Monday, November 24, 2014
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Sonny clarified that T wasn't the person who had mentioned Chad's appointment as co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises, prompting Chad to wonder if Sonny had instead heard the news from Jordan. "Jordan knows, too? A whole lot of people know, except your partner! [...] Let's be honest. The real reason you haven't told me -- I'm a Kiriakis," Sonny knowingly guessed.

Sonny admitted that, while he hadn't wanted to listen to his uncle's warnings about his best friend and business partner, he was starting to think that Victor might have been right about Chad all along. Chad was shocked that Victor had learned his secret. Sonny guessed -- without much concern -- that Victor's knowledge of the matter could cause problems for Chad, who warned that if Victor somehow managed to screw things up, it would not be forgotten. Sonny reminded Chad that when they had formed their business partnership, they had vowed not to let their respective families' issues turn into their issues.

Clyde entered Club TBD while Kate was on the phone with a board member, pretending to be happy about the change that was about to take place at DiMera Enterprises. After Kate ended the call, Clyde approached and admitted that he'd had no idea she was such a great liar. Clyde guessed that Kate's phone call had been about Chad, because she hadn't been the same since Chad had barged in on them at the DiMera mansion.

As Kate tried to laugh off the suspicion, she received a phone call from Chad, who warned her that Victor had learned their secret. Clyde excused himself so Kate could have some privacy, and after he left, she asked Chad if anyone else had found out yet. Chad admitted that Sonny, Jordan, T, and Stefano also knew, but he assured Kate that none of them would say anything. Kate wasn't pleased but decided it would be best to just start doing damage control right away, since she couldn't change what had already happened. "Great job today, Chad -- great job. Really on point your first day," Kate sarcastically added before ending the call.

Kate made a phone call to do the damage control she had alluded to earlier, and after she ended the call -- quite irritably -- Clyde rejoined her and wondered if everything was all right. Kate admitted that it was not, and she informed Clyde that she had acquired a new co-CEO, since there was no longer any reason to keep it a secret. "Just when I thought I had broken through the glass ceiling for good," Kate bitterly muttered.

"As you can see, I'm absolutely thrilled with the situation. I'm really wishing the best for Chad as CEO of an international corporation. I just hope it doesn't interfere with going to the prom and finishing college," Kate sarcastically added. Clyde confidently predicted that Kate wouldn't have any trouble with Chad -- and would, in fact, whip the boy into shape in no time at all.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Chad retrieved a file from a desk drawer and handed it to Sonny. "I started working on this the minute I knew the other thing was gonna happen. That's an agreement giving you an even bigger split of the club's profits. You've been doing most of the work singlehandedly with the expansion on the south side. I'm also putting cash into a contingency account, in case you run into any more problems setting it up. [...] Look, I knew I was gonna have to step back even more, but that does not mean that I don't want to be partners anymore," Chad assured a surprised Sonny.

Chad apologized for keeping the news about his new co-CEO position a secret, insisting that he didn't like keeping things from his best friend. Chad extended a hand and wondered if things between him and Sonny were still good. Ignoring the outstretched hand, Sonny instead hugged his business partner and admitted that he was really happy he had been wrong about everything.

Chad understood why Sonny had jumped to the wrong conclusion, but he urged Sonny not to take everything Victor said at face value in the future. Sonny clarified that Victor did know about Chad's new job but had only hinted to Sonny about the news. Confused, Chad wondered who had shared the details with Sonny, and Sonny grinned mischievously as he replied that Chad had. "You are such a Kiriakis. [...] Nicely played," Chad admitted. Sonny left after stating that he sincerely hoped the co-CEO position would work out for Chad.

When Kate spotted Sonny entering Club TBD, she went to talk to him -- ostensibly about Will, who hadn't been returning her calls lately. "Yeah, he's a hard guy to get ahold of these days. [...] My calls seem to be going down the same rabbit hole yours do," Sonny admitted, although he knowingly guessed that Kate had really approached him to give a lecture about the situation with Victor and Chad. Sonny revealed that he had already talked to Chad and that things between them were good. "Because he gave you his word?" Kate skeptically guessed.

Sonny insisted that, while Victor's perspective was that the DiMeras and the Kiriakises were like the Hatfields and the McCoys, things didn't have to continue to be defined like that -- specifically between Sonny and Chad -- in the future. Kate argued that Victor was a smart, wise survivor who deserved credit from Sonny for knowing how things really were. Confused, Sonny wondered why Kate seemed to be warning him about her own partner and co-CEO. "[Chad] is becoming more of a DiMera every. Single. Day," Kate cryptically replied.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Clyde ran into Chad and seized the opportunity to congratulate the new co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Clyde suggested that he and Kate could join Chad and Jordan for dinner sometime to celebrate the good news. Chad wanted to know why Clyde had made such a suggestion, so Clyde innocently explained that he was trying to repair his relationship with his stepdaughter. "Look -- I've never heard [Jordan] say a bad word about anyone, but the way she looks at you -- I know she -- well, let's just say she doesn't like you. And you're not gonna use me to change that," Chad informed Clyde before walking away.

Eric was unpacking things in his new apartment when he received a surprise visit from his parents, who presented him with some housewarming gifts. As Marlena looked around the place, admiring Eric's collection of African art, Roman admitted that, while he understood why it had been necessary for Sami and her kids to move to Los Angeles, he was nevertheless extremely happy that Eric's move had been less drastic.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie was thrilled to see Melanie but felt the urge to kill Daniel for keeping his daughter's return to Salem a secret. Melanie clarified that she hadn't told anyone -- including Daniel -- because she had wanted to have fun surprising everyone instead. Melanie was quick to ask if Brady was around, and she looked a bit disappointed when Maggie answered that he wasn't.

Maggie suspiciously guessed that there was more to the story about Melanie's sudden return to Salem. "I could never fool you, could I? I'm moving back to Salem...for good," Melanie admitted, eliciting cheers of elation from her grandmother. Melanie joked that, while it was completely out of character for her to make impulsive decisions, moving back to Salem had been something she'd simply had to do -- and it had seemed like the right time to make the move, since her work visa had been about to expire, and her mother had been about to leave the European Union.

Melanie added that she had missed her family. Although the women had already talked about the matter once before, Melanie reiterated that she was sorry about Nick's death, and Maggie sadly nodded and acknowledged -- without a hint of bitterness -- that his death had probably made it easier for Melanie to return to Salem. Melanie abruptly changed the subject, excitedly revealing that one of her friends was moving to Salem, too.

"Oh, well, now it comes clear. Your 'friend'? Hmm. Hmm-hmm-hmm. What's his name?" Maggie knowingly asked. Melanie laughed and clarified that she had been talking about a female friend she had met in Europe. Melanie added that she hadn't really had any serious relationships with men since leaving Salem two years earlier. Maggie hesitantly revealed that Chad had recently returned to Salem. Melanie dismissively claimed that it didn't matter because Chad no longer meant anything to her, and she abruptly changed the subject, insisting that she didn't want to waste any more time talking about him.

Melanie jumped when she heard a noise, but Maggie assured her that it had probably just been Henderson. After asking about Brady, Melanie nervously wondered if Henderson could have spotted her earlier, prompting Maggie to offer to check with him and let him know to keep Melanie's arrival a secret. Melanie waited until her grandmother was gone before fishing her cell phone out of her purse, avoiding the stacks of cash that were hidden inside. Melanie started to compose a text message to someone, but she quickly tossed her phone back in her purse and zipped it up when she heard Maggie returning with Henderson.

Henderson happily greeted Melanie and assured her that he would keep her secret. After Henderson left, Maggie observed that it had seemed like they had inadvertently caught Melanie doing something she hadn't wanted them to know about. Maggie stressed that Melanie could talk to her about anything. Melanie didn't want Daniel or Brady to find out what she was about to share, so after swearing her grandmother to secrecy, she admitted that, while she had stayed away from Salem for a long time because of the bad memories she had associated with the place, she had eventually realized that she had been letting her past rule her present.

Melanie acknowledged that it had been foolish of her to give up her chance to spend time with her family just because she had encountered some extremely screwed-up people -- such as Vivian, Nick, Gabi, and Chad -- in her past. Maggie observed that Melanie had adopted a very mature attitude about the matter, and Melanie joked that the idea of her being mature was a very novel thought indeed.

Things got a bit awkward after Daniel and Nicole pulled away from each other following their playful, somewhat sexually charged wrestling match in the park. Nicole started to excuse herself, claiming that she had a million things to do, but Daniel stopped her and pointed out that it would probably be best for them to talk about what had just happened. Nicole wanted to do so in a public setting, but Daniel argued that it would be best to discuss the matter privately -- at his place -- so she eventually acquiesced and followed him there.

Daniel offered Nicole a cup of tea before reiterating that he was glad they were friends again. "But it's not that simple. I mean, we can't deny -- I can't deny -- that there is an attraction between us --" Daniel started to add, but Nicole interrupted with a gasp as she spit out a mouthful of tea, complaining that it was unexpectedly hot. Daniel grabbed a towel and a glass of water for Nicole, who assured him that she hadn't burned herself -- she had just embarrassed herself. "I just -- I hate this! I hate this! I -- I think the four worst words in the English language are 'we have to talk,'" Nicole admitted.

Daniel understood but argued that he and Nicole had both learned from experience that it was best to be honest about things. Nicole grudgingly conceded the point and admitted that there was a mutual attraction between her and Daniel, and they agreed that they would never act on it without a lot of serious thought beforehand. Meanwhile, Nicole's cell phone started ringing in her purse, and while she was searching for it, Daniel accidentally knocked over her glass of water, drenching her hair in the process.

Daniel teasingly observed that Nicole looked ridiculous, and he urged her to use his shower and washing machine to get cleaned up, since he had some errands to run, anyway. Daniel went to see Eric's new apartment, and he revealed that he had something to tell Eric -- about Nicole. Meanwhile, back at Daniel's apartment, someone started knocking on the door, and when Nicole rushed out of the bathroom to greet the visitor -- wearing only a towel because she assumed it was just Daniel -- she was surprised to find Melanie standing in the hallway instead.

At the Horton house, J.J. thought about telling Jennifer that he had slept with Eve, but the doorbell rang before he could do so. When J.J. opened the front door, he found Paige standing outside. Jennifer emerged from the living room, greeted Paige, and retreated to the kitchen so the couple could have some privacy.

Paige explained that, while she still planned to give J.J. the space he had asked for, she had been unable to resist tracking him down and reminding him that she loved him. "You love me, too, right?" Paige asked. J.J. evasively replied that it wasn't the best time for such a conversation, so Paige took the hint and left after he promised to call her later. Paige looked hurt and confused as she walked away from the house.

When Jennifer returned to the living room, J.J. was sitting on the couch with his head in his hands, looking extremely conflicted. Jennifer urged J.J. to talk to her, observing that Paige had seemed really upset earlier. "It -- it's just -- Mom, um...I -- I'm so mixed up about Dad...going back to when I found out about it, and now Paige finding out about it -- it screwed everything up, and -- and -- and now it's still not back to where it was. [...] When I -- when I tried to explain to Paige about how I -- I felt about it, I -- I -- I realized I -- I -- I don't know how I feel. But I know that I don't want to ruin things for me and Paige, but sometimes it feels like things are going to be ruined, no matter what," J.J. painfully explained.

Jennifer hugged J.J. and advised him that, while it was inevitable that bad things would sometimes happen in his life, he didn't have to let those things rule his future once they were in the past. Jennifer observed that, while it seemed like J.J. had buried what he had learned about his father in a place where he would never have to deal with it, it also seemed like that strategy was no longer working for him. Jennifer suggested that it would be best for J.J. to go ahead and deal with the matter so it wouldn't keep tearing him up inside.

J.J. conceded that Jennifer was probably right, but when she urged him to let her help, he muttered that he didn't know how she could possibly do that. Jennifer suggested that she could talk to Paige on J.J.'s behalf, but he believed that was something he needed to do himself. Jennifer nodded and promised to support whatever decision J.J. made.

Jennifer stressed that J.J. needed to know that, while she wasn't trying to minimize what his father had done, Jack and Kayla had both eventually been able to move on from it because Jack had owned it and had made amends for it. Jennifer started to say something else, but J.J. interrupted and said it was time for him to stop talking and start thinking. Jennifer took the hint and excused herself so she could run some errands. After leaving the house, Jennifer recorded an urgent voicemail message for Marlena.

After Jennifer left, J.J. stared at a framed photograph of Jack. "He owned what he did. [...] He made amends," J.J. thoughtfully muttered. J.J. contacted Paige and said he was ready to tell her everything, although their respective mothers couldn't know they were going to meet with each other.

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