Friday, December 12, 2014

At the Horton house, J.J. spoke on the phone with Paige, who was in California with her mom, visiting her Grandpa Shane in a hospital. Paige apologized to J.J. for hanging up so abruptly the day before and for having to leave town without saying goodbye. Although J.J. was glad that Paige's grandfather seemed to be doing okay, he wondered why Paige had needed to go along. Paige explained that her mom was really worried about Shane and had wanted Paige along for moral support. Paige had to hang up when she saw her mom exiting Shane's room.

Jennifer arrived downstairs and found J.J. playing his guitar while he waited for his new therapist, Dr. Richards, to arrive. J.J. admitted that the idea of a shrink who made house calls surprised him. Jennifer explained that Dr. Richards had felt that J.J. might be more comfortable talking at home. J.J. regretted blaming Jennifer, among other people, when he'd found out what his dad had done, and he was grateful to his mom and Abigail for their support when he'd been so difficult. Jennifer assured J.J. that she was proud of him -- and his dad would be, too.

When Dr. Richards got there, Jennifer headed upstairs to give J.J. and the doctor some privacy. Dr. Richards informed J.J., "[Your mom] told me what happened between your father and your aunt." J.J. noted that no one who knew about it could even say the word "rape." Dr. Richards asked how J.J. had felt when he'd first heard about it. J.J. admitted that he had been very angry, and his girlfriend had been upset when she'd found out about it, but mostly because he hadn't been the one to tell her. J.J. continued that it had helped him understand why his mom and sister hadn't been able to tell him about it.

"J.J., knowing what you do, how do you feel about your father now?" Dr. Richards asked. J.J. declared that he didn't understand how his father could have done what he'd done to Kayla -- or any woman. J.J. added that his dad had hated himself for it and had spent the rest of his days trying to lead a better life. "I keep going back to what he always used to say to me, that I'm a chip off the old block -- and what if he's right? [...] What if I'm exactly like him? What if I have it in me somewhere to do what he did?" J.J. wondered anxiously.

J.J. admitted that he had smashed a window in the town square when he'd first found out what his dad had done, and once when he'd been making out with his girlfriend, he had taken things too far, and she'd had to yell at him to stop. He added that he had been very careful ever since then, but he'd made a lot of mistakes with women. Dr. Richards assured J.J., "Rape is an act of violence in a sexual situation. You understand that it's nothing like you're describing." J.J. wondered why he always managed to screw things up when things were going well.

"The question troubling you right now isn't really about those other bad choices, is it? It's about whether you could make the same terrible choice your father made. Do you think you could ever be violent toward a woman in the way your father was toward your aunt?" Richards asked. Shaking his head as the realization hit him, J.J. declared that he could never do that to anyone. Noting that J.J. had solved his own problem, Dr. Richards said, "If anything, learning about your father's past may have made you more aware, more sensitive than many other people your age."

Dr. Richards encouraged J.J. to try to figure out why he had made bad choices in the past and to stop sabotaging his own happiness. He added that while J.J.'s disappointment in his father would never completely disappear, J.J. wasn't doomed to repeat his father's mistakes. Dr. Richards urged J.J. to call if he ever felt he needed to talk again.

Jennifer returned and asked J.J. how it had gone. J.J. impulsively hugged his mom and thanked her. "Deep down, I guess I already knew what Dr. Richards was saying, but it really did help to talk it through... And I know that I'm never going to understand why Dad did what he did, but I know that it has nothing to do with me or the choices I make," J.J. said. A relieved Jennifer embraced her son and suggested that it shouldn't stop him from reconnecting with Paige.

In bed at Jordan's apartment, Chad awakened Jordan with a soft kiss on the forehead. Jordan beamed and kissed him back. She got a message with some information she'd requested for the project she and Abigail were working on, but she quickly resumed cuddling with Chad. After they had sex, Jordan said that she felt very lucky that she'd met Chad, who meant a lot to her.

Rafe went to the DiMera mansion to question Chad. Kate appeared to take pleasure in informing Detective Hernandez that Chad still hadn't returned home from the previous night. Rafe maintained that he didn't care where Chad had spent the night, but he still needed to track Chad down. Kate offered to call Chad for Rafe, but she got Chad's voicemail.

Kate's attitude made Rafe testy, but she accused him of being jealous because Jordan had moved on with Chad. Rafe insisted his visit had nothing to do with Jordan, although he admitted he was worried about her -- just as he was about Kate, because he suspected she was helping Stefano. "No money or title is worth the hell that you're going to pay when you get caught. I'm really going to hate having to come back here to deal with you, too," Rafe cautioned on his way out.

Rafe was walking through the park when Jordan spotted him and ordered him to stop his investigation. Rafe said with a groan, "I should have known that Kate would tip off Chad." Jordan clarified that she'd been talking about Clyde, and she was incredulous that Rafe was going after Chad, as well. Rafe maintained that he was just doing his job. Jordan asserted, "I'm pretty damn sure he hasn't done anything wrong." Rafe calmly countered that, if that were true, Chad had nothing to worry about -- and the same was true for Clyde.

When Chad returned to the DiMera mansion, Kate chided him for missing a conference call that morning. She added that Rafe had been there, looking for him. "He seems to be under the impression that you've done something illegal," Kate explained. She clarified that Chad's sudden ascension to co-CEO at DiMera Enterprises had raised some eyebrows, plus he was listed as an owner of a company that Victor, Kate, and Lucas had helped to bail out. "I was just trying to help Sami," Chad maintained. Kate pointed out that the police viewed it as Chad aiding and abetting a fugitive -- Stefano.

Chad shared Kate's belief that Rafe was retaliating out of jealousy over Chad's relationship Jordan. Chuckling, Kate admitted that Rafe had been "piqued" to learn that Chad hadn't returned home the previous night. She warned Chad that Rafe was out to crucify him and would not let up. "Well, he better, or your ex-boy-toy is going to find out that he's taken on the wrong guy," Chad vowed.

As Ben and Abigail walked into Club TBD, he praised her for her outreach project at the hospital. Abigail corrected him and reminded him that the project had been Jordan's idea. "Honestly, it doesn't even matter who thought of what. What matters is that the people of the community get the care that they really need," Abigail insisted. Clyde arrived just in time to overhear the last part of what Abigail said, and he chimed in, "Well, amen to that!"

Clyde confessed that he had no idea what Ben and Abigail had been talking about, but their enthusiasm had been contagious. Ben explained that Abigail was working on a project to provide access to medical care for the community, but Abigail pointed out that she still needed to raise the money to make it happen. Clyde surprised Abigail by suggesting that he might be able to help. He explained that he'd been looking to make a donation and asked Abigail to tell him more about her project. Abigail somewhat hesitantly clarified that it was actually Jordan's project, but the two of them were working together on it.

Abigail elaborated that the project would provide preventive and rehabilitative care to people who needed medical services but couldn't get to a hospital. Ben added that although it had been Jordan's idea, Abigail had taken the initiative to apply for government grants and had launched a fundraising campaign. "Your compassion really shines through, just like Jordan's always has. Hearing about this makes me damn proud," Clyde declared with admiration. He said that it was exactly the kind of project he'd been looking to donate to.

Ben and Clyde cautioned Abigail that Jordan would never accept a donation from Clyde. Abigail was skeptical that Jordan would turn down money for something she was so passionate about and that would help so many people just because it was from Clyde. Clyde proposed that he could make his contribution anonymously. Although Abigail seemed eager to go along with it, Ben was shaking his head and scowling. He said he didn't like keeping things from his sister. Abigail pointed out that if Clyde wanted to make an anonymous donation, they were obliged to keep it that way.

"Seeing how much this means to you, knowing how happy my stepdaughter will be if this project gets off the ground, that's all the thanks this anonymous donor will ever need," Clyde declared, grinning. A grateful and thrilled Abigail jumped up and ran around the table to hug Clyde in thanks. After making sure that Ben was all right with it, Clyde left to get the process started. Abigail excitedly threw her arms around a grimacing Ben.

While Aiden and Chase had breakfast at the Brady Pub, Aiden reminded his son that while it was good to talk about his mom, Chase shouldn't discuss her money with other people. Chase didn't understand why it was such a big deal. Aiden emphasized that talking about money wasn't polite, and certain things, such as their special memories of Chase's mom, were personal, and Aiden wanted to keep those just between the two of them. Aiden embraced his son and reassured him that everything was all right.

Kayla and Hope caught up over coffee in Horton Square. Hope said that she and Aiden were going Christmas shopping for Chase and Ciara later, while their kids were at school. Hope confided that Aiden had seemed very serious when they'd first met, but he'd actually turned out to be quite funny and sweet -- and Ciara really liked him. Hope added that she hoped Kayla wasn't upset with her for divorcing Bo. "How many times do I have to tell you? I am upset with my brother. He put you in a terrible position, and you deserve to go on with your life," Kayla said emphatically.

Hope suspected that Kayla was keeping something from her. A few minutes later, an embarrassed Kayla had apparently revealed that she'd been thinking about trying online dating. Hope insisted that there was nothing wrong with online dating, noting that a few of her friends had met their husbands that way. She offered to help Kayla get started, but Kayla declined. Kayla added that her friend Lisa was going to help her set up a profile. Hope acknowledged that she knew Lisa's sister-in-law, Bree, whom Hope had seen a few weeks earlier when Bree had been visiting from Portland.

Kayla started second-guessing her decision to set up the dating profile, but an enthusiastic Hope tried to reassure her that it was a good idea. When Aiden arrived and overheard part of the women's conversation, a mortified Kayla made an excuse to leave. Aiden teased Hope about keeping things from him, but she assured him that it had just been "girl talk." Hope and Aiden headed for the stores.

Later, their arms full of shopping bags, Aiden asked Hope if she wanted to get a latte before they continued. Since Hope had thought they were finished, she took a peek at Aiden's shopping list. "Wow... Chase is going to have a very nice Christmas," Hope remarked. Aiden sheepishly admitted that Santa hadn't delivered everything Chase had asked for the previous Christmas, plus Aiden needed to make up some things to Chase. Hope assured Aiden that he didn't need to explain.

Aiden confessed that he still felt a lot of guilt about what had happened with Chase's mother. "A kid needs his mom," Aiden added. Hope admitted that when she'd been a baby, her mom had died. Aiden admitted that he knew he couldn't replace Meredith, but he hoped that having the latest game system would mean that all of his son's friends would go to their house to play. Hope asked if Aiden regretted moving to Salem from Portland. He said he had no regrets, but it had been a tough adjustment -- as his initial "ill-tempered" behavior had proved. Hope assured him that she understood how long grief could last.

Kayla walked by with her friend Lisa while Aiden and Hope were kissing on a bench. "Is that Aiden Jennings? Is he the guy your sister-in-law -- I mean, ex-sister-in-law -- is dating?" Lisa asked, taken aback. Kayla was surprised that Lisa knew Aiden, but Kayla got a page from the hospital for an emergency before she could ask anything further. As soon as Kayla left, Lisa pulled out her phone and dialed.

Aiden gave Hope a steamy goodbye kiss before resuming his shopping. A few minutes later, Bree called Hope after getting Hope's number from Lisa. "She told me that you are dating Aiden Jennings?" Bree questioned. When Hope confirmed that was true, Bree warned her, "You are making a terrible -- a deadly mistake."

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