Will and Sonny finally make love again
Thursday, February 14, 2019
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Thursday, February 14, 2019
by Mike

John and Marlena decided to order something from the Brady Pub before heading home.

While waiting for Roman, John vaguely informed Marlena that the situation with Diana and Leo was complicated. "Either she told you something about Leo that would help Sonny and Will or she didn't -- that's not really complicated," Marlena argued as John continued squirming. "You know that there's some history between [Diana and me]..." John tried to explain. "Yes, I do. That's why I appreciate what you're doing for Will," Marlena replied. "I just wish that Sonny were rid of that terrible Leo," Marlena added with obvious disdain. Sighing, John began another awkward attempt to admit the truth to Marlena, who received a phone call just then.

Marlena stepped outside to take the call. A short time later, Roman emerged from the kitchen and asked if John had talked to Diana about Leo's paternity yet. "Oh, yeah...[and] she confirmed that Leo's my son," John replied. "And you believe her?" Roman assumed. "Well, she didn't want to admit it; in fact, I had to pull it out of her, and after I did, she [said] she wants me to keep quiet about it," John explained with a shrug.

"[But] you're gonna break the news [to Marlena]," Roman guessed. "Tonight," Roman pointedly added. "That's the plan," John confirmed. "I mean, come on, Roman -- I can't keep that from Doc," John reasoned. "No, of course not...but that doesn't mean you gotta tell her tonight. It's Valentine's Day. [Really], what's the harm in saving the news for tomorrow?" Roman argued, but John wasn't convinced.

"I don't know how I've kept it from Doc this long," John admitted. "Kept what from me?" Marlena curiously wondered, having just reentered the pub. John started to respond, but Roman quickly interrupted. "John wanted this to be a surprise. He asked me to shut down the pub for your own private Valentine's Day celebration. [And], uh...guess the cat's out of the bag," Roman explained. "That's it? That's the big secret?" Marlena asked skeptically. "What, you thought business was this slow?" Roman defensively countered, acknowledging the otherwise unoccupied pub. "Thanks," John said as Roman rushed off.

"You know me -- I just love to make you happy, Doc," John explained with a shrug once the coast was clear. "If you want to make me really happy, find a way to get rid of Leo so Sonny and Will can be together," Marlena replied. "Hey, you know what? You never, uh -- you never answered me. What did Diana tell you about Leo?" Marlena added. "She told me...nothing that's gonna help either one of them right now," John evasively reported. "I'm sorry to hear that," Marlena said with a sigh. "Yeah... Well, we're both gonna try to find a way to help Will and Sonny, [but] there's nothing we can really do about it right now," John declared.

"So, why don't we just try to live in the moment?" John suggested, eager to change the subject. "I do believe that I can do that," Marlena agreed as John fetched a bottle of Champagne and a plate of strawberries and whipped cream. While enjoying the snack, John and Marlena exchanged Valentine's Day gifts. John received a wedding album, and Marlena received a personalized coffee mug that had a wedding picture on it.

Later, John and Marlena shared a dance and a tender kiss.

Sonny fetched a bottle of Champagne then met Will outside the Kiriakis mansion.

"Is this for real? Do we actually get to spend Valentine's Day together?" Will asked excitedly. "It's for real," Sonny confirmed, equally excited. "What'd you do with Leo? You -- you -- you tie him up or something?" Will wondered. "I brought some backup. Gabi heard about our situation and offered to help," Sonny explained. "Oh. Leo might have finally met his match, then," Will joked. "You know what? I don't want to talk about him anymore. I want to spend every single moment of tonight with you," Sonny insisted. "Like this?" Will asked before kissing Sonny passionately. "That'll do," Sonny said with a sigh of contentment after Will pulled away.

"Come on -- let's get out of here," Sonny added before leading Will away from the mansion.

Will and Sonny ended up in a room at the Salem Inn. "I cannot believe you checked us in under the name 'Justin Bieber,'" Will said with a laugh. "I panicked," Sonny admitted, obviously a bit embarrassed about the not-so-smooth move. "Look, as long as Leo doesn't know where we are, that's all that matters," Sonny reasoned with a shrug. "Well, maybe not all that matters..." Sonny clarified while starting to undress Will. "Like I said, I want to make every moment count," Sonny added before kissing Will passionately. "Wait," Will said, pulling away from Sonny. "What's wrong?" Sonny asked, concerned. "Oh, nothing -- nothing," Will assured Sonny.

"It's just...uh, we were moving so fast, it -- it sort of just hit me...how long it's been since we were...together...like this," Will explained. "Yeah. The last time was, um..." Sonny began to recall. "Before you left for Paris -- and, uh, after I cheated on you," Will concluded for Sonny with a sigh of regret. "Yeah, well, it's, uh -- it feels like a hundred years ago, honestly," Sonny said, and Will agreed.

"You know, I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but that was the worst one," Will admitted. "We're past that now, okay? We're past the hurt and the betrayal. I mean, at least -- at least...I am," Sonny assured Will. "Yeah..." Will agreed. "[But] it's just...I was -- I was such an idiot to have taken you for granted. If I had known how much time we'd lose --" Will began to add. "No, you're not the reason we lost time; Ben Weston is," Sonny insisted. "But we're here now -- you and I -- and he's locked up, so he can't hurt us -- [or] anyone -- ever again," Sonny pointed out while leading Will over to the bed.

"I'm sorry if I, you know, moved too fast..." Sonny began. "Oh, no -- [I mean], I don't blame you, [considering] all we've been through, and you being stuck in the house with Leo all day. [You just] don't want to waste a second," Will acknowledged. "Yeah -- never again," Sonny confirmed, grasping Will's hands. "Because losing you -- believing that you were actually dead -- nearly killed me. And I -- I don't even know if I can explain to you, like, what it was like to find you again," Sonny continued. "Really? Even though I -- I didn't remember you, and I rejected you?" Will asked. "I mean, it hurt...but I don't -- I don't care about any of that anymore, because when I look at you -- when I look in those eyes -- I see you looking back at me -- the real you -- [and I know that] the love of my life has come back to my life," Sonny replied, beaming at Will.

Will produced Sonny's Valentine's Day card and handed it over. "I -- I -- I didn't get you a card. I -- I was afraid that Leo would find it," Sonny apologetically admitted. "Oh, please -- you escaped from Leo for the night. That's way better than a card," Will replied, dismissing the concern. "Open it," Will encouraged Sonny, who excitedly complied.

"Dear Sonny, this year with you has been the best year of my life," Sonny began reading aloud. "Wait, what?" Sonny asked Will, confused. "You might want to check the date at the top of the card," Will advised with a laugh. "February 14...2020? Oh, so this -- this card's from the future?" Sonny realized. "Yeah. You know, it must have come through one of those wormholes or something," Will explained, shrugging. Sonny laughed then continued reading Will's note aloud: "And I never want to spend another Valentine's Day without you. I know it was hard getting here -- I know there were times it seemed bleak, like it would never happen -- but we did it...together. I love you, and always will, my love -- my husband. Happy Valentine's Day 2020. Love, Will." Touched, Sonny told Will the note was beautiful.

"I think we've waited long enough," Will said before kissing Sonny passionately.

Later, while Will and Sonny were lying in bed together after making love, they agreed that it was definitely the best Valentine's Day ever. "[But], you know, Valentine's Day 2020 sounds pretty cool, too," Sonny noted. "Yes, it does," Will agreed. "It's right up there with the day that you told me you would marry me. Remember? And then you gave me that photo album?" Sonny continued. "Yeah, with the blank pages, uh, to fill with photos of our lives," Will recalled. "Do you happen to have any photos from the future?" Sonny asked jokingly. "I'm working on it," Will replied with a laugh. "But, um...it's gonna happen. We're gonna have that life, [Sonny]. I believe we'll work it out. I believe Leo won't be in our lives for much longer," Will added. "I believe you," Sonny replied before kissing Will passionately.

Rafe followed an ambulance to the hospital and filled Kayla in on Kate's supposed overdose. "Sedatives, right?" Rafe guessed, handing a prescription pill bottle to Kayla. "Yeah. It was just filled. It should be full," Kayla confirmed after reading the label. "Do you think she did this on purpose? Do you think she was trying to kill herself?" Kayla asked. "I don't know," Rafe replied with a shrug.

After Kate's stomach was pumped, Kayla assured Rafe that there was probably no reason to continue worrying. "Even if she took the whole bottle, she should [be okay]," Kayla predicted. "Even if she were drinking?" Rafe asked. "[You know, something about that] just doesn't add up, [so] I ordered a tox screen and a full blood workup," Kayla replied before going to check on the status of the tests, leaving Rafe alone with Kate, who had not yet regained consciousness. "You've done some pretty messed-up things, but you don't strike me as the kind of person that would take your own life," Rafe mused while sitting at Kate's bedside.

"You've got a lot of people that care about you, Kate -- people that are counting on you -- so you need to hang in there," Rafe added. Just then, the machine that was monitoring Kate's vital signs started beeping rapidly.

At the Horton house, Chad tried to contact Hope, who didn't answer the call.

"She's probably [busy] interrogating Ben," Abigail guessed. "One minute alone in a room with him, and I'd have some answers," Chad grumbled. "I'm just gonna go there," Chad spontaneously decided. "To the police station?" Abigail asked, surprised. "Yeah. I'm tired of waiting," Chad explained with a shrug. "Okay. I will go with you," Abigail offered, knowing that Jennifer was available to watch Thomas. "You can't. Somebody needs to be here to watch the news and answer the phones in case someone calls with a tip," Chad argued. "By the end of the night, Charlotte's gonna be back in your arms," Chad promised Abigail before rushing out of the house.

Jordan produced a bottle of lighter fluid and began dousing the cabin as Ciara continued protesting.

"No one is gonna believe that [Ben] set the fire! He's in prison right now!" Ciara pointed out. "They'll think that he set it before they arrested him," Jordan predicted. "But there are forensic tests --" Ciara began. "I don't care! All that matters is that Ben stays behind bars [so] no one else gets hurt!" Jordan dismissively insisted. "This is wrong, and you know it, [Jordan]! I know how badly Clyde hurt you [and] your brother, [and] I know how being traumatized like that can change the way you think about the world, [because] it happened to me when I was raped, [but] this is not the answer!" Ciara frantically objected. "I'm sorry. It's the only one I have left," Jordan said.

"No -- I can get you help! Marlena can help you!" Ciara argued. "Marlena? Dr. Marlena Evans, the same [doctor] that declared my brother sane?" Jordan asked with a dismissive scoff. "No, thank you!" Jordan spat before striking a match and tossing it to the floor, where it immediately ignited the lighter fluid. "Goodbye, Ciara," Jordan said without a hint of emotion before rushing off with Charlotte, ignoring Ciara's screams.

At the police station, Ben pressed the barrel of Eli's gun against Hope's back. "Start walking -- slowly, like you're escorting me out of here," Ben ordered Hope, who reluctantly complied.

A short time later, Ted entered the police station and found Eli passed out in one of the conference rooms. "What happened?" Ted asked after rousing Eli, who had obviously suffered a blow to the head. "Ben Weston -- he took my gun..." Eli groggily explained. "Hope -- she was right outside..." Eli continued while stumbling out of the room. "You need to sit down," Ted insisted, helping Eli get settled in a chair. "I'll go after her," Ted assured Eli.

Ben stopped Hope in the middle of the park. "I don't care what you do to me -- just don't hurt Ciara, please," Hope begged. "For the last time, I don't have Ciara. I didn't take her, and I didn't take Charlotte," Ben insisted. "Then why'd you have [Ciara's] phone and Charlotte's blanket in your room?" Hope asked skeptically. "Because I was framed," Ben explained. "By whom?" Hope wondered. "My sister. Jordan has Ciara," Ben clarified.

"That doesn't make any sense. That's crazy," Hope insisted. "Well, it's true, Hope, okay? Jordan came to visit me, [and] she could've easily planted that baby's blanket and the phone in my room," Ben maintained. "Why?" Hope asked, still not convinced. "Because Jordan's troubled. I think [she] believes that she's doing something good," Ben explained as Ted caught Hope's attention. Hope tried to keep Ben talking so Ted could pounce, but Ted proved to be no match for Ben, who landed a few punches then rushed off, still armed with Eli's gun. "What you did just now was incredibly...stupid...[but] thank you," Hope said after making sure that Ted was okay.

"I found Eli, [and] when I realized Ben had his gun, I was worried for you," Ted explained. "Is Eli okay?" Hope asked worriedly. "Yeah, he's fine -- just a little fuzzy from Ben hitting him on the head," Ted reported.

"I heard Ben talking about his sister. Do you really think that she has Ciara and the baby?" Ted wondered. "Honestly, at first, I thought he was just telling another lie...[but] he could have taken off as soon as we got out of the station," Hope reluctantly admitted. "So, maybe he wanted your help to track her down," Ted concluded for Hope. "We need to find him," Hope insisted before rushing back to the police station, still skeptical of Ben's claim.

While passing through Horton Town Square, Chad spotted Ben, who quickly explained that Jordan was the one who had kidnapped Charlotte and Ciara. "Why should I believe you?" Chad angrily demanded to know, upset that Ben was no longer in police custody. Ben revealed Eli's gun and removed the clip as a response to Chad's question. "Even playing field," Ben explained, handing the empty gun to Chad while keeping the clip.

"Where is she?" Chad asked after studying Ben for a moment. "I don't know," Ben admitted. "All right, well, if I were gonna frame you, I know where I'd go. My car's around back. Let's go," Chad said to Ben.

Chad sped over to the cabin, which had filled with smoke but was not yet fully engulfed in flames. Chad and Ben burst in and found Ciara passed out on the bed. Ben roused and untied Ciara as Chad grabbed a blanket and began beating back the flames with it. "Where's Charlotte?" Chad asked Ciara while keeping the fire under control. "Jordan...took her...to see Abigail," Ciara explained between coughs. "Go!" Ben encouraged Chad.

At the Horton house, Abigail caught Jordan sneaking into the living room with Charlotte.

"I found out where Ben was keeping her. She's okay now. She's safe," Jordan said before beginning to hand Charlotte over to Abigail -- just as an alert popped up on the television. "Ben escaped?" Jordan read aloud. "Ugh! Damn him!" Jordan spat before starting to rush back out of the house, still holding Charlotte. "Can I have my daughter?" Abigail begged, chasing after Jordan. "I'm sorry. I can't do that," Jordan insisted.

"Ben is after her, okay? I have to protect her," Jordan explained. "I can protect her. I'm her mother," Abigail pointed out. "No, no, no -- she's not safe with you!" Jordan maintained. "Chad and I -- we will protect her with our lives," Abigail promised. "No, you're no match for Ben, okay? He hates you, [and] what better way to get back at you than to do something terrible to your little girl?" Jordan reasoned.

"I will use this on you if you take one step closer," Jordan warned Abigail, producing a filled syringe.

Just then, Chad entered the house. "Jordan...Ben -- Ben isn't gonna be able to -- to hurt anyone anymore," Chad began to assure Jordan, improvising. "I ran into him, and he tried to attack me, so I -- I -- I -- I killed him," Chad continued, showing Eli's gun to Jordan. "He was a menace, but he's not gonna be able to hurt anybody anymore," Chad concluded. "I wanted Ben to be locked up, but...you -- you killed him?" Jordan asked incredulously, fighting back tears. "I'm sorry. I know how much you loved him. [But] I didn't have a choice. He was a murderer," Chad explained with a shrug.

"Abby and I appreciate everything that you've done for us, and everyone is safe for now, thanks to you, [so] can we please have our daughter back?" Chad added.

Jordan handed Charlotte to Chad then fled the house in tears. "Oh, Chad -- thank you!" Abigail said as Chad handed Charlotte over. "I promised you I'd put her back in your arms," Chad replied with a shrug.

At the police station, Hope and Ted tended to Eli's head wound as Eli insisted that it wasn't a big deal. "I'm starting to think [Ben] might be telling the truth," Eli admitted to Hope after finding out about Ben's claim that Jordan had kidnapped Ciara and Charlotte. "Either way, we need to find my daughter -- now," Hope replied, still skeptical. Hope soon saw a report about a fire and realized that it was in the same general area as the cabin that Ben had used a couple times. "Can't be a coincidence," Hope decided before starting to rush off. "I'm coming with you," Eli said. "Stay right where you are and get your head checked out," Hope insisted, taking Ted instead.

As the cabin continued burning, Ciara and Ben rested outside, a safe distance away from it.

"[Jordan's] lost it. She said she had to do all of this to stop you. She's convinced that you're gonna start murdering people again, [and] she said she had to kill me to convince people that you were guilty," Ciara explained to Ben. "Did [she] hurt you?" Ben asked. "When I tried to escape, she -- she drugged me with something," Ciara recalled. "Okay. We're gonna get you checked out," Ben assured Ciara. "You kept calling me. Every time my phone rang, it gave me hope, because I knew that you were looking for me," Ciara told Ben. "Just glad I found you when I did. If I lost you... I don't even want to think about it," Ben replied with a shake of the head.

"I don't even have my phone on me to call your mom and tell her that you're all right..." Ben suddenly realized. "She must be pretty worried about me, huh?" Ciara guessed. "Yeah, you could say that," Ben confirmed. "Think you can walk? [Let's] get you out of here [and] get you checked out at the hospital, okay?" Ben added while helping Ciara up. "Get the hell away from my daughter!" Hope snapped, storming toward Ben with a gun drawn.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Eve catches Trask arguing with Haley.

• Stefan realizes that Gabby is gone for good.

• Chad and Abigail get married again then leave Salem.

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