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Monday, August 25, 2014
by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Marlena was shocked to learn that Kristen had been released. Marlena knowingly guessed that Stefano had probably given the judge a villa somewhere in Italy, and Roman agreed that there was a good chance that such a deal had been struck. Roman reported that Kristen had been ordered to wear an ankle monitor, but Marlena doubted that would stop Kristen from fleeing.

At the hospital, Nicole found Eric sitting alone in John's room. Nicole apologized for the intrusion, explaining that she had made several previous attempts to visit John but had always caught him in the middle of one test or another. Eric expressed skepticism, but Nicole assured him that it was purely coincidental that they had both decided to visit John at the same time. Eric admitted that he didn't believe in coincidences -- not when Nicole was involved, at least.

Eric abruptly excused himself, but Nicole followed him out of the room and pointed out that it was inevitable that they would run into each other from time to time. Nicole quickly added that she wanted Eric to know that, while her boss was pressuring her to cover the story about Sami, E.J., and Abigail, she wasn't going to comply, because she didn't want to hurt Eric any more than she already had.

Eric encouraged Nicole to do whatever she wanted to do, write whatever she wanted to write, and go wherever she wanted to go, insisting that he didn't care anymore and that he couldn't bear to even look at her anymore. "Well, which is it, hmm? You just don't care, or you're so desperate not to care -- so desperate not to even think about me anymore -- [but] you hate me so much, you can't help it?" Nicole wondered.

Before Eric could respond, he received a phone call from Marlena, and when she realized that he was with Nicole, she asked to see both of them right away. When Eric and Nicole arrived at the Brady Pub a short time later, Marlena and Roman revealed that Kristen had been granted bail. Nicole angrily summarized that the DiMeras had bought off another judge.

Roman excused himself but promised to keep Marlena and Eric posted on Kristen's whereabouts. After Roman left, Marlena told Eric that she had tried to contact Brady but had been unsuccessful. Eric and Marlena decided to split up and look for Brady, and Nicole chased after Eric as he exited the pub.

At the park, Kristen greeted Brady and happily noted that they were finally together again. Brady reached for his cell phone, but before he could contact the police, Kristen showed him her ankle monitor and assured him that her movements were already being tracked. Brady guessed that Kristen wasn't the only person whose movements were being tracked, and she confirmed that she'd had him followed because she hadn't wanted him to hear about her release from anyone else.

Kristen said she had a lot of things to explain to Brady, but he snapped that he hated her and wasn't interested in hearing her explanations. Brady warned that he was ready to take on Kristen and her goons if she tried to pull another kidnapping stunt. Kristen claimed that what had happened with Daniel had been a complete misunderstanding, and she insisted that her intentions had been good. Brady refused to believe Kristen, observing that she seemed to lie as easily as other people breathed, but she swore that what she had to say to him wasn't a lie.

Kristen said she understood that Brady was hurt and angry and that he had probably been trying to wipe every thought and memory of her from his mind since the day she had left Salem. "But that's not how it's been for me, Brady. You're all I've thought about. You're the first thing I think of when I wake up, and you're the last thing I think of when I go to sleep -- if I can sleep. And if I can, I dream of you," Kristen added.

Brady expressed skepticism, but Kristen assured him that she was telling the truth. Kristen acknowledged that she had a lot to account for, and she added that she had only approached him because she was certain that the Brady she had known -- the Brady who had known her better than anyone else ever had -- would listen to her. "The reason I'm here, Brady -- I am finally gonna make things right," Kristen vowed.

Brady told Kristen that, as he knew from personal experience, certain things simply couldn't be made right. Kristen guessed that Brady was talking about what had happened to John, and Brady confirmed the suspicion, musing that the crux of the matter was that everything that had gone wrong in their lives could be traced back to the three of them. Brady proceeded to tell Kristen about the bad habits he had indulged in and the poor choices he had made after she had left Salem.

"And I got into something, Kristen -- I got into hate. Hatred of you, of course, but...hatred of someone else that, uh, came as a surprise to me -- I began to hate my father [...] for constantly reminding me of you with his presence, for being right about you, but most of all, for bringing you into my life. So I began to blame everything on him. Every time I drank, every time I snorted a line of coke, every time I had sex, every time I tried myself apart, I blamed him, [and] I got really good at hating. But I realized that, even more so than my father, the one guy I really hated the most was me -- myself," Brady explained.

"And the irony is, I'm good -- I'm fine. I'm just rolling along with my useless, stupid life, and, uh, it's gonna be without my dad, 'cause I killed him. I killed him, Kristen -- he's in -- he's in a coma. He's not waking up. He's as dead as a person can be. He's gone. And I tried to do what people like you and I do -- I threw money at the situation. I thought I could bully some doctors into coming in, examining him, and bringing him back -- some kind of miracle -- [but] it's not gonna happen. He's gone. So I have come to the realization that I'm the one who killed my father. I'm the one who did it," Brady regretfully continued, ignoring Kristen's attempts to offer hope.

"But here's the problem, Kristen, that you're not seeing -- I have to live with it. I have to live with it for the rest of my life, just like you have to live with the fact that you created this hell. There is no salvation for you here. You are as dead to me as my father," Brady concluded before walking away. Kristen sadly watched Brady leave but didn't try to stop him.

Nicole followed Eric to the Kiriakis mansion, where he was leaving a note for Brady. Eric protested that Nicole needed to look for Brady elsewhere, and he grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him as he added that he didn't want her anywhere near him. "You don't know what the hell you want," Nicole observed. With a tortured look, Eric forcibly removed Nicole from the mansion and quickly closed the door behind her.

Brady ran into Marlena in the town square and thanked her for trying to warn him about Kristen's release, adding that he had actually already had an encounter with Kristen earlier. Brady started to tell Marlena about the encounter before dismissively concluding that it didn't matter because Kristen was gone. "Where is she?" Marlena worriedly wondered.

Meanwhile, in John's hospital room, Kristen was studying John's medical files. "Hi, John. Can you hear me? Well, I guess it doesn't really matter. Life is so strange. The way I just unexpectedly ended up in Salem -- I had no idea what I was gonna do next. But now I think I do," Kristen cryptically stated, grinning mischievously.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami panicked about the state of the company, and E.J. calmly agreed that the situation was quite dire. E.J. added that one of the things he had learned from Stefano -- a man who was very passionate and, at times, also very emotional -- was that it was never wise to let personal feelings interfere with business decisions.

Sami impatiently insisted that she didn't have time to listen to one of E.J.'s lectures. "This is rather a textbook illustration of my point, Samantha. The article that your son wrote would have been a lot less damaging if the other woman hadn't been named. [...] You know, when my father wanted to have Rafe neutered, he didn't do it himself. He thought about it. Did you think about how outing Abigail would affect the company? No, you did not. She hurt you, and you wanted to hit back at her -- hard. And, in doing so, you've given the board plenty to dig into, and no real deniability for us. What the hell did you think you were doing?" E.J. wondered.

Sami explained that she had given Abigail's name to the editor of TruVista because she hadn't wanted Abigail to get off scot-free. "I still can't believe her holier-than-thou press release, though she did make it clear how she feels about you," Sami added. Sami said that when she had learned that nasty things were going to be printed about her, she had decided to make sure that people knew exactly who Abigail really was, too.

"Well, congratulations -- you got what you wanted. I have to tell you, I've been waiting for this day for quite some time -- the day when you finally come to me and beg for my help. And I've been looking forward to telling you to go to hell," E.J. replied, prompting Sami to assure him that she was already there. Sami guessed that, despite how E.J. felt about her, he wouldn't be able to sit back and watch DiMera Enterprises -- a company he cared about -- crash and burn. "It's you and Kate who are gonna crash and burn. And, personally, I don't give a damn," E.J. claimed.

Sami pointedly observed that it seemed like E.J. was letting his personal feelings affect business, but he reminded her that it was no longer his business because she had taken it away from him. Sami protested that, while she and E.J. had endured some little differences lately, he had to help her because their kids' legacy was at stake. E.J. wondered what Sami would be willing to do in exchange for his help.

Sami incredulously asked if E.J. was really trying to blackmail her to get her back into his bed after everything he had already done to her. "Wrong answer," E.J. calmly stated before exiting the mansion, ignoring Sami's attempt to stop him. Meanwhile, Sami received a phone call from Shin, and she assured him that everything was under control and that E.J. would contact him as soon as possible.

At Club TBD, Lucas was on the phone with someone, asking them to dig up information on the editor of TruVista, when Sonny emerged from the back of the place and started restocking the condiment station. Lucas ended the call and joined Sonny, who wondered why his father-in-law seemed surprised to see him in his own establishment.

"Well, you are Will's husband. With all hell breaking loose, I thought, I don't know, maybe you should be at home with him," Lucas explained with a hint of disapproval. Sonny said he had just talked to his husband and hadn't gotten the impression that he was needed at home or that all hell was breaking loose, adding that Will had actually been focused on potential television interviews and future article assignments.

"I don't want to stir things up, but you come in here and tell me I need to be with him, and you haven't even talked to him?" Sonny asked incredulously. Lucas apologized and explained that he was simply worried about his son. Lucas stressed that he was planning to talk to Will -- after figuring out a few things, such as why an unknown short-story writer had suddenly been given a job as a feature writer for a major magazine.

Sonny pointed out that Will had unique access to the people the article was about, but Lucas argued that it seemed wildly out of character for Will to write such things about loved ones, such as Sami and Abigail. Sonny admitted that he wasn't comfortable talking to Lucas about the matter, since he didn't like explaining Will to Lucas. Lucas understood but observed that Sonny didn't seem particularly happy about the situation, either.

Sonny said he believed it would be best for him to trust Will to handle the matter on his own. Sonny added that the magazine had put an enormous amount of pressure on Will. Sonny started to say something else but quickly stopped himself, prompting Lucas to knowingly observe that when people did that sort of thing, it usually meant that Sami was involved.

Sonny started to elaborate but decided to trust his original instinct and let Will be the one to answer Lucas' questions. Lucas nodded and walked away after stating that Will was very lucky to have Sonny. "We'll see about that," Sonny worriedly muttered after Lucas left.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Abigail caustically praised Will for writing an article that had packed a nice punch. Will stammered that he had tried to warn Abigail but hadn't been able to because their earlier phone conversation had been interrupted. "Oh, right -- my mistake. Yeah, yeah -- if I would have known beforehand that you were going to write, in print, how I slept with your mother's husband, then it would have been all fine, right?" Abigail sarcastically replied.

Will apologized and said he understood why Abigail was angry, prompting her to respond that he was quite perceptive. Abigail continued that she had been unsure about confronting Will but had ultimately decided that it was really important for her to make sure he knew exactly how she felt about him. Before elaborating, Abigail wondered if Will had left her a bunch of voicemail messages because he had been eager to get material from her for a follow-up article about how it felt to be publicly labeled a "whore." Will assured Abigail that he would never do something like that to her.

"No, you wouldn't! You would never do that to someone! You wouldn't. You know why? Because it is too disgusting, too vile a thing to do to somebody who cares about you, somebody who stood up at your wedding, somebody who is your own family! You would never do that! I have one small thing to tell you -- I am not a whore. I didn't take money for what I did. But you -- hmm. Now, how much did they pay you for your services rendered?" Abigail pointedly asked.

Will tried to explain everything to Abigail, but she was only interested in hearing the answer to her question, so he reluctantly admitted that he had been paid three thousand dollars for the article and that he would also receive a share of the profits from any eventual television shows or movies based on it. With Abigail's question answered, Will once again tried to explain everything to her, but she didn't think there was anything left for them to say to each other. Abigail accused Will of being just like his mother, and she left after stating that she hoped the money he had earned for writing the article had been worth it.

Abigail went to Club TBD and asked Sonny if he had known about the article when she had returned Arianna home earlier. Sonny admitted that he had, and he started to say something else, but Abigail interrupted and complained that she was sick of hearing excuses from people who supposedly cared about her but hadn't had the decency to tell her what had been headed her way so that she could have at least warned her mother.

Sonny stressed that he was sorry and that the whole thing was his fault. Confused, Abigail wondered why Sonny was taking responsibility for something Will had written. Sonny admitted that he had gotten Will the job, and he begged Abigail not to tell anyone that piece of information. Sonny stressed that the news would kill Will, who hated feeling dependent, but Abigail bitterly replied that she didn't feel like being sensitive to Will's feelings at that time.

Abigail couldn't believe that Sonny had known about the article and had been okay with it. Sonny explained that Will had simply been trying to make a point to Sami, and he stressed that Abigail's name hadn't been mentioned in Will's original draft of the article but had been added later -- without Will's permission. Abigail was skeptical because Will hadn't mentioned anything about that during their earlier conversation, but when Sonny vaguely explained that someone else had given the magazine editor her name, she quickly realized that the person in question had been Sami. Abigail rushed out of the club, ignoring Sonny's attempt to stop her.

Outside Will and Sonny's apartment, Lucas received a phone call from the person he had talked to earlier, who informed him that the editor of TruVista answered to the owner of the magazine -- Victor Kiriakis. Intrigued, Lucas ended the call and knocked on the apartment door. "If you're here to tell me off, take a number," Will said with a weary sigh when he opened the door.

Lucas clarified that he just wanted to try to understand exactly what was going on, although he added that he thought he had a pretty good idea already. Lucas wished that Will had felt comfortable asking for his help. Will stressed that his father needed to start accepting the fact that he made his own decisions. "That's just what a man like Victor makes you think, huh?" Lucas mused. Confused, Will wondered what Victor had to do with the matter.

Lucas suspected that Will might be covering for Sonny, but Will was still obviously confused, so Lucas explained that he had just learned that Victor owned TruVista. Stunned, Will abruptly asked Lucas to leave. Lucas wanted to stay so he and Will could talk about everything, but Will wearily stated that he was all talked out. "This is something that I have to do on my own, and I am sick of people thinking that I need their help," Will added. Will promised to call Lucas if he needed anything. "Damn it, Sonny," Will muttered after Lucas left.

Lucas ran into E.J. outside the Brady Pub. Lucas jokingly greeted E.J. as Salem's very own Don Juan. E.J. wasn't amused, but he managed to amuse Lucas when he irritably suggested that Lucas' time would be better spent instilling a sense of decency in Will instead of bothering E.J. Lucas pointed out E.J.'s hypocrisy, but E.J. argued that Will's actions had been more selfish than those of any of the other players in the saga.

Lucas said Will had been pushed to write the article. E.J. sarcastically wondered if someone had held a gun to Will's head. Lucas clarified that, while that hadn't happened, the fact was that the article only existed because of Victor. Confused, E.J. wondered what Lucas was talking about. "Oh, this is truly amazing. Wait a second -- I know something that the DiMeras don't? That's a first. [...] Victor owns the magazine, you fool. Boy, Kiriakis nailed you this time, DiMera," Lucas said before walking away, leaving E.J. speechless.

Abigail arrived at the DiMera mansion just as Sami was about to leave. "I warned you, you bitch!" Abigail snapped as she slapped Sami. Meanwhile, Sonny returned to his and Will's apartment and admitted that there was something that he needed to tell Will. "What you need to do is stop treating me like a child," Will irritably replied.

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