Jordan's plan falls apart
Friday, February 15, 2019
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Friday, February 15, 2019

At the hospital, Kayla confirmed to Rafe that Kate had overdosed on an unknown substance. Kayla's phone beeped. The text message was from Abigail. Kayla promised to return as soon as she examined Charlotte. After Kayla left, Kate roused awake. Groggy, Kate asked how she had ended up at the hospital. Rafe told her she had overdosed on a sedative.

"She stabbed me with a needle. Jordan Ridgeway. I think that she was trying to kill me, so you need to stop her before she hurts somebody else," Kate said. Rafe's eyes went wide with shock. Rafe told Kate what Gabi had told him in the square. Kate said that Jordan had drugged her because she had discovered that Jordan had kidnapped Charlotte. Rafe called in to the station then told Kate everything the police had learned about Jordan.

In Eric's apartment, Rex frowned over the cake he had burned. Rex explained to Eric that he had set the oven to broil because he had been short on time. Eric suggested that Rex get ingredients for his grandmother's blueberry pie. With a nod, Rex said he was off to pick up supplies for the recipe. Rex asked Eric to set the table for his dinner with Sarah and keep her company until he returned.

Outside the pub, a shaken Jordan thought about Chad's confession that he had shot and killed Ben. "No. I can't believe it. Ben, you can't be dead," Jordan whispered. Rex noticed Jordan crying, and he asked her if she was okay. Wiping away tears, Jordan said she was used to being alone.

"My baby brother, he is all the family that I have. He died today," Jordan said. Rex sat next to Jordan on the bench and asked about her brother. When Jordan said her brother had been killed, Rex told Jordan he was sorry. "It's probably for the best," Jordan whispered. Jordan explained that though she had been close to her brother, she and Ben had suffered a terrible childhood.

"Slowly, Ben started to turn into Clyde," Jordan explained. When Rex asked if Ben had hurt people, Jordan said he had hurt people, and she had been forced to intervene and stop him. Rex asked Jordan if she had killed Ben. Jordan said no.

"He is really nice. When he wants to be. He can trick people, like Clyde," Jordan said. When Jordan said she had been forced to do things she had not wanted to do, Rex asked for details. Jordan advised Rex not to ask that question. Rex asked if there was anything he could do to help. Jordan declined the offer. As Jordan lifted her hair to pull it back, Rex noticed the jagged scar across her neck. Rex asked about the scar.

"I was in a really bad car accident last summer. Nothing has gone right for me since," Jordan explained. Rex's phone rang with a call from Kayla. Kayla told Rex that Kate was in the hospital. Rex told Jordan about his mother, and Jordan realized that Rex was Kate's son. Rex confirmed that his mother was fine but that he had to go see her. With an apology, Rex said he was headed to the hospital.

Jordan thought back to when she had set up Kate to appear as if she had overdosed on pills. "This is just like you, Kate. Messing things up for me again. Why couldn't you just die?" Jordan growled.

Outside the burning cabin, Ciara asked Ben to give her a moment to breathe before they left for home. Ben lamented that he did not have a phone to call Hope and tell her the good news. As Ben helped Ciara to her feet, Hope showed up, gun drawn. Hope ordered Ben to get away from her daughter. Ciara stepped in front of Ben and pleaded, "Mom! Please don't!" Ciara explained that Jordan had kidnapped her and Charlotte.

"Jordan would never do that," Hope responded in confusion. "The Jordan you know," Ben countered. Ciara stressed that Jordan had set fire to the cabin and had left her to die. Hope lowered her weapon, and Ciara rushed into her mother's arms. After a brief hug, Hope called Chad on the phone, and he confirmed Ben's story. Hope told Ben, Ciara, and Ted that there was no information on Jordan's location yet. Worried, Hope asked Ciara if she was okay. Ciara said she felt fine. Ciara warily looked at Ted.

"[Jordan] had it in her mind that Ben was dangerous. She framed him. She thought it was the only way to have him committed again," Ciara said. "Ben, I'm sorry. I really am very sorry for not believing you," Hope said. "Don't worry about it. If I were you, I don't think I'd believe me, either. The important thing is that Ciara is okay," Ben said quietly.

"Thanks to you," Ciara said as she fell into Ben's arms. Ciara started to cough. Concerned, Hope told Ciara that she needed to go to the hospital. Ben scooped Ciara up into his arms and carried her to the car.

When Sarah arrived at Eric's apartment, Eric answered the door with flowers. "These are for you. From Rex," Eric clarified. Sarah chuckled nervously. Eric placed the flowers in a vase, and he explained that Rex was out on a "dessert emergency." Sarah said she was glad she had a moment alone with Eric.

Sarah asked Eric if he had meant his apology. Eric confirmed that he had meant what he had said about being friends. Sarah and Eric shook hands and agreed to forget the night they had fought. As Eric fussed with the flowers, Sarah told Eric he was a good brother to help Rex. Eric told Sarah that Rex wanted to impress Sarah to make up for the past.

"For what it's worth, I think he has learned his lesson," Eric added. Eric and Sarah talked about past Valentine's Days. With a laugh, Sarah called Eric a dork after he told her a story about Jennifer. Sarah asked Eric if he could make a relationship work with Jennifer. With a shake of his head, Eric said it was best if he and Jennifer remained friends.

"You're not over Nicole. I hope that when you are ready, that you'll let another woman into your heart. You're a really, really great guy, and you deserve to be happy," Sarah said. Sarah advised Eric to be ready, or he could miss an opportunity to be with a woman he loved. Frustrated, Sarah wondered why Rex was not back. Sarah started to joke that she hoped Rex had not met someone, but she trailed off.

While Eric checked on the dinner, Rex called Sarah on her phone. Rex explained that Kate was in the hospital. Rex encouraged Sarah to eat the dinner with Eric. Sarah looked over at Eric, and she agreed.

At the Horton house, Abigail clutched Charlotte to her chest and wondered aloud what had driven Jordan over the edge. Chad told Abigail that Ciara was okay. When Kayla arrived to check on Charlotte, she gave the baby a clean bill of health. Kayla wondered aloud why Jordan had changed so drastically since they had last spoken. Abigail and Chad shrugged. With little Charlotte sleeping peacefully, Kayla left.

"I was so scared," Abigail admitted. "I think Eli is getting anxious for us to make a statement," Chad suggested. When Chad said he would call Eli, Abigail asked Chad to hold off for a moment. "You've been my rock, and I never would have gotten through any of this without you," Abigail said. Chad told Abigail that she was tough and would have been fine. Chad promised to watch out for Abigail and the kids, no matter whether he was living with them or not.

"This whole traumatic experience has really given me some perspective," Abigail said. "I'm saying I forgive you, Chad," Abigail added. Chad asked Abigail if she was sure. With a nod yes, Abigail said she had been touched that Chad had offered to give up his legacy for her. Abigail said she wanted to face the world as a united front.

"I know you had your reasons for acting the way you did. I had two breakdowns," Abigail said. Chad cautioned Abigail not to blame herself. Abigail said she needed to take responsibility for her actions. "When you put Charlotte back in my arms, all of that anger, it just fell away. I want us to be together again. I want us to be a family," Abigail admitted.

"I was starting to think that we would never find our way back to one another," Chad whispered. Abigail said that though she had been angry, she had never stopped loving Chad. Chad and Abigail told one another that they loved each other, and they kissed.

When Kayla returned to Kate's hospital room, Rafe told Kayla that Jordan had injected Kate to drug her. Kate explained that she had run into Jordan and spotted the diaper rash cream. Kate added that once she'd threatened to expose Jordan, Jordan had injected Kate with a needle. With a nod, Kayla said she would take the new information into account and adjust Kate's treatment. Kayla told Kate to thank Rafe for saving her. With a coy smile, Kate thanked Rafe.

"How did you know I was in trouble?" Kate asked. Rafe explained that he had found it odd that Jordan had helped Kate when she'd been "drunk." Rafe told Kate to get better because the world would be less interesting without her. Rex rushed in and hugged his mother. Kate told Rex that Rafe had saved her life.

With a grateful smile, Rex shook Rafe's hand and told him it was a pleasure to meet him. After Rafe left, Rex asked what had happened. "I ran into the wrong person at the wrong time," Kate explained. Outside Kate's room, Jordan watched Rafe exit and walk away. Jordan, dressed in scrubs, crept closer to Kate's room.

Down the hallway, Hope hugged her daughter as Ciara sat in a hospital bed. Hope told Ciara that she did not want to argue with her daughter anymore. Ciara asked Hope if she understood that Ben had done bad things in the past but that he was better. Ben walked in. Hope excused herself to tend to paperwork. Ben stopped Hope and told her that he understood if Hope wanted to press charges against him for attacking Eli.

"Okay. We'll talk about this later. All of it," Hope said to Ben and Ciara. Hope asked Ben to stay with Ciara then she left. Ben sat next to Ciara's bed. Ben apologized for the fight they had had before she had left Salem. Ciara said she was sorry about the fight and that she had returned home early to make up with Ben.

"We have a lot of things to work out, but I want to try. I want us to be together," Ciara said. "You do? Are you sure?" Ben asked. When Ciara nodded yes, Ben kissed her. Kayla walked in and checked Ciara's vital signs. Ciara told Kayla that Ben had saved her life. Ben lamented that he had not been able to help his sister. Ciara reminded Ben that Jordan was sick. Ciara cautioned Ben to not beat up on himself and to work to have a better life.

"If we didn't get to you in time," Ben started. Ciara interjected that Ben had saved her. "Face it, Ben Weston. You're good for me," Ciara said. "I'm a lucky guy," Ben countered as he kissed Ciara. Jordan cracked Ben over the head with a bedpan, knocking him out. Jordan's eyes flashed with anger as she stared at a shocked Ciara.

In the waiting area of the hospital, Hope told Ted that she needed to get to the station. Ted encouraged Hope to let Eli take the lead on the case and to stay at the hospital with her daughter. "You're the strongest woman I've ever known. I've never met a woman like you," Ted said. Ted kissed Hope. Hope pushed Ted away. "Don't ever do that again!" Hope said. Rafe called out Hope's name. Surprised, Hope turned to find her husband walking toward her.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Eve catches Trask arguing with Haley.

• Stefan realizes that Gabby is gone for good.

• Chad and Abigail get married again then leave Salem.

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