Tuesday, January 20, 2015

In Paul's hotel room, Paul called Will a hypocrite for not wanting to talk about his personal life when Will was pushing him to talk about his sexuality. Will was defensive. Paul walked closer to Will and asked him why he had not said that he did not want to sleep with Paul again. Will stood there in silence. Paul kissed Will, and Will kissed him back. As the two men started to take off one another's clothes, Will thought of his wedding vows to Sonny. Will stopped and pulled away from Paul.

Will said that it was wrong to sleep with Paul again. Paul was frustrated and sighed heavily. When Will suggested that they talk about the article, Paul growled that he was tired of talking about himself. Will reminded Paul that he had never had trouble talking to the press before and that Paul needed to stop running from himself. Angry, Paul accused Will of wanting a story rather than what was best for Paul.

"Are you saying that you won't do the article unless I sleep with you again?" asked Will. Surprised, Paul lashed out and petulantly wondered aloud what Will would do if he said yes. "Is that a reason to cross the line again?" Paul asked. As Will stared with his mouth open, Paul shook his head and apologized.

With a sigh, Paul said that Will had never mentioned that he was involved with another man. When Paul asked Will why he had cheated, Will explained that he had been flattered that someone like Paul had been attracted to him. Will stressed that he would accept whatever decision Paul made about coming out but that Paul needed to make a decision soon so that Will could write the article.

"You really think me coming out publicly could help people?" Paul asked. Will said he did. Will reminded Paul that things had turned out well for other gay athletes like Jason Collins and Michael Sam. Reluctantly, Paul agreed to come out in Will's article. Paul asked Will for time to think about what he wanted to say in the article. Will nodded. With a sad smile, Paul told Will that he was glad he had met him. Will agreed.

After Will left the hotel, Paul called his mother, Tori, and asked her to visit him in Salem with his grandfather. Paul's smile fell away as his mother denied his request. An agitated Tori said firmly that she was too busy to travel. Paul pleaded, but Tori said no and hung up the phone. With a sigh, Paul muttered to himself that his family would learn that he was gay in Will's article, just like everyone else.

At Sonny and Will's apartment, John and Marlena spent some time playing with Arianna until Sonny tucked her into bed for the night. When John said that he had hoped to see Will, Sonny noted that Will was consumed with the article he was writing. John nodded. Changing subjects, John told Sonny about his offer from the Salem Police Department. Sonny asked John if he would have to give up his company to join the force. John said no. Smiling, Sonny told John that he looked like he had already made up his mind about the job.

John turned to Marlena and said that the decision was his and Marlena's to make. Marlena countered that she wanted John to do whatever made him happy. With a grin, John wondered aloud what he had done to deserve Marlena. The happy couple kissed then left for the night.

As Sonny reviewed bills on his computer, Will returned home. Sonny was frustrated by the bills. Sonny informed Will that because of Victor's new club opening, Club TBD had lost money for the first time since it had opened. Will was surprised to hear that Victor had a club. Sonny explained that Victor had offered the club to him but that he had not accepted the offer because he did not want a handout. Will started to comment on the money that Sonny had lost and caught himself.

The comment had touched a nerve. Sonny argued about the money he had lost and how much he hated to have Will remind him of it. Defensive, Will countered that they were partners and that the expenses were not Sonny's responsibility alone. Sonny was frustrated and argued that his luck had run out. With a groan, Sonny wondered aloud if he had been lucky with Club TBD and whether he was doomed to failure. Before Will could calm Sonny down, Sonny marched into the bedroom.

Marlena and John stopped by Club TBD and were surprised to find that they were the only customers in the place. With a furrowed brow, Marlena told John that she was worried that something bad was going on between Will and Sonny.

In the Kiriakis living room, an employee named Damon spoke to Victor about trouble down on the docks. Someone had beaten another employee so badly that he had almost died. Damon wondered aloud who could have ordered the beating. Narrowing his eyes, Victor said that the culprit was likely Clyde Weston. When Victor explained that Clyde had expanded the drug trade into riverfront park, explicitly defying an agreement among all the drug dealers in the town, Damon bristled. Victor assured Damon that he would handle Clyde.

At Victor's club, Rafe told Clyde and Kate that their drinks were on the house but that they needed to leave the club because they were not welcome. When Kate asked Rafe if his request was because of Jordan, Rafe explained that as the manager, he had a right to refuse service. Clyde accused Rafe of acting out of jealousy over Kate. Rafe guffawed. Rafe said that he had stopped caring about Kate when she had invited Clyde to live in Salem. Kate cautioned Rafe to remember that she and Clyde had sway with the media and could hurt the club if he threw them out.

Across the room, Jordan told Ben that she was upset that Ben had grown chummy with Clyde. Ben argued that Clyde had changed. Jordan countered that Clyde was buying Ben's affection and that she did not believe Clyde was capable of changing for the better. When Ben asked Jordan why she was so sure Clyde was a lost cause, Jordan thought about Clyde's threat to tell Ben that she had killed their mother and unborn brother. Jordan backed off and told Ben that she was scared of losing him.

Nearby, Abigail and Chad argued about Ben. Chad called Ben a liar because he had been untruthful when he had first arrived in Salem. Abigail argued that Chad did not understand Ben. When Chad reminded Abigail that her previous DiMera boyfriends had been bad for her, Abigail swore that Ben was different. Chad added the he believed all the bad things he had heard about Clyde, and he did not understand why Ben had chosen to trust Clyde. Chad added that Abigail had not confided in Ben about her past relationships with Chad or E.J. until she had been pushed into talking to Ben. Abigail warned Chad that her relationship with Ben was not Chad's business.

Abigail and Ben joined Kate and Clyde at their table while they were talking to Rafe. Kate pointed out Chad across the bar and asked Rafe if he planned to kick out the DiMera as a bad element as well. With a sigh, Rafe walked away. Clyde took Kate's hand and told Ben that he would leave Ben alone with Abigail. A grinning Clyde escorted Kate to a table in the corner. Ben and Abigail talked about how Jordan appeared stressed.

At the bar, Rafe chatted with Jordan and Chad. Rafe pointed at a nearby table and offered to send a server over to them. Rafe spotted Victor enter the bar with Maggie, and he walked over to greet them. Victor was annoyed to see Chad in the club, and he announced his displeasure that Chad was spying for Stefano. Maggie cautioned Victor to remember that Chad was young and likely just at the club to enjoy his date with Jordan.

"What's worse than a DiMera?" Victor asked as his eyes spotted Clyde across the room. Victor asked Rafe to help him chase Clyde and Chad out of the club. As Rafe shrugged, Victor admitted that he did not have the temperament for the hospitality industry. Rafe told Victor about Kate's threat to turn the press against the club. Rafe asked Victor if he had any ammunition against Clyde.

While Kate went outside to take a phone call, Victor approached Clyde at his table. Victor warned Clyde that when he had attacked one of Victor's employees, he had attacked Victor. Victor stressed that his workers were his family. Clyde argued that Victor needed to get out of Clyde's way. Clyde added that the man at the docks was at fault for what had happened. As Victor narrowed his eyes, Clyde said that the beating had just been business.

Clyde suggested that Victor be content with his legal business and let his illegal business transfer over to Clyde. With a grin, Clyde wished Victor well in his retirement. Maggie interrupted to introduce herself and thank Clyde for his generous donation to the hospital.

On her way back to her table, Kate stopped to talk to Jordan and Chad. Kate pushed Jordan's buttons by commenting how lovely it was to see Jordan spend time with her family. Through gritted teeth, Jordan pointedly said that she was in the club to spend time with Chad. Kate commented that Jordan's dress looked even better on her than it had on the computer when Chad had ordered it. When Kate commented that Rafe's new job suited him, Jordan growled, "I wouldn't know." Kate walked on. Chad suggested to Jordan that they leave the club.

As Maggie and Victor left the club, Maggie stopped to say goodbye to Abigail. Victor walked over to Rafe and told him that he would handle Clyde. Rafe cautioned Victor not to do anything stupid.

On their way out, Abigail and Ben stopped by Clyde and Kate's table to thank them for the drinks. Clyde said, "I'm proud of you, son." Ben responded, "Goodnight, Dad." Clyde's face looked confused, and Ben hurried out with Abigail. Noting the strange look on Clyde's face, Kate asked what was wrong. Clyde explained that Ben had never called him "Dad" once in his life. Smiling, Kate told Clyde that she was happy for him. Clyde beamed. When Kate asked about Clyde's chat with Victor, Clyde said things were fine. Kate warned Clyde that the hate in Victor's eyes was rivaled only by the hate in Victor's eyes when he looked at Stefano.

Abigail and Ben walked through the town square on their way home. Ben marveled that he had called Clyde "Dad." When Abigail questioned why he was surprised, Ben explained that he had never called Clyde "Dad," even when he had been locked in his room as a child for refusing to call Clyde his dad. Ben shared his fear that Clyde had not changed and that Jordan was right. Abigail advised Ben to give Clyde a chance if Ben wanted to have a relationship with his father.

In the park, Chad and Jordan joked about how they needed to go on a date where no one knew them. Jordan thanked Chad for making her feel like Cinderella when he had bought her the dress. Chad promised that he would not let anyone hurt their relationship, including Clyde.

When Maggie and Victor returned home to the mansion, Maggie asked Victor about Clyde. Victor scowled. When Maggie asked Victor if he was jealous, Victor joked that he was. Seeing Maggie's face quiver, Victor assured Maggie that he was not jealous over Kate. Victor explained that he had a terrible gut feeling about Clyde. Maggie reminded Victor that Clyde had made a generous donation to the hospital.

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