a while. Refusing to engage with Kate, Sami walked away.

E.J. was in the foyer when there was an insistent rapping on the front door, so he opened it -- and was stunned to see his mother, Susan Banks, on the doorstep.

. . .

On the next Days of our Lives...
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  • Chad and Kate plot to outwit Stefano
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