Megan Hathaway
Actor History
Cheryl-Ann Wilson
1984 to 1985
Stefano DiMera (father)
Santo DiMera (grandfather; deceased)
Renée DuMonde (half-sister; deceased)
Tony DiMera (half-brother While Tony is not blood related, Stefano raised Tony as a son)
Kristen DiMera (half-sister; via adoption)
Peter Blake (half-brother; via adoption)
Lexie Brooks Carver (half-sister; deceased)
Benjy Hawk (half-brother; deceased)
E.J. DiMera (half-brother)
Chad DiMera (half-brother)
Ryan (paternal uncle; deceased)
Andree DiMera (cousin; deceased)
Theo Carver (half-nephew)
Johnny DiMera (half-nephew)
Sydney DiMera (half-niece)
Steven Hawk (half-nephew)
Grace Brady (half-niece; deceased)
Flings & Affairs
Bo Brady
Crimes Committed
  • Tried to kill Hope Williams Brady
  • Pretended that Zachary Parker was her son with Bo to win him back
Brief Character History

Megan came to Salem in 1984 with her adoptive father Maxwell Hathaway. Megan wanted her old boyfriend Bo back, and would stop at nothing to have him. Megan duped Bo into believing that she had a child with Bo which she gave up for adoption.

In 1985 Megan plotted to kill Hope by electrocuting her in a hot tub at Chris' health club, The Body Connection. Megan's plan backfired when she overheard Larry Welch talking to a Russian contact about the three prisms Larry's father had invented. When Larry found Megan spying on him they got into a fight, and Larry ended up killing Megan. Larry dumped her body in a hot tub, and Megan was found by Hope, who became the prime suspect in her murder.

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