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Steven Jones
Actor History
Robert Mandam
1997 to 1998
Died in 1998
Cause of Death
Died of a heart attack
Other Names
Jonesy (nickname)
Worked for Stefano DiMera
Resides At
DiMera townhouse
Marital Status
Married (Vivian Alamain)
Past Marriages
None (assumed)
None (assumed)
Flings & Affairs
Flora Dora (Vaudeville performer)
Crimes Committed
  • None (assumed)
Brief Character History

In 1997, Jonesy Jones saw Vivian Alamain and thought that she was his "Flora Dora," a woman from vaudeville shows. However, when Vivian learned that Jonesy was wealthy, she pretended to be his Flora Dora. Jonesy eventually realized Vivian wasn't his Flora Dora, so in an attempt to get closer with Jonesy, Vivian held a mock sťance in which the real Flora Dora told Jonesy to move on with Vivian. After Vivian found a horde of art treasures stashed in Jonesy's townhouse, Vivian became determined to marry Jonesy and have him leave everything to him in his will. Time was of the essence because Jonesy was not a well man and Vivian learned from Dr. Wu that Jonesy could die any minute. Jonesy told Vivian he wanted to be married in his ancestral homeland, so Jonesy, Vivian, and Ivan went to England. Unfortunately, Jonesy's homeland was where Susan was hiding out. Susan and Vivian came face to face and screamed. Eventually, Vivian convinced Susan that she was not here to steal Elvis, but to marry Jonesy.

Jonesy and Vivian were legally married in February of 1998. Susan and Edmund stood up for them and a wedding picture appeared in the local paper. Vivian, determined to gain all of Jonesy's treasures, refused to make love to him until he filled out his will. Jonesy was actually staying at the house and guarding the treasures for Stefano DiMera, but he was not allowed to tell anyone. Eventually, Jonesy filled out the will and he and Vivian consummated their marriage. To Vivian's shock, Jonesy was the best lover she ever had. Unfortunately their marriage wasn't a long one, Jonesy soon keeled over in bed. Vivian and Ivan returned to Salem and moved into Jonesy's townhouse.

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