Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rafe visited Sami at the DiMera mansion because he'd heard about her upcoming move to Los Angeles. When Sami confirmed that it was true, at least for the next six months, Rafe acknowledged that she'd needed some good news. After Sami had filled Rafe in about the movie they were making about her life, she noted that he had seen a lot of the action in person, and he might have preferred not to be a participant. Rafe insisted that the two of them had shared a lot of great times together, and he wouldn't trade them for anything. Sami concurred. Rafe said he had a feeling that things would work out great for Sami in Hollywood.

Rafe explained that he'd also stopped by to return something to Sami. He handed her a small manila envelope, in which Sami found E.J.'s wedding ring. As she fondled the ring, Sami began to cry, and Rafe apologized for not telling her what was in the envelope. Sami said that she had repeatedly called the police station to get the ring back, but they had told her that they'd needed to keep all of E.J.'s effects until the case was closed. Rafe explained that except for a few loose ends, it seemed as if they had all the facts in the case.

Sami couldn't believe that she would never know why E.J. had gone into the woods or why her children had lost their father and she'd lost her husband. "Your dad and I, we just wanted you to have that back before you left. I'm sorry. I'm sorry if giving it to you brought up all those feelings again," Rafe said gently. Sami reassured Rafe that she was very glad to have the ring back and grateful to Rafe for returning it.

Sami described how E.J. had bought new wedding rings for them and how they had exchanged vows again. "Johnny decreed that we were double married," she added. Rafe noted that the kids had to miss their dad a great deal. Sami tearfully admitted that it was difficult to watch her kids hurt, and she didn't know how to help them deal with the loss of a parent. Rafe reminded Sami that the kids still had her, and she would make sure that they were all right. "They're lucky... You may go a little crazy at times, but you're a force. I was lucky, too," Rafe said sincerely.

As Rafe headed upstairs to say goodbye to the kids, Sami admitted that she and the kids would miss him a great deal. "I appreciate you always trying to keep me honest," Sami added, laughing through her tears. She embraced Rafe tightly, and he made her promise to take care of herself. He kissed Sami on the cheek and ascended the stairs.

A little later, Caroline and Kayla stopped by to see Sami and the kids. "I'm really sorry to leave you like this, Grandma," Sami said. Caroline acknowledged that being a widow wasn't easy, especially for someone as young as Sami, so Sami should do whatever she felt she had to do for herself and the kids. Kayla promised to take care of Caroline.

When Caroline went upstairs to say goodbye to the kids, Sami asked Kayla how her grandmother was really doing. Kayla said that Caroline would be fine -- or at least pretend to be. Sami guessed that Kayla would be relieved to see her go, but Kayla asserted that Sami and her family deserved to be happy after what they'd been through. The women shared an affectionate embrace.

Caroline returned downstairs when Kayla went upstairs to help the kids pack their toys. Caroline reported that the kids had been very well behaved -- because they were being raised right. Sami admitted that whenever she wasn't sure what to do, she simply asked herself what her grandmother would do. "Daddy always said that you were little but mighty, and you would stand up to the toughest bullies to protect your kids and your grandkids," Sami added. Caroline declared that Sami would not need her help -- but if she ever did, Caroline was just a phone call away.

"Come with us, Grandma! Come with me," Sami pleaded with Caroline, but Caroline quipped that she didn't like California because they put avocado on everything. Blubbering, Sami admitted that Caroline was the hardest person to say goodbye to. The women cried in each other's arms for a moment. "Oh, Grandma, even when my mom and dad broke up, you were there for me. You talked me through it. You've been there for every new baby, all those terrible breakups. You are my rock," Sami declared.

Caroline lightly pointed out, "You don't have to say all that, you know, because this is not my funeral." Laughing, Sami explained that she wanted Caroline to know how much everything had meant to Sami, such as when Will had come out to Caroline, who had handled it wonderfully well. "Never, as long as I live, will I ever forget the beautiful things you said at my son's wedding," Sami stated.

"You're going to be all right," Caroline reassured her grandmother. Sami admitted that she wasn't sure how, because she still ached for E.J. Caroline asserted that Sami Brady had always found a way. Sami admitted she was worried that Caroline might forget her, and Caroline countered that she was worried Sami would forget about her. "It is impossible to forget Samantha Brady!" Caroline declared.

Will returned to the apartment with Arianna after visiting Gabi in prison. He explained to Sonny that he'd gone alone because he'd needed to see if it were all right with Gabi if Will took Arianna to L.A. with him. Sonny was disheartened that Will seemed to have made the decision to take Arianna -- the baby Sonny thought of as his daughter -- to California, by talking to Gabi and without talking to Sonny. Will reminded Sonny that it would only be for six months.

With a sigh, Sonny apologized and acknowledged that the trip was very important to Will. Will added that it was also important to his family, and he needed to be there for his mom, who really needed to get out of Salem. He pointed out that Sonny could visit often, and Will would return for visits with Arianna. Will broke the news that his mom wanted him to fly out with her and the kids that day. "Well, I better get Ari packed. You're going to Hollywood," Sonny declared with a weak smile.

While Sonny folded Arianna's clothes, Will related that Zoe was going to hold his job. "So if things don't work out in L.A., I'll have a reason to come home," Will added, to Sonny's chagrin. Will reassured Sonny that he would return, but even if things took off in L.A., he would insist that he be based in Salem, because his life -- and Sonny -- were there.

After getting a text message from Will, Rafe stopped by Sonny and Will's. Sonny explained that Will had probably wanted Rafe to see Arianna before she and Will left for L.A. with Sami and the kids. That was news to Rafe. When Will emerged from the bedroom, he explained that Sami had likely wanted him to be the one to tell Rafe that he and Arianna were going to L.A., as well. Rafe wanted to know, "Are you going out there because your mom needs you, or is it because you think this is going to be good for your career?"

Will insisted that he was only going because his mom needed him -- but he was also happy about the job offer, which would allow him to put away a lot of money for Arianna's education and future. Arianna began to squeal in the bedroom, and Will went to get her because he guessed that she had heard her uncle's voice. Rafe asked if Sonny were really okay with Will and Arianna leaving. "Yeah, it's all good," Sonny maintained somewhat unconvincingly.

In Daniel's office at the hospital, Jennifer confirmed that she no longer loved Daniel, and she emphasized that they both knew what they'd had was over. She pointed out sadly that although he'd wanted to be alone for a while to think about things, every time she had tried to reach out to him, he had shut her down. Daniel countered that it hadn't been because he'd given up hope, only that he hadn't thought anything had changed. Jennifer said she had surmised that what Daniel had wanted to change was her -- but he had never even given her a chance to assure him that she thought he was a good person because he wouldn't even meet her for a cup of coffee.

Daniel offered to have the conversation that they'd been needing to have that evening, but Jennifer informed him that it was too late. She clarified that she was leaving town for a couple of weeks to stay with her mother, who was having surgery -- and when Jennifer returned, she intended to get a new job in which she was no longer involved with Daniel in any way, because they were no longer lovers or even friends.

A dispirited Daniel proclaimed that he still loved Jennifer. Jennifer said she knew that Daniel had loved her once, and she had loved him, but she reminded him of the events involving Nicole that had led up to his decision to take a break. She said that perhaps sharing her feelings with him had been a mistake, because she hadn't known that he would hold it against her and give him the silent treatment. Daniel countered that Jennifer had done the same thing when she'd made up her mind that he'd slept with Theresa.

Daniel declared that there was a hole in his life since he'd been apart from Jennifer, and he really wanted and needed for it to be her to fill it. Incredulous, Jennifer asked why he hadn't done anything to fix what was wrong between them. Daniel maintained that it had seemed as if Jennifer had been waiting for him to figure out that she'd been right, but Jennifer reminded him that he'd told her none of that.

Jennifer stated that she wanted Daniel to stay out of her kids' lives -- and she wanted him to get his key back from J.J. and stop being "the cool uncle" to her son. Daniel insisted that J.J. was going through something difficult and needed someone to talk to, but Jennifer firmly pointed out that she was J.J.'s mother. "You cannot have my family if you do not want me," Jennifer declared, heading for the door. Daniel grabbed her and insisted, "No, I do want you! How do I make you understand that?"

Daniel reminded Jennifer of everything they'd been through to be together. "You can't just walk out that door like it meant nothing. Okay, you think I don't play by the right rules? I think you're rigid -- but I also think that you still love me, and I know I love you, and this is not over," Daniel declared. Jennifer admitted that Daniel was very persuasive, and he asked if he could persuade her to stick around. Jennifer said that he could -- if he could tell her what the secrets were that he had with J.J. and if Daniel could explain what was going on with him and Kristen.

Dismayed, Daniel turned away from Jennifer and said that he couldn't do that. Jennifer demanded to know why, but he maintained that the reasons had nothing to do with her. Jennifer concluded that if Daniel couldn't tell her any of those things, then he didn't trust her. "So that's it for me. I'm done; I'm out!" Jennifer declared, adding, "I have loved you more than I ever thought I could love anyone ever again, and you saved my life in so many ways, and I will always be so grateful. But what I need right now is for you to be out of my life." Daniel had tears streaming down his face as Jennifer said goodbye and walked out the door.

In her hotel room, Kristen played back the recording of Theresa's confession that she was the one who had hit John with the poker. Brady yanked the tablet out of Kristen's hands and accused her of conspiring with her editor -- again -- to try to put one over on him. He replayed a portion of the recording where there was a clicking noise and asserted that it was clearly an edit where Kristen had spliced things together to make Theresa look guilty. Kristen swore that what she was trying to tell Brady was the truth, but he refused to believe anything she said.

Kristen urged Brady to ask Daniel if Brady wouldn't believe her. She implored Brady to listen to the recording again, but Brady flung the tablet aside. "You have really done it this time... You have shown me what a hateful bitch you really are, and you have set me free," Brady declared with a relieved sigh. Kristen couldn't believe that Brady could be over her, just like that. He contended that she was "the ultimate addiction," one he hadn't been able to stay away from even when he'd been able to see what she'd been doing to him.

Brady continued that Kristen going after someone innocent -- after her attempts to destroy Eric, Marlena, and John -- had made him see the light. Kristen tearfully insisted that Theresa, not Brady, had attacked John, and Kristen was telling him the truth about it because she loved Brady so much. Brady declared that he was fixing his life and his relationships with John and Marlena by staying sober -- and that life did not include Kristen in any way. Adding firmly that he hoped he never saw Kristen's face again, Brady strode out the door, leaving Kristen sobbing in his wake.

At the Horton house, Jennifer carried her suitcases downstairs and went into the living room to get her purse, which was sitting on the desk. She opened the desk drawer and took out an unframed photo of herself and Daniel -- then ripped it into pieces before heading out the door.

Daniel went to his apartment and poured himself a stiff drink. He checked the time, determined that it was still early, but gulped down the alcohol anyway. As he was staring wistfully at a picture of himself and Jennifer, there was a knock at the door. Daniel opened it and found Kristen in the hallway. Kristen admitted that Daniel had been right: Brady was never going to take her back. She began to cry quietly. Daniel put a tentative hand on Kristen's shoulder, and she turned around and wept in his arms.

In John's hospital room, Theresa demanded to know what John wanted from her. "Do you happen to know if Kristen DiMera is still in town?" John inquired. He observed that Theresa got jumpy whenever Kristen's name was mentioned, but before Theresa could respond, a nurse entered with John's discharge papers. Theresa seized the opportunity to hightail it out of John's room.

Theresa wandered anxiously through town, trying to figure out what John was up to besides trying to destroy her relationship with Brady. Theresa got a text message that caused her even more worry and anxiety. After Theresa went to her apartment, she seemed to have regained some confidence as she grabbed her purse and coat and sauntered out the door.

John was pulling on his jacket when Theresa returned to his hospital room. Theresa cheerfully admitted that they all had to be grateful to Kristen for finding the miracle drug that had saved John's life. Cutting through Theresa's small talk, John declared that he would never allow Kristen to get Brady back -- and he cautioned Theresa that she would live to regret it if she didn't let Brady go.

"Sorry. I'm not letting Brady go," Theresa said confidently. "Your choice. Just know that when the time is right, I'm going to tell my son what you did... I'm not playing games with you. Kristen's on her way out, and if you know what's good for you, you'll go back where you came from. And if you don't, I'm going to tell my son and the police the person who hit me that night wasn't Brady. It was you," John warned Theresa. Outside the door, which was ajar, Brady overheard everything.

. . .

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