Friday, September 19, 2014

At the DiMera mansion, Sami, distressed after the visit from her father, broke down in E.J.'s arms. As he comforted Sami, E.J. said that he understood Roman's desire to protect her. Sami clarified that she wasn't upset because she'd argued with her dad; it was because of what she'd realized during the argument, which was that the revenge, guilt, bitterness, and even being right were really just cold and hurtful -- not just to E.J., but to her, as well. "It needs to be over. It costs too much," she added.

Sami stated, "I want -- I need to forgive you." E.J. guessed that Roman wouldn't approve, but Sami said that her dad understood how much E.J. meant to her. E.J. vowed to earn Sami's forgiveness, adding, "I am just so grateful for the chance." As they sat together on the couch, Sami leaned against E.J., nestling her head on his chest, and he put his arms around her and let out a sigh of relief. After a moment, Sami sat up rather quickly. E.J. reassured her that they would do things her way and on her schedule.

Sami asked what E.J. had in mind for Chad. E.J. asserted that Chad would be angry for a while, but eventually, he would cool off. Sami promised that she wouldn't let Chad get to her if he tried to destroy her relationship with E.J., although she wasn't sure what to do about the rest of the town. "I can think of three little people who'll be very happy that you and I are together," E.J. noted. Sami said she was glad she'd been able to keep the kids from being aware of what had happened.

E.J. asked Sami what she would like to do. Before she could reply, the phone rang. When Sami saw that the call was from George Merkel, one of the DiMera Enterprises board members, she put the call on speaker. Merkel thanked her for the gift and noted that E.J.'s name had been on the card, as well. Sami said that she and E.J. had appreciated Merkel's vote on a recent deal. "You and your husband are quite a team," Merkel declared. After they ended the call, Sami remarked that she hadn't eaten all day. E.J. headed for the kitchen to remedy that.

A few minutes later, E.J. returned with a cart laden with food. As he set the lunch table, E.J. teased Sami that the staff had been grumbling that she and Kate were far more demanding than the DiMera men. Laughing, Sami demanded that E.J. tell her who had said that, but E.J. refused to divulge any names. She was impressed with the simple lunch that E.J. had requested for them, especially when she saw that he'd persuaded the cook to make an apple pie for her.

E.J. raised his glass of shandy -- which Sami remembered they'd drunk on the night they'd met -- and toasted, "To time machines." Sami asked him to explain what that meant. E.J. reminded her of what she'd said on the pier after a tango contest years earlier: "You said that you wished you had a time machine, so that you could travel back and undo all of your mistakes, come back with lots of friends, and you would be the life and soul of every party." Sami laughed at her younger self but admitted that she hadn't been wrong.

E.J. disagreed, explaining that, while he wouldn't mind being able to fix some of his mistakes, a lot of good had come from some of the most colossal ones. He added, "You are the party, Samantha. You always have been." Sami's phone chimed, breaking the spell. She saw that it was a text message from Johnny, but she didn't understand the costumes that he'd sent her a picture of. E.J. looked at it and explained that Johnny and Allie were dressed as characters from a video game they played. E.J. and Sami were impressed with Sydney's improved photography skills.

Sami was eager for the children to return, so everything would feel normal again. E.J. agreed. Sami took his hand, looked into his eyes, and told him that everything felt right. They kissed, then, giggling, they headed upstairs.

At DiMera Enterprises, Roman informed Kate that he'd walked in on Sami and E.J. kissing. Kate was dismayed when Roman revealed that he'd assured Sami that he would support her. She accused Roman of being wrapped around Sami's finger and unable to resist his daughter's manipulations. Roman snapped irritably that it had been a mistake to visit Kate.

With a sigh, Roman pointed out that no one could stop Sami once she'd made up her mind; all he could do was wait to pick up the pieces when things blew up again. When Kate protested, Roman asked why she cared so much, since she hated Sami. Kate asserted, "Because she's my partner, and if she goes down, I don't want to go down with her." Roman reminded Kate that she was a survivor.

At the café in Horton Square, Abigail informed Rafe that she'd been having lunch with Jordan, who had left rather abruptly to talk to someone. Rafe suspected that Jordan had left to escape him, but Abigail assured him that wasn't the case. When Rafe announced his intention to leave before Jordan returned, Abigail remarked that if he did, Jordan would think he was avoiding her. Rafe took a seat.

Abigail asked about the basketball game that Rafe and the guys had played earlier. Rafe admitted that Ben had "schooled" him, probably because Ben was so protective of Jordan. Rafe asked if Abigail had seen whom Jordan had left to talk to. Abigail said she hadn't, but she was worried that it had been Jordan's stepfather, Clyde. Rafe announced that he was going to check on Jordan and headed out in the direction that Abigail indicated. Abigail was pleased that her plan had worked.

In the park outside Horton Square, Jordan confronted Clyde about Jeremiah being in Salem. She suspected that Clyde was "setting up shop" in town, but he insisted that he had no idea why Jeremiah was there. "Stop it, Clyde! I wasn't that young or that blind. I know exactly what Jeremiah did for you -- and you better not even think of doing that here," Jordan warned her stepfather. Clyde maintained that Jeremiah had just been passing through town on his way home from Chicago.

When Jordan accused Clyde of lying to her, he balled up his fist and stepped closer to her menacingly. "Go ahead. Take a swing at me," Jordan dared him. Clyde assured her that he would never hit her, and he unclenched his hand when Jordan pointed it out. After asserting that he had not lied to Jordan about Jeremiah, Clyde instructed Jordan to visit her brother, who had something for her from Clyde. As Clyde walked away, Jordan warned him, "If you're setting up shop here, you'll be sorry."

Clyde growled at Jordan not to threaten him. He reminded Jordan that he could make life difficult for her by telling Ben the whole story about what had happened when she'd left Poplar Bluff. "If he [knew], do you think he'd worship you the way he does now?" Clyde asked. Before Jordan could respond, Rafe showed up. Clyde's demeanor instantly changed from menacing to affable as he told Jordan that he was glad he'd run into her and they'd been able to chat. Clyde said a friendly hello and goodbye to Rafe and left.

Not buying Clyde's folksy act, since Jordan was so obviously upset, Rafe asked what Clyde had just said to Jordan. Rafe reached to take Jordan's arm, but she recoiled and ordered him not to touch her. Rafe observed that something Clyde had said had clearly spooked Jordan. She snapped, "You think that's why I don't want you to touch me?"

Rafe conceded that he might have misunderstood what he'd seen -- just like Jordan had misunderstood when she'd seen Kate in his office. He pleaded with Jordan to let him explain, but she didn't want to hear it. She insisted rather stridently, "I don't want you near me. I don't want you anywhere around, okay? It's not safe." Jordan tried to stop herself, but it was too late. Rafe asked what she'd meant, but Jordan maintained that he wasn't safe for her. After ordering Rafe to leave her alone, Jordan rushed off.

Clyde stopped by Kate's office with a bouquet of hydrangeas and lilies. Kate suspected that Clyde had bribed her assistant with one of the flowers to let him go in without announcing him. As he handed the bouquet to Kate, Clyde acknowledged that he had. Kate admitted that the flowers were some of her favorites, but she added that she had to get back to work. Clyde promised to leave just as soon as Kate set a time for their dinner. Kate pointed out that she had not agreed to go to dinner with Clyde.

Clyde guessed that Kate didn't want to be seen in public with someone like him, but he assured her that he "clean[ed] up real good." He promised that if she gave him one night, he would not bother her again. "Unless you decide to blackmail me, right?" Kate countered. Clyde said that he preferred the term "leverage." Kate asked if that meant there would be no consequences if she declined his invitation. Clyde purred that she would miss out on a fine meal and good company, but his wounded pride would eventually recover. Chuckling, Kate agreed to one dinner. She promised to get back to Clyde with a time.

At Club TBD, Ben was stunned to learn that Chad was his boss and co-owned the club with Sonny. As Chad and Ben were discussing the situation, T returned from the back room and welcomed Chad home with a handshake and embrace. When Chad learned that T worked there, he joked that Sonny had scraped the bottom of the barrel for staff. T boasted that he and Ben were "the A team" and assured Chad that Ben was a good guy. Chad remarked that he was aware that Ben was dating Abigail. "I guess Sonny wasn't the only one scraping the bottom of the barrel," Chad quipped.

Ben announced that it was time for his break and grabbed his jacket from behind the bar. As he was leaving, Ben dropped the envelope of cash that Clyde had given him. Chad picked it up and demanded to know why Ben had such a large quantity of hundred-dollar bills. A furious Ben demanded that Chad give the money back, but Chad held the envelope just out of Ben's reach. Ben threatened to knock Chad to the floor.

At Will and Sonny's, Will revealed that his new assignment from Zoe was to write a story about Chad. Sonny assumed that his husband had turned down the assignment, but Will said that he hadn't given Zoe an answer yet. He added that if he turned it down, she would just assign the article to another writer who didn't care about Chad. "Does this sound familiar?" Sonny asked incredulously. He pointed out that Chad was practically family, plus he wasn't even there to defend himself.

Will informed Sonny that Chad had returned the night before. Sonny was peeved that Chad hadn't bothered to call to let Sonny know that. Will joked that Chad blowing Sonny off would have to go in the article, but he insisted that he had waited to talk to Sonny before deciding whether or not to take the assignment. Sonny got a text message from T just then, which read, "Chad's here. All hell's breaking loose." Sonny and Will hurried out for the club.

T tried to get Ben to back off, but Ben was livid that Chad had accused him of stealing. Will and Sonny arrived just then, and Sonny asked what was going on. After declaring amiably that it was good to see Sonny and Will, Chad showed them the cash-filled envelope and said, "We need to check the bank deposits, because this employee cannot explain why he had this." Sonny somewhat crossly stated that he had checked the cash balance that morning, and everything had been in order.

Chad was still suspicious of why Ben would have that much cash. "Are you running a side business in my bar?" Chad demanded accusingly. Fed up, an enraged Ben grabbed Chad by the lapels and demanded he give the money back. Will and Sonny intervened, but Ben kept going after Chad. Abigail arrived during the scuffle and jumped in the middle of things, ordering Ben to let Chad go.

Sonny pulled Ben aside and questioned why Ben was carrying around so much cash. Ben insisted that although it wasn't his money, he hadn't done anything illegal to get it. He refused to explain anything more about it, but he offered to leave if that wasn't good enough for Sonny. Sonny returned to Chad and asked him for the money. Chad was incredulous, but Sonny asserted that he knew and trusted Ben, and Chad had no evidence to prove the money wasn't Ben's.

"Nothing is out of place at our club, and he hasn't had a problem with anything or anyone until you showed up," Sonny noted pointedly. Chad returned the envelope to Ben, who stalked out of the club. Abigail demanded, "You want to tell me what the hell is going on here?" Chad told her to ask her boyfriend, who had an envelope of hundred-dollar bills he refused to explain. An exasperated Abigail followed after Ben.

Jordan met Ben in the park, and he gave her the envelope. He explained that it was her money and he didn't want to carry it around anymore. Ben could tell that Jordan was upset, but she didn't want to talk about it. She promised they would discuss it later. Abigail showed up after Jordan left and asked Ben what was going on.

Chad told Will that he'd read Will's article while traveling in Morocco. "I was just glad to know the whole story. You're a good writer," Chad said. When Chad got a text message and rose to leave, Will tried to stop him to discuss the new article, but Chad just left him with a dismissive, "Later." Will informed Sonny that he hadn't been able to tell Chad about the article. "Zoe's waiting for an answer, so I guess I should turn it down," Will reasoned. "Really? I'm not so sure," Sonny said.

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