Tuesday, September 16, 2014

While Abigail was sitting in the park, Ben called her on the phone to say that he was ending his shift at the club. Abigail said she would meet him. As Abigail hung up the phone and rose from the bench, Chad walked around the corner. Startled, Abigail dropped her phone, and Chad picked it up for her. Chad told Abigail that he was happy to see her and that she was more beautiful than he had remembered.

When Abigail asked Chad if he was staying in Salem permanently, he nodded. As Abigail excused herself to leave, Chad asked her if she was headed to meet Ben. Guilty, Abigail stopped walking. Chad apologized for eavesdropping. Chad told Abigail that Ben was a lucky guy. Overwhelmed, Chad sighed and sat on the bench. Abigail asked Chad about his life, and he told her that he had traveled and spent the entire time thinking about how he had hurt Abigail.

"It's all in the past," Abigail said breathlessly. "But you were right when you said that you couldn't trust me. That I manipulated your life and that I was wrong. But I just couldn't bear losing you," Chad said. Abigail asked Chad not to talk about the past. Chad nodded.

"You probably want to talk about how you slept with my brother," Chad said with a scowl. Abigail apologized for not telling Chad what had happened before Sami had mailed him the article. When Abigail asked Chad if he had talked to E.J., Chad said that they had talked after he had hit E.J. Abigail admitted that she shared the blame for what had happened with E.J.

"You wanted it as much as he did, right? When I left town, you were on such a high horse, but you managed to get down off of it to get into bed with my brother. There is no one on earth that you could have slept with that would have hurt me more. But then again, you knew that, didn't you?" Chad asked. Chad said that he could not stop thinking about Abigail and E.J. together. Abigail stressed that she had not been involved with E.J. until well after Chad had left town.

"Were you thinking of him every time I made love to you? Thinking his name in your head over and over? How E.J. was the DiMera you really wanted, but since you were a virgin, you thought you needed a little experience before you took him on? What was I, like your training wheels? Your starter lover? Or did you settle for sleeping with the little brother until you could figure out a way to get me out of the picture? I hope he was worth the wait, Abigail. Tell me, was he that much better than me?" Chad growled. Abigail slapped Chad hard across the face.

Abigail said that she had made a mistake but that she had not slept with E.J. to hurt Chad. Abigail said that she was sorry she had hurt Chad but that he had no right to say mean things to her. Ben rounded the corner and demanded to know what was going on. A tearful Abigail gaped at Ben, and Chad introduced himself. Chad said he was an old friend and E.J.'s brother. When Ben asked Abigail if Chad was bothering her, Chad said no. With a smirk, Chad warned Ben not to leave a girl as beautiful as Abigail alone in Salem.

Once Chad was gone, Ben asked Abigail if she was okay. Abigail gasped in relief. When Ben asked Abigail if that was her ex-boyfriend, she nodded. Abigail noted that Chad had lashed out because she had hurt him. Abigail assured Ben that Chad would not bother her again. When Ben asked Abigail if she wanted to reschedule their date, she nodded. As Ben escorted Abigail home, Chad stepped out of the bushes and watched them walk away.

In the square, Kayla asked Hope about her conversation with Aiden. Hope admitted that she had not talked to Aiden and that she had decided that her feelings for Aiden were tied to Bo's absence. The hospital texted Kayla. Kayla warned Hope that they would finish their conversation later. Kayla added that she was not so sure that Hope's feelings for Aiden were tied to her anger with Bo.

In the club, Nicole drank a martini while Aiden sipped a coffee. Nicole asked Aiden to help her sue Kristen for destroying her relationship with Eric. Aiden reminded Nicole that she had never been married to Eric so Nicole could not sue for alienation of affection. Aiden added that Nicole had destroyed her relationship with Eric on her own. Grumbling, Nicole reminded Aiden that Kristen deserved to be in prison for hurting Eric.

"Wow. You still really love this guy, don't you?" Aiden asked. Nicole admitted that she still loved Eric. When Aiden asked Nicole if she was hoping the case would draw Eric to her, Nicole nodded. Aiden advised Nicole to give up on her idea of suing Kristen. As Aiden and Nicole laughed and joked, Hope entered the club and noted that they seemed to enjoy one another's company. Nicole left.

When Hope asked Aiden if they were laughing at Hope, Aiden furrowed his brow and announced that he had been talking about business with Nicole. Flustered, Hope apologized for interrupting. Confused, Aiden asked Hope if she was jealous of Nicole. When Hope repeated what Aiden had said, he denied that he had called Hope jealous. Hope raised an eyebrow and ordered Aiden to meet her outside the club to talk.

At the pub, Eric sorted through photographs and found a photo of Nicole mixed in. Eric fantasized about having sex with Nicole in the pub. As Eric sighed, Caroline walked in the room and said, "Penny for your thoughts." Eric said he was reviewing photos, looking for material to sell. Caroline took Eric's hand and told him that she was proud of how he was moving forward with his life. With a frown, Eric said that he felt pathetic.

After Caroline went upstairs, Eric looked through more photos and fantasized about grabbing Nicole in the woods and having sex with her. Eric shook his head, snapping back to reality. Eric turned off the lights to close the pub, and Nicole walked through the front door. Nicole said she had seen Eric through the window when she'd been walking by the pub. Eric asked Nicole to leave. Nicole insisted on talking about what Eric had done to help John. Frustrated, Eric ordered Nicole to leave.

Nicole pleaded with Eric to let her help him. Eric reminded Nicole that he did not want her help. Teary-eyed, Nicole said that she missed Eric desperately and that she walked by the pub every night in the hopes of running into him. Nicole added that she had stared at Eric's window every night and worried about him. Crying, Nicole said that it was killing her that Eric wanted to push her away. Nicole turned away from Eric and saw the photos on the table. When Nicole asked about the photos, Eric bristled. Nicole suggested that Eric sell the black and white photos, and he realized that Nicole had seen the website where he sold his work.

"Dear Lord, please don't tell me you've made a few purchases," Eric muttered. Nicole admitted that she had. Eric ordered Nicole not to buy any more. Furious, Eric told Nicole that he hated her. With her jaw set in defiance, Nicole said she would not buy any more photos but that she was keeping all the photos she already had received from Eric. "You know why? Because it's all I have left of us!" Nicole cried out before walking out of the pub.

In the woods near the party, Jill maneuvered a shirtless and unconscious J.J. onto a bench and positioned him to look like he was making out with her. Jill's friend, Dana, took photos and commented that J.J. looked like he had been roofied. Nodding, Jill instructed Dana to help her hold J.J.'s arm so that the photo appeared to be a selfie taken by J.J. While Dana held his arm and worked J.J.'s camera phone, Jill turn J.J.'s head and kissed him. Jill reviewed the photos and added them to a text on J.J.'s phone.

Jill's text was addressed to Rory, but she intentionally sent the text with the photo to Paige as if it were an accident. Jill and Dana hurriedly redressed J.J. and ran off when they heard Kurt call out his name. Kurt gently slapped J.J.'s face to wake him. J.J. groggily opened his eyes, and Kurt warned J.J. that they needed to leave because the police were breaking up the party. Kurt pulled J.J. to his feet.

In the hospital, Daniel offered to examine Marybeth so that she and Paige could return to the party. When Paige asked Daniel if he was meeting Jennifer, Daniel thought about the fight he had had with Jennifer about Kristen. Daniel told Paige that the date had not worked out. Paige said she was sorry. With a nod, Daniel said he would check on Marybeth's x-rays. While Paige waited, a text from J.J. beeped on her phone. Paige was shocked to see the photo of a shirtless J.J. kissing Jill.

When Marybeth informed Paige that her x-rays were clean, an emotional Paige stared silently at Marybeth. Marybeth asked what was wrong. Paige showed Marybeth the text. Marybeth advised Paige to dump J.J. Upset, Paige yelled that she did not want to hear how happy Marybeth was that J.J. had hurt her. Citing the need to know what had happened, Paige stormed off in search of J.J.

Eve paced her apartment nervously, waiting for word from Jill about their plan to take incriminating photos of J.J. After leaving the scene of the crime, Jill met with Eve at the apartment. Jill showed Eve some of the photos that Dana had taken and she explained that she had sent a more incriminating one to Paige from J.J.'s phone. Eve giggled with delight. When Eve commented that she was disappointed that J.J. had made out with Jill after a couple of drinks, Jill admitted that she had had to drug J.J. in order to get the photos.

Eve was taken aback by the news. When Jill asked for her money, Eve nodded absently and reached for her purse. After Jill left, Marybeth stopped by the apartment to congratulate Eve on breaking up Paige and J.J. Marybeth commented that they were lucky that J.J. had been drunk enough to kiss another girl and send the proof directly to Paige. Eve nodded and asked Marybeth to leave so that Paige did not find them talking together. As Marybeth walked out the front door, Eve reminded Marybeth not to tell Paige that she had faked an injury.

Daniel left the hospital and went to the Horton house to talk to Jennifer. With the lights out, Daniel started to leave. Kurt dropped J.J. off at his house, and J.J. stumbled toward the door. Worried, Daniel asked J.J. if he was drunk. J.J. shook his head. Daniel asked J.J. if he had thought about how drinking would upset Jennifer. Fighting to keep his eyes open, J.J. blinked, and Daniel escorted J.J. away from the house.

At Daniel's apartment, Daniel interrogated J.J. about the party. J.J. explained that he had sipped one beer and had not had any more alcohol after that. Shaking his head, Daniel exclaimed that he had watched J.J. stumbling home and that J.J. had to have had something at the party. Confused, J.J. said that the night was a blank. With a gasp, J.J. wondered aloud if he had been drugged.

Daniel warned J.J. not to lie. When J.J. insisted he was innocent, Daniel asked for details. J.J. noted that there had been drugs at the party and that he might have ingested something by accident. Daniel said he believed J.J., and he escorted J.J. to the hospital for drug testing. J.J. asked Daniel not to tell anyone.

In the woods, Paige looked around for J.J. Paige ran in to Abe, who informed her that the police had shut down the party for underage drinking. When Paige asked if J.J. had been arrested, Abe told her that J.J. had not been on the scene.

At the hospital, J.J. waited for the test results in a private room. Paige called him on the phone and asked him if he had gone home with the girl he had been kissing. Confused, J.J. asked Paige what she was talking about. Paige said that J.J.'s text to Rory had been sent to her instead. When Paige said that she had thought that J.J. loved her, J.J. insisted that he did. Paige said that she never wanted to talk to J.J. again and hung up the phone.

When Daniel returned to the room with the test results, J.J. explained that he had talked to Paige. J.J. looked at his phone and found the picture of him kissing Jill. "What the hell?" J.J. exclaimed. J.J. stuttered that he did not remember kissing the girl in the photo. Daniel explained that J.J. had been drugged. Confused, J.J. noted that it was odd that he would have sent a message to Rory at all. J.J. theorized aloud that he had been set up. Daniel urged J.J. to talk to the police, but J.J. said that no one would believe him.

A heartbroken Paige returned home and found Eve waiting for her on the couch. Pretending she was oblivious to what had happened that night, Eve smiled and asked Paige if she had enjoyed the party. Fighting tears, Paige said she did not want to talk about what had happened. Paige ran into her room. Eve whispered that Paige was better off without J.J.

Outside the club, Aiden reminded Hope that she had made it clear that she did not feel the same way about him that he felt about her. Hope ordered Aiden to be quiet. Hope admitted that she had not been honest about her feelings. With a sad smile, Hope said that she had been attracted to Aiden but that her life was complicated.

Aiden said he understood that she loved her husband and that her feelings for him paled in comparison to her feelings for Bo. Hope said that she loved her husband but that he had left her two years before for work. Crying, Hope admitted that she could not remember the last time she had heard her husband's voice.

"I don't know when he's coming back or if he is ever going to come back. He has deserted us, and I'm hurt and I'm angry and I'm furious not just for myself but for Ciara," Hope said. Hope said that she was not sure if her attraction to Aiden was because she was angry with her husband. With a sigh, Hope said she did not want to use Aiden because he deserved better. Upset, Hope ran away.

. . .

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