Thursday, July 24, 2014
by Mike

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Aiden watched as Chase practiced some judo moves. Chase wanted to record the demonstration and send it to his grandmother, so he handed his cell phone to his father. As Aiden navigated through the phone's settings to begin the recording, he found the video of his dance with Hope.

Chase said he had recorded the dance because he had thought it would be cool to do so. Chase guessed that Aiden had liked dancing with Ciara's mother, and Aiden hesitantly confirmed that he had. "But it had nothing to do with Ciara's mom, okay? It was just a -- just a dance," Aiden quickly added.

At the Horton Town Square, Ciara tried to find out why Hope was suddenly in a hurry to go on vacation. Hope didn't respond right away -- because she was thinking about her dance with Aiden -- so Ciara repeated the question. Hope innocently stated that she had finally cleared her schedule so she and Ciara could visit Mount Rushmore, a place they had always talked about seeing together.

Ciara didn't want to go to North Dakota -- or even South Dakota, once Hope clarified that Ciara had been thinking of the wrong state -- to look at a big rock. Ciara was certain that the trip would be boring, but she was equally certain that New Orleans wasn't boring, so she wanted to go there instead. Hope knowingly guessed that Ciara wanted to go to New Orleans because they had previously vacationed there with Bo.

Ciara nodded and said it had been cool to see where Bo and Hope had pretended to get married at Oak Alley. Ciara was thrilled when Hope called the airline and changed their destination to New Orleans. Ciara feared that Bo might get upset if he ever found out that she and Hope had made plans to go to New Orleans without him, but Hope suspected that the news would actually make him really happy, since New Orleans was one of his favorite places in the whole world because he had once gone there with her and Ciara.

Ciara spotted Aiden and Chase nearby, so she rushed over to tell Chase about the trip. Ciara bragged that, while it hadn't been cheap for Hope to abruptly change their travel plans, the cost didn't matter because they had lots of money. Hope admonished Ciara, explaining that it wasn't polite to talk about money, but Chase assured Hope that it was okay because Aiden was loaded, too.

Chase had never been to New Orleans but recalled that it was where Gambit -- his favorite X-Man -- lived. Ciara spontaneously invited Chase and Aiden to join her and Hope on the trip, but Aiden and Hope quickly objected to the idea. Aiden explained that he couldn't just leave at a moment's notice, since he had clients to worry about. Chase countered that Aiden was always saying that he didn't really need to work, anyway.

Ignoring the comment, Aiden abruptly excused himself so he could take Chase to judo class. After Aiden and Chase left, Ciara observed that Hope and Aiden had acted really weird during the exchange, but Hope reasoned that she and Aiden had simply been acting that way because Ciara had put them in an awkward position. Hope appreciated Ciara's kind gesture but stressed that they needed to talk about such offers first in the future.

Hope and Ciara started to walk away, but Hope realized that she had forgotten her purse, so she turned around to grab it -- and bumped into Aiden in the process. Aiden handed Hope her purse, explaining that he had noticed it on his way back from Chase's judo class, which had been canceled. Hope thanked Aiden and abruptly excused herself.

After Hope and Ciara left, Chase wondered if he and his father could at least go to his mother's beach house sometime that summer. Aiden said he and Chase didn't have time to go to Puget Sound, and he added that he had rented out the place, anyway. "But we haven't been since the --" Chase started to protest, but Aiden interrupted and more firmly reiterated his refusal. Chase stormed off, complaining that he missed the beach house. "Well, I don't," Aiden quietly muttered before following Chase.

When Will returned to his and Sonny's apartment after a meeting with his new editor, Sonny was anxious to hear how the editor had reacted when Will had declined the cover story assignment about Sami and E.J. Will revealed that he had decided to write the article, after all, because the magazine was going to pursue the story with or without his involvement, and his editor believed that he could add insider's perspective to the story.

Will explained that the editor wasn't worried about bias affecting the article because it was supposed to be a human interest piece, so the editor just wanted something that would draw people in. "All right. Well, that's not gonna be a problem. Besides the fact that you're a great writer, adultery sells," Sonny pointed out.

Will clarified that the editor actually didn't know about E.J.'s infidelity -- she just wanted a story about Sami running DiMera Enterprises while E.J. fought the tax evasion charges. Will said that was the other reason he had agreed to write the article himself -- so he could control the narrative, as well as the amount of pain and suffering his mother had to endure.

At Club TBD, Ben told Abigail about how he and Jordan had fled from their father approximately eight years earlier and had been on the run since then, constantly changing addresses and identities to remain hidden. "[My real name is] Oliver. But every -- everybody called me Ollie. You won't -- ever -- but --" Ben stressed with a nervous laugh before his voice trailed off.

Abigail expressed sympathy for everything Ben had gone through, but he said it had all been worth it to get away from his father. Ben said he didn't know -- but really wanted to find out -- how his father had managed to locate him and Jordan in the end. Abigail realized that Ben's secret explained why he had been skittish about having his picture taken at Gabi's photo shoot and why Paige had recognized him as someone from Miami.

Ben said he had hated lying to Paige and everyone else -- especially Abigail -- and he was sorry he had waited such a long time to tell Abigail the truth. Abigail assured Ben that she wouldn't hold it against him, especially since he wasn't the only person who had been hiding something.

Ben spotted Will and Sonny entering the club with Arianna, so he abruptly excused himself, promising to explain the reason for his sudden departure to Abigail later. Abigail promised that she wouldn't tell anyone about Ben's secret, since he wanted to tell people the truth himself. Ben left after checking with Sonny to make sure it was okay to leave a bit early.

Abigail hesitantly approached Will and Sonny and gave them a barely audible greeting. Abigail was surprised when Will asked how she was doing, because she had feared that he and Sonny might hate her for the unforgivable thing she had done to Sami. Will assured Abigail that he and Sami had each done some unforgivable things in their lives, too.

Changing the subject, Sonny said he had seen Abigail talking to Ben earlier. Abigail admitted that Ben had been really supportive, prompting Sonny to wonder if it had been difficult for her to tell Ben about what had happened with E.J. Abigail started to reveal that she wasn't the person who had done that, and when she abruptly stopped herself, it was too late. Guessing that Sami had told Ben the news, Will abruptly excused himself after making sure that Sonny didn't mind watching Arianna alone for a while.

Abigail feared that she had just made a horrible situation even worse, but Sonny advised her to start cutting herself some slack. Abigail insisted that she needed -- and wanted -- to take responsibility for her actions, but Sonny reasoned that, in doing so, she was going overboard in the guilt department, just like Sami was going overboard in the rage department. Abigail regretfully reminded Sonny that E.J. wasn't the first unavailable man she had gone after. "Okay, you know what? I give up. You are a terrible person, and I want you to get out of my club," Sonny replied, managing to elicit a laugh from Abigail in the process.

At the Brady Pub, Kate told Rafe that, while she had many reasons for hating Stefano, the Bernardi incident was what had shown her just how much of a "sick bastard" Stefano really was, because Stefano had sent Bernardi to Rafe's hospital room with a razor when Rafe had been comatose and defenseless, and Stefano hadn't intended for Bernardi to use the razor to slit Rafe's throat.

Kate blamed herself for the ordeal and revealed that she had promised herself that she would eventually get revenge for Rafe's sake. Rafe complained that Kate didn't need to be taking such risks for his sake, but she assured him that she knew how to handle Stefano, and she added that the deed had already been done, anyway.

Kate told Rafe to focus on clearing things up with Jordan instead, but he said that situation had just gotten more complicated. "I was hoping that it would help things when I told Jordan that when I cheated on her with you, it didn't mean anything to me or to you, but it appears as though that's not the case," Rafe mused.

Kate insisted that she only cared about Rafe as a friend. Rafe was skeptical, but Kate reminded him that she was the one who had ended their relationship in the first place. Kate assured Rafe that they were in agreement that their one-night stand had meant nothing, but she advised that it would still be a mistake to tell Jordan about it. Rafe refused to change his mind.

In the park, Jordan guessed that, despite Clyde's claims to the contrary, he hadn't really tracked her and Ben down because they had broken his heart -- he had tracked them down because they had wounded his pride and taken his dirty money. "I was gonna use that money to build a new life for the three of us -- you, me, and Ollie -- but you went and ruined everything!" Clyde snapped.

Clyde blamed Jordan's mother for filling Jordan's head with big ideas and making Jordan think she was too good for Poplar Bluff. "Yeah, she did, because she knew that if Ollie -- if Ben and I stayed, we'd end up just like you. [...] She wanted a lot better for us, and so did I. [...] I had to leave, and you're crazy if you think you're gonna make me feel guilty for leaving. I've made a good life here, and so has Ben, and I'll be damned if I let you destroy it," Jordan firmly stated.

Clyde claimed that he didn't want to ruin things for Jordan and Ben. Clyde said he was glad that his kids had good lives. Clyde added that he was particularly proud of the fact that Jordan's career involved helping people, which would have made her mother proud, too. Jordan suggested that leaving Salem would be a good way for Clyde to prove that he meant what he was saying, but he insisted that he couldn't do that because he had already lost too much time with her and Ben.

Clyde started to stroke Jordan's cheek, but she disgustedly pushed his hand away and warned him never to touch her again. Meanwhile, Ben arrived and demanded to know what was going on. After feigning innocence, Clyde left to answer a phone call. Jordan took a few shaky breaths as she tried to regain her composure, and Ben worriedly asked if she was all right.

Jordan chastised herself for being too careless, predicting that Clyde would never let her and Ben get away from him again. Ben assured Jordan that Clyde couldn't do anything to them, but she said Ben knew that wasn't true. Ben suggested that he and Jordan might be able to ask the police for help, but she insisted that the police wouldn't be able to help because Clyde had everything on her and Ben and they had nothing on him.

As Ben started to protest that he and Jordan couldn't just give up, Rafe arrived and wondered if he and Jordan could finally have that talk they had been postponing. Ben apologetically replied that it wasn't a good time, vaguely adding that he was dealing with a bit of a crisis and really needed his sister's help. Jordan assured a confused Rafe that she would call him later, and she and Ben abruptly walked away.

Elsewhere, Clyde was talking to someone on the phone. "You mean he still hasn't paid yet? Then you know what you have to do," Clyde said.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami told E.J. that she had been doing a lot of thinking about everything they had been through together -- not just the bad times, but the good times, as well. "It's different this time, and you know why. I had given you my heart. You promised me that I could trust you with it. What happened?" Sami wondered. E.J. quietly admitted that he didn't know how to answer that question.

"I wish I could take back the mistake and the hurt that it's caused you. Please, just give me one chance. I promise you, I won't have to ask for another. Let me earn your love. Let me earn your trust. Please, just let me know that there is hope that we can have a future together," E.J. begged Sami. E.J.'s words seemed to have an effect on Sami, but before she could respond, Johnny rushed into the living room and jumped into E.J.'s lap.

E.J. said he and Sami were in the middle of an important conversation, but Johnny protested that he had something important to say, too. Johnny explained that E.J. needed to call Abigail and ask her to help them bake cupcakes again, since Johnny needed snacks to take to camp the following day. E.J. said he and Sami would handle the task because Abigail was probably too busy to help.

"But Abigail's cupcakes are so good. You said they were the best you ever had. [...] Plus, it was so much fun -- you guys were laughing the whole time, and when I said she was awesome, you were like, 'Yeah, she really is,'" Johnny recalled, ignoring E.J.'s attempts to silence him. E.J. glanced nervously at Sami, who had been listening with great interest.

E.J. quickly ushered Johnny out of the living room, instructing the boy to change his clothes so they could go to the pub to buy some cupcakes and say hello to his great-grandmother. After Johnny left, E.J. tried to resume his earlier conversation with Sami, but she wasn't interested. Sami was grateful that Johnny had arrived in time to remind her who E.J. really was and stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life.

E.J. insisted that he could see and feel that Sami still loved him. "What you feel is the most passionate hatred I have ever felt for anyone. And I cannot tell you the pleasure it will bring me to destroy you, your father, and your dear, sweet little cupcake-baking whore," Sami replied as she glared at E.J. E.J. insisted that, while he understood that he had hurt Sami very badly, she would eventually have to face the issue head-on, like an adult.

"You are gonna stand there and lecture me about behaving like an adult when you were running around like a horny teenager?" Sami angrily countered. Meanwhile, the doorbell rang, and when Sami opened the door, she was surprised to see Will standing outside. Sami dismissively sent E.J. away, bitterly reminding him that he had to take Johnny to the pub to buy some cupcakes, and she and Will went to the living room to talk privately.

Will sarcastically guessed that it had to be fun for Sami and E.J. to be living under the same roof together after everything that had happened. Sami agreed that twisting the knife was fun, but Will suspected that she was actually just tearing herself apart. Sami warned Will not to bother trying to talk her into forgiving E.J.

"Mom, you can do whatever you want with E.J. It's your life. But when it comes to Abigail, Mom, I don't care how hurt you are -- you need to back off," Will insisted. Sami reminded Will that his cousin had destroyed her marriage and her family. "Mom, no offense, but you and E.J. implode every six months with no help from anybody. The only difference is, this time, Abigail was involved," Will countered.

Will argued that Abigail never would have been put in a position to sleep with E.J. at the Horton cabin if the river incident hadn't occurred. Sami didn't buy the argument, since Abigail had slept with E.J. on more than one occasion. Sami told Will about how she had walked in on Abigail and E.J. in the DiMera Enterprises locker room. "So sorry if I don't have a tremendous amount of sympathy for little, sweet, innocent Abby. And if you think that my words -- a few choice words -- have hurt her feelings, then you better tell her to stand by, because she hasn't seen anything yet. I have every intention of utterly destroying her life," Sami matter-of-factly concluded.

"Mom, how can you say that? How many times have you done what she did -- and so much worse?" Will asked. Sami thought Will was trying to say that she had deserved what E.J. and Abigail had done to her, but Will stressed that he felt bad about what had happened to Sami -- and that Abigail felt bad, too. Will insisted that Abigail's relationship with E.J. was over and that continuing to punish her wouldn't accomplish anything.

Sami observed that Will was starting to sound like his saintly uncle, Eric, but Will countered that she was the one who was acting like a saint. Will started to suggest that Sami was being hypocritical, but she interrupted and insisted that she had paid -- over and over again -- for her mistakes and that Abigail needed to do the same. Sami vowed that "that little slut" wasn't going to get any mercy from her.

Will angrily warned Sami to stop calling Abigail that, but Sami insisted that the label was appropriate. "Oh, yeah? And when I came in and I saw you and E.J. going at it right there on that couch while you were married to Rafe -- what does that make you? Huh? That's right -- that makes you an even bigger slut!" Will countered, prompting Sami to slap him.

Sami quickly apologized but insisted that, while her infidelity had been horrible and wrong, and she knew that it had hurt Will, it had nevertheless been a completely different situation. "Because you were the cheater and not the other way around? [...] Punishing Abigail for doing the exact same thing that you did [isn't fair]. So, Mom, I am warning you -- you back the hell off," Will replied.

Sami observed that Will was really worried about Abigail but didn't seem to care at all about what his own mother was going through. Sami bitterly told Will about how she had been forced to listen to Johnny rave about Abigail earlier. "Damn her. I'm sorry that you don't approve, but I have every intention of destroying her life as thoroughly as she has destroyed mine," Sami reiterated.

"I warned you, Mom," Will reminded Sami, and as he exited the mansion, she dismissively assured him that she stood warned.

. . .

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