Monday, November 17, 2014
by Mike

At the hospital, a nurse handed Jordan a gift box that had been left at the nurses' station, courtesy of Chad. Jordan lifted the lid and read the enclosed note card -- "I am ready to talk, anytime you want -- old school" -- before retrieving from the box two shiny tin cans that were connected with a long piece of string. The nurse admitted that she didn't understand the meaning of the gift. "But I do, and he knew I would," Jordan replied with a smile, and she rushed off after confirming that Paul would be sedated for a while longer.

At Club TBD, Chad ended a phone conversation with Sonny -- who had gone to a meeting with the architects they had hired to work on the new club -- and approached Ben at the bar. Chad reported that Sonny was on board with the idea of Ben moving to the new club full-time, prompting Ben to wonder if it mattered whether he was on board with the idea. "If you don't like the plan, talk to Sonny about it," Chad advised with a shrug.

Before Ben could respond, Chad stepped outside to answer a phone call from Stefano. "We must close the noose on Katerina, eh? She has taken the bait; now it's time for the coup de grace. [...] International Energy Futures is in play. [...] Listen carefully, all right? You are to tell Katerina that I have no interest in that company, but I do not want her to know that," Stefano instructed Chad.

Chad seemed enthusiastic about the company himself, and he wondered if Stefano was planning to acquire it. "Chad, focus, huh? Focus, do your job. Do you understand what that is, huh?" Stefano irritably replied. Chad confirmed that he understood, eliciting somewhat patronizing praise from his father. Chad diplomatically added that he was simply happy to help Stefano get back to where the man deserved to be. "That's right -- on top," Stefano concluded before ending the call. "On top of somethin', anyway," Chad muttered as he walked away.

Later, Stefano poured champagne for himself and his new female companion, Simone, who wondered what they were celebrating. "The total destruction of a woman who betrayed me," Stefano replied with a gleeful laugh.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate received an unexpected visit from Clyde, who greeted her with a passionate kiss. Kate poured two glasses of whiskey, and she and Clyde flirted for a while before kissing again -- just as Chad entered the study. "Forty-five rooms, and you need to burst into this one," Kate mused with a hint of annoyance. "It's the only room you were in," Chad matter-of-factly replied.

Chad dismissively instructed Clyde to leave. Kate started to object, but Clyde assured her that it wasn't a problem, and he showed himself out after kissing her hand. Kate irritably demanded to know what was going on, and Chad replied that he had just received a phone call from Stefano. "My father's done playing around with you. It's the endgame, so you and I need to get to work," Chad added.

Chad explained that he had been instructed to make sure Kate knew that Stefano was not making a play for International Energy Futures. "And then he'll snap it up and leave it to me to explain to the board how I let the perfect acquisition just slip away. [...] I can't believe that Stefano believes I'm that stupid. [...] You can come back tomorrow. You'll see what an ass your father is. I'm gonna get on the phone, and I'm going to finalize that deal before the markets open in Europe," Kate assured Chad.

Chad admitted that Kate had played things perfectly all along, but he cryptically added that there was one thing they still hadn't covered -- and it was something they really needed to cover, for his sake and for hers. Kate knowingly assured Chad that there was no reason for him to worry, since Stefano would never know that his own son had helped her take him down. "He will absolutely know that. It'll be hard to avoid; in fact, it's kind of the point," Chad clarified as he retrieved a document from his jacket pocket and handed it to Kate. "You bastard," Kate snapped after inspecting the document.

When Jordan arrived at the club and greeted Ben, he guessed that she was more interested in seeing someone else -- Chad. Ben expected Jordan to have reservations about his new apartment, since he had only been able to rent it in the first place because he had accepted financial support from his father, but she assured him that she was genuinely happy for him -- and that he deserved all the help he could get.

"So you're on my side, and I'll be on your side about Chad DiMera -- is that the deal?" Ben suspiciously wondered. Jordan assured Ben that Chad had been really nice to her, but Ben insisted that Chad would eventually do something to hurt her. "Hate to disagree with you, son, but I think he's a solid guy -- a real good match for your sister," Clyde said as he approached Ben and Jordan's table.

Ben started to ask his father to give him and Jordan a few more minutes of privacy, but she assured him that she didn't have a problem with Clyde's desire to express an opinion. Satisfied, Ben excused himself for a moment so he could take care of a customer, and after he headed over to the bar, Jordan snapped that she would prefer for Clyde to avoid her in the future so she wouldn't have to feign politeness around him for Ben's sake. Clyde pointed out that he had taken Jordan's side, but she insisted that she didn't care about his opinion on anything, including Chad.

Jordan stormed off but accidentally left her hospital identification badge behind. Clyde pocketed the item as Ben returned and wondered if Clyde had somehow upset Jordan. Clyde innocently replied that he hadn't purposely upset Jordan, and he insisted that he simply wanted her to be happy.

Changing the subject, Ben excitedly reported that he had started the college enrollment process and was hoping to begin attending classes in January. Clyde assured his son that the tuition fees had already been taken care of. Clyde wondered if Ben had decided on a major yet, but before Ben could respond, Clyde laughed and clarified that Ben didn't need to decide right away -- and when he did decide, he didn't need to tell Clyde unless he wanted to do so, because there really were no strings attached to the financial support. "You just know that the day you get that diploma, it'll be the proudest day of my life," Clyde added before exiting the club.

At the hospital, Jordan placed a phone call to Marlena, but the call went straight to voicemail. "Dr. Evans, this is Jordan Ridgeway. Uh...I was hoping that maybe you could, know what? Uh...I don't need to bother you. This is -- I -- I can get the information I need on my own. Uh, the information, I mean -- I -- never mind. I'm sorry to bother you," Jordan stammered before ending the call with a sigh.

Knowing that Daniel had just finished a long shift at the hospital, Nicole decided to do something to help him relax, since they were finally friends again, and that was the sort of thing friends did for each other. Daniel was surprised when Nicole showed up at his apartment with yoga mats, and he objected to the idea at first, but she was persistent, so he eventually acquiesced.

Nicole demonstrated various yoga poses with ease, but Daniel quickly gave up and decided that he would prefer to toss a football around instead. Nicole protested that doing so would ruin her manicure, but Daniel promised to teach her how to avoid chipping her nails, so she eventually acquiesced and followed him to the park.

Daniel wasn't having much luck teaching Nicole how to aim her throws, and they both welcomed the break when a boy recognized him and asked for help tying a shoe. While Daniel was distracted, Nicole threw the football again, and it ricocheted off a tree and hit Daniel in the head, knocking him to the ground. Nicole thought it was funny at first, but she grew concerned when he didn't immediately respond to her voice.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor entered the living room shortly after Brady discovered a document that had been left on the desk -- a document that outlined Victor's plan to give Brady a promotion at Titan. Brady was surprised, but Victor reasoned that Brady deserved the promotion. "On what planet?" Brady asked incredulously.

Brady insisted that he was a screw-up, and when Victor tried to object, Brady revealed that he had nearly made Theresa, of all people, the mother of Victor's next great-grandchild. After Brady elaborated, Victor concluded that the situation was not proof that Brady was a screw-up, since Theresa had tried to scam Brady, and Brady had cut her off at the knees. Brady admitted that he wasn't entirely convinced that Theresa had tried to scam him. Victor reasoned that it didn't matter, since the important thing was that Theresa wasn't pregnant, and Brady was rid of her for good.

Theresa desperately needed someone to talk to, so she went to see Eve, who quickly deduced that Theresa was having a bad day. "Bad week. Bad year, even," Theresa clarified as she entered Eve's apartment and flopped down on the couch. "Well, you've certainly come to the right place -- I know the feeling," Eve admitted as she poured two glasses of wine.

Theresa was sorry to hear that vocal cord surgery was no longer an option for Eve. Theresa assumed that Paige had helped Eve cope, but when Eve clarified that Paige hadn't been present when the throat surgeon had delivered the bad news, Theresa quickly jumped to a different conclusion -- that Eve had leaned on a man for support. "What's his name?" Theresa asked with obvious interest.

Eve denied the suspicion and complained that Theresa's mind always seemed to be in the gutter. Theresa apologized and steered the conversation back to Paige, knowing that the girl's relationship with Eve had been a bit tense lately. Eve reported that her daughter had been quite supportive -- and that it seemed like they had actually turned a corner. Theresa wondered if that meant Eve no longer had a problem with Paige dating J.J. Eve replied that she didn't think J.J. was going to be an issue in the long run, and she added that he certainly wasn't going to get between her and Paige.

"That's enough about me, okay? It's my turn to pretend to be the caring sister, so why don't you tell me your drama of the day, sweetie? Just don't tell me you're late," Eve joked, eager to change the subject. Eve apologized for the remark when she realized that it had actually stung Theresa. "Oh, my God -- is that it?" Eve asked. Theresa confirmed the suspicion and proceeded to explain everything to Eve.

"I wish that you'd double-checked that home pregnancy test. It would've saved you a hell of a lot of trouble," Eve pointed out after Theresa finished the recap. Theresa insisted that the home pregnancy test had definitely been positive, but Eve reminded Theresa that home pregnancy tests weren't always reliable. Eve gently added that Theresa might have just seen what Theresa had wanted to see, since Theresa had been trying for quite a while to catch Brady. "He's not a freaking fish, Eve! So why don't you just call me a gold-digger tramp?" Theresa tearfully replied.

Eve apologized for being inadvertently harsh, conceding that she knew that Theresa truly cared about Brady. "I'm just saying [...] maybe we're not that different. We believe what we want to believe, and then we have to pay the price," Eve gently reasoned. Theresa sarcastically thanked her sister for cheering her up.

Theresa begged Eve not to tell Kim and Shane about what had happened, but Eve thought Kayla was the person Theresa really needed to worry about. Theresa argued that Kayla was a doctor and therefore couldn't talk about the matter with anyone else. "Not officially," Eve muttered. Theresa groaned and decided that she needed a real drink, and she admitted that the silver lining to her ordeal was that she could once again consume alcohol without feeling guilty about it. Theresa added that she was going to go find someone who was worth talking to.

Eve wondered who Theresa's next victim would be. Theresa snapped that her sister had no right to judge her on that score. Eve countered that Theresa was lucky to still be walking around as a free woman after everything that had happened with John. Theresa remained silent, and Eve started to show some concern when she realized that Theresa looked woozy. Eve wondered if Theresa was all right. "I don't know. I just -- just don't call me lucky, okay? That is the last thing I feel right now," Theresa quietly replied before exiting the apartment.

At the Horton house, J.J., tormented with mental images of his one-night stand with Paige's mother, insisted that, while he loved Paige, he wasn't good enough for her. Confused, Paige observed that it seemed like J.J.'s concern had cropped up out of nowhere, but he assured her that it hadn't. "Did something happen? [Did you] just do something, make some colossal mistake?" Paige asked.

Taken aback, J.J. wondered why Paige had asked such a question. Paige pointed out that everything had been fine when she had seen J.J. just a few hours earlier, and she said she couldn't think of any other explanation for his sudden concern about not being good enough for her. J.J. clarified that everything had only seemed fine earlier, and he anxiously paced the floor as Paige gently urged him to talk to her.

J.J. sighed heavily as he stared at a framed photograph of Jack. J.J. admitted that he had wanted to burn the town down when he had found out about what his father had done to his aunt, and he pointed out that he had trashed the town square. Paige assured J.J. that everyone had understood why he had reacted that way, but he wasn't convinced, arguing that they couldn't possibly have understood.

J.J. pointed out that trashing the town square hadn't been a one-time outburst -- it had simply been one of many ways he had acted out because he had been angry all the time. Paige argued that J.J. had turned his life around since then, but he disagreed. "That's what it looked like -- like it was all over -- but -- and maybe I even thought that sometimes, but I was just fooling myself," J.J. sadly concluded.

J.J. wondered if Paige remembered how he had reacted the first time she had tried to talk to him about what his father had done to his aunt. Paige quietly reasoned that J.J. had simply been surprised. "I was a lot more than that, Paige. I was angry, and I was defensive, and that doesn't just go away. I mean, that is me. I -- I'm this angry jerk of -- of a guy, and...I mean, even worse, I was -- I was that guy with you, and that will never be okay. You should not be around someone like that -- like me," J.J. painfully admitted.

Paige assured J.J. that she didn't see him that way. "Because I'm good at hiding it. I -- I look like this -- this normal guy, right? But I'm not. I am carrying around all this garbage, and it comes out. And I can't do that to you, okay? It is so not cool, and, um, I -- I -- I -- I can't be around you anymore," J.J. reiterated. Paige reminded J.J. that he had told her earlier that he loved her, and she wondered if that was still true. J.J. noncommittally replied that it wasn't about whether he loved Paige or not, but she took that as confirmation that he did love her, just like she loved him.

Paige decided that J.J. simply needed some time to sort out everything that had been dredged up recently, and she assured him that she would give him the space to do just that. J.J. started to say something, but Paige interrupted him with a kiss and said they could continue the conversation the following day if he wished to do so. "You're not alone, J.J., okay? Know that. I'm not going anywhere," Paige promised before leaving.

. . .

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