Thursday, September 18, 2014
by Mike

At the Horton house, Abigail distractedly confirmed that, like Jennifer, she hadn't seen J.J. since he had left for the college kickoff party the previous night. Jennifer could tell that something was bothering Abigail, so Abigail revealed the details of her earlier encounter with Chad.

Jennifer assumed that Chad had returned to Salem to make Abigail feel guilty about the fling with E.J., but Abigail said Chad shouldn't have bothered if that was the case, since she already felt guilty enough as it was. "I was so self-righteous about what Chad did to me, and then I slept with E.J. -- the guy who helped him pull it off," Abigail regretfully mused.

At the Horton Town Square, Clyde offered to buy Kate lunch as a way of thanking her for supplying him with the contact information he had asked for earlier. Kate politely declined the offer, explaining that she was swamped with work, and she apologetically added that she had apparently given Clyde the wrong idea. "Well, you're a lady executive and I'm just a guy from the sticks, but I think people are the same everywhere, and women are women, [so] I don't believe for one second I got the wrong idea," Clyde replied.

Kate countered that, while Clyde might be adept at reading other women, he might want to have his meter checked if he was sensing interest from her. Clyde hoped he hadn't inadvertently offended Kate, and she dismissed his concern, sarcastically assuring him that women loved hearing phrases like "women are women." Clyde explained that he had simply learned years earlier that it wasn't always wise to trust the things people said. Kate thought Clyde needed to at least respect the things people said, and he agreed, but he added that what he trusted was what he saw in a person's eyes.

Clyde knew Kate could afford to take a break from work to go out for lunch if she wanted to, so he wondered if she had declined his offer for some other reason -- perhaps because of Rafe. Clyde pointed out that Kate had traveled all the way to Poplar Bluff to track him down simply because she had been concerned about Rafe's relationship with Jordan, but Kate assured him that she and Rafe were just really good friends.

Clyde thought there had to be someone special in Kate's life, since it seemed criminal for such a beautiful woman to be single, but she assured him that she simply wasn't looking for a romantic relationship with anyone. Clyde apologized for the misunderstanding and offered to make it up to Kate over dinner, since she was too busy to have lunch with him. Kate tried to decline, but Clyde countered each of her excuses, and -- to her surprise -- she eventually found herself agreeing to the date.

Elsewhere, Jeremiah maintained a firm grip on Jordan's arm as he told Chad to mind his own business and keep walking. Chad stood his ground, and when he introduced himself as Chad DiMera, Jeremiah backed down and innocently explained that he had simply wanted to say hello to Tammy Sue, whom he had known for a very long time. "And now you have," Chad dismissively replied, so Jeremiah took the hint and left.

Chad apologized to Jordan for barging in, explaining that he simply hadn't liked the way Jeremiah had been talking to her. Jordan thanked Chad for his help, and he admitted that, while he remembered seeing her around town in the past, he had been under the impression that her name was Jordan. Jordan clarified that she had grown up as Tammy Sue but had never really liked the name. Chad agreed that Jordan's new name suited her better.

Chad wanted to know what Jeremiah was doing in Salem, but Jordan said she hadn't asked. Jordan abruptly changed the subject, guessing that it had probably been difficult for Chad to return to Salem, considering what had happened right before he had left the previous year. Chad nodded and asked about Rafe. Jordan revealed that Rafe had fully recovered the use of his legs, but she added that they were no longer a couple.

"Really? Well, I thought he was smarter than that," Chad replied. Jordan claimed that Rafe hadn't done anything stupid, and she vaguely explained that their relationship simply hadn't worked out. Jordan abruptly excused herself, but before leaving, she thanked Chad again for rushing to her rescue earlier, calling the act gallant. Chad smiled and admitted that it had been a while since anyone had used that word to describe him.

After playing basketball, Lucas, Rafe, Sonny, and Ben funneled into the Brady Pub as the younger men teased the older ones for losing the game. Rafe and Sonny went to order drinks, and Lucas seized the opportunity to talk to Ben about Jordan. Lucas wondered if Ben believed that there was a possibility that Rafe and Jordan might eventually get back together.

"Are you asking me if you can take my sister out?" Ben wondered. Lucas claimed that he had simply wanted to know if Jordan was all right. Ben wasn't entirely convinced that Lucas wasn't interested in Jordan, but Lucas insisted that he had been the rebound guy in the past and had no desire to repeat the experience.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Rafe was pleased to learn that Sonny and Will had taken Arianna to see Gabi the previous day. Rafe admitted that he was worried about Gabi, but Sonny reported that she was worried about Rafe. Sonny explained that Gabi blamed herself for what had happened between Rafe and Jordan, but Rafe insisted that was ridiculous, and he vowed to set Gabi straight the next time he talked to her.

Later, after the group finished their drinks, Sonny excused himself, and Ben decided that it was time for him to leave, too. Rafe thanked Ben for not bailing on the earlier game after realizing that Rafe would be participating in it. "You don't have to thank me. You think I'd pass up a chance to knock you on your ass again? Never," Ben replied before exiting the pub. Lucas observed that Ben had gotten a bit rough with Rafe during the game, but Rafe simply shrugged and replied that he respected Ben's willingness to stick up for Jordan.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Will received a text message from Sonny, informing him that there was no need to head over to the basketball court because the game had already ended. Meanwhile, Zoe arrived and asked for Will's signed Sonix contract, explaining that she was in a hurry to get their deal finalized because she already had a new subject for him to write a profile piece about -- Chad DiMera.

Will reminded Zoe that he had already informed her that he wasn't going to write about family members again. Zoe argued that Sami's marriage to E.J. didn't make Chad a true part of Will's family, but Will thought Zoe was just splitting hairs. Will added that his husband was Chad's business partner, but that also failed to discourage Zoe.

Zoe enthusiastically listed all the things about Chad's life that made him a compelling subject for a cover story. Will dismissed Zoe's points and informed her that he hadn't spoken to Chad since Chad had moved thousands of miles away from Salem the previous fall. Zoe revealed that Chad was back in Salem, explaining that one of her stringers had shared a flight with him the previous night.

Will protested that Chad was his friend and that Zoe couldn't exploit the guy as a way to sell magazines, but she countered that Will had just stated that he hadn't spoken to Chad since the previous fall. "Wasn't Chad DiMera the guy who outed you at your own wedding?" Zoe wondered. Will laughed and advised Zoe to run that through a fact checker, since it wasn't even close to being accurate. Zoe quickly consulted her tablet computer, and when she saw that Chad had actually played a part in derailing Gabi and Nick's wedding with the revelation that Will was the father of Gabi's baby instead of Nick, she decided that was an even better story.

Will insisted that he wasn't okay with pimping out the details of his personal life for the magazine. Zoe argued that Will had done exactly that when he had written the TruVista article, but he countered that he had learned from his mistake. Zoe shrugged and agreed to give Will a free pass on the assignment if he didn't want to accept it, since that courtesy was part of the deal they had previously talked about.

"But there is gonna be an article about Chad, whether you like it or not, and I have a whole stable of writers who are dying for an assignment like this. And maybe they won't work as hard to protect Chad as you would. And, unlike them, you have it in your contract that you approve any changes made to any article you write. So, if I decide to [violate that agreement], you can turn around and sue me and end up owning the whole magazine. So, think about what'll be best for your friend Chad -- just don't take too long," Zoe added before exiting the apartment.

When Sonny returned home, the shower was running, so Sonny quickly removed his clothes and joined Will, who was pleasantly surprised to see his husband. Sonny said he had missed Will on the basketball court earlier, but Will found that hard to believe, since Ben had served as Will's substitute on Sonny's team. Sonny conceded that Ben had major reach, but he suggestively added that Ben didn't have Will's moves.

After the husbands made love, they emerged from the shower and got dressed as Will told Sonny about Zoe's earlier visit. Sonny was excited to hear that Will had already received a new assignment, but he was rendered speechless when Will revealed that Chad was the subject.

Zoe was on the phone with someone when she entered the Brady Pub, and Lucas overheard her saying her full name, so he waited around for her to finish the call so he could confront her about what she had done to his son. Lucas accused Zoe of using Will -- a great guy who was full of talent and integrity -- to sell magazines, and he wondered how she could possibly sleep at night. Without waiting for a response, Lucas added that he was happy that Will no longer worked for Zoe.

Zoe calmly retrieved a file from her briefcase and handed it to Lucas. When Lucas inspected the contents of the file and realized that Zoe had hired Will to work for Sonix, he quickly backpedaled, hoping she wouldn't let his earlier comments affect the way she treated Will as an employee. "It's okay -- I hired the son. That's not gonna change because the father is a horse's ass," Zoe assured Lucas before abruptly exiting the pub.

Clyde went to Club TBD and handed Ben an envelope that was stuffed with cash. Ben thought Clyde was trying to bribe him, but Clyde clarified that he was just returning the money Jordan had given him a few weeks earlier. Clyde had decided that it had been wrong to accept the money, which Jordan had worked hard for, but he thought she would probably be upset if he tried to return it to her himself, so he wanted Ben to handle the task.

Clyde claimed that he had decided that the money wasn't as important as having Jordan and Ben back in his life again, since he loved them. Ben suspected that Clyde probably wanted him to tell Jordan that Clyde had seemed humble and sincere, but Clyde conceded that he didn't have any control over the things that Ben chose to say about him to Jordan. Clyde said he only wanted Jordan to know he was sorry.

Jordan ran into Abigail in the town square and told her about the earlier encounter with Chad, who had seemed like a really nice guy to Jordan. Abigail guessed that Chad probably had been a nice guy when Jordan had seen him earlier, since he had likely exhausted all of his anger and hatred on Abigail beforehand. Jordan found it hard to believe that Chad hated Abigail.

Clyde suddenly strolled through the area, so Jordan abruptly excused herself and followed him to a secluded section of the town square, where she demanded to know what Jeremiah was doing in Salem. Meanwhile, Rafe greeted Abigail, who casually revealed that Jordan had suddenly rushed off in the middle of their conversation a few minutes earlier.

At the DiMera mansion, Roman interrupted E.J. and Sami's kiss, wondering if Sami was out of her mind. Roman admitted that, while others had criticized Sami for the lengths she had gone to in order to get revenge after finding out about E.J.'s betrayal, he had believed that she had dished out the appropriate amount of revenge and had finally figured out exactly who E.J. really was. E.J. insisted that he was a man who had always loved Sami, but Roman countered that if E.J. chose to show that love through infidelity, he would hate to see how E.J. expressed hatred.

Sami asked E.J. for some time alone with Roman. After E.J. left, Sami braced herself for a lecture, but Roman was more interested in finding out if Stefano had threatened her in any way. Sami was sure that Stefano was furious, since she and Kate had humiliated him, and the whole thing had been made public, but she reminded Roman that Stefano wasn't dumb enough to issue direct threats that could be reported to the police.

Roman wondered why Sami was apparently still involved with E.J., who had been her other prime target. Sami pointed out that practically everyone had told her that she had overreacted to the situation, but Roman argued that she always overreacted, and he urged her not to suddenly start trying to change that character trait. Roman guessed that E.J. had lured Sami back with promises about protecting her from Stefano. Sami insisted that, while she truly believed that E.J. could -- and would -- protect her, that wasn't why she had married him.

Roman admitted that when he and Marlena had heard about Sami's reaction to E.J.'s betrayal, they had hoped it had meant that Sami had finally realized that E.J. would never change. "Mom has some nerve, pointing the finger at E.J. after what she did to you," Sami bitterly replied. Roman reminded Sami that they had been talking about E.J., not Marlena, but Sami countered that they had been talking about infidelity, and she argued that what Marlena had done to Roman was no different than what E.J. had done to Sami.

Roman admitted that Marlena's betrayal had hurt, but he added that he had let it go years earlier, and he insisted that it had been different than what had happened between Sami and E.J. Sami changed her mind and conceded that Roman was right -- the two situations were different, since Marlena had actually been in love with John, while E.J. had never stopped loving Sami.

"If we went back to 1993, and Mom had done this horrible thing to you, and it hurt you, but she came back, and she said she was wrong, and she said she didn't love John -- she loved you instead, and she wanted to get back together with you -- are you seriously gonna tell me that you wouldn't have taken her back, that you wouldn't have wanted to be a family with your children? Are you gonna look me in the eye and tell me that you wouldn't have taken her back?" Sami tearfully demanded to know.

"Under those circumstances, yes, I would have -- in a minute. No doubt about it, okay? You happy now?" Roman somewhat painfully replied. Sami apologized for forcing Roman to admit that, but he assured her that he was okay. Roman understood that Sami had been trying to make a point, but he found it hard to believe that she could seriously compare Marlena to E.J. Sami clarified that she hadn't been trying to do that -- she had simply been trying to point out that it wasn't possible to choose who to fall in love with, although Roman probably already knew that, since he had once been in love with Kate.

Sami recalled that a wise man had once advised her never to take true love for granted, since it was a gift that was meant to be cherished. Roman joked that the man had probably had too many beers beforehand, but Sami was sure that her father had been completely sober at the time. Roman hugged Sami, and after leaving the mansion, he visited Kate at DiMera Enterprises and revealed that Sami had reminded him of a few things during their earlier conversation, such as the fact that it wasn't possible to choose who to fall in love with.

E.J. tracked his brother down in the park and insisted that their brotherly feud wasn't going to go any further because Chad had already had the allowed moment of fun and power. Chad wondered why E.J. thought he was the one who would get to make that decision. Ignoring the question, E.J. warned that he would cut Chad down if Chad did anything to jeopardize E.J.'s chance to get Sami back.

Chad wondered how Stefano would feel about the threat E.J. had just made. Chad guessed that the news would probably make Stefano wonder how far E.J. would be willing to go to get Sami back, since it was making Chad wonder the same thing at that moment. "Well, you'd better pray to God you don't find out," E.J. advised Chad before walking away. When E.J. returned home, he quickly realized that Sami was upset, and as he tried to comfort her, she started sobbing in his arms.

Chad went to Club TBD and greeted Ben, who had nothing to say to Chad and thought it would be best for Chad to just leave immediately. "Is that any way to talk to your boss?" Chad asked.

. . .

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