Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hope and Aiden were having hot chocolate at the Brady Pub when Doug and Julie arrived -- a couple of days earlier than expected. Before Hope saw her folks, Doug spotted his daughter smooching Aiden and freaked out. "You want to tell me what's going on here?" Doug demanded. Hope jumped up and greeted her dad with a hug and gave Julie a quick embrace. Julie explained that they had returned earlier because they'd thought it would be a nice surprise.

Doug noted with displeasure that he'd gotten his surprise on the plane when Julie had told him that Hope was dating a man named Aiden. Aiden quickly introduced himself, but Doug ignored Aiden's outstretched hand. Julie admitted that she had accidentally broken her promise to Hope to keep the news about Hope's new beau quiet. Hope was stunned and dismayed to learn that her dad already knew about her and Aiden spending Thanksgiving with Maggie and Victor.

Although Hope admonished her father for being rude to Aiden, Doug demanded to speak to Hope privately. To that end, Julie invited Aiden to join her for a drink in the square. After Aiden and Julie had gone, Hope assured her father that she had wanted to tell him about Aiden -- but in person, not on the phone or by email. Doug angrily pointed out her not telling him about Aiden was exactly like her not telling him about Bo years earlier.

Hope reminded her father that she wasn't a teenager anymore -- and things had turned out really well with Bo for a long time. She asked Doug how much longer he thought she should wait for Bo to return. "Filing for divorce was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make in my entire life. I am done. He deserted me," Hope declared, her eyes glistening with tears. Doug admitted that he hated what Bo -- whom Doug had grown to love and respect -- had done to Hope, but Doug was very worried that his daughter didn't know enough about Aiden and that she'd end up getting hurt.

Hope implored her dad to let her tell him about Aiden, but Doug believed that Hope had kept Aiden a secret because she had doubts about him. Doug refused to listen to anything her daughter said about Aiden, asserting that it was "too little, too late."

After Aiden and Julie got to Horton Square and ordered some wine, Aiden acknowledged that it had to have been hard for Julie to keep a secret from her husband. Julie was glad that Aiden understood the difficult position Hope had put her in. "Even though you and I got off to a rocky start, I do appreciate having you on our side," Aiden admitted -- but Julie returned his genial smile with a glare. She pointed out that she did not know Aiden at all, and he a long way to go before he earned her trust.

Daniel returned to his apartment with a couple of pizzas just as Eric and Serena were about to kiss. Daniel asked why Melanie wasn't there. Serena explained that Melanie had gone to Serena's hotel room to retrieve something Serena had forgotten but would return shortly. Daniel was a little dubious, but Serena suggested that Melanie could fill her dad in on the whole story later.

In Serena's hotel room, Nicole finished snapping pictures of Serena's emails to and from Eric and was heading out the door -- just as Melanie arrived. "What the hell are you doing here?" Melanie demanded. She guessed that Nicole had broken into Serena's hotel room to snoop around, but Nicole insisted that wasn't the case at all. Melanie didn't buy it for a second -- and just then, Daniel called her. Nicole pleaded with Melanie to let her explain before saying anything to Daniel.

To Nicole's relief, Melanie didn't say a word to her dad about finding Nicole in Serena's room. Melanie promised to return to the dinner party as soon as she could get there. When she hung up, Melanie said that she was only giving Nicole a chance to explain because Nicole had helped with the people from the casino. Nicole admitted that she had been curious about Serena, but she'd realized after Eric had caught her researching Serena online that it had seemed a bit underhanded.

Nicole continued that she'd merely wanted to take the orchid to Serena to apologize, and the bellhop was the one who'd let her into Serena's room -- and Nicole could prove it. A few minutes later, Derrick the bellhop arrived at Serena's room and confirmed Nicole's story. After Derrick had gone, Nicole asked Melanie not to tell anyone about finding Nicole in the hotel room. Melanie agreed to keep Nicole's secret -- "for now." Melanie retrieved a box from a cabinet in Serena's room then made Nicole leave the room with her. "I was just starting to like you," a disappointed Melanie said to herself as she watched Nicole depart.

Daniel asked Serena about her and Melanie's time together in Europe. Serena said that she and Melanie had traveled together as much as possible, but she assured Daniel that their adventures had not been "too crazy." Daniel wanted to know if Serena had ever gone with Melanie to the casino in Monte Carlo. Before Serena could reply, Chloe called Daniel so Parker could tell his dad goodnight. Daniel took the call in the other room.

Serena wondered aloud if Daniel had been fishing for information. Eric said that he'd heard Melanie could be "unpredictable," and Daniel didn't like surprises. When Daniel returned, he showed Serena a picture of Parker. "He's adorable!" Serena exclaimed. She admitted that after spending her life without a desire to have children, in the previous couple of years, she'd started to realize that having children might not be a bad idea.

Eric and Serena were gone and Daniel was cleaning up when Melanie returned to the apartment. Melanie tried to hide the box in a chair, but Daniel immediately spotted it and asked if it were what she'd picked up at Serena's. Melanie would only say that it was "kind of a secret." That just fueled Daniel's suspicions, and he demanded to see what was in the box. Melanie somewhat reluctantly handed her dad the box. Inside, Daniel found a beautiful photo album with an engraved plate on the front that said, "The Jonas Family."

Melanie explained that it was Daniel's Christmas present -- and it was supposed to have been a surprise. Daniel reminded her that she'd already had him buy his own gift. Melanie explained that she'd found the album in Berlin, but the engraving had taken so long that she'd asked Serena to deliver it to the States for her. Moved, Daniel said, "This is touching. It really is. Thank you. And I can't tell you how good this makes me feel. I thought you were hiding something, and it was some deep, dark secret."

Melanie pointed out that Daniel wouldn't have anything to open on Christmas, and he already knew which scarf he'd bought for himself. She noticed that he was wearing a scarf and asked if it were the one he had bought. Daniel clarified, "No, this is from Nicole." Melanie casually asked her dad if things were serious with Nicole. Daniel admitted he had no idea -- but he didn't want Melanie to get her hopes up that he would reconcile with Jennifer.

Melanie assured Daniel that she knew it was over with Jennifer. Melanie added that she only wanted her dad to be happy, and Nicole didn't seem like someone who was able to make someone else happy. Daniel didn't really want to discuss it, so Melanie just asked him to be careful.

As Serena and Eric walked toward Horton Square, he admitted that hearing her talk about wanting children had thrown him a little. Serena assured him that it hadn't been a hint. "We're taking it slow, remember?" she reminded Eric. Eric noted that they hadn't discussed her life much since she'd returned, and he guessed that Serena had started to think about settling down. Serena admitted that the idea was evolving, much like her thoughts on having children.

Eric wondered about the timing, especially since Serena hadn't even mentioned having a man in her life. "I guess I never found anyone who measured up to you," Serena confessed. Serena got a text message from her mother, canceling her plans to meet Serena in Montréal for Christmas. Eric invited Serena to spend Christmas with him and his family. Serena tried to decline, but Eric gently insisted. Serena kissed him, perhaps as her way of accepting his invitation.

Nicole went to the park to read the emails that she'd taken pictures of in Serena's room. She pronounced the first several, about things such as the opening of St. Luke's school, quite boring, then she found an email from Serena to Eric that read, "'I am so sorry for what you've been going through. I can't believe someone could be so selfish, so evil, keeping that evidence from you, denying you your rightful role as a priest, lying to you day after day. You are better off without that awful woman in your life." Incredulous, Nicole exclaimed, "Bitch!"

At the hospital in California, Paige entered the office of Dr. Green, her grandfather Shane's doctor, in order to ask him some questions about Shane's illness. Recalling the deal he'd made with Eve to keep the truth from Paige, Dr. Green claimed that he had just been called into emergency surgery. Paige said that she would just wait while the doctor was gone.

At J.J.'s invitation, Kayla met her nephew at Club TBD for coffee. J.J. asked Kayla if she knew anything about Shane's condition, but Kayla said that she had heard nothing about it from Kimberly. J.J. voiced his suspicions that Eve had invented the whole thing as a way to keep him away from Paige by forcing her to move to California. He asked if Kayla would find out what was really going on, so Kayla dialed her sister.

On the phone with Kimberly, Kayla explained that she had heard from one of Paige's friends that Shane was very ill. Kimberly assured Kayla that other than having to keep Shane away from spicy food, he was going to be just fine. Kimberly noted that Eve had to have relayed the news to Paige that Shane was all right, but Kayla said that Paige had said that she and Eve had to stay in California to help out during Shane's illness. Kimberly promised to straighten things out with Eve and Paige as soon as Eve returned from Salem.

The news that Eve had lied did not surprise J.J., although learning that Eve was in Salem seemed to. He asked Kayla to please not tell his mom about their conversation, because it would only fuel Jennifer's hatred of Eve if she found out that Eve had been playing games like that. Kayla left for a pre-surgery consultation at the hospital.

After she hung up with Kayla, Kimberly reflected on her conversation with Eve when Eve had confided that Paige had been upset about a boy back in Salem. "Would Eve really lie to Paige about Shane's condition, just to make... Oh, brother -- of course she would. It's Eve!" Kimberly muttered to herself. She called Paige and asked her to return to the house right away.

When Paige got back to the Donovans', Kimberly asked if Paige had any questions about Shane's illness and admitted that she was a little worried about Paige. "Me? Why? Grandpa Shane's the one who's really sick," Paige noted. Kimberly clarified that there had been a huge misunderstanding. After a phone call from Shane, Paige observed how much her grandfather and Kimberly loved each other. Kimberly admitted that they had experienced a few "bumps on the road" in their relationship. "I've got a hunch my mom was one of those bumps in the road," Paige noted. "A big one," Kimberly acknowledged with a laugh.

Kimberly continued that Eve was trying to make up for past mistakes by staying in California -- but Kimberly assured Paige that it was all right to return to her life in Salem because Shane was going to be just fine. Paige protested that her mom and the doctor had told her that Shane was very ill. Paige guessed that her mom had been lying but wondered why. Kimberly hedged that Eve might simply have done so because she wanted Paige to stay in L.A. with her. "And away from Salem," Paige concluded as the truth dawned on her.

Eve entered her apartment in Salem to pack up her and Paige's things to send to California. Eve was determined to leave Salem behind forever. After she retrieved the settlement papers, Eve looked around and wondered why she would want to ship any of the stuff to L.A. She shoved a few things into a couple of bags, checked her flight time, and headed out the door -- and found a furious J.J. in the hallway.

When J.J. wouldn't let her leave for the airport and mentioned her leaving Paige behind in L.A., Eve emphasized that her father was "extremely sick," and Paige didn't want to leave her grandfather's side. J.J. refused to leave, so Eve promised that they could discuss it after Christmas. "All you know how to do is lie. You're not coming back, and your father's not even sick!" J.J. declared accusingly. When J.J. let it slip that he knew how she'd convinced Paige to stay in L.A., Eve demanded, "How do you know those so-called facts, huh? You and Paige broke up, right? You're not speaking to each other, right? ... Now who is the liar?"

Eve reminded J.J. that he'd promised to stay away from Paige, but then Eve had overheard him in the park, telling Paige to keep their relationship a secret from Eve. "You convinced my daughter to lie to me," Eve hissed, asserting that his actions had proved he wasn't good enough for Paige. "The hell I'm not!" J.J. spat. Eve accused J.J. of being just like his father. That backfired because J.J. argued that his father had been a good guy who'd turned his life around by the time he'd been Eve's age.

"You are the last person who should be judging anyone, because all you've done is lie to Paige, and now she's all torn up about her grandpa -- [she] thinks he's dying!" J.J. shouted. Eve insisted that J.J. had left her no choice but to lie to her daughter. J.J. warned Eve that he wasn't going anywhere because he loved Paige. He tried to order Eve to call Paige to tell her that her grandpa had made an amazing recovery so Paige could return to Salem right away -- otherwise J.J. would tell Paige everything. With a shrug, Eve threatened, "If she hates me, if you tell her the truth, then I might as well just call her and tell her the complete truth -- that we had sex."

J.J. didn't think Eve would really follow through. Eve maintained that her daughter deserved a wonderful life -- something Paige would never have with someone named Deveraux. Eve vowed to do everything in her power to protect Paige from J.J., even if she had to make Paige hate her. Eve asserted that Paige would eventually forgive her but would never forgive J.J. "I think that I've actually talked myself into telling Paige the truth. Yeah, I'm gonna call her and get you out of her life for good," Eve declared, dialing the phone.

J.J. wrestled the phone away from Eve, who snatched it back, asserting that no matter what happened, J.J. had lost Paige. "You bitch! You know what? You're pathetic, ... trying to live some secondhand life through your daughter. No wonder men don't want to be around you," J.J. proclaimed. Eve reminded J.J. that once he hadn't been able to keep his hands off her. She got in his face, taunting him, before finally turning and walking toward the door. J.J. grabbed the bag out of her hand. As Eve fought him for it, they tumbled onto the couch together -- and seconds later, they were tearing each other's clothes off.

. . .

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