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Monday, May 10, 2004

An energized Nicole negotiates with a Japanese businessman over Titan holdings as a sweaty Brady enters the mansion and announces he is going upstairs to shower. Crystal calls Nicole to update her on the plan but when she informs Nicole that Marlena isn't dead yet, a steamed Nicole tells her to take care "of Marlena tonight!" Fresh from not showering, Brady hears her exclamation and asks what it means. Thinking quick, Nicole explains that she ordered Marlena to be removed from the Titan Board of Directors and the year-end report for investors. Nicole also wants Brady to take Marlena's place on the Board. Brady is flattered and when he asks, "Why?" Nicole daydreams about seducing him. Wise enough not to mention that reason, Nicole instead shows Brady her proposal for the Isabella Toscano Black Concert Hall publicity and the accompanying Chloe Lane tour to promote the hall. Brady happily skips off to call Chloe.

Kate tells Shawn that Belle is resting and sends him away. Belle hears Shawn's voice and races downstairs to find Kate. Belle's spidey-sense is still tingling and she races to the door to find John on the other side instead of Shawn. John updates Belle on Marlena and they agree that they don't know Marlena's whole story. When she worries about forgiveness, John realizes that Belle is talking mostly about Shawn. Belle tells John that Shawn left town. His eyebrow arched, John insists that if Shawn isn't man enough to stay and support Belle, that Belle is better off without him. He then asks her to rest and Kate, sensing an opportunity, offers Philip up as company for Belle. Belle accepts and Philip takes her upstairs.

A surprisingly sympathetic Kate lends John an ear to discuss Marlena. After John compliments Kate's strength and compassion, Kate tells John that she is glad he is fighting for Marlena but that it is futile. John vows to find out why Marlena went on her killing spree.

Julie and Mickey confront Bonnie about the stack of cash in her purse. Bonnie explains that she won the money in the daily lottery and forks over her proof to Mickey. Just as Mickey apologizes to Bonnie, a police officer shows up with Patrick in tow. Jennifer sticks up for Patrick and the officer confirms that Patrick doesn't have any bonds on his body or in his bag. A feisty Bonnie sticks up for her son while a confused Jennifer is upset that he tried to leave town without saying goodbye. Julie and the officer go off to investigate for signs of forced entry but come back empty handed. They conclude the theft was an inside job. Mickey and Jennifer discuss the probability of never finding out who stole the bonds.

Shawn enters a bar and orders a beer. While he waits, he gazes at his wallet photo of Belle and then overhears a guy at a nearby table. The mystery guy talks on his phone about Jennifer Deveraux, her widow money, and how easy it is to cash in her bonds. Mystery guy then goes on to say, "Leave Mrs. Deveraux to me." A frustrated Shawn stews at the bar, contemplating what he heard.

Marlena is shown to her new jail cell, complete with a very stinky blanket to sleep under. Her guard then goes to Crystal's cell, complete with decorations commemorating her movie career, and informs Crystal that he moved Marlena to a secure cell, just as Crystal asked. In thanks, Crystal has sex with the guard and steals his keys and gun. Apparently euphoric from his "celebrity" experience, the guard leaves without noticing the missing items. Crystal sneaks off to Marlena's cell and surprises her with a gas leak story. At first Marlena protests leaving because of the gas leak, insisting that she has to die for her crimes sometime. But Crystal lays the family card pretty thick and convinces her to live another day to see her kids and husband. Once at the rooftop door, Crystal fakes dizziness and gets Marlena to go ahead of her and open the door. With her back turned, Crystal surprises Marlena and bludgeons her with the handle of her stolen gun.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004
by Joan

At the Loft, Belle worried about her mother's safety in jail, while John assured her Marlena was now safe in Solitary Confinement. Recognizing Philip had feelings for Belle, Kate encouraged him to pursue her. Calling Kate's interest an obsession, Philip told his mother he couldn't take advantage of Belle.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Shawn overheard Patrick's friend mentioning Jen and the Bearer Bonds. When Patrick answered Jen's phone Shawn gave him the message instead. Advising Shawn to detain the man but not call the police, Patrick headed to the Cheatin' Heart. Withholding the stranger's car keys, Shawn apprehended the stranger when Patrick arrived. Following a scuffle Patrick recovered the Bonds. But before letting his friend escape, Patrick was warned, "Those bearer bonds are nothing compared to the price you're about to pay."

At Jen's Mickey considered Patrick "innocent till proven guilty", but Jen was angry for placing her trust in Patrick. Julie's suspicions grew when Patrick was found gone. Angry with the accusations Bonnie strangled Julie. Mickey was silent when Julie asked him to represent her in suing Bonnie for the attack. But once Patrick returned with the bonds, Julie was forced to apologize to both Bonnie and her son.

Jan fantasized about keeping Shawn as her love slave. Planning to snare him in the cage she built, Jan called Shawn posing as "Mrs. B" from Alice's funeral. Saying she feared someone was trying to break in, Jan convinced Shawn to stop by and check.

At the County Jail Bo found Marlena missing. On the roof, Crystal struggled to beat Marlena unconscious asking, "What are you made of?" Leaving the Guard's gun beside her, she locked Marlena on the roof. When the Guard was found in her cell, Crystal concocted a story that Marlena locked them in escaping with the Guard's gun. Believing her, Bo stunned Hope as he put out a "shoot to kill" order. Hope argued that he would regret being responsible for Marlena's death. Bo stunned his wife, saying, "The law prescribes a punishment for what she's done. It's the Death Chamber. So, whether she dies tonight or in the Death Chamber, the end result is the same. She's dead. And as far as I'm concerned, the sooner that happens the better!"

A dazed Marlena woke to the sound of sirens blaring. Recalling Crystal's warning of a gas leak, she picked up the gun but found herself trapped on the roof. As she signaled for help, searchlights spotted the gun in her hand, and shots rang out. Marlena sobbed, still unable to believe she had killed those she loved. Telling God she was sorry for the families she hurt, Marlena took cover as gunshots continued. Finding herself cornered, she screamed hysterically, "I don't want to die!" Speaking to John she said, "whatever I said under the truth serum, I love you. You're the one I love. I need you."

Determined to stop the Serial Killer "by any means necessary", Bo was furious to learn John had been advised about the situation. And on the roof, Marlena decided, "I've got to show them I'm surrendering." Standing in plain view with the gun above her head, she was blinded by the searchlights. The last sound Marlena heard was the one gunshot that struck her.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Jennifer and Patrick discussed his leaving and she begged him not to go telling him she needed him and not just for handyman jobs or as a security guard. Her belief was that he had saved her baby twice and recovered the bonds for her. She expressed her guilt for not trusting him even when her intuition told her to do so. After asking him to call the cops and his refusal, claiming Shawn would tell his parents about the whole thing, Patrick said Jen would be better off without him and that things would get back to normal for her and Abby. Jen asked "What's normal?" and told him to reconsider. However, feeling he was just in the way, it said it was best if he left. She hugged him and he went out the door. Abby came down the stairs and said she couldn't sleep, noticed Jen was crying and asked why. First, Jen told Abby about Marlena confessing to the killings, that nothing made sense about it and they may never know why Marlena killed Jack. Abby was worried about the baby because her mom was so upset but Jen calmed her by telling her the baby was fine. Abby told Jen she believed Patrick helped the baby and wanted to know where he was. Hearing from her mother that Patrick had left for good and would not be back, Abby cried and said he shouldn't have gone and that Patrick was the first good thing that had happened to them since her daddy had died. Abby felt guilty about the web search she had done on Patrick and the accusations she made about him. However, Jen explained there were other reasons he left that she didn't know and believed he was hiding something. A tired Abby went back up to bed as Jen turned out the lights. After leaving Jen's house, Patrick had gone to the Cheating Heart and saw the guy who stole the bonds. The guy threatened Jen, demanding Patrick finish what he was supposed to do, and not leave town, but Patrick said he had already moved out and was leaving immediately. After Patrick threatened the guy if anything happened to Jen, two men attacked him. He fought back but it was over when the guy wrapped a cord around his neck. When Jen heard the screeching tires on a car as it sped away, she rushed outside to find Patrick, beaten and unconscious, just outside her front door.

Nicole and Crystal talked on the phone as Crystal promised that Marlena would not be a problem. Explaining how she had set Marlena up, Crystal told Nicole that the cops would shoot more holes in Marlena than Swiss cheese. Nicole cheered the news as Brady walked into the room and asked was she talking to her accomplice. Insulted by Brady's lack of trust in her, she lied and said that the phone call concerned Victor. Brady explained that he wanted to believe in Nicole's innocence and also to believe that she was a good person. Nicole was hurt by Brady's cold shoulder and quickly changes the subject telling him she had to check her email. On her computer screen, she caught a glimpse of a special news report and quickly made an excuse when Brady asked about what she saw. She told Brady that the second time the truth serum is administered to Marlena, it might be the best thing for Marlena. Brady asked if Marlena would name Nicole as his Grandfather's killer. Nicole informed him that she was positive Marlena would never testify against her.

At Sami's, she, Lucas and Will prepared popcorn and decided to watch a family movie. Lucas thanked Sami for quality time as a family and she apologized for breaking down in front of Will and said she knew she had not been "herself" but still she blamed John and Kate for everything that was wrong. Lucas explained to Sami that he wanted a real relationship, a future together if she would open her heart up to him. She told him that her feelings were all mixed up, that she wanted things to work out for them but her feelings were constantly changing. Lucas told her they would concentrate on continuing to grow closer, not use as many words, and they kissed each other. Will interrupted and they both talked to him about his worry over Marlena. After assuring him that his grandmother was not herself when she confessed, they decided to hope and pray for the best and would trust that she would be cleared of the murders and not sent to death row. Will put the movie in, but a special news report was on which stopped them cold. There was Marlena, on the roof, dodging bullets, as the reporter said that she had escaped and a shoot to kill order had been given by Commander Bo Brady. Lucas, Will and Sami sat horrified watching the scene unfold as a camera person was feeding video from a news helicopter.

On the roof of the jail, bright lights from helicopters sought Marlena out as she continued to run around to keep from being shot. Another chopper armed with a S.W.A.T. sharpshooter was aiming his high-powered rifle at Marlena. through the cross-hairs of the scope, the officer waited for a clear shot, as Marlena ran, ducked and covered herself behind heating and air conditioning units on top of the roof. Marlena had found the gun that Crystal had beaten her with, and picked it up for some reason. With the gun in her hand, she used it to shield her eyes from the bright lights of the helicopter but once the officers saw she was armed, they relayed to Bo on the radio that fact and also that she was taking a defensive stance against them. John and Bo had been fighting over the shoot to kill order but Bo was adamant that Marlena would not kill any more officers or people. Tussling back and forth, Hope had to separate them several times as John became more enraged, yet pleaded with Bo to back the chopper off. John begged Bo to let him go to Marlena and talk to her but when Bo said no, John shoved him and took off for the roof. Hope grabbed Bo and begged him to let John go and try to reach Marlena. When John got to the roof the door was locked and Marlena could hear him calling her name through the door, telling her he was coming; to hold on. Marlena cried out for somebody please to let her surrender, but with her still holding the gun, there was no chance for surrender. She was terrified and was crying, calling out that she was sorry and didn't mean to hurt anyone and that she just wanted to live for her children. Begging them not to kill her, she continued to run and hide behind duct work, as the shots kept missing her, John kept calling out to her and the whole scene was covered on live television. As John finally broke through the door, Bo ordered all officers to hold their fire, but the message was mis-interpreted by the team in the police chopper and understood the command to be "Fire!." With the gun still in her hand, Marlena finally sees John coming toward her but he tells her to stay put. She just wanted to get to him and stepped out from behind the duct units just as the sharpshooter had a perfect shot with the cross hairs on her chest. In the blinding light of the helicopter, the shot was fired, directly into her chest as she collapsed into John's arms and he screamed, "No!!! No!!!!."

Thursday, May 13, 2004
by Joan

Unable to sleep Belle wondered about Shawn's whereabouts while Philip told her better of without him. Recalling John's words to keep Belle away from radio or TV, Philip stopped her from watching a movie. But in checking her email, Belle screamed as she caught a live Internet feed from the County Jail. At Sami's, Lucas was unable to keep her from turning on the live television coverage of Marlena's escape. Fainting at seeing her mother shot, Sami got the news from Lucas when she came to.

At the County Jail, John caught Marlena as a bullet felled her. Bo angrily radioed hovering copters questioning why his "hold fire" order was ignored. When Lexie arrived John assured Marlena she would be all right. But Marlena replied, "No, I'm dying." Lexie determined Marlena's punctured heart was bleeding into her lungs. In an effort to help, Bo was maintaining compressions on Marlena's chest. But when he chased reporters away from the scene, Marlena gasped, "Wait...There's something I want to say to the people I love."

Sami and Belle watched their screens as Marlena said, "I want to say goodbye to my children." Saying she didn't understand what happened herself, Marlena told Belle not to let this cost her chance for happiness and true love. "We don't always get a second chance .... despite what's happened, your Mama loves you so much." Answering in tears, Belle cried, "I love you too, Mom."

"I don't want you to remember me this way," Marlena continued to Sami. "This is hardest for you because I have let you down." Apologizing for not being there when Sami was growing up thinking things might have been different. Marlena broke down in tears as she struggled to speak. "But I pray that you find the strength and the courage to go on and to be the best girl you can be ... You do that for your Mama, and I promise you if you do, everything that you have waited for in your life will be yours. Lucas held Sami as she sobbed uncontrollably.

As her pulse grew weak and irregular, Marlena addressed family and friends. As Hope took her hand, Marlena said there were no words to express her sorrow and regret for the suffering she'd caused. "I wish I could undo everything, but I can't...even by dying." Addressing Bo, she said, "I take full responsibility for that. And I know even that won't ease the pain." As John assured her she wasn't dying, Marlena told him, "No, it's too late." Sobbing, she asked him to, "take care of my children and my family. I love them. I love my family. And you. I love you." Gasping for her last words to John, she said, Promise me you won't spend your life grieving. Promise me that you will love again and that you'll find happiness agai--." Belle and Sami cried out to their mother on the screens. Recalling their early life together, John cradled Marlena's head, saying, "It's not time for you to go." As he begged Marlena, "breathe for me," Lexie declared Marlena was gone.

Outside Jennifer's, Patrick came to briefly saying he had to leave, but Jen was convinced his beating was connected to the Bearer Bonds. Jen called Lexie who was suspicious of Patrick's refusal to report the attack to the Police. But Lexie could not convince Jen of the dangers of keeping Patrick at the house.

At Jan's secluded house, Shawn arrived finding Jan disguised as "Mrs. B." While he was eager to leave, Jan convinced Shawn to stay for tea that she had drugged. Drinking it, Shawn found himself unable to reach his ringing cell phone, a call from Belle about Marlena's death.

Consoled by Mimi and Philip, Belle asked why she was losing all the people she loved. Lucas was impressed at Sami putting Will first after losing Marlena. But with a vengeance Sami said someone would pay. And at the County Jail, John blamed Bo's "shoot to kill" order for Marlena's death. While Hope explained that Bo's cease-fire order was never heard, John was not satisfied. Taking full responsibility, Bo stood fast saying he was doing his job. "You wanted her dead, and now she is," was John's furious answer. Bo later added, "for what it's worth, I'm sorry for you loss." Refusing to release Marlena to the Coroner, John said, "No one's touching my wife." Picking up her lifeless body, he said, "Don't worry, Doc. I'm taking you somewhere where no one can ever hurt you again."

Friday, May 14, 2004
by Joan

Surprised pedestrians commented, "It's the Serial Killer...I'm glad she's dead", as John carried Marlena's body through the streets of Salem. Refusing Bo and Hope's offer to take her to a Funeral Home, John continued walking with tears streaming down his face. A devastated John placed Marlena's body before the altar at St. Luke's. Kissing her he said, "I couldn't help you in this world, Doc, but I will see to it that you find peace in the next." Making the Sign of the Cross, John reverently removed vigil lights from a stand and arranged them around his dead wife. Following him to St. Luke's, Bo and Hope called Sami and Belle.

At Sami's, the news from Hope sent Lucas and a vengeful Sami to St. Luke's. At the Loft, Belle thought Shawn was deliberately ignoring her calls. Arriving at the Loft, Kate told Philip he would have to stop Belle from calling Shawn. Hope called asking Belle to come to St. Luke's. Concerned for John, Hope then told Bo, "I hope she gets here soon."

At St. Luke's, a devastated John kissed Marlena's hand as he prayed for Marlena's soul. Asking God for mercy and forgiveness, he prayed, "We may never know the truth but I will go to my own grave believing in her... believing in my heart that she is not guilty, not consciously, of these unspeakable horrors. What do I do without her, God? Her love transformed me ... It made me whole. She gave me life, and when she needed me most I couldn't save her." Bo and Hope watched in stunned silence as John spoke to Marlena, "I'm so sorry, Baby ... I promised you, but I failed you. And for that, I will never forgive myself."

Arriving at St. Luke's, Sami was quick to accuse Bo of cold-blooded murder and promised he would pay for it. Sami remarked that Roman could have prevented Marlena's death if he were alive, leaving Bo to wonder if that were true. Hearing Sami weeping as she saw Marlena, John reached out to console her. Adding to John's grief she said, "Don't touch me. You are the one who should be dead instead of her." Sami lashed out at John saying he never loved Marlena. "It's because of you that my mother is dead!" Belle arrived denying Sami's words, and not a time for accusations. Amidst Sami's accusations, Belle and John consoled one another.

John worried as he watched an emotional Belle saying goodbye to her mother. Wiping away a tear, he asked Philip to Belle out. Philip assured John he would take care of her, and promised Belle he would not go away. As Kate hugged John, offering her condolences, Sami accused them of wanting Marlena dead so they could be together. Trying to convince Sami she was wrong, Lucas defended John wishing they could have the same love John had for Marlena. But Sami defiantly said if Lucas believed John, "then there's no way there's ever going to be a chance for us."

Jan watched Shawn grew weaker from the drug. Continuing the charade of Mrs. B, she snatched his ringing cell phone as he stumbled towards it. Jan explained it as an allergic reaction when Shawn asked what was in the tea. When a delirious Shawn called out for Belle, Jan threatened he would regret that. A delusional Jan felt victorious as she handcuffed an unconscious Shawn to the caged bed.

At Jennifer's Patrick tried to take Lexie's advice and leave, but Jen was indebted to him. Still looking for answers, Lexie questioned Patrick. Patrick lied, saying he didn't get a good look at who mugged him. But he also said he was protecting Jennifer by not making her possession of the Bearer Bonds public. "She and the baby are too important to me." But moments later, a phone call came from his friend with instructions. "It's time for you to do the job you were sent to Salem to do. Target Jennifer Deveraux." Refusing to obey, Patrick was told Jennifer could be the next victim of a beating.

At St. Luke's John addressed Marlena again. "Doc, the answer's out there somewhere. I know it ... if only I could have found it sooner. Now, it's too late." Watching, Bo said to Hope, "It's over. This is all over. Now we can start to heal...get on with our lives."

But Celeste was home when she was shocked by a vision of Marlena's mask on a table enveloped in flames. Once the vision was gone, she chose from the Tarot cards. Coming up with the Death Card, Celeste said, "Oh, dear God, no, no. Marlena may be dead, but the isn't over!" She turned around to see the visions begin again. "Marlena, what is it? Why have you come back?" A frighteningly somber Marlena answered, "I've come to warn you, Celeste. The danger is not over. The suffering has not ended. More people will die. You must prepare yourself. You must prepare everyone. Because everyone in Salem is going to die."

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