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Eric disputes Nicole's letter
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Friday, December 14, 2018

In the square, Sarah was angry that Maggie had been so blunt with Eric about Nicole's letter. "How could you do that to him?" Sarah asked. Maggie stressed that telling Eric about the letter had been the right thing to do. With a look of disgust on her face, Sarah growled, "You never wanted him to have Holly." Maggie admitted that she had concerns about Eric.

"You two wore me down. I never liked the idea," Maggie said. As Kayla passed by, she noticed the tension and attempted to avoid the conversation. Sarah stopped Kayla. "I'd like to know what [Kayla] thinks about my mom ruining [Eric's] chance to rebuild his life." Kayla admitted that the situation was complicated.

"Nicole's wishes were pretty clear," Maggie noted. Sarah argued that the situation was more complicated than Maggie was willing to admit. Kayla asked Maggie to give her some time alone with Sarah. With a nod, Maggie walked away. Kayla said she had heard what had happened between Sarah and Rex.

"No wonder you are on edge," Kayla said. "I'm not standing up for Eric because I'm frazzled, I'm doing it because it's what's right," Sarah stressed. Kayla asked Sarah why she was so invested in Eric's problem. Sarah explained that Eric had been a good friend after what had happened with Rex.

"I just want to see [Eric] get what he wants for a change," Sarah said. "I don't think you have the power to do that," Kayla said quietly. Sarah admitted that she did not have time to help Eric, either, because her work was waiting for her to return. Kayla asked Sarah what she had decided. With a sigh, Sarah noted that Rex had taken a leave of absence and that she would not need to see Rex at work. Sarah's phone rang with a call from Rex.

"What the hell do you want?" Sarah barked into her phone. After a brief chat, Sarah told Rex he was a jerk and ended the call. Sarah explained to Kayla that Rex was moving Mimi and the baby to Chicago, and that Rex had returned to work. With a groan, Sarah wondered aloud what she should do about her job. Kayla suggested that Sarah look at a vacant position at University Hospital.

"The job is yours if you want it," Kayla said. "That would make mom really happy," Sarah said with a smile. Sarah added that she looked forward to spending time with Holly and helping Eric raise her. "That was before Nicole's letter came," Sarah said sadly.

At Doug's Place, Chloe was rereading Nicole's letter aloud to herself when Eric walked in and overheard. Eric asked Chloe if she was reading Nicole's letter. Chloe nodded yes. Eric grabbed the letter and looked at it. Eric thought about how excited he had been to secure an apartment before Maggie had told him about the letter. Eric read the letter, and tears filled his eyes.

"I'm sorry. I know you must feel like you've been punched in the gut," Chloe said. "You have no idea what I've been through the last few days. Sarah and I, we just, we finally convinced Maggie that Nicole wanted me to be with Holly," Eric said. Eric told Chloe that Nicole's final wish had been for Holly to be with him.

"Nicole wrote that in a clear state of mind," Brady interrupted. Eric yelled at Brady to stay out of the situation. Eric held up the letter and pointed out the date on it. Eric argued that Nicole had written the letter in order to have a plan but that her last wish had been for Holly to go to Eric instead.

"She was terrified of Xander. That is the only reason she wrote this," Eric yelled. Brady disagreed, but Eric pushed on. Eric reminded Brady that since the letter had been written, Nicole and Eric had reunited. Eric argued that Brady knew that Nicole had understood what she had been saying when she had been trapped in the fire.

"You know you heard what Nicole said. Why can't you just admit it? I'll never forget it. I can tell you that," Eric said as he thought back to the night of the fire. Eric asked Brady if he denied what had happened in Nashville.

"I did hear what Nicole said. I was right there, man. I remember it the same way that you do, but you have to understand what she was trying to do," Brady said. Brady explained that Nicole had asked Eric to take care of Holly so that he would leave the building. "She knew there was no hope for her. She wanted to get you out of the building. She didn't want you do die in there with her!" Brady argued. Eric called Brady patronizing. As Brady and Eric's voices grew heated, Chloe stepped between the two men.

"I'm not going to stand here and watch you two beat each other up!" Chloe yelled as she pushed the two men apart. Brady told Eric that he wanted to keep Eric from getting hurt further. Eric vowed not to give up on Nicole's wishes. Angry, Eric stormed out of the restaurant. Chloe lamented that she might have to hurt Eric.

"He just cannot accept the fact that he is completely wrong about what Nicole wanted. Deep down, I think he knows I'm right," Brady said. Chloe wondered aloud if Nicole had meant what she had said when she'd been dying. Brady shook his head no. "What she wanted is written right here. Clear as day," Brady said as he shook the letter. Brady said he did not want Chloe to go to court, but if she did, she would win.

Julie stood in the Horton living room and talked to Abigail on the phone about what she planned to do to Gabi. Abigail asked Julie to meet her in the park. Julie readily agreed. "I want to see Gabi Hernandez get what she deserves. She is a selfish, cold-hearted little witch, and she always will be," Julie said. As Julie turned around, she saw J.J. standing behind her. Julie ended the call and smiled at J.J.

J.J. asked about Jennifer. Julie explained that Jennifer was still at work. Julie added that she was on her way out of the house. As Julie turned to leave, J.J. stopped her and asked Julie about her comments about Gabi. J.J. said that Gabi was a good mother and friend, and she had saved J.J.'s life. Julie sighed. J.J. noted that Abigail was paranoid and that Chad had caught Abigail choking Gabi.

"What was Gabi doing in Bayview?" Julie asked with suspicion. J.J. reminded Julie that Gabi had suffered throughout her life and that Abigail was accusing Gabi of actions that Gabi had not committed. J.J. told Julie that Gabi had broken down at the hospital when she had seen Charlotte.

"[Gabi] is not eating, and she is not sleeping. That is why she was at the hospital. To see Kayla about it," J.J. said. Julie raised a suspicious eyebrow. "I didn't want to think that my sister was really that sick. But she is. As much as it kills me to say it. Now, I'm not going to change your mind about Gabi, but the idea that Gabi is setting Abigail up? I am not buying it," J.J. said.

As Abigail left the DiMera mansion, she ran into Stefan as he returned home. Abigail, still masquerading as Gabby, stuttered out an excuse about going out for fresh air. Abigail explained that the baby had cried for a long time and had stressed her out. Stefan snuggled up behind Abigail and suggested they retire upstairs.

"My bed has been pretty lonely and empty without you in it," Stefan said as he nuzzled Abigail's neck. "I've been lonely, too," Abigail whispered. Abigail pretended to be interested in sleeping with Stefan. As Stefan kissed Abigail's neck, she told him, "I want you so bad. It's all I've been thinking about."' Stefan asked "Gabby" what was holding her back. Abigail pointed out that it was too soon after giving birth to have sex. Abigail promised to check in with her doctor right away.

"It's okay. You obviously have to take care of yourself, and I will do my absolute very best to control myself. I really want to hold you tonight," Stefan said. Abigail thanked Stefan for being patient. Abigail added that she did not think she could control herself around Stefan, and she suggested that she should sleep in Charlotte's room until she was cleared to have sex. Stefan's brow furrowed in confusion, then his cell phone rang.

"This better be good," Stefan grumbled into the phone. The caller told Stefan about an injunction. Stefan promised Abigail that he would be back soon. With a kiss on the lips, Stefan told Abigail he loved her. Abigail told Stefan she loved him, too. After Stefan left, Abigail breathed a sigh of relief then pulled a notebook out of her purse and wrote a note.

When Abigail arrived in the park, she hugged Julie. Julie asked about Stefan. Abigail noted that Stefan had been acting like a man in love, but she had kept him at arm's length. Julie asked Abigail what Abigail needed from her. Abigail told Julie what had happened between her and Gabi at Bayview. Abigail asked Julie to search for Gabi's bottle of sedatives. With a nod, Julie said she thought they should talk to Kayla instead because Gabi had consulted Kayla about insomnia.

"If that is true, then [the prescription] is definitely on Kayla's computer," Abigail mused. Julie offered to go to Kayla's office, but Abigail disagreed. Abigail said she would handle Kayla's office, and Julie should search Gabi's room at the Kiriakis mansion.

"Get the pills, get the wig, and get the hell out of there," Abigail counseled Julie. "I'm on it!" Julie shouted triumphantly. With a hug, Abigail thanked Julie for her help.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chad made arrangements over the phone for a business plan. After the call, Chad muttered that Stefan did not care what happened to Charlotte if Stefan was more interested in springing Abigail from Bayview. Gabi asked about the phone call as she walked into the room. Chad hinted that he had put a plan in motion to hurt DiMera Enterprises, but he admitted that his scheme might hurt Titan as well.

"Probably be the end of me as CEO, but it will also be the end of Stefan. As long as Abby gets well, it'll all be worth it," Chad said. Gabi muttered that she would be thrilled to see Chad take down Stefan. Right on cue, Stefan barged into the living room.

"What the hell are you trying to pull?" Stefan asked. "What do you know? Looks like I finally got your attention," Chad said. A furious Stefan argued that Titan did not have the exclusive rights to drilling for oil in a section of the Sahara Desert. Chad countered that the judge had agreed with him, which was why the judge had granted the injunction against DiMera Enterprises. Stefan asked Chad why.

"You took Abby out of Bayview. We had a deal. I give you your child back, Abby gets treatment. You welched," Chad argued. Stefan countered that his deal was to let Abigail stay in Bayview, not Gabby. Chad asked Stefan if that had been his plan all along. With a shake of his head, Stefan said it had not been his plan until Gabby had asked for his help. Stefan glanced at Gabi and suggested that he and Chad talk privately. Chad countered that Gabi knew everything.

"For once in your life, you are absolutely right," Stefan said with a smirk. "My point is, I made a deal with you because I wanted my daughter, and I didn't think I would ever see Gabby again. Because let me tell you, she is back. And I want her just as bad as she wants me. So, all bets are off, brother," Stefan said. Chad admitted that he had talked to Gabby, and he knew that Gabby was back.

"Abigail is sick. I can't get her back into Bayview, but you can," Chad remarked. Stefan dismissed the suggestion. Chad swore to destroy Stefan's business if he did not reconsider. "I am not afraid of you, and there is no way in hell I am having my wife and the mother of my child committed," Stefan said. Chad walked out. As Gabi rose to follow Chad, Stefan stopped her.

With a grin, Stefan asked Gabi if she wanted to thank him for not ratting her out to Chad. Gabi argued that she did not believe that Stefan would want to push his luck. "Knowledge is power, and I know everything," Stefan whispered in Gabi's face. Gabi asked Stefan if he was certain that Gabby was back and it was not instead Abigail playing Stefan for a fool.

In the foyer, Julie sneaked into the house and started to go upstairs. "Julie!" Maggie called out. Caught, Julie spun around to face her friend. Maggie asked Julie why she was at the mansion. Julie plastered a fake smile across her face. Julie said she was there to ask Maggie to join the family for the tree decorating. Confused, Maggie reminded Julie that she went to the party every year. Maggie asked Julie why she had felt the need to invite her personally.

"You have had a lot on your mind," Julie said. "Doug said be sure to tell Maggie that Christmas is not Christmas without her," Julie added. Maggie smiled. Julie said she hoped everyone would get what they wanted for Christmas. With a flourish of her hand, Julie announced that she needed to be on her way to visit other people. Julie exited, then sneaked back in the house when she felt like Maggie would no longer be in the foyer. Julie crept up the stairs.

When Chad returned to the Kiriakis living room, Gabi was in the room alone. Chad told Gabi that he did not plan to give up on Abigail. "I got under his skin. I know I did," Chad said. After Chad left the room, Gabi added, "I know we both did."

Upstairs, Julie searched Gabi's room and found the envelope with the paternity test results. As Julie started to open the envelope, Gabi walked in, and Julie froze.

At the hospital, Abigail crept around the halls, avoiding Kayla. When the hallway was clear, Abigail ducked into Kayla's office. In the dark office, Abigail logged onto Kayla's computer. "What are you doing here?" Kayla asked as she turned on the lights. "Gabby, right?" Kayla asked.

In the town square, Eric met up with Sarah at the café. Sarah asked if Chloe had upset Eric. With a shake of his head, Eric said Brady had upset him. "He had the nerve to tell me what Nicole was thinking and what she wanted," Eric grumbled. Eric accused Brady of pushing Chloe into taking Eric to court. Sarah was astounded. Eric said he did not believe that Chloe would fight him, but he believed Brady would push her.

"They want a fight, I'm going to give them one. I'm not giving up on Holly," Eric said.

Stefan returned to the DiMera mansion and found that Abigail was gone. Stefan spotted the note that "Gabby" had left on the table. "Decided to go for that walk after all. Love you, Gabby," the note read. Stefan scowled.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Sonny and Chad try to help Julie.

• Gabi worries that Julie will expose the truth.

• Hope and Rafe get into an argument about Ted.

• Sonny tells Will that they can no longer see each other.

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