Monday, October 27, 2014
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Sami tried to convince a stunned Will to accept the offer to write the film adaptation of her life story, reasoning that no one knew it better. Will pointed out that he wasn't a screenwriter, but Sami was confident that he could figure out how to write a screenplay just as easily as he had figured out how to write magazine articles a couple months earlier.

"Come on. Sydney and Johnny and Allie -- they could really use the sunshine, and they could use having their big brother with them. And Sonny and Ari -- they would love it, too. How could you possibly say no?" Sami excitedly added. Will wanted to discuss the matter with Sami privately, so Bruce stepped outside to make some phone calls. Will observed that it seemed like Sami had already made up her mind about moving.

Sami reasoned that it would be great to get the kids away from the heartache of Salem for a while, and she stressed that she would only have to be gone for six months. Sami added that it would mean a lot if Will worked on the project with her, and she pointed out that it was an amazing opportunity for him that would not only open a lot of doors but would also singlehandedly pay for Arianna's education.

Will didn't know how he could possibly ask Sonny to leave Club TBD behind and move to California at a moment's notice, but he nevertheless admitted that the offer was extremely tempting. Will agreed to at least talk to his husband about the matter, but he stressed that he couldn't commit to anything yet. Satisfied, Sami hugged Will and excitedly declared that the project was going to be a lot of fun. Bruce returned and happily observed that it sounded like Sami and Will were celebrating. Sami confirmed that, while Will hadn't made his decision yet, she was definitely on board.

Bruce assured Sami that she had made the right decision. "As for you, young man, I just spoke to my people, and I can officially offer you a deal to write the screenplay based on your article. Legal is writing up a contract as we speak, and the terms are more than generous. Does that make your decision any easier?" Bruce asked Will. Will wondered if it would be absolutely necessary for him to move to California if he accepted the offer, reasoning that he could easily write from anywhere in the world. Bruce apologetically explained that Will would need to relocate because he would be required to meet regularly with the project's producers and directors.

Bruce stressed that Will wouldn't have to worry about maintaining two homes at once, since housing was included in the deal. Bruce admitted that the house in question wasn't quite as extravagant as the DiMera mansion, but he boasted that it had an outdoor pool and plenty of room for everyone to live there comfortably, not to mention a Blue Ribbon school within walking distance. Bruce concluded with a warning that the offer wouldn't remain on the table indefinitely, so Will quickly excused himself so he could return home and discuss the matter with his husband.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Sonny greeted Chad and handed him the finished Sonix article, explaining that Will had gone out earlier. Sonny grabbed a couple of beers from the refrigerator as Chad took a seat on the couch and started to read the article. Chad was impressed that Will had actually managed to make him sound interesting. "Funny -- when I read it, what came to mind was 'son of a bitch,'" Sonny teasingly mused.

"Maybe, yeah, but an interesting son of a bitch. Where some writers might've tried to spin things, Will just wrote the truth. [...] You're right -- your husband is one hell of a writer," Chad replied. Chad waited around a while longer but eventually excused himself after finishing his beer. Sonny apologized, admitting that he didn't know what was keeping Will. Concerned, Chad wondered if everything was okay with Sonny and Will. Sonny claimed that everything was fine, but Chad seemed skeptical.

When Will returned home a short time later, Sonny reported that Chad had just left but had approved of the article. Will wondered if Sonny had gotten a chance to read it yet. Sonny nodded and said the article was very impressive, adding that Will's writing just kept getting better and better. Will thanked his husband for the compliment and sighed as he walked over to his laptop to send the article to Zoe. Confused, Sonny observed that Will didn't seem particularly thrilled about the fact that the article was ready to be printed.

"I's just, um...I got [...] mom is...going to Hollywood...and she's taking the kids...and she wants me to come with her," Will hesitantly explained. Will knew it would seem like the move was just about him and his career, but he pointed out that screenwriters made a lot of money -- money that could be stored away for Arianna's college education. Will stressed that it would only be a six-month commitment, and he suggested that Ben and T -- and maybe even Chad -- could handle things at the club in Sonny's absence.

Sonny stopped his excited husband, who disappointedly guessed that Sonny didn't want to go to California. "I can't. But maybe you should," Sonny suggested. Will said he could never move to California without Sonny, but Sonny acknowledged that Will had received the opportunity of a lifetime, and he insisted that he couldn't keep Will from pursuing it. Sonny explained that he couldn't join Will because he was working on expanding the club and had already started looking at property. Will was surprised, but Sonny explained that he hadn't wanted to say anything because Will had been dealing with a lot of other stuff lately.

"I -- I'd come see you and Ari as much as I could in Hollywood. But Will, if this is something that's really important to you, and -- and you want to give this a try for six months...maybe you should go," Sonny reiterated. Will wondered if Sonny truly meant that. "Of course I mean it. I wouldn't hold you back if this is what you really want. It's your decision," Sonny diplomatically replied.

Will excitedly hugged, kissed, and declared his love for Sonny. Will quickly clarified that he hadn't made up his mind yet -- but, while he hated the idea of being apart from Sonny for six months, couples spent time apart all the time, and it would be really tough to turn down such a great offer. Meanwhile, Arianna started crying, so Will rushed into her bedroom to check on her after adding that he was really glad he and Sonny had talked. ", too. Me, too," Sonny sarcastically muttered after Will left the room.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Ben tried to find out what had happened during Jordan's earlier encounter with Clyde. "Do you want to tell him, Jordan, or should I?" Clyde asked as he stepped out of the shadows and made his presence known. Jordan remained silent, so Ben got in Clyde's face and demanded to know what the man had done to upset her. "All I did is warn Jordan that if she didn't stop tryin' to come between us, I'd tell you how she murdered your mother," Clyde calmly revealed.

Ben was shocked to learn that Jordan had been driving the truck that their mother had died in, since she had always led him to believe that Clyde had been responsible for their mother's death. Jordan tearfully insisted that the brakes hadn't worked and that the wreck had been an accident, and she urged Ben not to listen to his father's claims to the contrary, but he observed that the truth was written all over her face. Jordan reached out for Ben, but he recoiled in protest. "Do not touch me, you lying bitch!" Ben snapped before storming off.

"Do you want to answer him, Jordan, or should I?" Clyde repeated, snapping Jordan out of her nightmarish fantasy. Feeling trapped, Jordan struggled to maintain her composure as she apologetically claimed that her earlier encounter with Clyde had made her realize that she needed to stop selfishly using her own misgivings about him as an excuse to stand in the way of his attempts to have a relationship with Ben. Jordan added that she had finally realized that Clyde was simply trying to make things right and that there were no strings attached to his offer to pay for Ben's college education.

Ben hugged Jordan and assured her that he understood why she had been suspicious of Clyde's true motives. Ben explained that his entire life could change -- in a positive way -- if he accepted his father's offer, and Jordan conceded that there was no reason for him to decline, so he excitedly agreed to take his father up on the offer and try to enroll as early as the following January.

Ben was eager to share the exciting news with Abigail, so he and Jordan parted ways after he thanked Clyde one last time. Jordan returned as soon as the coast was clear, and Clyde wasn't the least bit surprised to see her again. Clyde applauded Jordan's earlier performance, but before she could respond, she received a phone call from Ben. Jordan assured Ben that, despite Clyde's hovering, she had meant everything she had said earlier.

After ending the call, Jordan warned that she would tell Ben everything if Clyde ever tried to hold the favor over his head. "He may not ever forgive me, but he would definitely never forgive you. You would be dead to him," Jordan added before walking away. Clyde smiled and muttered that he wasn't as sure about that as Jordan seemed to be.

While Abigail was waiting for Ben at Club TBD, Lucas spotted her and seized the opportunity to find out how she was doing in light of E.J.'s death. Abigail assured Lucas that she was fine, and when she asked about Allie, he reported that the girl was okay and that he was really proud of the way she had been supporting Johnny and Sydney. Changing the subject, Lucas knowingly observed that Ben seemed like a really nice guy, and Abigail agreed. Lucas winced when Abigail informed him that her brother was in love with Eve Donovan's daughter, since he knew that could mean trouble for J.J.

Lucas received an ominous text message from Sami, but he was reluctant to leave Abigail alone, since he could tell that she was getting worried about her boyfriend's tardiness. Abigail assured Lucas that she would be fine, so he rushed off to find out what was going on with Sami. Later, Ben finally arrived, and after apologizing for keeping Abigail waiting, he excitedly told her about his father's offer to pay for him to go to college.

Abigail was happy for Ben, and he stressed that he was happy for both of them, since it meant he would also finally be able to get a real place that she could stay at whenever she wanted to. Meanwhile, at the park, Clyde contacted Jeremiah, and after receiving confirmation that Miguel had been dealt with, Clyde told Jeremiah to return to Salem right away -- with another load of goods to sell.

Chad ran into Jordan outside the Brady Pub, and she assured him that she and Ben had talked and that everything was fine. Chad optimistically hoped that meant Jordan would be willing to have dinner with him sometime, but when she started to respond that she had a lot going on, he stopped her and observed that she didn't seem to be in the right frame of mind to make her decision at that time, anyway. "Unless...this might change that," Chad added before leaning in to kiss Jordan. Chad walked away after ending the kiss, stating that he was looking forward to hearing from Jordan.

Lucas arrived at the DiMera mansion just as Sami was escorting Bruce to the front door, so she quickly introduced the men. After Bruce left, Sami explained to Lucas that she had something to tell him, and she predicted that it would probably make him think she was crazy. "That's old news," Lucas joked, but he got a bit worried when he saw a very familiar look on Sami's face. Sami proceeded to tell Lucas about her plan to move to California, and she was shocked when he admitted that the idea was crazy -- but also terrific. "Whatever gets you out of the haunted mansion as soon as possible," Lucas reasoned.

Lucas admitted that he wasn't exactly thrilled about the fact that Allie would be moving thousands of miles away from him, but he knew it was only going to be a temporary relocation, and Mad World had offices in Los Angeles, so he warned that Sami wouldn't be able to get rid of him that easily. Sami assured Lucas that she wouldn't have even considered the move if she had thought it might take her away from him for good. Lucas promised to visit as often as possible, and Sami thanked him for his support, admitting that she had been anticipating a huge fight about the matter.

Lucas joked that no one wanted to see Sami's life story on the big screen more than he did, although he added that he wanted her to convince their son to leave out a few of their more embarrassing moments. Sami laughed as she and Lucas reminisced about their storied history together, and Sami admitted that she felt blessed to have amazing people in her life who were willing to support her unconditionally. Sami told Lucas that she loved him, and he returned the sentiment before abruptly changing the subject, eager to discuss casting options for his character. Lucas wanted Channing Tatum to play him, but Sami had been thinking of Seth Rogen instead.

Lucas promised to visit again the following day to say goodbye to Allie. Lucas admitted that, despite all the years they had spent fighting, making up, and fighting again, he was really going to miss Sami. Sami returned the sentiment and added that she would never have a better friend. Sami hugged Lucas and kissed his cheeks, and he walked away after agreeing that he would never have a better friend, either.

In the park, Jill feigned ignorance when Paige reminded her that they had met at the college kickoff party a few weeks earlier, so Paige added that Jill had drugged and taken advantage of J.J. after ditching Rory on the night in question. Jill stalled so she could grab some nearby litter and toss it in the trashcan to cover up the hat and sunglasses she had discarded earlier, fearing that Paige might recognize the items because they had once belonged to her. Paige threatened to call J.J. or the police, so Jill gave in and agreed to tell Paige the truth about what had happened that night.

Jill confirmed that J.J. had been drugged, but she stressed that she wasn't responsible, pointing out that other people had gotten their drinks spiked at the party, too. Jill added that J.J. had seemed sober at first but had eventually started acting wasted, and she claimed that he had started hitting on her at that point. Jill admitted that she wasn't proud of what had happened with J.J., but she reasoned that Paige couldn't blame him, since such things happened all the time at parties.

"Your boyfriend was just trying to be a nice guy. Rory left me, I didn't know a soul, J.J. was waiting for you to come back -- we were just...passing the time. [...] When he wanted to start taking all those selfies, I guess the drugs really started kicking in, 'cause he just really got into it. [...] Let's just say that he's a -- ahem -- fun guy. But, I mean, I guess you already knew that. Worldly, too. He said something about all these girls in...England? Was it England? [...] He just said that he got a lot of action. I mean, I can sure see why," Jill teasingly added, knowing that she was making Paige uncomfortable.

Jill concluded that she had rushed off when the police had arrived to break up the party, and she had never seen J.J. again. "Listen, let it go. I mean, sure, maybe your boyfriend's a little bit of a player. Keep him from getting blitzed, maybe it won't be an issue," Jill advised with a shrug before walking away.

J.J. rushed to Eve's side to help the fallen woman, but she irritably insisted that she was fine, despite the fact that she had clearly injured her right wrist when she had extended her hand to break her fall. Eve demanded to know what J.J. was doing at her apartment, and when he replied that he was looking for her daughter, she revealed that he had just missed Paige. J.J. explained that his friend had spotted Jill earlier and that they were trying to track the girl down so he could prove to Eve that he hadn't cheated on Paige. J.J. expected skepticism from Eve, so he was pleasantly surprised when she admitted that she believed that Jill had been seen earlier.

J.J. started to excuse himself after checking again to make sure that Eve was all right, but she cried out in pain as he turned to leave, so he changed his mind and went to the kitchen to make an ice pack for her. J.J. offered to take Eve to the emergency room, but she refused the offer, fearing that she would be given a painkiller there that would force her vocal cord surgery to be postponed. J.J. understood but decided to stick around until Eve was certain that she was going to be okay. Eve soon started complaining about a cramp in her wrist, so J.J. massaged it for her, explaining that he had learned how to deal with such problems when he had played baseball.

J.J. and Eve locked eyes with each other as he continued to massage her wrist, but she eventually pulled away from him and stammered as she assured him that she was starting to feel much better, thanks to his help. Meanwhile, J.J. received a text message from Paige, so he abruptly excused himself. After J.J. left, Eve found herself thinking about the wrist massage he had given her earlier. Later, Eve received a phone call from Jill, and she was relieved to learn that Jill had deftly handled the earlier encounter with Paige.

J.J. met Paige in the town square and was surprised to learn that she had found Jill earlier. Paige admitted that she had decided to ask Jill for the truth herself, since she had overheard Rory suggesting earlier that J.J. didn't really want to find Jill, anyway. J.J. insisted that Rory had been wrong, but Paige didn't seem to care. Paige reported that Jill had denied being responsible for J.J.'s spiked drink, but that was all she was willing to tell him about the earlier conversation.

"J.J., I want us to take a break. [...] Please...don't text me, don't call me. I just -- I just need to figure all this out, okay? [...] I really thought I knew you," Paige told a stunned and hurt J.J. before walking away.

. . .

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