Monday, July 28, 2014
by Mike

At the hospital, Daniel informed Eric that John's condition hadn't changed. Eric started to share the news about his potential trip to the Vatican, but Nicole arrived before he could do so, and he made it clear that he didn't want to talk about the matter while she was around. Eric walked away after telling Daniel to have a good trip.

Nicole joked about the icy reception, but Daniel wasn't amused. Nicole asked about John and was disappointed to learn that his condition hadn't changed. Nicole questioned Daniel about the trip Eric had mentioned earlier, and Daniel reluctantly confirmed that he was going out of town and might be gone for a while. Nicole wondered if Brady knew that Daniel was planning to leave town while John was in a coma.

"Okay, you always need answers to everything, don't you, Nicole? But, you know, I don't want to tell you where I'm going -- or why. I don't want to talk to you, period -- now or ever," Daniel snapped. Nicole conceded that she couldn't change how Daniel felt about her. Nicole said she had tried to make amends with Eric, but Daniel believed it was too late for that.

Daniel predicted that Eric was never going to forgive and forget, since Nicole had hurt Eric deeply at a time when he had been particularly vulnerable. Nicole reminded Daniel that Eric had been kicked out of the priesthood as a direct result of Kristen's actions, not hers. Nicole acknowledged that she had handled the situation poorly, but she insisted that she loved and had never meant to hurt Eric.

"You actually hurt him more than Kristen did. [...] He liked you, then he trusted you, then he cared about you. He actually came to love you. He never thought you'd be his Judas," Daniel argued. Nicole observed that it seemed like Daniel was purposely trying to hurt her. Nicole reminded Daniel that he had previously forgiven her for what she had done, and he admitted that doing so might have been a mistake.

Elsewhere, Anne bluntly informed Theresa that, according to John's medical files -- which Anne had inspected at Theresa's request -- he had passed a critical milestone and still hadn't shown any signs of improvement, which meant he would likely never recover. "Oh, thank God," Theresa blurted out, surprising Anne, who had been trying to display a modicum of sympathy.

Anne noted that the comment had been a bit cold, but Theresa reasoned that it would be hypocritical of her to wish for John to recover, since he had treated her viciously in the past. "[So] he wasn't just attacking Brady that night?" Anne asked. Theresa protested that Anne was putting words in her mouth, and she abruptly excused herself before Anne could continue questioning her.

Roman entered John's hospital room and found Marlena sitting at John's bedside. "I wish I could bring him back for you," Roman told Marlena. A short time later, Eric arrived and informed his parents that he was headed to Rome for a while. Marlena and Roman wished Eric luck. At Marlena's request, Eric gave John a blessing before leaving. Roman quietly watched the proceedings.

When Eric emerged from John's room a short time later, he bumped into Nicole, who apologized for the collision and abruptly excused herself. Eric gently grabbed Nicole's arm and asked her to stay. Eric wondered if Nicole had decided to go to Rome to testify on his behalf. Nicole confirmed that she would do anything to help Eric. Eric thanked Nicole and abruptly excused himself.

Elsewhere, Roman offered to take Marlena back to her place so she could get some rest, but she said she couldn't leave John's side. "Of course. You still love him. Even if you didn't know or admit it to yourself, you have never stopped loving John," Roman knowingly guessed before excusing himself so Marlena could have some privacy.

At St. Luke's, Eric sought advice from Brother Timothy, the monk he had previously consulted with during his spiritual retreat a few months earlier. Eric informed Timothy that Nicole was going to Rome, too. "Brother Timothy, I've been praying for help...getting past the feelings that I have for her. When I see her, I can't bear it. Sometimes I think I'm as angry with her as I am with Kristen -- maybe more. Is it normal to have such...anger towards another human being?" Eric wondered.

Timothy wondered if Eric was certain that the emotion he was feeling was anger. "I keep telling myself, no matter what Nicole's done, I cannot forgive her...but I still have feelings for her -- such strong feelings," Eric admitted. Timothy asked if Eric was still in love with Nicole.

At the Horton house, J.J. scanned the front page of the latest edition of the Salem Spectator, which included an article about the attempted murder charges that Brady was potentially facing, as well as one about Jennifer and Eve's legal battle. J.J. set the newspaper aside as Jennifer entered the living room. Assuming that the article had upset J.J., Jennifer said she was sorry they had gotten to the point where the matter was front-page news. J.J. vaguely clarified that something else was bothering him, and he silently recalled what had happened with Paige the previous night.

Jennifer told J.J. that she would be happy to listen if he ever decided to break the male code and talk about his feelings. J.J. thanked Jennifer for the offer before abruptly excusing himself. Jennifer suddenly remembered that it was J.J.'s last day of community service. Jennifer joked that she had been unable to find a card for that particular milestone, but J.J. wasn't amused.

Jennifer hugged J.J. and declared that she was proud of him, but he told her not to be. Jennifer tried to get J.J. to open up about what was bothering him, but he said he didn't want to talk about it. Guessing that she knew what J.J. was thinking about, Jennifer told him that she missed Jack, too.

"All I know how to do is talk. But your dad -- when something was bothering you, you'd wash the car [with him]. And I would watch, and neither one of you would say anything, but you always ended up smiling again. [...] I hate washing the car. But I also hate that you are not proud of yourself...because you came back. And yeah, we -- we've had a tough go, but I really feel like the three of us are stronger and closer than ever. You were my miracle baby, and the doctors said that you would never survive, and here you are. You beat the odds. And I love you more than anything, and I don't know what I would do without you," Jennifer added.

Jennifer's words had an obvious effect on J.J., but he tried to act cool, joking that she had just done a lot of talking. J.J. hugged Jennifer and thanked her for always thinking the best about him.

Eve entered Club TBD and spotted a stack of newspapers on the bar, so she glanced at one to make sure that the story about her lawsuit had been printed on the front page. Meanwhile, Eve received a phone call from her throat surgeon. After a brief conversation -- which seemed to be about the cost of the surgeon's services -- Eve ended the call and went to join Paige, who had been sitting alone at a table, thinking about what had happened with J.J. the previous night. Paige greeted her mother and abruptly excused herself, vaguely explaining that she needed to take care of something.

After Paige left, Eve placed a phone call to Theresa and asked if she had seen the front page of that day's newspaper. Theresa confirmed that she had, and -- assuming that she knew what Eve was referring to -- she irritably thanked Eve for sounding thrilled about the fact that Brady might be getting arrested later that day. Eve clarified that she had actually been referring to the article about her lawsuit.

Theresa wasn't surprised that Eve had called to talk about herself. Eve explained that she needed a favor, but Theresa didn't give Eve a chance to elaborate before refusing to help. Theresa said someone she really cared about might be sent to prison later that day. Reasoning that Theresa only cared about herself, Eve curiously wondered why Theresa was worried about being sent to prison. Annoyed, Theresa abruptly ended the call.

Paige approached J.J. while he was doing community service in the town square. J.J. said he had wanted to contact Paige but hadn't known what to say to her. "I want you to know -- and I'm totally sure that this is gonna probably come out wrong -- that I didn't mean to push you. It's just -- I mean, you're so beautiful and -- and -- and sexy and -- no, that -- can -- can we -- can we erase that, please? Just -- that was a stupid, guy thing to say. I'm not pressuring you. And I -- I wouldn't do that. That -- that is not like me, and, uh, just -- that is not cool. Um, I mean, I'd never try to get you to do something that you're not ready for. And I -- I hate myself if I offended you. You're just -- you're just great and...amazing. Can you ever forgive me?" J.J. nervously asked.

Paige said she wasn't going to forgive J.J. -- because he hadn't done anything wrong. Paige admitted that she had overreacted, but J.J. maintained that he should have paid attention when she had asked him to stop. "Well, you can stop now," Russ said as he approached the couple. J.J. started to apologize to his supervisor, but Russ clarified that he meant that J.J. could stop working and go home early.

J.J. happily handed over his vest to Russ, who praised J.J.'s work and said he was glad that his initial assessment of J.J.'s character had been proven wrong. After Russ left, J.J. and Paige went to the park. J.J. admitted that he was glad that he had been forced to do community service, since that was how he and Paige had met. J.J. said he would have died if Paige hadn't forgiven him for what had happened the previous night, since he wanted to be with her always. Paige returned the sentiment. "I, uh -- I think I'm in love with you," J.J. declared, and Paige returned that sentiment, too.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor was trying to convince Brady to seek the help of a lawyer -- something Brady adamantly refused to do -- when the doorbell rang. Brady opened the door and found Abe standing outside. Brady suspected that he was about to be arrested, but Abe revealed that the district attorney had decided not to press charges. "You dodged a bullet this time. Maybe you should think long and hard about what led to all this," Abe suggested before leaving.

"[That] man likes nothing better than to lower his voice and sermonize," Victor complained. Brady defended Abe, acknowledging that Abe had simply been trying to get him to wake up -- something Brady admitted that he should have done months earlier. "All right, all right -- let's not fight. It's good news. All's well that ends well, huh?" Victor reasoned. Brady reminded Victor that John could still die and that, if that happened, it would be Brady's fault, even if he didn't get charged with the crime.

A short time later, Daniel arrived and said he had just heard the good news from Abe when their paths had crossed outside. "Not really good news -- it's just news that doesn't completely suck...which makes it different than all the other news lately," Brady clarified. Daniel announced that he was planning to leave town for a while, and Brady encouraged him to do so, since there wasn't anything else Daniel could do for John, anyway.

After Daniel left, Brady excused himself so he could meet with Theresa. Victor predicted that Theresa might somehow try to milk money out of Brady. "A money-hungry woman will get it any way she can. And I've known enough of them in my time that I hope and pray you don't make the same mistakes that I did," Victor added.

Outside, Eve arrived as Daniel was leaving the property. Eve innocently apologized again for the earlier misunderstanding involving her history with Jennifer. Daniel said he had read about Eve's lawsuit in the newspaper and had gotten the impression that it was kind of a big deal. Eve offered to explain her side of the story to Daniel sometime, but he vaguely stated that he wouldn't be around to hear it, and he abruptly excused himself.

Eve rang the doorbell as she muttered that it wasn't her morning at all. "Anybody order a hooker?" Victor called out to no one in particular when he opened the door. Eve said Victor hadn't changed at all, and she stressed that she hadn't meant that as a compliment. Eve explained that she was looking for Theresa. "I gave her the old heave-ho. I have this prejudice against money-grubbing whores. But then, she's just targeting one drunk rich guy. You, on the other hand, are stealing from our wounded warriors. So you might as well pack your bags and get the hell out of Salem and prostitute yourself somewhere else," Victor advised Eve.

"Sorry, Victor. You can huff and puff until you stroke out. I don't give a damn. I'm back, and I am gonna get what's mine," Eve vowed. After Eve left, Victor went over to the Horton house to offer to do whatever he could to help Jennifer defeat Eve. Jennifer appreciated the gesture but assured Victor that she could handle Eve alone. "Oh, I don't know -- you deal with a creep like Eve, you need a creep like me to watch your back," Victor reasoned. Jennifer promised to keep Victor's offer in mind.

Victor casually changed the subject to Daniel's trip, but Jennifer recognized the tactic. Jennifer said she was going to respect Daniel's wishes and give him space, but Victor insisted that was a big mistake. Victor said that Maggie could get him to change his mind about anything, and he reasoned that Jennifer could do the same to Daniel, since that power seemed to be a universal "girl thing." Victor predicted that if Jennifer didn't soon find a way to work things out with Daniel, she would live to regret it.

In the park, Theresa was relieved when Brady informed her that the district attorney had decided not to press charges against him. Brady thanked Theresa for her support, but she claimed that she had simply told the truth. Brady still found it hard to believe that Theresa's version of events was what had really happened, but he didn't want to talk about the matter either way, so she agreed to drop the subject.

Brady told Theresa that he would have annulment papers drafted and sent over to her right away. Theresa claimed that she was fine with that, but she stressed that she didn't want Brady to feel any pressure to get the annulment taken care of immediately. Brady said he was sorry for dragging Theresa into his mess, but she dismissed the apology, insisting that she had simply been helping a friend.

Theresa hoped that, despite what Brady had previously said about needing to stay away from her for a while, they could still be friends. Brady confirmed that he and Theresa could probably go back to being friends at some point in the future, but he maintained that he needed to fly solo for a while so he could get his head straight again. After Brady left, Theresa fought back tears as she assured herself that she had only suffered a temporary setback. "Oh, then why do I feel so bad?" Theresa wondered with a sigh.

Later, Eve visited Theresa's apartment, and she was surprised to find that Theresa was crying. Theresa claimed that she was simply suffering from allergies, but Eve suspected that their earlier phone conversation had upset Theresa. Eve claimed that she felt awful about what she had said about Theresa during that conversation, but Theresa guessed that Eve was just pretending to be nice because she still wanted something from Theresa.

Meanwhile, Anne arrived and started complaining about how Theresa had ditched her earlier. Theresa introduced Anne to Eve, but Anne refused to leave just because Eve was visiting. Theresa clarified that she actually wanted Eve to leave, and Eve agreed to do so, although she left the apartment door slightly ajar so she could eavesdrop from the hallway.

Anne observed that Theresa was crying, and Theresa admitted that Brady had decided to move ahead with the annulment. Theresa claimed that she had really meant her vows, and she reasoned that Brady simply needed some space and time to realize that he really wanted to be with her. "Okay. I'm sorry, but did you forget you're talking to me? Can you save the Tammy Wynette crap for that dumb stud with the two-point-gazillion alcohol level?" Anne suggested.

Theresa warned Anne to refrain from talking about Brady like that, so Anne changed the subject, wondering why Theresa had been relieved to learn that John wouldn't be emerging from his coma. Theresa dodged the question, instead apologizing for her earlier treatment of Anne. Anne wasn't willing to let Theresa change the subject that easily, but she didn't have time to question Theresa further. Anne warned that she wasn't going to drop the matter anytime soon.

As soon as Anne left, Eve returned and admitted that she had heard the entire conversation. Eve was interested in getting the same answers Anne had sought, especially since Eve knew that Theresa had been eager to leave Salem the previous night but apparently no longer had any desire to do so. Eve suspected that Theresa's change of plans had something to do with the fact that John was probably never going to recover, and she wondered why Theresa had feared the possibility that he would recover.

Nicole visited Brady at the Kiriakis mansion to offer her support -- if they were still friends. Brady acknowledged that he wasn't in a position where he could be picky about his friends. Relieved, Nicole hugged Brady, who wondered what was wrong. "I just can't believe someone still wants to be my friend," Nicole admitted. Brady vowed that he was done consuming liquor and drugs, done lying, done hurting people, and -- most importantly -- done making mistakes with women like Kristen and Theresa.

Marlena dozed off for a while in John's hospital room, and when she woke up, she seemed worried about something. When Roman returned to check on Marlena, she told him about what had happened. Roman suspected that the situation was simply scaring Marlena, but she disagreed. "Look, I'm a doctor. I'm level-headed. But I've got this feeling of...dread -- like something terrible is about to happen," Marlena explained.

A man was waiting for Daniel in his hotel room, and he knocked Daniel out before being spotted. After making sure that Daniel was unconscious, the man opened the hotel room door and let a woman in -- Kristen DiMera.

. . .

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