Jordan tries to kill Ben
Monday, February 18, 2019
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Monday, February 18, 2019
by Mike

Eric was surprised when Sarah revealed that someone had tried to kill Kate earlier that night.

Sarah seemed a bit disappointed when Eric started to pack up the food to keep it safe until Rex returned to the apartment. "Do you have plastic containers? Or the zipper bags?" Sarah asked, trying to play along. "Actually, I ran out...[but] I can go and get some..." Eric replied before starting to rush off. "No, no, no -- don't do that," Sarah protested. "We don't know when Rex is gonna be home, [and] I'm hungry, [so]...let's just eat," Sarah added.

Kate tried to insist that there was no reason for Rex to stay at the hospital any longer, but he seemed determined to spend the night at her bedside.

"Honey, look -- they have given me every test they could possibly give me, [and] I'm fine, [so] you have to leave, okay?" Kate maintained. "Stop babying me [and] go home -- go back to Sarah. I don't want her blaming me for ruining her night," Kate continued. "No, she's not gonna do that. I already called her, and she's totally cool," Rex replied while fluffing Kate's pillows.

"What about the special meal you made for her?" Kate wondered. "I just [told her to] go ahead and eat it without me," Rex explained. "You told her to eat alone?" Kate asked incredulously. "No! I'm not that clueless! I [told her to] share it with Eric," Rex clarified. "You told her to spend Valentine's Day with your brother? Oh, no -- you're not clueless..." Kate sarcastically agreed.

"Sarah and Eric are friends. She's gonna have a nice evening with him, [and] when I get back there, I will make it right," Rex assured Kate, who was still skeptical but decided not to continue pressing the matter.

"Does this mean that she has forgiven you for what you did?" Kate wondered. "She's...working on it," Rex replied. "[And] there's no more secrets to drop?" Kate asked. "You mean...have I cheated any other times?" Rex knowingly summarized. "No -- I swear," Rex insisted, managing a laugh. "I hope so..." Kate said, again somewhat skeptical. "I still think it should be you [who's] having dinner with her right now," Kate added, but Rex maintained that it wasn't a big deal. "Eric is...kind of boring, [but] I'm just happy that she's not alone on Valentine's Day. She's gonna make the best of it," Rex predicted.

While eating dinner together, Eric and Sarah chatted about previous Valentine's Day celebrations.

"[Rex and I] didn't spend last Valentine's Day together, either..." Sarah suddenly remembered. "We were in Chicago, and the weather was really, really bad, and he had just gotten off of a shift, and he was walking out to the parking lot, and one of the nurses that we worked with was having car troubles, [so] he tried to help her, but he couldn't get the car started, so he drove her home in the storm...[and] the roads were really dangerous after he dropped her off, [so] he ended up spending the night at a motel..." Sarah continued. "Her name was Marcy, [and] she was really, really pretty, [and] I used to joke with Rex all the time that I thought that she was his type... What if he didn't get stranded at all? What if he just spent the night with her? What if he was just cheating on me -- again?" Sarah mused with a shake of the head, livid.

"Don't go there," Eric advised. "Why wouldn't I go there? It's not like he hasn't done it before -- twice!" Sarah reasoned. "I can't believe that I didn't see this [sooner]!" Sarah added. "I think you should give Rex the benefit of the doubt [instead of] going from zero to 60," Eric maintained, but Sarah ignored the advice and spontaneously decided, after downing a whole glass of Champagne, to contact Rex and demand a confession.

"To accuse him of cheating on you [when] he's at the hospital with his mother, who was drugged..." Eric pointedly began to protest. "Fine," Sarah conceded, dialing Marcy's number instead.

"So, I was wrong..." Sarah sheepishly admitted to Eric after a heated conversation with Marcy -- who, as it turned out, had a wife.

At the hospital, Kate filled Rex in on how Chad had managed to convince Jordan to hand over Charlotte -- and Rex realized, while listening to the tale, that Jordan was the grief-stricken woman he had met earlier that night.

Meanwhile, at the nurses' station, Ted watched jealously as Hope greeted Rafe with a hug and a kiss.

Rafe sensed some tension between Hope and Ted, but Hope pretended that Rafe was simply picking up on concern for Ciara's well-being. Hope told Rafe that Jordan was the one who had kidnapped Ciara and Charlotte -- and that Jordan had even tried to kill Ciara in an effort to frame Ben. "Why don't you seem shocked?" Hope asked curiously when Rafe barely reacted to the news. "I spoke with Eli, and he filled me in," Rafe explained. "Then...what took you so long to get here?" Hope wondered, drawing a nod of agreement from Ted, who seemed to be outraged on Hope's behalf as a result of Rafe's delay.

"Trust me -- I wanted to come find you the second that I got home," Rafe assured Hope before proceeding to explain that Ciara wasn't the only person Jordan had tried to kill that night. "Didn't you get my message?" Rafe asked Hope at the end of the tale. "Hope has been, uh, a little busy trying to save her daughter's life," Ted answered for Hope. "And how would you know that?" Rafe wondered. "Maybe because I spent the whole time with her [after] her husband abandoned her [and] went running off to Europe to be with his ex," Ted replied with a shrug. "Or maybe it's because you saw that she was vulnerable, and you tried to take advantage of the situation and insinuate yourself into her life, [because that's] what you do," Rafe countered. "I'm gonna give you one piece of advice -- stay away from my wife," Rafe warned Ted.

"Guys, enough! Stop! We're in a hospital! Please, stop it!" Hope protested. "You're absolutely right. We should be focusing on Ciara," Rafe conceded, calming down. "And finding Jordan," Hope agreed. "I would like to see Ciara," Rafe decided. "Go ahead," Hope replied before telling Rafe which room Ciara was staying in. "You're not gonna come?" Rafe asked, confused. "In just a second," Hope promised.

"What was that?" Hope asked Ted once the coast was clear. "I hate the way he takes you for granted. He does not appreciate you," Ted explained. "That's not true. Don't say that," Hope protested. "He was right about one thing -- you did try to take advantage of the situation just now," Hope added.

"What? How?" Ted innocently wondered. "By kissing me!" Hope whispered. "Thank God Rafe didn't see that!" Hope continued. "I wish he had," Ted admitted. "There is something between us!" Ted added as Rex emerged from Kate's room. "Sorry -- am I interrupting?" Rex asked. "Yes," Ted said. "No," Hope said at the same time.

Somewhat confused, Rex forged ahead, warning Hope that Jordan might be somewhere in the hospital at that moment.

Afterward, Rex returned to Kate's room and announced that Hope had a guard posted outside, just to be safe. Kate insisted that, in that case, there really was no reason for Rex to stay any longer. "Go! You need to be with Sarah!" Kate maintained, and Rex finally agreed. "Maybe I'll pick up some dessert on the way home [to make things up to her]," Rex spontaneously decided. "No -- you be dessert," Kate advised, embarrassing Rex.

Meanwhile, in Ciara's room, Jordan cautiously knelt beside Ben's motionless body. "I tried to warn you that he was dangerous! Thank God I was here to save you!" Jordan said to Ciara. "I didn't need saving!" Ciara insisted. "Stop it, okay? I saw him attacking you!" Jordan countered. "He wasn't 'attacking' me, Jordan; we were --" Ciara started to clarify. "Stop protecting him, Ciara!" Jordan irritably demanded.

"It is time that I take care of my brother -- once and for all," Jordan added, producing a filled syringe. "You said you didn't want to kill him! You said you just wanted him locked up for his own good!" Ciara desperately protested. "I did...but now I see [that] he's just gonna escape again," Jordan replied. "When Chad lied to me and made me think that [Ben] was dead, I was devastated...but I will admit that [I was also] a little relieved, [because] I see that he's just beyond help. I have to make sure that he won't hurt anyone else ever again," Jordan continued. "One day, you will thank me for this," Jordan assured Ciara while aiming the syringe at Ben's neck.

Ciara, who had been tethered to a hospital bed with an oxygen tube and various other pieces of medical equipment, managed to break free just in time to grab Jordan's arm, but Jordan easily shook off and knocked down Ciara, who was still sluggish. "I can see you're not gonna give up, so I'm gonna have to finish what I started at the cabin," Jordan decided before advancing toward Ciara with the syringe.

"Leave her alone!" Ben shouted, pouncing on Jordan. "I have to end this! You are sick!" Jordan insisted while struggling with Ben for control of the syringe. "You're the sick one! You tried to take Abigail's baby! You tried to kill Ciara!" Ben countered. "I cannot let you hurt anyone else!" Jordan maintained. "The only one I'm gonna you," Ben vowed, aiming the syringe at Jordan's neck.

"Stop! You're not a killer anymore, Ben!" Ciara protested. "Yes, he is!" Jordan insisted. "You're better than this!" Ciara continued. "No, he's not! This is who he is!" Jordan maintained.

"Let me do this!" Ben told Ciara while continuing to struggle with Jordan. "You almost killed the one thing that matters to me in this world!" Ben snapped at Jordan, tense with rage.

Rafe burst into the room just in time to stop Ben from drugging Jordan. "You saw him! He tried to kill me!" Jordan insisted as Rafe put Ben in a chokehold and seized the syringe. "She would've killed Ciara," Ben explained. "Jordan brought the syringe here, Rafe," Ciara added. "All right -- Jordan, you're coming with me," Rafe began. "Okay. Where are we going?" Jordan asked. "Somewhere safe," Rafe vaguely replied. "Ben, you're coming, too," Rafe continued. "No, no, no -- keep him away from me!" Jordan protested. "Ben can stay here," Ciara assured Rafe. "I don't think that's a good idea," Rafe argued. "No, trust me -- I'm safe with him," Ciara maintained.

Rex returned home while Eric was awkwardly trying to insist that Sarah wasn't crazy, despite the earlier incident -- and that Sarah was a catch, in any case. Eric watched jealously as Rex and Sarah headed off to bed together.

Chad and Abigail stopped kissing as Jennifer entered the Horton house. "She's back?" Jennifer realized with a gasp of joy, seeing Charlotte in the living room with Chad and Abigail. "Thanks to Chad," Abigail confirmed.

While Abigail was filling Jennifer in on what had happened, Chad stepped into another room to contact Eli and find out if Jordan had been found yet. "[You and Chad] seem closer than ever," Jennifer knowingly observed once the coast was clear. "[I wasn't] sure if I was ever gonna get over [what Chad did]...but when Charlotte went missing, he promised me that he would find her and put her back in my arms, [and] he did," Abigail explained.

Chad soon returned and reported that Jordan was still on the run. "Well, the Salem P.D. has a car out front, just in case," Abigail pointed out, but Chad still wanted to spend the night, guarding everyone, as an extra precaution. "Mind if I sleep on the couch?" Chad asked Jennifer. "Please," Jennifer replied before carrying Charlotte upstairs. "I don't want you sleeping on the couch," Abigail told Chad once the coast was clear. "You want me to leave?" Chad assumed. "No, I want you to come upstairs with me," Abigail pointedly clarified, surprising Chad, who happily followed Abigail to bed.

At the hospital, Ciara grasped Ben's shaking hands and comforted him with a hug. "I almost killed my sister...and I wanted to," he worriedly admitted.

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