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Advisory January 13th through 17, 1997

The complete recaps for this week are unavailable. Here, however, is a summary of the action.

Austin brings the wedding tape to the hosptial. Sami is still slipping so Austin lies and tells her that he loves her. Carrie overhears and thinks it is the truth. Marlena explains everything to her. Sami responds and opens her eyes. Bo tells Billie he loves her as a friend and loves Hope as his wife. Hope did not hear the part that he loves her. Kate tells Billie to go to Bo. Hope goes to Franco for comfort. Billie hears Bo saying that he still loves Hope. Hope asks to take a case that is dangerous. Billie decides to go to Paris. Hope goes to the airport to stop her. Laura thinks that she can remember everything. Laura tells Jennifer everything. Jennifer thinks that she is just confused. Kristen calls Stefano and gives him an update. Lynn overheard everything and tells Kristen that she is working for Stefano. Lexie is reminded of Stefano again by getting a bill for the safety deposit box. Susan goes into labor. Marlena is right by Susan's room.

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