Wednesday, January 21, 2015

As Paige and Daphne entered the student union at Salem University, Daphne revealed that she'd learned that Bev had, indeed, been out of town during the holidays and therefore couldn't have slept with J.J. Just then, J.J. and Rory showed up. J.J. greeted Paige cordially, but she was clearly not pleased to see him.

When Rory and J.J. walked away, Rory remarked on Paige's iciness toward her ex. Rory rambled on and on about how much more fun it would be to go to college parties, since J.J. was single again. J.J. cut Rory off, and Rory wanted to know what had happened to turn J.J. into "such a drag." J.J. admitted that he'd made the worst mistake of his life -- and then he'd repeated it.

Paige and Daphne tried to figure out whom J.J. had hooked up with if it hadn't been Bev. Daphne wondered if it had been someone J.J. had previously dated, and the light dawned in Paige's eyes. "Oh, my God, I don't know why I didn't think of her before!" Paige exclaimed as she hurried off.

Daniel was at home, asking Nicole by text message to call him so they could discuss the previous night, when Jennifer stopped by to talk to him about J.J. She admitted that she'd been worried about seeming presumptuous to ask for Daniel's help, but he reassured her that he didn't think that. Jennifer confided that J.J. and Paige were having problems.

Even though Jennifer didn't know what had happened and didn't need to know the details, she thought J.J. needed to talk to someone. Daniel offered to talk to J.J. for Jennifer while he was on campus later to set up a lecture. Jennifer was grateful that she could still count on Daniel, even after everything that had happened between them.

After a dream involving hypodermic needles, Theresa awakened with a gasp next to Clint, the guy she'd picked up in Horton Square the night before. When Clint said that as much as he would like to, he couldn't spend all day in bed with Theresa, she assumed that he was blowing her off. Clint clarified his intentions with a suggestion that they meet up later that day.

Brady and Melanie went to Club TBD so they could discuss whether they should date or not. Melanie admitted that the attraction that had arisen out of their friendship had surprised her, but the idea of being together seemed right, and she thought they should give it a chance. Brady agreed. Relieved, Melanie declared that they had "crossed the Rubicon" -- although she clarified that there was no pressure if things didn't work out between them.

With a laugh, Melanie confessed that she'd never put that much effort into making a decision before. Brady said it was good they had, because there was a lot at stake -- not to mention the "wild card," Theresa. Brady explained that he was worried that Theresa would lash out if she found out he was dating Melanie. Melanie agreed she was also concerned that Theresa would do so by saying something to Daniel -- so Melanie wanted to talk to her dad right away, before Theresa learned the truth.

Brady didn't think that was a good idea because he didn't want to hurt his good friend Daniel's feelings, but Melanie felt she owed it to her dad to be honest with him. Brady offered to go with Melanie, but she declined. Brady was holding Melanie's hand across the table when Jennifer walked in. After a moment of awkwardness, Melanie claimed that she'd just been complaining to Brady about work. After Jennifer walked away, Brady agreed that Daniel definitely needed to know before the whole town figured things out. Melanie left to talk to her dad.

Daniel tracked J.J. down at Salem University and asked, "Would you like to go to my place and talk?" An excited Rory assumed that he was invited, too, but J.J. quickly set him straight. Back at Daniel's apartment, Daniel asked if J.J. wanted to talk about breaking up with Paige. J.J. guessed that his mom had put Daniel up to it, but Daniel said that Jennifer was just worried that J.J. was keeping too much bottled up inside. He assured J.J. that whatever they discussed would remain private.

J.J. confessed that he would like to talk, but he had screwed up again and couldn't really talk about it yet. Daniel asked if there were anything he could do to help. J.J. maintained that there was no way to make things right with Paige -- who could never find out what had happened. Daniel suggested that J.J. could help alleviate Paige's pain as well as J.J.'s if he simply apologized for hurting her.

Paige went to the hospital and paced near the nurses' station until Theresa arrived for work. Keeping her tone friendly, Paige noted that Theresa hadn't visited much since Eve and Paige had returned from California. With a shrug, Theresa pointed out that she and her sister weren't very close. Paige asked if Theresa had been avoiding her because of what Theresa had done. Momentarily puzzled, Theresa finally guessed what Paige had meant. "Look, honey, don't blame me. It was your mother's idea," Theresa explained lightly.

Paige's eyes widened in shock. She was further horrified when Theresa went on and on about it as if it had been no big deal to either her or Eve. Theresa asked Paige not to say anything about it to Kimberly, even though in Theresa's estimation, Kimberly would have done the same thing when she'd been Theresa's age. Sickened, Paige started to leave, but Theresa maintained that Paige was overreacting. "You got a nice trip out of it, right? I mean, who wouldn't want to swap out Salem for California?" Theresa noted.

Theresa added that although she had exaggerated Grandpa Shane's condition, it had turned out great for everyone. "You were talking about Grandpa?" Paige asked, relieved but still nervous. Theresa suggested that Paige seemed stressed and perhaps should drop a class or two. Insisting she was fine, Paige asked, "When was the last time you saw J.J.?" Theresa was taken aback, but Paige wondered if perhaps Theresa and J.J. had hung out while Paige had been in California. Theresa reminded her niece, "He and I hate each other."

Before Theresa could question Paige about why she wanted to know, Clint showed up to see Theresa, and Theresa happily left with him.

J.J. ran into Rory outside the Brady Pub. J.J. explained that Daniel had advised him to apologize to Paige, even if he couldn't tell her what had happened in order to protect her. Rory remarked that Paige didn't seem like someone who needed protection. "Yeah, maybe you're right. Maybe she can handle more than I think she can," J.J. acknowledged.

Paige met back up with Daphne at Salem University and said that she no longer thought she was right about whom J.J. had slept with. After Daphne headed off for class, Cole greeted Paige. "You're exactly who I need to see," Cole said. He explained that he'd just gotten out of rehab, and he knew he owed her an apology for what he'd done to her when he'd put drugs in her purse. "It's okay," Paige said. Just then, J.J. arrived and grabbed Cole by the arm. "What the hell [are] you doing talking to her?" J.J. demanded.

When Brady arrived in Horton Square, he spotted Theresa smooching Clint. Clint stepped away to take a phone call, so Brady approached Theresa and asked if she were all right. "Let me guess -- you're going to ask if I really know that guy," Theresa predicted, admitting that she didn't know him, but all she cared about was that he was hot and great in bed. "You're such a piece of work," Brady commented, shaking his head. Theresa declared that fooling around with a stranger was far preferable to being with Brady, who was a "pathetic loser." "Thank God you're out of my life for good," Theresa added.

Melanie returned to Daniel's and told her dad that she needed to talk to him. Daniel guessed that it had to do with what had happened between Serena and Nicole, but Melanie hadn't heard about the women's "public disagreement." Daniel guessed that he wasn't going to like what Melanie wanted to tell him. After a lot of stammering and babbling, Melanie finally revealed tentatively, "Brady and I are going to start dating each other."

After a round of early-morning sex, Chad apologetically assured Jordan that he would never have taken her to the new club if he'd known Rafe was managing it. Jordan insisted that seeing Rafe hadn't bothered her. Chad noted that seeing Clyde had definitely bothered her, but Jordan didn't want to talk about her stepfather. Chad knew that it had to bother Jordan to see her brother being friendly with Clyde after everything Clyde had done to them. Jordan maintained, "I think it's important for Ben to think that Clyde is actually trying to change." Claiming she was running late, Jordan got out of bed to get dressed.

Later, Chad went to the square and called his assistant by phone. He asked her to cancel his meetings because there was something he had to do. Chad hung up and headed for the flower cart.

An annoyed Clyde met Jeremiah in the woods at Jeremiah's behest. "Kiriakis is pushing back," Jeremiah warned Clyde. He related a story to Clyde about something that had happened on the docks the previous night. "I guess I didn't make myself clear enough to Mister Kiriakis. Now we gotta make sure we really drive home the message," Clyde declared.

In the Kiriakis living room, Victor gleefully reviewed the impressive totals from his club opening the night before. He gave a lot of the credit to Rafe, who cautioned Victor that the number would probably taper off. Victor commented that it had seemed as if everyone had been having a good time except Jordan. "She was so miserable -- but then what can you expect when you've got Chad DiMera for a date," Victor added.

Rafe noted that Jordan's mood had probably had more to do with her stepfather's presence. Victor's cheer turned to irritation at the mention of Clyde, and he asserted that he was going to make sure Clyde understood that Salem was Victor's town. Rafe warned Victor against going after Clyde -- and against asking Rafe to do things he wasn't comfortable with. "I'm not going to ask you to get your hands dirty. I can take care of Clyde myself," Victor reassured Rafe. "What if you didn't have to? What if I went after him -- legally?" Rafe proposed.

On the phone later, Victor said, "You're sure he's there? Great. All right, I think I'll pay him a little visit." He was smiling wickedly as he hung up.

A little later, Clyde was in the park outside the square, whistling cheerfully while working on his tablet, when Victor strolled up. Victor wondered aloud why Clyde was so happy. Clyde acknowledged that he'd gotten a bit of bad news earlier, but he noted that it had only served to remind him how much he enjoyed a "good-spirited competition." Victor growled, "You really don't get it, do you, Weston? I'm not about to walk away and let you take over this town -- especially when you've got your people pushing product beyond all reasonable boundaries."

Clyde taunted Victor that he was only angry because he'd never thought as big as Clyde. "You go after my men again, you're going to regret it," Victor warned, but Clyde countered that Victor no longer had what it took and was living in the past.

Jordan was working in her office at the hospital when she ran across a press release about the revelation that Clyde had been the anonymous donor. She wadded up the paper and hurled it across the room -- just as Rafe walked in. Jordan apologized, but Rafe completely understood her anger when he saw the press release. Rafe's arrival seemed only to aggravate Jordan, but he explained that he was looking for any information that would put Clyde behind bars. Jordan reminded Rafe that she'd urged him to leave it alone.

Rafe asserted that it was no longer just about Jordan. "I've got the feeling that this guy's presence could end up hurting a whole hell of a lot of people," Rafe added, pleading with Jordan to help him take Clyde down. Recalling Clyde's threat to tell Ben everything if she ruined Clyde's chance with his son, Jordan maintained, "In all honesty, I don't know of anything that Clyde has done since he's gotten back to town that was illegal." Reminding Rafe that he had already gotten thrown off the force, she cautioned him not to make things worse.

Rafe declared that he could take care of himself, but Jordan said she didn't want him to get hurt. Rafe said that he was worried about Jordan -- not only because of Clyde but also because of Chad. "You have no right to be jealous!" Jordan retorted. Rafe insisted that he wasn't jealous; he just knew that Chad was bad news. Rafe declared that for the rest of his life, he would regret sleeping with Kate. "I just hope you know how much I loved much I still do," Rafe said sincerely.

Rafe added that he hoped Jordan would forgive him or at least stop hating him one day. "Rafe, I could never hate you," Jordan said with tears in her eyes. Rafe gently touched her face then pulled her to him and kissed her passionately -- just as Chad walked in with a bouquet of flowers.

. . .

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