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Monday October 5, 1998

Eric helps Nicole up and wants to take Nicole to the hospital, but Nicole refuses to go. When Eric attempts to call the police, Nicole stops him and says she's not filing charges. Eric asks why her cousin would try to rape her and Nicole says he was probably strung out. Nicole says she won't let Jay get away with this and knows someone who will take care of him. Eric asks Nicole what she means and Nicole says it was just something she muttered out of anger. Eric warns Nicole about going after someone for revenge, but Nicole says she never wants to see him again. Eric asks what happened with Jay and Nicole says that he tracked her down and wanted money for drugs, but she refused and he got abusive and tried to rape her. Eric doesn't understand why her cousin would do that, but Nicole says she doesn't want to talk about it. Nicole bends down to straighten up things and Eric sees the "N+J Forever" tattoo. Eric confronts Nicole and says "Jay isn't your cousin, he's your lover!"

Nicole admits to Eric that they were lovers, but she didn't want anyone to know about her past with a sleaze-ball boyfriend. Eric asks if Jay is even a drug addict, and Nicole says he is. Eric asks if he came for money or to sleep with her and Nicole tells him both. Nicole says that she wouldn't give him money, so he tried to rape her. Eric doesn't know if he can believe her. Nicole swears that she is telling the truth and she hasn't been with Jay in years, she only wants to be with him. Eric says trust is very important and that he can't believe she lied to him after he asked her if there was anything he should know the other day. Nicole says she wants a future with him, but Eric doesn't know if she means it or is lying again. Nicole says it was easier to lie about Jay then to answer his questions. Eric says all he ever wanted was the truth, which she didn't give him. Eric says if she lied about Jay, what is to stop her from lying about something else? Eric walks out. Nicole blames Jay for ruining her life and starts smashing things.

Jay calls the man in prison and says they have to talk in person. As he gets ready to leave, Taylor sees him and asks what happened to his face. Jay says he got into a fight and tries to leave, but Taylor stops and asks if he got into a fight with Eric. Jay says that wasn't what happened and that he went to see Nicole, but she wasn't much help. Jay tells Taylor that Nicole has messed with his head for the last time and he's returning to LA. Taylor asks if he got the money, but Jay says it doesn't matter because "he" is going to get out of prison with or without her help and Nikki will be in big trouble. Taylor says she doesn't want Nicole to get in trouble, but Jay tells her to think about her own life. Jay tells her she deserves a shot at the good life, unlike her stuck-up sister, and hopes her dreams come true. With those words, Jay leaves.

Bo and Hope are on their way to the hotel to meet Greta. Hope is excited to meet Greta and she also tells Bo about all the new talents she acquired as Gina. She also says that it almost seemed as Stefano was accepting her as Gina again. Hope admits that when she came face to face with Stefano on the Empress Express, she felt a connection. Hope then fears that maybe Gina and Rudolpho had more than a platonic relationship. Bo tells Hope that he's sure that never happened, even if she didn't have her memory.

Billie succeeded in putting doubts about Bo in Greta's head. Greta feels that Bo deserted her for Hope just like Billie said he would. As she attempts to leave the hotel room, Billie catches her and asks where she's going and what happened to her make-up. Greta tells Billie that make-up won't change who she is. Billie says that she's just upset that Bo hasn't returned and if she eats she'll feel better. Greta reminds Billie that she was the one who told her Bo hurts others when he's with Hope, but Billie says he only hurt her. Bo calls from the car and tells Billie that he and Hope are on their way over. Billie then panics and fears that Hope may sweet-talk Greta into telling her the truth about the baby, which she can't let happen. Billie starts telling Greta how beautiful Hope is and how she is a super model. She goes on to tell Greta how Bo won't be there for her whenever she needs him. Greta runs off and when Bo and Hope arrive, Billie tells them that Greta just left. Bo goes after Greta and Hope tells Billie that for some reason, she feels this is exactly what she wanted to happen.

Stefano arrives home and talks with Rolf. Rolf asks about Vivian and Stefano tries to hide the truth, but he can't lie to Rolf. Stefano tells Rolf that he had to use the device to put Vivian into an up mood to keep her from going to the hospital. Rolf is upset, but Stefano says that he couldn't let the doctors find the device in her tooth and Vivian would have figured it all out. Rolf asks Stefano why he didn't get Vivian to sign over power of attorney. Stefano says he tried, but Vivian backed down at the last minute every time. Stefano fears that now that John and Marlena are involved, he may never get his treasures back. He then remembers how much fun he and Gina had stealing treasures.

Rolf is concerned about Hope's transformation back into Gina, but Stefano says he would be happy to turn her back into Gina so she can help him again. Stefano remembers back to Count Olenska's ball and "Gina" tells Stefano it all went perfectly. Stefano tells her that he wants to give her something and hands her an emerald brooch. Gina jumps into Stefano's arms to thank him. Stefano comes back to reality and says that is the Gina he wants back, the one he trained Hope to be after he took her from Ernesto. Rolf hopes Hope never learns she was never scarred. Stefano says Ernesto certainly won't talk and the only other person who knows the truth, Greta, is dead. However, Stefano says that both Bo and Hope will pay for trying to uncover the secrets of Maison Blanche by turning Hope back into Gina again.

Roman tells Kate that he has more questions to ask her about Franco and what she knew of his immigration status. Once again, Kate tells Roman that Lucas didn't see anything that night and Sami just has to pay the price. Roman refuses to believe that and tells Kate that he knows Franco was in danger of being deported and that he knows she knew about Franco's green card status. Kate admits that she knew about Franco's status, but not until agent Raskin told her. Roman asks her why she'd withhold that information from Sami and if she was using it to hurt Sami. Kate says that she assumed Sami knew the truth and that she didn't know that Franco was cheating. Kate says that she wasn't the person who should have been protecting Sami, he should have. Kate tells Roman that she told Sami that nobody could ever love her and Roman calls her a cold bitch. Kate says she learned from the best and then asks Roman to leave. Roman leaves and Kate says that Roman will never find out why Franco was terrified to go back to Italy

Sami catches Lucas in Will's room. Lucas tells Sami that he's sorry for what he did to Will, but he won't let her go to prison for a crime she didn't commit. Sami asks him what he means and Lucas tells her that he knows she isn't capable of killing someone in cold blood and he knows what she's going through. Sami accuses Lucas of trying to lay his guilt trip on her, and then she says she wishes she had run into him instead of Franco because she would have killed him and no jury would have convicted her. Sami tells Lucas that he doesn't deserve to be Will's father and she's taking steps to revoke is rights as a father. Sami then takes delight in telling Lucas that if she is unable to be with Will, Austin will have legal custody of Will.

Lucas refuses to allow that to happen and calls her a lying two faced bitch. Lucas says that he can't believe he was going to tell her what his mom did. Sami's eyes widen and demands Lucas tell her what Kate did. Lucas covers quickly and says that his mom hired a lawyer because she knew she'd do something like this. Sami tells Lucas that he doesn't deserve to be Will's father and she'll make sure Will hates him for the rest of his life. Lucas tells Sami that she deserves much worse then rotting in jail and says that he now knows why Franco was sleeping around on her. Sami says she'll kill Lucas and he tells her to go ahead, it is only one more murder on her record. Sami tells Lucas he is so right and then begins to strangle him.

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Tuesday, October 6, 1998

Nicole is angry that "he" sent Jay to spy on her and she says it is all his fault. Nicole calls the man in jail and tells him that Jay tried to rape her. The man calls Jay a bastard and says he only sent Jay to get money to help him get out on parole. Nicole laughs and tells him he won't get anything from him and he can rot in jail as far as she is concerned.

Eric runs into Taylor at Titan and she is concerned about him because she can see he was in a fight. Eric tells Taylor he's had a lousy day and he just found out that the woman he was involved with has been lying to him. Taylor tells Eric that without self-respect and trust, there is nothing. Eric tells Taylor that's pretty heavy for someone so young and she tells him that she's had to grow up pretty fast.

Nicole shows up at Titan and runs into Taylor. Taylor tells Nicole that Eric is in the photo lab and then storms off when Nicole gets an attitude. Nicole walks into the lab and hears Eric wondering what else Nicole lied about to him. Nicole tells Eric the one thing she never lied about was how she felt about him.

Mike and Ali are dancing as Craig and Nancy watch. Craig and Nancy see how sad Carrie is watching Mike and Ali dance. Carrie is still bothered that Ali took the credit for her party, and Austin senses it. Austin asks Carrie if she likes Ali and Carrie says Ali is very pushy and doesn't give Mike any space. Austin thinks Ali is crazy about Mike and he thinks Mike likes her. Nancy asks her husband if Austin can be so dense that he doesn't realize how Carrie feels about Mike.

Craig tells Nancy that denial isn't just a river in Egypt. Craig then tells Nancy he has a new scandal to involve Mike in and Carrie will run to his defense, but it will be too late this time. Mike returns to the table and admits that he is glad Ali chose a low-key way to celebrate his birthday. Mike is beeped. Mike goes to check in with the hospital and Craig asks Ali to dance. Nancy has no problem, so Ali dances with Craig. Nancy sits down next to Carrie and starts telling Carrie that she doesn't think Ali is right for Mike because she stole Carrie's party idea and lied to Mike. Carrie tells Nancy it's no big deal and to let it go.

Carrie switches the topic and tells Nancy she's going to schedule the charity boxing match Austin suggested and that she could use her help. Nancy is touched and says she knows Carrie suspected them of setting up Mike. Carrie says that is water under the bridge and she'd like her to be her assistant. Nancy accepts the offer and then hopes they can be best friends. Meanwhile, Austin thanks Mike for being there for Carrie and that he hopes one day he'll have a relationship like he and Carrie have, and perhaps it could be with Ali. Carrie asks Austin and Mike what is going on and Austin says he was just thanking Mike, and then he leaves to pick up the tab. Mike thanks Carrie for celebrating his birthday with him and how happy Austin seems. Carrie makes a snotty remark about Ali, but then apologizes.

Sami chokes Lucas. Roman rushes in and saves Lucas. Lucas wants Sami arrested for attempted murder. Lucas tells Roman if he doesn't do it, he'll call Abe. Lucas wants Sami arrested, but Roman tells him that he provoked Sami and also violated the restraining order against him. Roman tells Lucas if he has a brain in his head he will shut up and stay away from Will. Lucas says his mom is right about him, he's in total denial about his daughter. Roman returns to see Sami and asks her what the hell was going through her head. Sami says she was just upset after seeing Kate and Lucas started provoking her. Roman asks when she saw Kate and Sami tells him she went to the mansion to get some clothes. Roman tells her she should not have done that and Sami says she knows because now she knows what happened. Roman asks Sami what she remembers and Sami says she remembers being furious with Franco and storming to the house to confront him. Sami says she went in, got the gun, and waited for him to show up so she could shoot him. Sami cries and Roman hugs her and asks if that is what she remembered, or if it is what Kate told her happened. Sami says that Kate told her, so it must be true.

Sami admits that she doesn't know what happened. Sami says she doesn't know why she gets so crazy, like she did with Lucas, and like she must have done with Franco. Sami says if she had only given Franco a chance to explain that maybe things would have been okay because he did want to marry her. Roman tells Sami he wishes that were true. Sami asks Roman what happened, but before he answers, Austin shows up to see Will. Austin asks Roman what is wrong and Roman tells Austin he knows why Franco wanted to marry Sami.

Nancy thanks Carrie for inviting her to Mike's party tonight. She also tells Carrie that she wouldn't be surprised if Mike and Ali came in together in the morning. Carrie refuses to believe that though. Meanwhile, Ali tells Mike that she has a special birthday present for him at her place. Mike tells her that he'd love to come to her place and asks what his gift is. Ali says it's easy to unwrap and is the gift that keeps on giving, and then she kisses him.

Greta hops in the truck and Bo throws himself in front of the truck to stop it. The truck hits Bo and knocks him unconscious. Greta panics and jumps out of the truck to check on Bo. Bo is all right, he just got the wind knocked out of him. Bo begs Greta to stay, so she stays. Bo apologizes for not returning sooner. He tells her that both he and Hope want to help her, but Greta tells him to forget about her and go back to Hope. Bo tells Greta that he doesn't want to forget about her and then asks if Billie said something to her to make her believe otherwise.

Greta remembers what Billie said to her and Bo asks once again if Billie said something to upset her. Greta dodges the question and says that Billie helped her leave the bayou and that she knows Billie loves him. Bo says he loved Billie once, but Hope has always been his true love. Greta asks if that was true even when Billie was pregnant, which sends Bo for a loop because he didn't know she knew about the baby.

Bo admits he made a mistake, but Hope is who he loves. Bo asks Greta to return with him to see Hope. Greta agrees, but then she says she's going back to the bayou. Bo tells her that this isn't just about Hope, it's about her as well. Bo reminds her that he promised her a life without pain and he intends to keep it. Greta doesn't say anything and Bo asks her if she believes him.

Hope accuses Billie of somehow forcing Greta to leave to cause problems. Billie tells Hope she wouldn't make Greta run away because she helped Bo talk Greta into returning to Salem, and then she gives Hope the short version of the. Billie takes delight in telling Hope that Bo wouldn't be here if it weren't for her help. Hope remains cautious and tells Billie that she suspects she is using Greta to cause problems between her and Bo. Billie just laughs it off, but Hope is serious and tells Billie that she is sick of being blamed for every little thing that goes wrong in her life. Billie tells Hope that she is to blame, she's to blame for her losing Bo and her baby. Hope says the death of her baby was tragic, but it's not the reason she isn't with Bo.

Hope tells Billie the truth is that Bo doesn't love her and she has to accept it and move on. Billie tells Hope that she knows all about Bo's love for her, but she doesn't think he'll feel the same passion for "Gina." Billie starts saying how much she looks like Princess Gina. Hope laughs and says that she is not Gina, she is Hope. She says that Bo understands her search for the past, but he won't understand her attempts to sabotage her search for the truth by sending Greta away. Billie screams she didn't have anything to do with Greta running away, but Hope doesn't buy it and wonders what it is happening to her.

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Wednesday, October 7, 1998

Nicole tells Eric that she never lied about her feelings for him. Eric knows that, but he's hurt that she wasn't honest with him about Jay. Nicole asks for a chance to make it up, but Eric says he gave her dozen of chances to be honest. Nicole says she is being honest now, but Eric says he can't tell. Eric says he wanted a relationship built on honesty and trust. Nicole tells Eric she had no idea he hated her so much and she deserved to be beaten up by Jay. Eric tells her that nobody deserves to be beat up and he doesn't hate her. Nicole says she thought he would have hated her if she knew about her and Jay. Eric asks why she got involved with him and she says she was young and naive and Jay was very charming. However, he got into drugs and she saw the dark side of him, which caused her to flee to Salem. Nicole tells Eric he's the only man she wants to be with and asks if he wants to be with her. Eric says he doesn't know because he was looking for the perfect person, and Nicole says nobody is perfect. Nicole says she just wants another chance and points out that he's forgiven Sami for making tons of mistakes.

Roman tells Austin that Franco only wanted to marry Sami to stay in the country. Austin recalls Sami telling him that Franco wanted to elope, now he knows why. Austin hopes maybe Franco did love Sami, but Roman says Franco was a con-artist Austin says this will devastate Sami and Roman says he knows. Roman decides to tell Sami the truth, but Austin stops him and asks him to let him tell her. Roman thinks that Austin telling Sami is a good idea.

Marlena goes into Will's room where Sami is watching him. Sami says the worst is over for Will, but it's only beginning for her. Marlena tells Sami to stay positive, but Sami doesn't know if she can and says she couldn't make it through this without Austin. Sami tells her mom that she plans to protect Will from Lucas and Kate by appointing Austin as Will's guardian. Marlena says they need to stay positive, but Sami says she has to be realistic. Marlena points out that Lucas is Will's father, but Sami says Lucas lost his rights when he crashed his car with Will in it. Marlena asks Sami if she remembers what happened and Sami says she thinks she knows what happened, but has no clear memory of it. Marlena tells her that means she may not have done it and is blocking whatever happened out. Sami thanks her mom for giving her the benefit of the doubt, even if she doesn't deserve it. Marlena tells Sami she loves her and will always believe in her and stand by her.

Nancy goes to Carrie's office and lets her know that Ali has taken Mike home. Nancy goes on and on about how it's not appropriate for Ali to hang all over to Mike and then says at another hospital where Craig worked, one of his colleagues got involved in a terrible sex scandal. Nancy leaves and Rose, the head nurse, stops by. Carrie tells Rose that Mike is saddened that she's leaving the hospital. Rose says that she's making a list of people she thinks are qualified within the hospital to fill the position. After Rose leaves, Carrie hopes Ali isn't on the list.

However, Carrie feels that Mike will hire someone older with more experience. Meanwhile, Craig tells Nancy that the head nurse is retiring. Nancy realizes that that Ali is seducing Mike to get the job. Craig tells Nancy that they need to change focus and make sure Mike hires Ali, the woman he's sleeping with, as head nurse. Nancy says the only problem is that Mike won't hire Ali and they aren't sleeping together. Craig says that is where they come in. Nancy still doesn't think the idea will work because Carrie won't stand for Ali being with Mike. Craig tells Nancy that is where she comes in, she must convince Carrie that Mike would never fall for Ali. Mike goes up to Ali's place and pours some champagne for them. Ali tells Mike that she doesn't think Carrie likes her much because of her feelings for him. Mike says that Carrie likes her, but Ali says she doesn't think Carrie wants anyone on staff to date him. Mike says that she's just being protective of the hospital's reputation. Mike says they can see each other, they just have to keep their relationship low profile. Ali says their relationship will be the best kept secret, and then she excuses herself to change into something more comfortable. She returns in a sleek black body suit and feeds Mike some home baked goods. Ali hints to Mike that one day, she'd like to be head nurse.

Mike tells Ali that he'd like to hear her plans for outside of work. Ali tells Mike she'd like their relationship to move to the next level. Mike tells Ali that he has feelings for her, which surprises her. Mike tells Ali that he likes being with her a lot, and then he kisses her. Mike's cell phone starts ringing and it's Craig. Craig learns Mike is at Ali's and he says he just wanted to tell him about Will's test results. Will has a tiny fever and Mike becomes concerned and says he'll be right over. Ali tells Mike that she won't let him leave unless he promises to return tomorrow night for a special dinner. Mike agrees and then leaves. After he's gone, Ali wonders if there isn't any reason that she can't be head nurse and married to the chief of staff.

Austin goes to see Sami and tells her that he has bad news about Franco. Sami tells Austin to spit it out, so he tells her that Franco was an illegal-alien and only wanted to marry her because he was going to be deported. Sami freaks out and runs off. Will begins to cry and Austin tries to calm him down. Carrie finds Austin and says she's ready to go home, but Austin says he needs to stay here and be with Sami, then he leaves.

Nancy tells Carrie that she has good news. Nancy says Mike isn't falling for Ali because he was at her place, but used Will's fever as an excuse to leave her and come to the hospital. Austin finds Sami and Carrie overhears Austin tell Sami that she deserves to be loved, after Sami tells him she doesn't deserved to be loved.

Hope tells Greta that for so many years she thought she went through horrible surgeries, but it wasn't her. Hope tells Greta that she's so sorry. Greta turns her back on Hope and asks her to leave, she doesn't want anyone's pity and asks Hope to leave again. Hope wants to ask Greta questions, but Billie stands up for Greta and asks Hope to leave. Hope tells Greta that she may not have endured the physical scars she did, but she did endure the mental torment and that's why she feels sorry for her.

Hope tells Greta that they are both victims of Stefano's schemes and they can help each other by bringing down Stefano. Greta looks at Hope and says "Your not Hope, your someone I used to know." Greta has a flashback of Hope reading to her at Maison Blanche while she was bandaged. Greta says she remembers her voice and presence there and how she would read to her, play her favorite music, hold her hand, take care of her, etc....

Greta says sometimes she was there, sometimes she wasn't. Hope asks if she was there the whole time and if she knows what she was doing for Stefano. Greta says she doesn't remember anything about her and Stefano, she just remembers that she was very kind to her and she would comb her hair with a beautiful comb. Hope realizes the comb is the one from Lugano and she asks Greta if she remembers a compact. Greta remembers the compact, but tells Hope she doesn't remember anything about it. Hope starts asking if she knows anything about Lily Faversham, Count Olenska, but Greta doesn't remember anything. Greta is tired and Hope offers to stay with her, but Billie says she'll stay with Greta.

Hope tells Greta that she'll see her tomorrow and then she and Bo leave. After they are gone, Billie thanks Greta for not saying anything about the compact. Greta tells Billie that she remembers Hope and that she was a very nice and compassionate woman. Billie disagrees. Billie tells Greta the only way to have Bo in her life is to get rid of Hope. Meanwhile, Bo tells Hope that they will bring down Stefano by finding the secrets of her past, together.

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Thursday, October 8, 1998

Marlena's Penthouse

Mickey and Sami are discussing what her options are...plead guilty to manslaughter or go to trial for murder. Turns out the DA wants to go to trial in a couple weeks. Sami wants to delay the trial, and Mickey says he'll try. He leaves and Sami is left alone. She sees the picture of Austin and Will in her purse. She only wanted the best life for Will, that is why she lied about the paternity, and about Lucas hitting Will and even being taken in by Franco. She just wanted him to have a loving mother and father. But she can't see any way out of the mess that she is in.

Carrie & Austin's Place

Carrie arrives to give Mike a firthday present....a pocket watch with the inscription "With Love, Carrie." They two kiss when Austin walks in. He is furious and tells Carrie to choose between the two. Carrie wakes up to Austin leaning over her giving her a kiss. She looks at the clock and sees that she is late for work, but Austin tells her to take the day off. No, she says, because she has too much work. Austin asks her if there's more to it. She denies there is anything else, and tells him that she is planning the charity boxing match. Austin bows out saying that he does not have the time. This is when Austin drops a bombshell on her....he has agreed to be Will's guardian if Sami goes to jail.

Carrie is stunned that Austin would make such a decision without consulting her. Austin wonders if she has a problem with raising Will and Carrie says she does not, but Will has a father who wants to raise him too. Austin says that Lucas lost his rights the moment he kidnapped Will and crashed the car while drunk. Carrie continues to defend Lucas, saying that he has problems, but he loves his son. Austin won't be dissuaded, and continues to harp on Carrie about her not wanting to start a family. Carrie tells him that is not fair; she does want to start a family, but she is not ready yet. Austin wonders if she will ever be ready. Carrie tells him that raising Will is a huge responsibility. Austin plays "Let's Suppose" that Sami gets off and they don't have to raise Will, is Carrie ready to try to get pregnant? She does not answer and Austin surmizes that she does not want to have a family now. He's disappointed and he leaves. Carrrie feels guilty for what she did.

Viv's Townhouse

John and Stefano are in Vivian's house, talking. John is trying to figure out what Vivian has that Stefano wants. Ivan and Celeste come in and try to dissuade Stefano from waiting for Vivian as she will be at the hairdressers (read Marlena's office) for many hours. Stefano flashes back to a conversation that he saw with Vivian and Ivan taking about seeing Marlena and he figures out that Vivian is seeking professional help. In the foyer, John, Celeste and Ivan are confirming that Vivian is with Marlena.

Ivan tries to rush Stefano out, but he won't leave. Ivan gets some papers for John to look over and John informs Stefano that he is taking over Viv's business dealings until she is better. John is leaving for the hospital, and Stefano wants to go too. Ivan jumps in and says that he can't and now Stefano is confused....a minute ago, Ivan wanted him to leave, now he wants him to stay. Ivan covers saying that Celeste needs to talk to him. Celeste tells Stefano that she knows about the planted necklace. Stefano laughs it off, but Celeste is on to him. She knows first-hand that he lives by the addage "The end justifys the means." She just wants to know what the ends are in this case. Stefano says that he is a changed man. Celeste will believe that just like everyone believes that she is 29. Stefano says she could pass for that, even knowing that she has a grown daughter. Celeste gets upset, saying that he only brings up Lexie when he wants something....and he does. He wants to invite the two to dinner. He calls Lexie to invite her for dinner. She agrees and the two hang up.

Marlena's Office

Vivian is confused as to why she is there. She is exhibiting strange mood swings, ranging from paranoia to giddiness. Marlena is looking at her strangely and asks if Vivian remembers their conversation the previous night at the Penthouse Grill. Vivian is nervous now, and gets up to get a glass of water. Her hands are trembling and Marlena rushes to help her. Marlena wonders when Vivian first remembers having these symptoms. Vivian spies a rose on Marlena's desk and asks if it was John who gave it to her. Marlena confirms it and asks again her question. Vivian says that Celeste and Ivan believe it was when she had dinner with Stefano a few months ago. This prompts Marlena to ask her what her relationship with Stefano is. Before she will say anything, Vivian want to be assured that their conversation is confidential. Marlena tells her that it is, but would like to tell John what they discuss. Vivian agrees and says that she has a huge secret about Stefano and does not want it to go any further.

The secret is that Vivian and Stefano are going to pull off the business coup of the century....taking over Titan from Kate. Marlena wonders if Stefano may have an ulterior movtive and Vivian remembers the vision of Jonsey telling her not to trust anyone. She's not sure if Stefano can be trusted...but he has been with her through all the strange moods, and is concerned enough to want her to sign a power of attorney. Marlena perks up when she hears this and asks if she did it. Vivian tells her no, and Marlena asks if Vivian is having hallucinations. Vivian gets defensive, saying Jonsey is her guardian angel and if Marlena can't embrace the idea, that's her problem. Vivian is skeptical now, believing that Marlena thinks she's crazy. She gets up to leave, opens the door and walks right into the closet!

Vivian comes out holding a hanger and quotes from Mommy Dearest "How many times have I told you Christina, no more wire hangers." Vivian laughs off the whole incident and Marlena tells her that she thinks she has a problem. John comes in and tells Viv that he has made arrangements to move into the office suite. She agrees and wants to leave. Marlena doesn't want her to stay and Vivian jokingly asks if Marlena wants her committed. Vivian turns paranoid again and says that John and Marlena tricked her into coming, that men in white coats are going to drag her off.

Vivian sees a vision of Jonsey and starts talking to him, in front of John and Marlena. She tells Jonsey to tell John and Marlena that she is not crazy and Jonsey affirms it. Vivian looks at John and Marlena and says, "See, you heard it right from his mouth."


Ali is remembering her kiss with Mike, as Nancy walks up. Ali leaves and Craig joins his wife. They start talking about how essential Ali is to their plan to oust Mike as COS. If Ali and Mike are intimate, and Ali gets the head nurses job, then they will claim the Chief of Staff showed favoritism to his lover. The two hoped that Mike and Carrie would give into their feeling for each other, but they are too noble. Nancy is going to make sure that Ali's name is high on the list of candidates. Oh, no, Craig says, he has found a flaw in their plan. Carrie will screen the list of candidates and tell Mike not to promote Ali. Nancy tells him that Carrie would not interfere in hospital business, it would be too obvious.

Craig and Nancy see Rose and (not too subtly) ask if Ali is on the list of replacements. Rose had not even thought of her as a candidate and the devious duo start signing the praises of Ali. Rose is hesitant, but finally agrees to consider Ali for the job.

Kate assures Lucas that even if Sami goes to trial and remembers that she did not kill Franco, it will just look like she's lying. Lucas is being checked on by Nurse Ali when he tells her that she deserves all the pain that he is getting. Kate is looking on shaking her head to stop saying anything. Ali leaves, and Kate blasts Lucas for acting guilty. Lucas is worried that Sami's case will go to trial and the two will have to testify. What if they slip up and their lies are exposed, Lucas wonders. Kate is confident that it will never come to that. See, if Sami's case goes to trial, she risks being put on death row. But, if Mickey cuts a deal for her, she'll be out in 10-20 years and still have a life. They wonder about Roman, and Kate says that Roman can speculate all he wants....they are the only ones who know how Franco died.

Mike and Lexie are talking about what Mike did after the party. Lexie is none too happy that Mike and Ali are getting closer. She questions if that is what Mike really wants. Ali comes up with a case of a patient with symptoms that appear to be meningitis. Lexie and Mike are stunned when Ali says that she read an article on lyme disease, and the symptoms mimic those of meningitis. Mike orders a test to confirm the diagnosis. He is impressed that Ali is reading the AMA Journals. Just another plus for getting the head nurse job, Ali thinks. The two confirm their date for that evening.

Sami arrives to check on Will. She holds him in her arms and hugs him. They have a man-to-mom talk. She tells him that giving birth to him is the best thing she's done in her life. She tells him to always believe that she loves him, no matter what anyone says. Sami tells him that she probably does not have much time left with him, and she wants to make sure that he is taken care Uncle Austin will be taking care of him. Sami vows that there will be nothing Kate or Lucas can do about it. Sami tells Will that he will have so many fun times with Austin. She's sad that this may be one of the last times he will see her, when Lexie walks in to give Will his medicine. Sami thanks Lexie for all she has done to take care of Will and proceeds to tell Lexie her court options. Sami then asks Lexie a personal question. Since Lexie just found out about her mother a few years ago, does she think Will can find it in his heart to be with Sami. Lexie assures Sami that she has bonded with Will these three years, and that she is close with her parents now. Sami is still not sure, but Austin comes in and says that he will take care of Will. Sami and Austin go outside and talk. Austin is supportive and Sami tells him that Mickey suggests pleading guilty. Austin thinks that Sami should take Mickey's advice, but Sami is not sure....she does not remember pulling the trigger. She wonders if she even killed Franco, as Kate listens on, worried.

Carrie arrives and asks Nancy if she has seen Mike. Nancy takes the opportunity to tell Carrie that Ali has been bending Mike's ear all morning trying to get the head nurse's position. Carrie is shocked, saying that Ali is not qualified. Nancy plants the seed that since Mike and Carrie think alike, that won't be a problem. Mike sees Carrie and comes over. Carrie tells him that she and Austin had another disagreement, but she is worried that she is becoming a burden to Mike as she is always telling him her problems. Mike assures her that she can never be a burden, he is her friend and wants to help. In Mike's office, Carrie tells Mike that Austin wants to start a family. She tells him that she is not ready now, but Mike remembers them talking before and she seemed happy at having a baby. What's changed since then, he asks. Carrie is not sure, but she loves Austin and knows this will make him happy, but she wonders why she can't say yes to getting pregnant.

Craig and Nancy are revelling in their plot to take down Mike. They can't wait to see Carrie's face when she learns that Mike and Ali slept together. And, they can't wait for the outcry from the other nurses when they learn that Ali slept her way to the position of head nurse. Mike and Ali will have to resign in shame, leaving the door open for Craig to step in as the new COS.

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Friday, October 9, 1998

Marlena's Place

John and Marlena are sitting having breakfast with Belle and Brady (they live!) having a grand old time. Belle asks where Sami is, and Marlena tells her that she is sleeping in. Sami is having a nightmare about confronting Franco. In her dream, Franco is taunting her that sleeping with Candy was much better than sleeping with her and that the only reason he's marrying her is to get his green card. Sami gets mad and shoots him, then faints. Sami wakes up, convinced that is what happened.

John and Marlena discuss Vivian. John says that it is possible that Stefano is involved. John is going to talk to Celeste about Viv's company to help relieve some business pressure. Sami comes down and tells Marlena about her nightmares. The kids come in and Brady asks if Sami will stay here forever. Before Sami can answer, the nanny takes the kids to the park. Sami starts telling John and Marlena that they have been wonderful to her. John gives her a hug and leaves. Marlena and Sami start talking about Will and that Austin should raise Will. Marlena is concerned because Carrie and Austin want to start a family, but Sami tells her that Carrie is too wrapped up in her career, and Austin promised to take care of Will. Sami is glad that she can count on Austin; Franco never did love her and since she will be going to jail, she will never know what it is like to be loved.

Mickey arrives with the guardianship papers for Sami. Marlena leaves to go to work. He tells Sami that the court will make the final decision, but Mickey has every confidence the judge will allow it. Moving on, they talk about Sami's defense. It's not a strong case, Mickey concedes. He starts to talk about their strategy, when Sami tells him that she remembers. Sami tells Mickey how she and Kate were talking about that night and Sami relays the story Kate fed her. Again, she is asked if she really remembers this or if she just thinks she remembers. Sami says it must be true and Mickey tells her to plead manslaughter. The sentence time would be less, but admitting to the crime must be her decision.

Salem Motel

While Greta is taking a shower, Billie returns with coffee for Bo. Bo thanks Billie for bringing Greta back to Salem. They start talking about Greta and how strong she is for leaving the Bayou and coming to Salem. Billie steers the conversation to Bo's future and if he has made any plans. Bo says that his future is on hold...he has to concentrate on Hope. Billie starts throwing the fact that Bo made many promises to her when she was pregnant in Bo's face. You can tell that Bo is getting upset, but he calmly tells Billie that he went to the Bayou to grieve, and that Billie should do the same. Billie starts in on Hope, saying that how can she grieve and put it behind her when every time she sees Hope, she is reminded of the argument that made her lose her baby. Bo tells her that she can't keep blaming Hope. Billie is getting spiteful and says that when she saw Hope in Europe, it was so strange, because Hope was so immersed as Princess Gina.

This raises many questions for Bo...why was Billie in Europe anyway. Countess Willemina, Billie says. Bo is suspicious, Europe is a big place, but Billie covers saying it was a coincidence. She again steers the conversation to how Hope really got into the Gina persona. In fact, Billie says, Hope prefers being Princess Gina, she does not want to be Hope Brady. Bo is getting mad now, saying he's sick of all the lies and manipulations keeping Bo and Hope apart....Ernesto and Stefano conspiring to keep Hope, Kate hiring Franco. By finding Hope's past, they can get control of their lives back. Billie then poses the question, what if Hope was married or even had a child during that time?

Bo concedes that it is possible, but he will deal with it. Billie is worried about him, because she loves him. She tells him that maybe they can get back together and have another baby. At this, Bo turns to her and tells her, in no uncertain terms, that there is no future for the two of them. Even if things do not work out with Hope, Bo will never be with Billie. Billie leaves and runs into Hope who is wondering if Bo and Greta are inside. Billie sneers, yes they are, "he's all yours, Princess" and stalks off. Inside, Bo tells Hope that he had a talk with Billie and updates her on what the two talked about. He loves Hope and his future is with her. Bo then tells her he has a way to stop Stefano for good.

Horton Kitchen

Hope is reunited with Shawn D as Alice looks on. (Wow, all the kids are here today). Shawn D notices Hope's new hair style and both comment on how they like it. Hope says that she is still Hope Williams...and is about to say Brady....but changes it to, "I'm still your mother." Shawn D hints that now that she and Bo are back, they may get back together. Hope decides to plan a family dinner and Shawn D is happy about that. He leaves for school, leaving Alice and Hope to discuss what happened last night. Alice asks the $64 million dollar question: Are they getting back together?

Hope tells Gran that things are complicated when the phone rings. It's Lili, who has called to check up on Hope. They talk a bit and Hope mentions Vivian's name and Lili gets an angry look on her face. Hope inquires as to Lili's health and Lili informs her she is fine and is still planning to visit Salem. Hope is so happy to talk to Lili. When Lili hangs up the phone, she comments that it is sad that Gina lives in the same town as that awful Vivian Alamain.

Hope admits that she will never have a love like she had with Bo, but Stefano took her away. Hope informs Alice that she was never in the cage during the explosion, and that Bo found Greta who confessed to the illusion. Alice is confused about the whole situation, but Hope straightens her out. They just can't fugure out the birthmark. Alice is thankful that Bo and Hope are working together on this mystery. Hope tells her not to get her hopes up, but Alice tells her to have faith. Hope starts talking about feeling responsible for Billie's loss. Alice says that she can't keep feeling guilty, it happened, now move on. Hope says it goes farther back, that Bo betrayed their love by sleeping with Billie.

Alice then tells Hope that Franco is dead. She's shocked and feels bad for Roman and Marlena. They return to talking about Bo and Hope tells her Gran that she would love to be a family again, but she must find out about her 4 missing years. Alice assures her it is meant to be. Hope leaves to check on Bo and Greta, but tells Alice that she worries if Stefano ever found out that Greta is alive.

Vivian's Place

Ivan comes in (hey, Ivan, you're back.....we missed you) carrying a tray of Vivian's favorite pastries. Vivian is out of sorts, asking Ivan to give her a cup of coffee as she is holding one already. She is dazed and starts rambling on about how she has too much jewelry, and that she doesn't care that Ivan and Celeste stole a necklace. Ivan tells her again that they had nothing to do with was Stefano. Stefano, meanwhile, is looking on through his closed-caption TV with Dr. Rolf, worried that Vivian is so despondent and he has not used the device on her. Perhaps he should put her in an UP mood. Rolf chastises Stefano, telling him that he used the device too much. Stefano is lamenting that Vivian did not sign the papers because Hope interrupted his plans. Stefano vows that it will not be long before Hope's family does not even know her.

Vivian is upset that Ivan deserted her and Ivan tells her again that it was Stefano's plan all along to get rid of them. Vivian defends Stefano, and Ivan tells her that he is glad she is seeing Marlena. Stefano is now upset that Vivian is going to see Marlena. He decides that he must take matters into his own hands. John arrives and Viv tells him that she does not need to see a priest, she's not ready for her last rites. Good, because he's not a priest anymore. Viv asks what the scoop was with Hope masquerading as Princess Gina. Gina was the name Stefano gave Hope, John explains. Vivian slyly asks about the old dame that Hope was traveling with. Lili and Gina were close, John explains. Vivian tells John and Ivan that it was so much fun traveling on the Empress Express, seeing old friends, and others that she hoped she would never see she remembers Lili. Viv gets woozy and starts babbling about all the crazy escapades she had done in the last couple months. John is concerned now and says that she should get checked out by Marlena. Ivan says that Stefano must not find out where she is going, when Stefano walks in asking why not.

Ivan and John make up a story that Vivian needs to see her hairdresser (meaning Marlena, but unknown to them, Stefano is wise to their game.) Vivian is still out of it, babbling about Jonsey. Stefano insists that Vivian looks ravishing and that he has plans for her today. Ivan whisks Vivian away and John keeps Stefano from following. John informs Stefano that he will be moving his office next to Vivian's to protect her interest. John warns Stefano that he has his eye on him. Vivian is at the hospital to see Marlena. She implores Marlena to help her. Inside Marlena's office, she begins by asking Vivian about her relationship with Stefano.


Lucas is going though physical therapy, and the therapist tells Lucas to focus on seeing his son again. Lucas says why bother, Sami will have her way and make it so that he will never see Will again. He might as well give up. Kate is standing at the door and tells him over her dead body. Lucas is depressed about his situation, but Kate tells him that she will protect him. Kate assures him that Will will be in both of their lives. Kate figures that once Sami is in jail, Austin will come around and see that Lucas is rehabilitated.. Lucas likes the idea of Sami behind bars, and Kate is pleased that Lucas does not harbor guilty feelings. Lucas tells Kate his change of heart occurred when Sami tried to kill him.

Kate is horrified, but then thinks that it confirms what she know....Sami is a natural born killer. Lucas admits that he was about to tell Sami the whole truth after having another attack of conscience, but after what Sami did, he wants to see her behind bars. Kate tries to perk Lucas up, saying that he needs to heal. Lucas is still dwelling on Sami, when Kate assures him that she will be spending her life in a cell. Their plan, Lucas says, hinges on Sami's memory. What if she suddenly remembers not shooting Franco?

Kate assures Lucas she has taken steps to make sure Sami is convicted by telling Sami the story of how she shot Franco. Lucas realizes that Kate knew the whole story about Franco's deportation. Lucas is confused as to why Franco freaked out about being deported. Kate does not tell Lucas the other part of the story....that Franco's life was in danger if he went back to Italy. Lucas tells Kate that Sami truly believes she killed Franco.

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