DAYS Recaps: The week of May 8, 2006 on Days of our Lives
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Monday, May 8, 2006

Lexie is about to tell Carrie about Sami's blackmail when Abe interrupts with flowers for his wife. Carrie goes, getting Lexie to promise to call when she gets the test results. Abe wants to reconnect with Lexie and work on their relationship. He never wants to lose her. Lexie is aware of what she has to lose if she doesn't continue to play Sami's game. Carrie runs into Sami, who deliberately takes her to the nursery to see the babies and subtly reminds her sister of the horror of babies born with birth defects. Carrie leaves to go home and Sami goes to Lexie, to remind her of the blackmail. Lexie is furious. She's calling Carrie and telling her the truth! Sami panics when Lexie reaches for the phone.

After asking Sami to leave and making sure she's gone, Lucas confronts Austin. How could Austin say Carrie was going to leave Lucas? Lucas is furious and warns Austin that he has to stop this. Carrie loves Lucas. They're going to be married. Austin can't confirm that Carrie is going to leave Lucas and doesn't tell him that she is waffling. He does, however, tell Lucas that he can't and won't give up on Carrie. Carrie returns and Lucas presses her to tell Austin that she's never going to be with him.

Bo and Billie wake up after sleeping together on the mountaintop. Billie is aware that Bo is still in love with Hope. Bo admits he is, but doesn't believe they can have a future. They go to the pub where Caroline learns that Bo and Hope are going ahead with the divorce. She comments that she's sure Billie doesn't mind that. Bo goes to work to try to track down Patrick Lockhart and put him away for good. Caroline calls Frankie and asks for Hope's phone number. She needs to get in touch with her.

Hope and Patrick wake up in the hotel suite. Patrick is aware Hope is still in love with Bo. Hope doesn't deny it, but is committed to moving on. However, she is uncomfortable with her new status as a single woman. While making love with Patrick was wonderful, she doesn't want to do it again until her and Bo's divorce is final. Free gifts come for Hope, courtesy of the hotel. Hope questions why the hotel would give her anything. Patrick admits he's done mysterious "favors" for them in the past.

Shawn and Mimi meet with Lexie and learn everything they need to do to prepare for in vitro fertilization.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Sami presses Lexie to do her bidding. She wants Lexie to remind Carrie why she cannot be with Austin. Lexie balks at this but Sami reminds her of the threat to destroy her marriage. Tek shows up and he and Sami have a show down. Sami reminds him that his career is at stake, and she comes out on top.

Carrie is forced to tap dance around Austin and Lucas's question about who she really wants to be with. She's waiting for Lexie to call her with the test results before she makes her decision. Carrie receives the bad news from Lexie. She tells Austin she's in love with Lucas.

Alex continues to subtly taunt Marlena. He's taken an insurance policy out on her life. When she discovers this, the talisman still has its effect and subdues her. Alex calls John and taunts him. John hears Marlena's voice but is unable to reach her.

Q Hope receives a call from Caroline urging her to talk to Bo. Hope argues, telling Caroline that she and Bo are finished. At the same time, Patrick receives a cryptic call with mention of money and Alex North. Marlena goes out to her balcony and is shocked to see Patrick kissing Hope.

Bo is trying to put together a case against Patrick. John arrives and tells him about Alex and Marlena. Bo heads over to Mimi and Shawn's. Shawn has just given Mimi Zack's rocking horse, and Bo learns their in vitro plans. There is tension between Shawn and Bo, and Mimi tries her best to smooth it. Bo quizzes Mimi about Patrick. Concerned Mimi wants to know what's up, and Bo informs his daughter-in-law that her brother might have committed murder.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hope and Patrick are thrown to see Marlena and Alex at their hotel. The two couples talk and Hope senses something is wrong with Marlena. She feels her old friend needs to go back to Salem and John. Marlena tells Hope how John tried to kill Alex.

Alex buys Patrick's services and we wonder what he's going to do.

John is upset to learn his trace on Alex didn't give him the results he needed. Bo arrives and is sidetracked by Caroline who surreptitiously gives him Hope's phone number. Bo calls Hope but is devastated when Patrick answers her phone.

Carrie chooses Lucas and Austin is devastated. Carrie and Lucas spend the afternoon making love as Sami pulls Austin deeper into her web.

Shawn goes ballistic when he hears Chelsea asking Max to be a character witness at her trial. Mimi arrives and tries to calm Shawn down, but it's no use. He wants Chelsea to fry. Mimi shows the man she loves a thing or two about fixing an oil filter.

Genuine Chelsea feels so guilty for everything she's done. Max calms her down and vows to stand by her. The two kiss and reconcile.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bo goes ballistic when he hears Patrick pick up Hope's satellite phone. What the hell is Lockhart doing with his wife? Hope gets on the phone, and a huge fight ensues. Bo is convinced that Patrick is a dangerous killer. He reads Hope the information on the fugitive who is suspected in the death of a woman. Hope strongly defends Patrick. She's sure he's innocent. Furious at Bo, Hope doesn't want him to call her anymore. Before he hangs up, Bo demands Hope answer one question: is she sleeping with Patrick? Hope deflects, accuses Bo of sleeping with Billie. The silence between them confirms their worst fears. Bo and Hope both know what they had is over. Hope goes into Patrick's arms, in tears.

Alex gets some news from his source in the Salem PD. Bo is pursuing Patrick Lockhart on murder charges. Alex uses this info to leverage Patrick into working for him. He'll handle Bo, and in exchange, Patrick will handle John.

John gets Frankie's help to track down Alex. Using Frankie as his lawyer, John makes a bid on Marlena's penthouse. When the real estate agent calls Alex, John has the ISA trace the call. John finds out Alex and Marlena are on Morgan Island!

Marlena's memory starts to return. She finds the drugs Alex has been giving her, and vows to turn the tables on her duplicitous husband! She leaves him and goes to and comfort Hope.

Mimi overhears Shawn on the phone with Belle. It sounds like they're setting up a romantic afternoon tryst. Bonnie finds Mimi in tears. Mimi thinks she's getting what she deserves. She should have been honest with Shawn all along, and told him that he's the father of Belle's baby. Bonnie takes Mimi to task. She can't let her husband cheat on her! Bonnie follows Belle and Shawn. She sends Mimi, now at a doctor's appointment, incriminating-looking photos via cell phone. Mimi freaks. Bonnie thinks Mimi had better put a stop to this! It looks like Mimi is about to walk in on Shawn and Belle in flagrante!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Frankie warns John that he may be walking into a trap if he goes to the island. Alex is probably one step ahead of John. What if this is a set up? John doesn't care what happens to him. He has to save Doc from homicidal Alex! John takes off.

Bo is furious after finding out Hope is sleeping with Patrick. Billie arrives. She reels from the news. Frankie also has news: Chelsea's trial date has been moved up. If Bo doesn't tell Hope about the change and she fails to appear at the trial, it will help Chelsea's case. But it will also sound the death knell for Bo and Hope's relationship. Bo has no choice. His marriage to Hope is over. He has to do whatever he can to protect his daughter. Billie is deeply moved.

Marlena confides in Hope. Her memory is coming back. Alex bursts in on them and demands to see Marlena in private. Alex goes to give Marlena the memory-erasing drug. Marlena is desperate to stop him and destroys the drugs. Alex overpowers Marlena and injects her anyway. Once again, Marlena's memory is erased. Marlena and Alex meet Hope and Patrick for dinner. Hope is now very suspicious. She confides in Patrick that Alex has done something to Marlena. Patrick defends Alex. Alex gives Patrick his orders. When John Black shows up, Alex wants Patrick to kill him. Just then, John arrives. Is he about to walk into Alex's trap?

Sami and Austin take Will out to an arcade. Austin gets Will to reconcile with his mom. Sami is deeply touched when Will says he'll move back in, part-time, with her. Carrie and Lucas see what Austin has done. Lucas is grateful. They go home to find that Kate sent over designer sketches of wedding gowns. Carrie loves them. She steps out of the room for a moment, and when she returns, she rips up the sketch of her favorite gown. Everyone is shocked when Carrie declares this is not going to work!

It looks like Mimi and Bonnie have caught Shawn and Belle in the act. Tearful Mimi should have known this would happen. She should have told Shawn and Belle the truth. Bonnie stops Mimi before she spills the beans. Shawn and Belle want to explain what was going on. They lead Mimi into the second bedroom, which they were painting and making over into a nursery. Paint spilled all over them, and they had to take off their clothes to clean up. Mimi is very relieved, and incredibly touched by what Shawn and Belle have done. Shawn can't wait to have a baby of his own. Guilty Mimi knows he already has a child with Belle, but she keeps her secret.

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