Monday, January 26, 2015
by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Aiden reasoned that Hope and Ciara wouldn't want to accompany him and Chase to Puget Sound because there was nothing to do at the beach house, anyway. Ciara insisted that she would still love to go on such a trip, and she and Chase tried to convince Aiden to reconsider.

Hope intervened, pointing out that Ciara was already scheduled to go on a class trip to San Francisco that week. Ciara argued that plans could change, and Hope conceded the point but added that she had already made plans to visit Shawn and Belle in Tahiti while Ciara was in San Francisco. Ciara bitterly complained that a trip to Tahiti sounded much better than a trip to San Francisco.

Chase reasoned that his new nanny, Shelly -- who would be tagging along on the trip to Puget Sound so she could take him to San Francisco to meet up with his class after visiting the beach house, allowing Aiden to stay behind to wrap up the sale of the property -- could easily handle watching him and Ciara during the trip. Ciara stopped Chase before he could say anything else, suggesting that they could go to the kitchen for slices of pie so their parents could have some time to work out the details. "You've got to learn to quit while you're ahead," Ciara whispered to Chase after preemptively -- and quite confidently -- thanking Aiden.

Hope joked that Ciara planned to attend law school if her dream of being a rock star in a girl band didn't work out. Aiden hoped Ciara's first album would be a huge success so he would never have to face her in court. Hope assured Aiden that she would handle Ciara -- unless, of course, he wanted them to accompany him and Chase to Puget Sound for moral support. "Hope, that is the last thing that I want," Aiden stressed.

Aiden quickly clarified that, while he appreciated the offer, he was already starting to feel like taking the trip was going to be a big mistake, and he was worried that adding more people to the mix would just make things even worse. Aiden added that he had only agreed to take Chase to the beach house because -- for reasons Aiden didn't understand -- it was obviously important for Chase to revisit the place one last time. Hope suggested that the trip might be Chase's way of saying a final farewell to his mother. Hope assured Aiden that Chase would be fine, and she reiterated that she and Ciara could tag along for moral support if needed.

Aiden sighed and admitted that he never wanted to face Hope in court, either. Aiden accepted Hope's offer but stressed that they would only be in Puget Sound for a few hours. While Aiden contacted Shelly to let her know they would be traveling with guests, Hope changed her flight plan accordingly, managing to settle on a schedule that would allow her to arrive in Tahiti only a few hours later than she had originally anticipated.

Later, Aiden and Hope revealed the good news to Chase and Ciara. "Yes! I love traveling to so many different places. Now, if I could just add Tahiti --" Ciara started to suggest, but Hope advised her to quit while she was ahead. Hope mentioned that she and Ciara were headed to a store to buy a sled in preparation for the snow Salem was supposed to receive later that night, so Aiden agreed to tag along with Chase so they could get one, too.

Chase was hoping for ten feet of snow, but Ciara wisely advised that he wanted to hope for enough snow to cancel school but not enough to ground flights and force them to cancel their trip. "How many feet is that?" Chase wondered, but Ciara had no idea. Aiden watched as Hope followed the kids out of the pub. "It's just a few hours. Nothing can happen in a few hours," Aiden quietly assured himself before catching up to the group.

Serena tried to leave Daniel's apartment after dropping off a book for Melanie, but Nicole was eager to clear the air first. Nicole tried to offer Serena a drink, but Serena declined. "Been there, done that, wore it home," Serena pointed out. Nicole stressed that spilling her drink on Serena really had been an accident, but she conceded that she could understand why Serena was skeptical of that claim.

Nicole suggested that she and Serena needed to sit down and hash things out because they were bound to run into each other from time to time. Nicole diplomatically offered to let Serena choose the time and location of the proposed discussion so the whole thing could be done on Serena's terms. Serena wasn't sure there was anything to hash out, since she and Nicole clearly didn't like each other.

Serena guessed that Nicole had some sort of hidden agenda. Nicole admitted that was true, explaining that she wanted to be able to move on with her life but would never be able to do so if things couldn't be kept relatively civil when she ran into Serena and Eric around town. Serena remained skeptical, suspecting that Nicole really just wanted to call a truce as a way of getting back into Eric's good graces.

"This is not about Eric!" Nicole insisted, prompting Serena to wonder who it was about. Right on cue, Daniel emerged from his bedroom, wearing only a towel, and started to say something to Nicole before realizing that they weren't alone. Daniel uncomfortably pulled a chair in front of his waist as Serena awkwardly excused herself.

Nicole assured Daniel that she and Serena had kept things civil. Nicole quickly changed the subject, eager to help Daniel dry off. After having sex, Daniel and Nicole talked about the snow Salem was supposed to receive later that night. Daniel and Nicole started teasing each other about a potential snowball fight but were forced to cut the conversation short when he was suddenly called to the hospital to handle an emergency.

While Daniel was getting dressed in his bedroom, Nicole contacted Serena to see if they could continue their earlier conversation sometime. Serena agreed, believing that Daniel was Nicole's motivation for seeking a truce. Serena suggested meeting in her hotel room. "As I recall, you know where it is. You can keep the lock picks at home -- I'll be sure to answer when you knock," Serena pointedly added before ending the call.

When Nicole arrived at the Salem Inn, she lingered outside Serena's hotel room for a few minutes to finish a phone call with Ted, who advised her to look for things on Serena's laptop that mentioned the Hartford project -- or just copy the entire hard drive to avoid missing any other skeletons that were hiding in Serena's closet. Ted also warned Nicole not to let down her guard around Serena -- not even for a second.

As Nicole ended the call, Serena opened the door to greet her, explaining that she had heard Nicole's voice. Nicole vaguely explained that she had just been wrapping up a work call so she could give Serena her full attention. "Finally looked you up -- that was a wacky online search," Serena revealed. Nicole stressed that, while she wasn't proud of some of the things she had done in the past, that was exactly what it was -- her past.

As Nicole tried to begin a conversation about a truce, Serena received a phone call and excused herself to answer it, apologetically explaining that it was about work. Once she was alone, Nicole plugged a USB device into Serena's laptop and anxiously waited for it to finish copying the hard drive.

At the hospital, Jennifer looked over the proofs from a recent event Eric had photographed. Jennifer knowingly questioned Eric about Serena when she spotted the woman in one of the pictures. Eric coyly confirmed that he and Serena had some history and were reconnecting with each other. Eric admitted that he was grateful for the opportunity to talk about the matter with someone who could be objective.

Jennifer didn't understand at first but quickly deduced that if none of the other people in Eric's life could be objective about the situation -- including Daniel -- it had to have something to do with Nicole. Eric confirmed the suspicion and proceeded to tell Jennifer about what had happened at the opening of Victor's new club -- and what had happened with Daniel afterward. Eric admitted that he wasn't sure how he and Daniel could possibly avoid ending up on opposite sides due to Daniel's involvement with Nicole. Jennifer advised that, while Daniel wasn't perfect, his friendship was still worth the trouble that might arise from trying to maintain it.

Later, Eric ran into Daniel in the waiting area. Daniel was on his way back to his apartment, since someone else had handled the emergency, but he agreed to talk to Eric for a few minutes first. Eric apologized for what he had said about Nicole the previous night, admitting that it had been out of line. Eric stressed that he valued Daniel's friendship and didn't want Nicole and Serena's rivalry to affect it.

Daniel optimistically predicted that the problem might work itself out, and he proceeded to tell Eric about the civil conversation Nicole and Serena had engaged in earlier. Daniel conceded that the women's chance encounter might have just caught them both off guard, but he mused that there was also a possibility that they had jointly decided it would be best to live and let live.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Damon informed Victor that one of Clyde's men had been seen dealing drugs in the park near St. Luke's. Damon added that he was ready to make his move on Clyde as soon as Victor gave the okay. "Make sure it's neat, clean -- I don't want a war," Victor stressed with a sigh of resignation. Damon reasoned that Clyde wasn't leaving Victor any choice and that Victor was simply doing what needed to be done.

Rafe entered the study and recognized Damon, who suspiciously wondered if the detective was there in an official capacity. Rafe coyly confirmed that he was, but when Damon tensed, Victor clarified that he had recently hired Rafe, who was no longer a detective. Damon relaxed and welcomed Rafe aboard, but Rafe refused to shake Damon's outstretched hand.

After Damon left, Victor observed that Rafe had enjoyed the exchange far too much. Rafe admitted that having a badge had sometimes been fun. Rafe added that he had dealt with Damon in the past but had never been able to make any charges stick. "Funny how that works," Rafe knowingly muttered. Rafe wondered what a guy like Damon was doing working for a guy like Victor. "Minding his own business," Victor pointedly replied.

Changing the subject, Rafe revealed that a new trucking company had delivered supplies to Victor's club earlier that day -- and had placed a twenty percent surcharge on the bill. Victor dismissively stated that he wasn't interested in such day-to-day details of the club. Rafe found it hard to believe that Victor could be that indifferent about a shakedown from someone who was infringing on Victor's established trucking business. Rafe offered to help Victor handle the matter, but Victor insisted that Rafe needed to stick to the job he had been hired to do. "Let me worry about my other interests," Victor concluded with finality.

Jordan went to the DiMera mansion to see Chad, who greeted her icily. Jordan said she was sorry about what Ben had done to Chad, and she wondered if she and Chad were okay. Chad remained dismissive, suspecting that Jordan really just wanted to try to sweet-talk him into going easy on Ben. "You would do absolutely anything to keep me from pressing charges. You'd sleep with me right here and now, wouldn't you?" Chad guessed.

Jordan resisted the urge to slap Chad, prompting him to observe that Ben wasn't the only person in her family who had a temper. Chad insisted that he wasn't going to allow himself to be used -- and that Ben was going to pay for assaulting him. "You know the way out," Chad dismissively concluded before leaving the study.

At the Horton Town Square, Ben thanked Clyde for bailing him out of jail. Ben promised to pay back the cost, but Clyde insisted that wasn't necessary. As Clyde tried to find out what Chad had said to provoke Ben, Abigail interrupted and greeted them. Clyde went to make a few phone calls so Ben and Abigail could have some privacy.

Abigail tried to find out what had happened, but Ben kept the details vague, admitting that it didn't matter because there was no excuse for his behavior. Abigail offered to contact Aiden Jennings, who had once helped J.J. out of a legal jam, but Ben insisted that he wasn't going to let a lawyer build a case around what Chad had said to provoke him. Abigail worriedly protested that such a decision could cost Ben his freedom.

"No way in hell that's gonna happen -- not as long as I have breath," Clyde promised as he rejoined the couple. Clyde reported that he was working on finding a lawyer to handle Ben's case, since Aiden was headed out of town for a few days. Ben insisted that Clyde had already done enough, but Clyde refused to let Ben get a criminal record, since that would cause too many doors to close in the future.

Ben still needed to collect his belongings from Club TBD, so Clyde escorted him there to prevent another confrontation with Chad. Clyde guessed that Ben had only assaulted Chad because Chad had said something about Ben's family, but Ben refused to discuss the matter. Clyde dropped the subject, admitting that he respected Ben's decision. Ben went into the club to get his things, and Clyde stayed outside to take a phone call. "We need to meet. ... University Park, clearing south of the fountain -- twenty minutes," Victor told Clyde before ending the call.

Meanwhile, Jordan arrived and wondered why Clyde was just standing around outside the club. Clyde explained that he was waiting for Ben. Jordan thanked Clyde for bailing Ben out of jail. Clyde promised to take care of Ben's problem -- legally. Jordan reported that Chad was acting weird about the whole thing. Clyde nodded and walked away after knowingly guessing that Chad and Ben's fight had been about Jordan.

Abigail ran into Chad in the town square and asked if he was all right. Chad confirmed that he was, and he claimed that he didn't know what had caused Ben to snap and assault him. Abigail admitted that there was no excuse for Ben's behavior, anyway. Chad reasoned that the police wouldn't be willing to drop the matter even if he agreed not to press charges, since Ben had a history of violent outbursts. Chad started to excuse himself, but Abigail stopped him and wondered if he had any suspicions about what had set Ben off. "He's really possessive of you. I didn't realize how much until now," Chad replied before walking away.

When Abigail returned home, she told Jennifer about what Ben had done to Chad. Jennifer was pleased that Abigail understood that nothing Chad might have said to Ben could have excused such a response. Abigail feared that Jennifer might try to convince her to break up with Ben, but Jennifer simply advised that he needed help. Abigail agreed and abruptly excused herself, insisting that she was going to help Ben herself.

Jordan followed Ben back to his apartment and tried to get him to talk about what had happened, but he wasn't interested, insisting that she couldn't keep bailing him out of trouble for the rest of his life. Jordan offered to help pay Ben's legal fees, but he explained that Clyde already had the matter covered. Changing the subject, Ben wondered where things stood between Jordan and Chad. Jordan admitted that she thought her relationship with Chad might be over. Ben assumed he had driven a wedge between Jordan and Chad, but she clarified that she thought something else had set Chad off -- although she had no idea what that might have been.

As Chad headed into Club TBD, Rafe stopped him and wondered if he was happy about what had happened. Rafe complained that Chad didn't deserve Jordan, whose unwavering commitment to Chad still hadn't been enough to convince him to cut Ben some slack. Chad listened in confusion as Rafe continued to talk about Jordan's loyalty. "Look, she and I are done, but I can't stand the fact that she wastes her time on scum like you. Now, she didn't want to hear it, but maybe now that you're gonna have her brother thrown in jail, maybe she'll get the picture," Rafe optimistically concluded before walking away.

Clyde crossed through the town square while on the phone with Jeremiah. "Don't worry -- Kiriakis isn't dumb enough to do anything in public. ... Probably [just] wants to find a way to surrender and save face. ... I guarantee you, the old man is backin' down," Clyde confidently predicted before ending the call.

When Clyde arrived at the designated location a short time later, Damon was waiting for him. Confused, Clyde wondered where Victor was. "He sent me -- with a message," Damon replied before raising a gun and firing three muffled shots at Clyde's chest. Clyde collapsed to the ground, and Damon calmly walked away as snow started falling in Salem.

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