Friday, November 14, 2014

Hope and Aiden kissed in their room at the Salem Inn. Aiden gently navigated Hope toward the bed and removed her coat, but he sensed her hesitancy as he slid his hands up her back. Apologizing, Aiden acknowledged that he had pushed her into having sex too soon. Hope reassured Aiden that she wanted to be there with him, but she was nervous about it. She explained that she hadn't been with anyone but her husband in a long time, and he had been gone for over two years. Aiden suggested that they could simply hang out in the room all afternoon, or they could check out. Hope said that wasn't at all what she wanted.

Aiden assured Hope that he understood her fears because he felt the same way. He said that he had completely shut down after his wife's death and had focused on his career and his son. Aiden continued that starting over with someone new, especially having to explain his wife's suicide, had seemed impossible -- but then he had met Hope. "It feels like we have lived a whole year this afternoon, doesn't it?" Hope remarked. Aiden agreed, noting that perhaps they had shared enough for one day. He got up and headed toward the bathroom, but Hope took his hand and pulled him back to the bed, the intent in her eyes clear.

After Hope and Aiden made love, he impressed her by snuggling her with one arm while pouring champagne with the other hand. After passing a glass to Hope, Aiden toasted, "Here's to making love and drinking champagne in the middle of the day." They each professed their happiness. As the two padded around the room in plush hotel bathrobes and continued sipping champagne, Aiden reminded Hope that they had to pick up their kids from school. "I'm glad we didn't wait any longer," Hope declared. "Me, too," Aiden concurred, kissing her.

Hope headed for the shower, and Aiden promised to be in momentarily to join her. Once he heard the water running, Aiden used his phone to look at the article about himself online.

Daniel entered Paul Narita's hospital room and found the patient speaking with his agent, Satoru Aoki, in Japanese. As Paul was introducing the two men, Maxine entered with Paul's chart. Paul joked that once Daniel fixed his shoulder, Paul would finally be able to live his dream of playing the violin. Not amused, Satoru stressed to Daniel that Paul had to get his fastball back in time for spring training. "He will be ready when I say he's ready," Daniel replied. He added that he would talk to the team doctor once Paul had rehabbed the shoulder for a while.

After advising Paul that he would send in someone from the physical therapy department to discuss what would happen after surgery, Daniel left. Paul wanted to know if he would be working with the "gorgeous" woman he'd met. "Sorry, player, I don't have that information," Maxine said sternly, sticking a thermometer in Paul's mouth.

Out near the nurses' station, Jordan greeted Abigail warmly and admitted that she was glad to see her friend back at work. Since Jordan was curious about how it had happened, Abigail explained that Chad had gotten her reinstated. Before she could finish her explanation, Abigail spotted Daniel and excused herself to go speak to him.

Daniel welcomed Abigail back to the hospital. Acknowledging that her mom had filled her in about it, Abigail expressed her sympathy about Daniel and Jennifer's split. Daniel assured Abigail that she and J.J. would always have a special place in his heart, and he hoped they could remain friends. He added that he had just provided an ear for J.J., and J.J. had seemed to feel better afterwards.

Abigail returned to Jordan and finished her explanation about how Chad had stood up for her with the board to get her job back. Abigail added that Ben had even seemed to understand, probably because he'd been in such a good mood about his new apartment. When Abigail mentioned Ben being able to afford a new place because of Clyde, Jordan somewhat brusquely changed the subject, noting that she had a consultation with a patient before he had shoulder surgery. Abigail said that she was supposed to meet with Paul, as well, so the two women headed into Paul's room.

Paul joked and flirted openly with Abigail and Jordan while they were in his room, until Maxine firmly informed him that it was time to head down to the surgical suite. As Jordan and Abigail exited the room, they wondered if Paul hit on every woman who went into his room. Abigail apologized for mentioning Jordan's stepfather. She noted that although Ben shared a lot about his childhood with her, Jordan didn't seem to like talking about it -- but Abigail promised to try to be more sensitive about it because she didn't want to lose Jordan's friendship.

Softening, Jordan reassured Abigail, "You won't. And just so you know, I have never seen Ben this happy or this serious about anyone before. I just really don't want to see him get hurt." She clarified that she hadn't been referring to Abigail, who cautioned Jordan, "[Ben] thinks that you might be getting too close to Chad." Jordan wondered if Abigail were also worried about Chad and Jordan. Abigail pointed out, "You're not as naÔve as I was when I was with Chad, and maybe he's changed." Jordan suggested that by getting Abigail reinstated, perhaps he was trying to make up for what he'd done to her.

In the operating room, Daniel prepared to perform Paul's surgery while Maxine assisted. The anesthesiologist placed a mask over Paul's face, and within seconds, Paul was unconscious. A while later, Daniel found and removed a bone spur that hadn't shown up on any of Paul's scans.

Daniel, Jordan, and Maxine were waiting around Paul's bed when he regained consciousness later. Daniel cautioned Paul that he would be a little out of it for a while. After Daniel left, Jordan advised Paul that they could begin his therapy as soon as Daniel cleared him. "Then whatever he just did to my shoulder was worth it," Paul said groggily, and Maxine rolled her eyes.

At the coffee station, Satoru wanted to know how the operation had gone. Daniel cautioned him that the surgery had been more complicated than they'd anticipated, and it would be weeks before they would know whether Paul could pitch again. An annoyed Satoru pointed out that the longer Paul stayed in Salem, the harder it would be to keep the surgery quiet, and there were millions of dollars at stake. Daniel stated firmly, "I'm not Paul's pitching coach. I'm not his agent, either. I really don't give a damn about your ten percent. All I care about is getting my patient completely healed."

Ben was daydreaming behind the bar about having sex with Abigail when Chad walked into Club TBD. As Chad reviewed some paperwork, he said that he thought Ben should move over to the new club once it was ready to open. A bit irked, Ben noted that he'd just gotten a new apartment that was walking distance from the current club. Chad pointed out that it would be a great opportunity for Ben, who voiced his suspicions that Chad only wanted that for Ben because it would mean that Ben would have no time to spend with Abigail.

Chad insisted that he simply thought the new club would be a better fit for Ben, who made a sarcastic remark about Chad getting Abigail her job back. Chad maintained that he'd felt he owed Abigail because of the way things had ended between them and because she'd gotten a "raw deal" from Sami. Chad insisted that he was interested in Jordan, not Abigail, and he thought the interest was mutual -- and Ben was the only one who had a problem with Jordan seeing Chad.

Later, Ben overheard Chad ordering flowers to be delivered to Jordan at the hospital.

Paige was walking through Horton Square when Daphne caught up with her and informed her that their lab had been cancelled. Paige sent a text message to J.J. to let him know. Daphne deduced that things between J.J. and Paige had improved. Paige admitted that she and J.J. had worked things out after a very rough patch.

As Paige and Daphne headed into the Brady Pub, Paige said that she and J.J. could tell each other anything. Daphne guessed that when they had been at her house and they had heard J.J. practicing his guitar, Paige had fallen in love with him that day without even knowing him. Daphne wondered if Paige's mom would let up about J.J., since he and Paige had worked things out.

Eric headed behind the bar to get a cup of coffee, and he spotted Paige talking with her friend. He overheard Paige relating the bad news about Eve's surgery, although Paige seemed hopeful that Eve would ease up on J.J. Daphne got a text message from her irresponsible lab partner, who wanted Daphne's notes from the week. After Daphne left, Eric approached Paige and explained that he knew her mom and had recognized Paige from the pictures at their apartment.

When Eric said that he'd been at the apartment the day before, Paige seemed to assume that he was the one whom Eve had been with. After Eric introduced himself to Paige, he explained that Eve had hired him to shoot her publicity photos. He added that Eve had been very excited about resuming her singing career when he'd seen her the night before, but she'd told him that morning about what the doctor had said. Eric asserted that he'd been able to tell that Paige mattered even more to Eve than singing did.

Eric said that he wasn't sure how Eve would feel about seeing the pictures he'd taken, since her surgery had been canceled. He asked if Paige could take the proofs home and give them to Eve only if her mood seemed right. Paige said that she would -- but she guessed that Eve might like to see Eric again, since the two had seemed to get along so well. Paige added that she thought it would be good for Eve, who had few friends in town, to spend time with people her own age.

At the Horton house, Eve insisted that because she and J.J. had slept together, things had to be over between Paige and J.J. J.J. was incredulous. Eve pointed out that it would be very difficult to pull off being around one another, especially if J.J. and Paige got even more serious or perhaps even got married some day. "A secret like that never dies. Do you really want to live the rest of your life afraid that...she's going to find out about us?" Eve queried. She noted that if that happened, not only would J.J. and Paige's relationship be over, but Eve and Paige's would be destroyed, as well.

J.J. didn't understand why he had to lose everything when Eve was also lying to Paige about what had happened. Eve maintained that Paige needed her mother. J.J. pointed out that Paige had been on her own -- and doing just fine -- when he'd met her. Eve argued that she couldn't stop being Paige's mom, but J.J. could stop being Paige's boyfriend. J.J. asserted that it wasn't Eve's decision. Eve contended that they had to think about what was best for Paige -- and lying to her wasn't it. "Then I won't... I'll tell her the truth," J.J. declared.

Eve warned J.J. that it would devastate Paige to know that the two people who supposedly loved her the most had betrayed her. Eve asserted that Paige, who already had a hard time trusting men, would never trust J.J. after that. J.J. agreed not to tell Paige, but Eve angrily pointed out that he'd been ready to blab the truth without thinking about the consequences. She reiterated that J.J. had to accept that it was over for him and Paige.

Furious, J.J. accused Eve of purposely sleeping with him to break up him and Paige. Eve indignantly reminded J.J. of the events that had led to them being together. "J.J., please, stop fighting me on this," Eve implored him. J.J. didn't know how he would break up with Paige. When his phone chimed, he jumped up to check it and saw that Paige had sent him a message to let him know about the canceled class. "She wants to see me. You got any ideas about how I'm supposed to do this?" J.J. asked Eve, whose gaze was fixed on a photo of Jack. "You'll think of something. You just put your mind to it," Eve said as she got up and left. J.J. sent a message to Paige, inviting her over.

Eric met Eve at the apartment to show her the photo proofs. He admitted that he'd been unsure about taking them to her. Eve assured him that she would be fine; she'd learned that often in life, things simply didn't turn out as planned. Eric concurred. As he headed out, Eric informed Eve that he'd met Paige earlier. Eve declared that Paige had been the best thing that had ever happened to her. Eric noted that Paige had been upset because of what had happened to Eve. "She's really looking out for you," he added. "Paige and I, we look out for each other," Eve said.

When Paige arrived at the Horton house, she asked how J.J.'s conversation with Daniel had gone. J.J. said that he'd had a good talk with Daniel. Paige observed that something seemed to be wrong. "Well, I promised that I wasn't going to lie to you anymore. There is something wrong," J.J. admitted.

. . .

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