Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kate walked into Marlena's office at the hospital and demanded, "What the hell is going on with Will?" Kate complained about how Will hadn't returned any of her calls, and Sonny hadn't even heard from him for three days. "What are we going to do about this?" Kate asked. Marlena warned Kate, "Haven't you learned your lesson yet? [...] Sticking our noses into our families' business never goes well."

Marlena admitted that she, too, was concerned, but she suggested that they should give Will a little time to adjust to life in California. "Brilliant advice. Send me a bill," Kate grumbled as she got up and left. Laughing, Marlena remarked to herself, "Good thing I like her."

At the Horton house, Abigail and Jennifer celebrated Abigail's reinstatement to her old job at the hospital. Abigail mentioned Daniel and quickly thought better of it. Jennifer reassured her that it was all right to talk about him, especially since all three of them were going to be working at the hospital again. When Abigail admitted that she didn't understand why Jennifer and Daniel hadn't been able to work things out, Jennifer changed the subject to ask how Abigail had gotten her job back. Abigail explained that Chad had "intervened" after taking over the DiMera seat on the hospital board.

Jennifer remarked that Abigail seemed to be glowing -- and she didn't think it had anything to do with Chad. Abigail admitted that she was in a very good mood because of Ben, who was a very special guy. Jennifer was glad that Abigail was with someone who cared about her, because Abigail deserved to be happy.

At Club TBD, Ben gave Clyde a cup of coffee on the house as a way to start repaying the money Clyde was giving him for school. Clyde revealed that Chad was the new co-CEO at DiMera Enterprises. Ben made disparaging remarks about nepotism and Chad's lack of business experience, and Clyde echoed the sentiment. Father and son admitted that it was weird but nice to agree on something. After thanking Ben for the coffee, Clyde admitted, "Call me a hick, but I still miss Annabelle's chicory."

Chuckling, Ben noted that chicory was a "distinct" taste. Clyde agreed, adding, "You should've seen [Kate's] face after she took the first sip. Man, that was priceless." Clyde admitted that he enjoyed having a casual conversation with Ben, who was pleased that his dad was seeing Dr. Evans for counseling.

In the physical therapy room at the hospital, Jordan was assessing the range of motion in Paul Narita's shoulder. She remarked that before surgery, his shoulder had rivaled that of a man in his seventies. When Paul wouldn't stop flirting with Jordan, she threatened to reassign him to a male physical therapist. Just then, Chad walked in. The two men recognized one another, since each was a celebrity, and both had been profiled in Sonix magazine.

When Paul's blatant flirting with Jordan clearly annoyed Chad, Paul correctly interpreted it as jealousy and apologized. Chad wanted to know why Paul was at University Hospital. Paul said that Jordan could fill Chad in, and Jordan assured Paul that as a board member, Chad wouldn't reveal Paul's presence. As Paul headed back to his room, he expressed sympathy to Chad about E.J.

Once Chad and Jordan were alone, Chad asked if Jordan wanted to celebrate, since his announcement as co-CEO at DiMera Enterprises was official. After a celebratory smooch, Chad tried to find out more about why Paul was in Salem. Jordan wouldn't reveal anything except to caution Chad that no one was allowed even to mention that Paul was there, otherwise it could cost the hospital a big donation. Chad was sympathetic, whatever the reason Narita was there. Jordan expressed surprise.

Ben arrived to see his sister just then. Chad chastised his employee, "Aren't you supposed to be working?" Bristling, Ben clarified that he was there to make a delivery to a new account at the hospital. After commending Ben for doing a good job, Chad headed out to attend to some business. An exasperated Jordan cautioned her brother against blowing up at Chad every time the two men saw each other. Ben assured Jordan that everything would be fine because Chad's promotion would surely keep their encounters to a minimum.

Ben surprised Jordan with a cup of her favorite coffee, to which Jordan admitted she was addicted. Ben joked that Jordan could always add some chicory to help her kick the habit. Jordan made a disgusted noise. "You're not the only one who kind of hated Annabelle's chicory. Clyde told me that Kate really didn't care for it much, either," Ben said. It wasn't until after Ben had gone that his words fully registered with Jordan. "When the hell did Kate have Annabelle's coffee?" Jordan wondered aloud.

Marlena went into Paul's room and found the patient reading the issue of Sonix with Will's cover story about Chad. Marlena noted that Paul had still been experiencing the effects of anesthesia when he'd told her that he had no interest in therapy to discuss the possible outcome of his surgery. Paul asserted that he still had not changed his mind. He concluded with a sentence in Japanese, which obviously puzzled Marlena, but she left without questioning it.

Later, Paul's door swung open quietly. He looked up from his magazine, and with a lascivious grin at whoever had walked in, Paul declared, "Now that is what I call hospitality."

Ben returned to the club and found Abigail waiting for him. Since his shift was over, Ben asked Abigail to accompany him outside. Once they were in front of the club, Abigail said that she and her mom had talked about Ben. "I see a pot roast in your very near future," Abigail playfully advised Ben. They left for Ben's place.

When Clyde ran into Kate in Horton Square, she warned him that she was in a terrible mood. Guessing that it had to do with Chad, Clyde agreeably said that he would just talk to Kate later. Before he left, Clyde stroked Kate's cheek with his thumb while reminding her, "Just remember you're the meanest son of a bitch in the valley." Smiling despite her ill humor, Kate said, "You always know the right thing to say."

Unbeknownst to Kate and Clyde, Jordan witnessed the pair's encounter. As the two went their separate ways, Jordan angrily chased after Kate and caught up with her in the park. "We need to talk -- now," Jordan declared forcefully. Noting that she had just made Jordan's new boyfriend co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises, Kate maintained that Chad was out of Jordan's league. Changing the subject, an incredulously Jordan declared, "I knew that you could stoop low, Kate, but to do this?" Kate asked what sort of paranoid plot Jordan had imagined. "You are responsible for bringing that psychopath to Salem!" Jordan spat.

Clyde went to Marlena's office for his counseling session. As she reviewed her notes, Marlena asked what Clyde had meant when he'd said he hadn't wanted to become the same kind of man his father had been. "I meant that my daddy was a monster," Clyde declared.

At Eric's new apartment, Daniel revealed that he and Nicole were getting past the things she'd done and had become friends again. "Is it friendship, or is it something more?" Eric asked irritably. Although he quickly acknowledged that it was none of his business, Eric admitted that he did want to know if Daniel and Nicole were going to act on their obvious attraction to one another. Daniel admitted that he was attracted to Nicole but insisted that they were just friends -- and besides, their getting together would probably not be a good thing for either of them.

Daniel asked Eric, "Are you sure you guys are over for good? [...] Is there any way you two could work it out? I mean, she would never say this, but she wants you more than anything." He added that he would never want to ruin Eric and Nicole's chances if there was even a small chance they might get back together. Eric maintained that there was no chance he and Nicole would ever reunite, but he appreciated Daniel's honesty.

As the conversation turned back to Eric's new place, Eric found a photo of the hut where he'd lived in Africa and showed it to Daniel. Daniel confessed that seeing Eric's pictures of Africa always made him want to go back there. As Daniel headed out, Eric reassured him, "We're good... And we can count on each other for just about anything -- except talking about Nicole." After Daniel had gone, Eric reflected on his reasons for not forgiving Nicole.

Jennifer arrived a little later with a housewarming gift for Eric, a small succulent garden. She told him that she needed some photos to promote the new pediatrics wing, which would be finished the following day. Acknowledging that he knew Daniel and Jennifer had broken up, Eric said that Daniel had just been there to clear the air about Nicole. Eric explained that Daniel and Nicole were friends again, and Eric thought he should let Jennifer know.

Jennifer said that she also had some other freelance work for Eric. Admiring his photographs of Africa around the apartment, Jennifer asked why Eric never talked about his time there. Eric admitted that he had seen a lot of horrible things while he'd been in Africa -- but those things had helped him find his faith again. He added that he'd also seen a lot of wonderful, exciting things, and he wished he could return to that time in his life.

When a towel-clad Nicole answered the insistent pounding on Daniel's apartment door, she was taken aback to find Melanie in the hallway. Equally startled, Melanie demanded, "What are you doing here?" Melanie charged into the apartment and asked where her dad was -- and why he hadn't told her about him and Nicole. After asserting that she and Daniel were only just friends, Nicole explained that she'd showered there after Daniel had left because she'd spilled tea on herself.

Nicole was curious about Melanie's return, since she hadn't heard about it from Daniel. All Melanie would say was that she'd wanted her arrival to be a surprise. When Nicole returned to the bathroom to get dressed, Melanie nervously opened the apartment door and checked the hallway. She locked the door behind her and inspected the bag full of cash that she'd arrived with.

After getting dressed, Nicole was about to head out, but Melanie stopped her. "Abigail is my best friend, and I love Jennifer, so I don't accept that things between her and my dad are over," Melanie cautioned Nicole. Melanie admitted that finding Nicole there had thrown her, but Nicole pointed out that Melanie was the one who had overreacted. Melanie maintained that she would never actively pursue Nicole's friendship after all the terrible things that Nicole had done. "I don't care. If you've got daddy issues, go take it up with him," Nicole countered calmly.

Nicole pointed out that Daniel would also want to know why Melanie had returned. "Is it so hard to believe that I wanted to see him and my friends and my family?" Melanie asked with a bit of uneasiness. A skeptical Nicole wanted to know why Melanie was really back. Melanie claimed that she'd simply wanted to lift her dad's spirits by surprising him, and she asked Nicole to keep quiet about her return.

Just then, Daniel arrived. Elated to see his daughter, he swept her into a bear hug and enthusiastically welcomed her home. After Nicole left, Daniel asked why Melanie had returned so suddenly and without advance notice. Dodging the question, Melanie gave her dad grief about being friends with Nicole again. Daniel admonished Melanie to treat Nicole nicely because Nicole was a friend. He asked how long Melanie would be staying in Salem. After hurting her dad's feelings a little by admitting that she'd seen Maggie first, Melanie declared that she was back for good.

Daniel pointed out that Melanie hadn't even hinted that she was returning the last time they'd talked a couple of days earlier, so he found her sudden decision to move back a little puzzling. He asked if she were in trouble. Melanie evasively reminded her dad that she had left town because of what had happened with Nick and Gabi, but all the people who felt like home to Melanie, except her mom, was in Salem. Melanie continued that when she'd learned that her friend was moving to Salem and that Gabi was in prison, Melanie had decided to go home.

Melanie asked for Daniel's advice about something. After they talked, he said that it sounded like she had things under control. Daniel assured Melanie that she could stay there until she found her own place. She headed out, promising to return in time for dinner.

A distracted Maggie was exiting the Brady Pub when she ran right into Nicole. Apologizing, Maggie admitted that she'd gotten a surprise earlier. Nicole guessed that Maggie had seen Melanie, and Maggie quickly surmised that Nicole had been at Daniel's. Nicole explained that she and Daniel were friends again. Although Maggie said that she was glad Nicole and Daniel had worked things out, she warned Nicole, "If you hurt him again, it isn't Melanie you have to deal with; it's me." Watching Maggie leave, Nicole muttered, "Wow, that lady's not messing around."

Daniel soon joined Nicole at a table inside the pub and assured her that he had set Melanie straight. Nicole asked, "So is she okay with us, then?" Daniel replied, "Yeah, I think so, but there are some things about being back that are going to be very hard for her to deal with."

On the phone at the DiMera mansion, Chad assured Mr. Shin, "I have a lot of ideas for the company. I can't wait to get started... I intend to make my father very proud -- and live up to the DiMera name." Just as Chad hung up, Melanie walked in. "It's good to see you're finally admitting the man you really are," Melanie said.

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