Parker Jonas
Actor History
Anton and Preston LeBlanc
February 2011 to September 2012
Evan and Luke Kruntchev
January 8, 2013 to present
Other Names
Parker Daniel Jonas (full name)
Parker Kiriakis (when believed to be Phillip's son)
Named "Parker" in honor of Lillian Parker, the woman who raised Daniel and whom Daniel considered to be his mother
Middle name is in honor of Parker's father, Daniel
Born November 11, 2010
Resides At
The Kiriakis Mansion (temporarily)
Formerly somewhere in Chicago
Formerly the Kiriakis mansion
Formerly Maggie's house
Formerly an apartment in Salem
Formerly Apt 32, 110 Guilford Street Salem, USA
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Daniel Jonas (father)
Chloe Lane (mother)
Melanie Jonas (half-sister)
Maggie Horton (biological paternal grandmother)
Lillian Parker Jonas (paternal grandmother*; deceased)
George Jonas (paternal grandfather*; deceased)
Craig Wesley (maternal grandfather)
Nancy Wesley (maternal grandmother)
Elmer Simmons (paternal great grandfather; deceased)
Dorothy Simmons (paternal great grandmother; deceased)
Sarah Horton (paternal aunt)
Melissa Horton (paternal aunt; via adoption)
Joy Wesley (maternal aunt)
Nathan Horton (paternal cousin; via adoption)
*When Daniel was an adult, he learned that Lillian Parker was not is biological mother. However, he considered Lillian his mother because she raised him. There has never been confirmation on who biologically fathered Daniel.
Flings & Affairs
Crimes Committed
  • None
Brief Character History

Parker Jonas was born on November 11, 2010, but his presence in Salem caused drama well before that date. Parker's mother, Chloe, had a one night stand with Philip and became pregnant. Carly found out about Chloe's affair and forced Chloe to have a paternity test. The test named Philip as the father. However, Caroline changed the test results before anyone, including Chloe and Philip, saw the results. By the time Chloe gave birth, everyone believed Daniel was Parker's father. Daniel and Chloe took Parker home to raise him together.

However, on the day of his baptism, Caroline burst into the church and announced that Philip was Parker's biological father. Daniel left Chloe and asked her and Parker to move out immediately. They relocated to another apartment in Salem.

Philip turned his attention to Chloe, as she was having some bad problems with depression after Daniel left her. Philip even rescued Chloe after she tried to commit suicide by jumping in the Salem river. After her suicide attempt, Chloe signed full custody of Parker over to Philip in order to avoid having child services put Parker in a foster home. Chloe continued to decline and during a drunken rant to Kate, threatened to take Parker and no one would ever see him again. Fearful that she would make good on her threats, Philip took Parker and moved to Chicago.

In January 2013, Chloe returned to Salem with news. Daniel was really Parker's biological father.

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