Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In the DiMera library, Chad talked to a board member on the phone. Melanie entered the room and overheard the tail end of the conversation when Chad said that he hoped to live up to the DiMera name. Melanie joked that it was refreshing to hear Chad admit that he was a DiMera. Smiling, Chad told Melanie that she looked amazing, and he welcomed her home. Chad attempted small talk, but Melanie shut him down.

Melanie explained that she'd known that she would run into Chad and that she had not wanted their meeting to be in public. Chad nodded. When Melanie told Chad that she had been sorry to hear about E.J., Chad said he did not believe that Melanie was there to talk about his brother. Melanie told Chad that she was moving back to Salem permanently and that she wanted to clear the air with Chad. Melanie stressed that her return to Salem was not because of Chad's return.

"My feelings haven't changed. Actually, to be fair, they did change a little bit when I talked to Abigail last winter. You faked a brain tumor?" Melanie said. Chad said that he had lied but that the issue had evolved out of a misunderstanding. When Melanie commented that Abigail had not deserved to be treated badly, Chad countered that Abigail had her fair share of moments she was not proud of. Chad reminded Melanie that Abigail had slept with E.J. Melanie admitted that she should not have talked about Abigail.

"So we are both back in Salem, new start, new adventures. I just became co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. What's up with you?" Chad asked. Melanie joked about running for mayor, and Chad smiled. With a sigh, Melanie commented that she would be lucky to secure her old job at Salem University Hospital. When Chad asked Melanie why she had been afraid to see him, Melanie said she had worried that she would see a glimmer of the man she had loved.

"The guy that got burned no matter what he did or how he tried to protect you?" Chad asked. "You're a real DiMera," Melanie whispered. "I was always a DiMera. Isn't that what attracted you in the first place?" Chad asked. Before Melanie could comment, Chad's phone rang. While Chad took the call, Melanie slipped out of the house.

At Ben's apartment, Abigail and Ben made love. After, Ben told Abigail how pleased he was that she had told Jennifer about him. Ben said it meant a lot to him that Abigail wanted to get serious with their relationship. While Ben showered, Abigail checked her voicemail.

Theresa visited Paul in his hospital room with a gift basket she had purchased. Smiling, Theresa informed Paul that the nurse would not check on him for another hour. Paul beamed. When Theresa's phone beeped, Paul joked that the text message must be from Theresa's boyfriend because she was too much of a catch to be single. Theresa stressed that she was single. When Theresa made an awkward comment about baseball, Paul assured Theresa that they did not need to talk about baseball. Theresa smiled and exclaimed that she knew more about "other recreational sports."

"You must be quite an athlete," Paul countered. Theresa turned her attention to the gift basket, and they reviewed the contents. All the items were a mix of Asian items, and Paul chuckled about the various cultures in the basket. Theresa explained that the store did not have a lot to choose from. Paul invited Theresa to help him eat the sushi she had placed in the basket.

Over tuna rolls, Theresa asked Paul if he had a special lady in his life. With a grin, Paul responded, "I think I'm looking at her." Theresa was taken aback and noted that she was surprised that Paul was interested in her. With a smirk, Paul said that they had a connection. Theresa suggested that they get to know one another. Paul and Theresa kissed.

In Club TBD, Rafe thanked T for visiting Gabi in prison. T told Rafe that Gabi was not doing well. As T returned to work, Rafe called out to Sonny. When Rafe asked Sonny about Will, Sonny lost his temper. Rate calmly explained that Will had not contacted Gabi since he'd moved to Los Angeles and that Gabi was anxious to hear about her daughter. Rate urged Sonny to curb his attitude. Sonny apologized.

Sonny told Rafe that he had not heard much from Will. Rate asked Sonny to remind Will to call Gabi the next time they talked. With a nod, Sonny said he would do his best to talk to Will. After Rafe left, Sonny called Will and left a voicemail. Frustrated, Sonny texted Will and told him to call immediately.

Marlena conducted a therapy session with Clyde in her office. Clyde talked about his father. When Marlena asked Clyde why he was concerned that he would turn into his father, Clyde scowled. Clyde said that he was worse than his father. When Marlena asked for details, Clyde said he preferred to talk about himself. Marlena urged Clyde to trust her. Clyde admitted that he had a bad temper and that he sometimes lost control. Clyde asked for advice.

Marlena offered to help Clyde find his triggers and how to deal with them. Clyde nodded. When Marlena asked about Clyde's father again, he grudgingly agreed to talk about whatever Marlena wanted to discuss. Clyde told Marlena a memory about his father when they had played with a balloon when Clyde was five. Clyde said his father had flown into a rage when Clyde had accidentally popped the balloon and cried. Clyde admitted that he had never cried in front of anyone since that moment. Marlena asked Clyde to close his eyes.

While Clyde's eyes were closed, Marlena urged Clyde to think about the memory again and tell her what Clyde saw. Clyde admitted that the ballon had been the last time he had seen his father happy. "Kids ruin everything," Clyde muttered. Marlena asked Clyde if he understood that he had nothing to do with his father's anger. When Marlena told Clyde to open his eyes, he was surprised that the session was over. Marlena reminded Clyde that therapy was a long process.

In the park, Jordan accused Kate of coordinating Clyde's move to Salem. Kate asked for specifics. When Jordan said that Kate had visited Poplar Bluff and informed Clyde that Jordan lived in Salem, Kate nodded and admitted she had told Clyde. Stunned, Jordan shook her head. Jordan argued that Kate was proud of what she had done, even though Clyde's presence placed Jordan in danger.

Kate explained that she had been responsible for hiring Jordan at the hospital. As Jordan's mouth gaped open, Kate added that when it had been clear that Jordan's interest in Rafe had been more than professional, Kate had taken steps to protect Rafe. When Jordan asked why Kate had been suspicious of her motivations, Kate argued that Jordan had been using a fake name.

Jordan argued that Kate had dug her claws into Rafe, and Kate laughed. Kate reminded Jordan that Rafe had turned to her only because he had not felt he could confide in Jordan. Upset, Jordan argued that Kate had encouraged Clyde to visit Salem in order to break Jordan and Rafe apart. When Jordan said that Kate had used Clyde to win back Rafe, Kate countered that Clyde was not a bad person. Kate argued that Clyde had made mistakes and was making an effort to make up with his children.

When Kate commented that Jordan refused to relinquish her anger because she blamed Clyde for her mother's death, Jordan exploded. Jordan warned Kate not to mention her mother. Kate turned to leave, and Jordan told Kate to watch out for Clyde. With a shrug, Kate said that she could take care of herself.

A flustered Jordan marched to the DiMera mansion, and she warned Chad not to trust Kate. Chad laughed. Chad said that he had never trusted Kate. When Chad asked what Kate had done, Jordan explained that Kate was the reason that Clyde had found Jordan in Salem. Jordan explained that Kate had investigated her and reached out to Clyde, even though Jordan had gone to great lengths to remain hidden from Clyde.

Chad urged Jordan not to let Clyde ruin her life. When Jordan worried aloud what Kate would do to Chad, Chad shook his head. Chad said that he owed Kate because she was the one that had hired Jordan at the hospital. When Jordan mentioned that Kate had slept with Rafe, Chad asked Jordan if she still had feelings for Rafe.

A furious Kate stormed into Clyde's hotel room and yelled at him for blindsiding her. Kate said that their relationship was over. Clyde grinned and asked if they had a relationship. With a frustrated sigh, Kate reminded Clyde that they had agreed not to tell Jordan that Kate had tipped off Clyde about where to find Jordan. Clyde swore he had kept his promise. Kate accused Clyde of lying. Clyde shook his head.

When Kate said that her private investigator would not have slipped up, Clyde cursed. Clyde wondered if he had been to blame after all. Clyde said it was Kate's fault. Clyde explained that he had told Ben that Kate had hated chicory coffee and that Jordan had to have figured out that Kate had been to Poplar Bluff and had sampled the chicory coffee there. With a sigh, Clyde apologized. Clyde told Kate she'd looked sexy that day in the diner.

When Kate wondered aloud if Rafe would find out that she had been responsible for telling Clyde about Jordan, Clyde asked Kate if she was worried about Rafe. Kate stared silently at Clyde. Clyde wrapped his hands around Kate's waist and told her that she had been even sexier when she had stormed through his hotel room door. Clyde grabbed Kate and kissed her.

At the hospital, Rafe stopped by to talk to Marlena. Maxine told Rafe to say hi to Gabi for her. Smiling, Rafe thanked Maxine. As Rafe walked over to Marlena's office, he passed Clyde as he left his session with Marlena. Shaking his head, Rafe walked into Marlena's office. Rafe asked Marlena for help with Gabi. Marlena offered to visit Gabi. When Marlena asked Rafe what was the issue, Rafe admitted that Will was the problem. Marlena promised to talk to both Gabi and Will. Rafe nodded. As Rafe rose to leave, he started to ask about Clyde but then stopped himself.

At Club TBD, Melanie gleefully hugged T, and they chatted. Melanie asked T to keep her return a surprise until she could talk to Sonny. When T mentioned Chad, Melanie admitted that she had already talked to Chad. Melanie asked about Abigail, and T said he knew where to find her. Melanie was reluctant to interrupt Abigail while she was spending time with her new boyfriend, but T explained that Ben had left his phone at the club, and someone needed to return it to him.

T called Abigail and told her that he had Ben's phone. T offered to send someone over with the phone, and Abigail happily gave her blessing. T wrote down the address for Melanie. At Ben's apartment, Abigail walked down the hallway to take out the trash and left the front door to Ben's apartment open. When Ben exited the shower in his towel, he walked into the bedroom as Melanie threw open the door and yelled surprise. Ben dropped his towel. Melanie blushed and awkwardly looked away as she held out Ben's phone.

At the nurses' station, Maxine grabbed Paul's chart and headed for his room. Anne distracted Maxine with a story about one of the nurses. Impatient, Maxine jumped when the bell for Paul's room rang. As Maxine headed toward Paul's room, another nurse asked Maxine about a patient. While Maxine was engaged, Anne ran into Paul's room.

Anne warned Theresa and Paul that Maxine was on her way. Theresa and Paul ended their kiss, but Theresa was still sitting on Paul's bed when Maxine entered the room. Suspicious, Maxine asked what was going on. Paul joked that it was exactly what it looked like. Maxine handed Paul a tissue to wipe the lipstick off his face. As Paul grinned, Maxine ordered Anne and Theresa to leave so that she could take Paul's vitals.

After examining Paul, Maxine agreed to let him walk around the hospital. Paul wandered out to the nurses' station. While Paul was staring at the magazines in the waiting area, he saw Sonny exit the elevator with a box of coffee supplies. Sonny walked down the hallway, and Paul smiled in recognition as he saw Sonny walking away.

In the hallway, Anne asked Theresa how she had managed to get Paul to kiss her. Theresa shrugged and said she had not done anything. When Theresa wondered why Maxine had arrived early, Anne explained that Paul had pushed his call button. Theresa chuckled and noted that they had to have accidentally pushed the button while they were kissing. Anne grumbled. When Theresa asked Anne if she was jealous, Anne shrugged in defeat. With a grin, Anne asked Theresa for details.

When Theresa returned to Paul's room, he was gone. With a triumphant smile, Theresa wondered aloud if Paul was looking for her. Down the hallway, Paul followed Sonny into a lounge and locked the door. Sonny was stunned when he turned around and saw Paul. Paul grabbed Sonny and kissed him.

. . .

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