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Nicole Walker
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Actor History
Other Names

Nik/Nikki (nickname)

Nicole Mendez (birth name)

Misty Circle (porn screen name and name on her first marriage license)

Nicole Roberts (second married name)

Nicole Kiriakis (third married name)

Nicole DiMera (fourth married name)

Mary Smith (alias used to apply at High Style)

Mary (alias used with Sister Theresa while scamming to steal Sami's baby)


Reporter for Titan TV - WXIR

Former secretary at St. Luke's

Former campaign Manager for E.J.'s mayoral campaign

Former reporter for Titan's TV station, WXIR

Formerly living off her allowance from E.J.

Former vice president of Austin Reed and Company

Former president of Titan Publishing

Former editor-in-chief of Bella magazine

Former model

Former waitress at the Java Café

Former porn star

Resides At

Salem Hotel room #5367

Formerly at Daniel's apartment - Apt 32, 110 Guilford Street Salem, USA (temporarily)

Formerly the Convent at St. Luke's

Formerly the Horton House in Salem (with Jennifer and Abigail)

Formerly Salem Hotel

Formerly the DiMera mansion, 430 Lakeview Drive Salem, USA

Formerly the Kiriakis mansion, 13201 Glen Oaks Drive, Salem, USA

Formerly Daniel and Chloe's apartment, Apt 32, 110 Guilford Street Salem, USA

Formerly apartment 3, somewhere in Salem

Formerly Statesville Prison

Formerly at the DiMera mansion, 430 Lakeview Drive Salem, USA

Formerly in California

Formerly at the Kiriakis mansion

Marital Status


Past Marriages

E.J. DiMera [Married: Feb 24, 2011; Divorced summer 2012]

E.J. DiMera [Married: Apr 14, 2009/ on-screen: Apr 21, 2009; divorced: Mar 25, 2010]

Victor Kiriakis [Divorced: Jul 2008; later deemed invalid due to her marriage to Trent]

Lucas Roberts [Divorced; later deemed invalid due to her marriage to Trent]

Trent Robbins [Married: when Nicole was in college; dissolved by his death in Sep 2008]


Paul Mendez (father; deceased)

Fay Walker (mother; deceased)

Taylor Walker (sister)

Brandon Walker (half-brother)


Unnamed daughter (with E.J.; miscarried Nov 24, 2008)

Daniel Rafael Hernandez (son; with E.J.; miscarried October 5,2012)

Flings & Affairs

Trent Robbins (dated/lovers)


Eric Brady (dated/lovers)

Lucas Roberts Horton (lovers)

Austin Reed (flirtation/kissed)

Victor Kiriakis (dated/lovers)

Colin Murphy (lovers; deceased)

Brady Black (dated/lovers)

Roman Brady (one-night stand)

E.J. DiMera (dated/lovers)

Rafe Hernandez (he seduced her)

Arnold Fenigan (tried to seduce her while pretending to be Rafe)

Daniel Jonas (dated/lovers)


Xander Cook (flirtation)

Crimes Committed

Committed bigamy twice; married Lucas and then married Victor while still legally married to Trent Robbins [1999 to 2008]

Shot Colin Murphy, who was blackmailing her

Hired Larry Welch to kill Victor

Shot and wounded Paul Mendez [Oct 2000]

With Jan Spears, attempted to murder Victor Kiriakis [2004]

Sabotaged Chloe's surgery [2005]

Tried to blackmail E.J. by threatening to divulge the status of his marriage if he didn't spend more time with her [Jun 2008]

Faked her pregnancy [Nov 2008 to Jan 2009]

Attempted to drug Brady Black to keep him from telling E.J. about her miscarriage [Dec 2008]

Bribed Dr. Baker to keep him from telling E.J. about her miscarriage [Dec 2008]

Stole a vase from the DiMera mansion [Dec 2008]

Stole Sami's baby; blackmailed Dr. Baker to give her Sami's baby [Jan 2009]

Accessory to a crime after the fact; provided E.J. with advice on Stephanie's kidnapping [May 2009]

Kidnapped Sydney DiMera and planned to flee the country [Dec 2009]

Blackmailed Anna DiMera to make Anna convince Governor Ford to issue Nicole a full pardon for her kidnapping crimes [Mar 2010]

Framed Arianna Hernandez for the Salem Muggings [May 2010]

Blackmailed E.J. DiMera/withheld information in Sydney's kidnapping case [Jul 2010]

Accessory to false imprisonment; kept Vivian locked in a sarcophagus after Brady buried her alive [Oct 2010]

Used a tape of Sami's confession to blackmail Sami into letting Nicole spend time with Sydney [Nov 2010]

Committed adultry- Slept with Brady while married to E.J. (May 2011)

Conspiracy to cover up a crime; withheld information about the events on the night Brady assaulted E.J. [June 2011]

Got the mayoral debate questions ahead of time [January 2012]

Paid off election officials to appear that Abe had fixed the election [assumed, but not confirmed- February 2012]

Switched the paternity test results to indicate that Rafe was the father of her baby, not E.J. [May 2012]

Gave false testimony to the police, accusing Jennifer of assault that cased Nicole's miscarriage [October 2012]

Stole files from Titan computers and planted them on Kristen DiMera's computer in attempts to break up Kristen and Brady

Kidnapped and drugged Dr. Chyka to get info from him about Kristen drugging and raping Eric

[February 2014]

Hid evidence and then lied to police about having proof that Kristen drugged and raped Eric

[March 2015]

Bribed a bellboy to let her into Serena's hotel room

[December 2014]
Health and Vitals

    Suffered a gunshot to the abdomen and told that she could not have children (2002)

    Suffered a miscarriage and told that even if she were to get pregnant again, she would never carry the baby to term (November 2008)

    Suffered a miscarriage and told that even if she were to get pregnant again, she would never carry the baby to term (November 2008)

    Brief Character History

    Nicole was an overworked, underpaid waitress with dreams of being a model and escaping the secrets of her past. Then she met Eric Brady. He eventually became enamored with Nicole's pretty face, and convinced Sami to offer her a modeling contract. Sami offered, and Nicole graced the cover of Bella magazine. She moved from the wrong side of the tracks to queen of the right side within a month or two. But she was always held back by a fear of someone -- viewers weren't sure who -- finding out where she lived. She periodically wrote checks to someone and was afraid. Jay, her ex boyfriend, appeared and followed Nicole and Brady around, even on their trip to Los Angeles for a photo shoot.

    Eric and Nicole were falling in love, and Jay was getting jealous. He even threatened to spill the beans about her past. She met Kate Roberts and became good friends with Sami Brady. She coordinated Sami's bachelorette party, and allowed Kate to pick out the entertainment for the night: the stripper with whom Franco was having an affair. Kate threatened Nicole about this fact and told her to keep quiet. Nicole complied.

    Lucas then decided he needed a wife to get custody of Will, and Nicole was the one he wanted. Lucas showered Nicole with attention, much to the dismay of Kate, who thought Lucas deserved better. Taylor was also an obstacle in her quest to become exclusive with Eric. Taylor wanted Eric, and Nicole wanted Eric, but was showing interest in Lucas. Taylor also treaded on sacred territory. She was becoming a New Face, and could have taken over Nicole's modeling gigs. Nicole didn't like it one bit.

    Taylor disappeared from town, and Nicole married Lucas...for the tune of five million dollars. She became ticked off when Victor hired a man to worm her money away from her. She agreed to help Eric's sister Sami get custody of Will, even though Eric had left her and left town. A cancer scare led to a brief reconciliation with Eric, but that didn't last. Nicole did, however, reveal that as a teenager, her father had forced her into the pornographic film industry.

    After breaking up with Eric, Nicole told Lucas she wanted a divorce, and ended up starting a relationship with Victor. She was instrumental in helping Victor learn that Kate was out to kill him, and took Kate's place not only in Victor's bedroom, but also in the boardroom. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before things again changed, and Nicole started planning to kill Victor. She even paired up with Larry Welch, but that didn't last long. Next, she tried to get to Victor through his grandson. She thought Brady would work perfectly for her plans, but she was willing to use Shawn or even Victor's son Philip if necessary.

    Nicole joined forces with Jan Spears, and Jan "killed" Victor for Nicole, although Victor soon turned up alive again. For a while, Nicole was a very wealthy widow, with a grieving step-grandson she soon fell in love with. Unfortunately, it wasn't just Victor's "murder" that was looming over her head -- once she learned that Brady's first love, Chloe, was alive, she was desperate to keep Brady from learning the truth, so much so that she let Stan and Tony help her in sabotaging Chloe's surgery so that Chloe would never get rid of her scars. Once she realized Stan was Sami, she attempted to blow Sami out of the water, but Sami had the goods on Nicole. When Brady discovered Chloe was alive, he accused Nicole of masterminding Chloe's "death," and kicked Nicole out of his life.

    Nicole landed on her feet again when she teamed up with Sami and Austin to open Austin Reed and Company (ARC). Nicole agreed to move to L.A. to manage the newly acquired branch, formerly known as High Style, of ARC. Before she left, she had a one-night stand with Roman Brady.

    In 2008, Nicole returned to Salem with the news that she was still Mrs. Victor Kiriakis, since the divorce had not actually gone through. She hired E.J. Dimera to be her divorce attorney, which did not sit well with Sami Brady. E.J. used Nicole to make Sami jealous, and even paid Nicole to be around Sami at opportune times. Sami and E.J.'s relationship continued to sour. On the night that Sami told E.J. to move on, E.J. slept with Nicole.

    Trent Robbins arrived in town in the summer of 2008 and immediately began threatening Nicole. Viewers soon learned that Nicole had married Trent while in college. Trent was so abusive towards Nicole that she had eventually packed her things and left him. However, she never filed for divorce, so technically, she was still married to Trent. If that news were discovered, Nicole would lose her huge divorce settlement from Victor. So, in exchange for his silence, Nicole did whatever Trent told her to do. Nicole told E.J. that their relationship needed to remain professional. Nicole spied on Max Brady for Trent. Eventually, Nicole asked E.J. for his help in dealing with Trent.

    Nicole did not have to worry about Trent much longer. Trent was found stabbed to death in September 2008. Nicole was on the suspect list, but she had other problems to worry about. She learned that she was pregnant with E.J. DiMera's child. Nicole was happy about the baby but worried about E.J.'s reaction. She was pleasantly surprised when E.J. asked her to move into the DiMera mansion. The two began planning their future together. But their happiness wouldn't last long. On November 24, 2008 Nicole went into premature labor and delivered a baby girl. The baby did not survive. The doctor told Nicole that while she might be physically able to become pregnant again, due to internal scarring she had suffered after being shot years before, she would not be able to carry a baby to full term.

    When Nicole couldn't reach E.J., she turned to Brady Black for help. Brady took care of Nicole during her recovery and was the only one privy to her secret: she would fake her pregnancy until she found an adequate "substitute" baby to pass off as her own child. Nicole blackmailed Dr. Baker, the doctor who had delivered her baby, to go along with her fake pregnancy scam. In addition to giving him a $20,000 vase for his silence, she also threatened to expose that he was a black market baby broker.

    Nicole tracked down a pregnant teenager named Mia through Dr. Baker. Nicole convinced Mia to let Nicole adopt Mia's baby. But, when Nicole learned that Sami was secretly pregnant with E.J.'s baby, Nicole decided that she wanted Sami's baby instead. Nicole tracked down Sami, who was in witness protection, and eavesdropped on Sami's conversation with Sister Theresa. Nicole learned that Sami was looking for a discreet place to give birth. Nicole, posing as a pregnant woman named "Mary," gave Dr. Baker's business card to Sister Theresa. When Sami went into labor, Sister Theresa took her to Dr. Baker's clinic. Dr. Baker told Nicole that Sami was on her way to the clinic.

    Mia went into labor on the same day as Sami. Mia called Nicole. Knowing that Sami was on her way to the clinic, Nicole did not take Mia to the clinic to deliver. Instead, Nicole told Mia that they would have to deliver the baby in Mia's apartment. Mia gave birth to a baby girl. After Nicole promised to always love Mia's baby, Mia told Nicole to take the baby and leave.

    Nicole went to the clinic, where she blackmailed Dr. Baker into switching Mia's baby with Sami's baby. She had Dr. Baker call E.J. and tell him that she was in labor. When E.J. arrived at the clinic, Nicole was sitting in a gown, on a hospital bed, and presented E.J. with "their" baby. They named the baby Sydney. In April of 2009, E.J. and Nicole were married, and Nicole tried to settle into life as a DiMera wife. Nicole even participated in the family business when she helped E.J. facilitate a kidnapping of Stephanie Johnson.

    But Nicole's plans for a happy DiMera family soon unraveled. FBI Agent Rafe Hernandez felt that Nicole was acting strangely after Grace, the baby Sami thought was her own, died. He investigated Nicole, which eventually led him to run a DNA test on Sydney. The test revealed that Sami was Sydney's biological mother. Nicole tearfully handed over Sydney to Sami and E.J., but when she returned to the DiMera mansion and heard Sami and E.J. fighting, she sneaked in and kidnapped Sydney.

    Nicole and Sydney ended up in Cleveland, Ohio, where they met up with Nicole's mother, Fay, who was living there and working as a waitress. Nicole lied to her mother. She said that E.J. was abusing her, and she was simply on the run from him. Because of Nicole's stories, Fay pulled favors to get Nicole money and fake passports for both her and the baby. However, Nicole had a last-minute change of heart and decided to return Sydney to Sami and E.J. Unfortunately, while she was at the bus station, ready to turn herself in, she was attacked from behind and knocked unconscious, and Sydney was stolen from her. Afterwards, Nicole was arrested and sent to prison for twenty years.

    Down but not out, Nicole, while in prison, continued to try to piece together the events that had led to Sydney's kidnapping. She remembered that, after being hit on the head, she'd heard a woman's voice talking sweetly to Sydney and had seen a pair of high-end boots walking away with the stroller. More and more memories returned to her, and eventually she realized the kidnapper was Anna DiMera. Being the opportunist she was, Nicole blackmailed Anna. She made Anna convince Governor Jim Ford, one of Anna's old boyfriends, to issue Nicole a full pardon for her kidnapping crimes. Everyone in Salem was shocked by Nicole's release and didn't hold their tongues when Nicole strolled back into town.

    After Nicole's pardon and subsequent divorce from E.J. in March 2010, she set her sights on her one true love - Brady Black. Upon being released from prison, she traveled to the Caribbean to see Brady, unaware that he was there to marry Arianna Hernandez. Much to Nicole's delight, the wedding plans fell through. Afterwards, Nicole began to focus on getting Brady back. He admitted he would always love her and be her friend, but he was "in love" with Arianna.

    Nicole didn't let Brady's words stop her. She knew he loved her deep down. And she continued to scheme to get him back in her life. She even used her new job as a reporter for Titan's TV station, WXIR, help her score points with Brady. Unfortunately for Nicole, Arianna was hired on as her production assistant and the two ladies were often at odds.

    In late spring of 2010, Nicole was dealt a lucky hand. She ran into Dr. Baker who, as it turned out, was not dead as everyone had previously thought. She quickly linked him to a recent crime wave in Salem. Someone was mugging predominate men and stealing their wallets. Dr. Baker knew who was behind the muggings and was merely working as an accomplice because he wanted the men's money to gamble with. Nicole used this to her advantage and, with Dr. Baker's help, framed Arianna for the crimes.

    Nicole's plan seemingly worked. Brady and Arianna broke up, Arianna was sent to jail, and Nicole and Brady grew closer. However, E.J. and Rafe both started to suspect Nicole knew more than she let on. E.J., who was working as Arianna's lawyer and who generally hated Nicole, accused her of framing Arianna. Nicole got nervous and broke into the DiMera Mansion to find some dirt on E.J. -- and her plan worked. She discovered that Anna had simply been an accomplice in Sydney's kidnapping and that E.J. had been the mastermind. She quickly used the information against E.J. to get him to back off. But the only thing Nicole didn't count on was that Rafe was investigating both her and E.J. and was close to discovering the truth about them both.

    Rafe seduced Nicole in order to gain access to her apartment. He found the CD recording of E.J.'s confession. Rafe granted Nicole immunity and FBI protection in exchange for her authenticating the recording. When E.J. found out that Rafe had gotten the proof from Nicole, he froze her bank account and threatened to kill her. Broke and scared for her life, she moved in with Daniel and Chloe.

    Rafe confronted E.J. with the tape on Sami and E.J.'s wedding day. E.J. was heartbroken when Sami left him and took the kids with her. Later that night, Kate called Sami and told her that E.J. might be planning on kidnapping the kids. Sami rushed over the to DiMera mansion and found a passed out E.J. with a gun next to him. Seeing the opportunity, she picked up the gun and shot E.J. in the head. The next morning, people immediately starting buzzing about who could have shot E.J.

    Nicole was immediately cleared as a suspect, but she was still curious as to who shot E.J. Needing a safer place to stay, Nicole moved in with Brady. The two began to get closer. Nicole even helped Brady cover up his crime- burying Vivian alive in a sarcophagus.

    While living there, Brady received the news that his ex-fiancée, Arianna, had been killed and Brady was the still the beneficiary of her belongings. Included in them was a taped of Sami admitting that she was the one who shot E.J. Nicole found the tape and went to blackmail Sami into letting Nicole spend time with Sydney.

    Rafe urged Sami to agree to the deal at first, in order to give him time to get the tape from Nicole. Rafe tried infecting Nicole's computer with a virus and stealing the video. When Nicole found out, she went straight to E.J. and offered him the same deal- the tape of Sami's confession in exchange for time with Sydney. E.J. took the deal, but wanted more.

    In order to pay Sami back, E.J. asked Nicole to move in with him and act as the children's stepmother. Nicole reluctantly agreed, even though she knew it means she had to give up her relationship with Brady. Not long after she moved in, E.J. asked Nicole to marry him. The motive was still to get back at Sami, but eventually, Nicole began to develop feelings for E.J. She loved their life together.

    A few weeks before their wedding day, Nicole's sister, Taylor, showed up at the DiMera mansion and asked Nicole for a place to stay. Nicole was reluctant at first, due to their rough history together, but eventually Nicole agreed to let Taylor move in. She was excited to learn more about her sister.

    Around the same time, Taylor had a chance meeting with E.J. on the pier. The two fell in love at first sight, despite not knowing who the other was. It wasn't until the day of Nicole and E.J.'s wedding that Taylor realized that she was in love with her sister's husband. After the wedding, E.J. and Taylor immediately started a relationship.

    One day, Nicole caught them kissing in the living room. She was heartbroken, but determined to make both of them pay. She didn't have to wait long as a few days later the truth about E.J. and Stefano's involvement in Fay's death came out. Taylor left E.J. Nicole and Taylor worked, hesitantly, on rebuilding their relationship. They bonded over their distrust of E.J. and their desire to keep Brady safe. (He had gotten away with assaulting E.J. and not getting caught.) However, Taylor soon left town and Nicole was left to rebuild her life alone.

    E.J. recruited Nicole to serve as his campaign manager. She took the job because she needed the money. But, soon, she began to realize that her love for E.J. was still there. She happily fell back into the role of his wife and the two planned a life together. Nicole helped E.J. win the election. But, their celebration was interrupted when Rafe burst into the DiMera mansion and announced that E.J. and Sami had slept together, just a few month before, on the night Johnny went missing.

    Nicole walked out on E.J. and moved into the Salem hotel, trying to cope with her grief. Daniel found an upset Nicole in Horton Square and tried to comfort her. But, when Nicole fainted, he took her to the hospital. Test confirmed that Nicole was pregnant. She did not want E.J. to know and swore Daniel to secrecy.

    A few days later, E.J. tried to talk to Nicole in the town square. When she refused, Rafe (who was passing by) stepped in and told E.J. to leave Nicole alone. Rafe took Nicole back to her hotel. He came to check on her a few days later with some food. Nicole got sick. Rafe knew that it was morning sickness and confronted Nicole about being pregnant. Nicole confirmed that she was, but asked Rafe to keep it a secret too. He agreed.

    He convinced Nicole to take care of herself and get something to eat. They went to lunch on the Horton Square. While at lunch, E.J. overheard Nicole saying that she was pregnant. E.J. immediately assumed that the baby was his, but Rafe stepped in and claimed to be the baby's father. Nicole played along with Rafe's lie. She even switched DNA samples to guarantee that the paternity test E.J. ordered would say that Rafe is the father.

    Daniel caught Nicole switching the tests. But, she distracted him by seducing him. Their attraction continued and Daniel and Nicole spent more time together - as friends with benefits. And when Nicole's pregnancy encountered trouble during an explosion in Salem, Daniel was able to save the baby. From that point on Nicole decided that Daniel was the man for her.

    She played upon his good nature and told him that E.J. was breathing down her neck about the baby, in hopes of getting Daniel to invited her move in with him. Daniel wanted to protect Nicole, but he wasn't ready for that type of commitment. So, he asked Victor and Maggie if Nicole could live with them. When Victor refused, Jennifer offered to let Nicole move in with her. After Jack's death, Jennifer said that the house was empty and she could use the distraction.

    But, Nicole knew that with Jennifer single again, Daniel's feelings for Jennifer could return. So, Nicole agreed to move in with Jennifer, but Nicole really wanted to make it clear to Jennifer that Daniel was taken. Nicole and Jennifer continued to butt heads over Daniel, especially when Jennifer learned that Daniel was helping Nicole hide the paternity of Nicole's baby. But, Nicole used Jennifer's anger to imply that Jennifer was just simply stressed out about Jack's death and not thinking clearly. Abigail and Daniel both began to believe Nicole. Frustrated with all of the mind games, Jennifer kicked Nicole out of the Horton house.

    Nicole took this opportunity to put more pressure on Daniel to make a commitment to her. She even presented him with the idea of the two of them moving to Utah together, where the custody laws were apparently more favorable to mothers than fathers. Leaving him to think about it, Nicole headed to her doctor's appointment to check on the baby.

    Nicole's regular doctor was called away on an emergency so she saw a new doctor, who was scheduled to leave the country immediately after Nicole's appointment. However, the doctor could not find a heartbeat for the baby and pronounced the baby dead. She also told Nicole that she needed to induce labor within 24 hours. This doctor promises to have a nurse call Nicole to schedule the appointment. Nicole was devastated.

    She wandered out into the hospital hallway to see Jennifer and Daniel together. Nicole left and went to Daniel's apartment. While there, she heard Jennifer leaving a voicemail for Daniel to meet her in the town square. Nicole went instead and confronted Jennifer. Jennifer tried to walk away, but Nicole rushed after her. Nicole followed Jennifer up the stairs and grabbed Jennifer's arm. When Jennifer jerked her arm away, Nicole fell down the stairs. When people rushed to see if Nicole was okay, Nicole immediately said that Jennifer pushed her.

    Nicole was rushed to the hospital where she delivered her baby. When Dr. Davis pronounced that the baby was dead, Nicole insisted that Jennifer was the one who killed the baby. Jennifer was arrested. But, Daniel was sure that Jennifer was innocent. So, Daniel offered Nicole a deal -- drop the charges against Jennifer and he would move to Hawaii with Nicole. Nicole agreed and told the police that she misremembered the events of her fall and that her fall was an accident.

    As Daniel was closing up some loose ends at the hospital, he came across an infant t-shirt in the lost and found that he recognized as part of a set that Nicole had purchased for her baby. Wondering why it was in an exam room, Daniel looked into Nicole's last doctor's appointment and learned that Nicole had actually miscarried the baby before the altercation with Jennifer on the stairs. Daniel confronted Nicole with the information. Rafe, E.J., Jennifer, Brady, and Abigail all witnessed it. Nicole cried and admitted that she had, in fact, made the whole thing up to keep Daniel from going back to Jennifer. Daniel told Nicole that they were not moving to Hawaii.

    With her things cleared out of Daniel's apartment, Nicole began looking for a new place to live, and a friend to confide in. She found them both when she ran into Eric Brady at the Brady Pub. She was thrilled to learn that he'd returned to Salem; and shocked to learn that he'd returned as a priest. Eric listened to Nicole's sordid tale of the past few months and encouraged her to seek forgiveness from everyone, especially Jennifer and Daniel.

    Nicole took Eric's advice. When Jennifer and Daniel forgave her, she started to feel better. Eric offered Nicole a job as a secretary at the church and a place to stay in the convent. Nicole agreed and started her life over. She also became a confidant for Eric, who was living with his own demons of violent acts he'd witnessed while working as a photographer in the Congo. Nicole began to develop feelings for Eric, but fought hard to contain them.

    When Eric expressed concern over his step-brother, Brady's, involvement with Kristen DiMera, Nicole wanted to help. So, she stole Titan documents and planted them on Kristen's computer for Brady to see. However, Kristen soon figured out that Nicole stole the documents. Victor had Nicole arrested, but did not press charges. Nicole went back to work at the convent and tried to stay out of trouble.

    Eric began reaching out to other people in trouble by starting a program for recently released prisoners. His first participant was Vargas. Nicole wasn't thrilled with the idea at first, but changed her mind after she met Vargas. The two started flirting. Desperate to forget about Eric, Nicole ended up in bed with Vargas. But, Vargas stopped when Nicole said Eric's name in bed. Horrified, Nicole asked Vargas not to say anything. Vargas admitted that he wasn't surprised, as he suspected Nicole had feelings for Eric all along.

    Nicole and Eric continued to work closely together on the new school, St. Luke's Academy. Eventually, Eric grew stronger feelings for Nicole. He admitted to Father Matt that he loved her as a friend and was upset to hear of various relationships that Nicole had with other men. But he would not take their relationship further. Still, Nicole's feelings grew.

    When Brady broke up with Kristen, Nicole suggested that she and Brady use each other to forget about their respective love lives. Brady agreed, but he soon suspected that Nicole had feelings for Eric. Brady urged Nicole to be honest with Eric, but Nicole was too ashamed.

    When Eric went out of town on business for the new school, Kristen followed him. She snuck into his room, shot him with a memory-erasing drug-filled dart, lured him into bed, and raped him. She video taped their sexual encounter. Nicole, rushing to bring Eric some notes that he forgot, found Eric unconscious in his hotel room. She called an ambulance and took Eric to the hospital.

    Worried that the school wouldn't open on time, Nicole called the legislator who was blocking the funding and pretended to still be a reporter with Titan TV. She threatened to run a story about how a priest became deadly ill on a business trip to meet with him. Worried about the bad press, the legislator approved the school. Nicole never told Eric that she made the call. But seeing how worried Nicole was over Eric's health, Brady ended their romantic relationship.

    Although Eric recovered quickly, Nicole insisted that he let Daniel continue to run more tests. Eric was resistant at first, but eventually agreed.

    The test yielded no results, so Daniel hired a private investigator to look at the evidence. However, when Kristen heard about the investigation and was able to disguise herself, start a conversation with the detective, and then spill coffee all over his evidence Ð destroying everything.

    Eric was starting to remember what happened the night he was drugged. Though, he couldn't differentiate between dreams and reality. He spoke to Father Matt about it. In turn, Father Matt went to Nicole and asked her to help convince Eric not to dwell on what happened to him that night, but to focus on the future. She agreed.

    Meanwhile, Nicole's feelings for Eric were growing so much that Brady finally noticed and confronted Nicole about them. Nicole admitted that she was in love with Eric but he could never know. Brady urged Nicole to talk to Eric about it, but she was too embarrassed. Instead, she decided to take a new job with Titan TV to get away from seeing Eric everyday.

    Eric was stunned when she told him that she was leaving and tried to convince her to stay. But she was adamant. She was also not pleased with Eric for agreeing to marry Brady and Kristen, as she knew that Kristen was trouble. Eric noted the tension between himself and Nicole.

    He was also realizing that his dreams were actually memories. He knew he had been raped, but could only remember it being a blonde woman. He spoke with the hotel clerk who told him that there was a woman in the lobby that night who insisted on getting the room right next to him. When the clerk told Eric that the woman's name was Fay Taylor, Eric was scared that Nicole was the one who raped him. When he heard Brady confronting Nicole again about her feelings for Eric, he was sure that Nicole drugged and raped him.

    Eric confronted Nicole with what he'd overheard. Nicole admitted that she was in love with him. Then, he accused her of drugging and raping him. He told her all of the circumstantial evidence. She denied it. But, he was certain. He told her that he'd never forgive her. Heartbroken, Nicole reached out to Daniel, who believed her that she didn't rape Eric. But Eric was still sure.

    On the day of Brady and Kristen's wedding, with Eric officiating, Victor had managed to get a hold of the tape Kristen made and played it at the wedding. Everyone was horrified and Kristen fled Salem. In addition to working through the crime, Eric knew that he'd also have to find and apologize to Nicole.

    Hope opened in investigation into Kristen's story that the sex was consensual. One of her first acts was to question Nicole as a potential witness. As soon as Nicole found out about the video she went looking for Kristen. She found her trying to flee Salem and drive after her. Their cars got into an accident. Nicole was not badly injured. While her car was totaled, Kristen was nowhere to be found.

    Nicole went back to the police station to give her statement about the accident. Eric found Nicole there and tried to apologize. Nicole told him that she was devastated about what Kristen did to him. But, she could not forgive him for accusing her and not believing her when she plead her innocence.

    Back at St. Luke's, the bishop had seen the video as well and opened an investigation into Eric's actions. Eric was suspended indefinitely and relieved of all his duties at the church. Eric also moved into one of the rooms above the Brady Pub.

    Meanwhile, Nicole's first assignment as a reporter was to cover the "sex scandal" at St. Luke's. She was reluctant to do the story, but her boss gave her no choice.

    Daniel was also still determined to prove that Eric was drugged. So, he talked Eric into undergoing a painful test, where he would be given another drug that would attack the masking agent in hopes of revealing the drug that Kristen used on Eric. Daniel convinced Nicole to help and do the story to tell the truth -- that Kristen drugged Eric. Nicole agreed.

    But, Nicole still had to put her feelings for Eric behind her. To do so, she told Eric that she and Daniel had reconnected and were dating again. Much to Eric's shock, the news upset him. He confessed to Father Matt that he did indeed have more than friendship feelings for Nicole. But, he lamented that she no longer returned his feelings. So, he needed to focus on clearing his name and rejoining the priesthood. Father Matt suggested that everyone would understand if he wanted to find a different way to serve the church. Eric was torn on what to do. But he knew that he wanted to clear his name, even if that meant he didn't return to the priesthood.

    Daniel ran a series of tests on Eric and found that there were traces of a masking agent in his blood. Working backwards, Daniel set about trying to find the limited few doctors in the country who worked with this specific drug. One of them was the doctor Kristen used, Dr. Chyka. When Stefano learned that Daniel and Nicole were snooping into Chyka, he sent Chyka to "take care" of the problem. Chyka was able to erase all of Daniel's files and flee Salem.

    But, Daniel and Nicole weren't ready to give up. Using Nicole's connections at Titan TV, they were able to track the location of Chyka's safe house. They went there and held Chyka at gun point to get him to talk. When he refused, Daniel injected him with truth serum. He finally confessed to working for Kristen and supplying her with the drugs.

    Just then another DiMera henchmen arrived at the safe house. Daniel managed to knock him out, but knew that he needed to get the man out of the house. So, Daniel drove the henchmen in the henchmen's car to a train station and left him there. Then, he took the train back to Salem where Nicole was to meet him with the proof. But, Chyka was able to overpower Nicole and escape. However, before he left, he gave Nicole the combination to a safe in the safe house that contained all of the documents and emails between Kristen and Chyka. Nicole knew that all of the documents would allow Eric to return to the priesthood. She was thrilled with their success.

    While Nicole and Daniel were chasing down Chyka, Eric went on a retreat with Brother Timothy to talk through his growing feelings for Nicole and his anger about what Kristen did to him. Eric returned from his retreat and went straight to see Nicole. He told her that he loved her. And that it didn't matter to him if he never cleared his name. When Nicole heard that, she couldn't bring herself to show Eric the documents. So, she shredded them and threw them away. Eric and Nicole began dating and eventually became engaged. Nicole was very happy.

    But Nicole's lie was going to catch up with her. One day, Daniel was drugged at work. Nicole had run into Liam Fraizer in the hallway of Daniel's apartment on the morning of the drugging. She didn't believe his lie about visiting another doctor in the building. But, when she confronted Liam about it, Liam revealed that he had blackmail information on Nicole. He had seen her disposing of the shredded paper and took them. Thus, knew that she was sitting on the proof that Eric could return to the priesthood if he wanted. Frustrated, Nicole did everything she could short of ratting on Liam to Daniel.

    Eventually, things came to a head with Liam when he took Nicole and Jennifer hostage on Smith Island. Luckily, Daniel came to their rescue. Liam was killed in the struggle.

    A few days later, Jennifer realized that she'd lost the necklace Daniel gave her during the struggle. The two of them went back to Smith Island to look for it. However, Daniel found some mysterious looking paperwork in the woods. He'd recognized it because he saw Nicole with the same shredded-and-put-back-together paperwork a few weeks earlier. He confronted Nicole with the paperwork. He knew it was the proof because he'd seen it in her hotel room earlier and she'd explained it away as a hoax from Stefano. This time, Nicole couldn't talk herself out of it. Daniel told Nicole to tell Eric, or he would.

    Nicole didn't tell Eric the truth. Instead, she told Eric that they needed to elope because Daniel was in love with her. Eric was shocked, but agreed. They made plans to leave town. When Daniel heard this, he went to Nicole's hotel room to confront her again. However, Jennifer was standing outside the room and heard the whole story. She ran right to Eric and told him everything. Eric dumped Nicole and told her that he would never forgive her.

    With the proof now resurfaced, the Vatican agreed to hear Eric's case about being reinstated to the priesthood. Nicole even travelled to Rome to testify that she'd kept the proof from Eric for selfish reasons. Moved by her testimony and the proof, the bishop offered Eric admission back into the priesthood. But, still troubled by his inability to forgive Nicole, Eric turned it down.

    He spent months fighting with Nicole, who kept pleasing with him to try to forgive her. But he couldn't. So, Nicole decided to force herself to move on with Daniel. But Daniel was worried that Nicole was still in love with Eric. So, Nicole made it her mission to convince him otherwise.

    However, that task became very difficult when Eric's ex-girlfriend Serena Mason moved to Salem. Nicole and Serena clashed instantly. Serena thought Nicole was horrible for what she did to Eric. Nicole thought Serena was up to no good to suddenly show up in Salem out of the blue.

    To get the goods on Serena, Nicole bribed a bellboy to let her into Serena's room. There, she downloaded files from Serena's computer. Around the same time, she'd received an anonymous tip from someone that Serena had stolen his work when they worked together. Nicole proudly confronted Serena with the information only to find out that the source had a mental illness and was not on his meds when he made the accusation. Both Daniel and Eric were furious with Nicole.

    But Nicole didn't let up on her pursuit of Daniel. Eventually, Daniel agreed to give her another chance, but he warned her that the second he felt that she wasn't over Eric, he would end things with her. She spent the next few months trying to prove herself to Daniel, with little success.

    But Nicole still couldn't shake the idea that Serena was up to no good. She overheard Serena on a heated phone call with an associate, Xander. Nicole thought that Xander might give her information on Serena. However, Xander turned out to be Victor's nephew. And Xander was very worried about getting too close to Daniel's girlfriend.

    So Nicole made sure that Xander overheard her rejecting Daniel. Then, Nicole started trying to get close to Xander.

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