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Jonah Carver
Actor History
Bumper Robinson
1987 to 1988; 1989
Thyme Lewis
1993 to 1996
Medical student
Lab technician
Resides At
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Benjamin Carver (father; deceased)
Rita Carver (mother; deceased)
Abraham Carver (brother)
Theo Carver (brother; deceased)
Karen Carver (sister)
Jett Carver (nephew)
Brandon Walker (nephew)
Theo Carver (nephew)
Flings & Affairs
Lynn Burke
Wendy Reardon
Lexie Brooks Carver (flirtation)
Crimes Committed
  • None
Brief Character History

In 1993, Jonah became a vigilante known as "The Pacifier." Jonah was attempting to clean up the streets by catching criminals and leaving them for the police to pick up. As a calling car, Jonah left pacifiers around his victims' necks. Jonah's sister-in-law, Lexie, learned what Jonah was doing. Lexie helped Jonah, but they were both eventually caught. Jonah was kicked out of medical school and Lexie was kicked off the police force. Jonah also met a young girl named Wendy Reardon in 93 when he delivered her son, Benjamin. Jonah and Wendy became fast friends, but Wendy fell in love with Jonah. In 1995, Jonah got a job as a lab technician at the hospital and dated Nurse Lynn for quite some time (their relationship actually started when Lynn slipped Jonah the date-rape drug), but fell for his sister-in-law Lexie. Lexie and Jonah both lusted after one another and even shared a kiss when they were trapped in the smoke filled garage under University Hospital. Abe managed to rescue them before it could have gone any further. Lexie returned to her husband and Jonah began to date Wendy Reardon. In 1996, Stefano DiMera arranged for Jonah to return to medical school as a way to win over his daughter, Lexie. Jonah has since mysteriously disappeared.

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