Friday, January 23, 2015

At the Brady Pub, Aiden informed Hope that he'd gotten an offer on the house in Puget Sound, and he intended to close the door on his past and look toward the future. Hope asked how Chase had taken the news. Aiden explained that he'd just found out and hadn't had a chance to tell his son. Aiden added that he had to go to Washington to close the deal, which should be finished while the kids were on their class trip to San Francisco, and he wanted to find just the right way to tell Chase.

"Tell me what?" Chase's voice rang out, surprising Aiden, who turned to see his son and Ciara looking up at him expectantly. Wanting to give Aiden and Chase some privacy, Hope tried to hustle Ciara out the door for home. Ciara reminded her mom that Caroline had promised to bake a peach pie for them to eat after school. With a sigh, Hope let Ciara run into the kitchen to find her great-grandmother while Hope waited in the dining area.

Meanwhile, Aiden sat Chase down, and the boy quickly guessed that his dad wanted to talk to him about the beach house. Aiden admitted that they had found a buyer. Acknowledging that Chase would miss the house a great deal because of the memories it held, Aiden suggested that the two of them take a trip somewhere and make some new memories. Chase declared that he wanted to go back to the beach house one last time to say goodbye.

Ciara returned from the kitchen and informed her mom that Caroline had accidentally forgotten to put sugar in the pie. From across the room, Ciara noticed that Chase seemed sad. Hope said that they should give Chase and his dad some time to talk privately.

Aiden reluctantly agreed that he could take Chase out of school a day early, and they could invite Chase's sitter, who could take Chase to San Francisco after they went to Puget Sound. A thrilled Chase got up and threw his arms around his dad.

With Hope on her heels, Ciara hurried over to the table and asked Chase if everything were all right. "Everything's great! My dad's letting me go back to the beach house one last time. You and your mom should come, too!" an excited Chase blurted. "No," Aiden said, and when Chase protested, Aiden declared sternly, "I said no!"

At the Horton house, J.J. prevented Eve from slapping him by grabbing her wrist. After they locked eyes for a long moment, Eve kissed J.J. feverishly, almost violently. Jennifer arrived outside and almost caught Eve and J.J. together, but a freaked-out Eve ran toward the front door to flee before Jennifer could enter the house -- and yanked the door right out of Jennifer's hand. Looking at J.J., Jennifer demanded, "What is she doing here?" Eve spoke up, claiming that she was there because J.J. had made her daughter so miserable. Incensed that Eve had shown up only to berate J.J., Jennifer threw her enemy out.

After making sure that J.J. was all right, Jennifer demanded to know what had happened between J.J. and Eve, because Jennifer suspected she wasn't getting the full story. J.J. admitted that his mom was correct and made a snide comment about her sending Daniel to talk to him. Jennifer maintained that she was worried about J.J., who had been acting the same way he had when he'd returned from boarding school.

J.J. insisted that he wasn't on drugs; he just didn't want to talk to his mom about his ex-girlfriend. Jennifer said she wasn't trying to pry, but she did want to know why Eve had been there. J.J. maintained that he'd wanted to warn Eve because he'd seen Paige talking to Cole. Deducing that J.J. was still hung up on Paige, Jennifer asked why he wasn't doing everything he could to try to get back together with Paige.

Jennifer emphasized that J.J. should never tell himself that he wasn't worthy after the hard work he'd done to put his life back together. "Mom, I know who I am, okay? I know exactly who I am, and I'm through pretending to be something that I'm not. Get it through your head," J.J. declared before leaving the room.

As Cole was about to leave the Salem University student union, he paused to ask Paige if they were all right. Paige said that she had been hurt far worse since what he'd done to her. While Cole and Paige chatted about a class they were both taking but he'd missed a lot of due to the early hour, Rory arrived and spotted them. When Cole left, Rory approached Paige and gave her a hard time for developing a thing for bad boys after ditching J.J.

A confused Paige asked, "Do you really not know why we broke up?" Rory maintained that guys didn't talk about that kind of stuff. When Paige complained that Rory obviously blamed her, he clarified, "J.J., he said that he made a huge mistake." Paige wanted to know if J.J. had said it in those words. With a shrug, Rory said that was more or less what J.J. had told him. Paige looked hopeful as Rory walked away.

A little later, Eve surprised her daughter by showing up on campus. Since Paige had class, she declined her mom's invitation to lunch. Paige observed that her mother seemed a little off and asked where Eve had just been. Eve explained that she'd run into Theresa, who said that Paige had been asking questions about J.J. Eve urged Paige to stop obsessing about all the "sordid details" of whom J.J. had slept with.

Paige argued that J.J. had called what he'd done "a mistake" to Rory, and she thought that indicated that he regretted what he'd done to her. Eve worriedly asked if Paige wanted J.J. back. Paige said that wasn't the case, but she couldn't move on until she knew the whole story.

In the woods, Jeremiah cautioned Clyde that Victor had no intention of rolling over and playing dead. Jeremiah said he could have some "specialists" in Salem by that night, although he thought talking things out with Victor was still an option. Clyde snapped, "I decide what our options are. You got that?" Clyde added ominously, "[Kiriakis] is the past; that's what he is. He doesn't know it yet, but he will -- damn soon."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor refused to sell his DiMera Enterprises stock back to Kate -- and he guessed that she was really there about her "hillbilly beau." Kate admitted that after doing some digging, she feared that a "clash of the titans" between Victor and Clyde was imminent. She maintained that Clyde was more suited to trucking than Victor was, and she didn't want to see things get ugly. "Oh, Kate. It's gone way, way, way past ugly," Victor declared.

Kate reminded Victor that Victor and Stefano had once let personal animosity nearly destroy their families, and it had nearly gotten Philip killed. Victor contended that Clyde was much more like Kate's ex, Curtis, than Stefano. Victor ordered Kate to stay out of it, warning her, "[Clyde is] about to get the schooling he's never had."

Later, Kate met Clyde at Club TBD and found that he had already ordered drinks so they could toast to Salem, "otherwise known as 'heaven on earth.'" Clyde explained that since he'd arrived in town, things had been going his way. Kate said that she had just met with Victor, and Clyde's name had been mentioned. She added that she was concerned because of the rumors she'd been hearing. Clyde asked if she were concerned for him or Victor.

Kate clarified that no one had won when Victor and Stefano had done battle years earlier. "Listen, darlin', you know how I feel about you, but I didn't ask for your help on this one, did I? Now, if I need it, I'll holler, I'll promise, but don't hold your breath waiting, okay?" Clyde said firmly. Just then, Clyde got a text message, alerting him that his son had been arrested. Clyde excused himself and hurried out.

Damon arrived at the Kiriakis mansion and reported to Victor that two men had just been contacted about doing short-term contract work for Clyde Weston. Damon showed information on his phone about the men to Victor, who instantly recognized them and knew why Clyde wanted to hire them. Victor grumbled that he'd warned Weston what would happen. Damon noted that Weston had gotten his man, Jeremiah, to reach out to the men -- and that Jeremiah could be taken care of very easily. "No, this fish stinks from the head, Damon. Time to cut it off," Victor declared.

Marlena stopped by Eric's to visit her son. She expressed worry that Nicole would do anything to get between Eric and Serena, who had likely never gone up against anyone like Nicole. Eric admitted that the previous evening had ended rather abruptly, adding that things between him and Serena were already awkward enough. Marlena pointed out that Eric's life had changed a great deal more than Serena's had since the two had met. Eric was worried that because it had been so long since he'd had a "normal" relationship, Serena would lose patience with him, and he would lose her before he even had a chance to find out if there were anything between them.

Serena approached Daniel at the hospital because she wanted to talk to him about the previous night, so they went into a private waiting room. Serena explained that she had done some Internet research on Nicole, and Serena didn't understand why Daniel was pursuing a relationship with someone who had such a long history of misdeeds. Daniel firmly warned Serena that he didn't want to listen to her trash Nicole.

Serena assured Daniel that wasn't her intent, but she also refused to let Nicole drive her out of Salem. Serena proposed that she and Daniel become friends by simply not discussing Nicole. Daniel agreed as long as Serena knew where he stood. Daniel left because he was expecting a delivery at home.

When Eric called Serena a little later, he discovered that she was actually standing in his hallway. Serena explained that she had left the night before because she'd needed to clear her head, not because she'd been mad at Eric. Eric wasn't free to have lunch with Serena, as she suggested, so she they agreed to get together later. On her way out, Serena reassured Eric that everything was absolutely fine between them, and she kissed him passionately to prove it.

Nicole led her source into her office at Titan TV. As the man nervously took off his ball cap and sunglasses, Nicole asked, "Who are you, and what do you have on Serena Mason?" The man introduced himself as Ted Carpenter and explained that he had once been Serena's partner "in multiple senses of the word." He continued that they had been co-writers and researchers, but Serena had ruined his reputation by stealing credit for work they had done together.

Ted produced a paper that he and Serena had written together. He pointed out that his name was on the cover page, and Nicole remembered from her research on Serena that the article had been published without Ted's byline. Ted noted that he had dozens of credits to his name, but he hadn't worked since that article because Serena had stolen decades of his research. He added that his claims had been dismissed because the grants had been in Serena's name. "One day, Serena's telling me she loves me, and the next, I'm out on the streets," Ted concluded.

Nicole pointed out that she couldn't do much to help Ted without more proof. Ted explained that he had little beyond email correspondence because from the beginning, Serena had insisted on keeping everything on her computer. "The real proof you need is on her own computer. If you can gain access to that, you'll have the proof in hand," Ted said. Nicole said that all she could do was think it over carefully and get back to Ted. Ted left her with a warning, "If Serena so much [as] suspects that you're digging for dirt, the first thing she'll do is destroy the evidence."

When Daniel went to his apartment, Nicole was waiting for him in the hallway. As he let her in, she explained that she wanted to apologize in person. Nicole summed up the events of the previous evening, which cast her in an unflattering light, and Daniel somewhat irritably reminded her that she still hadn't returned his messages. "You're right. I've really got my work cut out for me, don't I?" Nicole admitted, slowly closing the distance between the two of them until their faces and bodies were millimeters apart.

Daniel pulled away, pointing out that it wasn't a game. Nicole apologized sincerely and assured Daniel that she didn't take him for granted. She added that, despite her actions, the previous night had meant a great deal to her. She conceded that she could live with it if Daniel didn't also despise Serena. Daniel seemed to soften, so Nicole again inched closer to him and seductively asked if he accepted her apology.

Soon, Daniel and Nicole were horizontal on his couch, kissing. Presumably in order to be completely honest with Nicole, Daniel stopped kissing her to inform her that he'd had a conversation with Serena earlier. Nicole said she didn't want to ruin the mood by talking about Serena, and Daniel agreed. After suggesting that they go somewhere together, Daniel remembered that he was waiting for a package.

Whispering in his ear, Nicole pointed out that if they left, they would miss out on having make-up sex. Before Nicole and Daniel made it to the other room, Nicole got a text message from Miles. She promised to meet Daniel in the shower after she dealt with Miles.

Daniel was in the shower when Nicole finished her business. As she was heading for the bathroom, there was a knock at the door, so she reluctantly answered it -- and found Serena on the doorstep. Assuming it was a bad time, Serena started to leave, but Nicole stopped her. "Don't go. There's no one I'd rather see at this moment. And I mean no one," Nicole declared.

. . .

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