Wednesday, September 17, 2014

At the Brady house, a miserable Hope looked over some documents. Wiping tears from her eyes and laying the papers facedown on the desk, Hope picked up the phone, dialed Aiden, and said she needed to see him. Although he was surprised, Aiden told Hope that he was at Club TBD. When Hope arrived at the club a few minutes later, she and Aiden got a booth in the corner. Aiden assured Hope that she had made herself clear the night before, but Hope countered that she actually hadn't been. She explained that Aiden's admission about his feelings for her had surprised her -- and she had feelings for him, too.

Hope confessed that she liked that he made her laugh and that he cared passionately about things and people, and she enjoyed spending time with him -- and she'd decided to stop denying that. "So where do we go from here?" Aiden asked. Chuckling sheepishly, Hope admitted that she had no idea. Aiden proposed that he take Hope out on an actual date -- a lunch date the next day, in a nearby town where they wouldn't run into anyone they knew, to talk and see where things went. He continued that if it led nowhere, at least they would know.

Hope accepted Aiden's invitation. The two agreed that they should not tell their kids until they were sure there was something between them. Hope said that she had to take care of something before she could go out with Aiden, but she asked him to call her as soon as he'd made their lunch reservation.

Chase arrived after Hope had gone and said that he'd overheard his dad making a reservation. Stammering, Aiden explained that he had a date. Chase reminded Aiden, "When Mom died, you said you wouldn't go on any more dates." Aiden explained that he'd meant it at the time, but sometimes, things and people changed. Chase asked what the lady's name was, but Aiden wouldn't tell him just yet. Chase wanted to know if the lady were nice, and when Aiden said she was, Chase asked, "Is she like Mom?" Aiden replied, "No, no. Not at all."

Hope returned home and wrote a letter to Bo. In it, she acknowledged that he might never receive it because she was sending it to his last known address, but she still needed to write it. She began to cry as she told him that he'd been the love of her life since she'd been a teenager, and despite the tragedies and bad times they'd been through together, she had never regretted loving him or choosing to spend her life with him. She reminded him that she hadn't heard from him in ages.

Hope's letter continued, "Brady, you've broken my heart -- and Ciara's. You deserted us, and your actions speak loud and clear to me. You've chosen your mission over us, your family. I get it." She broke down in sobs then dried her tears with a tissue before continuing with a little more determination: "I can either go on like this and be miserable, or I can rejoin the living. And as hard as it is, I have to let you go. I can't do this anymore. I have to say goodbye to you, Brady, or the ghost of you, which is all I seem to have left."

Stroking a framed photograph of Bo on her desk, Hope whispered, "I'll always love you." As she picked up the pen and tried to continue to write, Hope broke down again. A little later, she folded the letter and put it in an envelope then she picked up the documents she'd put aside earlier and reviewed the information she'd filled in. At the top of the page was the title, "Petition for Divorce." Hope sadly slipped off her wedding ring, placed it on top of the papers, and began to sob.

At Eve and Paige's apartment, Paige was about to leave for class when J.J. called her. Paige ignored his call, but J.J. called right back. Instead of answering, Paige deleted J.J.'s contact information from her phone. Eve emerged from the bedroom and saw that her daughter was still upset, so she asked if something had happened at the previous night's party. Meanwhile, a determined J.J. grabbed his jacket and headed out of his house.

Paige didn't want to tell her mom anything, and before Eve could push very hard for information, Theresa arrived. Paige used that opportunity to hurry out. As Eve closed the door, Theresa observed that her sister looked happy. "That's because I am!" Eve replied excitedly. She asked what was going on with Theresa, who seemed much more upbeat than she had the night before. Theresa explained that she was no longer worried about the drug they'd given John, because she'd done some research and learned that after a head injury like his, many people suffered retrograde amnesia.

Eve reiterated her promise not to say anything if anyone asked about Theresa's involvement in what had happened to John. Theresa reminded her sister that they had made a deal: Eve's silence in exchange for Theresa's blood donation before Eve's surgery. Theresa was skeptical that anyone would want to listen to Eve sing once she had the surgery to repair her vocal cords. Eve declared that Theresa's problem was that she always acted on impulse. "Sweetie, if you want things to go your way, you've got to learn to plan," Eve added. Fed up with her sister's know-it-all attitude, Theresa stormed out.

J.J. was waiting outside the Brady Pub when Paige showed up on her way to catch the bus. She tried to avoid him, but J.J. implored her to listen to him. "Those pictures -- I know what they look like, and believe me, I know they look really bad... But it was a setup," J.J. insisted. Paige was skeptical, but J.J. reminded her that she'd told him that she knew the real him and could tell when he was lying. He urged her to hear him out. J.J. insisted that he didn't remember taking his shirt off, messing around with the girl in the picture, or sending the photos to Rory.

Paige dubiously asked who would want to set J.J. up. J.J. pointed out that there was a long list, which included Cole, Bev, Marybeth, people he'd angered while he'd been dealing drugs -- plus Paige's Aunt Theresa. Paige pointed out that even if J.J. were right, he couldn't remember anything so he couldn't prove anything. J.J. explained that there had been "roofies" in his system, and those drugs made a person act drunk and unable to remember, but they did not cause aggression -- such as making out with a strange girl and sending out pictures of it.

J.J. guessed that Jill had drugged him, but he had no idea why, and he didn't know how to find her. He added that what happened next for him and Paige was a matter of whether she trusted him to tell her the truth. "Paige, the first time I laid eyes on you, I stopped thinking about other girls. I love you, and I can't imagine being in love with anybody else. I just...really hope that you can still believe that," J.J. said. After a moment's contemplation, Paige reassured J.J. -- although she hoped she wouldn't end up regretting it. A relieved J.J. expressed his gratitude by embracing Paige.

J.J. expressed his determination to find out what had happened to him, but Paige didn't see how that was possible when he didn't know how to find Jill. J.J. explained that he'd checked his call history, and the pictures hadn't been sent to anyone but Paige, so if the photos turned up on anyone else's phone, he would know they'd been involved. "Somebody put Jill up to this. I know it. And whoever it is has those pictures -- and I'm going to find them. I swear it," J.J. vowed.

Meanwhile, Eve was perusing the photos on her phone that Jill had sent from the party. "I can't believe a hooker finally gave me what I need to open Paige's eyes about the young mister Deveraux," a smug Eve mused to herself.

At the hospital, Jordan ran into Rafe, who said that he was there to interview a mugging victim. Rafe remarked that it had been a long time since he'd seen her. Jordan testily replied that it hadn't been that long since she'd seen him. A puzzled Rafe asked what she was talking about. Jordan explained that she'd gone to see him at the station -- but she'd left when she'd seen Kate kissing him. Rafe insisted that it hadn't meant anything, but an angry Jordan didn't buy it. Before she stomped off, Jordan said that she and Rafe should keep their distance from each other.

Later, Roman went to Rafe's office at the police station. Rafe said that Kate and Sami were both terrified of what Stefano was likely planning to get even with them. Roman asked Rafe to keep him posted.

Clyde met with Jeremiah in the park outside Horton Square. Jeremiah wanted to know why Clyde was working for the "DiMera guy." Clyde maintained that the situation was going to work to his advantage, because he was going to bide his time and use E.J. to make all the right contacts. "You know me, Jeremiah. In the end, I always get what I want," Clyde added.

Kate and Sami were discussing how to produce a bigger return for their investors. Sami offered to ask E.J. for help with one of the companies, but Kate clearly didn't think that was a good idea. E.J. appeared in the foyer on his way out the door. Sami stopped him to ask for his advice, but she stopped mid-sentence when she saw the cut on his lip. "What happened to your face?" she asked, alarmed. Just then, a shirtless Chad entered from the terrace, dripping wet after a morning dip in the pool. Both Kate and Sami reacted with surprise.

Chad explained that he'd arrived the night before. He asked Sami about the kids, and she informed him that they were at camp but would be home soon. E.J. sniped at his brother for dripping on the rug, so Chad pulled on a robe. Kate embraced Chad and welcomed him home. Indicating the portrait of Kate and Sami, Chad complimented the women on what they'd done with the place. Chad added that he was also impressed with Sami and Kate's "well-orchestrated scheme" to take over the company -- and take E.J. down.

"Well, I guess we've solved the mystery of what happened to E.J.'s face," Kate said. Although Sami tried to play the diplomat, Kate needled E.J. about why Chad had punched him. Chad assured Sami that he and E.J. had enjoyed a "cathartic" talk the night before about their situation. Kate pointed out that "situation" was just a euphemism for E.J. seducing Chad's former girlfriend. Changing the subject, Sami asked how long Chad would be in town. "I came back to Salem to make a new start... I'm going to build a nice new life for myself. I'm going to do it right here in this house," Chad declared.

Sami asked to speak to E.J. in the garden about an investment. After the others had gone, Kate asked Chad, "Does it bother you as much as it bothers me that the two of them are on such good terms again? [...] Sami and I had this grand plan to get even with E.J. and your father, and now Sami wants to make E.J. part of the plan." Chad said that it sounded as if Kate could use a DiMera and offered his help. Kate reminded Chad that he was the only person in the world whom Stefano loved without reservation, and she wondered why Chad would want to help her.

Chad explained that Stefano had promised God that he would be a better person if God had let Chad live, but Chad believed that Stefano had not changed a bit. "If Sami isn't up for it, we'll cut her out, too. It'll just be you and me," Chad added. Kate asserted that if Chad had really believed Stefano would change, Chad was either very naïve or he wasn't telling Kate something. Chad declared that he wanted to make sure that Stefano never set foot in Salem again and that E.J. ended up with nothing.

Kate voiced her approval for the man Chad had become. After reminding Kate of his pedigree, Chad asked if she wanted his help or not. "Of course I want your help. Sami's back in E.J.'s thrall, I need an ally, and I like you. It's just that I'm not sure what you can do," Kate stated. "I am a DiMera, and you said it yourself: my father has a soft spot for me. So you'll see what I can do," Chad replied before heading upstairs.

Outside, E.J. acknowledged that Chad had every right to be angry -- though no right to "behave like an ass." Sami confessed that she had sent the magazine article to Chad out of revenge. Unsurprised, E.J. admitted that he had procrastinated talking to Chad, even though E.J. had known that Chad would eventually find out. "He made it very clear the era of goodwill between us is over," E.J. added. "Chad will come around -- eventually," Sami tried to reassure E.J. E.J. didn't think that would ever happen because Chad had pulled a gun on him -- and pulled the trigger, although there had been no bullets in the gun.

"I don't think Chad and I are going to be bonding any time soon," E.J. concluded. Sami pointed out that Chad would have put bullets in the gun if he'd intended to harm E.J. "He's just going to make you squirm, and then he will forgive you," Sami asserted. E.J. believed that Chad would try to get revenge by destroying any progress E.J. had made with Sami, because Chad knew that would devastate E.J.

Kate and Chad were gone when Sami and E.J. returned from the garden. Sami assured E.J. that Chad could not change her mind about anything, especially E.J. She pointed out that Chad cared about the children, but E.J. reminded her that Chad was also Will's good friend. Moving close to E.J. as she urged him to stop worrying, Sami reassured him, "[Chad's] going to see how much [the children] love us. He's going to realize that this is what's best for everyone, all right?" Unable to resist, E.J. leaned down and quickly kissed Sami on the lips. Instead of objecting, she smiled and kissed him back -- passionately.

Later, Kate met Clyde at the café in Horton Square. He explained that the connection she'd given to him had worked out well, and he wanted to thank her by treating her to lunch.

Jordan was walking through the park when the sound of Jeremiah's voice addressing her as "Tammy Sue" startled her. Clyde explained that he was in Salem to see Tammy Sue's daddy. "Clyde is not my father," Jordan snapped. Ogling Jordan up and down, Jeremiah declared that she looked good. Jordan tried to walk away, but Jeremiah grabbed her by the arm. "Remember when I bought you that pretty bracelet at the crafts fair? You must've been, like, fifteen years old. You were pretty then, but now..." Jeremiah purred lecherously.

Jordan ordered Jeremiah to let her go. Jeremiah insisted that he just wanted to talk to Jordan. Just then, Chad rounded the corner and warned Jeremiah, "Didn't you hear the lady? She doesn't want to talk to you."

. . .

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  • Brady rips into Kristen, believing her drug to save John was just another lie
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