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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

At the loft, Ben woke up Ciara as she slept in her room. "Did you forget something when you moved out?" Ciara asked. "I always had a feeling deep down that you still believed in me. Even when nobody else did," Ben said. Ciara admitted that she believed in Ben. Ben thanked Ciara for her faith in him.

"What I feel for you is more than gratitude. It's a lot more," Ben said. As Ben leaned in to kiss Ciara, she woke up from her dream. "Ciara, get it together," Ciara muttered to herself. Tripp walked in with a cup of coffee for Ciara. Blushing, Ciara averted her eyes. Tripp asked what was wrong. Ciara said she had woken from a nightmare. Ciara assured Tripp that she was fine.

With a grin, Tripp told Ciara that the past 47 hours had been the happiest of his life. "Wanna shoot for 72?" Ciara asked with a smile. "I love you so much," Tripp said. "I love you, too," Ciara said. After making love, Tripp suggested that they go to the café and get food.

In the town square, Claire looked through her social media feed on her phone at work until Ben called her attention to his table. Claire asked why Ben was still in Salem. With a shrug, Ben said he did not have any money to leave. Ben asked for a glass of water. Claire offered to get coffee and find some food for him. With a groan, Claire complained about the PDA between Tripp and Ciara online and in the loft. As Claire painted a picture, Ben lost his temper and yelled that he did not want to hear about Ciara.

After Claire clocked out of work, she joined Ben as he finished his free meal. Claire asked Ben if he had moved out because of Ciara's relationship with Ben. Ben explained that Ciara had asked him to leave because she had not wanted Tripp to feel uncomfortable. "She always takes your side," Claire said in confusion.

"She doesn't want him to notice that she had a thing for you!" Claire exclaimed. Ben disagreed. Claire reminded Ben that Ciara had not slept with Tripp until after Ben had been arrested the second time. Claire posited that Ciara was in deep denial and overcompensating for her feelings for Ben. Ben said he was not interested, but Claire countered that Ben had not fixed Ciara's bike for fun.

"I want her, but I can never, ever have her," Ben said. "Never say never, Ben. That's my motto," Claire said. Ben joked that Claire's singing career was currently a bust. With narrowed eyes, Claire said that her luck was about to change. "You love Ciara," Claire said. Uncomfortable, Ben countered that he had not planned to fall for Ciara. Ben explained that he had rescued Ciara on the road to help someone in need, but he had grown close to her in the cabin.

"She stood up to her own mother for me. She believed in me when nobody else did. She made me feel like redemption was a possibility. How could I not fall for her?" Ben said. Claire asked Ben why he had given up. Ben said he could not change his past as a murderer. Claire suggested that Ben leave town with Ciara so that they could start fresh somewhere where no one knew his past. Claire offered to help Ben win Ciara over.

"I start fighting for Ciara, and I look like the predator that everyone thinks I am," Ben argued. "If we work together to break up Tripp and Ciara, I think that we can end up getting exactly what we want," Claire said. Ben countered that he had been working to be a good person, and he did not think conspiring with Claire was a good idea. Claire argued that Tripp and Ciara were not good for one another. With a raised eyebrow, Ben reconsidered and agreed to work with Claire. As Ben and Claire shook hands, Ciara and Tripp walked into the square. Ciara asked what was going on.

At the Horton House, J.J. asked Abigail about the wig. Abigail was still angry that Chad had searched her room without her consent. Abigail blamed Gabi for Chad's behavior. "So, you don't think she was just trying to help?" J.J. asked. Through gritted teeth, Abigail argued that Gabi was still out to punish her. J.J. said he did not want to think the worst of Gabi. Abigail countered that Gabi had changed after her stint in prison.

"[Gabi] is doing this deliberately," Abigail argued. J.J. asked Abigail about the wig. Abigail suggested that Gabi had hidden the wig in her room, not Abigail's alter Gabby. J.J. asked Abigail how Gabi could have convinced Chad to search the house. Abigail argued that Gabi had manipulated Chad. When J.J. asked about the lost time, Abigail was adamant that her lost time felt different from before she had been integrated. J.J. asked about the first time she had lost time recently. Abigail noted it had been the day of the picnic, and she had not remembered going to sleep.

"You think Gabi Hernandez did all of it?" J.J. asked. Abigail argued that all of Gabby's stuff had been from Gabi Chic. Abigail noted that she had not found any charges on her credit card for a wig or anything else suspicious. J.J. asked about the text message to Stefan. Abigail admitted that she had always kept her phone locked. J.J. added that Gabi could not have made Abigail fall asleep.

"She would have to be a mastermind to make you think that your alter is back. Wouldn't she?" J.J. asked. "Yeah. You are probably right," Abigail admitted. Abigail asked J.J. as a cop if he would believe Gabi as a suspect. J.J. said he would hesitate to believe that Gabi would go to such lengths. J.J. encouraged Abigail to avoid conspiracy theories and remember that he had her back.

At the police station, Hope asked Rafe if there were any new leads on Kristen or Xander. Rafe said there was no news on the search. Hope complained about the long list of names of people that could have planted evidence implicating Ben. Rafe reminded Hope that he and Hope were on the list. With a nod, Hope opened her case file and reviewed the evidence with Rafe. Rafe noted that Ben's prints were on file at the station.

"Are you saying a cop could have done this?" Hope asked. Rafe noted that a number of cops had been frustrated that Ben had been released. When Rafe mentioned J.J.'s name as a suspect, Hope was unsure. Rafe noted that J.J. had the ability to access prints and a motive to punish Ben.

Rafe called J.J. down to the station to talk. J.J. denied he'd had any involvement with the evidence. Hope told J.J. that she believed him. J.J. lamented that whomever had planted the evidence had helped Ben. Hope asked Rafe to interview everyone with a motive to frame Ben. Hope added that she had a feeling that someone not on the list was to blame. After a moment, Hope's eyes flew open with a realization. "I know who it was!" Hope yelled.

In the Kiriakis living room, Gabi asked Chad about his search at the Horton house. Chad showed Gabi the wig. Gabi feigned surprise. "Abby was doing well, so I don't know what could have happened," Chad said. Gabi asked Chad what he planned to do with the revelation. With a shrug, Chad said he had shown the wig to Jennifer, but Abigail had walked in on them discussing the wig. Chad noted that Abigail had been defensive and had lashed out at him and Jennifer.

"It sounds like she doesn't want to get better," Gabi suggested. Chad explained that Abigail had not been able to talk to Marlena because Marlena was still recuperating. Gabi argued that Abigail was too stubborn and that Abigail's alters were dangerous. Chad countered that Abigail was integrated. When Gabi suggested that Chad commit Abigail, Chad balked. Gabi noted that Abigail could be a danger to the baby. When Chad grew quiet, Gabi added that Thomas was the only thing standing between Gabby and Stefan.

"It is up to you to protect your son. I really don't like to say this but you are Abigail's husband and Thomas' father, so you need to do something before it is too late," Gabi said. Chad said he understood that Gabi was concerned, but he felt that committing Abigail was a step too far. Chad said he would fight by Abigail's side to help her get better. With tears in his eyes, Chad said he needed to check on Thomas.

After Chad went upstairs, Gabi grabbed the wig from the table. "Time for Plan B," Gabi whispered. Gabi called Abigail and asked her to meet at the Kiriakis mansion. Abigail gruffly asked Gabi what she wanted. Gabi said she wanted to talk with Abigail in person. Gabi hurriedly mixed sleeping pills into a pot of tea and hid the evidence underneath a seat cushion. As Gabi turned around, she saw Abigail standing in the doorway.

Outside the Brady Pub, Chad ran into J.J. Chad said he was grateful that Abigail had talked to J.J. Chad said he was concerned that Gabby was back. J.J. urged Chad to keep an open mind and let Abigail take the lead on her health. J.J. suggested that there might be another explanation for Abigail's behavior. Chad asked what J.J. was suggesting.

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