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 Recaps for The week of June 7, 1999
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Monday, June 7, 1999

Due to technical difficulties, this week of recaps is unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience. Below you will find a summary of this week's events.

John and Marlena set a wedding date after he said he no longer wants to know about his past. Gina denied Marlena's suspicion that John is the reason she can't commit to Bo. Gina pressured Stefano to turn John into the "old" John, but covered up about her true feeling for him. John warned Stefano that he is beginning to remember his time with Gina. John attacked Stefano, but he used the command "At Ease" and John had a flashback to when he was a mercenary under Stefano's control. Worried, Stefano ordered Rolf to bring back his pawn, the "old" John. Vivian planned a party during which she intends to give away her paintings as part of her plot against Stefano, and to get control to Titan. Mike comforted Carrie after Austin made her move out. To ease his guilt, Lucas offered to share custody of Will with Sami.

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