Friday, April 11, 2014

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi reviewed the pictures from her most recent photo shoot. Sami and E.J. revealed that the client had offered to pay Gabi a great deal of money to shoot for two weeks in Buenos Aires. Gabi was ecstatic. Sami cautioned that the client first wanted to make sure that Gabi spoke fluent Spanish -- so Gabi proved that she did by translating parts of the contract from Spanish into English.

Sami suggested that they make a video of Gabi thanking the client and talking about how excited she was to go to Argentina. Gabi said, "I have to thank Nick because without him, none of this would've ever happened." Sami and E.J.'s smiles quickly faded. Through gritted teeth, Sami asserted that Nick hadn't had anything to do with Gabi's job offer. E.J. urged Sami to let Gabi make her own decisions regarding her personal life.

Gabi insisted that she and Nick were taking things slowly -- plus she was sure that Sami agreed Nick deserved a second chance if he really had changed. Sami asserted that Nick was manipulating Gabi, but E.J. gently assured his fiancée that she had made her point. Sami had to leave to drop off something at the pub, but first she gave her sincere congratulations to Gabi on the job.

Once E.J. and Gabi had finished reviewing her contract, Gabi expressed her gratitude for everything E.J. and Sami had done. E.J. stressed that Sami truly only wanted what was best for Gabi -- and she was worried that Nick would hurt Gabi. Ignoring that last comment, Gabi retrieved Arianna's stroller and wheeled the tot out.

After returning from her most recent cruise, Julie met Nick at the Brady Pub. She noticed a wrapped gift on the table, and Nick explained that it was a wedding gift for Will and Sonny. Julie wanted to hear all about the wedding, but Nick informed her that he hadn't been invited. Although Nick insisted that he was fine with it, an appalled Julie blamed Sami. Before Julie could get too much more worked up about it, Nick changed the subject to how well things were going for him at work -- and with Gabi. Julie strongly advised Nick to move on because Gabi was trouble.

"Gabi is the best thing that ever happened to me," Nick declared. Julie and Nick began arguing about Gabi's character. As Nick was trying to persuade Julie what a good person Gabi was, Sami walked in, and Julie beckoned her over. "Sami, I have a bone to pick with you," Julie began when Sami walked up. Julie accused Sami of making sure that Will and Sonny hadn't invited Nick to the wedding. Sami assured her that it had been the boys' decision, although she had agreed with it.

Nick reminded Sami that he had told her that he'd been totally fine with not being invited. "If you are 'totally fine' with it, then why is Julie making such a big scene out of this?" Sami wanted to know. Julie complained that Sami had made a multitude of mistakes, but everybody in Salem had given Sami a second -- or third or fourth -- chance. Sami pointed out that no one was denying Nick his second chance. "In fact, I think that Nick has gotten everything he's asked for since he came back to town...and I hope someday he gets exactly what he deserves," Sami added cheerfully with a pointed look at Nick.

Julie left after advising Nick not to let Sami get to him. Sami remarked that Nick really knew how to play Julie. Unconcerned, Nick squatted next to the table to retrieve his satchel. Sami glanced down at him and noticed his shoes -- which were identical to the one she'd picked up off the floor of Will and Sonny's apartment when Gabi had supposedly been there alone. "Bastard!" Sami muttered as Nick left then she grabbed her purse and headed out.

E.J. was sitting alone at Club TBD, reading the paper, when Nick walked in. E.J. spotted the wedding gift in Nick's hand and noted that Nick was clearly trying to impress Gabi by showing her that he was reaching out to Will and Sonny. Plopping into the chair across from E.J., Nick snarled, "Guess what, E.J.? I don't give a damn what you think about me, but you better put your fiancée on a leash before she screws things up for everybody."

At the apartment, Gabi had just put Arianna down for a nap when someone pounded on the front door. Trying to shush the offender as quietly as possible, Gabi hurried to answer it before the baby woke up. Charging into the apartment, Sami roared, "You! You are unbelievable -- unfreakingbelievable! Oh, you are the same selfish, lying little bitch that you --" Before Sami could get another word out, Gabi slapped her.

While Theresa was lurking nearby to eavesdrop, Eric waited near the nurses' station to find out what had happened to Daniel. Kayla rushed past to discuss the lab's findings with Daniel. A nurse gossiped to Maxine, "Did you hear? Doctor Jonas has been abusing Dilaudid. Probably high all the time." Maxine grabbed the nurse by the arm and ordered her to keep her big mouth shut.

Maxine got on the phone and demanded confirmation of Dr. Jonas' lab results. Maxine hung up and sadly informed Eric, "Doctor Dan did test positive for opiates, just like that bigmouth said." Theresa grinned, and her eyes lit up. After Maxine left to order another test on Daniel's blood, Theresa emerged from her hiding spot and asked Eric if he'd heard the news about Daniel. "And he was going to operate on this guy while he was high? Wow," Theresa said disapprovingly. After chiding his cousin, Eric voiced his suspicions that Daniel had not willingly taken the drugs. Eric left to find Jennifer and notify Nicole of what was going on.

Theresa recalled how she had given Liam her purloined key to Daniel's apartment. "Wow. Well, if it was Liam Frazer, that guy does not mess around," she muttered, her eyes wide.

In the break room, Anne snidely wondered aloud how the hospital hadn't found out sooner about Daniel's prescription drug abuse and fired him for it. Jennifer asserted that Daniel had not taken the Dilaudid knowingly. Anne scrolled through her tablet until she found the employee handbook and informed Daniel that he was guilty of two violations: abusing prescription drugs and trying to operate on a patient while impaired. "I don't abuse prescription drugs," Daniel declared.

While Anne was telling Daniel that he would be suspended immediately, Kayla entered the room and cut Anne off. Kayla asked to speak to Daniel privately, but he pointed out that the news would be all over the hospital in minutes anyway. Kayla reluctantly informed Daniel that he would, indeed, be suspended while the hospital investigated. Jennifer was concerned about Daniel's reputation, but Daniel accepted his fate.

More than once, Kayla had to order a smug, smirking Anne to shut up. After Daniel took off his ID badge and handed it to Kayla, Anne started to head back to her office, but she couldn't resist a final dig at Daniel. Finally, Daniel got fed up and rose to confront her, but his legs gave out, and Kayla and Jennifer had to catch him. Maxine entered just then. "He's still high," Anne declared. Maxine asked for Kayla's permission to admit Daniel to get him hydrated and do some more tests. Kayla agreed, so she and Maxine helped Daniel out.

Once Maxine had helped get Daniel settled in a room, Kayla told him that she had ordered a complete toxicology screen. After Maxine and Kayla had gone, Jennifer asked Daniel to review everything he'd done that morning. Daniel said that after his shower, he'd made his protein drink at home, plus he'd had coffee at the hospital because he'd already felt tired when he'd arrived. Jennifer informed him that a medical investigation team was going to Daniel's after they finished testing the coffee.

Daniel acknowledged that he'd signed a consent form that said the team could examine every inch of his apartment. Jennifer agreed to be there while the team searched Daniel's place. Daniel wondered if someone had drugged him deliberately. "Anne did seem strangely pleased," Jennifer noted. Daniel asked if anyone had seen Theresa. "No, I haven't seen her -- but I am telling you, if someone is behind this, we are going to find out who it is and they are not going to get away with it," Jennifer vowed.

Liam let himself out of Daniel's apartment and pushed the button for the elevator. He was startled when the elevator doors opened, and Nicole exited the car. "What are you doing here?" Nicole demanded. Liam joked about how the two of them kept running into each other. Nicole pressed him for an answer when he continued to evade her question. Liam lied that he had been there to see Dr. Colleen Weeks, insinuating that they were sleeping together. He asked Nicole to keep it quiet, since it might appear that, as a pharmaceutical rep, he was giving preferential treatment to Dr. Weeks.

Liam guessed that Nicole dealt with privacy issues frequently in her line of work -- and he pointed out that her seeing him there was like him seeing her at the rest stop. "I got the feeling that you didn't want people to know you were there, doing whatever you were doing," Liam added, smiling ominously. Nicole politely said that she was on assignment, so Liam left her to get back to work. As soon as Liam had boarded the elevator, Nicole began pounding on Daniel's door. Just then, she got a text message from Eric, telling her that Daniel was sick, so she rushed back toward the elevator.

In the hall outside Daniel's room, Eric informed Jennifer that he'd told Nicole that Daniel was in the hospital. Jennifer asked Eric if he would accompany her while the medical investigation team checked out Daniel's apartment.

Maxine was wiping her eyes with a tissue when Abe arrived at the hospital. Abe acknowledged that he'd heard about Daniel and offered to take Maxine to get something to eat to take her mind off things. Kayla overheard and encouraged Maxine to take a break and get out of there for a little while.

Over lunch in Horton Square, Maxine confided to Abe that Daniel had made working at the hospital fun -- and he'd helped her put her life back together. "I'm so worried about him," she confessed, fighting back tears. Maxine said that Jennifer and Daniel had called her their biggest cheerleader -- but Maxine pointed out that it was hard not to root for a couple who obviously made each other so happy. Abe concurred. Maxine thanked Abe for cheering her up.

Anne pulled Theresa into the break room to discuss Daniel's predicament. Although Anne was utterly gleeful about it, Theresa asserted that she didn't think Daniel was a "true druggie." Anne warned Theresa, "If you dropped something in his coffee and they trace it back to you, we're both going to come out looking pretty bad." Theresa insisted she'd had nothing to do with what had happened to Daniel. Anne just cautioned Theresa that Jennifer was going to be looking for suspects, so they both had to be very careful.

Jennifer and Eric waited while a team of men with clipboards and latex gloves examined items in Daniel's kitchen before moving on to other rooms. Eric concurred with Jennifer that someone might have drugged Daniel, who was too conscientious to accidentally take any kind of medication right before performing surgery. Eric asked if Jennifer had any suspects. Jennifer said that Anne Milbauer despised her -- as did Anne's assistant: Eric's cousin, Theresa. Jennifer believed that Anne and Theresa might hurt Daniel in order to hurt Jennifer.

Jennifer filled Eric in a little on her "complicated" history with Theresa, but she acknowledged that she didn't have any proof against Theresa. "Anne and Theresa may not be the answer to this whole mess, but they are definitely a question," Jennifer noted thoughtfully.

Liam approached Anne near the nurses' station and asked if the rumors about Daniel Jonas were true. Anne confirmed that Daniel had tried to perform surgery while high on Dilaudid. Theresa walked up and overheard, but she scurried away before the others spotted her. Feigning shock, Liam said that Dr. Jonas seemed like a great guy. "Let me tell you something about that pompous, two-faced weasel: he is nothing like the image he tries to project," Anne declared.

A little later, Theresa was sitting alone at the Brady Pub when Eric arrived. Theresa assured her cousin that she wasn't going to gossip about Daniel anymore. Eric pointed out that because of Theresa's history with both Daniel and Jennifer, both Theresa and Anne could be considered suspects. Theresa defensively insisted that she'd been nowhere near the hospital that morning -- plus if Daniel were really innocent, it should be easy to prove. Eric just looked at her dubiously. Finally he warned her that if she knew anything at all about who had drugged Daniel, she had better step up.

When Kayla returned to Daniel's room to check on him, he said he was starting to feel a little better as the drugs cleared his system. Kayla informed him that the coffee pot and Daniel's cup had tested negative. "I didn't do this to myself, Kayla," Daniel stated. Kayla assured him that she knew that.

Jennifer returned to the hospital and spoke to a reporter who'd been waiting on a press release from her about Daniel. She advised the reporter, Cory, that they would have to wait because they still didn't know what had happened. After Cory left, Jennifer sank into a chair and put her head in her hands. Liam entered just then and offered Jennifer his sympathy about what was going on with Daniel.

Liam asserted that there had to be a logical explanation for why a doctor with a reputation like Daniel's would have been using that drug. Liam added that he knew how much stress doctors were under, and he knew that when they were overtired, they could grab the wrong medication and make a tragic mistake. Jennifer stared at him incredulously. She stated firmly that Daniel didn't take drugs of any kind.

Couching his statement as concern, Liam pointed out that, as a pharmaceutical rep, he knew that doctors got lots of free samples from the drug companies -- and sometimes doctors looked for help when they demanded too much from themselves. "Clearly, you don't know Daniel," Jennifer said confidently. "No, I don't," Liam admitted but added, "Are you sure you know Daniel as well as you think? I mean, how well can any of us really, truly know another person?"

Daniel was alone and resting with his eyes closed when Nicole tiptoed into his room. She told him quietly how sorry she was that he was sick. Daniel murmured thanks and opened his eyes. Relieved, Nicole asked what had happened. "Someone deliberately drugged me," Daniel replied. He explained that Dilaudid had been found in his system, but he hadn't consumed anything except coffee at the hospital, which had tested negative, and a protein drink at his apartment, so he didn't know how it could have happened. Nicole gasped and her brow furrowed when she remembered running into Liam in Daniel's apartment building. "Nicole, what is it?" Daniel asked.

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