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Abigail gains an ally
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Monday, December 10, 2018
by Mike

At the park, Ben told Stefan about Ted's alliance with Hope. Stefan was pleased to hear that Ben hadn't said anything while in Hope's presence that could back up Ted's kidnapping claim. "I'd never rat you out to the cops," Ben assured Stefan. "[And] now I want to get this lying snake [of a] lawyer [just as much as you do, so] what's our next move?" Ben asked eagerly.

Meanwhile, Rafe stormed into Hope and Ted's cheap motel room and demanded to know what was going on. Ted hinted with a shrug that Hope was having an affair as a way to get back at Rafe for a past indiscretion. Rafe punched Ted before Hope could explain what was really going on. Rafe didn't buy Hope's story at first but eventually decided that it was true.

Ted made it clear that Hope had hated lying to Rafe. "[But we knew] you would have insisted [on] playing by the book, which would have left me vulnerable [to] anyone at the Salem P.D. who's on Stefan's payroll! They would have tipped him off, and I would have ended up in cement shoes!" Ted explained. "You say that like it's a bad thing," Rafe dryly replied.

Rafe told Hope that getting in bed with Ted -- even just figuratively -- was a big mistake. "You are compromising your job as commissioner [and] jeopardizing everything -- and I mean everything -- in your life, [and] I can promise you, it is not gonna end well. You need to walk away from this -- now," Rafe warned Hope, adding that there were other ways to nail Ben.

"If you stop protecting me, Stefan DiMera [will] find me [and] kill me!" Ted fretted. As if on cue, Ted received a phone call from Stefan. Ted turned on the speakerphone setting so Hope and Rafe could hear both ends of the conversation. "I heard that you've been making some pretty wild allegations," Stefan began. "Everything I said about [you] is pure fact -- [you] kidnapped me [and] dragged me to some godforsaken island [then] sent [a] serial killer to get me [after I got away]!" Ted insisted. "Ted, you're an attorney -- need I remind you where the burden of proof lies?" Stefan coolly countered.

"We both know what you did," Ted maintained. "What I know is that you're making some rather absurd, inflammatory, and unsubstantiated claims that could tarnish both me and my company, and [that] needs to stop. Be advised [that] my people know where to find you, wherever you are...[but] only if the need may arise, of course," Stefan replied.

"Now two psychopaths want me dead!" Ted nervously summarized for Hope and Rafe after Stefan ended the call. "I demand that you continue to protect me!" Ted added.

Rafe sighed and reluctantly agreed to cooperate. "[But] no more secrets, [and] no more lies. We're a team," Rafe told Hope, who nodded and apologized then rushed outside to see if it was safe to move Ted back to the Horton cabin. While waiting for Hope to return, Rafe warned Ted, "If anything happens to Hope under this little arrangement, Stefan's not the one you're gonna have to worry about."

At the loft apartment, Ciara received a visit from Julie, who barged in and immediately began complaining about what had happened the previous night. "[Ben Weston walked into Doug's Place and asked] for a table for though I would let [a] convicted murderer take you out on a date!" Julie dramatically revealed. "I know you're a smart woman [who is] perfectly capable of making [her] own decisions, but I want you to ask yourself, darling...what kind of 'man' shows he has the hots for you by literally trying to set you on fire?" Julie continued. Annoyed, Ciara insisted that Ben hadn't started that fire -- and was no longer a threat.

"In my long experience, I have noticed that people rarely change that much -- especially [people] like Ben," Julie skeptically countered. "He's cunning, [and] he's snowing you, just like he snowed everybody else in this town. [I mean], before he was caught, we all thought he was a nice guy," Julie continued. "[But] now he is a nice guy -- for real!" Ciara maintained.

Still not convinced, Julie warned Ciara, "Ben Weston is not your average predator. He's lethal. So, the next time you see him coming, whatever you think your feelings are, set 'em aside...and run!"

At the Horton house, Jennifer and Chad fretted about Stefan's decision to end Abigail's treatment. Chad soon rushed off to the DiMera mansion to confront Stefan, ignoring Jennifer's objections.

Ben went to the Brady Pub after receiving a text message from Ciara. "I don't really have much time right now, [because] my shift starts in a few minutes, and I have to set up for a birthday party [for] an old family friend [who] turns 84 today. [He] loves soap operas and yard work. [Anyway] Grandma Julie just gave me hell for getting involved with you. She thinks it's the biggest mistake I've ever made, and [she] practically ordered me to stay away from you," Ciara informed Ben. "Are you dumping me?" Ben asked worriedly. "I don't really think you can dump someone after one date," Ciara teasingly replied.

"[But] if you're asking if my grandma changed my mind about you, the answer is no," Ciara added. Ben breathed a sigh of relief then admitted with a chuckle that trying to charm Julie had been a mistake. "No one can hold a grudge like Julie Williams," Ciara agreed, also chuckling. "As much as I would love to win over your family, the only person whose opinion really matters to me is [you]," Ben stressed.

"It won't always be this way," Ciara assured Ben. "If I can see what a good person you've become, then I'm sure we can convince everyone else...[but] we're gonna need some time, so you need to get out of here, because this place is about to be filled with a ton of people who would completely, completely freak out if they found out we were together," she continued. "Right, right -- the birthday party for the family friend," he recalled with a nod. "Maybe by the time I'm 84, these people will actually like me," he jokingly added before starting to rush off.

"Almost forgot..." Ben began, turning to face Ciara again. "Would you like to go on a second date with me?" he asked hopefully. "I would love to," she replied. He smiled and nodded then quickly exited the pub.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi curiously pointed out that Abigail was supposed to be at Bayview. "I'm Gabby," Abigail clarified. Confused, Gabi wondered when Gabby had returned. "Right after [your] pow-wow [with Abigail] at Bayview -- [you know], when you copped to framing [her]," Abigail explained. "I didn't confess to anything," Gabi claimed. "Hmm. That's not what I remember," Abigail replied.

"Doesn't really matter, [though]. I'm just so happy to be out of that rubber room. [You know], when my man laid eyes on me, he couldn't get me out of there fast enough. And now that I'm back in control, there is just one thing that I want to say to you, [and that is]...thank you. [Really], I am so grateful to you, [because] all your scheming sent Abigail over the edge, [and] now I'm free [again]," Abigail continued.

"Or this is some big performance that you, Abigail, are putting on so that Stefan can spring you out of Bayview," Gabi countered. "You're doing a pretty good job [of] keeping up with me, I'll give you that. [I mean], marrying Stefan [was] a good idea, [and] pretending to be Gabby [is] even better," Gabi continued. "So, what's next?" Gabi asked curiously. "Next, I...well, I guess I, uh, live my amazing life," Abigail replied, shrugging.

"'Amazing life'? What do you mean? Chad's gone, your entire family [has] bailed on you, [and] you've been gone for so long [that] Thomas probably doesn't even know who you are [anymore]. And now that you're [committed to] playing crazy, you're gonna lose your baby [soon], too," Gabi tauntingly countered. "Like hell I am," Abigail shot back. "Finally -- we're done playing games! I'm Gabi, [and] you're Abigail," Gabi summarized with a smirk of satisfaction. "I'm Gabby," Abigail maintained. "You might be fooling Stefan with that bull, but I'm not some lovesick puppy," Gabi dismissively argued.

"Listen to me, Abigail -- you probably have some sort of delusion where you think you're gonna get payback for what I did to you, [but you can] forget it, [because] you're screwed. [I mean], even if you manage to ditch Stefan, you do know your entire family thinks you're insane, [right]? They're gonna do whatever it takes to make sure you get back to the funny farm for a very long time. And you can cry about how I set you up and everything, [but] everybody [has already] dismissed your crazy, paranoid story, [so] no one is gonna help you, [and] no one's gonna believe you. You are completely and totally alone," Gabi continued.

"Hmm. You're right. Everyone does think that I'm crazy -- dangerous, even," Abigail conceded. "I did a pretty damn good job, didn't I?" Gabi bragged, smirking again. "Yeah, you did -- you really did," Abigail agreed. "And now that you have thoroughly convinced everyone that I'm Gabby, I'm not gonna be held responsible for my actions. I mean, you know better than anyone that I got away with murder once, right? [So], instead of slapping that smug look off your face, what if I just killed you instead?" Abigail added while cornering Gabi, who couldn't help squirming a bit.

Just then, Chad entered the mansion and wondered what was going on. "I came by to drop off some papers for Stefan," Gabi claimed. "[And] I was shocked to run into...her," Gabi added while gesturing toward Abigail, who tiredly ordered Gabi to hand over the papers then leave. "No, that's okay. I don't want to add stress to your life [by involving you in] my business with Stefan," Gabi replied before rushing out of the mansion.

Unlike Gabi, Chad refused to take orders from Gabby, of all people. "Stefan broke a promise. He has to answer for it. [See, I gave] Stefan his daughter, [and] in return, he [was supposed to] get Abigail into treatment," Chad explained while settling into one of the chairs in the living room. "[So]...what, you want Stefan to give you the baby back [now] -- the baby that you rejected because it wasn't yours?" Abigail asked, scoffing.

Chad insisted that wasn't what had happened, but Abigail disagreed. "I'm a part of her, remember? I saw, heard, and felt everything when it came to that baby, [so] I know that your hate for your brother was stronger than your love for your wife -- well, your ex-wife," Abigail summarized while taking a seat on Chad's lap. "You couldn't even look at Abigail when she was pregnant. You could barely even touch her. And your disgust for her was so strong that you had to move out of the house. All she wanted was acceptance from you, and you couldn't give that to her," Abigail seductively added before standing up and walking away.

Chad conceded that was true. "But I never stopped loving Abby," Chad insisted. "You abandoned her. You left her alone. You turned your back on her. That is not what someone who loves someone does. [And] that's why I came back -- [because] your cruelty [toward Abigail] made her split again," Abigail countered. Chad vowed to help Abigail get better again. "You really don't get it, do you?" Abigail asked, laughing hysterically. "You're not her savior anymore. You stabbed her in the back, [so] now you're her enemy," Abigail continued. "You sound crazy," Chad observed. "Hmm. Well, you can think what you want," Abigail replied.

"But the fact is, I'm in charge of Abigail now, and if I have my way -- which, let's face it, I will -- then you will never hurt Abigail again," Abigail added. Fed up, Chad exited the mansion without saying another word. Once the coast was clear, Abigail shakily exhaled, recovering from what had clearly been a difficult conversation.

While passing through Horton Town Square, Gabi contacted Kate and recapped how the attempt to plant the paternity test results at the DiMera mansion had gone awry. "[No], I am not gonna go back there, okay? I don't see a point in getting these papers to Stefan now," Gabi insisted before ending the call, unaware that Stefan was within earshot. "I'm not ready to present this particular report just yet," Gabi claimed when Stefan asked for the papers. "Okay. Whenever, then," Stefan replied with a shrug. "You're in a good mood," Gabi observed. "Things are finally going my way," Stefan vaguely explained. Gabi smirked triumphantly as Stefan walked away.

At the Horton house, Julie told Jennifer about Ciara's developing relationship with Ben. Jennifer, in turn, told Julie about Stefan's marriage to Abigail. Julie soon rushed off to the DiMera mansion to confront Stefan, ignoring Jennifer's objections. A short time later, Chad returned and told Jennifer about what had happened at the DiMera mansion. Jennifer insisted that Chad wasn't to blame for Abigail's relapse, but Chad disagreed.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail opened the front door and found Julie standing outside. "[You know], this town already has one trouble-making Gabi; it really doesn't need another one," Julie insisted while barging into the foyer. "I'm not Gabby," Abigail spontaneously admitted to Julie. "[I just] had no choice. Pretending to be Gabby -- pretending to love a man that I, in fact, despise -- [was what] I had to do in order to get back to my daughter," Abigail explained. "[And] I'm probably gonna have to keep pretending [for a while...but] it's not like anybody's gonna believe [otherwise, anyway]," Abigail added with a sigh, confusing Julie.

"My whole family gave up on me. I kept telling them, over and over again, that [Gabi] was trying to set me up [and] take everything that mattered from me, [but] nobody listened to me -- nobody believed me -- so now I just have to find a way to prove it [on my own]," Abigail elaborated for Julie. "And why are you telling me this?" Julie wondered. "I guess because I know that you hate Gabi Hernandez, [too]," Abigail explained with a shrug.

"I know what Gabi Hernandez is capable of," Julie confirmed with a scowl. "Together, we are going to find a way to make her pay," Julie assured Abigail.

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