Kevin Lambert
Actor History
Brett Lawrence
2001 to 2002
University Student
Resides At
Out of Salem
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Unnamed parents
Unnamed brother
Flings & Affairs
Mimi Lockhart (dated)
Crimes Committed
  • Involved in the Chloe/Jan/Mimi shenanigans
Brief Character History

Kevin Lambert showed up at Salem High as a a brainy nerdy junior who helped Jan set up an experiment in the chemistry lab that would result in Chloe's hair being sprayed with some smelly, foamy concoction. Chloe would have to go into the showers, where Jan had, with Mimi's help, set up a hidden video camera. The resulting pictures were put on a web site, which unbeknownst to Kevin, was due to debut on the big screen at the Last Blast Dance.

At the dance, Kevin was in charge of the slide show where Jan had gotten Mimi to sneak in the incriminating pictures.....but Kevin was appalled when the soap-covered body of Chloe appeared. Jan and Mimi were found out, and Kevin was exonerated of any knowledge. When the teens all signed up for an enviromental study trip to an island off Puerto Rico, Kevin did, too, along with several of the other "outcasts" of Salem High, the ones the "popular" kids made fun of, and gave mean nicknames. But on the island, Kevin came into his own, hooked up with Mimi as a girlfriend, and taught Penny and Susan to speak up for themselves, telling how hurtful the nicknames were.

By the end of this summer trip, and the return to school, Kevin was going steady with Mimi. Unfortunately, he ended up going to an out of state university, and his relationship with Mimi was over.

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