Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Abigail was surprised when she arrived at Club TBD and found Ben working, since he had closed the night before. After explaining that he was moving some things in the storage room, Ben headed to the back to look for the keys. Just then, Jordan walked in and asked how Abigail's interview had gone earlier. Abigail replied, "Actually, it didn't. I'm pretty sure that someone in H.R. got ahold of Will's article and decided that I wasn't right for the company." Abigail added that she'd heard about a marketing position at a new sports complex.

Jordan said that Rafe had a friend who worked there, and it seemed as if she were about to offer to ask Rafe for help on Abigail's behalf, but her voice trailed off. Jordan admitted that she hadn't taken Abigail's advice to talk to Rafe. Abigail said that she hoped Jordan and Rafe could work things out, and she offered to be there if Jordan ever needed anything. "You just keep making my little brother smile," Jordan said. Ben returned with the keys and was about to leave for the storage room when Abigail offered her assistance. Ben accepted gratefully, so the two headed out.

When Abigail and Ben got to the storage room, Abigail looked around and remarked that she understood why they were moving everything to a new storage place, while Ben stuck a box in the doorway to prop it open. Ben explained that the new one was also a lot closer to the club. He tried to let Abigail off the hook about helping him, but she asserted that she was perfectly capable of moving some boxes. Ben kissed her, but she swatted him playfully and told him to get to work.

Ben and Abigail had packed quite a few boxes when she spied the box in the door. "I'm gonna get this box," Abigail announced. Before Ben realized what she was doing, Abigail had removed it, and the door shut behind her.

Kate ran into Rafe in Horton Square and asked how his visit with Gabi had gone the previous day. Before Rafe could say more than that Gabi was hanging in there, Clyde showed up and said hello to Rafe -- and Kate. Rafe was a bit surprised that Clyde and Kate knew each other, but Clyde quickly covered that he'd recognized Kate from her picture in the business section of The Salem Spectator. As he introduced himself to Kate, Clyde explained that she might know Ben Rogers and Jordan Ridgeway, his son and stepdaughter.

After Clyde offered his sympathy to Rafe for his breakup with Jordan, he wondered what had happened to split them up. Clyde expressed hope that Rafe and Jordan could find a way to work things out. As Clyde started to leave, he said that he would like to talk with Kate about getting acclimated in Salem, since she had strong ties to the business community. Rafe suggested that the two of them go ahead and talk because he had to get going. Clyde urged Rafe not to give up on Jordan.

As soon as Rafe had gone, Kate hissed, "Do you mind telling me what the hell that was all about?" Clyde explained that when he'd seen Kate talking to Rafe, he'd decided to introduce himself so they would have a good excuse if people saw Clyde with Kate in the future. Clyde added that he also liked the idea of being seen with Kate because she was an "extraordinary woman." Kate seemed uncomfortable, but Clyde maintained that he thought of the two of them as partners, since she was the reason he was in Salem.

Clyde added that he'd never met anyone like Kate -- someone so beautiful with such a zest for life, but who was also a "real barracuda" in business. Kate accepted his compliment as graciously as possible, but she pointed out that her business sense also meant that she was very busy. As Kate tried to walk away, Clyde reminded her that she was supposed to have some information for him. Apologetically admitting that she'd almost forgotten, Kate handed Clyde a slip of paper and said, "This gentleman can help you... He's expecting your call." Before Kate left, Clyde reiterated, "I meant what I said before... You're quite a woman."

Rafe and Jordan ended up in the park outside Horton Square at the same time. After a moment of awkward silence, Rafe started to continue on his way, but Jordan stopped him. They made small talk for a minute, and Rafe confided that he wished he could have taken Arianna when he'd visited Gabi the day before. A sympathetic Jordan reminded Rafe that Arianna was in good hands with two terrific dads and a wonderful uncle.

Rafe was a little disappointed when Jordan explained that the reason she'd stopped him was to ask him to put in a good word for Abigail with his friend at the sports complex in West Salem. Jordan continued that Abigail was having a difficult time with her job search because of the news of her affair with E.J. Rafe admitted that he had no idea why Will had written that article. Jordan told Rafe that she, not Abigail, was asking him for the favor. Rafe promised to do what he could.

Aiden was picking up a coffee to go at the Brady Pub and remembering his waltz with Hope at the fundraiser when the bartender told him that the coffee was on her -- and slipped him her phone number. Although he admitted that he was flattered, Aiden told her that he didn't date.

J.J. stopped by the police station to ask Hope if she knew what he could get Aiden to thank him for getting J.J.'s juvenile record expunged. Hope maintained that she didn't know Aiden well enough to offer any helpful suggestions. A skeptical J.J. remarked that Hope and Aiden had worked very closely together on the auction for St. Luke's, but Hope claimed that it had been "all business." Just then, Aiden arrived. J.J. explained that he had been telling Hope how grateful he was that Aiden had gotten J.J.'s juvenile record expunged, and he was glad for the chance to thank Aiden in person.

After J.J. had gone, Aiden said that he was there to depose Officer Post about a case. Hope said that Post was unavailable, and Hope would have to reschedule the deposition for Aiden. Aiden began to grow frustrated when they couldn't agree on a date in the near future. Hope explained that Officer Post was a single mother who'd been on an extended undercover assignment, but she promised to see what she could work out. Aiden hotly demanded to know why everything had to be an argument with Hope. Hope tried to defend herself, but an irritable Aiden left.

Hope found herself thinking about her dance with Aiden at the gala. Pushing the thoughts aside, Hope announced to a uniformed officer that she was going for a run and hurried out. After changing into workout gear, Hope was running in the park when she had to stop and rest because her leg cramped up. "Damn it. I should have stretched," she muttered, massaging her leg and trying to catch her breath. Aiden showed up just then, but Hope didn't see him. He started to turn and leave, but then he stopped and asked Hope if she were all right.

At Paige's cousin's apartment, Eve showed Paige the cover of TruVista and asked if she'd read it. Nodding, Paige remarked, "Poor Abigail." Incredulous, Eve pointed out that Sami Brady was the real victim. Eve asserted that the entire Horton-Deveraux clan was just the kind of trouble that Paige didn't need. Before Paige could get too worked up about her mom's disapproval of J.J., Eve explained that she merely didn't want Paige to eventually regret deferring Stanford -- or for J.J. to break Paige's heart.

Paige maintained that J.J. was a good person who truly had turned his life around, and she didn't need to be careful around him. A concerned Eve wanted to know if Paige were in love with J.J. because she didn't want to see Paige throw away all of her plans and dreams for a boy. Insisting she wasn't doing that, Paige refused to discuss it any further. Paige announced that she was going downstairs to finish moving their stuff out of the moving van.

Eve thought cousin Joan's job offer in Chicago couldn't have come at a better time, since it would allow Eve and Paige to stay in that "dump" a while longer. Rolling her eyes at her mom's promise to start looking for a better place soon and refusing Eve's offer to hire someone to help them move the boxes, Paige headed out. Eve was dismayed when she realized that Paige had asked J.J. to help.

Jennifer arrived at the hospital and interrupted Theresa and a nurse gossiping about Abigail Deveraux and E.J. DiMera. With a gleeful glint in her eye, Theresa noted that she was in charge of hiring a temporary assistant for Jennifer and didn't want to hire someone who would have to resign in disgrace. Theresa guessed that the seemingly demure Abigail had to be a "hellcat" in bed to have landed someone like E.J. DiMera. Theresa wondered if Abigail had gotten that from Jennifer -- and that was what Daniel had seen in Jennifer, since it obviously couldn't have been anything else.

Theresa began to squirm a little as Jennifer reproached her for having such a pathetic life that she had to spread "bitterness and gloom" by taking pleasure in gloating over others' problems, when Theresa had essentially thrown away the gifts she'd been given, like beauty, brains, opportunity, and people who cared about her. Jennifer accused Theresa of getting Brady drunk and coercing him into marriage -- and said if Brady hadn't been under the influence, he never would have fought with his father. "As far as I'm concerned, what happened to John is not Brady's fault; it's yours," Jennifer hissed.

Eve got off the elevator in time to overhear the end of Jennifer and Theresa's argument and see Jennifer stride off toward her office. With seemingly genuine concern for her sister's well-being, Eve asked Theresa what Jennifer had just said. Although she was clearly upset, Theresa claimed that it had been nothing. Explaining that her first settlement check had been sent to Jennifer by mistake, Eve promised that she would also stick up for her little sister with Jennifer.

Theresa confided that Jennifer had been trying to blame Theresa for what had happened to John, who would soon be moved to a long-term care facility -- and Theresa would be glad not to have him there to remind her of everything that had happened. Eve suggested that Theresa take a walk and do Eve a small favor, something that would be fun for Theresa.

Eve barged into Jennifer's office and explained that her check had been sent to Jennifer by mistake. Jennifer testily said that the check was at home, and she couldn't just run home and get it because she was working. "This is totally unacceptable!" Eve declared. Jennifer asserted that she would have made other arrangements about the check if she'd known that Eve had intended to pick it up at Jennifer's office. Nosily rifling through the huge stack of messages on Jennifer's desk, Eve remarked that Abigail's scandal had probably kept Jennifer too distracted to think about the check. "Don't you dare go there!" Jennifer snarled, grabbing the messages back.

"Have you forgotten our agreement? My family is off-limits to you," Jennifer reminded Eve. Eve demanded her money. "You will get it when I get around to it. Now get out!" Jennifer barked, holding the door open for Eve. Thwarted, Eve childishly knocked something off Jennifer's desk on her way out the door. In the hallway, Eve muttered, "My check's at her house -- where I will find her unemployed slut of a daughter. Two for the price of one. I'm gonna love this."

As Jennifer straightened up her desk, she told herself, "You're going to get through this, Abigail, the same way your brother got through that nightmare with Theresa, because I am your mom, and it is my job to protect you -- no matter what it takes."

In the moving truck, Paige apologized to J.J. for how hot it was. J.J. shucked his shirt and got to work in just his undershirt. He picked up one of Paige's boxes, but the bottom immediately fell out, spilling the contents on the floor. Paige seemed embarrassed when J.J. found a little stuffed lamb that had fallen out. She admitted that she'd planned to take it to college because someone very special had won the lamb for her at a carnival. J.J. assumed that it had been a boyfriend, especially when Paige became wistful over an old photo that had also been in the box.

Showing J.J. the picture, Paige explained sadly that the "someone special" was her father, who had left one day after a fight with her mom and had never returned. Paige continued that the postcards her dad had occasionally sent had eventually stopped, and she understood why her mom acted the way she did with her and with men: "She just never got over him leaving." Paige admitted that she hadn't gotten over it, either -- and she was aware that J.J. knew how that felt, too.

J.J. gave Paige a comforting kiss, which quickly turned passionate, and soon they were horizontal on the floor in the back of the truck. A moment later, Theresa appeared in the doorway. When Theresa made her presence known, J.J. and Paige jumped up. After a couple of snide comments from Theresa, J.J. strongly suggested that she leave. Theresa explained that Eve had asked her to stop by to pick up a photo album that Eve had gotten from their dad by mistake -- and considering what she'd just walked in on, perhaps J.J. was the one who should leave.

"My mom's fine with me and J.J.," Paige insisted, so Theresa got out her phone and threatened to call her sister to verify that. "What the hell's the matter with you?" J.J. demanded. Paige urged J.J. to go and let her handle Theresa, so J.J. reluctantly grabbed his shirt and left. Paige guessed that Theresa was going to seize the opportunity to stick it to J.J. and Eve, both of whom Theresa either hated or resented. Paige emphasized that what Theresa had walked in on wasn't what it had looked like; she and J.J. had merely gotten a little carried away.

Theresa noted that was how things always happened, but Paige asserted confidently, "Maybe for you, but I'm not like you, Aunt Theresa. I'm not going to sleep with J.J. just because I can." She urged Theresa to worry about someone else besides Paige.

Theresa followed Paige upstairs to retrieve the photo album. Paige found it in a box and gave it to Theresa. Theresa acknowledged that in similar situations, she hadn't always made the same choice that Paige just had. "I think that the way you're playing this is smart, so keep it up. If you want a guy to stick around, you have to hold out for as long as possible, because as soon as you give J.J. or any man what he wants, he'll be gone in a Salem second," Theresa said.

J.J. was playing his guitar at home a little later when there was a knock at the door. He answered it and was a bit taken aback to find Eve on the porch. "What did Theresa tell you?" J.J. demanded.

. . .

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