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At home, Paige asked Eve for help picking out a top for her date with J.J. After selecting an appropriate top for her daughter, Eve asked why Paige had never told her that Daniel had been involved with Jennifer. Paige was puzzled as to why that mattered. Eve explained that she and Daniel had been getting to know each other socially, and Jennifer had flipped out when she'd walked in on Eve and Daniel looking at pictures of Parker. Eve maintained that she might have handled the situation differently if she'd known about Jennifer and Daniel's past.

"You're blaming this on me?" Paige asked, incredulous. "Well, it's not my fault," Eve countered. Paige recounted how her mom had supposedly sworn off men six months earlier. "And now, here you are, hitting on the first guy you meet in Salem," Paige noted. Eve insisted that she hadn't been hitting on Daniel; they were just friends. Paige pointed out that Eve, who wasn't wired to be friends with men, had gone through a string of bad relationships. Eve wryly noted that Paige didn't have a very high opinion of her.

Paige reminded her mom, "I'm the one who always has to listen every time it all falls apart. I'm the one who has to put up [with] you warning me about boys and how they only want one thing." Eve insisted that she only wanted Paige to be careful and wait for the right guy. Paige countered that she wanted the same thing for Eve. Eve acknowledged that she should take her own advice, but she wasn't good at being alone.

Eve added that she didn't want to see her daughter get hurt, although she understood why Paige liked J.J. so much. "You just be careful...with your heart. Don't you ever do anything that you do not want to do because you're afraid of losing him, okay, sweetheart? Unless, of course, you want to end up like me," Eve said. Paige promised that she would be careful.

At the Horton house, after J.J. played the guitar he'd gotten from Daniel for graduation, he thanked Daniel profusely. J.J. assured Daniel that Jennifer wouldn't be back for a couple of hours because she was meeting with her lawyer. Daniel asked about the lawsuit, and J.J. admitted that he didn't know how to deal with the hatred between his and Paige's moms. Daniel understood how protective Jennifer was of Jack's memory. J.J. confessed that he was trying not to choose sides, but it was difficult when those sides were his mom and his girlfriend.

Daniel urged J.J. to focus on Paige, because that was what Jennifer would want. Daniel hoped that Eve would do what was best for her daughter and keep Paige out of things where the lawsuit was concerned. "I heard that you were spending time with Eve," J.J. remarked. He was relieved when Daniel said that he had no plans to see Eve again. J.J. wanted to know how things were going with his mom and Daniel. Daniel declined to discuss it except to say that he would always care about Jennifer, J.J., and Abigail.

J.J. said that he wished he knew how to fix things because things had been so good just a few months earlier, but it seemed like everything was falling apart. Daniel urged J.J. to cherish the good moments while they were happening and enjoy every minute he had with Paige until she had to leave for Stanford. "You make the most of it... The future, man, it will work itself out," Daniel promised.

Daniel had gone by the time Paige arrived at the Horton house. J.J. proposed that he and Paige hang out there instead of going out, since Jennifer and Abigail were out and wouldn't be home for a couple of hours. Paige thought that sounded like a good idea, and she kissed J.J. to demonstrate her agreement. J.J. said that he'd played his guitar for Daniel, and he'd asked Daniel about Paige's mom. "After she was hitting on him today, I just -- I wondered if she was hitting on him to get back at my mom," J.J. explained.

Paige insisted that her mom hadn't known about Daniel and Jennifer's past, and Eve hadn't been trying to upset Jennifer. A moment later, J.J. and Paige started making out. Things quickly grew more passionate, and soon they were lying together on the couch. J.J. sat up to remove his shirt, then he unbuttoned Paige's blouse. Suddenly, her mom's words about not doing anything just to keep from losing J.J. began to echo in Paige's head. She told J.J. to stop, and when he didn't immediately stop kissing her, she repeated it more forcefully and shoved J.J. off of her.

When Paige jumped up, J.J. asked what was wrong. "I said that I wanted you to stop, and you just didn't listen!" Paige said, fear creeping into her voice as she buttoned her blouse. J.J. apologized sincerely that he hadn't heard her. Paige told him that she wasn't ready to go that far. J.J. assured her that it was fine and that he would never push her. "I know; I just have to go," Paige said, rushing anxiously out the door. J.J. helplessly watched her leave then headed back into the house, where his eyes fell on a photo of his dad.

At University Hospital, Brady sat at a comatose John's bedside and begged his father to open his eyes. Maggie arrived and was stunned to see John's condition firsthand. She explained that she and Victor had returned from Europe as soon as they'd heard about John. As she patted Brady's shoulders comfortingly, he lamented, "Maggie, I did this to my own dad. He may never wake up, and it's my fault." Maggie assured Brady that she knew he would never intentionally hurt his father. An emotional Brady confessed that he couldn't remember anything about what had happened because he had blacked out.

Maggie asked if Brady had been to a meeting, and she was very relieved when he replied that he'd been to more than one. Brady said that he hadn't even been tempted since he'd stopped using. Maggie guessed that he had hit bottom and had a sincere desire to change -- and she reminded him that was the first step. Brady regretted the way that he'd spoken to Maggie, but she understood that it had been the alcohol and drugs talking. The horror apparent in his voice, Brady admitted, "Maggie, I was so loaded, I don't even remember what I did to him, and now I get to live with it for the rest of my life."

In a waiting room, Theresa left a frantic message for Anne: "Ditch that H.R. retreat and just get back here. Just -- look, I need your help, okay?" Theresa seemed to be about to say more, but Victor walked in just then. "You crossed the wrong man, you little bitch. I know what you've done, and I'm not going to let you get away with it," Victor declared threateningly. He accused Theresa of getting Brady falling-down drunk and tricking him into marriage, and Victor was confident that was what had caused the fight between John and Brady.

Theresa tried to extricate herself as politely as she could, but Victor grabbed her by the arm and growled, "You stupid, venal little tramp. You went after my grandson for what you could get, but now you're on my radar, and I won't rest until you're totally, totally destroyed." Theresa insisted that she had been there, protecting and taking care of Brady, but Victor asserted that she would have left Brady in the gutter if he weren't wealthy.

Just as Victor was warning Theresa that she would never get a cent of Brady's money, Brady and Maggie walked in. Brady asked to speak to Theresa in private, so Maggie escorted her reluctant husband out. "So what did he say? Did he threaten to destroy you?" Brady asked knowingly. Chuckling, Theresa assured Brady that she could handle Victor. Brady asserted that they should be looking into getting an annulment, since he had been so drunk that he didn't even remember the wedding. Theresa maintained that she'd been very high, as well.

Theresa assured Brady that she hadn't been trying to trap him, but he reassured her that he didn't think that. Brady added, "You've been great -- you really have -- through this whole nightmare. I just think, for many reasons, that we should go our separate ways." Theresa seemed crushed that Brady didn't think they should even hang out as friends. Brady explained that he intended to stay sober.

"Brady, look, I hope that you know that I really do care about you, and I'm just -- I am so sorry for what happened to your dad... You don't deserve to go to prison," Theresa said tearfully. Brady asserted that, whatever the police decided, he would take responsibility for his actions. "I just pray that my dad wakes up and tells me what happened," Brady added. "Yeah, I hope so, too," Theresa lied.

Outside, Victor and Maggie ran into Abe, who was looking for Brady to ask him some questions about the previous night's events. Just then, Daniel got off the elevator and greeted his mom with a hug. Since Victor wanted to wait around in case Brady needed him, he asked Daniel to drive Maggie home. As soon as Daniel and Maggie had gone, Victor turned to Abe and demanded, "Tell me you're not here to arrest my grandson."

Abe pointed out that he couldn't discuss Brady's case with Victor. Victor irritably countered that Abe couldn't question Brady without an attorney present. Brady walked up just then and announced that he didn't need an attorney because he'd already told the police that he'd put his dad in a coma. "Would you just shut up?" Victor barked at Brady,then noted to Abe, "Now, the sole witness said that it was self-defense. There's no reason not to believe that." Abe said that the final forensics report would be in the next day. "Depending on what it says, you could be charged with attempted murder," Abe warned Brady.

In Horton Square, an anxious Theresa was on her tablet, trying to book a flight to get far as away from Salem as possible, as quickly as she could. "Los Angeles. Mom and Dad -- they wouldn't throw me to the wolves. I don't think. I hope not," Theresa was muttering when Eve walked up. "What the hell? Does your new hubby know that you're planning a trip to Los Angeles?" Eve asked, chortling. Theresa admitted that her marriage was over, so she thought she would visit her parents. Pointing out that Theresa might be facing jail time if she returned to L.A., Eve asked what was really going on. Theresa refused to discuss it and stomped away. "What have you done now?" a worried Eve said to herself.

At Club TBD, Aiden had just informed Jennifer that he thought he'd found a way to deal with the lawsuit when his phone rang. When Aiden stepped out to take the call, Nicole tentatively approached Jennifer and asked if they could talk. "I am sorry, Nicole. I don't have time for this -- or you," Jennifer said. She quickly apologized for her brusqueness and explained that she was there to meet with a lawyer because someone was suing her for a percentage of the profits from Jack's book, plus she had a lot of other things going on.

Nicole gently assured Jennifer, "I don't want to add to your problems. I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about you and Daniel." Jennifer was skeptical of Nicole's sincerity, but Nicole insisted that she regretted her part in Daniel and Jennifer's breakup. "I'm just trying to take responsibility for my actions, which is more than I can say about you," Nicole said. She explained that Daniel was loyal to a fault, so Jennifer was obviously to blame for their breakup. Jennifer retorted, "Don't undersell yourself, because I could never cause the same kind of pain and destruction that you have."

Before the women's disagreement could escalate much further, Aiden returned and intervened. Nicole said, "I was just leaving. You know what, Jennifer? I think my first instinct was right. Maybe you're not good enough for Daniel."

After Nicole left, Aiden told Jennifer that he'd filed a summary judgment with the court, asking to have the case dismissed, and they should have an answer by the following week. Jennifer was grateful, especially since she knew her case was taking up a lot of Aiden's time. "It's good for me to be busy right now. Keeps me out of trouble," Aiden said with a wry chuckle.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie admitted to Daniel that she shouldn't have given up until she'd gotten Brady into rehab. Reminding her of what AA taught, Daniel pointed out that there was nothing Maggie could have done because Brady hadn't wanted help. "Knowing that you're going to take care of Brady makes me feel better about leaving town tomorrow," Daniel added, much to Maggie's surprise. Daniel reminded her that he was attending a medical conference in St. Louis, after which he hoped to take Parker to see Melanie, if he could work it out with Chloe.

Maggie seemed worried about John's care. Daniel offered to cancel his plans to stick around for moral support, but Maggie assured him that she didn't need him to do that. She understood that Daniel could probably use some time away after everything he'd been through with Jennifer. Daniel confessed that Jennifer had seen him with Eve earlier -- but he assured Maggie that he'd "gotten the vibes" and was walking away from Eve. "That's a good move -- and that's all I'm going to say," Maggie remarked lightly. Daniel said that he was going to take a "sabbatical" from women for a while.

As Daniel was leaving, Jennifer opened the door from the foyer, and the two nearly bumped into each other. Jennifer apologetically explained that Henderson had told her to go on in, and Daniel assured her that he'd been on his way out. After Daniel had gone, Jennifer warned Maggie that the news of the lawsuit would be in the paper the next day. Maggie filled Jennifer in on Daniel's upcoming travels, adding, "Sounds like he might not be back for quite a while."

In Bishop White's office, Eric asked the bishop if something had happened with his case. Bishop White said, "Things have taken an interesting turn." He continued that despite the incomplete and corrupt evidence, he had no doubts about Eric's innocence -- but the case had already received a great deal of publicity, so whatever decision the church made would be heavily scrutinized in the press. "Since there is no clear-cut answer, a rather drastic step must be taken," Bishop White concluded.

After Bishop White outlined what Eric would have to do, the bishop stated, "I know that what I've told you may seem a bit extreme...but if you do what you've been asked to do, there's a very good chance things will work out in your favor." Eric said that before he made a decision, he would like to discuss things with Father Timothy.

Eric headed to the Brady Pub to talk to his grandmother. He informed Caroline about what he would have to do if he wanted the church to reinstate him as a priest -- and who would have to help him.

Nicole went to see the bishop and was disappointed and frustrated when she learned that the committee still hadn't reached a decision about Eric's reinstatement. Bishop White pointed out that there was almost no evidence to support most of what Nicole and Eric had told the church. Nicole admitted that Eric had made it pretty clear that he hated her and he would never forgive her for what she'd done. Nicole noted that the bishop still hadn't told her why he'd summoned her, since she didn't think there was anything else she could do to help Eric. Bishop White said that she could testify when Eric pleaded his case -- at the Vatican.

. . .

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