Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gabi wheeled Arianna's stroller and a packed suitcase out of her bedroom and informed Will that she was moving to a hotel until she and Arianna could find a permanent place. "You mean a permanent place with Nick, don't you?" Will asked. He guessed that Nick had talked Gabi into moving out. Gabi said that Nick had actually been very supportive of her staying there. She continued that she was leaving because Sami had attacked her and accused her of being an unfit mother.

Will begged Gabi not to punish him -- or Arianna -- by taking the baby away from him. Gabi asked if Will really thought it was good for Arianna to live in a place where her mother was constantly disrespected and lectured. Will promised that he and Sonny would not lecture Gabi anymore because, although it was surprising that she wanted to be friends with Nick again, it was her life and her choice. Gabi admitted that was a good start, but it wasn't enough.

Will asked what else he could do to keep Gabi from leaving. With an exasperated shrug, Gabi said that she just couldn't deal with Will's mother again. Will promised that he would keep his mom from visiting Arianna at the apartment -- and he headed out right then to retrieve Sami's key to keep her from showing up whenever she wanted. Will paused in the doorway to make sure that Gabi would be there when he returned. She assured him that she would, because she didn't want to move out -- but she would have no choice if Sami showed up and attacked her again.

Rafe slammed Nick up against the wall outside the Brady Pub and growled, "I warned you to stay away from my sister, didn't I? You should've listened. You really should've listened." When Nick broke free, Rafe accused him of doing everything possible to get Gabi into bed. Nick argued that he hadn't been forcing Gabi because she had wanted him. That provoked Rafe to haul off and punch Nick in the mouth.

Nick asserted that what he and Gabi had was too strong for Rafe to stop, and Rafe couldn't control Gabi's feelings or actions any more than he had been able to control his other sister, Arianna. Acknowledging that Rafe felt guilty for not protecting Arianna and preventing her death, Nick said, "You're not going to get her back by smothering Gabi. You're just going to make her want me more." Rafe argued that Nick was a convicted murderer and a liar who would only cause Gabi pain and heartache.

"I'm not gonna let you brainwash her into thinking that she needs you," Rafe promised. Nick warned Rafe ominously, "You screw with me, it won't only be your sister's life that you're destroying. Others are involved, too." Rafe wanted to know what Nick was talking about, but Nick just told Rafe not to worry about it. After darkly assuring Rafe that he wouldn't press charges, Nick left. Pulling out his phone to send a text message, Rafe muttered, "Okay, Sami, I really hope you can tell me what the hell is going on."

Nick was in the park when Gabi called to warn him about Rafe, and Nick said that he'd already seen Rafe. Nick assured Gabi that he was fine, but he wanted to be alone, so they should talk the next day. After she hung up, Gabi grabbed Arianna's stroller and headed for the park. Gabi was alarmed when she got there and saw Nick's bloodied lip and realized that her brother had done it. Nick insisted that the last thing he wanted was to cause problems between Gabi and her family, including Will and Sonny.

Nick continued that even after what had happened at the river, he'd wanted to stay in Salem because it was his home, but he didn't think anyone there would ever accept him. As Gabi cleaned up Nick's mouth with a tissue, she informed him that Will had stood up to his mom and promised to keep her away from their apartment after Gabi had threatened to move out. "Gabi, you can't do that," Nick said. Nick explained that she shouldn't destroy the good relationship with Will and Sonny that she'd worked so hard to build.

Gabi said that she wished that Sonny and Will could hear Nick insisting that she put Arianna first. Gabi believed that the guys would eventually see who Nick really was, and maybe her brother and the others would, too, some day. Nick agreed that would be great. When Arianna began to fuss, Nick encouraged Gabi to take the baby home to feed her. He apologized for the trouble he'd caused, but Gabi assured him that he hadn't caused it. Gabi took Nick's hand and stroked his face, then left with Arianna. As soon as Gabi was out of earshot, Nick marveled, "Percy was right. Everything is working out exactly how I planned."

At the DiMera mansion, Sami ranted to E.J. about how Gabi had lied to her about being with Nick. "The truth is Gabi's not the real problem here, anyway... We have to find a way to stop Nick Fallon," Sami declared. That made E.J. wonder what Sami had actually said to Gabi. Sami reluctantly confessed that she had accused Gabi of being an unfit mother. Sami tried to justify her actions by pointing out that Gabi had lied and that it had been "reckless and stupid" of Gabi to have sex with Nick while Arianna was sleeping in the next room.

E.J. contended that Gabi had lied because she'd known that Sami would judge her and disapprove. He gently reminded his fiancée that they had no say in Gabi's personal life. Sami argued that Gabi was repaying her for helping when they thought Gabi had killed Nick by jumping back into bed with him -- and Nick was blackmailing Sami for it. "I want Nick gone -- permanently," Sami declared. E.J. asked seriously, "Are you telling me that you want Nicholas Fallon dead?" Sami maintained that she only wanted Nick out of all of Will, Arianna, and Gabi's lives.

Sami suggested that Stefano could put Nick on one of his islands, but E.J. pointed out that would only put them back into his father's debt. Sami admitted that Rafe had witnessed her fight with Gabi and had taken off after Nick. Just then, Sami got a text message from Rafe, who wanted to discuss the situation with Nick. Sami started to head out to the Brady Pub to meet Rafe, but E.J. was adamant that he go in Sami's stead. Sami guessed that E.J. thought she couldn't keep her mouth shut. E.J. stated as diplomatically as possible that they simply didn't need the whole thing to blow up in their faces.

After E.J. had gone, Will charged into the mansion and firmly told her that her behavior -- which had almost caused Gabi to move out and take Arianna with her -- had been unacceptable. Sami was relieved when Will assured her that he'd convinced Gabi not to move out, until he continued that Sami couldn't visit Arianna at the apartment if Gabi were there. "There is no way in hell I am letting her keep me away from my grandbaby!" Sami declared fiercely.

Will assured his mom that he would take Arianna to the mansion see her -- but Gabi did not need to hear anything further from Sami about being an unfit mother. He demanded the key back from Sami, so she reluctantly handed it over. "So you're choosing Gabi Hernandez over your own mother," Sami grumbled. "No, Mom, I'm choosing my daughter, and if you were in my position, you would do the exact same thing," Will said.

E.J. found Rafe downing a shot of whiskey at the Brady Pub bar. E.J. explained that he was there in Sami's place. He asserted that in going after Nick, Rafe had given Nick exactly what he'd wanted by allowing Fallon to play the victim. Rafe contended that he wasn't going to give Nick another chance to prey on Gabi. "Once you calm down, you're going to realize you don't have a choice. None of us do," E.J. said. Although Rafe wasn't interested in anything E.J. might pass off as advice, E.J. warned that if Rafe went after Nick, it could make the situation even more dangerous.

"I'm trying to stop my family from being torn apart," E.J. explained. Rafe bristled, pointing out that his sister wasn't part of E.J.'s family. E.J. hinted that there was more going on with Nick than Rafe knew but refused to divulge more. E.J. reminded Rafe that Nick could easily send Gabi back to prison. Rafe countered that his sister had been the victim, and besides, the D.A. would never take a case like that. E.J. cautioned Rafe that there was a lot more to it than that.

"Then why don't you tell me? Tell me what my sister did this time," Rafe challenged E.J. E.J. quietly but firmly stated that he couldn't divulge anything further without putting Rafe -- a detective -- in an untenable position. All E.J. would say was that it was a complex situation, and he was trying to protect the people Rafe cared about -- so Rafe should try not to make things worse by provoking Nick. "So just sit back and do nothing?" Rafe asked incredulously. E.J. said, "I hear you're the praying type, so pray. You pray that your sister's right and that Nick has turned over a new leaf."

At Daniel's apartment, Jennifer pleaded with Daniel not to confront Theresa without proof that Ms. Donovan was the one who had drugged him -- because that would only make things worse. A determined Daniel practically shouted, "I am not gonna just sit here and do nothing!" Jennifer didn't think that Theresa would ever admit anything. Daniel believed he could get Theresa to slip up and incriminate herself, because he seemed to be her weakness.

Daniel had his phone out to call Theresa, but Jennifer stopped him by pointing out, "Do you realize that there are other people who could be hurt if this doesn't turn out the way you expect it to?" Daniel apologized and acknowledged that Jennifer was right, because Theresa would retaliate by hurting J.J. -- but Jennifer blamed herself. "If you never loved me, none of this would be happening to you right now," Jennifer asserted. Daniel assured her that she was not to blame for any of it, and they would figure out a way to deal with Theresa.

Jennifer jumped up and announced that there was something she could do: she would put out a press release to get ahead of the news about Daniel's suspension and do some damage control. Daniel promised that while Jennifer went to the hospital, he would stay home with Parker -- and away from Theresa. "I'm never gonna let her hurt you again," Jennifer vowed, kissing Daniel goodbye. As soon as Jennifer had gone, Daniel's fury got the better of him. He picked up a dining chair and slammed it against the table.

Nicole followed Liam to the park outside Horton Square to confront him about why he had really been in Daniel's building, since she'd learned that Dr. Colleen Weeks lived on a different floor from Daniel. Liam lied that he had gotten off the elevator on the wrong floor when he'd been visiting Dr. Weeks, but Nicole didn't buy it. She reminded Liam that when they'd run into each other, he had claimed to be leaving Dr. Weeks' apartment. Liam maintained that he had gone back to retrieve his wallet.

Nicole asked if Dr. Weeks would back up Liam's story. Liam said that she would, but he urged Nicole not to mention it because Dr. Weeks was in another relationship. Nicole said that she would be sensitive, but she still needed to speak to Dr. Weeks. Liam wanted to know why any of it was Nicole's concern. Nicole stated firmly that what had happened to her friend, Dr. Jonas, was her concern. "Wait -- you're not saying you think I had anything to do with that?" Liam asked anxiously.

Nicole said that Daniel had been drugged in his apartment that morning. Liam pointed out that Daniel lived in a big building -- and Liam barely knew Daniel. Observing Liam's edginess, Nicole recounted how he had been involved with Jennifer until she'd broken up with him to go back to Daniel. Liam argued that the idea of him drugging Daniel was crazy -- not to mention completely circumstantial. Nicole turned to leave, but Liam called after her, "I think we should talk about Dr. Chyka, don't you?"

Liam explained that he hadn't paid much attention when everyone at the hospital had been talking about how Dr. Chyka had kidnapped her and Father Eric. Liam continued that he'd almost forgotten about the whole thing until he'd spotted Nicole dumping a bunch of garbage at that rest stop. Nicole played dumb, wondering what that had to do with her or Chyka. Liam revealed that he knew Nicole had shredded documents pertaining to Dr. Chyka and Kristen DiMera and then had set them on fire.

Although Nicole tried to deny it, Liam explained that before Nicole had returned to burn the papers, he had fished some of it out of the trash and carefully pieced it together. He showed her a picture on his phone of the reassembled document. "So what do you think your ex-priest friend would think about you destroying the only information that could ever clear his name?" Liam mused.

Liam maintained that Nicole's theory about him drugging Daniel was completely insane, because he had no reason to hurt Daniel -- just like Nicole had no desire to hurt the priest she supposedly loved. Liam suggested that they stay out of each other's business -- and Nicole should remember that all she had were crazy theories, but he had hard evidence.

Jennifer was in her office, struggling to find a way to word the press release about Daniel, when Liam suddenly appeared behind her and put a hand on her shoulder.

Daniel was on the phone with Marlena, who was offering Daniel her support, when an upset Nicole showed up at the apartment. "I can't let this happen... I have to help you, no matter what," Nicole announced anxiously.

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