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Monday, March 24, 2003
by NBC

As they head out to confront Rolf about the twins, Tony convinces Marlena not to call John to let him know what they're doing. However, when John has no luck reaching Marlena via her cell phone, he uses a tracking device to find out where she is and pops out just as she and Tony arrive at the house. Marlena is angry that he hid the device in her purse but John claims he was simply trying to protect her. John insists that he be with them to question Rolf who they find has been tied up by Bart. John recognizes him from a time with Stefano and quickly demands some answers about some baby things he and Hope found on the island. Rolf confirms the twins were there but had been spirited away when they learned he was going to be there. Though Rolf won't answer any of Tony's questions, he does tell Marlena that the twins were with her for awhile and taken from her after they were weaned from her. When John threatens to hurt Rolf as only Stefano could train him, Rolf agrees to tell all he knows. At the Blue Note Jack and Jennifer watch as Roman interrupts his date with Kate to confront Carson and orders him to stay away from Bo. Carson hints that he knows he and Bo are working for Victor. In the Blue Note bathroom Jennifer tries to find out who Carson's date is but has no luck. Nicole angrily blasts Victor about changing the locks on her car. He refuses to give her the access codes and kicks her out of his room. Victor then orders Nico to find out all he can about the new gang leader in Salem. Nicole overhears him and threatens to tell Bo about his illegal activities but Victor's unimpressed by her threat.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003
by Joan

As Tony and John question Rolf, Marlena suddenly remembers the twins being taken away from her as well as their phoenix tattoos. Rolf admits that the twins were part of Stefano's plan to insure the continuation of the DiMera family and the hope to create a more perfect DiMera. John tries to take Marlena out to the car but she wants to wait behind for a moment. While John gets the car, Marlena bonds with Tony. After they leave, Tony notices that Rolf has escaped but is unconcerned because he's learned what he hoped to hear. Shawn and Belle stop by the pub where they find Rex staring daggers at Chaz as he secretly gives Cassie beer. Asked by Rex to help, Belle accuses Cassie of drinking but Cassie denies it. Mimi quietly asks Shawn to give Rex some dating tips. Rex quickly uses them to some success. Cassie falls down while on the dance floor. They bring Cassie back to the dorm where she interrupts Belle and Shawn's "make out session." When Brandon and Sami arrive at the Blue Note, Brandon finds Lexie there with Abe. He interrupts their meal and chastises Lexie for being out instead of staying home to rest. Abe warns him to back off and mind his own business. Sami makes fun of Lucas and lets his date know that he's been with a lot of women. She later complains to Brandon about his overt interest in Lexie. When she mentions her concern for Will, he notices her interest in sticking it to a nearby Lucas and suggests they go to counseling. She refuses. Lexie panics when her comment about their baby's paternity causes Abe to wonder if there's a question about it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

When Cassie wakes with a huge hangover, Mimi and Belle are unsympathetic and try to lecture her about the danger of drinking. Tired of her complaining, Belle tries to call Marlena so Cassie will be in hot water but when she can't reach her, gives Cassie some aspirin. After they leave, Rex boasts to Shawn about his frustration with his life. After he expresses his new philosophy of doing "unto others before they do unto you," Shawn points out how much he sounds like Tony but Rex defends his "father." Reunited with Mimi, Rex runs into Chaz outside the Hartley House and meet his friend Vin. Vin invites them to a party but Mimi turns down the offer for both her and Rex which upsets Rex. Inside the house, Chaz finds Cassie hungover and offers her a drink to take care of her headache. Hope brings Zack to the station house and urges Bo to stop blaming himself for the gang member being freed after his victim died. Bo later questions an informant named Timmy and asks him to find out the name of the "big man" who is well connected. Hope hears about this and offers her help. At the hospital Brady is touched when Isabella appears and offers his encouragement about Chloe. She talks about a butterfly that he bought for Chloe. Victor interrupts and calls out the name Isabella, admitting that Chloe looked like her for a moment. Talking about his memories of Isabella's wedding day, Victor apologizes for the way he talked to him earlier and asks how Chloe is. Isabella talks to Victor through Brady, urging him to change his ways. Nico advises Victor that Tony wants to see him.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

When Hope complains to Jennifer about her boring life, Jennifer enlists her to help with a story they're working on at the paper. The two try to find a lead on the name of the woman Carson was with at the restaurant. Meanwhile, Jack agrees to help Bo investigate the numerous cases that are being thrown out by the D.A.'s office. When Jack talks about Carson's last press conference, Bo warns that the D.A. has it in for him and Roman. Carson interrupts and again threatens to have the Brady cops tossed off the force. Jennifer and Hope arrive with a digital photo of Carson's date and learn that Maria has a rap sheet "a mile long." At the hospital Eugenia takes great pleasure in taunting Sami about knowing her secret. She goes on to guess that Sami and Brandon's relationship will be over by the end of the day. Meanwhile, Lexie meets with Brandon and, boasting that the paternity test proves that Abe's the father, tells him to leave her and Abe alone. Sami interrupts their argument and learns about Brandon attending her Lamaze class. Lexie suggests that Sami keep her man satisfied and away from her. After Lexie leaves, Sami asks Brandon to stay away from Lexie but he can't agree to it. They argue further until Brandon tells her that she's the only woman for him. However, back at work Sami finds Brandon talking with and staring at Lexie again. When Victor stops by the DiMera mansion, Tony reminds him that Victor owes him. He hands the man a piece of paper with his request and Victor is outraged by what's written. Winning a game of pool to seal the deal, Tony then hands Victor the necessary documents to be signed.

Friday, March 28, 2003

Marlena gives John the cold shoulder and finally reveals she's upset because he planted the electronic bug. She reminds him that their marriage is based on trust and questions him about the device but he won't answer. The two end up arguing about Tony's desire for Marlena with Marlena reminding John of how he took Kristen from Tony. Belle's upset when Cassie admits that her hangover was cured with help from Chaz and his special drink that included a shot of whiskey. When Cassie boasts about going to a party at Vin's tonight with Chaz, Belle urges her to reconsider but Cassie won't hear it. A professor at the university approaches Rex for help with a math problem his graduate students are unable to crack. Rex agrees to look it over and offers to solve it if he and his other teachers will help him graduate early. When the professor okays the plan, Rex solves the problem, causing the professor to offer him a job once he's done with school. Rex turns the offer down and hints that he's already got an experiment in mind that will need his attention. Upstairs, Belle argues with Cassie. Mimi joins the argument and then Chaz who chooses to stay out of the verbal battle, eventually escorting Cassie out. When Rex is unable to convince Cassie to back off from Chaz, he returns to Belle with his news and she announces she's done worrying about Cassie. Later, when Cassie's caught with a beer at the house, she's threatened with expulsion. Jack and Jennifer confront Carson in his office about Marie, the known felon he's been dating. The two sneak back into Carson's office and, using the redial button on his phone, get a lead on a "gentleman's" club named Clue Echelon.

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