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Jordan Ridgeway
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Actor History
Other Names

Lynda Chechert (Fake name on Indiana ID)

Joan Cooper (Fake name on New Jersey ID)

Ellen Rogers (Fake name on Texas ID)

Tammy Sue (birth name)


Physical therapist

Resides At

New York City

Formerly somewhere in Salem

Formerly Birmingham, AL

Formerly in Indiana

Formerly in New Jersey

Formerly in Houston, TX

Formerly in Santa Monica, CA

Formerly in Poplar Bluff, MO

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Ben Weston (half-brother) Jordan's father passed away when she was 5. Her mother has not been named.



Flings & Affairs

Chad DiMera (dated/lovers)

Rafe Hernandez (dated/lovers)

Crimes and Misdeeds

Stole money from Clyde when she fled his house with her little brother (2007 - not shown on screen)

Health and Vitals

    Raped by Clyde (not shown on screen, circa 2004)

    Brief Character History

    In late spring of 2013, Rafe Hernandez was badly beaten and then spent time in a medically induced coma. While in the coma, he was almost attacked by one of Stefano's men. Worried about his safety and who else Stefano might have on his payroll, Rafe's girlfriend, Kate, set out to hire a physical therapist for Rafe. After reviewing resumes, she selected Jordan Ridgeway.

    When Jordan arrived at the hospital, Kate was shocked to see that Jordan was a female, though a somewhat homely looking woman with glasses and a stringy ponytail. Rafe and Jordan got to work almost immediately. Jordan was very strict with Rafe's treatment plan.

    Kate was uneasy with the connection forming between Jordan and Rafe. So, she began searching into Jordan's background. Her private investigator was having a hard time finding anything.

    Meanwhile, Jordan and Rafe were growing closer. They shared a kiss. Afterwards, Jordan went home and looked through a box of fake ID and told herself that she wasn't going to run this time. But, she also told Rafe that nothing more could happen between them while she is his therapist.

    Rafe continued to heal and as soon as he could be released from the hospital to continue his therapy at home, he fired Jordan and hired a new therapist. Jordan and Rafe began dating and were very happy together.

    But Kate was still suspicious and continued digging into Jordan's past. Kate hired Jordan's former roommate, Sheryl, to work at Mad World. Jordan was shaken when she saw Sheryl in Salem, but eventually the two settled things and continued their friendship in Salem. Kate couldn't get any information about Jordan out of Sheryl so Kate hired another private investigator to keep looking into Jordan's past.

    Eventually, Kate's investigator lead her to Poplar Bluff, MO where Kate met a man named Clyde. He said he was Jordan and Ben's father. Kate told him that Jordan and Ben were living in Salem. What Kate didn't know was that Clyde was an abusive father. He beat Ben as a child. He also wasn't Jordan's biological father. According to Clyde, her biological father drank himself to death when Jordan was five years old. When the beatings got to be so bad, a teenage Jordan stole money from Clyde, took Ben, and ran away from home. They moved several times and eventually split up so that Clyde would have a harder time finding them.

    Kate also kept pursing a close friendship with Rafe. One night when Rafe was drunk and feeling terrible about his sister going to jail, Kate and Rafe ended up in bed together. When Jordan found out, she was crushed and broke up with Rafe.

    After Rafe, Chad DiMera arrived back in town and struck up a friendship with Jordan. Abigail and Rafe warned her to stay away from him, but he had a habit of showing up when Jordan needed someone. The two grew closer.

    The only man in her life causing her grief was Clyde. Ben and Jordan were terrified to see Clyde in Salem. Clyde was determined to have a relationship with Ben and wouldn't let Jordan stand in the way. So, Clyde told Jordan that if she interfered with their relationship, he would tell Ben that Jordan killed their mother. Jordan was shocked. She didn't remember killing her mother and was sure that Clyde was lying. But, as she tried to remember more about her past, she remembered terrible things. One night, she snuck into his room, pulled his gun on him, and accused him of raping her when she was 15. Clyde was adamant that he had apologized for that, but Jordan didn't care.

    But, she couldn't bring herself to shoot him. Instead, she left his room in tears. Chad found her and comforted her. He checked in on her later and eventually the two started dating. She heared warnings about Chad, but she believed that he had changed and was happy to date him.

    The only thing standing in their way was Jordan's ex, Rafe, who didn't like that she was dating a DiMera. But when Chad found out that Rafe was digging around for criminal information on Chad, Chad sent a note to the Salem P.D. exposing Rafe's involvement in covering up Gabi's crimes. Roman had no choice but to fire Rafe. Chad denied that he was behind the letter, and Jordan believed him.

    Later, she confronted Clyde again about the "murder." When Jordan was a young teenager, her mother asked Jordan to drive them to the doctor's office. But, Jordan lost control of the car and crashed. Her mother died in the accident. What Jordan didn't know was that her mother was pregnant at the time. Clyde insisted that Jordan knew and did it on purpose because she couldn't stand the idea of her mother having another baby with Clyde. Jordan knew Clyde's version of events wasn't true and that she hadn't intentionally caused the accident. But, she knew that if Ben heard Clyde's version of events, Ben would be upset. So, in exchange for Clyde not saying anything to Ben, Jordan agreed not to stand in the way of Ben and Clyde reconnecting.

    Meanwhile, Jordan and Abigail came together to work on establishing a nonprofit clinic for the less fortunate in Salem. Their project needed funding. Wanting to make a point to Jordan that he could still control her, Clyde offered to "anonymously" fund the project. But, he made sure that Kate "accidentally" caused the news to come out that Clyde was behind it. Jordan was furious. But, Ben, Abigail and Chad convinced her that she could do some good with the money. So, she set about establishing the clinic. But she still had no good feelings toward Clyde.

    Kate still wasn't finished with Jordan yet, though. She made sure that Jordan found out that Chad did have Rafe fired. Jordan was furious with Chad for lying to her and for what he did to Rafe. She told him that they were done.

    A few weeks later, Jordan got a letter in the main from a company in New York City. Jordan and Abigail modeled the business plan for their new clinic after this company and the company was so impressed with Jordan's work that they wanted to offer her a job. Jordan was thrilled. She said goodbye to Salem and moved to New York City.

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