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Monday, May 7, 2001

Hope and Jen continue their chat, but are interrupted when Shawn and Bo come home. Bo suggests a "boys night out" and decides to take JT along with them. As they leave, Hope jokes not to vote anyone out of the tribe. As they leave, Jen tells Hope what a wonderful family she has. Hope wants to hear more about this Colin guy, but Jen says that she thinks it was just all in her head. She calls herself pathetic but Hope promises not to judge her. She says that now she feels that Jack has even more power over her than before. She explains how when Colin left Africa, she followed him to Ireland and that he wasn't so pleased to see her there. He told her that he though of her as a "chum" and nothing more. She talks about how nice he was to her in Africa and truly thought he cared for her.

She says once in Ireland, he treated her differently and ended up sneaking off. She calls herself a "love struck teenage girl", but she is actually relieved that she will never see him again. She tells Hope that she feels like an idiot for following him and that she was out of her league. Hope reassures her that she is beautiful, intelligent, etc. and would NEVER be out of her league. Jen appreciates the kindness and thanks her for being such a good friend, but now she must go home to Jack. Hope has an idea and invites her to spend the night there and Jen decides to take her up on her offer. Sure she can get home before Abby wakes up, she isn't even going to call Jack to tell him where she is.

Bo, Shawn and JT arrive at the pub, much to the delight of Grandpa Shawn and Caroline. Shawn and Bo joke about how neglected they are over all the attention JT is getting. They haul him away to show him off to everyone as Bo and Shawn talk about how Bo's attitude has changed towards JT in the past few months. Grandpa Shawn decides to call his sister in Ireland and Shawn asks if all is okay and Colin explains he is lying low after all the trouble Bo caused there. He tells Shawn to keep Bo away. Back at the table, Bo questions Shawn about girls/dating, etc. and about Belle Black in particular. Shawn gets kind of flustered as Caroline returns with JT. Bo calls JT his buddy and can't imagine life without him.

Jack is asleep on the couch and hears a noise outside. He jumps up, thinking it's Jennifer...then he thinks it's a burglar. Actually, it's Greta coming by with some accessories for the house. She decides to leave them at the door and sneak away quietly. Not so...Jack comes rushing out the door with a frying pan (as a weapon) and falls over the stuff. He invites her in and doesn't even offer to help her. She lectures him on how to treat women. He takes note and goes for tea. Greta wonders how Jen puts up with him. Jack loves all the stuff she picked out and Greta hopes Jen likes it as well. He doesn't know where she is and thinks Jen is trying to teach him a lesson. Abby comes down, looking for her mom as Jack jokes about the "princess" and calls her "Lady Abigail." Greta goes to leave as Jack offers Abby a cupcake. Outside, Greta thinks he is really weird...BUT is a good father. Jack and Abby enjoy their cupcakes (Abby really enjoys hers...she has icing all over her face) as Abby asks again where mommy is. Jack changes the subject and sends her off to bed, before he wonders where Jen is as well.

At DiMansion, Lexie is ringing the doorbell, but Stefano won't let Abe answer it. The phone rings and Stefano tells him THAT is probably Lexie and for him to get it. No, it's Celeste who is in a panic, telling him about Glen, Barb and the lawyer at the door. Abe tells her he will be right there and not to panic. He storms off (as Lexie hides in the bushes). After he is gone, she comes in and Stefano hands the phone to her. She gives Celeste instructions on how to handle the situation and does so as Lexie listens. She tells her to take the papers and be polite. After this is done, Glen and Barb wonder what is going on and what the Carvers are up to. Lexie assures her mom that Abe will be there soon and that she will call back in five minutes to talk to him. Abe rushes in and demands to know where Lexie is. Lexie is furious with her father and demands the truth. They bicker and she tells him that she knows that Glen is the father of Hope's baby.

She calls and talks to Abe (as he bombards her with questions). She tells him that she is at Stefano's and they are going to dinner as he fumes. She tells him that Stefano and Brandon are trying to help her and for him to just trust her, much to Abe's dismay. After getting off the phone, Abe asks Celeste what is going on. She prattles on and on about Stefano's involvement until Able blows his top. He apologizes to her and goes to make some calls. After he is gone, to herself, she says she always had a feeling that Isaac was going to be taken away from them. At DiMansion, Lexie and Stefano get into it again and she demands the truth. She tells him about switching the DNA samples with Hope's baby and Stefano is shocked. She tells him that she already knew that Bo wasn't the father and wonders how Glen got Hope pregnant. She demands to know what he is not telling her about the situation. Stefano says that he had already told her everything and assures her that Glen is NOT the father of Hope's baby. She wants to know how he can be so sure and says that if Stefano is SO sure that Glen isn't the father, then that means that he KNOWS who is.

Tuesday, May 8, 2001

Mimi and Jan are at .com, checking out the website. Jason nearly catches them, but they cover. Jan plans to broadcast the video of Chloe showering on the big screen television monitors at the Last Blast dance. She's sure that Philip will dump Chloe in a nanosecond when he sees that video.

Chloe and Belle are in Belle's room, discussing the pros and cons of Eminem, when Philip calls. They agree to meet Philip and Shawn at .com, and when Chloe hangs up, Belle suggests bringing Brady along. Downstairs, John tells Brady that he is very proud of Brady for keeping his cool after losing the case. Brady gives John a sob story about how he feels like a prisoner in the penthouse, and Marlena hears every word. She storms into the living room, amazed that John would allow Brady to lie about her like that. Marlena blows up at Brady, but Belle comes downstairs with Chloe and interrupts the argument. Brady is more than willing to tag along with Belle and Chloe, since doing so will get him away from Marlena. Before leaving, though, Belle demands to know what's happening with Marlena and Brady, so Marlena explains what happened earlier. Belle tells John that she believes Marlena- Brady is a great actor, and he's stringing John along. Outside, Brady and Chloe start to argue...again. Belle emerges from the penthouse and interrupts them, and they head off to .com. Inside, John tells Marlena that hearing Belle say what she said about Brady has made him realize that she's right- Brady IS playing John. He apologizes to Marlena for being so clueless.

Philip and Shawn arrive at .com, and start talking to Jan and Mimi. Jan antagonizes Philip, telling him that Chloe has him wrapped around her finger, and Jason joins in. Philip goes off on Jason, and they get into a fight. Chloe, Belle, and Brady arrive in time to watch Philip knock Jason to the ground...and Jason doesn't get up. Belle thinks they should call the police.

Hope tells Bo that she wants to have another child with him, which leads to another discussion about J.T.'s true paternity. Bo tells Hope that he can't handle not knowing; it's killing him. Hope begs him to leave it alone and accept J.T. as theirs, but Bo wants to follow some leads he has and try to track down the true father. Bo tells Hope that the father has to be someone that Gina loved, and then he realizes it must be John. Hope assures Bo that they've been down this road before, and John can't be the father. Bo seems to buy it, but isn't ready to give up searching for the father. Hope gets a bit seductive in order to get Bo's mind off of J.T.'s paternity, and they begin to make love.

Lexie tells Stefano that she knows that Bo isn't J.T's father- and she thinks Stefano knows who IS the father. He tries to deny it, but Lexie has had enough of his lies and demands the truth. As Stefano continues to evade the question, though, Lexie begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and realizes that Hope has Marlo's baby, and Lexie has Hope's baby. Stefano tries to assure Lexie that that kind of thing only happens in the movies, but Lexie isn't convinced. She remembers that on the day that J.T. and Isaac were born, Lexie and Hope both thought for a second that their babies looked different than they did the last time that they had seen the babies, which only makes her more certain. She's sure that she and Hope are going to lose their babies now. Stefano is furious with Lexie for switching the DNA- everything would have been fine if she'd just let Stefano handle it, he says. Lexie realizes that Stefano was always so sure that things would work out, and asks if he had something to do with the switch. He denies the accusation, and Lexie believes him. She tells Stefano that she has to tell Hope that she has the wrong baby, but Stefano forbids her from doing so. Lexie panics, telling Stefano that the lab is going to do another test the next morning, and that when the results come in, she'll lose her baby. Stefano tells her he'll take care of everything, but she has to agree to trust him and follow his instructions to the letter. Lexie agrees- she'll do anything to keep Isaac.

Wednesday, May 9, 2001

Brandon flashes back to the computer screen flashing the DNA results, ponders the why, and tries to unsuccessfully call Lexie. He attempts to watch TV, but is too restless. He calls Sami, paces back and forth, and then answers a knock at the door. Ben, the lawyer is very upset at the newspaper headlines. He complains about the case w/Larry, and how Brandon has not been around, flying off to Europe, etc. Brandon replies that he got Larry a job, he's doing well, and that "life is what happens when you're making other plans." Brandon says he still intends to bring Carver down, just not in court.

Sami is still playing mind games with Austin and definitely winning (this is so easy). She just talks casual, pretending she realizes she was moving too quickly for Austin and he was right. She wants someone to sweep her off her feet, carry her to bed and want to spend the whole day there with her, and Austin swallows it all. Brandon calls, inviting her and Will over to watch a G-rated movie. She tells him Will is asleep, and that Austin is there, but says another time and she will call him. She shmoozes Austin about all the men who lied to her. (Alan, Franco, Lucas) and how Austin turned on her when she was trying to get Will back.

Will wakes up, missing Daddy. After Sami gets him back to bed, she really pours it on, says she never badmouthed Lucas in front of Will, and really snows him about Lucas being Will's daddy and entitled to spend time w/him, blah, blah. She then shocks Austin, telling him to leave. As she closes the door, she thanks her grandma for the advice, and says it had better work. Out in the hall, a completely snowed Austin mutters to himself that he cannot lose Sami.

Craig arrives home to a beautiful laid out dinner table, and Nancy all dressed up, preparing a scrumptious dinner of prime rib, baked potato and creamed spinach. She is so happy Chloe won't be there, she'll be able to breathe. Craig is disappointed, as he wanted Chloe there for a reason. Nancy gets on her high horse, sarcastically mentioning how the two of them have bonded. Craig suggests she find solutions instead of harping on the problems. Nancy tells Craig about Chloe's "huge" friend who came over, and insulted her by saying that Nancy, too, was fat. Nancy says the girl had such a pretty face, and it was not healthy for her to be so big. She then asks Craig if he thinks she is fat. He tries to avoid answering, saying how he loves her and always has, just as she is.

Nancy persists, and Craig finally says she might be a few pounds overweight. Nancy gets very upset, then Craig returns to the subject of Chloe, telling Nancy about consulting Marlena for some input. Nancy has a hissy fit, Craig says he was trying to find a way to help "our daughter" and Nancy, in a nasty tone, says, "Our daughter, she is not yours, she is MY daughter." Craig is very hurt, Nancy apologizes, and he smells something burning. Nancy runs into the kitchen, returning with a casserole dish and says, Chloe is not even here and she causes trouble. Dinner is burned. Craig smiles and says it is a good excuse to take her out to dinner.

Philip and Jason are still going at it, as Jason had faked being knocked out. All the kids are yelling. Shawn tries to stop them a couple of times and is thrown to the ground, hitting his head. Brady starts to go, but Chloe trips him, claiming he might further his present injuries. Sirens are heard as Roman plus a uniform arrive and break it all up. Chloe is furious at Philip, telling him she can fight her own battles, and violence solves nothing. He tells her he was only defending her and trying to protect her cause he loves her.

When Roman asks what happened, no one answers. He directly asks Belle, but Brady harps on her to keep her mouth shut. Belle clams up. So does Chloe. Roman says he is arresting the boys. Chloe claims they were just horsing around, and got carried away. Jan steps up and agrees. Roman questions some adult onlookers, who don't want to get involved, but give him a hard time about not stopping real crime, and picking on kids. When the uniform tries to talk to Roman about community relations, Roman brushes him off, telling him to go write his report. Jan talks Mimi into confirming their version of events, which she does. They whisper about getting back at Chloe at the Last Blast Dance, and Philip won't want anything to do with Chloe.

Nicole looks unhappy, and tells Victor it is because of a nosedive some stocks took. Victor knows better. Nicole is thinking about Daddy Dearest, and we hear his voice urging her to do something, and her pleading she does not want to do it. She gets up to leave, but Victor stops her. He gets her to talk about her father getting out of prison, and he tries to comfort her, saying he will always protect her. She says she has always wanted someone who could truly do that. She then gets hungry, and they wonder what Henderson is surprising them with dinner. Victor wonders what is keeping Philip. He talks about breaking up Phil and Chloe, and calling Nancy Wesley into his office for a "talk." The phone rings, and Henderson says it is the police. Roman tells Victor that they have arrested Philip again and he is at the station. Victor says he will be right there.

Thursday, May 10, 2001

Brandon vows to stop waiting around for Sami, and invites Fayeover for dinner. Unbeknownst to Brandon, Fayehas some bad news to share with him that night. She begins by apologizing for allowing Paul (Brandon and Nicole's father) to get away with hurting her children, but he assures her that it wasn't her fault. He also assures her that he's not worried about girls (namely, Sami) at the moment; he has more important things to worry about. After dinner, Fayedecides to break the news about Paul to Brandon. When Brandon learns that Paul is up for parole- and may get it- Brandon's good mood immediately sours. He has audio flashbacks to an argument between Paul and Fay, which ended with gunshots. Brandon assures Fayethat he will kill Paul if he ever comes near Fayeor Nicole.

Victor and Nicole head over to the police department to bail out Philip. Victor is sure that Chloe has something to do with the brawl that Philip got into, and promises to find a way to break the two up. Meanwhile, at the police department, a jailed Philip continues to argue with his cellmate, Jason. Jason eventually calms down, as does Philip, and they agree to forget about the entire ordeal.

Brady and Chloe head down to the police department; Brady is determined to break Philip out of jail by using his law-suit scare tactics on the police officers. Unfortunately, he runs into Roman again, and an ugly argument ensues. Brady dares Roman to admit that he doesn't love Marlena in front of everyone in the P.D., but Roman can't and averts the question. Victor arrives, and demands to speak with Roman. Brady continues to enjoy himself outside, threatening the uniformed officers. Victor and Roman emerge from Roman's office, and Roman tells one of the officers to release the boys. Brady is sure that Victor has threatened the P.D., and is quite pleased by the idea. Philip is surprised to see Chloe there- with Brady- and gets jealous. Victor orders Philip to meet Victor and Nicole at Tuscany for dinner, and tells him to bring Chloe along, as well. After they leave, Brady taunts Roman again, telling him that his performance tonight is only a small taste of what is to come.

Shawn and Belle are still at .com, and Shawn is fuming after hearing Brady's earlier comments about Shawn's dad (Brady accused Shawn of getting his dad to drop Shawn's charges when Shawn was caught driving a motorcycle without a license). Shawn and Belle begin to talk about the mysterious can again, and Shawn still believes that there is something alive inside of the can. Shawn takes the opportunity to scare Belle by suddenly producing the can, which he had hid under the table. Belle is quite upset with Shawn, but seems to forgive him. Shawn tells her he can't forget about the can until he finds out what it has in it.

Love is in the air, as Marlena and John bask in the afterglow of lovemaking. Elsewhere, Bo and Hope are in a similar state of contentment. They have all worked up quite an appetite, and decide to head to Tuscany for dinner (though John is less than thrilled at the prospect of seeing Maggie again). When John and Marlena arrive, Maggie is gossiping, and John immediately berates her for doing so. Maggie abruptly sends them to their table and heads off to greet Hope and Bo, who politely decline Maggie's offer to seat them at Marlena and John's table. John takes the opportunity- as always- to ask Bo how J.T. is, and Marlena warns John to be more careful in the future- Bo could start to get the hint that John is J.T.'s true father. John gets a phone call from his lawyer, regarding property John wishes to purchase for Basic Black, and takes the call out on the terrace. Bo takes the opportunity to speak with Marlena about J.T.'s paternity, and Maggie takes the opportunity to speak with Hope about John's hostile behavior as of late. Hope politely tells Maggie that John's affairs are none of her business, and Maggie gets upset, telling Hope that she was only trying to be a good friend, and despite what Hope and John may think, she wasn't being nosy or gossipy. Maggie walks off before Hope can reply or apologize. Bo asked Marlena for the truth- he's sure that Marlena knows more about J.T.'s birth father than she has revealed. Bo asks to speak with her privately sometime, and Marlena agrees to set up an appointment with him. She doesn't promise to let him in on anything, though.

Lexie is determined to keep her baby, and agrees to do anything that Stefano tells her to do. He tells her he's taking her to dinner, though, which isn't exactly what Lexie wants to be doing during this time of crisis. She can't believe that Stefano is acting so nonchalant about this, but Stefano assures Lexie that he will take care of everything- but the less Lexie knows, the better. He convinces Lexie to get dressed and accompany him to Tuscany. Privately, he muses that Lexie and Stefano have to be seen in public, so that no one can connect them to the events that he is going to set in motion that night. Upstairs, Lexie calls Brandon to get him to promise, once again, not to tell anyone about the DNA test. Stefano walks in on her, and demands that she hang up the phone immediately. He warns her that he does not appreciate having other people knowing his business, and informs Lexie that Brandon may have to "disappear" after this ordeal is settled. Lexie begs Stefano to promise that he won't hurt Brandon; he doesn't exactly do that, but changes the subject and makes Lexie promise not to make any more decisions without his input and approval- ever. She agrees. Stefano heads downstairs, where he places a call to Rolf and explains the plan for the night. Lexie calls Brandon back and warns him that Stefano is going to want to meet with him, and Brandon tells her he's not worried- Stefano DiMera can't scare him. Stefano walks in on Lexie again, and she tells Stefano that she was just warning Brandon about Stefano's intentions to speak with him. Stefano is amused to learn that Brandon was not afraid, and tells Lexie that Brandon had better learn to fear Stefano DiMera if he plans to survive in Salem. Later, when Stefano and Lexie arrive at Tuscany, John and Marlena are shocked to see them together once again. Marlena observes that Lexie seems to be in a trance of sorts, and worries about her friend. Stefano and Lexie exchange some friendly greetings with the Brady's and the Black's, and Stefano tells Lexie to keep a happy face tonight. Lexie wants to know what Stefano has planned, but he only tells her that everyone in Salem will be affected. Lexie wonders if Stefano is planning to hurt people, but decides that she doesn't care- she'll do whatever it takes to keep Isaac.

Friday, May 11, 2001

Lexie expresses her fears about the baby switch and that whoever fathered Hope's child will come after J.T. the same way Glen has come for Isaac. Bart shows up at Tuscany to scope out the place. When he returns to Rolf, Bart reminds Rolf that Stefano does not want anyone killed because of this plan. Rolf makes an unconvincing promise to do his best... Marlena thinks Bo is getting closer to the truth about John being J.T.'s father. John presses Marlena to tell Bo the truth, but Marlena is adamant about keeping her promise to Hope. When Brady's name is mentioned, Marlena and John get into an argument, but quickly declare a truce for the rest of the evening. Meanwhile, the tensions build between Bo and Hope with Bo's growing suspicion that John is J.T.'s father. Hope tells Bo point blank that John could not be the father. When Bo insists that he has a right to know who J.T.'s father is, Hope storms out, with Bo trailing after her... Jack and Abby call Jennifer at Bo and Hope's house, wanting to know when she will be home. Jennifer explains to Abby that she is babysitting J.T. and will be home as soon as she can. Abby says she wants Jennifer to come home, so Jennifer decides to take J.T. with her. After calling Hope, Jennifer calls Jack to tell him she is bringing J.T. back with her. After she hangs up, Jennifer is not in any hurry to leave... Victor and Nicole arrive at Tuscany before Philip and Chloe. Victor is determined to prove to Philip that he can do better than Chloe. However, Chloe makes this difficult when she impresses Victor by ordering her dinner in italian. When Victor asks Chloe about her feelings for Philip, Chloe shuts victor out. Philip tries to protect Chloe, but she warns him that he got into the fight earlier because he was trying to protect her... Nancy is showered with compliments over her radio show at Tuscany. Craig tries to convince Nancy that the three of them should be in counseling, but Nancy thinks it is a waste of time. She regrets ever taking Chloe from the orphanage...

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