Friday, August 29, 2014

Julie breezed into Club TBD and greeted Kate with, "Blessings, Kate!" Kate commented that Julie looked lovely. Julie revealed that she and Doug had just returned from a yoga cruise, and she'd "been renewed." Presenting Kate with a tiny carved Buddha, Julie explained that she'd bought some of the little statues in bulk because she found it very calming to have one around. Kate graciously thanked Julie. Kate scowled when she spotted a copy of TruVista magazine at the next table. T appeared and said that he'd been looking for the magazine. He complimented Will's writing but soft-pedaled a bit when he realized that Kate wasn't as proud of Will as he was.

Intrigued, Julie asked what was going on. T had to step away to answer the phone but told Julie that she could keep the magazine. Looking curiously at the cover, Julie asked Kate what she would find inside. "Well, you're not going to find inner bliss. Here, keep it. You're going to need it more than I do," Kate said, returning the Buddha to Julie before heading out.

Abigail and Ben were making the best of being trapped in the storage room for Club TBD by making out. As Ben backed Abigail into some shelving, she flashed back to being in a similar situation at the hospital with E.J. She abruptly pushed Ben away and told him to stop. Ben assumed that he'd done something wrong and asked Abigail what it was. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and T's voice called out to Ben.

When T opened the door, Ben said that he and Abigail had gotten locked inside accidentally. Smirking, T teased Ben, but an obviously upset Abigail insisted that it had been her fault. She used T's arrival as an excuse to leave. T asked Ben if everything were all right between him and Abigail. "No, I don't think so," Ben replied.

A little later, as T and Ben hauled some boxes into Club TBD, T asked again about things between Abigail and Ben. Ben said that he didn't want to talk about it. T announced that he had to make a delivery to Sonny's and asked Ben to watch the place, since the other bartender's shift was ending. After T had gone, Ben wondered what had just happened with Abigail.

When Sonny went home because he'd left something behind that he needed for work, Will seemed disappointed to see him. Sonny became upset because Will had clearly been avoiding him. "Is this how it's going to be? Is this how you're going to punish me?" Sonny demanded. He pointed out that married couples were supposed to talk things out. "You just think it's my fault that everything in your life sucks right now," Sonny said accusingly. Will countered that he did have a job he loved, and he had Arianna. "And me. You have me, Will," Sonny reminded him.

Will said that he knew he had Sonny. "If I talk, will you listen?" Will asked, and Sonny promised that he would. Will acknowledged that Sonny had only been trying to help. Will continued that he'd found Sonny intimidating when they had first met because Sonny had traveled around the world and had even climbed K2. Sonny tried to point out that he could never write as well as Will, but Will barked at Sonny to let him finish. Will continued that Sonny had done all of those things without any help from anyone.

"Look at me. I couldn't even come out of the closet without screwing that up," Will said. Sonny gently reassured his husband that there was no right or wrong way to come out. Will snapped that Sonny's knee-jerk reaction was always to make excuses for Will. Will pointed out that, in an effort to convince himself that he wasn't gay, he'd gotten Gabi pregnant. "Drunk frat boys use protection, but not me!" Will noted.

Will added that he loved Arianna more than anything, but he knew that he was a "screwup" and always had been. Will asserted that he had always blamed his mother for his mistakes -- but he'd thought that he'd been turning things around, especially when he'd gotten the assignment with TruVista, but Sonny and Victor had gotten the job for Will. "Damn it, Will, your skills got you the job," Sonny insisted.

Will asserted angrily that everyone hated him for writing the article, but at least he'd gotten to do it because he was good -- or so he'd believed. Sonny tried to take the blame for that, but Will declared that he didn't want to talk anymore. Will went into the bedroom and closed the door. A glum Sonny called through the door that he had to deal with something but would return soon. He reassured Will that they would get through it. Outside, Sonny said to himself, "Please, let us get through this."

Maggie returned home to the Kiriakis mansion and found Victor waiting to talk to her in the living room -- with a bouquet of yellow lilies and orange roses. "What have you done now?" Maggie asked lightly. Victor began by assuring Maggie that he'd never intended to hurt anyone, and he beat around the bush until she ordered him to "cut to the chase." Victor confessed that he owned TruVista magazine. He added that he was sorry, but he knew an apology wasn't nearly enough. Maggie suspected that there was more to it than that, and Victor admitted that the article had been his idea.

While Maggie was starting to read Victor the riot act, Sonny walked in. "Aunt Maggie, stop. This isn't Uncle Victor's fault; it's mine," Sonny declared. He explained that he'd asked Victor to get the writing job for Will, but Victor hadn't been involved with the assignment Will had gotten. Maggie pointed out that Victor could have had Will taken off the story. Victor admitted that was true, but he hadn't done it because Will had wanted the story. Sonny assured Maggie that Will hadn't put Abigail's name in the story. Victor added that he hadn't known about it until the article had gone online.

Sonny clarified that Sami was the one who had revealed Abigail's name to the editor -- but he didn't blame Sami. "This started because of me... I had a gut feeling that Abigail would be outed, and I just stuck my head in the sand," Sonny insisted. Victor argued that he was to blame, and finally, Maggie ordered them both to stop. She said that she needed to speak to Victor in private. As Sonny was leaving, Victor declared, "You've got a lot of guts, kid. I'm proud of you." Sonny replied gloomily, "Then you're the only one."

Maggie crossly told her husband that she had been furious with him, but then she'd seen how much he loved Sonny, and she'd realized that Victor had only done what he'd done to help Will. "I love how you love kids, and I know you'd never intentionally hurt Abigail, not in a million years," Maggie added. Victor promised to ask himself what she would do the next time he was in a situation like that. "You are so lucky that you're so damn cute," Maggie asserted playfully. "I am the luckiest man in the world," Victor agreed.

When T arrived at Will and Sonny's to drop off some bills from the club for Sonny, Will informed T that Sonny wasn't home. T said that he would wait. Reminding Will that they were best friends, T said that he could tell that something was wrong and asked if Will wanted to talk about it. Will said that he was expecting a lecture from T about the article, but T said that best friends shouldn't lecture one another. "I didn't like seeing Abigail hurt, but you know, who am I to say what you should or should not have done? You had your reasons, I'm sure," T added. Will said that at the time, he'd thought so.

T assured Will that things would settle down eventually. T reminded Will that the two of them had been through a few rough patches, as well, but Will pointed out that what he'd done to Abigail was worse than anything he'd done to T. T maintained that their most recent rough patch had been about what he had done to Will, not the other way around. He acknowledged that he had been a "jerk" -- but Will had gotten past it and forgiven him. "Sonny and Abigail, they could surprise you. You surprised me," T noted.

Just then, Sonny returned home. T showed Sonny where the bills were then hurried out. Will started to leave, as well, but an angry Sonny refused to let him go until they settled things.

When Jordan met Rafe in Horton Square at his behest, Clyde spied on them from behind the florist's cart. Rafe informed Jordan that he'd talked to his friend about the job for Abigail, but the guy had already filled the position. Jordan was just grateful to Rafe for trying. Rafe reassured Jordan that his friend had promised to keep Abigail in mind if anything else opened up. Rafe acknowledged that what had happened to Abigail had been rough on her as well as a lot of other people.

Jordan assumed that Rafe had meant Sami, but Rafe said that he'd been referring to the whole Deveraux family. Jordan apologized for mentioning Sami. She asked Rafe why he hadn't just sent her the information about the job by text message. Rafe said that it had just been an excuse to see Jordan. When Jordan had to leave, Clyde emerged from his hiding place, just as Rafe got a text message. Clyde said that it was good to see that Rafe and Jordan were starting to work things out.

As politely as he could, Rafe said that he didn't feel comfortable talking about his relationship with Jordan with Clyde. Clyde said that since he'd made Jordan unhappy for so long, he only wanted her to be happy. Rafe said that he needed to get to the station. "'To protect and serve' -- isn't that the slogan?" Clyde remarked. Rafe corrected him, "It's not a slogan; it's a motto." As Rafe was walking away, Clyde thanked him for introducing Kate to Clyde.

A distressed Abigail arrived in the park outside Horton Square and sat on the bench to think. Just then, Jordan showed up and asked if Abigail were all right. Abigail claimed that she'd just been lost in thought. Jordan divulged that Rafe had referred Abigail for the job, and although it had already been filled, Rafe's friend had promised to keep Abigail in mind. Abigail was touched that Jordan had spoken to Rafe for her, and she asked what it had been like for Jordan to talk with him again.

Jordan said that they had talked like friends, and for a few minutes, she'd even been able to forget what had happened between them. Abigail said that talking was at least a good first step. Jordan asked if Abigail had enjoyed her time with Ben. Abigail said that she had, and she thought she should go tell him so.

After Abigail had gone, Clyde found Jordan alone in the park and commented that it was a beautiful day -- although it wasn't nearly as nice as his favorite time of year. Jordan knew that he was referring to squirrel-hunting season, and she encouraged her stepfather to return to Poplar Bluff so he could fully enjoy it. Clyde maintained that he didn't want to leave Salem, since he'd just found his "beloved children" -- plus he wanted to stick around to see how things worked out between Jordan and Rafe. "You were spying on us?" Jordan asked incredulously.

"[Rafe is] a nice boy, real polite. He even introduced me to this super-fine lady. Maybe you know her -- Kate Roberts?" Clyde asked pointedly. Jordan had a hard time hiding her surprise. Clyde explained that he'd seen Kate and Rafe talking, "real close and friendly-like," so he'd gone over and said hello, then he'd recognized Kate. Clyde added that Kate had been very sweet and down-to-earth, not to mention good-looking. Without answering Clyde's question about whether she knew Kate, Jordan made an excuse and left in a hurry. "Bull's-eye," Clyde said as he watched his stepdaughter leave.

E.J. and Sami were having a pleasant lunch at the Brady Pub when she received a text message that caused her to exclaim, "Oh, my God." A worried E.J. asked if it were about the children. "It's Stefano," Sami said, not looking up from her phone. E.J. got upset when Sami wouldn't divulge anything further, especially because it concerned his father. E.J. protested that Sami was suddenly behaving as if she were angry with him when he'd thought the ice was beginning to thaw between them. "Look, I'm sorry. I have to go! I have to take care of this," Sami said curtly as she rushed out. Incensed, E.J. dialed Stefano, muttering, "Come on, Father. Answer the bloody phone!"

When E.J. left the pub a little later, he ran into Julie outside. E.J. exasperatedly stated that he knew what Julie was going to say and urged her not to pile on, because she could not possibly make him feel worse than he already did. "Believe me -- I have ripped myself to shreds over this better than you ever could," E.J. added. Julie calmly said that she believed E.J. She explained that it would be hypocritical of her to judge him when she had hurt people in exactly the same way.

"I've lived long enough to know these things happen. We're human beings. We stumble, pick ourselves up, walk on down the road. Perhaps we stumble again. It's a cycle. It's life," Julie asserted sympathetically. She acknowledged that it was "unfortunate" that Will had made everything public. E.J. asked if Julie had talked to Will yet, but she said that she'd just gotten back into town, plus she thought Will could use a little time first. "You certainly seem...different," E.J. observed.

Julie explained that she'd needed to get away after Nick's death, and the trip had opened her eye. Tapping the center of her forehead, she clarified, "The spiritual one. I think I have found a pathway to peace, higher consciousness, contentment. Perhaps you might try something of the sort one day." Pressing one of the little Buddha statues into E.J.'s hand, Julie said sincerely that it had been good to see him. She walked away, leaving E.J. utterly dumbstruck.

Later, E.J. made a phone call. "I need to know what is going on with my father. I need to know everything, and I need to know it now," E.J. demanded impatiently.

Abigail went to Club TBD to talk to Ben. He acknowledged, "It's my fault. I came on too strong." Abigail assured him that wasn't the case. Abigail apologized and reassured Ben that he'd done nothing wrong. "I don't get it," Ben said. While Abigail was trying to explain, E.J. walked in, and Abigail stopped mid-sentence. When E.J. saw her, he immediately turned around and left, but Ben spotted him. "It's okay, Abigail. I do get it," Ben said irritably before walking away.

Sami went home to the DiMera mansion and saw that Kate wasn't there, so she sent Kate an urgent text message to get home right away. When Kate finally strolled through the front door, a frantic Sami demanded, "Where have you been? I said it was about Stefano! Did that not get your attention?" Kate remained blasé about the situation -- until Sami produced her phone and showed the message to Kate. Anxiety creeping into her voice, Kate reminded Sami, "Stefano is coming back to Salem? He can't do that because he would be arrested."

Sami advised Kate that it appeared Stefano was close to making a deal with the state; he would have to pay the back taxes and some huge fines, but then the state would drop all the charges. Sami fretted that Stefano would try to exact "Old Testament-style" revenge on them. Kate was incredulous because the prosecutor had been so determined to make his career on nailing E.J. and Stefano. Kate announced that they needed to get confirmation instead of just guessing. She grabbed her purse and hurried out with Sami right behind her.

Rafe entered his office at the police station and was a little startled to find Kate and Sami waiting for him. Sami explained that they'd gotten a warning that Stefano was getting another hearing. Unable to believe that news, either, Rafe left to verify the information. A few minutes later, Rafe returned and informed the women that the prosecutor who'd been so eager to put E.J. and Stefano away had been replaced. Kate and Sami were dismayed that the DiMeras had apparently bought yet another public official. Rafe told them that a judge had to approve any deals, but Stefano's hearing had been set -- for the following day.

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