Kitty Horton
Actor History
Regina Gleason
1967 to 1969
Cause of Death
Heart attack
Past Marriages
Thomas 'Tommy' Horton, Jr.(divorced)
Sandy Horton
Flings & Affairs
Dr. Elliot Kincaid
Peter Larkin
Numerous men between 1953 and 1969
Crimes Committed
  • Attempted to blackmail Bill Horton with the truth about Michael's paternity
Brief Character History

Kitty was Tommy Horton's wife, and they were married before Tommy was believed to have been killed in the Korean war in 1953. Kitty was also the mother of his daughter Sandy. Upon returning to Salem Kitty pursued Dr. Elliot Kincaid who was working at Salem University hospital. When Mark Brooks was revealed to be Kitty's husband Tommy, she tried to work things out with him, but on the side continued to chase after Dr. Elliot Kincaid. Tommy would hire a private detective to follow Kitty, and upon confronting her at Elliot's apartment Kitty faked chest pains. Because her family had heart problems Tommy took it seriously. Kitty was admitted into the hospital, but checked out fine. When Tommy learned Kitty had a past filled with numerous affairs, Tommy divorced Kitty in 1969. After her marriage from Tommy was over, Dr. Kincaid also left her, and Kitty pursued another married man, Peter Larkin. Later while working as Tom Horton's secretary, Kitty accidentally taped a conversation between Tom and Laura discussing Michael's health problems and his parentage. Kitty knew the tape would be worth something and called Bill over. When Bill arrived, Kitty tried to seduce him, but Bill was furious to find that tape. Bill ransacked her apartment, and wrestled with Kitty before finding the tape and leaving. As a result of the fight Kitty had a heart attack and died. After investigating, Bill became the prime suspect in her death.

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