DAYS Recaps: The week of December 3, 2007 on Days of our Lives
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DAYS Recaps: The week of December 3, 2007 on Days of our Lives
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Monday, December 3, 2007

In an effort to reconnect with Lucas, Sami puts on a sexy outfit and seduces him in their apartment. Their night of romance is ruined when E.J. barges in with Stefano. E.J. announces he left the hospital early, and he wants to take his son home. Sami grudgingly allows it.

At E.J.'s apartment, Stefano delights over finally meeting his grandson and talks of molding him into a true DiMera. An outraged Sami overhears and warns she'll be the one raising her son. While Sami puts her baby back down to sleep, Stefano warns E.J. to handle Samantha, or he will. After Stefano leaves, E.J. asks Sami to spend the night and help him around the apartment. He playfully pulls her onto his lap and gives her a passionate kiss ... which Lucas walks in on.

Chelsea gathers all the girls at Alpha Chi Theta and rallies them around the idea of getting revenge on Ford Decker. Since the police have no evidence against him and the dean is in the Decker family's pocket, the girls must take matters into their own hands. Chelsea suggests they use Sloan to lure Ford over to the house and then they'll all slip a drug into his drink. Then they'll show him what it feels like to be a victim! Cordy warns she won't take part in a violent act, but Chelsea assures her they'll set Ford free after teaching him a little lesson.

Later, Chelsea pulls Sloan aside and asks if she's okay with luring Ford over. Chelsea reveals that Ford's journal indicated he raped two Thetas, and she was wondering if the second girl was Sloan. Sloan says it wasn't her. As the girls formulate their plan, Ford drugs and rapes yet another young woman. Later, Sloan calls Ford and invites him over to the house. Though initially suspicious, Ford takes the bait.

Stephanie is pleasantly surprised when Max asks her to help him close up the Cheatin' Heart for Adrienne. She jumps at the chance to spend time alone with him. Her interest is piqued when Max mentions he could use a night off from Morgan. Max asks Stephanie if she's heard from Jeremy, and she swears they're through. She then asks Max about his comment regarding Morgan, and he admits he has fun with her, but they are too different for anything long term. Max and Stephanie nearly kiss, and later, share a dance. Chelsea inadvertently breaks up a steamy moment between them when she stops by to privately inform Stephanie of the plan to get Ford.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Chelsea, Stephanie and their sorority sisters set the trap for Ford, but Sloan chickens out because she's afraid to be alone with him. Stephanie wants to call it off but Chelsea says she'll act as the bait. The other girls listen in from Cordy's room as Ford arrives and Chelsea has to convince him she wants to apologize for the fliers. She says she believes his story.

Ford is intrigued. Chelsea brings him a drink drugged by all the girls, but he insists she drink it first, to prove it isn't poisoned. She has no choice, so she takes a sip. Satisfied, Ford begins to drink up. While she's not looking, Ford drugs Chelsea's drink and she soon feels the effects. Ford starts to grope her and corners her against the wall. He's stunned when the other girls burst out from hiding and surround him.

Lucas walks in on Sami sitting on E.J.'s lap, kissing him. Lucas thinks E.J. is forcing himself on Sami again and attacks him. Sami stops Lucas, and he storms out. E.J. doesn't understand why she hasn't told Lucas she has feelings for him. She leaves to talk to Lucas and explains she's pretending to be in love with E.J. because Stefano threatened to resume the vendetta if she didn't give E.J. a reason to live.

Bo tells Hope it was Belle, not Philip, who sent the letter that kept Shawn out of the Police Academy. Hope reveals she listened to a message Philip left on Belle's cell phone, indicating that they met up the night before the wedding. Bo wants to tell Shawn about Belle's affair, but Hope convinces him to wait.

Belle and Shawn make love, but her mind is on Philip. Meanwhile, Philip sits alone in his office, fantasizing that Belle has left Shawn to be with him. Later, he fantasizes that Belle has killed Shawn so the two of them can be together.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The sorority sisters stop Ford from assaulting a drugged Chelsea. Realizing Chelsea set him up, he chases her up the stairs and is about to beat her when he loses his balance because of the drugs and falls down the stairs. To their horror, the girls realize he's dead! At first they want to call 911 but Stephanie argues that they'll all end up going to jail. Even though it was an accident, they lured him over and drugged him. They agree not to tell anyone what happened. The girls realize they can't take Ford's body out of the house without being seen by the security cameras Billie installed. They decide to keep him in the basement overnight until they can figure out what to do.

Sami works to convince Lucas she is in love with him, not E.J. She insists that Lucas is the love of her life and pulls him down onto the couch where they have a round of angry, passionate sex.

Tony and Anna visit E.J. Tony warns his "brother" he needs to protect his newborn son from Stefano, who will stop at nothing to get his way. E.J. doesn't think Stefano would hurt him or his baby, but Tony reminds him that Stefano marooned him on an island for twenty years because he wouldn't do his bidding. He urges E.J. to keep his son from being raised the "DiMera" way, and hopes he will want to be a better man than Stefano. Later, E.J. brings Johnny to Lucas so the baby can be with his sister. Back at his apartment, E.J. looks at himself in the mirror and wonders if he can be a better man.

Stefano is disturbed by an anonymous threat he received from someone he refers to as his "nemesis." Rolf tells him the "patient" he just operated on will recover soon. Stefano relays his concern that E.J. will not bring up his son properly, and he will have to intervene. Before heading out of town with Anna, Tony arrives and urges Stefano to leave E.J. and his son alone. Stefano dismisses him.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The morning after Ford's death, Stephanie, Carmen, Morgan and the other Theta sisters debate what to do about his body. Taking charge, Stephanie tells the girls to go about their day while she stays behind and gets rid of the corpse. She then summons Max and explains what happened. Max wants to call the police but Stephanie argues against it.

Meanwhile, Chelsea sleeps off the drugs she ingested and wakes to find Ford approaching her bed. Max and Stephanie hear her blood-curdling scream. They race to find Chelsea thrashing in bed, obviously having a nightmare. A shaken Chelsea explains her dream, questioning what they're going to do. Max agrees to help them dispose of Ford's body.

Sami asks Lucas if he believes she loves him and not E.J. He isn't sure what to think. Sami visits her mother for a heart-to-heart. Marlena asks again if Sami has unresolved feelings for E.J. Sami defensively denies but Marlena can't help wondering if she is lying to herself. Sami concedes there are moments when she feels sorry for E.J. Marlena gets upset and doesn't want to hear her say she feels sorry for him. Marlena reveals she's about to be arrested for E.J.'s attempted murder. When she thinks about what the DiMeras have cost them, her only regret is that she didn't kill him!

E.J. tells Lucas he'd like to see his son. Lucas can't stop himself from asking E.J. if he honestly believes Sami loves him. E.J. says he does. After Sami returns, Lucas meets with Kate, who offers to help him get Sami back by making it appear that the DiMeras aren't respecting the terms of their agreement to end the vendetta. Kate is delighted when Lucas likes this idea and tells her he's "in." Meanwhile, E.J. calls Sami for help and she hurries to his apartment to find him sprawled on the floor. She helps him back into his wheelchair and he tells her how much he loves her.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Stephanie comforts Chelsea, who is traumatized by Ford's death. Max assures he'll do whatever he can to protect them and make this go away. He goes into the basement and discovers there's no way out without the surveillance cameras capturing them. Ford's body will have to be buried in the basement. Stephanie and Chelsea grit their teeth and allow Max to bury the body. They vow not to tell the other sisters and Max, dressed as Ford and wearing his baseball cap, stumbles out of the house so the cameras can see "Ford" leaving. The sisters return and Stephanie and Chelsea say they took care of Ford's body.

Roman arrives at Marlena's, and she admits she's been expecting him. She offers no resistance to him arresting her, but she's stunned when he says he's going to destroy the evidence. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope strategize how to find shooter number three. Bo says he's leaving it up to Roman to decide what to do about Marlena and gives a window into what this would cost his brother. Across town, Kate tells Philip she knows Marlena had a gun, but Roman is protecting her and yet offering up Kate on a platter. She won't let that happen and implores Philip to help her make sure Marlena pays, too. Philip reluctantly agrees. Kate goes to Marlena's house and has it out with her and Roman. Kate threatens to have Philip place an anonymous call to the police about the cover-up. Marlena won't let Roman sacrifice his career because of her and agrees to turn herself in. Meanwhile, Abe, Bo and Hope track down the dealer who sold Kate's gun.

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