Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Will and Sonny returned to their suite at the Salem Inn after getting massages. While Sonny opened a bottle of champagne, Will checked his phone messages and found a picture that Gabi had sent of Arianna holding a sign that read, "Happy honeymoon, Daddies." After voicing his suspicions that Gabi was spending the evening with Nick, Sonny said that they needed to do something about Nick. Will pointed out that the more people tried to convince Gabi that Nick was bad news, the more determined she was to give him a second chance -- but she would eventually see Nick for what he really was.

Sonny asserted that Will should protect Arianna by getting a formal custody agreement as soon as possible. Will argued that Nick wasn't causing problems where the baby was concerned, plus Gabi loved Sonny and Will being part of Arianna's life. Will was ready to talk about anything else besides Nick, but Sonny stressed that Will shouldn't waste any more time. Sonny explained that he had become Arianna's stepfather when he and Will had gotten married, and he didn't want anything or anyone to separate them from her.

Will reminded Sonny how Gabi had flipped out when Sami had broached the subject of custody before. Sonny pointed out that Gabi's life had become much more secure since then, and it was possible that she wanted a custody agreement as much as Will did. "We need to get to her before Nick turns her against us," Sonny cautioned. Will worried that the mere mention of the word "custody" would freak Gabi out -- and Nick would only reinforce her anxieties.

Sonny apologized for causing Will stress on their honeymoon. As Sonny poured his new husband a glass of champagne, he suggested that they pretend that the outside world didn't even exist. Will said, "Except I don't have to pretend anything, because my reality is so amazingly perfect." Will admitted that he had never understood the idea of a big wedding until he and Sonny had gotten married. Sonny asked what Will's favorite part had been. Will replied, "That's easy: the part where I looked at you and said 'I do,' and then did this." Will kissed Sonny to demonstrate.

Sheryl was in bed at Lucas' place while Lucas took a shower. She overheard Kate leaving a phone message for Lucas: "You know that information that Sheryl gave us about Jordan and the Ozarks? Well, it might pay off. My detective thinks he may have a lead." Before she hung up, Kate said that she was waiting for Lucas in his office. An upset Sheryl bolted before Lucas got out of the shower.

When Lucas returned to the bedroom, he was surprised to find Sheryl gone -- until he listened to his answering machine. Fuming, he hurriedly got dressed.

Sheryl charged into Lucas' office and confronted Kate about the message she'd left for Lucas. Sheryl angrily accused Kate of using her as a pawn to "nail" Jordan. Kate pointed out that they had treated and compensated Sheryl well -- and she knew that Lucas' answering machine was next to his bed, so she knew that he and Sheryl were having sex. "If you think that I am going to stand by and let you try and ruin my friend's life, you are dead wrong," Sheryl cautioned.

Before Sheryl could storm out to warn Jordan, Kate offered her two options: Sheryl could blab to Jordan and every corporate headhunter and human resources in the country could hear that Sheryl had slept her way to the top, or Sheryl could keep her mouth shut and get a promotion -- to the Houston office. A horrified Sheryl exclaimed, "You're a vindictive, cold-hearted --" She stopped, but Kate finished for her, "Bitch. Now you've got it."

Lucas burst in just then and tried to explain. On her way out the door, Sheryl wryly assured him that Kate had made everything crystal clear. "I knew it. I knew it! I told you this would blow up in both of our faces!" Lucas shouted at his mother. Kate just ordered him to zip his fly and help her catch Sheryl.

Sheryl wandered into Horton Square, and with trembling hands, she sent a text message to Jordan.

In the park, Rafe told Jordan that her secrecy about her past was driving him "nuts." He reminded her that she had once told him that she didn't have any siblings then he'd learned she had a brother -- but only after Ben had shown up. After accusing Jordan of not trusting him enough to share the details of her life before him, Rafe pointed out that he had pushed aside his cop instincts because he was invested in their relationship. He wondered aloud if Jordan would actually go through with it the next time she decided to leave town.

"I don't know if I can do this anymore. Now you say that you're entitled to your privacy. What am I entitled to?" Rafe asked. "You are not the only one who invested in us," Jordan reassured him, noting that she hadn't been able to walk away from him. Rafe asked if she were afraid of something. Jordan replied, "Not when I'm with you, and isn't that enough?" Rafe acknowledged that he was glad Jordan felt safe with him and that she hadn't left town, but he couldn't say that it was enough.

Before Jordan and Rafe could continue their discussion, Jordan got a text message. "It's Sheryl; she says it's an emergency," Jordan explained as she quickly dialed her friend's number. The distress apparent in her voice, Sheryl asked to see Jordan right away, so Jordan agreed to meet her. Rafe followed as Jordan headed out of the park.

When Jordan and Rafe got to the square, Sheryl started to tell them what was going on, but Kate and Lucas showed up. Kate just glared wordlessly at Sheryl. When Rafe noticed that Kate and Lucas had arrived, Kate asked if Sheryl were telling Jordan and Rafe the good news. Sheryl tearfully explained that it was good news and bad news: she'd gotten a promotion, but it was in the Houston office. "I can't tell you what Sheryl did to earn this opportunity," Kate declared as if she were praising Sheryl.

Jordan admitted that she had liked having Sheryl around. Kate revealed that Sheryl had to leave the next day to launch a new product. Meanwhile, Lucas grudgingly backed up everything his mom said, though he admitted that he would be sorry to see Sheryl go. As Jordan and Rafe left, Sheryl embraced them both.

After the others had gone, Lucas begged Sheryl to let him explain. He insisted that he hadn't used her and that he cared about her. Sheryl didn't want to hear anything Lucas had to say. Turning to Kate, an incredulous Sheryl remarked, "You really think that by getting rid of me, you have all your bases covered." With a nonchalant shrug, Kate said, "Well, I should hope so. You know, why don't you think of it this way: if Jordan is the paragon that you claim she is, then she has nothing to worry about."

Sheryl simply walked away without another word, despite Lucas' protests. Lucas turned to Kate and snarled, "You know what, Mom? That's it. This tears it. We work together from now on, and that's it. I want you to stay the hell away from me. You're on your own." With one last longing, frustrated glance in the direction Sheryl had gone, Lucas stormed off.

In the park outside the square, Jordan lamented Sheryl's departure from Salem. Rafe reiterated his discontent with how little he knew of Jordan's past. Acknowledging that there were parts of her life that she wanted to keep off-limits, Jordan pointed out that Rafe also didn't like talking about his late sister, Arianna -- because it was too painful to talk about. Jordan guessed that there was nothing she could say that would make Rafe feel better about his sister's death, and talking about it might only open old wounds.

"Sometimes keeping the lid on memories like that is the only way that you can go on," Jordan suggested. Nodding, Rafe acknowledged, "I hear where you're coming from, and I'm going to do my best to try and be all right with that." A grateful Jordan promised that she would never take off again. Rafe joked that if she did, he would go with her.

J.J. and Paige were in Horton Square, waiting for her cell phone to be repaired, when Jennifer and Daniel arrived. Jennifer asked her son to introduce her to his friend, so J.J. obliged -- but Jennifer wanted to know how the two teens knew each other. J.J. and Paige explained how Abigail had accidentally broken Paige's phone, and J.J. had walked Paige to the repair shop. J.J. added that he was going to walk Paige home after her phone was fixed.

Before J.J. and Paige could leave, Jennifer introduced Paige to Daniel. Paige recognized that he had been the surgeon who'd done the appendectomy on her friend's mom. A clueless Jennifer offered to drive Paige home so J.J. could study for a test, but Daniel lied that he and Jennifer were late for a "thing" they were supposed to do. Daniel hustled Jennifer away before she could protest too much. J.J. apologized for his mom, but Paige insisted that she'd thought Jennifer was nice.

Paige confided that the paramedic had said that her friend's mom might have died if Dr. Jonas hadn't been the doctor on call the night of her appendectomy. Paige added that she was thinking about majoring in pre-med because she wanted to be a doctor. J.J. said that he and Daniel were pretty close, and he could "make it happen" if Paige wanted to talk to Daniel about being a doctor. When Paige responded enthusiastically, J.J. suggested that they try to catch up with his mom and Daniel to ask Daniel when a good time would be.

In the park outside the square, Daniel explained to a puzzled Jennifer that J.J. liked Paige. Jennifer was dubious because J.J. had never even mentioned Paige's name. Daniel reminded Jennifer that he had been a teenage guy once.

Jennifer was still arguing that she would know it if her son were interested in Paige when J.J. and Paige rushed out the gate from the square. When J.J. explained what he and Paige had just been talking about, Daniel agreed that he would he happy to sit down and talk with her some time. Jennifer suggested that the four of them go back to the house right then, since Daniel had the time because their "thing" had been canceled.

Liam sat on his bed with his laptop open and perused the files that he'd copied from Jennifer's computer. As he combed through Jennifer's emails, Liam read an email she'd written to her mom a few weeks back, complaining about how wrong Jennifer had been about Daniel and how much easier it would be to get over it if she knew she never had to see him again. "Not a problem, honey. Your wish is my command," Liam said.

Liam imagined lying in bed with Jennifer and comforting her while she stewed about Daniel leaving town without any explanation. In his fantasy, Liam reassured Jennifer that he would never, ever leave her.

Jennifer, Daniel, J.J., and Paige had coffee and cake at the Horton house, and Liam listened in while Daniel advised Paige that medical schools no longer required people to major in science as long as they could pass the MCAT -- but Paige could expect to say goodbye to her social life for a long time. Paige thought that it would be worth it if she could save someone like her friend's mom. Daniel got a page and said that he had to go in for a consult. Jennifer was worried because he had surgery at five the next morning.

Awed, Paige wondered how Daniel managed such a hectic schedule. Daniel explained that he usually dropped off his son at the boy's grandma's house the night before an early surgery; Daniel always tried to get a good night's sleep, and he usually had a protein drink with some orange juice. Meanwhile, Liam scribbled some notes on a legal pad. When Daniel learned that Paige might be interested in becoming a surgeon, he offered to get her into an operating room to observe. She was thrilled. When Paige had to leave, J.J. went with her to walk her home.

Jennifer admitted that J.J. had seemed eager to see Paige home. "You stick with me -- I will teach you the mind of a teenage boy," Daniel joked. When Liam heard Daniel and Jennifer smooching, he scowled but reviewed his notes: "Kid not around. Protein drink. Orange juice. I ought to be able to do something with that," Liam muttered to himself. He put the laptop aside and picked up his pharmaceutical sample case from next to the bed.

When Jennifer walked Daniel to the door, she offered to show her gratitude for his insight by forgetting about their disagreement regarding her checkbook. She added that since things were going well between them -- and J.J. had a very sweet new girlfriend -- Jennifer wanted to find a way to surprise Daniel so they could celebrate. "Did I tell you how much I love surprises?" Daniel said, leaning in to kiss Jennifer. When Daniel suggested that they have lunch after his surgery, Jennifer proposed that they take the rest of the afternoon off and spend it with Parker and Abigail.

As J.J. and Paige neared her house, she said that she would have to try to finish her run the next morning before school. J.J. offered to accompany her so it would be safer. Although Paige warned him that it would be very early, J.J. offered to meet her in front of her house the next morning. Paige gave him an impulsive kiss on the cheek before hurrying off.

With gloved hands and carrying a flashlight, Liam let himself into Daniel's apartment and looked around the kitchen. He found a container of protein powder in a cabinet and grabbed an open bottle of orange juice from the fridge. "Sometimes life is almost too easy," Liam said to himself, smirking. He opened a vial and poured some of its contents into the juice. As he swirled the carafe to stir it, he said, "That should do the trick... But why take chances, right?" He reopened the vial, dumped the rest of the contents into the orange juice, and shook the bottle.

. . .

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