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Jordan freaked out when she saw Clyde outside Horton Square. Jordan demanded to know how Clyde had found her and what he wanted. Without providing an explanation, Clyde purred, "I've been so worried about you. Fathers never stop worrying about their little girls." Jordan snapped, "You are not my father, you son of a bitch!"

Clyde grabbed Jordan by the arm and warned her to watch her mouth. Jordan wrested her arm away painfully. Clyde asserted that he had thought of Jordan as his own daughter from the moment he'd married her mother. He reminded Jordan that her father had drunk himself to death when she'd been only five years old.

Clyde wanted to know if Jordan had heard from her brother, and she claimed that she had not. Clyde informed her that he had been in town for a couple of days, watching Jordan and Ben. Clyde demanded that Jordan summon her brother so the three of them could have a family reunion, but she emphatically refused. Clyde warned her that he had people watching "Ollie."

At Club TBD, when Ben revealed that he knew about Abigail and E.J., a horrified Abigail realized that Sami had to have blabbed to Ben. An understanding Ben assured her that she had nothing to be embarrassed about. "I'm more than embarrassed. I mean, I slept with a guy I don't even like. I acted like a --" Abigail began, and Ben finished the sentence for her, "Like a guy?" Abigail swore that things with E.J. had been over before she'd even met Ben and apologized for not being honest with Ben.

Acknowledging that Sami had every right to hate her, Abigail fretted, "I'm afraid that Sami's not going to stop until she has ruined my life." Ben wanted to know if Abigail had been spending time with him to get over E.J. Abigail reassured Ben that she hadn't been using him to forget about E.J., and that she had not been in love with E.J. Before Abigail could explain any more, Ben got a text message from Jordan that read, "Need to see you. Our spot in the square. He's found us." An alarmed Ben hurried out without telling Abigail why he was leaving.

Jordan tried to convince Clyde that Ben would run in the opposite direction as soon as he learned that Clyde was in town, but Clyde was sure that Ben would show up to protect Jordan. "I must say time has been good to you. You're even prettier than the day you left," Clyde remarked, leering at Jordan, who uncomfortably tugged at her dress to cover herself. Ben appeared, ordered Clyde to get away from Jordan, and inserted himself protectively between Jordan and their stepfather.

Clyde complained, "I'm getting a little disappointed with the way you two are treating this reunion. A stranger might hear you and think I was the one who done you wrong, instead of the other way around." Ben pointed out that he and Jordan knew the real story of what had happened, and Clyde tracking them down had not changed anything. Clyde declared, "I have my family back, and I am not letting 'em out of my sight again."

Ben doubted that Clyde could do anything to them, but Clyde reminded them that not only had they stolen a bunch of money from him, but "Tammy Sue" had committed a federal offense by kidnapping a minor and transporting him across state lines. Clyde warned them against making him unhappy again. Jordan interceded when it seemed as if Ben was about to attack Clyde. "Do you really expect us to go back to the way things were?" Jordan demanded. Clyde revealed that he had hired someone to manage the business while he was away.

Clyde admitted that he had made mistakes, but he hoped they could reach an agreement about how Jordan and Ben would pay him back for what they had put him through. After cautioning them against running away again, Clyde pulled Jordan's fake ID's from his pocket. "You were in my apartment?" Jordan exclaimed, incredulous. "I told the janitor I was your daddy; he let me in. Nice cat you got there," Clyde explained, adding, "I did you a favor by taking these. They're not something you want the police to see -- especially when one of those cops is your new boyfriend."

Clyde warned Ben and Jordan that he would be watching them -- because he needed time to convince them that he had changed. After informing them that he was staying at the Salem Inn, Clyde strolled off. Ben wondered how Clyde had found them, but Jordan had no idea. "I don't know what you're thinking, but I'm building a life here. I'm not running again," Ben declared. Jordan offered to turn herself in so the threat against them from Clyde would be over, but Ben argued that they had to stand up to Clyde.

When Rafe called Jordan just then, she was reluctant to answer. Ben reminded her that she'd been about to tell Rafe everything anyway. "I was going to tell Rafe about a nightmare from my past -- but now it looks like it's starting all over again," Jordan said anxiously.

Will went to the jail to visit E.J. and demanded, "How could you cheat on my mom and think that you had a prayer of getting away with it?" E.J. didn't really try to defend himself. Will warned E.J. about Sami's thirst for vengeance against E.J., no matter whom it hurt. "William, you need to understand that I love your mother...more than I've ever loved any woman in my entire life," E.J. insisted, but Will pointed out that E.J. had a warped way of demonstrating his so-called love.

E.J. admitted that he had made a terrible mistake that had ruined two people's lives, but an unsympathetic Will accused E.J. of taking advantage of Abigail when she'd been vulnerable after her breakup with Chad. E.J. maintained that had not been the case. Will surmised that neither Abigail nor Sami had wanted to see E.J. for who he really was -- just as Will had wanted to believe that E.J. had changed. "You're a DiMera. You will always put what you want ahead of anything else," Will asserted.

"I'm going to get her back, William," E.J. declared. Will countered, "Which one?" E.J. angrily retorted that he had been talking about Sami, whom he had every intention of winning back. "Save it for someone who cares. I'm sorry that I ever trusted you. I'm not going to make that mistake again," Will said before leaving in disgust.

Abigail showed up a little later and declared without preamble, "We both knew the truth was going to come out, didn't we?" She expressed her belief that everything would have been different -- or at least no worse -- if they had just been honest about what had happened. E.J. apologized for Sami taking her anger out on Abigail. Abigail informed E.J. that Sami had also told Ben what had happened.

Abigail was sure that Ben was disgusted with her, but he had wanted to know whether she had ever loved E.J. E.J. urged her not to torture herself about it, since things were over between them. "My answer to Ben was that whatever happened between us, it had nothing to do with love," Abigail said. E.J. agreed. He informed Abigail that he would be arraigned the next day, and his lawyer was confident that he would get bail -- after which E.J. intended to do everything in his power to get Samantha back. "Good luck with that. You know, for what it's worth, I think you and Sami really deserve each other," Abigail declared as she headed out.

At Will and Sonny's apartment, Lucas and Sonny were discussing how Sami was spreading the news about Abigail's affair with E.J. when Adrienne arrived and overheard. Stunned, Adrienne wanted to know if it were true, and Sonny confirmed it. Adrienne presumed that E.J. had to have forced himself on Abigail. Lucas clarified that Abigail had denied that, but he guessed that E.J. had pursued her until he'd gotten what he'd wanted. While Adrienne called Jennifer to offer her support, Sonny sent a text message to Will, asking, "Where are you?"

After speaking for a moment with Jennifer, Adrienne hung up and informed Sonny and Lucas, "[Jennifer] found out about E.J. and Abigail because Sami showed up and acted like a total bitch." Sonny tried to defend Sami by pointing out that she had thought of Abigail as a friend. Will walked in while Adrienne was ranting about what Sami had done after E.J. had obviously "snowed" Abigail. "What did my mom do now?" Will asked. Adrienne filled him in about how Sami had showed Jennifer the pictures of Abigail and E.J. together.

Before Adrienne could get too much more wound up, Lucas suggested that the two of them leave. Lucas promised Will that after he got back from out of town, he would talk to Sami about backing off Abigail. Will admitted that he was worried about his younger siblings, but Lucas assured Will that he would take care of the kids. After Adrienne and Lucas had gone, Sonny apologized that his mom was back on her "high horse." Will admitted that he was incredulous about his mom's behavior with Abigail and Jennifer. Sonny pointed out reassuringly, "Nobody died. Everything is going to be okay."

A little later, Sonny returned to the room after checking on Arianna just as Will was saying on the phone, "Thank you. I'll have to think about it. I'll get back to you tomorrow." When Will hung up, he explained that his editor at the magazine wanted him to write a cover story -- about his mom and E.J.

At the police station, Rafe and Abe looked over the state auditor's case against E.J. and discussed how DiMera Enterprises would have to produce some of its financial records. Abe revealed that Sami and Kate were running the company, although he didn't know exactly how it had happened. Rafe said, "If Sami is running the company, then that subpoena should go to her... Cancel that process server. I'm going to deliver it myself."

Sami was startled and perturbed when she returned home to the DiMera mansion and found Kate waiting there to welcome her home. As Harold delivered a tray of snacks and stood by to await Kate's next command, Kate explained that she had moved in, since DiMera Enterprises owned the mansion and she and Sami shared the title of CEO of the company. "There's more than enough room in this big old house for both of us, now that we've kicked E.J. and Stefano to the curb," Kate pointed out.

As she tiredly removed her shoes, Sami complained that she wasn't really in the mood to tangle with Kate. Kate suggested that instead of retreating to another room, Sami should join her in making sure that everyone who had wronged them paid. "Kate, isn't it bad enough that we have to work together? Do you really want to see my face every night across the dinner table?" Sami asked. After signaling Harold to leave and close the door, Kate admitted that it would all be worth it when Stefano learned that the two women were living in his house and plotting his demise together.

Kate announced that she wanted to hire a decorator to update the "man cave" -- and her first order of business would be to get rid of the "abomination" that was Stefano's portrait looming over the room. "Well, now we've found one thing we can agree on," Sami concurred. Kate produced two stacks of file folders, one of which represented the divisions of the company that they would work tirelessly to make profitable. She continued that "Group B" was where Stefano and E.J. had invested the bulk of their personal assets -- and Sami immediately realized that Kate intended for the two of them to make those divisions "crash and burn."

When Harold escorted Rafe into the living room, Kate greeted him cheerfully and offered him a drink. Rafe declined and presented the women with a subpoena from the state's attorney's office for some financial documents from DiMera Enterprises. Reading over the subpoena, Kate noted, "These are the divisions that we were just talking about, Sami." Kate said that they would be more than happy to comply with the subpoena first thing the next morning.

Rafe was a little puzzled that Sami and Kate seemed to have no intention of consulting with E.J. or Stefano first. The women informed him that they intended to run DiMera Enterprises their way. Rafe remarked that it might be awkward, since Sami had just married E.J. "Don't remind me," Sami muttered. Harold entered and informed Sami that Sydney was "out of sorts," so Sami left to check on her daughter.

Once she was alone with Rafe, Kate informed him that there was no relationship between her and Stefano. Rafe wondered about Sami and E.J.'s relationship. Rafe's expression briefly betrayed just how concerned he was for Sami when Kate informed him that Sami had found out that E.J. had cheated on her -- with Abigail Deveraux. Kate needlessly reminded Rafe that Sami had cheated on him with E.J. Rafe noted wryly that Sami had made the mistake of believing that E.J. had changed.

Kate feigned happiness about the positive status of Rafe's relationship with Jordan. Kate reassured Rafe, "I want you to know that Jordan is never going to find out that the two of us were together the other day... I know if Jordan found out that we slept together again, it would certainly destroy her." Sami returned just in time to overhear. Her eyes widened in shock as she lurked in the foyer to eavesdrop. Rafe admitted that he had just seen Gabi that night, and Kate reminded him that he'd also had a lot to drink.

Rafe admitted that he didn't like lying to Jordan, but he also didn't want to hurt her. Sami loudly made her presence known in the foyer before returning to the living room. Sami explained, "[Sydney] had a nightmare about her father, that he was lost, and she couldn't find him." Sami promised Rafe that she and Kate would get everything the subpoena requested to him the next morning. Rafe expressed sympathy for what had happened to Sami, who was furious with Kate for blabbing. Sami assured Rafe that she was fine. "I saw the look in your eye. I almost feel sorry for E.J. DiMera," Rafe said on his way out.

As soon as the coast was clear, an incredulous Sami remarked to Kate, "You and Rafe had a booty call?" Kate insisted that the two of them hadn't been able to help themselves. Sami asked if what Kate had found out about Jordan would be enough to break up Rafe and Jordan. "Let's put it this way: Rafe is going to find that Jordan isn't the wounded little bird he thinks he needs to protect," Kate said. She added that it that weren't enough, they would move on to Plan B: Jordan would find out that Rafe had slept with Kate -- from Sami.

Sami tried to refuse and urged Kate to fight her own battles. "So when this secret comes out, you don't care that Rafe could be incredibly hurt?" Kate asked skeptically. "Well, he obviously doesn't belong with Jordan, but that doesn't mean he belongs with you," Sami pointed out. Kate wondered why Sami was suddenly being so territorial about Rafe. Sami insisted that she just didn't want Rafe to get hurt, but Kate questioned her, "Is that it, or is it because now that you're through with E.J., suddenly Rafe is looking better and better?"

Sami maintained that she didn't need another man in her life -- and besides, she wasn't finished with the one she'd married. Sami declared, "I promised myself that I would spend every second of my time making sure that E.J.'s life is a living hell, and I meant 'until death do us part'... And anyway, if we're going to be stuck living together, why don't we get to work on the 'for richer [or] for poorer' part?"

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