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Julie realizes the full extent of Gabi's lies
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

In the Kiriakis living room, Leo asked if Sonny had decided to marry him or not. "Why are you doing this? Why would you want to marry me when you know I love Will?" Sonny asked. Leo stressed that Sonny would be happy with him instead of Will. As Sonny started to answer Leo's question, Will walked in the room.

"Hell no!" Will barked. Will told Leo that Sonny would never love him. Leo reminded Sonny that the alternative to marriage was that Leo would hand over his incriminating pictures to the police. "Attempted murder gets you 20 to life!" Leo said chipperly. Sonny called out to Leo to stop. Sonny argued that the evidence would show that it had been an accident and not attempted murder.

"I'm not going to let you do this to Sonny," Will said. Will explained that if Leo attempted to implicate Sonny, Will would claim that he, not Sonny, had hit Leo. Sonny begged Will not to take the blame. Will countered that the photos only covered the aftermath and not the accident itself.

"I'll say I hated what was happening to you. I wasn't going to stand for it, so I showed up here, I attacked Leo, and I killed him," Will said. Sonny refused to let Will ruin his own life for Sonny. Leo reminded Will and Sonny that the photos would implicate both Will and Sonny in the coverup. Leo argued that Sonny had no choice but to marry him.

"Not necessarily," Will said as he studied Sonny's face. Sonny offered to pay off Leo to end the saga. "I can't be bought," Leo said. Sonny raised an eyebrow. Leo explained that he wanted money, power, and the Kiriakis name. With a sigh, Sonny told Will that he could not let Will suffer for his mistake.

"I was the idiot that fell for Leo. And now I'm gonna pay the price," Sonny said. Will disagreed. "We just found each other, Sonny. I'm not going to watch you marry another man," Will said. Sonny begged Will to let him fix the problem. Sonny asked Leo when he wanted to get married. "Before you get a chance to get cold feet. Now. Today," Leo demanded.

At Eli's apartment, Lani suggested that Eli should redecorate. Eli assured Lani that Sheila was looking for her own place. With a grin, Lani asked Eli to join her for lunch. Eli made a counter offer to Lani to join him and Julie in setting up the Horton Christmas tree.

"That's a family thing," Lani said. "I know. That's why I want you to come with me," Eli said. Lani reasoned aloud that their relationship was too new for such a bold step. Eli said he wanted to spend the day with Lani, and she agreed to join him.

In the town square, Julie thought about an old conversation she had had with Tom Horton. Julie remembered talking to Tom about Laura after Laura had given birth to Jennifer. With tears in her eyes, Julie cried at the memory. Julie walked over to Doug's Place and called Abigail on the phone. Julie explained that Abigail needed to hire a lawyer and prove that Gabi had been gaslighting her.

"No one is going to find out that Gabby with a Y has not really come back," Julie said. Julie promised that Abigail's secret was safe with her. "What secret?" Chloe asked. Julie spun around and saw Chloe standing behind her. Chloe asked what secret Julie was keeping from her. Julie hurriedly ended her call with Abigail.

Julie argued that her secret was about a personal matter and not about business. Chloe persisted. Unfazed, Julie reiterated that Chloe was not her friend or family, and Julie had no intention of confiding in Chloe. Chloe started to cry. Surprised by Chloe's reaction, Julie asked what was wrong.

"Lucas and I broke up," Chloe blurted out. Chloe told Julie about Lucas' decision. Through tears, Chloe said she understood Lucas' decision, but she felt blindsided. "Anyone could see that you and Lucas were not meant to be," Julie said. Julie explained that breakups were not the end of the world.

"I understand you being upset because when I was your age, every breakup seemed like the end of the world. Now I'm happy about those breakups because each one made me stronger. And each one got me closer to my one true love. You're going to be fine, Chloe. I promise, you're going to be fine," Julie advised. With a comforting smile, Julie hugged Chloe.

Outside the Brady Pub, Will told Lucas that he understood why Lucas was moving to Spain to be with Allie. Will said he would miss Lucas. "I'm grateful to have you back, and I'm proud of the man you've become," Lucas said as he hugged Will.

After saying goodbye to his son, Lucas went to visit Kate in her hotel room. Kate asked about Lucas' visit with Allie. Lucas told Kate that he had broken up with Chloe and was moving to Europe. Lucas said he was not sure how long he would be gone. When Lucas asked Kate to keep an eye on Will for him, Kate averted her eyes when she said yes. Lucas asked what was wrong. Kate said she and Will had had a disagreement.

"My issue seems to be that I'm driving you all away," Kate muttered. Lucas promised Kate that she had not driven him out of Salem. "I suffocated you, Lucas," Kate said. "Little bit," Lucas joked. Lucas added that he had always known that Kate had his back, no matter what happened.

"I really appreciate all the sacrifices you made for me to give me a good life. I know it wasn't easy. I love you. I love you with all my heart," Lucas said. Kate grabbed her son and hugged him. "I love you, too," Kate said as she started to cry.

In the Horton living room, J.J. helped Doug with the holiday decorations. "I'm hoping they will lift mom's spirits a little," J.J. said. Doug asked J.J. how he was doing. "Life is pretty good," J.J. said. J.J. talked about his job and how it had made him appreciate life. Doug said he was glad to hear that J.J. was in a better place than he had been the previous year. As J.J. and Doug rooted through the boxes of decorations, Doug mentioned that Julie wanted to invite a waitress from the club.

"I suspect there is matchmaking afoot. So, if you want me to nip that in the bud, just say the word," Doug said. "Honestly, I'm not sure I'm ready," J.J. said. Doug said he thought J.J. was still in love with Lani. With a chuckle, J.J. said he still had feelings for Lani, but he did not think they could be together again.

"There's always hope. New year dawns. Who knows what can happen?" Doug said. With a smile, Doug suggested eggnog. While Doug and J.J. were in the kitchen, Eli arrived with Lani. Eli called out to Julie, but there was no answer.

"Everyone is going to be thrilled that we are together. Just like I am," Eli said as he took Lani in his arms. Eli kissed Lani as J.J. and Doug returned from the kitchen. Eli set up the tree with Doug while Lani and J.J. talked in the corner, each confirming they were doing well. Doug asked Eli to help him with boxes, and they left the room.

"So, you and Eli are seeing each other?" J.J. asked. Lani confirmed they were. J.J. told Lani he wanted her to be happy. Lani thanked J.J. for his support, and she hugged him. Julie arrived with the mistletoe. When Julie saw Lani standing next to J.J., her eyes went wide as she said hello. Eli jumped in to announce that he had invited Lani.

"Does this mean what I think it means?" Julie whispered to Eli. Eli confirmed Julie's suspicions about his romance with Lani. As Julie turned her eyes to the tree, she announced that Doug had placed the tree too far to the left. Doug chuckled as he looked over at Eli. Julie sat down on the couch to examine the ornaments, and she gasped as she saw the ornaments for Tom and Alice. Julie told everyone that she had thought about Tom and Alice earlier.

Julie drifted off to a memory of a phone conversation she had had with Alice in the past. "I've been thinking about you and grandpa all day, so I just thought I'd call," Julie said. "I'm glad you did. Are you all right, dear?" Alice asked. After some nudging from Alice, Julie admitted that she was lonely. Alice recounted that she and Tom had thought how wonderful it would be if Julie returned to Salem.

Still in her memory, Julie said, "I didn't think grandpa ever wanted me to come back to Salem." Alice insisted, "Your grandpa wants you to be happy, dear. We both do. So, I see no reason why you shouldn't spend the holidays [at home]." With a broad grin, Julie said that she had no reason to stay away from home.

As Julie shook off the memory, Doug asked her what she had been thinking about. Julie told Doug, Eli, Lani, and J.J. the story of how she had been living in San Francisco after she had given David up for adoption. "I didn't think I could come back. I'd lost so much; it was so painful," Julie said. "But you did come back," Eli noted. Julie said that, in a twist of fate, she had been able to raise David later.

"He's gone now, but he left me two wonderful grandsons -- Scotty and you, Eli. And I learned something. When times are tough, nothing gets you through it like the love of a big, messy, wonderful family," Julie said. Julie turned her attention to the bag of mistletoe she had picked up, and she triumphantly held it aloft for everyone to see. Doug asked Julie where she had found the mistletoe. Julie explained that she had picked it up at a little stand.

"That's mistletoe pot," Eli said with a smirk. "Well, now, that's festive!" Doug commented. With a roll of her eyes, Julie muttered, "First the pot doughnuts, now this." J.J. apologized again for the book club doughnut mishap, but Doug told J.J. that the story was worth the trouble. Lucas arrived at the decorating party, and he asked about Jennifer. Doug assured Lucas that Jennifer would be home soon.

"She better hurry. I have a plane to catch," Lucas noted as he checked his watch. When Eli asked Lucas where he was headed, Julie piped up, "He came to say goodbye." Doug told Lucas he would miss him. "But you are putting your daughter first, and that is the way it should be," Doug said.

"I was just telling Eli a while ago about when I made the decision to come back to Salem. I thought I was finished with this place for good when I realized that Salem would always be my home. Just as it will always be yours," Julie said. J.J. fished Lucas' ornament out of the decorations and suggested that Lucas hang his ornament before he left. "Perfect," Julie whispered as Lucas hung his ornament on the tree.

At Doug's Place, Kate sat at the bar. Chloe asked Kate if she was there to gloat about Lucas dumping her. "No, actually. I'm not feeling particularly gleeful about anything. I miss him already," Kate said glumly. "Me, too," Chloe opined. Chloe asked if Kate believed Chloe had driven Lucas away. With a shake of her head, Kate said she understood that Lucas had decided to leave because of his daughter.

"I wish I could be angry with him, but I can't fault him for his decision," Chloe said. "He would do anything for his kids," Kate added. "He gets that from you," Chloe said with a smile. Kate was taken aback by the compliment. Chloe told Kate that Kate had raised a wonderful son with a good heart. Chloe and Kate toasted to Lucas.

After the decorating party, J.J. went over to the hospital. Theo called J.J.'s phone as J.J. walked down the hallway. "Good to hear your voice!" J.J. said. In the park, Eli and Lani walked together. Lani said she understood why Lucas was leaving town for his daughter.

"Tonight, I want to woo you properly," Eli joked. Eli asked about whether Lani was up for dinner and a movie. When Lani suggested the new sci-fi movie at the theatre, Eli wrinkled his nose. Eli explained that he was more of an action movie kind of guy. With a chuckle, Lani suggested that they skip the movie and get dinner instead.

In the square, Lucas waited for his cab. As Lucas looked around, he saw the plaque of Tom and Alice. Lucas heard Julie's words echo in his head. "Salem will always be my home, just as it will always be yours, Lucas," Julie had said. "I'll be back. Someday," Lucas said. Lucas blew a kiss at the plaque then he walked to meet his cab.

At the Horton house, Doug carried out a cake. Julie asked about the candles. Doug said he had realized that it was the 50th anniversary of the phone call that Julie had mentioned.

"How in the world did you figure that out?" Julie asked. "I guess that I know everything about you, honey. I came to Salem with less than honorable intentions, as you may recall. Then I fell head over heels in love with you. So, if it hadn't been for that fateful, wonderful day 50 years ago, I never would have had this whole wonderful life with you," Doug said. Doug lit the candles. Julie thought back on her romance with Doug through the years.

"Make a wish?" Doug asked. "Don't need to. Everything I ever wished for in life has already come true, my love," Julie said. With all the memories of their epic love story still in her mind, Julie kissed Doug.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Sonny and Chad try to help Julie.

• Gabi worries that Julie will expose the truth.

• Hope and Rafe get into an argument about Ted.

• Sonny tells Will that they can no longer see each other.

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