Tuesday, October 21, 2014

At the hospital, Theresa told Anne that she had slept with Brady. Anne warned Theresa that Brady was visiting with John. As Theresa's mouth gaped open in panic, Anne advised Theresa to remain calm. After Anne walked away, Theresa muttered to herself that it was hard to remain calm when John knew the truth about the night he'd been hit over the head.

Brady exited John's room, and Theresa rushed over to ask Brady if there was any new information from John. Brady said that John had no new information about the fight but that John had talked about Theresa. Worried, Theresa asked for more information. Brady suggested that they talk privately.

As Eve read the morning paper in her apartment, Kristen knocked on Eve's front door. When a suspicious Eve demanded that Kristen explain why she was at Eve's apartment, Kristen countered that she knew what Theresa had done. Kristen accused Theresa of plying Brady with alcohol and drugs and coercing Brady into a wedding and then a fight with John. With a smirk, Kristen hinted that Eve was aware of Theresa's machinations.

While Eve took a call from a telemarketer on the phone, Kristen slipped a bug onto a nearby lamp. After hanging up the phone, Eve asked Kristen to leave. With a wide smile, Kristen walked out of the apartment. In the hallway, Kristen looked at her tablet to check the levels of the microphone she had planted in the apartment.

In her hotel room, Kristen ordered room service. As Kristen growled about her hunger, there was a knock at the door. Kristen grabbed a bottle of eye drops and placed a squirt under each eye before she hustled to the door to answer it. When Kristen opened the door, Anne smiled meekly at the teary-eyed Kristen. Anne offered her condolences on the loss of Kristen's brother. Anne made a crack about E.J.'s good looks, and she quickly apologized. Anne asked why Kristen had asked to meet.

"I have big plans, and they involve you," Kristen said. Kristen explained that she wanted to talk to Anne about the scholarship program. Kristen said that she wanted Anne's department to handle the scholarship internship program. When Kristen asked about protocol, Anne offered to call the head of the hospital. Anne turned her back on Kristen and dialed the hospital. Kristen grabbed Anne's purse and slipped a bug inside of it, while Anne made arrangements on the phone.

Brady and Theresa went to the pub. Theresa asked Brady about his conversation with John. Brady explained that John had asked about Theresa. When Theresa asked Brady if he regretted their night together, Brady said he did not.

"I really like being with you. I love being with you. I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing," Brady said. Concerned, Theresa asked if what was going on between them was about Kristen. Brady admitted that Kristen was still in his head. Brady said he did not want to use Theresa to get over Kristen. Shaking her head, Theresa said she would do anything to help Brady get Kristen out of his system. Brady said no then left for the hospital.

As Theresa watched Brady walk away, Eve called her on her cell phone. Eve warned Theresa that Kristen had stopped by the apartment to ask questions about Theresa. Theresa rushed over to Eve's apartment to talk to her about Kristen's visit. Eve told Theresa that Kristen had accused Theresa of enabling Brady's addiction, coercing Brady into marriage, and causing the fight between Brady and John.

When Eve noted that Kristen was onto Theresa, Theresa gasped. Kristen listened to the conversation in her hotel room and muttered that she needed Theresa to explicitly admit what she had done. There was a knock at the hotel door, and distracted, Kristen ordered the room service person to enter and set the tray down. Brady entered the room, surprising Kristen. With a raised eyebrow, Brady shrugged at Kristen for an explanation.

Ben asked Clyde to meet him at the club. When Clyde arrived, Ben asked Clyde about his line of work. Clyde informed Ben that he had a stake in a trucking company. Ben asked Clyde if all his money was in trucking, and Clyde explained that he also owned property in Branson. When Ben asked why Clyde stayed in Salem when his businesses were rooted elsewhere, Clyde explained that he had employees he trusted to handle the day-to-day business. Clyde reiterated his offer to Ben for work. Clyde added that he owed Ben.

"You know I would never ask this unless I didn't have a choice," Ben said. Ben explained that he needed money for an apartment and to better his life. Clyde reminded Ben that he had failed to shelter and aid Ben for years and that he wanted to rectify his loss. With a nod, Ben said he would consider the offer. Clyde thanked Ben for considering, and he stressed that the offer would remain on the table for his son.

At Sonny and Will's apartment, Sonny greeted Abigail at the door when she stopped by to babysit Arianna. Sonny asked Abigail if she was okay, and Abigail turned the question around on Sonny. Sonny admitted that Will had been spending all his time with Sami at the DiMera mansion. Concerned, Sonny pushed Abigail to talk about her feelings. Abigail admitted that she had been angry with E.J. because she had been worried about her relationship with Ben. With a sigh, Abigail said that she wished she had been nicer to E.J. the last time they had spoken.

When Sonny asked what Abigail meant, Abigail explained that the last time she had spoken to E.J., he had reached out to her, and she had pushed him away. Sonny advised Abigail not to feel guilty. Fighting tears, Abigail said that she had said horrible things to E.J. and that she had not meant what she had said to him. Abigail asked Sonny to pass on her condolences to Will and his family.

When Abigail asked about Sonny and Will's relationship, Sonny answered that they were stressed. Sonny added that he did not think Will would continue working on his article about Chad. Abigail smiled. With a grin, Abigail urged Sonny to find Will and spend the day together. Smiling, Sonny agreed.

Will met with Victor at the Kiriakis mansion to ask him for help. When Victor asked if Will was in trouble, Will explained that Sami needed help. Victor chuckled. Will admitted that Sami, Lucas, and Kate did not know that Will was talking to Victor. When Victor asked what had happened, Will explained that he had overheard that Sami was headed for prison. Victor assumed that Will was talking about E.J.'s death, but Will corrected Victor and explained that he was referring to Sami's work at Dimera Enterprises.

With raised eyebrows, Victor asked for details. Will stressed that he did not want to start a war between Victor and Stefano. Victor reassured Will that he would help Sami if he could, and if he could not, he would be honest with Will. Victor asked Will to tell him exactly what he had overheard between Sami, Lucas, and Kate. After Will informed Victor of the details, Victor nodded and said that Will had done the right thing telling Victor what he had overheard. Victor told Will to forget that they had spoken and to never breathe a word of the situation to anyone.

Victor promised to do what he could to help Sami. When Will asked how he could repay Victor, Victor chuckled and asked Will to promise never to write an article about him. Will agreed and added that he did not want to write an article about a family member ever again.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami opened the door and found two agents with a warrant for her arrest. As Sami was handcuffed, Allie cried out for her mother. Sami woke with a start from her dream. Kate asked Sami how she was feeling. Sami said she was worried about prison. With a shrug, Kate said it would be difficult for Sami to avoid jail time. When Kate lamented that she had not stopped Sami from committing fraud, Sami argued that Kate had been aware that Sami had intended to sell the company she was pushing on investors.

"Those kids have already lost their father. They are not going to lose their mother too," Kate said firmly. Kate and Sami frantically searched through papers for information they needed. As Kate chided Sami for her sloppiness, Sami argued that her focus had been on revenge. Fighting tears, Sami admitted that her drive to make E.J. pay had caused her the most damage.

"I've lost my husband, and I've lost everything. And now I'm gonna lose my kids, and I'm going to lose every single thing that matters to me in the world!" Sami cried out. As Sami broke down into tears, Kate grabbed her and hugged her fiercely. Feeling awkward, Sami pulled away. Sami and Kate wiped the tears from their eyes and eyed one another guardedly. Sami asked Kate why she was helping her.

"Even though you got back with E.J., and you wanted to probably get rid of me, we're partners," Kate said. "I was never trying to get rid of you," Sami stressed. "That's because you couldn't. After all these years, everything we've been through, it looks like we're family, aren't we?" Kate asked. Sami nodded and joked that it sounded like Kate liked her. Kate laughed. Kate nodded at the painting of the two of them on the wall and said that it was "too fierce to change."

In the square, T talked to Chad about E.J. With a smile, T told Chad about how E.J. and Sami had helped at the club on New Year's Eve. Chad was surprised by the story. T explained that working with E.J. that night had shown him that E.J. could be nice. When Chad shrugged, T added that he understood that E.J. had been a complicated guy. T mentioned Abigail, and Chad asked about her. T noted that Abigail had been headed to Will and Sonny's apartment.

T headed back to Club TBD, and he noticed that Ben was looking at an apartment on his tablet behind the bar. With a shrug, Ben said he was just dreaming about a better life. T reminded Ben that he was available as a roommate if Ben needed one.

At Will and Sonny's apartment, Abigail held Arianna and talked to her about Gabi. While Abigail and Arianna sat on the couch, Chad knocked on the front door. Abigail told Chad that Will and Sonny were out for lunch. Abigail invited Chad in to talk. When Abigail gently pushed Chad to talk about E.J., Chad declined to talk about his brother. Abigail told Chad that he did not need to pretend with her.

While Abigail went to grab some juice from the fridge, Chad held Arianna. Abigail smiled and handed the cup to Chad. While Chad held the cup to Arianna's mouth, Abigail sat on the couch next to him and chuckled. The front door was slightly open, and Ben stopped outside the apartment when he heard Chad's voice. After a deep breath, Ben walked into the apartment. Chad handed Arianna back to Abigail. Abigail went into the bedroom to change Arianna's diaper.

As Chad started to leave, Ben stopped him to offer his condolences on the loss of his brother. Chad thanked Ben and shook his hand. After Chad left, Abigail returned to the living room and snuggled on the couch with Ben.

In the park, Sonny met with Will to talk. Sonny told Will that Abigail was watching Arianna. As Sonny pulled Will close, Sonny noted that he wanted to spend some time with his husband. Will pulled away. With a sigh, Will apologized and said that his family was a mess. Sonny reminded Will that he could lean on Sonny for support. Sonny told Will about his conversation with Abigail. Sonny asked Will to join him for lunch, but Will declined, noting that he had to finish his article on Chad.

Sonny was surprised. Will explained that he had talked to Chad, and Chad had urged Will to write the article so that someone else did not do a hatchet job. When Sonny suggested that Will was more interested in the byline, Will groaned. Sonny argued that since E.J. had been murdered, Will should shut down the story.

"But now the article is going to be so much better!" Will blurted out. Will immediately apologized for what he had said. Will explained that Chad's previous comments about E.J. had been anger-driven and that, with E.J.'s death, Chad was more honest and open about his brother. Upset, Sonny accused Will of taking advantage of E.J.'s murder to advance his career. Will was hurt that Sonny had questioned his judgment and integrity. With a sigh, Sonny said that he was sorry if he had overreacted. Sonny noted that if Chad wanted Will to write the article, then he should.

In the DiMera living room, Victor marched in and walked up to Sami. Victor offered his condolences about E.J. Victor added that they had no time to waste to help Sami out of her predicament with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Kate leaped to her feet, and Sami wondered aloud about whether Lucas had talked. Victor told Sami that it did not matter how he knew about the trouble but that he was there to help.

"This is not about you, Sami, hard as that may be for you to understand. This is about a wedding that took place at my house between your son and my nephew. Now, like it or not, you're part of my family. Now, if there is anything I can do to keep you out of prison, then that is what I'm going to do," Victor said. Kate asked Victor what he had in mind. Victor asked Sami to tell him everything.

After Victor was up to speed, he ordered Sami to stay on the sidelines and let him and Kate work on a solution. Victor encouraged Sami to clean up. Sami's mouth dropped open in offense, and Victor walked out with Kate. After showering and changing, Sami returned downstairs and was startled to find three suited people waiting for her, just like they had in her nightmare.

. . .

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