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Monday, April 2, 2007

Philip and Kate show up at the Bikini Bar and quiz Gabby on Shawn and Belle's whereabouts while Shawn watches in horror from the stairs. He races up to warn Belle, while Gabby lies and says they were never at the hotel. Up in the room, Shawn tells Belle to go ahead without him while he distracts Philip. Belle refuses; they're a family, and they're going to stick together. Meanwhile, Kate finds Claire's teether, and Philip confronts Gabby about her lies. She finally breaks and says Shawn and Belle were there, but they left. Philip doesn't believe her, so Gabby shows him Belle's wedding ring, says they paid for their room and board with this. Will Philip buy Gabby's story?

E.J. reels from learning the baby isn't his, and Sami is surprised at just how devastated he is. He pours his heart out to Sami, and although she tells him there will never be anything between them, there's a part of her that actually feels sorry for him. E.J. takes off, promising never to bring up that night in Lexie's car again. Alone, E.J. is studying the lab report, when he gets a call from Kayla, saying she has proof that he was the one who stole John's kidney for Stefano. E.J., sick of being toyed with, breaks into the lab to find out if Sami's results are on the up-and-up. Nick catches him and kicks E.J. out. Nick realizes E.J. must be checking up on Sami. E.J. fakes a call to Lucas as Sami's doctor. E.J. tells him there's a problem with her pregnancy and he needs to see Lucas at the hospital immediately.

Max and Kayla are on the way back from Italy, but have to stop over in NYC. Max talks about his feelings for Abby, and Kayla encourages him to take a chance. Meanwhile, Abby is having a great time with Jack, until her dad confronts her about Max. He tells her the reasons why he doesn't want Abby seeing him. Later, Max shows up at the hotel room and Abby's thrilled to see him, until Jack knocks on her door, and she realizes she can't be caught in her hotel room with Max!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

While Philip searches the Bikini Hotel, Shawn, Belle and Claire hide out in Gabby's room. As they wait anxiously, a puzzled Belle finds a carriage and toddler clothes in Gabby's closet. Meanwhile, with Kate's help, Philip discovers the room the three have been staying in, but no one is there. He then heads for Gabby's room, where Duck prevents him from entering. Taking a cue from Gabby, Duck insists Shawn, Belle and Claire are long gone. Philip and Kate leave. Afterwards, the threesome emerges from their hiding spot. Shawn and Belle thank Gabby for her help. Belle now thinks of Gabby as her friend. Gabby convinces them they are safe at the hotel, and they agree to stay.

E.J. learns Sami never had an amnio. Meanwhile, Nick tells Sami he caught E.J. snooping around on the lab computer. She fears he's on to her.

Abby forces Max to hide in her hotel closet when Jack arrives. After Jack leaves, Max realizes he has missed his plane and there are no more flights to Salem that night. Abby asks him to stay with her, and they move toward a kiss, until Chelsea shows up looking for a shoulder to cry on. Chelsea is also forced to spend the night, ruining any potential romance between Abby and Max.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Kayla fills Roman in on her trip to Italy and shows him the photos she took of Stefano's transplant scar. Roman flips, warning her in no uncertain terms to steer clear of E.J. Later, E.J. accosts Kayla and warns her that if she ever goes anywhere near his father again, he'll kill her.

E.J. finds Sami planning her wedding at Brady's Pub and blasts her for lying to him about having an amnio.

Chelsea reports to Abby that someone is framing her for setting Bo and Hope's house on fire. Abby is appalled that Chelsea asked Nick to make the incriminating hairbrush disappear from the lab. Abby convinces Chelsea to head home with her and tell Bo the truth. Back in Salem, Nick debates whether or not to steal the hairbrush. In the end, his love for Chelsea wins out and he stuffs the evidence into his backpack.

Willow pleads with Philip to bail her out, insisting his niece is framing her. A suspicious Philip finally gets Willow to admit that someone put her up to robbing the Bradys' home E.J. Wells!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Feeling pressure from E.J., an emotional Sami pleads with Lucas to remember that she always loved him, no matter what. Lucas assures his bride-to-be she could never do anything to make him stop loving her. Later, E.J. once again rails at Sami for deceiving him about the amnio. E.J. threatens to tell Lucas that he and Sami "made love" and the baby she's carrying could be his. A desperate Sami pretends she's secretly hoping E.J. is the father. E.J. is skeptical, but a seductive Sami eventually convinces him they have a future together. E.J. makes her promise to tell Lucas the truth, break off the engagement and allow E.J. to take care of her.

Meanwhile, Lucas meets with Kate for lunch. She informs him that E.J. told her that Sami is having cold feet about the wedding. Lucas is enraged, and he vows to cut his mother out of his life for trying to interfere.

Abby finds Nick at Chez Rouge and tells him Chelsea's decided to confess the truth to her father. Nick races off to the police station as Chelsea locks horns with Willow. Willow taunts her, confident the results of the hairbrush analysis will put Chelsea in jail. Nick arrives, privately tells Chelsea he did as she asked; he stole the hairbrush. There's no need for her to talk to Bo because there's no longer any evidence against her. Chelsea is moved. She throws the incriminating hairbrush in the trash, but when she turns her back, Nick retrieves the brush and stashes it in his backpack.

Roman takes Max to task for helping Kayla go up against the DiMeras. Later, Roman asks Max about Abby. Max pretends his interest in Abby is innocent. Roman suspects otherwise. He reveals he spilled the beans regarding Max's visit with Abby to her Aunt Maggie. At the same time, Maggie lets Abby know she is not allowed to see Max, ever again.

Friday, April 6, 2007

E.J. decides to put Sami to the test. He informs her she has 24 hours to tell Lucas the baby isn't his and to break up with him. Then, she's to meet E.J. at the cabin where he pulled Lucas out from under the rafter. If she does not show up at 9PM on the dot! E.J. will blab to Lucas that he slept with Sami and make it seem like they have been in love all along. Sami promises to be there on time and asks what happens after that. E.J. announces they'll fly to Las Vegas, where they'll be married! He assures her that if she becomes his wife, he won't take the baby away from her. Later, Sami makes a phone call, saying she needs to meet right away, to discuss killing E.J.!

At Chez Rouge, Abe and Celeste share a tender moment as he thanks her for helping him get through the last few months. Celeste confides she feels like she has a family again. Kate interrupts their dinner to query Celeste as to why Sami is suddenly her best friend. She wants to know what they are hiding. Abe defends Celeste.

Lucas discovers E.J. has been cooking the Mythic books and defrauding the company. He shares this knowledge with Billie and claims he is going to expose E.J. to the authorities. Billie worries their mother will go to jail, too, and convinces Lucas to keep quiet.

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