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Marlena's loved ones get a surprise
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Monday, September 17, 2018
by Mike

Tripp was alone at home when Shawn arrived to see Ciara. Tripp informed Shawn that Hope had arrested Ben earlier -- and that Ciara had gone to the police station to check on Ben after having failed to reach Ben's lawyer.

"You know, I thought this would finally convince [Ciara] to wash her hands of [Ben], but...for some reason, no matter what anybody says, she just can't let go of [him]," Tripp grumbled. "The more you tell her to do something, the harder [she's going to fight] against it," Shawn advised. "Yeah, no kidding," Tripp conceded with a shake of the head.

Shawn feared that Ciara might never see Ben as a monster. Tripp hoped that the evidence against Ben would stick, taking away Ciara's choice in the matter.

At the police station, Ciara told Ben that she hadn't been able to reach his lawyer yet. He thanked her for having at least tried to do so. He hoped that meant that she didn't believe that he had tried to kill her back at the cabin. Shrugging, she admitted that she didn't know what to believe anymore. "This looks really, really bad," she pointed out. "Maybe because somebody wanted to make it look that way," he countered.

Meanwhile, Rafe sadly informed Hope that Marlena was about to be taken off the ventilator -- and would probably die shortly after that happened. "So, this is Sami's last chance to say goodbye to her mom, make amends..." Rafe continued. Stunned, Hope softened a bit, no longer focused on Rafe's decision to sneak Sami out of the police station. "Please tell John and the family that I'm praying for Marlena," Hope quietly requested.

Claire returned home while Tripp was in the process of sending a text message to Ciara. Tripp paused after realizing that Claire was upset about something. Claire tearfully filled Tripp in on what was happening at the hospital at that moment. "[Actually, my grandmother's] probably gone [by now...and] I miss her so much already!" Claire admitted before breaking down in Tripp's arms.

"You know, she was so much more than a grandmother to me; she was like a friend, [and] a second mom, [and] my hero... [And] it's just really hard to believe that this powerful force of good and love [is] just not gonna be here anymore. [And] I don't know what I'm gonna do without her, [and] I just...I feel alone," Claire continued after pulling away from Tripp.

"You're not alone, Claire...and you're never going to be -- [not] as long as I'm around," Tripp promised before giving Claire another hug.

At the hospital, Sami, Eric, and Belle waited anxiously with John and Kayla in Marlena's room. "Mom? It's me, Belle. We love you so much, and it's okay if you want to let go [now that the ventilator's off]," Belle tearfully began. "Belle, what are you doing?" Sami asked incredulously. "I am telling her that it is okay --" Belle tried to respond. "To die," Sami angrily concluded for Belle. "Of course you would; you're the reason [they pulled the plug] in the first place!" Sami continued. Eric and John both tried to intervene, but Sami forged ahead, tearfully stressing, "Mom, you listen to me -- you have to fight this, [because] we all need you!"

"[Plus], then she can get you off the hook with the police..." Belle interjected. "Get her out of here!" Sami begged John and Eric while glaring at Belle. "You're the one who doesn't belong here! You're the one who put her in that bed!" Belle spat. "[And] you are the one --" Sami started to counter. Eric quickly interrupted, arguing that Marlena's fate was ultimately in God's hands. John agreed with Eric, but Sami and Belle did not -- and continued blaming each other for what was happening. Eventually, a hoarse demand -- "Could you keep it down?" -- put a quick end to Sami and Belle's fight. Everyone stared in shock at the source.

"Oh, my God! Doc! Honey, you're awake!" John exclaimed. "Kayla, is..." Eric began to ask, elated but also confused. "Well, you know, I can't explain it. Um...if you'd all just give me a little room to give her an examination..." Kayla replied in an effort to clear the room. Another hoarse demand -- "Wait! I wanna see my children!" -- stopped everyone. "Are you sure, honey?" John wondered. "Yeah, I'd really prefer we clear the room..." Kayla added.

A hoarse confirmation -- "I'm sure" -- kept Sami, Eric, and Belle from leaving. Eric and Belle each said a few words of encouragement. "Mom, you're gonna be okay!" Sami added. A hoarse reply -- "I thanks to you!" -- surprised Sami. John and Kayla tried again to clear the room, but Sami was horrified and insisted on first setting the record straight.

"You have to know that I would never intentionally hurt you, Mom! [And] if I'm the one who shot you, I'm so sorry! Please, please know that I love you, and you mean the world to me, and I would never, ever want to hurt you! And that crazy woman -- she drugged me, and she was talking about E.J., and I just wasn't in my right mind..." Sami tried to explain. Another hoarse demand -- "John, get her out of here -- before she finishes me off!" -- silenced Sami, but only for a moment.

Hurt but determined, Sami continued trying to set the record straight. Eric finally dragged Sami out of the room after Kayla threatened to call security. "This can't be happening! This is my worst nightmare!" Sami told Eric as Rafe approached. Rafe assumed that Marlena had just died, but Sami clarified that Marlena was still alive -- and was even awake and alert. "[The only problem is that] she hates me. She thinks I tried to kill her," Sami sadly added. Rafe didn't think that was the kind of thing that Marlena would say to any loved one, regardless of the circumstances, and Eric agreed that Marlena's medication was probably responsible. Sami wasn't convinced.

"I ruined [Mom's] wedding day, and if I pulled that trigger, I nearly killed her, [too]. My mom is right -- [I deserve] this; I deserve to be punished," Sami concluded with a sigh of defeat. "I would like to go back to my cell [now]," Sami told Rafe. Eric tried to protest, but Sami insisted, "I shouldn't have been here [in the first place]." Eric gave Sami a hug and promised to try to smooth things over with Marlena at some point.

Meanwhile, John and Kayla hinted that Belle also needed to leave Marlena's room. Belle tried to protest, not wanting to leave just yet. A hoarse assurance -- "It's okay" -- stopped John from continuing to argue with Belle about the matter. "[Mom], there's something I want you to know, and I want you to hear it from me," Belle hesitantly began to explain.

"I'm the one who had you taken off the ventilator," Belle regretfully added as John tried to interrupt. "I found your living will, and it had your health directive, naming me [your] proxy, [so] I gave it to Kayla, and she passed it along to the hospital administration, who then ordered the ventilator be removed," Belle continued. "I thought I was doing the right thing -- you understand that, right?" Belle asked hopefully. A hoarse reply -- "I understand [that] you're the person who tried to pull the plug on your mother!" -- drove Belle to tears.

"You know, Belle, um, your mom has been through quite an ordeal, and, um, you know, she's heavily medicated..." Kayla pointed out. A hoarse protest -- "I know what I'm saying!" -- further upset Belle, who repeatedly tried to apologize for having mishandled the situation. "Let me walk you out, 'cause I have to order some tests..." Kayla awkwardly suggested while practically dragging Belle out of the room, leaving John behind.

"What the hell's the matter with you? Was that really necessary? The way you treated Belle and Sami just now was completely uncalled for!" John snapped once the coast was clear.

"Those two selfish little cows deserved a good tongue-lashing! And that good-looking Eric -- he deserves one, too, [but] of a very different kind... [I mean], he's almost as good-looking as his daddy...which reminds me, is Roman single? [Anyway, look, if you don't like what I'm doing, then the] next time you want to go save your precious Dr. Marlena Evans, [maybe] don't call on Hattie Adams!" Hattie countered, abandoning the hoarse voice at once. John and Hattie glared at each other and exchanged sighs of irritation.

Shawn went to the police station to talk to Hope about the new evidence that linked Ben to the cabin fire. "So, you were right -- he did set [it]?" Shawn asked. "Of course he did -- and now I have proof, [so] he'll never get near your sister again," Hope replied with a shrug. "I wouldn't be so sure about that. [Tripp] told me that [Ciara] came down here to see [Ben]," Shawn revealed.

Horrified, Hope rushed off to one of the conference rooms, with Shawn in tow. At that exact moment, Ben was in the process of explaining to Ciara that Hope had planted the new evidence that had been found at the cabin. "She would do anything to make me look guilty in your eyes," Ben concluded just before Hope burst into the room.

"You're not allowed in here," Hope insisted while trying to drag Ciara away. "Why is that, Hope -- 'cause you don't want her to find out that her mother planted evidence at a crime scene?" Ben countered. "You can't believe a word this animal says!" Hope protested while trying to drag Ciara away again. "You warned me that if I didn't leave town, you'd make my life a living hell, and what do you know -- here I am. [And] isn't it convenient that you were the one that miraculously found this new evidence just sitting there after all this time?" Ben continued. "How did you find it?" Ciara asked curiously.

"I went back out to the cabin, just to be sure I hadn't missed anything -- [and] to be sure that CSU and the arson investigators hadn't missed anything," Hope began to explain. "Or maybe you went back there to set my ass up," Ben suggested. "What kind of cop are you, Hope? What kind of person are you?" Ben added. "She was doing her job [and] protecting her daughter!" Shawn defensively insisted. "By planting evidence [and] breaking the law?" Ben calmly countered. Hope scoffed and tried to drag Ciara away again. "Ciara, I told you before, and I'll tell you again -- I would never, ever hurt you," Ben stressed.

"I think you realize it, but your mother's framing me," Ben added. Hope insisted that Ciara needed to ignore everything that Ben was saying. "Ciara, you know exactly what it's been like -- how [your mother] targeted me, how she went behind your back to run me out of town... [And] when you convinced me to stay in Salem [and then invited] me to live with you, it made her crazy, and now [she's taken] it to the whole next level," Ben continued. Shaking, Hope angrily countered, "No! No! No! 'Cause unlike you, I respect the law, Ben -- and doing things right!" Shawn supported Hope, reminding Ciara that Ben was a monster.

"No, man, I'm not that guy anymore, okay? Dr. Evans even said it herself," Ben insisted. Conflicted, Ciara conceded, "Maybe you played her [the same way] you played me." Ben tried to assure Ciara that wasn't true, but Ciara chose to side with Hope. As Hope rushed Ciara out of the room, Ben desperately begged Ciara to reconsider. Outside, Ciara told Hope, "Look me in the eye, Mom. If you love me, you will look me in the eye, and you will tell me the truth. Do you swear to me that you did not plant that evidence?" Hope made eye contact with Ciara and replied, "I swear -- on my life." Sighing, Ciara seized a hug from Hope.

Claire was surprised when Tripp revealed that Ben had been arrested earlier -- and that Ciara was at the police station with Ben. "I guess she doesn't fully believe the evidence [yet]...or she doesn't want to admit that she's wrong," Tripp mused with a shrug. "Oh, it's so much more than that, [and] you and I both know it," Claire countered. "[I mean], for her to stand by Ben, [even] after all the evidence says that he started the fire -- [that] just shows how important he is to her, [and] honestly, I don't know how you keep putting up with it, Tripp, 'cause you deserve so much better," Claire added with a shake of the head.

Rafe arrived at the police station with Sami shortly after Ciara left. Hope gave Rafe the cold shoulder, prompting Sami to protest, "Can you just cut him some slack? My mom was dying!" Trying to avoid an argument, Rafe quickly added, "There's good news, though!" Nodding, Sami revealed, "My mom is doing better. She, um -- she rallied." Rafe elaborated, "Looks like she's gonna make a full recovery!"

"Really?" Hope asked, softening a bit. "I'm happy for you, Sami...[and] for your whole family," Hope added. "Yeah, me too," Sami replied before turning to Rafe. "Can I just go back to my cell now, please?" Sami requested.

At the hospital, Belle wrapped up a phone call with Claire then sadly told Eric about what had happened earlier. Eric again reasoned that Marlena's out-of-character outbursts had to be a side effect of heavy medication.

Claire excitedly informed Tripp that her grandmother was awake -- and was apparently going to be okay. After they celebrated the good news with a hug, she spontaneously kissed him -- just as Ciara entered the apartment.

After taking Sami back to a holding cell, Rafe rejoined Hope, who was still upset that Rafe had broken protocol to give Sami a chance to say goodbye to Marlena. "I'm sorry, [and] I will accept the consequences for what I did, [but] for whatever it's worth, I still think it was the right thing to do," Rafe insisted with a shrug.

Changing the subject, Rafe questioned Hope about Ben's arrest. Hope happily revealed that Ciara had finally turned on Ben. "She couldn't ignore the evidence...although Ben did do his best to try to convince her that I planted it," Hope added. Gauging Rafe's reaction, Hope defensively asked, "Oh, my God -- you think I did [plant it], don't you?"

Meanwhile, Shawn gloated that Ben was finally going to be sent away again. "I see how you look at me," Ben calmly replied. "You think I'm this horrible person -- the Necktie Killer, a murdering monster... [But] what about your mother? What do you think about her? You think she's innocent? You think she's honorable?" Ben added. "Don't talk about my mom!" Shawn warned, getting upset.

"Come on, Shawn. You're a smart guy. She didn't just 'suddenly' find any 'new evidence,'" Ben continued. Scoffing, Shawn started to leave the conference room. Undeterred, Ben forged ahead, insisting, "You can't ignore the truth, Shawn. Hope would do anything to get rid of me, and now she has." Shawn paused at the door, suddenly remembering that just a few hours earlier, Hope had vowed to get rid of Ben, one way or another.

"You believe me. You realize [the truth now], don't you? You know your mother planted that evidence," Ben guessed, gauging the sudden change in Shawn's facial expression.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Brady receives upsetting news.

• Shawn and Rafe decide to work together.

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