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Monday, February 2, 2004

After Lucas put Will to bed, Sami tried to convince him to leave her apartment. When he asked her why she wanted him gone so quickly, Sami reminded Lucas that she didn't like him, but Lucas called her bluff and said, "You love me." When Sami continued to push him away, Lucas acted as if he wouldn't want her love anyway. Sami then told him to drop the issue and leave, but Lucas told her that he wasn't leaving until she admitted that she loved him. Just then, Kate knocked on the door and Sami expressed her relief at Kate's timing. Sami pushed Lucas out and then sobbed after slamming the door behind him. Will wandered out to offer his mother a tissue and confessed that he had heard the exchange between his mother, father and Grandma Kate. He informed Sami that she was only crying because she was in love, but won't tell Lucas because she's afraid of rejection. As a frantic attempt at reconciling his parents, Will blurted out that Lucas had told him that he loved Sami. Her ears perked up and she questioned Will on the details of the conversation, but then he told her that when Lucas had been asleep he had said, "I love you." Sami explained to Will that that didn't mean Lucas was talking about her and tried to usher the boy off to bed. After resisting bedtime, Sami finally relented and allowed him to stay awake to make cookies. Will then asked her why Kate didn't want he and his father to love Sami. She jokingly replied that if she and Lucas were to get together it would probably kill Kate...then she paused in order to give that idea some more thought. Meanwhile, Kate and Lucas went to eat dinner at the Brady Pub. Lucas denied forgetting their dinner date and said that the reason he was late was because Will was having nightmares about the events at the circus earlier that day. Kate remembered Sami throwing knives at her and asked her son what they were going to do about her. Lucas told his mother that he wasn't taking Will away from Sami because she was his mother and Will loved her. Kate realized that there was more to it than that and determined that Lucas was lying to himself and was actually attracted to Sami. Lucas changed the subject by asking Kate why she had given up on giving Sami the benefit-of-the doubt, but Kate was not deterred from the subject at hand and realized that Lucas was not even trying to deny his attraction to Sami. Kate was disgusted and got up to leave stating that she had lost her appetite. The two headed back to Sami's apartment. When they arrived, Sami met them and told Lucas that she was glad he was home and kissed him seductively while Kate watched aghast in the doorway.

In Rex and Shawn's loft, Mimi told Belle she was sad that Rex didn't want her with him at the hospital. She felt guilty that she was with Rex when he should've been with Tony at the hospital before he died. Wishing she could give Rex what he needed, Mimi admitted to Belle that they had slept together too soon and that she wished they had waited. Belle told her friend that waiting was complicated also and not nearly as much fun. Mimi urged Belle to save herself until marriage and then was embarrassed when Belle told her that she could hear her and Rex making love through the vents in the wall. Mimi admitted that while making love was wonderful, she was jealous that Belle was still in control of her life and body. Belle explained that she didn't want to wait for marriage because a marriage certificate didn't guarantee everlasting love anyway. But Mimi reminded Belle that she still had to remember the consequences of sex, like worrying every month about a surprise pregnancy. Belle then admitted that she was also worried that she wouldn't be able to live up to her own expectations and that she would regret making love to Shawn. Mimi told her not to worry and that she and Shawn would work out the uncomfortable insecurities when the time was right. Belle changed the subject by herding Mimi out the door to go to the hospital to be with Rex and Shawn.

In her office, Marlena asked Celeste what was troubling her, and Celeste explained that something was still preventing her from seeing the killer's face in her premonitions. While Marlena probed to find out what Celeste knew about the killer, she secretly prepared to inject Celeste with a syringe from her pocket. Celeste suddenly had a flash the included a view of the killer's mask, the tiger and Marlena, but couldn't make sense of it. When Celeste's pulse began racing, Marlena tried to excuse it as a medical condition, but Celeste told the doctor that evil was all around them and reminded Marlena that she had believed her before about the prospect that John would kill her. Just then, John came into the room and told them about Tony being poisoned. He relayed that they expected the killer was someone on the hospital staff and was able to get through the security guard posted outside Tony's cubicle without questioning.

In the hospital lobby, Hope asked Lexie if she had any new information. Lexie relayed the results of the lab reports that confirmed that Tony had been poisoned while at the hospital with a drug that causes paralysis. Lexie explained that the drug couldn't have been accidentally administered and that the killer would have had to know its effects ahead of time. She told them that the drug caused its recipient to lose their speech, become confused and eventually to die. With this new info, John and Hope determined that the killer must be on the hospital staff. Just then, Rex arrived and spoke with Lexie. He told her that he wanted to see Tony's body in the morgue to help him figure out who the killer might be. Against Marlena's advice, Rex and Lexie went to view the body, and Rex decided that he had to think like a DiMera to figure out the killer's identity. When they returned, Rex spoke with Shawn and the two decided that they were in this together. Just then, Belle and Mimi arrived, and Belle pulled Shawn aside to tell him that she "really really" loved him. Meanwhile, Hope questioned the guard that had been outside Tony's cubicle, and he promised her that he hadn't allowed anyone except medical personnel inside. At the last minute, he remembered that there was one doctor that he couldn't identify and vaguely described her as tallish and blondish before shouting, "There she is!" implicating Marlena who was quickly walking away. She turned and acted surprised that the guard was talking to her. When John and Hope asked her about being in Tony's cubicle, she told them that she had taken him some holy water and had forgotten to mention it to them earlier. The guard reminded the group that Nicole Kiriakis had been hanging around nearby earlier and Marlena suddenly remembered "important information" to tell them. She recalled a nurse with a surgical mask on who appeared to be tall and blond in the cubicle around the same time that she had been. John asked if it could've been Nicole, but Marlena was unsure and was even more unsure that the nurse had done anything wrong. Marlena apologized that she couldn't help more and made a quick exit, but John followed close behind. John noticed that his wife was jumpy and that she hadn't been the same since the killer had begun to terrorize Salem. John asked to hold her while he told her what he's realized about her and her difficult night. With a letter opener poised to stab John in the back, Marlena lowered the threatening weapon when John told her that he was worried that she had put herself in harm's way by being in the room with the killer. Marlena pretended to be afraid and clung to John. Across the room, Celeste checked on Lexie and told her that Tony had appeared to her earlier that day. She was convinced that she knew the killer's name in her subconscious, and decided to have Marlena hypnotize her to bring it out. The two left to find Marlena, and found her hugging John. Celeste stood in a trance and said, "Yes, Marlena. Killer."

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Tuesday, February 3, 2004
by Joan

At Sami's apartment, Kate walked in on Sami and Lucas locked in a passionate kiss. Will was delighted at his parents getting closer, while Kate was furious hearing about their earlier kiss at the circus. Admitting that she'd liked the kiss, Sami shocked Lucas and Kate saying the second was to test her own feelings. Kate later accused Sami of manipulating Lucas to hurt her. But Sami had just anticipated Tony's naming Kate as the Killer, when Lucas returned to give them the news of DiMera's death. Kate advised her son that Sami was not for him. But Lucas returned to Sami's apartment asking what was really behind the kiss.

Surprised by an invitation to Mickey's Jen and Julie were greeted at the door by Bonnie. Shocked at Bonnie's reference to Alice as "Mother Horton", Julie became increasingly upset at Bonnie's influence on Mickey. Convinced Bonnie was taking over, Julie said Maggie would turn in her grave. But at Bonnie's suggestion of re-making Tuscany into a country western honky-tonk, Julie offered to run Tuscany, as Maggie would have wanted it. Jen spoke in favor of Mickey's happiness, and told Julie so. But while Jen spoke with Mickey about updating her Will, Julie had some advice for Bonnie: "Leave him alone."

At University Hospital, Celeste was apprehensive about Lexie's suggestion to undergo hypnosis by Marlena. Convinced the Killer's identity was buried in her subconscious, Celeste blatantly told Marlena, "The last person I want help from is you." Fearful of being the next victim, Celeste became visibly upset at a sudden premonition. Looking at Marlena, she cried, "I see it." Refusing Marlena's offer to give her something to relax, Celeste's premonitions continued as she watched Marlena. "I see death. It's the killer. She's going to strike again, and if I name her, she's going to kill me." When Lexie asked if she knew the killer, Celeste made eye contact with Marlena, and said no. As Marlena put down a concealed letter opener she held like a knife, Celeste panicked, saying she saw death, all around Marlena.

Walking in, Belle became upset hearing the premonition, but Celeste said Marlena would not be the next victim despite the scent of death hovering over her. John's insistence that he move back in with Marlena was met with refusal. Belle begged her mother to take John back, calling Celeste crazy for quoting Caroline's prediction of John killing Marlena. Celeste's warned of seeing blood on Marlena, while Marlena was re-assured her daughter saying, "The killer is not going to come after me. I promise ... Nothing is going to happen to me." But when Belle asked for assurance about the safety of others, Marlena replied, "No, Belle, that I can't do."

Speculating that Celeste's premonitions meant Marlena might die, but not as a victim of the Killer, John inquired further. Celeste could see nothing more, except that the killer herself didn't know who the next victim would be. "But there is one thing of which I am certain. Death will again come to Salem, and soon."

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Wednesday, February 4, 2004
by Joan

John brings troubled Marlena home to the penthouse. John doesn't need to act as her bodyguard; she doesn't want him there. John defends his actions saying he is worried about her. On the edge of an emotional cliff, Marlena blurts: John doesn't understand... she's the killer! John interprets that Marlena was going to say she is the killer's next victim. If they discover the killer's identity through Celeste, Marlena could become a target. Marlena coldly tells John she can handle the situation and wants him to leave. John tells Marlena he's going back to work. Marlena, alone, goes through a scrapbook of her victims. Marlena is especially angry/vitriolic when she gets to Roman... He never should have married Kate... that was his fatal mistake. Overcome with guilt, she decides to go to John and confess.

When John gets to Basic Black he finds Kate grieving Roman. Kate and John commiserate and she asks if John has any leads on the killer. Victor still suspects Nicole, but they have no proof. Kate can't help saying she suspects Sami; she is worried that Sami will entrap Lucas. John has been suspicious of Sami, too but this killer is a real criminal mastermind. John comforts a grieving Kate in his arms just as Marlena arrives and spies on them. Her jealousy flares and we see Marlena motivated to kill either one of them...

Lucas demands to know why Sami kissed him earlier. He accuses her of doing it for his mother's benefit... Sami denies and Lucas is stunned as Sami admits she may have real feelings for him. Lucas, very wary, asks if Sami is serious. Sami hedges, wants to know how Lucas feels about her. Lucas admits his attraction to Sami. Lucas suggests they test their feelings for each other by trying another kiss. We see Sami is sorely tempted but she can't go through with it. Insults fly once again and both storm away. They are both deeply affected.

Julie warns Bonnie to leave Mickey alone. Mickey and Jennifer enter and Bonnie (playing for sympathy) bursts into tears. Mickey is upset: what did Julie say to make Bonnie cry? Julie insists Bonnie is trying to wrap Mickey around her little finger. Bonnie plays the wounded party and eavesdrops from the kitchen as Julie argues with Mickey, and Jennifer playing referee. Julie thinks Bonnie is trying to take advantage of him and he defends Bonnie she has been a big help around the house since Maggie died. When he has passed this stage, he won't need Bonnie as much. Bonnie, eavesdropping, is hurt. Julie wonders what happened to Maggie's priceless porcelain collection? Julie bets Bonnie sent all Maggie's keepsakes to a pawnshop. Bonnie remembers pawning Maggie's porcelain and remarks she had better get those doodads back! Later, Bonnie hopes Mickey won't listen to anyone in his family who wants to make him feel old before his time; Mickey says he certainly will not. Bonnie asks if Mickey still wants her to come by tomorrow and he does. We see Bonnie is privately pleased, having won this round with Julie.

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Thursday, February 5, 2004
by Joan

Marlena lurks, unnoticed, watching John comfort Kate. Her jealousy rising, Marlena clutches a scalpel, angry enough to kill. Marlena realizes coming to confess to John was a mistake. John/Kate hear a noise and go to investigate. John almost catches Marlena on the stairwell and later, finds her in his office. Marlena covers, saying she was writing John a note, that she came to apologize for the way she treated him earlier. John accepts. After Kate leaves, Marlena probes to find out what's going on between them. John assures Doc that he was only comforting her and that nothing is more important to him than his relationship with Marlena. He vows he would never do anything to hurt Doc... and he knows she would never do anything to hurt him. We see Marlena's troubled _expression, and the scalpel in her pocket.

Sami and Lucas have distressing dreams - they imagine coming close to each other, then attacking each other. We see they each have growing romantic feelings but they don't trust each other to return them. Lucas is awakened by a scream and goes running over to Sami's to find Will was having a nightmare. Sami and Lucas work closely as parents to calm their son. After Lucas puts Will to bed Sami doesn't want him to leave. Sami opens up about her concern for her son and Lucas feels the same way. They draw closer and they kiss. Kate, however, is just outside the door and watches, aghast.

Brady asks Victor why he doesn't turn the incriminating evidence (Nicole's barrette that was found in Tony's cubicle) over to the police. Nicole secretly listens as Victor says he will wait until they have solid proof that Nicole is the serial killer. Victor goes off and Brady confronts Nicole. He has lost all faith in her now that she has lied about being with Tony before he was killed. Nicole is desperate to get Brady back on her side but he refuses. Later, Victor warns Brady never to trust Nicole again.

Shawn tries to comfort a distressed Belle by giving her an early Valentine's Day gift. It is a diamond cross from his late grandmother. Before she died, Caroline told Shawn she wanted his bride to wear the cross at their wedding. Belle is deeply touched as Shawn says this means they are engaged to be engaged.

Jan creates photos of herself with Shawn. Nicole meets with Jan and gives her some tough talk. She warns her not to act like a psycho stalker and that she must do exactly as Nicole says... they'll both get what they want, and they won't get caught!

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Friday, February 6, 2004
by Joan

Sami was distracted fantasizing about becoming more intimate with Lucas. Back to reality she encouraged him to stay for breakfast. Lucas' remark about "Ozzie and Harriett" sent Sami fantasizing from an Ozzie and Harriet family ideal to an Ozzie Osborn family nightmare. Assessing their current situation, Sami realized that she and Lucas were a disappointment to Will as real life parents.

Lexie reviewed Tony's medical records before turning them over to police when John stopped in. John believed that Marlena's guilt feelings about the murders, stemmed from being a psychiatrist, unable to help. But the two agreed that Celeste could become a target if she identified the Killer.

At Salem Park, Nicole threatened Jan to follow her instructions or lose Shawn. Agreeing so long as she didn't have to go to jail, a reluctant Jan sealed the deal with a drink as Nicole toasted, "To both of us, getting exactly what we deserve." At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor impressed on Brady the possible dangers while waiting for irrefutable proof against Nicole. When Nico reported losing track of Nicole, Victor supposed she was planning her next murder, calling her a lethal predator. Returning home, Nicole announced she needed Brady as her alibi when the next victim was killed. With that she handcuffed herself to him.

At the Salem Inn, Celeste woke to the sound of Abe's voice calling, "It's time to wake up..." Finding his ghost waiting, Celeste heard Abe warn she would be dead soon if she didn't reveal the killer. Showing her a coffin, Abe said Celeste's silence would cause others to die and told her to see for herself what would happen if she refused. Opening the coffin Celeste screamed at what she later described as "so much death ... the screams of people in agony." Lexie arrived to find her mother so disturbed by the vision and determined to do whatever necessary to expose the Killer. When Lexie asked who the next victim would be, Celeste replied, "Me." The shock of this was softened for a moment as Lexie was granted the chance to sense Abe's presence. With that Lexie decided to call Marlena.

At the Penthouse, Marlena was reliving each murder in her sleep. She saw herself shooting Abe, attacking Jack, and the headlines that followed, she murmured apologies to Abe and Jennifer adding, "I didn't have any choice." Marlena's dream continued as she heard Maggie's pleas and saw Caroline moments before their deaths. Checking in on Marlena John heard her sobbing upstairs. As she sat up, Marlena shocked John saying, "I have a confession to make. I didn't mean it to happen. I didn't mean to have those people die." Realizing she was still asleep, John woke Marlena, who denied knowing what she meant, but still saying she felt responsible for the killings.

As John promised Marlena the killer wouldn't be breathing for long when caught, the phone rang. When Lexie called to say Celeste was ready to name the killer, Marlena insisted they come immediately. As John wished for the whole thing to end, Marlena thought, "It'll certainly be the end for Celeste." No sooner had they arrived, Lexie's pager called her away. And a clairvoyant Celeste froze in fear as Marlena promised she would 'take very good care of her.'

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