Thursday, October 23, 2014
by Mike

J.J. woke up covered in sweat after dreaming that, while making love to Paige, he had declared his love for her, only to have her counter that if he really loved her, he would have told her the truth about his father raping Kayla -- but he hadn't, possibly because he was just like his father. J.J. got dressed and left the house, pausing on his way out to take a long look at a framed photograph of his father's smiling face.

J.J. ran into Rory in the park but received an icy greeting from him. J.J. wondered if he and Rory could find a way to repair their friendship, but Rory didn't seem interested, insisting that he wasn't buying J.J.'s lame excuse about what had happened with Jill at the college party -- and that it seemed like Paige wasn't buying it anymore, either.

Confused, J.J. asked Rory to elaborate, so Rory revealed that he had talked to Paige the previous night. "[I told her] that I wouldn't put it past you to play around on her, make a run at your best friend's girl just for the hell of it. [...] She stuck up for you, but I could tell that something was bothering her -- something about the two of you. So what's up? I thought you two were like Brangelina or something," Rory asked.

J.J. claimed that he and Paige were fine, but Rory doubted that she felt that way, and he could tell that something was bothering J.J., too. Rory groaned when J.J. replied that the only thing Rory needed to know about the situation was that J.J. loved Paige. "Well, then, you better go talk to her before some other dude does to you what you did to me," Rory somewhat bitterly advised before walking away.

At Club TBD, Marybeth overheard Paige calling herself an idiot for spilling coffee on a table. Marybeth approached and wondered what was wrong, and Paige replied that everything was wrong -- and had been since the college party, thanks to Jill. Paige told Marybeth about running into Rory while looking for J.J. the previous night -- and about how Rory had suggested that J.J. had probably gone somewhere to hook up with Jill again.

Marybeth pointed out that Rory couldn't be trusted because they had something in common -- neither of them wanted Paige and J.J. to be together. Marybeth wondered why Paige had suddenly started fixating on Jill again after previously believing J.J.'s defense that he had only kissed Jill because someone had spiked his drink. Paige was reluctant to talk about the matter because it was private, but Marybeth argued that they had always discussed private stuff with each other in the past -- and that she had proven her trustworthiness when she had kept quiet about Paige's birth control medication.

Conceding the point, Paige admitted that getting the birth control medication had been pointless, since J.J. wasn't interested in having sex with her, anyway. "Did you check him for a pulse?" Marybeth asked incredulously. Paige explained that she had gone on birth control because she had incorrectly attributed J.J.'s reluctance to a fear of getting her pregnant. Marybeth started throwing out other theories, most of which painted J.J. as a liar and a cheater, and when she suggested that he might have contracted an STD he didn't want to pass on to Paige or even admit to having, Paige decided that she had heard enough.

Later, Paige received a phone call from J.J., who asked her to meet him at the Horton house. Paige somewhat irritably reminded J.J. that he hadn't wanted her there the previous night, but he assured her that he was ready to give her a proper explanation. Paige treated J.J. coldly when she arrived a short time later, and he admitted that he understood why she was upset -- and that she had a right to know the truth about what had happened the previous night.

After an unsuccessful attempt to get along with her cousin in Lexington, Jill returned to Salem and went straight to Eve's apartment to demand more money in exchange for continuing to keep quiet about how Eve had hired her to break up Paige and J.J. Eve wasn't intimidated, pointing out that she had never asked Jill to drug J.J., and she threatened to reveal Jill's crime to the police if Jill told anyone about their scheme. Jill thought Eve was bluffing, so Eve grabbed her cell phone and started to place a call to Abe to ask him to confirm her suspicion that drugging an unsuspecting person was a felony.

Jill desperately explained that she was down to her last twenty dollars, and she promised that it would only cost Eve five hundred dollars to get rid of her for good. Satisfied, Eve ended the call and went to get the money, smugly advising Jill that it was never a good idea to try to play a player. Rory was shocked to see Jill passing through the park later that day, so he chased after her.

Eve went to the hospital to drop off some documents for her throat surgeon, and she ran into Kayla, who was happy to sing Paige's praises. Eve proudly reported that Paige had been accepted to Stanford, leading Kayla to wonder what Paige was doing at Salem University. Eve hinted that Paige had been distracted lately, and Kayla read between the lines and guessed that J.J. was the distraction Eve was referring to.

Kayla observed that Paige and J.J. seemed to be crazy about each other, prompting Eve to incredulously wonder if Kayla was encouraging the relationship. Kayla said she believed that J.J. and Paige were lucky they had found each other. Kayla added that J.J. was a good person who had simply gone through a rough patch, but Eve disagreed with that assessment of his character. "See, I see a lot of Jack in J.J., and it's not a pretty picture. You understand that, don't you, Kayla? I mean, you know better than anybody what Jack was like, don't you?" Eve pointedly mused before walking away.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Jordan denied Clyde's accusation, but he maintained that she had indeed killed her mother. "Ben was too little to know what I saw at the bottom of Tupelo Hill that day, but he's old enough now. [...] How the passenger side of that truck was smashed into that tree, like somebody plowed into it on purpose. Blood everywhere. Your poor mama never stood a chance, Tammy Sue," Clyde recalled.

Jordan insisted that it had been an accident and that she would never have hurt, let alone killed, her mother, whom she had loved. "Well, you can keep telling yourself that you had nothing to do with your mama's accident if that makes you feel better. [...] But I'd like to know what you've been telling Ben all these years. Anything? Does he know his mama was in the passenger seat, dead, while you were behind the wheel with a seatbelt on, not even a scratch on ya? Did you tell him that?" Clyde wondered.

Jordan fought back tears as she continued to insist that she would never have killed her mother. "Then how come you were so hysterical when I found ya, hollerin' that you did just that? [...] Oh, sweetheart, I'm sure you didn't mean for it to happen, but all the same, aren't you lucky that I'm the one who found ya, that I'm the one who came up with a story and fixed things? 'Cause I'm not so sure that Sheriff Tatum would have looked the other way, especially since you were too young to drive at the time," Clyde pointed out.

Jordan recalled that her mother had begged her to drive on the day in question. "Yeah, I know...I mean, that's what you told me. And I've kept your secret all these years. It's startin' to come back to you now, isn't it, Tammy Sue? So you know I'm not the bad guy here. I've been protecting you," Clyde reminded Jordan. Jordan argued that Clyde had used the information to blackmail her into doing things she would never have done otherwise, but he insisted that he had never made her do anything she hadn't wanted to do. Jordan angrily slapped Clyde's chest as she shouted that he was lying, but he grabbed her wrist before she could slap him a second time.

Jordan freed herself from Clyde's grip as he reminded her that he wasn't the only person who had overheard her fighting with her mother right before they had gotten in the truck on the day in question. Clyde recalled that Jordan had accused her mother of being weak and stupid, and she explained that she had simply been trying to get through to her mother and convince her to leave him. "Yeah, you got through to her, all right -- you and that box elder tree you rammed her into. [...] You took her away from all of us, and then you took away my son," Clyde countered.

Jordan insisted that Clyde was responsible for driving her and her brother away, and she wondered if he had any idea what it had been like to sit around and wait in fear, never knowing when he would return home drunk and start hitting her, her mother, or even her brother, who had just been a little boy at that time. Clyde vaguely conceded that he had made some mistakes while drunk.

"That's what you call cracked ribs and black eyes and concussions?" Jordan asked incredulously. Jordan argued that Clyde had only stopped drinking excessively because her and Ben's departure had left him with no one else to smack around, but Clyde countered that he had made changes to his drinking habits before she and Ben had left home. "You ran because you're guilty! I know it, and so do you!" Clyde added.

Jordan maintained her innocence, but Clyde wasn't convinced, and he once again warned that he would tell the whole world the truth if she ever tried to ruin his relationship with Ben. "You got a lot more than your mama's blood on your hands," Clyde cryptically added before walking away. Once she was alone, Jordan lost her composure and started sobbing.

Rafe met with Nicole at the Brady Pub so he could find out how she was doing in light of E.J.'s death, but she didn't really know how to answer the question. "For the most part, [E.J.] made my life a living why do I feel so bad?" Nicole wondered. Nicole asked if Rafe's hatred toward E.J. had made it harder to investigate E.J.'s murder. Rafe admitted that it might have -- if the case hadn't been as cut-and-dried as it had ended up being.

Rafe expressed concern for Johnny, Sydney, and Allie, and Nicole reported that, according to Chad, they were doing about as well as could be expected. Rafe sensed that Nicole was skeptical, so she explained that Chad didn't really know the kids that well. Rafe urged Nicole to go over to the DiMera mansion and check on the kids herself, and she admitted that Chad had encouraged her to do the same thing. Nicole doubted that Sami would want her anywhere near the kids -- especially Sydney -- but Rafe suspected that Sami would accept help from anyone who could make the kids feel better, so Nicole promised to at least consider visiting them.

Changing the subject, Rafe wondered how Nicole was doing, and she admitted that she had lost Eric forever -- and that she only had herself to blame. Rafe was able to empathize, since he was in the same situation with Jordan. Rafe suggested that he and Nicole could meet at Club TBD sometime so they could order some drinks and try to figure out what was wrong with them. "A bona fide pity party?" Nicole asked with an excited gasp. Nicole quickly agreed to the idea, admitting that she had missed Rafe a lot.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad urged Sami and Kate to tell him what was going on, pointing out that he might even be able to help them if he knew what they were worried about. Kate remained evasive and downplayed the situation, and Sami followed suit. Chad wasn't fooled, but before he could question Kate and Sami further, he received a phone call from Stefano, who was still grieving but wanted an update on the women.

Chad asked Stefano to hold on for a moment. After muting the call, Chad pointedly asked the women if they wanted Stefano's help. Sami refused to let Chad blackmail her into revealing what was going on, but he innocently clarified that he was simply trying to do what was best for everyone. Sami and Kate remained silent, so Chad shrugged and returned to his conversation with Stefano, who wondered how Johnny and Sydney were doing.

"Johnny and Sydney are handling themselves like true DiMeras," Chad reported, garnering glares from Sami and Kate. Stefano suggested that Chad might be able to arrange a videoconference so the kids could see their grandfather, and Chad noncommittally replied that he would see what he could do about that. "In the meantime, something is going on with Sami, and I think that you should know about it," Chad added as he smirked at Sami, who quietly caved in and agreed to tell him everything.

Stefano impatiently urged Chad to continue, so Chad warned that it would be unwise to underestimate Sami, since she hadn't crumbled the way Chad had expected her to after E.J.'s death. Stefano dismissively stated that he could handle Sami, and he changed the subject, asking his son to let Kate know that he planned to purchase three hundred thousand shares of Kane Industries. "That tip that you gave Katerina about the merger of the drug companies in Frankfurt should cost her a bundle -- and it didn't do the company any good, either -- but it's not enough to cause serious damage, all right? This deal should put another nail in her coffin," Stefano added.

Chad ended the call after promising to handle Stefano's request. "God, you are such a DiMera, you son of a bitch," Sami angrily snapped at Chad, who unapologetically reasoned that blackmailing her had been the only way to convince her to let him help out. Chad assured Sami that he could be trusted to keep her secret from Stefano, but that didn't exactly fill her with confidence, so Kate added that she trusted Chad already.

Sami proceeded to tell Chad everything, and when he realized that Lucas and Victor were already trying to get her out of the mess she was in, he announced that he might be able to help, as well, since he was a major shareholder in DiMera Enterprises, and Victor could probably use that to his advantage. "And you would do that for me? [...] See? You can be a good guy," Sami observed, and Chad jokingly asked her not to let that get around town.

Chad and Kate immediately arranged a meeting with Victor, and afterward, Kate ran into Clyde while she and Chad were passing through the town square. Kate observed that Clyde seemed to be in a good mood, and he confirmed the suspicion, explaining that he was having one of those days that made him believe things were going to go his way. Chad could tell that Kate wanted to be left alone with the man, so he took the hint and left. As Chad continued on his way back to the mansion, he caught Jordan crying in the same spot Clyde had left her in earlier. Concerned, Chad wondered if Jordan was all right, and she shook her head as she embraced him.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami was looking at a picture Sydney had drawn of all the people she loved. "Do you know the address so I can send my picture to Daddy in heaven?" Sydney asked. Taken aback, Sami replied that she didn't know the address but would look it up online later. Meanwhile, someone rang the doorbell, so Sydney accompanied Sami into the foyer so they could greet the visitor.

"Mommy Nicole!" Sydney happily shouted, and Sami watched as Nicole knelt to give the girl a hug. Nicole was touched to learn that she had been included in Sydney's drawing. Sydney explained that she had drawn the picture so she wouldn't forget what her father looked like. Nicole assured Sydney that Sami would be there to help if it ever felt like that was starting to happen, although Nicole doubted it ever would.

Sami wiped away tears as she sent Sydney off to ask Harold for an envelope so they could send the drawing to E.J. in heaven. After Sydney left, Nicole started to apologize for neglecting to call before visiting, but Sami assured her that it was okay. "It's not okay, and I am so, so sorry," Nicole sincerely replied, and Sami sobbed as they hugged each other.

. . .

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  • Paige demands answers from Jill
  • Chad kisses Jordan for the first time
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