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Sonny and Leo's wedding ceremony begins
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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Brady cut a shower short in order to greet a visitor -- Sarah, who sheepishly apologized for the interruption.

"I need your help," Sarah began to explain while Brady was getting dressed. "You and my mom are close, [so] I was hoping that maybe you could tell her that you started the fight [with Eric, because she] gets the final say in who gets custody of Holly, [and right now] she's afraid that Eric has some serious anger issues," Sarah continued.

"[So], you want me to lie to Maggie," Brady summarized. "[What if] Eric gets custody, and then [his] emotional issues start to rise to the surface again, and then [he] starts drinking again? [I mean], maybe Maggie's right -- maybe his emotional issues are too much right now, [and] he shouldn't parent Holly," Brady added with a shrug.

Sarah insisted that Brady wasn't being fair. "You've seen [Eric with Holly], and you know how hard he has worked on his demons, [so please]...just at least think about it," Sarah begged Brady before rushing off.

Eric entered Doug's Place and greeted Chloe, who wondered how Holly was doing. "She keeps asking about Nicole. I mean, she's young, [so] she just doesn't understand that [her mother's] not gonna come back," Eric reported. "Yeah, I remember when Parker would ask me about his father..." Chloe replied with a sigh. "Sorry -- I shouldn't have said that [to you]," Chloe quickly added, but Eric didn't mind. "Not a day goes by that I don't think about [Daniel]," Eric admitted before changing the subject, thanking Chloe for having offered to help out with Holly as needed. "If I do become her legal guardian, I'll take all the advice I can get," Eric stressed.

Chloe wondered if Eric was excited about adopting Holly. "Well, it's not final yet. I, uh...I need Maggie to agree, [and] she has some reservations..." Eric vaguely clarified. "[Because of] your fight with Brady," Chloe guessed, leading Eric to bitterly conclude that Brady had already started playing the victim with people. Chloe tried to convince Eric to make peace with Brady, but Eric maintained that Brady was responsible for Nicole's death.

Shortly after Eric left the club, Justin arrived with a document for Chloe. "[This letter] was sent to my office from an attorney in Nashville, [who said only that] he was instructed to deliver [it] to you, via my firm, on the occasion of Nicole's death," Justin informed Chloe. "Thank you...I think," Chloe replied, stunned and nervous. "I can stay..." Justin gently offered. "No, I'm -- I'm okay, I think," Chloe assured Justin.

Shortly after Justin left the club, Brady arrived to talk to Chloe about Sarah's request. "What are you gonna do?" Chloe wondered. "I don't know. I mean, as furious as I am with Eric, I know he's a good man, [so] maybe I should be in his corner about him raising Holly, [and] maybe this is how I make amends for what I did to him and Nicole. I mean, this is what Nicole wanted..." Brady replied.

"'s not," Chloe hesitantly revealed. "[Nicole wrote this] after she was forced to marry Xander. I guess she was afraid that he was gonna kill her," Chloe continued, handing Nicole's letter to Brady.

"Dear Chloe...every time I look at my precious daughter, I think of you...and the sacrifice you made to bring her into this world for me and for Daniel," Brady began reading aloud.

"Though it's perhaps unfair to you not to explain exactly what happened and why, I hope you'll accept that it's better for now that I leave out the details; all you need to know is that Brady destroyed any chance of happiness I might have had with Eric, and though my heart aches for that loss and always will, I've had to let go of any hope that Eric and I might be together again," Brady continued reading aloud, looking a bit guilty.

"Therefore, I must ask you a huge favor. Though Holly is my child and Daniel's, I know that the nine months you carried her bonded you with her in a very special way, and that because of that bond -- because you gave birth to her -- you love her with all your heart. That's why, if anything should happen to me, it's my wish that my sweet daughter be raised by you, alongside her half-brother," Brady finished reading aloud.

Sarah summoned Eric to the Brady Pub for another attempt to win over Maggie, who arrived just as Eric was bitterly insisting that Sarah shouldn't have tried to enlist Brady's help because it wasn't needed or wanted. Eric refused to apologize for being upset with Brady, reasoning that the custody debate wasn't about that, anyway -- it was about Holly.

"I have made my mistakes, but I've learned from them, [and] in no way am I perfect, but I'm wiser [now, and] Nicole's last wish was for me to raise her child -- Daniel's child -- [so] I want to honor that request [for Nicole and for Daniel, and] be the best father figure I can be for Holly," Eric stressed. "But have you really thought this through? I mean, parenting isn't a part-time job; [it's a] day after day, night after night, lifetime commitment," Maggie warned. Eric claimed to be ready for the challenge. Finally convinced, Maggie decided not to stand in Eric's way.

After leaving the pub, Maggie received a text message from Chloe. Maggie headed over to Doug's Place and told Chloe -- and Brady, who was still there -- about the decision that had just been made. "Before you make your final decision, you really need to see this," Chloe insisted, handing Nicole's letter to Maggie. Meanwhile, back at the pub, Eric and Sarah hugged in celebration of Maggie's change of heart.

Sheila was at work, not even pretending to be busy, when Abe arrived and wondered why the office was such a mess. "Oh, this isn't a 'mess' -- this is your system," she explained with a flourish, acknowledging the papers that were once again scattered around the office. "[And] I'm just trying to respect [it], because that's what it's all about -- respect...right?" she pointedly added.

Sighing, Abe again apologized for having snapped at Sheila the previous day. "Now, would you please get this all cleaned up?" he requested before starting to walk away. "You know, this job is really important to me, Mr. Mayor, and I want to be the best assistant I can be, which means I need to really understand your process, so...why don't you clean it up, and I'll watch and learn," she countered.

Just then, Leo entered the office and asked for Abe's help. "Have we met?" Abe wondered, eyeing Leo with just a hint of recognition. "Uh...I don't think so...but I was hoping that you could marry me and my fiancÚ today," Leo replied, flashing a smile. "I wish I could help, but it's just not possible for me to perform the ceremony today -- you know, paperwork and all that bureaucratic stuff that gets in the way of spontaneity," Abe apologetically replied. "I left several messages..." Leo began to protest. "If the mayor was more organized, he would've gotten the damn messages," Sheila pointedly interjected.

Abe offered to perform the ceremony at a later date, but Leo insisted that it had to be done immediately. Leo recalled with a jealous pout that Abe had recently agreed to help another couple on short notice. Abe explained that an exception had been made in that case because John and Marlena were longtime friends of the Carver family. "So is my groom," Leo replied. "Groom? How modern," Sheila mused with a nod of approval.

"Who are you marrying?" Abe asked curiously. "Jackson Kiriakis," Leo proudly revealed. Abe scowled and eyed Leo again. "I knew that you were familiar! You're the young man who filed suit against Sonny for sexual harassment! You nearly destroyed his life!" Abe suddenly realized. Leo dismissively insisted that had been a misunderstanding, but Abe wasn't convinced -- and refused to marry Leo and Sonny on any date.

"What a jerk!" Leo grumbled after Abe left the office. "Yeah, he can be..." Sheila agreed. "But you don't need [him]. If you want someone to marry you, I can do that. [See], I was ordained online. In fact, I was supposed to marry Sonny's old, mean uncle to my friend Bonnie Lockhart [at one point, but that didn't work out]...but that's not my fault. [Anyway], I just have to be paid -- in cash, in advance," Sheila added.

Leo paid Sheila then rushed off. Abe soon returned and found Sheila preparing to leave for the day. "You can't leave! [This office] is a mess!" Abe protested. "I got a cash-money gig [lined up to pay for] those fancy shoes I owe you, [and] I work government hours," Sheila countered with a shrug while gesturing toward a nearby clock, which showed that it was mid-afternoon. "[But] you have nothing on your schedule for the rest of the day, Mr. Mayor, so why don't you organize this just the way you like it," Sheila suggested. "What is this 'gig' that you've picked up?" Abe asked. "The one you turned down," Sheila replied before exiting the office.

While searching the hospital for Marlena, Will exchanged a series of text messages with Sonny, who was at the Kiriakis mansion. "Please don't do this. Don't marry Leo," Will begged Sonny in the first text message. "I don't have a choice..." Sonny wrote back. "I know. But I don't have to like it," Will conceded in a second text message. "It's only for now. Until we find a way to deal with Leo and those damn pictures," Sonny wrote back.

"I love you," Will stressed in a third text message. "I love you, too," Sonny wrote back. Just then, Marlena rounded a corner and spotted Will. "I, uh...I just came to, uh...came to see you," Will began to explain, sighing heavily. "Oh. Well, I was about to head out, [so] I'm glad you caught me. I've always got time for you...especially when you look like your world has caved in," Marlena replied, immediately concerned.

"I think I lost Sonny...and I don't know what to do," Will revealed with another heavy sigh. "Can I tell you something under doctor-patient confidentiality?" Will asked hesitantly. "You can tell me anything you'd like, [in] any way that you'd like, [but] just tell me," Marlena worriedly urged Will, who nodded and took a deep breath then proceeded to share the whole story.

"Clearly, this was an accident. I mean, Sonny didn't mean to hurt Leo; he was just coming to your defense," Marlena concluded after hearing all the facts. "That's not the way Leo spins it. [And with] the pictures of Sonny and me rolling Leo up in a rug and getting rid of the body the night before the trial was supposed to start... We're screwed!" Will fretted. "You're victims of a professional con man," Marlena sympathetically clarified. "There just has to be some way out of this -- or some way to buy time until we can figure a way out of this..." Marlena added. "We don't have any time. They're getting married today," Will stressed.

"What about a preemptive strike? What about just going to the police and telling them what happened?" Marlena suggested. "[It'd be] our word against Leo's, and he has those pictures," Will pointed out. "[But] you've got Justin on your side, and there's a slight chance that the police will believe the truth about what happened..." Marlena reasoned. "A 'slight' chance is not a chance I want to take. Ari doesn't need both of her dads to be in prison -- not after what happened with Gabi. [So], we've got no choice -- we [have to] do it Leo's way...for now," Will insisted.

"You know, the worst part about this whole thing is that Sonny and Leo are saying their vows in the Kiriakis mansion, where you married Sonny and me," Will sadly noted. "Sonny loves you. That hasn't changed," Marlena reminded Will. "Is this the part where you tell me that our love is gonna get us through all of this?" Will asked. "This is where I tell you that I believe in the strength and resilience of your relationship with Sonny," Marlena replied. "Maybe you're right. Maybe I should go over there. To hell with Leo's threats! [I'll] face him down [and] break the whole thing up!" Will decided after some thought, giving Marlena a look of determination.

Later, Marlena went to Abe's office to extend a dinner invitation. Abe appreciated Marlena's continued concern but was forced to decline the offer because the office was still a mess. "What happened to your trusty assistant?" Marlena asked. "She has a gig marrying some grifter to Sonny," Abe explained. "I've got a feeling she'll be back sooner than you expected -- that is, if Will has anything to say about it..." Marlena assured Abe.

Adrienne joined Sonny in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion and wondered if something was wrong. "You look like you're going to a funeral," Adrienne curiously noted, seeing that Sonny was wearing a suit and seemed quite serious. "Actually, uh...I'm going to a wedding," Sonny clarified with a heavy sigh. "Who's getting married?" Adrienne asked. "Me," Sonny revealed.

Adrienne was thrilled at first, assuming that Sonny was about to remarry Will. "I mean, it's a little fast and furious, but you and Will have loved each other for forever," Adrienne excitedly acknowledged as Sonny tried to interrupt. "[And you want the ceremony to be] small and private -- I get [that] from the lack of an invitation," Adrienne continued, assuming that Sonny was simply trying to apologize for the slight. "Will the ceremony be here, or [are you going to a] justice of the peace [this time]?" Adrienne asked, still not giving Sonny a chance to speak. "You know, if you want witnesses, your father and I would be more than --" Adrienne began to offer.

"Mom!" Sonny shouted, finally silencing Adrienne. "Will and I are not getting married," Sonny sadly clarified. "Say what?" Adrienne asked, stunned and confused.

Justin entered the mansion while Sonny was in the process of explaining everything to Adrienne. "Marrying Leo is the last thing I want to do, but look what he has on me -- and Will!" Sonny fretted, revealing the incriminating photographs. "Sonny, I know how much you love Will, [and] I also know you are a fighter, so to give up like this..." Justin began to protest. "I'm not giving up; [I'm just] doing this to buy time so I can figure out a way to neutralize Leo," Sonny clarified. "Sonny, I'm all for keeping [an enemy] closer, [but] marrying him?" Adrienne asked incredulously. "[Leo's] nothing but a miserable creep of a snake!" Adrienne spat.

"Mother Kiriakis! Is that any way to talk about your soon-to-be son-in-law?" Leo asked, joining the others in the living room. "Sonny may be giving in to your outrageous blackmail, but let me be very clear about one thing -- we will never be calling you our son, and you will never be accepted into this family!" Adrienne insisted. "Your loss, Mama K, because I am a scream to hang out with. I even had this vision of the two of us lying by the pool, playing tennis, spending our husbands' money...but if you don't want to join the fun, I'll just go it alone," Leo replied, shrugging. "And if you even think of presenting me with some sort of hyped-up, ironclad prenup, 'Daddy,' don't, because I'm not gonna sign it," Leo added, turning to Justin.

Adrienne lunged forward in anger, but Justin quickly intervened. "You're just gonna make it worse," Justin advised. "Oh, really? Can this day get any worse?" Adrienne skeptically countered.

As if on cue, Sheila entered the mansion. Horrified, Adrienne angrily ordered Sheila to leave immediately. Leo insisted that Sheila couldn't leave until after the wedding ceremony. "[See], I wanted the mayor to [perform it, but] he declined, so his assistant -- ordained online -- is the next best thing, [because] the society page will still read, 'Leo Stark and Jackson Kiriakis were married by a representative from the mayor's office,'" Leo added with a grin.

A short time later, Leo called out to Sonny, who had retreated to the foyer with Justin and Adrienne, and announced that it was time to begin. Sonny quietly reminded Justin and Adrienne that marrying Leo was a stall tactic.

Justin and Adrienne reluctantly followed Sonny back to the living room. Justin refused to shake Leo's outstretched hand. Leo pouted a bit then turned to Adrienne and stuck out a cheek expectantly, hoping for a kiss. Adrienne slapped Leo instead. "You shouldn't have done that, Mother Kiriakis," Leo insisted after recovering from the blow. "I thought inviting your parents would make this day extra special. It would be a shame if they ruined everything. Ari would miss her daddies so much..." Leo pointedly added, turning to Sonny. Sighing, Sonny begged Justin and Adrienne to play along.

Leo seized Sonny's hand as Sheila began the wedding ceremony. "Marriage is a voluntary and joyful commitment between two consenting adults [that] is entered into with hope, and [with] love, and [with] the desire for a fruitful and blessed union that will last a lifetime," Sheila read aloud from a script. "Not if I can help it..." Adrienne muttered to Justin. "If anyone present today knows of any reason why these two may not lawfully be joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace," Sheila continued. Justin stopped Adrienne from taking the bait.

Just as Sheila was about to move on, someone stormed into the mansion and slammed the door shut.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Sonny and Chad try to help Julie.

• Gabi worries that Julie will expose the truth.

• Hope and Rafe get into an argument about Ted.

• Sonny tells Will that they can no longer see each other.

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