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Chaos erupts at Kristen and Xander's lair
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Monday, October 22, 2018
by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Belle struggled to process the revelation that Rex was the father of Mimi's baby. "I find it hard to believe myself sometimes..." Mimi admitted.

"But then I look at her, and...the smile, the eyes -- she's definitely his kid," Mimi added. Confused, Belle wondered why Mimi had never mentioned the baby -- or the reunion with Rex -- before. "[I mean], we email [and] text all the time, [and] all you ever talk about is what job you're doing, or what you had for dinner, or..." Belle pointed out.

Sighing, Mimi explained, "Rex and me [and] pregnancy -- not my favorite subject." After a moment of thought, Mimi added, "[But] maybe it'll help to talk about it. I mean, you're my best friend, [and] it's not like you weren't front and center the last time around, when we were all in college, and Rex and I were totally in love... [Back then], I remember thinking, 'This is the guy I'm meant to be with for the rest of my life...' [But then I found out I was pregnant], and I panicked -- I was so sure a baby would ruin things for Rex and me... [Belle], why was I so sure? Why didn't I at least tell him? I mean, it was his baby, too! He should have been part of the decision!"

"I think you've suffered enough..." Belle tried to argue, but Mimi disagreed. "It was a life, and I ended it, [and that] still haunts me," Mimi admitted. "[You know], I think my love for my daughter is even more intense than it would be if I hadn't made that horrible decision about my first pregnancy. [That was] the biggest mistake of my life -- and not just because of the baby and the torture of wondering who he or she might have been [but also because it cost me] someone I loved so much," Mimi sadly added. Belle recalled that Rex had been surprisingly hard on Mimi after finding out about the abortion, but Mimi argued that Rex's reaction had been perfectly understandable. Fighting back tears, Mimi told Belle, "I keep waiting for the pain to at least ease up [to the point where I can finally] talk about this decision and not feel this...this terrible heartache..."

Belle helpfully changed the subject, wondering how Mimi and Rex had ended up back together after the breakup. "Well, I never expected it, but I guess his feelings for me didn't completely die..." Mimi began to explain. Interrupting, Belle suddenly remembered, "When you had the abortion, you got an infection, and I remember you telling me that Lexie said you couldn't have any more kids [as a result]..." Mimi clarified that Lexie had actually said that the chances of getting pregnant again were "one in a million" as a result of the infection. "So, yet again, Rex and I didn't use protection... Guess we beat the odds," Mimi added with a shrug.

"[Anyway], it came as a complete shock [again], like the first time, [but] this time it was a happy shock because it meant I could be a mother, which is something I always knew I wanted. [So], even though Rex and I weren't in a relationship, [and] even though I had no money, [and] no husband, [and] not even a boyfriend...Belle, when they told me that I was gonna have a baby, I just felt so grateful...and then I felt so nauseous. [I mean], it wasn't the easiest pregnancy in that way...but I didn't care -- I just couldn't wait to hold my baby in my arms. And now that little girl is the light of my life," Mimi continued.

Backpedaling, Mimi explained to Belle, "[So, the way that Rex and I reconnected] was all a big coincidence, actually. [See], I happened to go to Chicago last year to help a friend of mine set up a series of private poker games, [and] on the last night, uh, one of the 'high rollers' brought a friend, and it was Rex." Resisting the urge to question the legality of the private poker games, Belle instead wondered if Mimi and Rex's unexpected reunion had been awkward. "Strangely," Mimi replied. "Maybe it was the atmosphere -- very cool, very sexy, tons of money, Champagne... [Anyway], one thing led to another, and we hooked up," Mimi added.

"And afterward...?" Belle asked expectantly. "Nothing. I flew home the next day, [and that was that]," Mimi explained with a shrug. " does Rex feel about being a dad?" Belle wondered. "He doesn't know about the baby," Mimi admitted, eliciting a groan from Belle. "Like I said, it was a one-time thing, you know? [Then] I went back to my life, [and] he went back to his..." Mimi added, shrugging again.

"[Plus]...when Rex and I hooked up, he was...kind of...seeing someone...[but] they were 'having problems,' I guess," Mimi revealed. "So, anyway, a few weeks after I left Chicago, I called him [to tell him I was pregnant], and I got thisclose to saying the words...[but then] Rex announced that he's engaged. [And] he seemed so happy and excited [that] I just couldn't bring myself to tell him about the baby. I didn't want to ruin his life all over again. [I mean, we've] been over for a long time, [and] he's about to start a new life with the woman he loves. This is the last thing he needs," Mimi continued.

"[But] you just said that hiding the first pregnancy from Rex was the biggest mistake you ever made. Do you really want to repeat that?" Belle asked incredulously. "This is not the same thing," Mimi argued. "You are [once again] making a unilateral decision about a child that belongs to both of you, so..." Belle countered. "I'm deciding not to ruin Rex's life," Mimi clarified.

Belle was confident that Rex would instantly fall in love with and accept the baby if given the chance to do so. "[And then what] -- tell his fiancée to postpone their wedding because he has to report for diaper duty?" Mimi asked skeptically. "Sorry, Belle -- I am not saying a word to Rex about this baby...and neither are you," Mimi insisted with finality. "Fine," Belle reluctantly agreed.

"But he's gonna find out [eventually]...from the man who currently thinks he's the father of your baby," Belle warned. "Nope. Not gonna happen," Mimi confidently assured Belle. "[See, Rex told me that he stays] so busy with work [that] he's terrible about keeping in touch with his family, [and] he hasn't been back to Salem in years..." Mimi elaborated. "Besides, I'm gonna get this whole thing resolved before it ever becomes an issue...[if you just] make sure my mom wins this custody case against Lucas. Then I'll take my baby and disappear," Mimi begged Belle, who still had reservations.

"Mimi, my experience with this kind of thing -- [I mean], I think I told you, I represented Chloe during her whole custody thing with Holly, and it was just so ugly, [and] it caused problems with Shawn and me, and Brady and me, and... I want to help you -- I do -- but..." Belle explained. Undeterred, Mimi passionately argued, "Don't you know how important this is to me and my mom? [I mean], this is my child we're talking about -- a child I never thought I would have! And I will probably never be able to have any more kids, [so] she's it -- she's everything to me! [And you] remember when Claire was a baby, and you were separated from her, [so]...please, Belle, one mother to another -- help me, please!" Sighing, Belle reluctantly agreed to represent Mimi during the custody hearing.

Mimi breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Belle with a hug. "Let's just hope [this] doesn't, uh...blow up in our faces," Belle advised Mimi.

At the Brady Pub, Roman happily greeted Rex with a hug then proudly observed, "Damn, you look good! You got that good-looking face from your old man, you know!" Chuckling, Rex warned Roman, "I wouldn't let Mom hear you say that. She thinks that I'm her spitting image." Roman dismissively countered, "Really? [Well], I don't see any blue streak in your hair, [so I'd say] you are definitely all Brady."

"You know, half Roman Brady, half Kate Roberts -- Dr. Rolf's genetic engineering worked out real well for Cassie and me," Rex acknowledged. "He's dead, you know," Roman unceremoniously revealed. "Dr. Rolf? I thought that freak would live forever!" Rex admitted with a shake of the head. "I'm sorry to say this, [but] I'm glad. I cringe every time I think about [how he had Cassie and me] making our grand entrance into Salem. Remember that -- falling from the sky naked during a meteor shower [and landing] smack-dab in the middle of the Horton family barbecue on the Fourth of July? [And then] Shawn and Belle thought we were aliens [and dubbed us the Gemini Twins]. I'm never gonna live that one down," Rex added. Roman was quick to point out that, on the bright side, Rex wasn't Tony DiMera's kid, as everyone had first suspected back then.

Rex admitted that not having a true sense of identity back then had been rough. "But I'm happy I turned out to be human -- [and that] you turned out to be my dad," Rex assured Roman. "By the way, I spoke with Cassie, and, uh, I tried to get her to come back to Salem, but she was, um...she was a little hesitant, 'cause the last time she was here, she was...stabbed and stuffed into a Thanksgiving piñ;ata and left for dead," Rex added. Roman understand -- and had actually begun to suspect that neither Cassie nor Rex would ever set foot in Salem again. "[Well, this is] a good time to be with family, [because] I got some really big news," Rex explained, grinning.

Roman was surprised to learn that Rex was engaged. "Dad, she's so amazing. [See], we had our medical residencies in the same hospital in Chicago, [and] she works so hard, [and] she's so smart, [and] she's so fun, [and] she comes from a great family... Dad, you are gonna love this woman --" Rex gushed. Interrupting, Roman wondered if Rex was ever going to share the woman's name.

Before Rex could respond, Lucas entered the pub, pushing a stroller. Lucas was surprised to see Rex, who was equally surprised to see the baby. "Uncle Rex, meet your niece," Lucas said. "She's beautiful!" Rex raved. "I didn't know you had a baby," Rex added. "Neither did I," Lucas admitted. "Can I hold her?" Rex asked. "Go ahead," Lucas replied, giving Rex a nod of encouragement.

Rex handed the baby back to Lucas a few minutes later. "So, Mom tells me that, uh, you and Chloe are back together," Rex revealed. "Yeah? [And did she also] tell you how thrilled she was about it?" Lucas sarcastically replied. "Thrilled enough that she failed to mention you two had a kid..." Rex mused with a shake of the head. "Yeah, well, Chloe's not the mom, so..." Lucas clarified. "She's not?" Rex asked before taking a sip of beer. "Bonnie Lockhart is," Lucas elaborated, causing Rex to choke.

"I know, it's shocking -- I had a baby with Mimi's mom," Lucas continued. "How exactly did that happen?" Rex asked after recovering. "You know what [else is shocking]? Your brother is engaged," Roman interjected. "[But] you love playing the field!" Lucas pointed out. "What can I say? I met the perfect woman," Rex explained with a shrug.

"Maybe you'll have a baby soon," Roman teasingly suggested. "Hey, hey, hey -- easy, okay?" Rex protested. However, despite the objection, Rex found it hard to stop staring at the baby in Lucas' arms.

At Kristen and Xander's lair in Nashville, Nicole tried to open another door and found that it, like all the others, was locked. "'J.D.' -- what does that mean?" Nicole wondered, staring in confusion at the sign on the door. Nicole knocked on the door and called out a greeting, but no one responded from the other side. When Nicole tried again, Brady heard and cried out for help from the room marked "E.D."

"Is Eric in there with you?" Nicole asked hopefully after locating Brady's room. "No, he's not, but [if you] let me out --" Brady began to respond. "After what you did to me?" Nicole bitterly countered. "[Besides], even if I wanted to, I don't have a key," Nicole added. "Sami took it when she locked me in here. [See], she thinks I'm working with Kristen -- which I'm not, [but] she didn't believe me, so she ran off to find E.J. [As it turns out], Kristen may have had him in this very room [all along]," Brady explained. "That's what 'E.D.' stands for..." Nicole realized. "There's a whole hallway full of rooms with initials," Nicole added. "Whose?" Brady asked.

"I don't know. I don't remember," Nicole replied. "[Look], I have to go. I will send help, but right now, I have to find Eric," Nicole added before rushing off, ignoring Brady's protests.

Meanwhile, Eric tried to get Kristen to reveal the names of the other people who were being held within the lair. Before Kristen could respond, Sami stumbled upon the morgue-like room and demanded to know what was going on. "Don't worry about me --" Eric began to assure Sami. "Oh, please! Your selfish witch of a sister is only worried about one person -- her precious E.J.!" Kristen dismissively insisted.

"Where is he?" Sami demanded to know. "I'm not gonna tell you," Kristen tauntingly replied. "Wrong. Answer," Sami declared through gritted teeth while lunging toward Kristen.

"Psycho bitch! Tell me where he is!" Sami demanded while tightening both hands around Kristen's neck. "Sami, Kristen can't tell you anything if she can't breathe!" Eric pointed out, but Sami ignored the point.

"Let. Her. Go," Xander ordered Sami, stepping into the room with a gun drawn. Sami reluctantly complied. "Where the hell have you been?" Kristen asked Xander between gasps for breath. "Have you got everybody out?" Kristen added. "I'm working on it. I had something to take care of first," Xander replied while shooting Eric a glare. "Are you talking about Nicole? Xander, what did you do to her?" Eric asked worriedly.

"Nothing! In fact, she knocked me out in the alley and took back that recording you stole from me. My poor, deluded wife still thinks there's a chance that you might escape and live happily ever after. She's running around [out] there right now, looking for you like a rat in a maze," Xander informed Eric. "Where's E.J.?" Sami asked Xander. "Oh, God -- you sound like a broken record!" Kristen tiredly snapped at Sami.

Meanwhile, E.J. sat motionless in the room marked "W.R.," which was actually a fully stocked laboratory -- Dr. Wilhelm Rolf's laboratory.

Rolf, who was sitting in front of E.J., held up a syringe. "Not to worry. I have been hard at work, refining the serum, and I am quite sure this is the maximum safe dosage for you," Rolf assured E.J. "I don't blame you for being a bit skittish, seeing as how the drug didn't work for you very well the first time around, but you must remember, the formula was far from perfected back then. I myself made a much more rapid recovery after Madam DiMera injected me. And now she's hoping we can finally bring you back to the land of the living -- for good," Rolf added before plunging the needle into E.J.'s arm.

"[I'm sure] it's been difficult being in this state for so long. You've probably wanted to give up many times," Rolf mused after setting aside the empty syringe. "But you have a lot to live for! Samantha Brady is here! Not my cup of tea, but, uh, there's no accounting for taste..." Rolf added with a shrug. E.J. suddenly leaped out of the wheelchair. "He's back!" Rolf happily observed. E.J. silently grabbed Rolf. "Look, I'm sorry -- I didn't mean to offend you --" Rolf tried to protest. E.J. shoved Rolf backward, knocking over several beakers in the process, each of which was filled with some sort of chemical substance.

A lit Bunsen burner also fell to the ground, landing right in the middle of the pool of spilled substances. "Fire!" Rolf cried out in horror as the chemicals ignited into a massive wall of flames.

An explosion soon rocked the entire building. "We gotta get out of here!" Kristen told Xander as more explosions began. "What about these two?" Xander asked, still aiming a gun at Eric and Sami. "Forget about them! Come on!" Kristen replied while dragging Xander away. As soon as the coast was clear, Sami loosened Eric's bindings then went to get Brady.

"I'm going to find E.J.! You go get [Nicole]!" Sami told Brady and Eric before rushing off. Brady and Eric soon discovered Nicole, who was trapped with Holly behind a wall of rubble. Brady and Eric frantically began trying to clear a path through which Nicole and Holly could escape. After creating a small passageway, Brady and Eric instructed Nicole to hand over Holly. Nicole was reluctant to do so at first but eventually complied. Brady headed out of the building with Holly as Eric continued trying to free Nicole.

Elsewhere, Kristen told Xander to get the other patients out of the building. "No way! I'm not running into that inferno!" Xander protested. "Do as I ask -- or you'll wish you were burned alive!" Kristen impatiently warned Xander through gritted teeth. "What am I supposed to do with all those people?" Xander asked. "Just put 'em [wherever you stashed] Brady," Kristen instructed. "I have no idea where Brady is! When I went to get him, he was already gone!" Xander revealed. Horrified, Kristen rushed off in search of Brady.

Meanwhile, Sami stumbled upon Rolf's lab -- just as Rolf was emerging from it. "If you're alive, then I know E.J.'s alive, too! Where is he?" Sami demanded to know. "Don't go in there! It's bad!" Rolf replied before rushing off. Ignoring Rolf's warning, Sami stepped into the lab and found E.J. passed out on the floor.

Kristen soon emerged from the building and found Brady in the alley with Holly, who was crying. "Thank God you're okay!" Kristen exclaimed, rushing over to embrace Brady. "Yeah, well, the people in there are not!" Brady countered, dodging Kristen. "No, I know! All my work -- all my work... It's all going to hell, and I just -- I don't care anymore! I don't care! I just want you to be with me!" Kristen begged Brady. "I don't want to hear this right now!" Brady replied before starting to head back inside the building to check on the others. "Don't! There's a lab in there, and it's gonna blow up! Everything's gonna go -- any minute!" Kristen warned Brady.

"Please, just be with me!" Kristen repeated. "Not a chance," Brady spat. Kristen released a scream of frustration then reluctantly walked away after assuring Brady, "You will regret this one day -- I promise you!" Brady rushed off in the opposite direction with Holly. After finding a safe place to leave the child, Brady headed back inside the building to check on Eric and Nicole.

Sami helped E.J. get back in the wheelchair then started pushing it. Meanwhile, Brady rejoined Eric and Nicole. Eric hadn't been able to make any more progress with the wall of rubble but refused to leave without Nicole, even though she was advising him to save himself. Sighing, Brady knocked Eric out with one of the pieces of rubble then carried him out of the building and held him back when he regained consciousness and tried to reenter the building. Behind the wall of rubble, Nicole sobbed and kissed Eric's medallion while muttering, "Holly... Eric... Goodbye, my loves..." Another explosion soon occurred.

Elsewhere, Rolf stumbled upon Kristen. "Is everyone out?" Kristen asked. "I don't know, but it's too late -- the whole place is collapsing!" Rolf replied. "I'm not afraid," Kristen insisted before walking back toward the flames.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Sami takes E.J. to a hospital.

• Eric receives devastating news.

• Chad and J.J. try to convince Abigail to seek help.

• Paul gets suspicious after catching Will talking to Sonny on the phone.

Kelly Kruger makes another Y&R return
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