Thursday, August 21, 2014
by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Jordan ran into Lucas, who had just returned from a business trip. Lucas had seen Sheryl during the trip, but she had only been interested in talking to him about business matters -- and Jordan. Lucas reported that Sheryl had asked him to give Jordan and Rafe her very best wishes. Jordan sadly admitted that she and Rafe were no longer together.

Confused, Lucas noted that it had seemed like the couple had been in a good place before he had left town. Lucas wondered if Sami and E.J.'s breakup had changed things between Jordan and Rafe. Jordan explained that Rafe's one-night stand with Kate was what had done that. Lucas skeptically suggested that Kate was just trying to stir up trouble with outrageous lies, but Jordan clarified that Rafe had admitted it was true.

Elsewhere, upon request, Kate met with Clyde, who wanted staffing referrals for a business he was interested in establishing in Salem -- one that was more of a carry-over than a start-up. Kate offered to arrange for Clyde to talk to someone in her company's human resources department, but he declined. Clyde said he would rather talk to Kate, since she had likely paid close attention to certain things while she had been married to Stefano.

Clyde explained that he wanted Kate to put him in contact with some discreet professionals who could help him out. Kate wondered what Clyde wanted to hire the discreet professionals to do. "Just a little the books. [...] We don't need to get bogged down with specifics. Distribution. It would help if some of them had good people skills, you know? Knew how to manage a crew," Clyde replied.

Clyde could tell that Kate understood what he was asking for, but she refused to continue the conversation. Before Kate could leave, Clyde casually mentioned that he had been thinking about having a chat with their mutual friend, Rafe, because he wanted to know why Rafe and Jordan's relationship had ended. Clyde said he might even tell Rafe about how Kate had tracked him down in Poplar Bluff out of concern for Jordan.

Clyde added that if Kate agreed to give him the referrals he had asked for, he wouldn't need to talk to Rafe at all. Kate reluctantly agreed to help Clyde, who sweetly thanked her and said he looked forward to working with her and seeing what they could accomplish together.

Ben ran into Rafe in the park, and he admitted that he owed Rafe an apology. Rafe insisted that Ben didn't owe him anything, and he reiterated that he would have done the same thing if he had been in Ben's shoes. Ben clarified that he wasn't sorry he had hit Rafe -- he was just sorry he had lost control. Ben acknowledged that he had a temper and that he needed to find a way to keep a lid on it.

Rafe probed for information about Clyde, but Ben wasn't interested in talking about the man. Undeterred, Rafe explained that one of his recent conversations with Jordan had gone relatively well until he had mentioned Clyde, at which point she had quickly shut down. Rafe wanted to know why Jordan had reacted that way, but Ben was only willing to suggest that she might not have wanted to give Rafe another chance to hurt her.

After Ben left, Rafe went to the Brady Pub to meet with Lucas, who had asked to see him. Lucas wondered how Rafe could have blown things with a once-in-a-lifetime find like Jordan. Rafe admitted that he didn't know how to answer that question. Rafe said he had made a stupid mistake that he wished he could take back.

Lucas encouraged Rafe not to give up hope, explaining that he had seen Jordan earlier, and she had seemed sad but not angry, which meant there might still be a chance of reconciliation. Later, after Rafe left, Kate arrived to meet with Lucas, and she wondered how things had gone with Sheryl in Houston. "Sheryl hates my guts. It was a barrel of laughs. Thanks," Lucas replied.

Lucas casually wondered if Kate had any news to report, other than her big corporate takeover. Kate admitted that she had been extremely busy lately. "Too busy to break up, uh, Jordan and Rafe? Really? You're not [too busy] for that, are you? I cannot believe that you did that. It's unbelievable. It's not enough that you have to kill every relationship that I get into. No, no -- now you gotta branch out, right? I mean, it's like you're only happy if everyone you truly care about is miserable," Lucas mused.

Suspecting that he knew exactly when the one-night stand had occurred, Lucas wondered how drunk Rafe had been on that particular night. Kate found the question offensive, and she argued that nothing would have happened with Rafe if his relationship with Jordan had truly been as solid as Lucas had assumed. Lucas maintained that Rafe and Jordan had been good together and that neither of them wanted to give up on the relationship.

Lucas urged Kate to leave Rafe and Jordan alone and let them work things out on their own. "Well, that's not happening," Kate muttered. Kate advised Lucas to focus on Will instead of worrying about Rafe's love life, and she walked away after telling him to check the TruVista website to find out what she was talking about.

Ben ran into Jordan in the town square, but before he could tell her about his earlier encounter with Rafe, she showed him Abigail's PalPage profile, where people were posting horrible things. Ben quickly excused himself. Later, Clyde approached Jordan while she was sitting on a bench, staring at her cell phone. Jordan started to leave, but Clyde stopped her and said he had been sorry to hear about her breakup with Rafe.

Jordan snapped that the matter was none of Clyde's business. Clyde wondered if Jordan was always going to treat him hatefully, and she replied that he had certainly earned her hatred. Clyde agreed but insisted that he was trying to repair the damage he had caused. Clyde suggested family therapy sessions with a local female psychiatrist he had heard good things about, reasoning that Jordan might feel more comfortable talking to a woman.

Jordan asked if Clyde was being serious. Clyde urged Jordan not to dismiss the idea without first giving it a shot, adding that therapy had done wonders for him and that he was willing to air the family's dirty laundry if it would help them put everything behind them. Jordan wondered if Clyde really thought she would ever be able to put what had happened behind her, and she walked away without waiting for an answer. Later, Jordan ran into Rafe, but she walked away without saying a word to him.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami was reading the online edition of the TruVista article. "Well, it's not very flattering, [but] I'd rather be Hillary than Monica. Now, Little Miss Abby Deveraux can answer for herself," Sami muttered derisively. Meanwhile, E.J. entered the living room and demanded to know what Sami had done. Feigning ignorance, Sami turned off her tablet computer and set it aside as she waited for E.J. to elaborate.

E.J. revealed that he had just talked to Shin. Sami reminded E.J. that he wasn't supposed to be talking to board members, but he clarified that Shin had contacted him to tie up a few loose ends in a business deal they had conducted a few months earlier. E.J. added that Shin seemed to be under the impression that E.J. and Sami were working well together -- in all areas.

Sami insisted that the things she had told Shin had simply been for show, but E.J. skeptically noted that she had told Shin much more about their supposedly happy home life than she had needed to. Sensing an opportunity, E.J. urged Sami to give him another chance. "Look, we're in the same room together, and I am not throwing things or setting the house on fire. [...] That's all you're gonna get," Sami replied.

Meanwhile, E.J. received a text message from someone, and after reading it, he asked if Sami knew anything about an article that had been posted on TruVista's website. Without waiting for a response, E.J. reached for Sami's nearby tablet computer so he could access the website. Sami snatched the device out of E.J.'s hand, but not before he managed to turn it on and discover that she had already found and read the article.

E.J. feared that Sami might have had something to do with the article being published, but she assured him that, while she had known about it beforehand, it hadn't been her idea, and she had tried to stop it from being published. E.J. guessed that Sami had tried to bribe the publisher, and he complained that she should have asked for his help instead, since he knew of better ways to deal with such situations.

Sami doubted that E.J. would have had better luck than she had, but she reasoned that it no longer mattered, anyway. E.J. realized that Sami had already started doing damage control and that that was the real reason she had made Shin believe that she and E.J. had reconciled their differences, as well as the real reason she had sent the kids to sleep-away camp.

E.J. complained that Sami should have warned him about the article, but she said she had been too busy putting out fires. Sami insisted that E.J. would have done the same thing if he had been in her shoes. E.J. wanted to read the article, so Sami reluctantly handed over her tablet computer. E.J. vowed to sue if he found even a single inaccuracy or mistake in the article, but Sami grudgingly assured him that it had been well researched and well written.

"'By William Horton'? Your son wrote this? [...] This is certainly a side of William we haven't seen in quite some time," E.J. angrily observed. Sami pointed out that the article had been the first assignment the publisher had given to Will, and she suggested that writing it might have been his only choice, but E.J. wasn't convinced. Sami continued to defend Will, explaining that the article had been his big break.

"Oh, it was his big break, was it? Do you have any idea how much damage this is gonna do to us? And poor --" E.J. started to respond, stopping himself only when it was already too late. "Say it! Oh, yeah, you say it. Say her name -- 'poor little Abigail,'" Sami bitterly concluded for E.J. Sami reminded E.J. that there wouldn't have been an article to write if he hadn't slept with Abigail in the first place. Another bitter argument ensued, and as E.J. wearily exited the mansion, Sami hurled a glass at him. The glass shattered against a wall as Sami vowed to get a restraining order against E.J.

At the Horton house, Jennifer and J.J. read Will's TruVista article with a mixture of outrage and disbelief. "Oh, that S.O.B., man," J.J. muttered as he paced the floor, seething with anger. "How could he write this about you? This is cruel. You're his cousin! And I'm not trying to defend Sami, but she doesn't even deserve this. How -- how could Will write this about people he is supposed to love?" Jennifer wondered.

Abigail admitted that she was more concerned about how the article was going to affect the people she loved. As Abigail fretted about how Jennifer's coworkers would react when they read the article, J.J. stormed out of the house without saying goodbye, slamming the door behind him. Jennifer thought it would be best to let J.J. blow off some steam, but Abigail feared that he might get himself into trouble because of her mistakes.

Abigail sent J.J. a text message, and he replied that he was taking a walk and that there was no reason to worry about him. Abigail was skeptical, but Jennifer assured her that J.J. knew better than to do something stupid. "I bet you said the same thing about me, too," Abigail mused. Abigail tried to apologize for what had happened, but Jennifer insisted that it wasn't Abigail's fault that the affair had been made public.

Jennifer contacted Maxine and learned that the news hadn't spread through the hospital yet, but Abigail checked her PalPage profile and realized that it definitely was spreading. Meanwhile, Ben arrived to check on Abigail, and he wondered how Will could have done such a thing to her. A short time later, a reporter and photographer arrived and knocked on the front door.

Jennifer told a surprised Ben how to sneak Abigail out of the house through the back entrance, explaining that she had once been a teenager herself. Abigail didn't want to hide, but Jennifer reasoned that it would only be for a few hours, until they figured out what they were going to say to the press. Jennifer asked Ben to keep Abigail out of sight for a while. "I know how to do that. Done," Ben assured Jennifer.

Ben took Abigail to a secluded section of the park, explaining that his place was a bit farther away but was another option if she wanted to be indoors instead. "No, no, no -- this is not how or why I want to see your place," Abigail replied. Abigail reiterated that, while she was embarrassed, she wasn't willing to hide, and she had only fled from the press because Jennifer had begged her to.

Abigail said she didn't want Ben to worry about her, adding that she was only worried about how the matter would affect her mother and brother. Ben admired Abigail's strength, observing that, while he had been running practically his entire life, she was willing to stay and face her problems head-on. Abigail said she'd understand if Ben wanted to run from her train wreck of a life, but he assured her that she wasn't a train wreck and that he wasn't going anywhere.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Sonny demanded to know why Will had been willing to make certain adjustments to the TruVista article. Will explained that his article would not have been featured on the cover of the magazine if he hadn't taken his editor's notes to heart. "Well, congratulations. There's your name -- on the cover," Sonny bitterly observed as he pointed to the online edition of the article.

Confused, Will wondered what Sonny had expected him to do. "Have some integrity," Sonny tersely replied. Will admitted that his editor had actually made some relevant suggestions and that the article was in much better shape with the changes than it had been beforehand. Will questioned why the changes were bothering Sonny.

"You haven't figured it out yet? I understand you love writing and you're ambitious, but I didn't realize you'd sell your soul," Sonny snapped. As Will started to read the article, Sonny blamed himself for neglecting to stop his husband from writing it, keeping his voice low to avoid disturbing Arianna. Sonny said he had known all along that the assignment would only lead to trouble, and he admitted that the whole thing was his fault.

Distracted, Will ignored Sonny's comments. "Oh, my God -- Abigail's name is in this," Will realized, his eyes widening in horror as he continued to read the article. Will wondered why his editor had changed the article without his permission. Confused, Sonny wondered if Will was saying that the addition of Abigail's name wasn't the adjustment Will had made to the article to get it featured on the cover of the magazine.

Will insisted that he never would have done something like that to Abigail. Will added that he had never even uttered Abigail's name, let alone written it. "It was my mom. [...] It had to be. You remember when she came in here all mad? She had just met with the editor. Zoe must've given her a chance to comment -- for balance -- and...[Mom] must've outed Abigail out of pure vengeance," Will realized.

Sonny apologized for jumping to the wrong conclusion, and he acknowledged that he should have known better. Will bitterly agreed, rebuffing Sonny's attempt to embrace him. Sonny pointed out that Will had vaguely mentioned earlier that adjustments were being made to the article, and he wondered how he could have been expected to know that those adjustments hadn't involved adding Abigail's name to the text.

"Because I have a shred of decency. Do you really think I would do anything to get on the cover? [...] Do you think I'm that desperate?" Will wondered. Sonny clarified that, while he didn't think that Will would do anything to get on the cover of a magazine, he had thought that Will might have convinced himself that it would be okay to reveal Abigail's name because it was true that she had slept with E.J.

Sonny stressed that he was sorry, but Will snapped that being sorry didn't fix anything. Sonny acknowledged that Will had worked really hard on the article and that it was important to Will because it was a big break. Sonny said he had thought that Zoe might have given Will an ultimatum, but Will insisted that if she had, he would have let her scrap the article before he would have agreed to include Abigail's name in it.

Will suspected that Sonny didn't believe him, but before Sonny could respond, someone knocked on the apartment door. When Sonny opened the door, J.J. barged in and stormed over to Will. "Hey, you son of a bitch. What did my sister ever do to you?" J.J. demanded to know. Sonny started to defend Will, but Will stopped him. Will explained that, while he had written the article, his draft hadn't included Abigail's name.

After exchanging a meaningful look with Sonny, Will decided not to tell J.J. how the magazine had gotten Abigail's name, reasoning that it didn't matter how it had happened because the damage had already been done. J.J. agreed and angrily added that Will hadn't even made it difficult for the magazine to identify Abigail as the woman E.J. had slept with.

"'The young woman in question worked at University Hospital. She was a close friend of the family who frequently spent time with the DiMeras and their children.' You wrote that? Now, how frickin' hard is it to get to Abigail from that?" J.J. pointedly asked. Will insisted that he had tried to protect Abigail, and he reminded J.J. that her family and friends had already known about the affair before the article had been published.

"Well, how about acquaintances from school? People from the hospital? Frickin' Theresa Donovan? People on PalPage? Now, how the hell do you think you can put this out there and not expose Abigail to the entire world?" J.J. demanded to know. Will apologized for inadvertently hurting Abigail, explaining that he had originally written the article to protect her from Sami.

"Oh, like this? You know, I am not one to talk about hurting a mom, and I hate what Sami has done to Abigail, but this is a hell of a thing to do to your own mother, who you claim to love. You know, I'm lucky enough that my mom and I have been able to get past all the things that I have done to her, but I don't see how you can get past this. No, this really sucks, Will," J.J. replied before storming out of the apartment.

Will contacted Zoe to confront her about the unauthorized change to his article, and Sonny listened to Will's end of the conversation, which was fairly civil. "Well, you sure told her," Sonny sarcastically observed after Will ended the call. Will wondered if he should have yelled at Zoe instead, and Sonny confirmed that yelling would have been a good start.

Will said that Zoe had been very apologetic about the matter, and he pointed out that she was his boss. Will explained that Zoe had planned to warn him about the change but had gotten sidetracked due to a family emergency. Sonny sarcastically agreed that he hated when that sort of thing happened, but Will countered that Sonny needed to try to cut the woman some slack. Will argued that it wouldn't have been fair for Zoe to leave Abigail's name out of the article once Sami had revealed it, and he added that the decision had ultimately been Zoe's to make, anyway -- not his.

Conceding the point, Sonny apologized again for jumping to the wrong conclusion, and he added that he knew Will was sorry for what had happened. Will thanked Sonny for not telling J.J. about Sami's part in the matter. Sonny reasoned that doing so would have just made things worse. Sonny assured Will that they would get through the ordeal, and he gave Will a quick kiss before excusing himself so he could make a quick trip to the club.

At the Horton house, Jennifer threatened to charge the reporter and photographer with trespassing if they didn't leave right away. Undeterred, the photographer took pictures while the reporter asked Jennifer to address rumors that Abigail was pregnant. Meanwhile, J.J. returned home and added his own threats of bodily harm. The intruders agreed to get off the Horton property, but they made it clear that they weren't going anywhere.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Will recorded his tenth voicemail message for Abigail, begging her to call him back so he could explain everything. As Will ended the call, someone knocked on the apartment door. Assuming the visitor was Abigail, Will rushed to greet her but found E.J. standing outside instead. Meanwhile, Sonny barged into the DiMera mansion to confront Sami, musing that she had really done a number on her son.

. . .

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