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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
by Mike

At the hospital, Haley tried to convince Kate to eat a sandwich -- or at least drink some water. "Not hungry," Kate insisted while flipping through the pages of a magazine, adding that the idea of drinking the equivalent of lukewarm bathwater wasn't particularly appealing, either. "[But] if you get me an ice-cold martini..." Kate hopefully suggested, but Haley provided only a polite smile in response.

"It's really important that you keep up your strength...especially after what you've been through," Haley advised, not yet ready to give up. "How the hell would you know what I've been through?" Kate asked with a scoff. "I read your chart [and saw] that you overdosed," Haley explained. "I'm not judging you. I've actually been there myself. But, I promise you, it does get better," Haley added. "I didn't try to kill myself, you little twit; a deranged woman injected me with a sedative to make it look that way," Kate tiredly clarified. "Oh. Well, that was not in the chart..." Haley sheepishly admitted.

"Were you serious before, when you talked about overdosing?" Kate asked with just a hint of compassion. "Yes. But I'm okay now," Haley replied. "Hmm. Well, that's good...but I might want a different nurse handling my medication," Kate declared, already back to normal. "You're due to be released today...but if I catch you back here due to malnutrition or dehydration, I'll make sure they assign you someone else," Haley patiently promised.

Chad entered Kate's room as Haley was exiting it. Chad was glad to hear that Kate was going to be okay, and Kate was just as glad to hear that Abigail had finally forgiven Chad the previous night. "I think it's time that I forgive you," Chad told Kate, who was thrilled to hear that -- but much less thrilled to hear that Chad and Abigail were planning to move to Paris right away. "Guess there's no time for a 'bon voyage' party, huh?" Kate sadly mused. "But there'll be a wedding," Chad replied. "Pardon?" Kate asked incredulously. "It's gonna be small -- just family," Chad explained.

"Kate, I don't have a lot of family. You're it. I'd really like for you to be there," Chad continued. "[But] if you're not up for it --" Chad began to add.

"Seriously? Are you kidding me? Wild horses and a psychotic physical therapist couldn't keep me away," Kate assured Chad. "[And] you're okay [to leave]? You're not gonna sneak out of here?" Chad asked. "They're gonna release me soon, so no," Kate replied with a laugh. "I am more than okay," Kate added, getting serious. "Thank you for inviting me...[and] for forgiving me. You know, my life has been...kind of dark lately...and, um, I think your wedding is going to be the first light I've seen in a long time. I'm honored to be there," Kate concluded while fighting back tears. Chad nodded and gave Kate a hug.

At the Horton house, Jennifer happily informed Julie that Abigail and Chad had gotten back together the previous night.

"One couple down..." Julie began with a smile, pleased to hear the good news. "One to go," Julie mischievously added, already eager to move on to the next order of business -- reuniting Jennifer and Jack.

"I really just don't believe that a reunion is in the cards for me and Jack," Jennifer sadly admitted. "[But] you still love him, don't you?" Julie asked, confused. "Of course I love Jack...but our love is rooted in our history, and he doesn't remember any of that," Jennifer explained with a shrug. "[Maybe not] in his head...[but] in his heart..." Julie protested. "[But] I'm not really just fighting amnesia; I'm also fighting Eve Donovan, because she is doing everything she can to turn Jack against me," Jennifer reminded Julie. "Eve is nothing but a temporary port in the storm, and that storm is gonna clear up -- very quickly," Julie dismissively insisted.

"You shouldn't put your money on me and Jack," Jennifer advised, still not particularly hopeful. "Honey, I'm already all in. I'm betting on the two of you. [And] I think it's gonna happen sooner than you imagine," Julie replied.

Abigail soon joined Jennifer and Julie in the living room and cryptically admitted to having some good news to share -- and some bad news, too.

Jennifer and Julie both wanted to hear the bad news first -- and although Jennifer didn't take it very well, Julie immediately understood that Abigail and Chad needed a fresh start in Paris, just as Jennifer and Jack had once needed a fresh start in London. "I need the good news -- right now!" Jennifer tearfully requested after conceding that Julie was right. Jennifer and Julie were both thrilled to hear that Abigail and Chad wanted to have an impromptu wedding ceremony before leaving for Paris. Julie immediately sprang into planning mode, and Jennifer rushed off to find J.J. and Jack.

"Wait a minute -- uh, who is going to perform the ceremony?" Julie asked Abigail while going through a mental checklist of things that needed to be done. "I was hoping it would be you," Abigail replied. "[I mean], you got ordained for Hope and Rafe's wedding, and you never got to actually have the ceremony, so I was just thinking that you could do ours. [After all], you are the reason that I was able to come home and be with my children, and I never would have had this reunion with Chad if it weren't for you, [so] there is no one that I would rather marry us than you," Abigail elaborated.

"For once in my life, I'm speechless," Julie admitted before happily accepting the responsibility.

J.J. was in his apartment, getting dressed, when he received an unexpected visit from his father.

"I got your message," Jack began, referring to a text message that J.J. had sent the previous night. "Sorry I didn't get back to you -- I just...I just thought I'd come right over. So...you want to talk? Is it...is it about Charlotte? I heard she was found," Jack continued. J.J. assured Jack that everything was fine with Charlotte. "I wanted to talk to you about something [else] -- someone, actually," J.J. clarified before proceeding to stress that Jack could never tell anyone that Haley was an undocumented immigrant. "Promise," J.J. requested. "Sorry, son -- I'm not sure I can," Jack admitted, remembering Eve's warnings about Haley. "Why?" J.J. asked, confused and stunned.

"How do you know that this girl's not just using you [for] a green card?" Jack wondered. "That's ridiculous, because in order [for her] to get a green card, we'd have to get married, [and] I barely know [her]," J.J. replied with a dismissive laugh. "And yet she's already living with you," Jack skeptically countered. "I have no idea where this is coming from, but you're way off base," J.J. insisted, but Jack wasn't convinced. "You're my son. I have an obligation to protect you -- or at least keep you from getting in any deeper than you already are! [I mean], you are harboring an undocumented immigrant! If someone finds out, you go to jail!" Jack worriedly pointed out.

"Are you gonna turn her in?" J.J. asked Jack, who dodged the question.

Haley soon entered the apartment and immediately sensed the tension, but Jennifer arrived before Jack could explain the problem. J.J. happily greeted Jennifer, grateful for the interruption. Haley stepped into another room to give the Deveraux clan some privacy. Jennifer shared Abigail's good news with J.J. and Jack, the latter of whom was reluctant to attend the wedding ceremony. "Abigail specifically asked me to invite you. She wants you to be there...[and] so do I," Jennifer stressed. J.J. agreed that Jack needed to attend the wedding. J.J. then rushed Jack and Jennifer off, not wanting Jack to talk to Haley.

Once the coast was clear, Haley rejoined J.J. in the living room and wondered what Jack had been about to say before Jennifer had arrived. "I told him..." J.J. began to admit before pausing. "That I'm undocumented?" Haley concluded for J.J. "Don't worry. All -- all -- all I told him was about how -- how -- how we kissed that one time," J.J. claimed after seeing just how upset the truth would make Haley. "I -- I filled him in on -- on some of what I've been through with women, [and] now that he knows I've -- I've been hurt, he's -- he's just being protective," J.J. added as Haley began to calm down.

"Nothing to worry about," J.J. repeated before retreating to another room to change clothes.

Leo entered the police station just in time to stop Diana from saying anything else to Marlena.

"What are you two talking about?" Leo suspiciously demanded to know. "My, my, Matthew -- a little paranoid?" Diana evasively suggested. "It's Leo -- and maybe I should be paranoid, since the two of you clammed up the minute I walked in," Leo replied. "We were both taken aback by your entrance," Diana claimed with a shrug before changing the subject, observing that Leo was obviously fired up about something.

"Yes, Mother, I am," Leo confirmed. "I'm finally bringing two unrepentant criminals to justice," Leo triumphantly explained as Eli entered the police station with Will and Sonny. Marlena wanted to know what was going on, but Eli was only willing to reveal that Leo had leveled a very serious accusation at Will and Sonny, who were about to be questioned about it. "It's okay. We'll -- we'll figure it out," Will assured Marlena.

"You will not get away with this," Marlena warned Leo after Will and Sonny followed Eli into a conference room. "I'm not the one who got away with something, Dr. Evans; that was your grandson -- and my husband. And now they're gonna pay," Leo countered with an innocent shrug. "You know, you may think you've got the upper hand here, but you don't, because the truth always comes out -- always," Marlena insisted, causing not just Leo but also Diana to squirm a bit. "Mark. My. Words. You will regret hurting the people that I love," Marlena continued, scowling at Leo.

"Ugh -- I've had enough of this abuse," Leo dramatically declared before rushing out of the police station.

Diana tried to follow Leo, but Marlena blocked Diana's path and curiously wondered why sharing important information about Leo no longer seemed to be a concern. "You know what it's like when your child's upset -- you can't think of anything else," Diana evasively replied. "Right..." Marlena suspiciously agreed as Diana chased after Leo. "What is going on with those two?" Marlena muttered with a shake of the head.

Meanwhile, Will and Sonny told Eli about the series of events that had led to the incident that Leo's incriminating photographs had captured.

"What do you have that proves this isn't attempted murder?" Eli wondered at the end of the tale. "All we have is our word," Will admitted with a shrug. "Sorry, guys -- that's not enough," Eli declared. "So, us telling you what actually happened, [and] telling you these photos don't even come close to telling the whole story -- that means nothing?" Will asked incredulously. "It means something to me...but to someone else, it might look like you're covering up for the man that you love," Eli clarified. "But he's not! We are telling you the truth!" Sonny insisted. "Let me talk to Hope," Eli said before exiting the conference room.

"I never should have got you into this mess," Sonny said to Will with a heavy sigh. "This is Leo's fault. It's not yours," Will insisted. "[But] on Valentine's Day, I had Gabi tie Leo up -- literally -- so that we could spend the night together. I bet that's probably what pushed him over the edge. We never should have antagonized him in the first place," Sonny continued. "I don't regret it. I never could," Will assured Sonny. "Even if we go to prison?" Sonny asked skeptically. "I got to be with you. No matter what happens next, it was worth it," Will reasoned with a shrug.

Just then, Chad entered the conference room. "I went by the house, and Henderson told me that they brought you guys in for questioning," Chad explained before getting Will and Sonny to reveal what was going on.

"How can I help?" Chad asked at the end of the tale, knowing that Will and Sonny were innocent. "Thank you, but, uh...we've -- we've got it from here," Sonny insisted. "We're gonna be fine. We're gonna -- we're gonna get through this. Leo's a liar, [and] it's only a matter of time before we -- we get him out of our lives for good," Will elaborated. "[And] at least -- at least we're together," Will added. "That makes me happy," Chad said. "We're happy, too," Sonny replied, and Will nodded in agreement.

"You guys aren't the only two getting back together," Chad informed Will and Sonny, who were both pleased to hear the good news. "It's not gonna be a wedding without you guys," Chad fretted. "Well, I mean...we're gonna be there in spirit, if that counts for anything," Will assured Chad. "Go! You gotta start your amazing future with the person you love!" Sonny urged Chad. "That's my plan," Will said, beaming at Sonny. "Same here," Sonny replied, beaming back at Will.

Chad gave Will and Sonny a hug then rushed off, fighting back tears.

Eli returned a short time later. "Sorry, guys," Eli began with a sigh. "Hope won't let us go?" Sonny asked incredulously. "How could she believe Leo over us?" Will asked, just as stunned. "She doesn't. We both think you're telling the truth," Eli clarified. "But Leo made an official complaint, and he has evidence to back it up...[so] I have no choice but to book you for attempted murder," Eli apologetically added.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Eve catches Trask arguing with Haley.

• Stefan realizes that Gabby is gone for good.

• Chad and Abigail get married again then leave Salem.

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