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Days of our Lives Recap for Thursday, March 14, 2019
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Thursday, March 14, 2019
by Mike

Chloe went to Eric's apartment to see Rex, who opened the door, wearing only a towel, having just finished taking a shower.

"The kids and I baked some cookies, and we had some extras, and...I'm not sure if you eat cookies..." Chloe began, eyeing Rex's toned body. "But I wanted to bring some as a thank-you for helping me with Brady's goon," Chloe concluded. Rex expressed appreciation for the kind gesture then hungrily reached for a cookie -- and nearly lost the towel in the process. Chloe took the close call as a sign that it was time to leave, but Rex insisted that wasn't necessary. "I could actually really use a friend to talk to," Rex admitted before retreating to another room to get dressed.

Rex returned to the living room a short time later and told Chloe that Brady had fought with Eric about Nicole yet again the previous day -- and had hinted, during the fight, that Eric might go after Sarah next. "Brady's passionate. Sometimes he just says things. He might have been lashing out, or..." Chloe started to assure Rex at the end of the tale before stopping abruptly. "Unless you think something's going on between Eric and Sarah," Chloe eventually continued, getting the feeling that Rex was concerned. "They're friends. They're -- they're -- they're just friends," Rex insisted. "You don't really sound so convinced," Chloe curiously observed.

"Even if there is a hint of chemistry between them, there's no way Eric would go there after what happened with Brady," Chloe confidently predicted. "Right," Rex agreed after a moment of thought. "I love Sarah, she loves me, and I trust my brother," Rex added before deciding to go to the hospital to offer Eric some support. "Please tell everyone I'm praying for Marlena," Chloe requested while following Rex out of the apartment.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan and Gabi argued about possible additions to the Gabi Chic line of products, including a decorative throw pillow.

Stefan munched on cookies and barely listened as Gabi passionately explained the benefits of expanding Gabi Chic to include a collection of home décor. "Chloe made me these, and they are fantastic. You need to sell these," Stefan insisted through a mouthful of cookies. "You're still trying to get into Chloe's cookie jar," Gabi realized with a teasing laugh. "And you're still so damn jealous, you can't see straight," Stefan countered after finishing the cookies. Gabi vehemently denied the accusation but failed to convince Stefan, who pointed out that there was such a thing as protesting too much.

Gabi tried to steer the conversation back to the topic of home décor, but Stefan remained unwilling to allow the development of such a line. "I can call Shin..." Gabi warned, producing a cell phone. "What are you gonna do -- call Daddy every time I say no to you?" Stefan asked incredulously, snatching the device out of Gabi's hand. "No -- just every time you're being a brat," Gabi replied while trying to take the cell phone back from Stefan, who dropped it during the struggle. "You cracked my phone!" Gabi complained, picking up the device and staring at its damaged screen in disbelief. "It was probably already like that," Stefan skeptically countered.

Fed up, Gabi grabbed the pillow and smacked Stefan with it. "What are you gonna do -- attack me with your ugly pillow?" Stefan asked dismissively. "Maybe I'll just smother you instead," Gabi warned.

"God, you could cut the sexual tension in here with a knife," Leo teasingly observed from the foyer as Gabi advanced toward Stefan with a scowl, still holding the pillow. "Oh, please -- I hate this creep. He makes me sick," Gabi stressed as Leo barged into the living room. "You keep saying that, but anyone with two eyes can see how bad you want me," Stefan countered, pleased to have Leo as an agreeable witness.

Gabi threw the pillow at Stefan in anger. "I recognize that!" Leo blurted out as Stefan caught the pillow. "You used that heinous thing to cover up my private parts on Valentine's Day, when you tied me up," Leo recalled, causing Stefan to drop the pillow with a mixture of shock and disgust. "Oh, no -- that's a different one. I had yours burned," Gabi clarified. "Be careful with this one. She's not just kinky -- she's twisted, too. Once she had me all trussed up, she came at me with a pair of scissors," Leo warned Stefan, who went pale after realizing the implication. "What is it that you want, you little worm?" Gabi tiredly asked Leo.

Leo stayed focused on Stefan while responding to Gabi's question. "As I told the hottie guarding the front door -- I think he said his name was Ben -- I have some important business to discuss with you, Mr. DiMera," Leo explained. "I've been living at the Kiriakis mansion, [and] I've had the pleasure of listening to Victor and his merry band of morons plotting their evil deeds. In other words, I'm sitting on a giant pile of inside dirt that I'm happy to shovel in your direction," Leo elaborated. "How do I know it's not a giant pile of poo?" Stefan asked skeptically. "I detest that family. I want nothing more than to watch [their] company go down in flames," Leo replied.

"Even if it means I have to go head to head with my new brother Brady," Leo continued, stunning Gabi. "You couldn't stay married to Sonny, so now you're going around town, telling everybody you're Brady's brother? What's next? Are you gonna tell everyone that Prince Harry's your long-lost cousin?" Gabi asked incredulously, prompting Leo to reveal that a DNA test had already been conducted to verify the claim.

"I haven't seen the results yet, but I'm certain they'll prove I'm half Black," Leo bragged. "You know what I mean," Leo added after getting odd looks from Stefan and Gabi. "[And once Brady] sees the results, he'll have no choice but to embrace me as his own flesh and blood," Leo concluded. "Doesn't always work out that way," Stefan warned. "Well, I have every intention [of] getting close to my new brother," Leo maintained. "Who also happens to be the CEO of Titan..." Leo pointedly reminded Stefan. "You're gonna pump Brady for information and then pass it along to me?" Stefan summarized. "In exchange for some sort of compensation," Leo stressed.

Gabi advised Stefan not to trust Leo. "This is a legit offer," Leo assured Stefan in response to Gabi's warning. "You want to bring down Titan, and I have what you need to do it," Leo continued. "Do we have a deal?" Leo asked hopefully. Stefan, having heard a lot about the con man formerly known as Matthew Cooper, agreed with Gabi's assertion that Leo wasn't the least bit trustworthy. "[But] if you can back up all this big talk here and bring me something of real value, I might be interested in doing business with you," Stefan told Leo, who excitedly promised to deliver. "I'll let you get back to your foreplay," Leo joked before exiting the mansion.

"He totally played you," Gabi said to Stefan once the coast was clear. "I can handle Leo -- without going to the lengths that you did," Stefan dismissively insisted. "Did you really tie him naked to a bed?" Stefan asked. "Who's jealous now?" Gabi teasingly replied as Chloe entered the mansion. "He's all yours," Gabi said to Chloe. "I'm gonna tell Production to go full speed with the home collection, okay? And I'm gonna leave you to your...'cookies,'" Gabi said to Stefan before leaving the mansion. Outside, Gabi contacted Brady and recorded a voicemail message: "I have some information that I think you're gonna find useful. Call me back."

At the hospital, Shelley found Diana in Marlena's room, eyeing the I.V. bag. "Dr. Evans will be through with her tests soon. I need to prep the room," Shelley announced. "Then I will get out of your way," Diana replied.

"Before you go...why don't you tell me how you tried to kill Dr. Evans?" Shelley suggested as Diana was leaving the room. "What an outrageous accusation!" Diana indignantly protested, but Shelley wasn't convinced, having decided that Haley had no reason to poison Marlena. "You could have very easily have pulled Dr. Evans' medical history [while in her office] and found out that she was severely allergic to penicillin," Shelley pointed out.

Shelley started to contact the police, but Diana insisted that would be a very bad idea.

"I had nothing to do with Marlena's most recent brush with death...but it is an odd coincidence that this all happened after you let me into her office [and] gave me access to the hospital computers [as well as] your very own key card," Diana pointed out, producing Shelley's identification badge and holding it just out of reach. "If I am accused of any wrongdoing, you are the one who's going to have a problem proving you weren't involved," Diana warned. "I would never help you hurt [Dr. Evans]! You used me, lied to me... I had no idea what you were planning to do!" Shelley stressed. "My word against yours," Diana noted.

"And just so you know...when I was going through those personnel files that you helped me get into, I took a peek at yours," Diana revealed. "You had no right to do that!" Shelley protested. "You're not very popular around here, are you, Nurse Shelley? Seems you've had your own run-ins with authorities over the past few years. It seems that [at] your last job, you got fired for repeated acts of insubordination," Diana continued. "That was in the past," Shelley insisted. "I don't think so, because since you've been here, again and again, you have problems with authority. [And] Dr. Johnson even reported you for badmouthing the hospital to patients," Diana countered.

"All of that was cleared up," Shelley maintained. "Still...I get the impression your colleagues won't come to your defense. You really should have been nicer to them," Diana mused. "I don't care that people like me; I care that they respect me. And around here, they do. I'm a damn good nurse, so I let my work speak for itself," Shelley explained. "You really do like this job?" Diana asked. "I love this job," Shelley confirmed. "I took an oath to help people. That's why I have to tell the truth about Dr. Evans -- about what you did to her," Shelley added. "If you open your big mouth, you will go down right along with me," Diana warned.

"You will lose your license [and] you will lose this precious job you say you love so much," Diana continued. "Maybe that's a chance I'm willing to take," Shelley replied.

Meanwhile, at the nurses' station, Brady struggled to process the confirmation that John was Leo's father. "I'm really sorry that you had to find out like this. I would have told you myself --" John began to stress. "You know what? Forget it. Forget it. I don't want to talk about it right now," Brady insisted, knowing that there were more important things to worry about at that moment.

As if on cue, Kayla approached and assured John and Brady that Marlena was almost finished with all of the tests that had been ordered.

"I think I might know who tried to poison her," Kayla revealed. "Normally, an antibiotic wouldn't raise any red flags, because it's not a controlled substance...but after what happened to Marlena, I went to the medical records department to have them check for any irregularities, [and] as it turns out, the day that Marlena got sick, someone did withdraw a vial of liquid penicillin...and it was not given to any patient," Kayla elaborated. "Who checked out the drug?" John asked. "One of our nurses on staff here -- Shelley Santos," Kayla replied.

John and Brady wanted to find and confront Shelley immediately, but Kayla insisted that there was a protocol that needed to be followed. "Forget about the protocol here! I want to talk to Nurse Santos -- right now!" John impatiently demanded. "I'm right here," Shelley said, approaching the trio. "Why would you try to kill my wife?" John asked angrily. "I didn't -- I swear -- but I know who did," Shelley replied.

"Kristen DiMera," Shelley claimed, having decided to blame the one person who, according to Diana, would make a perfect scapegoat. "Kristen DiMera is dead," Brady skeptically protested. "Wouldn't be the first time she came back from the grave," John pointed out. "That awful woman came here and tried to kill Dr. Evans once before. Her face was all over the news. That's how I recognized her," Shelley continued. "You saw Kristen here yesterday?" Kayla asked. "She approached me. She said that she'd kill me if I didn't do everything she asked," Shelley explained. "Including giving her access to the pharmacy?" John assumed. Shelley nodded in response.

Meanwhile, in Marlena's room, Diana eyed the I.V. bag again. "I'm glad I saved some of this for you, Marlena," Diana mused while producing the stolen vial of penicillin. "Kristen and I both tried it with sweets, but now it's time for a more direct approach. Here's hoping the third time's a charm," Diana added, advancing toward the I.V. bag with a wild look of determination.

Members of the Salem Police Department soon arrived to take Shelley's statement and begin the search for Kristen.

"I just can't believe that Kristen is still alive, Dad -- and she had the nerve to come back here and go after Marlena again," Brady admitted with a shake of the head. "Doesn't surprise me. She's been gunning for Doc for years," John replied. "I just thought this time -- this time -- she was gone for good," Brady continued, sighing. "Never make an assumption when it comes to the DiMeras," John advised.

Just then, Kayla returned with an orderly who was wheeling Marlena on a gurney. Kayla stopped the orderly so John could have a moment alone with Marlena, who had not yet woken up.

Sarah went to the chapel to check on Eric -- and regretfully reported, when asked, that Marlena's condition hadn't improved yet. "Pray with me?" Eric requested, extending a hand. Sarah awkwardly grasped Eric's hand and looked around the room uncomfortably, waiting for the prayer to end. "Amen," Eric eventually concluded. Relieved, Sarah immediately released Eric's hand.

"You okay?" Eric asked curiously. "Yeah, yeah -- I'm just, um...I'm not really good at...all this," Sarah explained, gesturing around the chapel. "I guess it's kind of embarrassing to say it in here -- and to you -- but...I don't know if I buy it," Sarah added. "Well, I can only speak for myself, but I can't imagine my life without it," Eric replied. "[Then] why did you stop being a priest?" Sarah wondered.

"It's complicated," Eric warned before proceeding to tell Sarah the whole story. Sarah was horrified to hear about what Eric had been through but couldn't help noting that it meant that Nicole wasn't the only woman who had ever gotten between Eric and Brady. Eric confirmed that, technically, that was true. Eric added, however, that Brady really only had a right to be upset about what had happened with Nicole, since what had happened with Kristen hadn't been consensual. Confused, Sarah wondered if Brady truly was still upset about what had happened with Nicole. Eric nodded and began telling Sarah about the fight that had occurred the previous day.

"At least things with Rex are all right," Sarah noted. Eric seized the opportunity to find out if Sarah had decided what to do about Rex's proposal yet. "I know you have your doubts about my brother, but I really, really think you should trust him," Eric advised when Sarah didn't respond right away. "What if he shouldn't trust me?" Sarah eventually asked. Eric assumed that was a reference to what had happened with Xander, but Sarah vaguely clarified that it was a reference to something else. "What?" Eric asked, confused. "Listening to my heart," Sarah replied before kissing Eric.

As Eric responded to the kiss, Brady entered the chapel. "Brady, this is --" Eric began after pulling away from Sarah. "Not what it looks like?" Brady skeptically concluded for Eric. "'Cause it kind of looks like history repeating itself, brother," Brady continued. Before Eric could respond, Rex entered the chapel and wondered what was going on.

Diana found John at the nurses' station and innocently asked for an update on Marlena's condition. John reported that there had been no improvements yet -- but, on the bright side, the tests had all finally been completed. John added that Kristen had been identified as the person who had poisoned Marlena. "Everybody's on high alert here, [and] I've got a guard posted right outside [Doc's] door, so she's safe," John stressed, not noticing Diana's smirk. Meanwhile, in Marlena's room, the contents of the I.V. bag steadily dripped down to the tube that was connected to Marlena's arm.

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