Wednesday, July 23, 2014

At the hospital, Kayla observed that Hope looked tired, but she quickly reassured Hope that all the preparations for the gala had been worth it. Just then, Aiden showed up, and Kayla praised him for how well the gala had turned out. Aiden needed to talk to Hope about the gala, so Kayla offered to give the pair some privacy. Although Aiden and Hope insisted they didn't need it, Kayla had to step away to take a phone call. Aiden asked Hope for her receipts so he could turn them in to Father Louis. As Hope attempted to pull a disorganized wad of paper out of her purse, she knocked over the bag, and its contents scattered on the floor.

When Aiden bent down to help Hope retrieve everything, he accidentally grabbed her hand. Their eyes locked for a moment before Hope extricated her hand. Once they had managed to pick everything up, Aiden teased Hope about the messy state of the receipts. After a moment of awkwardness, Aiden left, clutching the wad of paper to his chest so as not to drop it again. Kayla returned and asked if everything were all right with Hope and Aiden. Insisting they were fine, Hope headed out -- but her suspicious sister-in-law followed her to a waiting room.

Pressing Hope about what was going on with Aiden, Kayla acknowledged that Aiden got on Hope's nerves. "He doesn't get on my --" Hope blurted defensively before stopping herself. Kayla quickly deduced that Hope had developed feelings for Aiden. Hope was sheepish about it, but Kayla pointed out that Bo had been away on a case for two years. She added that she was furious with her brother, so she believed that Hope had every right to be angry. Hope acknowledged, "He's deserted us, Kay, and it's so hard holding it together for Ciara."

"I can't imagine. And then this guy comes along..." Kayla began, but Hope insisted that all she was feeling was relief that Aiden was a decent guy and not as much of a jerk as she'd initially believed. "I haven't betrayed your brother," Hope asserted. Kayla pointed out that it would be understandable if Hope had feelings for Aiden, but Hope maintained that she did not.

As Hope and Ciara walked through Horton Square later, Hope announced, "I have some great news. We need to go home and pack our bags... I finally cleared my work schedule, and I told them I'm taking off. We get to leave today."

At the Horton house, Jennifer apologized to J.J. because things were going to get "ugly" during her and Eve's impending lawsuit. Abigail entered and asked what her mom and brother were talking about. Jennifer maintained that it was nothing for Abigail to worry about. Abigail urged J.J. and Jennifer to stop walking on eggshells around her and instead tell her what was going on with the lawsuit. Jennifer revealed that Eve had made it clear that they would be unable to settle anything -- plus Eve had been hitting on Daniel. J.J. and Abigail agreed that Eve's behavior was "out of bounds."

J.J. was alone in the house later when Aiden arrived to pick up J.J.'s community service status report. J.J. produced the log of his hours from the desk drawer. Aiden noted that J.J. had been working a lot and guessed that J.J. wanted to spend more time with his girlfriend. J.J. wanted to know about the lawsuit, and Aiden informed him that there was a chance that Eve's claim to the estate wouldn't hold up in court. J.J. revealed that his girlfriend was Eve's daughter -- and while he wanted his dad's will to be honored, he also wanted his girlfriend's mother to be happy.

J.J. explained that Paige had gone through a rough time after her dad had left, and it seemed to have made her mom bitter. "I can say that when a marriage goes south, it changes a person -- so do yourself a favor. Never rush into it, because it could be the biggest mistake of her life," Aiden advised with unexpected cynicism. He quickly apologized for his attitude about marriage, but J.J. assured him that it was all right.

As E.J. and Johnny were having frozen yogurt in Horton Square, Johnny spotted Rafe across the way and rushed over to greet him with an enthusiastic hug. After Johnny had filled Rafe in a little about summer camp, E.J. encouraged the boy to finish his yogurt. As soon as Johnny was occupied with that, E.J. urged Rafe to let him have it. Rafe admitted that he'd heard about E.J.'s affair, and Rafe was glad that Sami had kicked E.J. to the curb. E.J. pointed out that the two men shared the same curb -- and he had no intention of ever leaving Samantha and his family.

Later, in the park outside the square, E.J. watched Johnny play with a remote-control toy. E.J. apologized for being so busy over the previous few days with "work." Just as Johnny crashed the toy and went to retrieve it, Jennifer showed up. She calmly asked E.J. what he'd been thinking when he'd cheated on Sami with his little brother's ex-girlfriend.

E.J. maintained that he had merely done something impulsive that he'd immediately regretted, but Jennifer reminded him that he'd repeated it several times. Keeping her voice low so Johnny wouldn't hear, Jennifer accused E.J. of seducing of a vulnerable Abigail because he and Sami had been having problems, and he'd known it would be easy. "And you didn't give a damn about her in the end, as long as you were satisfied. You are a disgusting pig," Jennifer spat.

E.J. insisted that he did care about Abigail, but Jennifer didn't buy it. Jennifer reminded E.J. of how guilty he'd acted when she'd gone to the mansion to confront him about what he and Chad had done. "You are a rotten man, and I'm just so grateful that my daughter sees that. I just wish that she hadn't had to find out the hard way," Jennifer declared, adding, "Sami was out of line, the way she went after my daughter, but I would buy a ticket to watch what she'll do to you."

Kate met Clyde at the Brady Pub at his request, and he claimed that the kids had been very happy to see him. Clyde wanted Kate to tell him about Rafe Hernandez, because he'd done his homework and knew that Rafe had dated Kate before he'd started seeing Jordan. Kate hedged a little, so Clyde declared, "I get the feeling that you and I are on the same page as far as this Rafe fella goes: he doesn't belong with my little girl." Kate asked why Clyde felt that way.

Clyde explained that it had been so long since he'd seen his kids that he didn't want anyone getting in the way, and he'd hoped that Kate could help. Kate wasn't sure what she could do. "Smart lady like you, I bet if you thought real hard, you could come up with something," Clyde remarked. He added that Tammy Sue would be as grateful as he was to Kate for helping to reunite Clyde with his family. "I don't want any credit for that," Kate reminded him. "No, and I don't want to put you on the spot -- so I'm sure that you and I can work something out. I'll be in touch," Clyde said before getting up and heading out.

Kate hung around the pub for a little while longer because she got a text message from Rafe, asking if she would meet him. When Rafe arrived, he explained that Jordan had announced her intention to tell him about her past -- and he wanted to do the same, by telling her that he had slept with Kate. Using Sami and E.J. as an example, Rafe noted that the truth always had a way of getting out. Kate countered that the two of them were the only ones who knew what they'd done, but Rafe had made up his mind.

Rafe wanted to know why Kate had helped Sami take over DiMera Enterprises. He didn't buy Kate's initial answer, that she had wanted to destroy E.J. and Stefano, because Kate claimed to have gotten over everything Stefano had done to her, plus she and Sami hated each other. Kate was evasive, so Rafe pointed out what a dangerous move it was to anger Stefano the way she had. "It just doesn't make sense. Why? Why would you do this?" Rafe asked. "I did it for you, all right? I am going to pay that son of a bitch back for what he tried to do to you," Kate admitted.

As Ben and Jordan waited at Club TBD for Clyde to show up, Ben asked his sister if Jordan had gotten a chance to tell Rafe about Clyde. Jordan said that she had not, but she was glad because she didn't want to drag Rafe into things until they were sure what Clyde was up to.

When Clyde arrived a little later, he suggested that they take their reunion outside somewhere. Since Ben was working, he protested when Jordan proposed going to the park with Clyde. Jordan assured her brother that she would be fine. Abigail walked in and was puzzled to see Ben sitting with Jordan and a man she didn't recognize. After Jordan and Clyde left, Ben spotted Abigail. Abigail assumed that Ben was disgusted with her because of how he'd rushed out the last time they'd seen each other.

Ben reassured Abigail that had been about something else -- an emergency -- and his feelings for her hadn't changed a bit after he'd found out about her and E.J. A curious Abigail asked if the emergency had involved the man she'd just seen Jordan leave with. After taking a deep breath, Ben admitted, "You aren't the only one who kept a secret, Abigail. That guy you saw is my father, and Jordan is my sister."

In the park, Clyde admitted, "I've come to see that I may share in some of the blame for why you left." Incredulous, Jordan echoed, "Some?" Clyde maintained that he wanted to make things up to Tammy Sue and Ollie because he'd promised their mama that he'd look out for them. Jordan declared that she would never let Clyde control them again, but Clyde insisted he was talking about family, not control. Jordan couldn't believe the things that Clyde was saying after everything he'd done.

Clyde's demeanor changed from folksy to irritable as he snapped, "I said I was wrong. I took my part. You want to keep on down that road? You really want to take that further?" Jordan wasn't interested in trying to be a family with Clyde again. She urged him to return to Poplar Bluff and leave her and Ben alone to live the good lives they'd made for themselves. "I'm sorry, Tammy Sue -- I mean Jordan. I can't go. Not till I get what I came for," Clyde said.

Jordan asked how Clyde wanted her and Ben to pay him back for what they'd put him through. Clyde replied ominously, "Well, I haven't exactly settled on that yet, but I will. I know I made a lot of mistakes, but the two of you, you broke my heart when you ran off. I won't have that again. You understand?"

At the DiMera mansion, Caroline voiced her suspicions that Sami still loved E.J. Sami vehemently insisted that she hated E.J. and wished he were dead, but Caroline asserted that the only way E.J. could have hurt Sami so much was if she loved him completely. Sami's face crumpled, and she began to weep as she admitted, "He ripped my heart out of my body. I hate him. I hate him. But I love him. Why can't I stop loving him?" Caroline held her granddaughter tenderly while Sami finally gave in to the grief and sobbed.

Sami tearfully admitted that after everything she and E.J. had put each other through, she'd never dreamed that he would cheat on her. She continued that when she'd gotten the picture of E.J. and Abigail, it had felt as if a bomb had gone off, but she had forced herself to look at the picture until it had stopped hurting, and she'd made a plan. Sami's anger and disgust returned as she described how she had forced herself to pretend that she'd believed E.J. had still loved her, even though when he'd kissed her and she'd imagined him kissing Abigail, all Sami had wanted to do was scream.

"And that's what you should have done! You had every right, Sami. You should have screamed. Kick him out, kick him out, but not this!" Caroline said. Sami declared that she would not let E.J. go until she'd destroyed him -- the same way he had broken their family. "He broke us, Grandma," Sami cried, breaking down again. Caroline began to cry, as well, as she tried again to comfort her granddaughter. A moment later, Sami jumped up from the couch and asserted firmly that she was not weak, even though E.J. had turned her into "the trusting little woman."

Caroline assured Sami that E.J. hadn't meant to do so, but Sami ranted about being right outside while E.J. and Abigail had been naked in the shower together. Through bitter tears, Sami complained that E.J. and Abigail had to have been laughing at her. "They made a fool out of me!" Sami wailed. Caroline reassured Sami, "I'm sure E.J. never laughed about it... They embarrassed themselves; that's what happened. And I swear, E.J. knew that the minute it happened. He messed up royally, and he knew it, and he knows it to this minute now!"

Sami demanded to know why Caroline felt bad for E.J. Caroline reminded Sami, "Because I was E.J. I cheated on Grandpa Shawn with Victor. In one stupid moment, I risked everything that made my life worth living." Recalling that Shawn and Caroline had never split up, an incredulous Sami concluded that Caroline was suggesting Sami should give E.J. another chance. Caroline clarified that wasn't what she'd been trying to say -- but she urged Sami not to hold on to the hate because it would eat her alive.

"Whatever you do about E.J., set yourself free," Caroline advised. "To what? To go where? I can't see past what he did. I can't see past him," Sami cried. Picking up a photograph of Sami, E.J., and their kids, Caroline handed it to her granddaughter and reminded her that she had a family to take care of. "You can do this, Sami. You've been through worse. You can do this," Caroline said encouragingly. After her grandmother had gone, Sami stared long and hard at the photo.

Allie returned home from camp and told her mom that E.J. had picked Johnny up early. Allie explained that she hadn't gone for yogurt with the others because she'd wanted to stay and finish her art project: a photo album made of pink and white construction paper titled, "My Favorite Day," filled with pictures she'd taken at Sami and E.J.'s wedding. Touched, Sami asked if it had really been Allie's favorite day. "Yeah. Now we're an official family," Allie declared.

As Sami looked through the pages, she found an origami crane. Allie said that E.J. had been helping her make them ever since Nick had died. She explained that a thousand of them were good luck, though they had only made 149 so far. Sami asked how long E.J. thought it would take to make a thousand. "E.J. says it doesn't matter. We have forever," Allie replied. After thanking her daughter for the beautiful wedding present, Sami sent Allie to the kitchen for a snack. Sami gazed with wonder at the paper crane.

As soon as Johnny and E.J. returned to the mansion, Johnny headed upstairs. E.J. ambled into the living room and asked how Sami's visit with Caroline had been. "Fine," Sami replied, barely looking up from her tablet. E.J. started to leave the room, but Sami stopped him.

. . .

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