Tuesday, August 26, 2014

In their apartment, Will confronted Sonny about his involvement in securing Will's writing job at True Vista magazine. Sonny explained that he had only asked someone to look at Will's writing but that Will's writing had gotten Will the job at the magazine. Upset, Will noted that he could have submitted childhood scribbles and he would have been hired because it was Victor's magazine. When Will argued that the fallout from the article was Sonny's fault, Sonny's mouth gaped open.

"I got you a chance at the magazine. That's it. I didn't set you up to write that article. That's on you, pal. Your mom, E.J., and Abigail, they might all have been moving on from this by now if you hadn't been so desperate for attention," Sonny said. Will reminded Sonny that he had been assigned the article. Sonny quickly pointed out that Will had not had to accept the assignment. Sonny said that Will had reveled in the power trip of attacking Sami and E.J.

Will argued that he had written the article to push Sami into seeing the error of her ways concerning Abigail. When Sonny asked Will if he had ever thought about the collateral damage, Will argued that he had not named Abigail as a way to protect her. Sonny grabbed the article and read an excerpt that included enough clues for anyone to know that the mystery woman was Abigail. When Will argued that he was a writer and not a reporter, Sonny countered that Will knew Sami very well and should have expected that Sami would name Abigail as the mistress.

"You didn't think. You were just so psyched about putting your mother in her place. You didn't even warn Abigail," Sonny yelled. Defensive, Will countered that he did not need his "glorified barista husband" to tell him how to think. When Will noted that he did not want to be married to anyone that wanted to control his life, Sonny was livid.

Sonny argued that he did not control Will's life. Will countered that Sonny had pushed his uncle to give Will a job. Hurt, Will accused Sonny of not believing that Will was talented enough to get a job on his own. Will stormed out of the apartment. As the door slammed, Arianna started to cry. With a sigh, Sonny trotted into Arianna's room to check on her.

At Club TBD, Victor sat at a table, drinking. E.J. walked into the club and asked Ben for a cup of coffee, but Ben ignored E.J. Victor joked that E.J. had a knack for making friends. E.J. told Victor that he had learned from Lucas that Victor owned True Vista. Victor grinned. Victor said he'd had no hand in the writing assignment because he was not involved in the day-to-day business of the magazine. When E.J. asked Victor if he had any idea how the article had affected the lives of E.J.'s children, Victor countered that E.J. should have thought about his children when he had decided to have sex with Abigail.

Victor paid for his drink and commented to Ben that the room was full of hot air. Ben asked E.J. to leave because he was bad for business. With an eye roll, E.J. sat at the bar, refusing to leave. When E.J. said that he was happy that Abigail had Ben in her life, Ben bristled. Ben told E.J. not to talk about Abigail. E.J. smiled to himself and left.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail marched into the foyer, slapped Sami, and called Sami a bitch. Furious, Sami grabbed Abigail and threw her against the door. "You picked the wrong day to start a fight with me," Sami growled. Sami chuckled and called Abigail a "spineless bitch." When Abigail argued that Sami had told the magazine Abigail's name, Sami happily took credit. Sami said she had toyed with not telling the magazine Abigail's name but that her memory of helping Abigail through her pregnancy scare had changed her mind.

"Making me lose my job, trying to turn Ben against me, showing those pictures to my mother? Really, Sami? That wasn't enough for you?" Abigail asked. "No. Because of you, my marriage was over before it began, and my children's lives will be in shreds. So I have to take a little comfort in knowing that you can't hide behind your shiny, sorority girl image any more. Everyone gets to know what a lying slut you are, including Chad," Sami said.

Confused, Abigail asked Sami what she meant. Sami explained that she had emailed Chad a link to the article and had also mailed him a copy of the article. Shocked, Abigail called Sami a "vile, vindictive woman." As Sami started to close the door on Abigail, Abigail stopped her and asked about Wei Shin. When Abigail wondered aloud about how Mr. Shin would react to Sami and Kate's maneuvers at the company, Sami remarked that Mr. Shin would not give Abigail the time of day.

Calling her bluff, Abigail said that Mr. Shin had been anxious to talk to Abigail. Sami's eyes opened wide in shock as Abigail pulled up Mr. Shin's number on her phone. Abigail noted that Mr. Shin had given her the impression that Sami had lied to Mr. Shin. With a sigh, Sami asked Abigail what she wanted. Abigail told Sami to back off. When Abigail noted that Sami had hurt Jennifer and Chad, Sami cautioned that Abigail could hurt a lot of people if she talked to Mr. Shin.

Abigail scoffed at Sami and noted that Sami had not thought twice about ruining Abigail's life. With a groan, Sami countered that Abigail should have considered the consequences when she'd had sex with E.J. Abigail argued that she had acted impulsively, and Sami should understand what that was like. Abigail warned that Sami had no more ammunition to use against her.

When Sami asked about Mr. Shin, Abigail said she would not take Mr. Shin's calls but that she would answer any of his inquiries with the truth if he reached out to her in other ways.

"Which truth is that?" Sami asked. Abigail countered that everything was in her press release. As Abigail turned to leave, she commented that she hoped Sami and E.J. would spend the rest of their lives tearing into one another because that was what Sami deserved.

In the park, Marlena met with Will to talk. When Marlena asked Will if he blamed Sonny for the fallout from the article, Will argued that because of Sonny's actions, Will had been placed in the position of having to take the article. Marlena suggested that Will was overlooking the part where Will had the responsibility of taking the assignment and writing the article. When Will said that Sonny had argued that Will had enjoyed hurting his mother, Marlena asked Will if there was any truth to Sonny's accusation. Will denied the charge. Marlena reminded Will that he and Sonny loved one another.

Sonny called Victor and asked him to stop by to talk at the apartment. When Victor arrived, he cooed over Arianna as Sonny asked whether Will had talked to Victor about the magazine. Victor asked Sonny why he had kept the secret from Will. Sonny admitted that he had made a mistake. With a stern expression on his face, Sonny accused Victor of failing to prevent the situation with the article. Victor reminded Sonny that Sonny had asked him to pull some strings for Will.

When Sonny asked who had pitched the idea of the article, Victor admitted that he had been the one. Victor argued that if Will had not written the article, someone else would have done it. Sonny informed Victor that Will had stormed out. With a sigh, Victor said that Will was a grown adult and knew what he'd been doing when he had accepted the assignment. Sonny worried aloud that Will would refuse any new writing opportunities. Victor assured Sonny that the magazine liked Will's writing, and it did not matter how Will had been hired for the job originally.

Victor worried aloud that Maggie would be crushed when she learned that Victor had been the one that had pitched the idea for the story about Sami. Victor advised Sonny to talk to Will and work through their problems.

In the town square, Brady informed Marlena that he had fought with Kristen in the park. Worried, Marlena asked for details. Brady said that Kristen was not done with him. Brady explained that Kristen had said that she wanted to make things right. Worried, Marlena wondered aloud if Kristen was with John. Marlena called the hospital and confirmed that John was alone, except for hospital staff.

Brady worried that John was vulnerable. Marlena told Brady that John was scheduled for a CT scan and not to bother going to the hospital. When Marlena remarked that she should call Sami and warn her about Kristen, she reconsidered, noting that Sami was probably aware of Kristen's release because E.J. had likely had a hand in securing Kristen's bail. Brady promised to protect Marlena and John from Kristen. Hugging Brady, Marlena noted that Kristen had already hurt Brady. Brady swore that Kristen could not hurt him anymore.

In John's hospital room, Kristen talked to a comatose John. Daniel walked into the room and grabbed Kristen's arm, yanking her off of John's bed. When Daniel whipped out his phone and noted that he was calling the police, Kristen showed him her ankle monitor. Daniel joked that every judge was on Kristen's payroll. Daniel pulled Kristen out of the hospital room.

In the hallway, Daniel explained that he would call security to ensure that Kristen did not return to John's room. Kristen said that she only wanted to see John one time and that she had no need to see him again. As Daniel hung up the phone, Kristen asked Daniel if they could talk privately. Daniel nodded reluctantly. Daniel and Kristen walked to his office to talk. Kristen said that there was no evidence to back Daniel's claim that he had been kidnapped. Smiling, Daniel said that Kristen would go to prison. Kristen smiled and thanked Daniel. Kristen explained that she would not have had a chance with Brady if Daniel had not forced her to return to Salem.

"I think things are going to go better than I ever expected. I think things are going to go perfectly," Kristen said. Daniel invited Kristen to write him a letter from prison. Smiling, Kristen countered that she did not believe she would be convicted. Kristen warned Daniel not to project his anger over Jennifer onto her.

When Will returned to his apartment and found Sonny pacing the living room with Arianna, he told Sonny that he wanted to put his daughter to bed. Will pulled Arianna out of Sonny's arms. As Sonny called out to Will, Will cut him off and noted that he did not want to talk to Sonny.

In the Kiriakis mansion, Brady thought about his conversation with Kristen. Upset, Brady looked at the decanters of alcohol. Maggie walked around the corner and stopped mid-stride when she saw Brady pick up a glass from the bar cart. Brady threw the glass against the wall and turned to see Maggie standing in the doorway, mouth open in shock. Brady assured Maggie that Kristen would not drive him to drink. Maggie told Brady that she was proud of his restraint. Nodding, Brady grabbed his keys and announced that he needed to go to an A.A. meeting.

When Brady asked Maggie how she was doing, Maggie admitted that she was upset that Will had written the article about Abigail and Sami. Brady assured Maggie that Abigail was a tough person and would get through the situation fine. Brady wanted to confront E.J., but Maggie asked Brady to leave E.J. alone. Brady nodded. When Maggie noted that Sami had to feel humiliated by the affair, Brady commented that Sami would not admit to being hurt and would instead work to get even.

Maggie asked Brady to call Sami. Brady said that he had called and texted Sami and Jennifer but that neither had called or texted him in return. When Brady worried aloud that no one wanted to talk to him, Maggie assured Brady that people loved him and would support him. Smiling, Brady told Maggie that he loved her.

As Ben closed up Club TBD, Abigail walked in the door. Abigail kissed Ben. Abigail pulled away and told Ben that she'd wanted to say goodnight. With a grin, Ben invited her to stop by and say goodnight whenever she wanted.

As E.J. walked into the DiMera living room, he spotted Sami sealing a box with tape. E.J. jokingly asked if Sami was holding an explosive device. When E.J. walked over to Sami, he noticed that the address was for the kids' summer camp. Sami explained that she was sending items to the kids that they needed. When E.J. asked about the kids, Sami said that Allie had emailed her. E.J. suggested that they drive up to see the kids and take them out for a meal. Sami smiled for a moment then her face fell. Sami noted that they should not give the kids the wrong idea. E.J. nodded and said that he was going to bed.

"And if I want your help with the board then you want me to come with you, right?" Sami asked. "Has your opinion of me really sunk that low?" E.J. asked. E.J. clarified that though he missed sleeping next to Sami, he was not asking for her to sleep with him in return for his cooperation with the board. When Sami asked E.J. what he wanted, he said that he wanted a chance.

"I don't want to be back in your bed unless I'm back in your heart," E.J. said. E.J. asked to start with talking over a meal. "I would like to earn the right to hold your hand. Just tell me that that is not impossible. I will move mountains," E.J. said. As Sami stared silently, E.J. turned to leave. Sami called out his name. Sami handed a list of board members to E.J. then she asked E.J. to have lunch with her. E.J. thanked her. After E.J. left, Sami started to cry.

A frazzled Brady marched over to the hospital after Daniel texted him about his confrontation with Kristen. In John's hospital room, Brady asked Daniel about the CT scan. Daniel said there was no change. Brady asked about Kristen's visit with John, and Daniel assured Brady that Kristen would not get close to John again. Still uneasy, Brady worried aloud that security would not be enough to keep Kristen away from John. Daniel informed Brady that Kristen had thanked him for forcing her to return to Salem and to Brady. Daniel worried aloud that Kristen appeared to have a plan.

In her hotel room, Kristen made a call to someone to talk about John. Kristen sent photos of John's medical chart to the person on the other end of the call. "My future depends on what you tell me," Kristen said.

. . .

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