Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sonny was at home, on the phone with Will, and the two were discussing how surprising it was that Will's article hadn't been posted online yet. Sonny was worried about Abigail's potential humiliation if people realized that she was the one who'd had the affair with E.J. Will had to hang up to take another call.

Just then, Abigail returned with Arianna. After Sonny put the baby down for a nap, Abigail gushed about how much she enjoyed spending time with her goddaughter and how precious and sweet Arianna was. Sonny observed that Abigail seemed happy, and she acknowledged that she finally felt like the whole "mess" with Sami and E.J. was behind her. As Abigail left to run errands and check in with her mom, Sonny thanked her for watching Arianna. It seemed as if he might warn her about Will's article, but Sonny asked her to pass along his good wishes about the lawsuit.

Sonny had just refreshed the magazine's website -- again -- when Will returned home. He informed Will that the article still wasn't up. Sonny pointedly added that he'd wanted to tell Abigail about the article, but he knew that it wasn't his place. Will called Abigail, who was in Horton Square, and told her that TruVista magazine had just hired him, and his first story -- a cover story -- would be published that day. A proud Abigail congratulated her cousin and promised to look for the article online.

Before Will could warn her about the article's contents, Abigail had to hang up to take a call from her mom. Will promised Sonny that he would call Abigail back in a few minutes. When Arianna started crying a little later, Will and Sonny realized that neither of them had remembered to buy diapers, so Will hurried out to get some. After Arianna had gone back to sleep, Sonny sat down with his tablet to look at the TruVista website -- and found that the article had finally been posted.

When Will returned with the diapers, Sonny handed his husband the tablet and demanded, "How the hell could you do that, Will?"

In Horton Square, Abigail saw that Will's article was online and sat at a table to read it. She was stunned when she saw that the cover page had a photograph of E.J. and Sami, ripped in two, with the headline: "A Business Affair: Sordid Details of DiMera Takeover," above Will's byline. "Will wrote about Sami and E.J.?" Abigail remarked curiously.

At the hospital, Daniel confronted Nicole about Eric's decision not to return to the priesthood because of his hatred of her, when Eric otherwise didn't hate anyone or anything. Although Nicole admittedly didn't really understand it, she tried to explain to Daniel that Eric felt his inability to forgive her disqualified him from being a priest again. "Kristen raped him, humiliated him, and turned his life into a nightmare, and I'm the reason he can't be a priest anymore?" Nicole wondered aloud, her voice breaking.

An exasperated Daniel expressed disbelief that his returning Kristen to Salem would not help Eric in the long run. Nicole assured him that getting justice absolutely mattered. She added that she had done everything she could in Rome and the grand jury room to help Eric, and she would continue to try to fix things. "Daniel, please, we can still find a way to be friends, can't we?" Nicole implored. Daniel stated flatly that they were not and never would be friends.

Daniel continued angrily that he had pushed aside his own feelings of disgust and disillusionment because they paled in comparison to what Nicole had put Eric through. Daniel reminded Nicole how, even though he had stuck up for her, she had repeatedly lied to him and used him, not to mention what she'd done to Eric. Hurt, Nicole wondered if Daniel intended to despise her until the end of time. Daniel clarified that he felt sad and bereft because he had lost a friend forever.

In Paige's cousin's apartment, Eve was furious that Jennifer and Aiden wanted her signature on the settlement offer right away, before she'd had a chance to mull it over. Aiden and Jennifer advised Eve to get her lawyer there to read it immediately -- because it wasn't as good a deal as the previous one had been. Jennifer pointed out that if they went to trial, Eve could end up with nothing. Eve grudgingly dialed her lawyer's number.

When Eve's lawyer arrived, he informed her that the offer was, indeed, worse than the last one. Aiden informed Eve that she wouldn't receive royalties from the book until the first edition's run had been exhausted. He continued that, although she would get some of the money from the movie, she would have no say in who would write, direct, or produce it -- but there would be a one-time payment from Victor and Maggie Kiriakis to compensate her for that. Aiden pointed out the rider at the end, but Eve snapped that she'd already read it. Privately, Eve's lawyer advised her to take the money, because the odds at trial would not be in her favor.

Finally, Eve grabbed a pen and resentfully scratched her signature on the last page of the document. After the lawyers had gone, Jennifer stayed behind to reiterate the requirements in the rider: Eve could not speak about Jack, the book, or the movie in public -- or there would be no money. Fed up, Eve assured Jennifer that she understood the terms. When Eve demanded her money, Jennifer promised that the first check would arrive "very soon." Eve complained that she needed the money to live on. "I know you do. I really hope it makes you very happy. My guess is it won't," Jennifer said as she headed out.

At the Brady Pub, Brady declined the bartender's offer to get Brady his usual -- a vodka on the rocks -- and instead asked for just a glass of water. Brady quickly drank the water and was headed out when Theresa arrived. After checking in the back, Theresa reported to Brady that Caroline was taking a nap. Before Brady left, Theresa expressed her sympathy about Kristen's return.

Theresa was surprised when Brady didn't seem eager to exact his revenge on his ex, but he said that he needed to focus on helping his dad get better. Brady added that he was getting doctors who specialized in comas to consult on John's case, and Daniel and Kayla were helping get the other doctors to Salem. Theresa acknowledged that it would be easier for Brady to focus on that if he knew that Kristen would be sent to prison for the rest of her life. "Everyone should pay for their crimes, don't you think?" Brady said.

After Brady left, Theresa ordered a shot of vodka. She got a text message from Eve that demanded, "Get the hell over here." Theresa downed the shot and headed out.

While Paige and J.J. were babysitting Parker in the park, Marybeth arrived and asked sarcastically if the kid were J.J.'s. An annoyed Paige pulled Marybeth aside and lambasted her for the "lame [and] mean" question. Marybeth warned Paige that J.J. wasn't really a good guy, insisting, "Anyone who walks around town, telling everyone how much they've changed, hasn't changed one bit... He only wants one thing from you, and when you give it to him, you get dumped. And then where will you be? No J.J. -- and no Stanford, either."

After Marybeth stomped away, J.J. assured Paige that he could defend himself. "Then why didn't you?" Paige asked. J.J. maintained that he was still trying to respect Paige's friendship with Marybeth. Paige acknowledged that Marybeth had been hard on J.J., as had Rory and Bev. J.J. reminded Paige that he and Bev weren't friends anymore -- and that nothing had happened between him and Bev. "Just with the girls in England," Paige blurted then she quickly apologized.

J.J. got a text message from his mom, requesting that he go home. Paige assured him that she could watch Parker until Daniel got back. She kissed J.J. to demonstrate that everything was all right between them, but after he left, she looked uncertain.

Aiden and Jennifer were drinking champagne when J.J. arrived at the Horton house. After Aiden left, Jennifer told J.J. about the settlement. She threw her arms happily around her thrilled son.

When Daniel arrived to pick up Parker, Paige explained that J.J. had gone home after getting a message from his mom. Paige added that she had finalized her deferment to Stanford and would be attending Salem University for her freshman year, so she would be available to babysit Parker whenever Daniel needed. Paige said that she would understand if Daniel didn't want her to, however.

Daniel assured Paige that what had happened between him and her mom was not an issue; he was just glad that Paige and J.J. had each other. Daniel noted that the hospital worked with Salem U premed students and offered to talk to the people who ran the program for Paige. Paige was touched and grateful. Paige got a text message from J.J., letting her know that the lawsuit had been settled. Ecstatic about the good news, she grabbed her purse and headed for home. Daniel seemed just as happy, and before he realized what he was doing, he had almost dialed Jennifer's number. He put his phone away and hugged Parker instead.

When Theresa arrived at Eve's, Eve silently handed her the settlement agreement. After reviewing the document, Theresa declared that it was great because it was "a load of money." Eve complained that there had been a lot more money on the table before Jennifer had snatched it away from Eve and Paige. "God, she is such a bitch!" Eve screamed furiously. She ranted about Jennifer's vindictiveness and how Jennifer was probably bragging about her triumphs to all the Hortons and even Daniel.

Theresa's eyes lit up when she realized that her sister was still into Daniel, but Eve insisted that she was hardly interested in Jennifer Horton's ex-boyfriends. Eve grumbled that she couldn't even focus on having her surgery to fix her voice so she could start all over again, because Paige was staying in Salem -- because Theresa hadn't been able to change Paige's mind about J.J. Eve continued that even though she was stuck there, J.J. Deveraux had to go. Theresa remarked with a chuckle, "Have you not noticed that J.J. is all over Paige like a cheap suit? I mean, you'd have to give him a lobotomy to get him away from her."

Changing the subject, Eve noted that Theresa might still have a relationship with Brady if it hadn't been for his dad's unfortunate accident. Theresa hotly reminded her sister of their deal that the topic was off-limits after Theresa had donated blood for Eve's surgery. Eve playfully needled Theresa for more information about what had really happened the night of the accident. As she stormed out, Theresa threatened to tell her friends at the hospital to give Eve too much anesthesia if Eve didn't drop it.

Paige was positively giddy when she arrived home. Eve confirmed that what J.J. had said was true. "It's fantastic! Maybe now we can all be friends?" Paige said with a hopeful squeal as she hugged her mom. "Yes, I'm sure we can," Eve said unconvincingly.

Daniel was packing up Parker's things to head home when Theresa showed up at the park. She teased Daniel about being "doctor dad by day, bounty hunter by night," but Daniel didn't find it amusing. Theresa explained that she'd hoped Daniel would continue being a hero by helping Brady, who was trying to find a specialist to perform a miracle for John, and she was worried that Brady was setting himself up for a fall. Theresa asked Daniel what he thought John's chances were of emerging from the coma.

"Just how worried would you be if John could come out of that coma?" Daniel wondered. He pointed out that Theresa had been very uneasy since John's accident. Theresa insisted that she had merely been worried about Brady. Daniel maintained that he knew Theresa pretty well, and she was always looking for an angle, so he found the situation very curious.

Jennifer and J.J. were still celebrating when Abigail ambled numbly into the house. Jennifer jumped up excitedly to tell her daughter about the settlement, but Abigail was clearly upset about something, so Jennifer and J.J. asked what had happened. "I didn't think that it could get any worse, but it has," Abigail admitted tearfully.

Outside the grand jury room at the courthouse, Kristen and her lawyer were just about to leave when Eric showed up to testify. Before Eric could head inside, Kristen stopped him to remark about how unfair it was that he'd had to walk away from everything he loved and the good work he'd done. An incredulous Eric growled that the grand jury wanted to talk to him about things that were unfair. After Eric went in, Kristen changed her mind about returning to the police station and demanded that her lawyer get her into the grand jury room, since he'd told her that she had a right to be present when witnesses testified.

Eric sat in the witness stand, an enlarged photo of him in his vestments on an easel near the judge. Kristen and her lawyer entered as the prosecutor, Melinda Trask, stated that she wanted to ask Eric about the night he'd been drugged in his hotel room. "You mean the night that I was raped," Eric clarified, never taking his eyes off Kristen. The judge warned Kristen's lawyer not to allow Kristen to cause a distraction. The lawyer stated that they reserved the right for her to give rebuttal testimony.

As Kristen and her lawyer sat down, Trask questioned Eric about his memories of the night in the hotel. Eric explained that, because of the drugs he'd been given, he had no actual memories of the events, but he'd been forced to relive every horrible detail because it had all been recorded on video. Eric continued that pieces of the memories had started to return a few weeks after the incident. Trask asked whether Eric had seen Kristen after the video of the two of them having sex had been made public.

Eric stated that he had tracked Kristen down before she'd left town, and even though she hadn't admitted to anything, she had let him know that she'd wanted to punish his mother, whom Kristen hated. Trask asked if Kristen had said anything else. "Yes: she had no regrets. My world was lost to me, and she had no regrets," Eric replied. Eric stepped down from the stand and left the courtroom. The judge asked if Kristen wished to take the stand, but Kristen declined.

Just as Brady arrived at the front door of the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole caught up with him. She explained that she wanted to make sure he was all right, since Kristen had returned. Brady invited Nicole in and thanked her for checking on him. Nicole reassured Brady that even though he had only submitted written testimony to the grand jury, her testimony and Eric's would ensure that Kristen was "dead in the water." Nicole admitted that she'd seen Kristen, who had mentioned Brady and Eric.

At first, Brady wanted to know what Kristen had said, but he changed his mind because he didn't even want to hear Kristen's name. He added that he only wanted to focus on helping his dad get better. As Brady and Nicole were discussing his search to find a doctor to help John, the doorbell rang. Brady answered it and found Eric on the doorstep. Eric started to tell Brady about his grand jury testimony, but when Eric saw Nicole, he fell silent. Brady pointed out that they all wanted the same thing: to see Kristen put away. "I watched the jury today. Kristen isn't getting out of it this time," Eric said.

After the grand jury had gone, the judge read the list of charges against Kristen in the indictment, which included assault, battery, hindering an investigation, evading arrest, violating a person's civil rights, invasion of privacy, conspiracy, illegal use of restricted pharmaceuticals, and rape. Kristen entered a plea of not guilty. Trask stated, "The state requests bail not be granted. The defendant is a flight risk with means. There should be no equivocation on this matter." The judge replied, "Not so fast there, counselor. We need to have a lengthy discussion on this very point."

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