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Places to Go in Salem

Since there is more to a town than just its residents, here are a few of the more popular places in Salem. Each key landmark features a description and, when available, an address.


Built between 1910 and 1920, this five-story apartment house is near the university campus on a tree-lined street. It's filled with one and two-bedroom apartments for students and other college types just starting out and most decorate in "early IKEA" style. Most are too busy to shop or just don't have the money to invest in more upscale furnishings.

Address: 110 Guilford Avenue

Current Residents: Daniel Jonas

Former Residents: Austin Reed, Carrie Brady, Wendy and Benjamin Reardon, Eric Brady, Billie Reed, Chelsea Brady Brandon Walker, Sami Brady, Lucas Horton, and E.J. DiMera.

Black Penthouse

On the 14th floor, Marlena's condo has two floors, three-bedrooms and three baths. Marlena decorated it herself with a nice, clean and tidy look. It was formerly Julie Williams penthouse. John and Marlena lived there together after they married, and shared the penthouse with Brady and Belle. When John and Marlena left Salem, Sami moved into the penthouse with Will, Ali, and Johnny.

Address: 24 Riverview Drive

Bo & Hope's House

This is a restored American Craftsman home with four bedrooms and four baths in forest green and old stone on about a half-acre of land. It has a two-car garage.

Address: 1552 Copper Lantern Drive

Former Residents: Bill & Laura Horton, Jack & Jennifer Deveraux

Brady Pub

The pub was established in 1991, but prior to that, it was the Brady Fish Market. Downstairs, there's the pub kitchen; upstairs, there's a living room-kitchen and three bedrooms. Inside and out, the theme is New England decor. The bar was originally seen on the former soap opera, Generations.

Address: 41 Front Street

DiMera Mansion

This is a three-story, all-brick Georgian style dwelling with six bedrooms, seven baths. There are also plenty of secret rooms, separate servants' quarters and a guest house on about five acres of property lush with colorful English-style gardens. Tony DiMera added many Mediterranean touches and colors to the house.

Address: 430 Lakeview Drive

Former Residents: Shane Donovan

Fancy Face

This 30-foot cruiser was first purchased from the University of California at Los Angeles after it fulfilled its days as one of the vessels used in their boating classes. The bow was cut off and it was placed on a rocking cradle to create the look of sitting in the river. The interiors of the boat are a separate set. Although unseen, Shawn-Douglas has a separate sleep space at the bow while his parents use the main cabin bedroom. When Bo and Hope took off on their world-round trip in 1987, a larger vessel, still called the Fancy Face was rented. That was a 90-foot, twin-masted schooner. When Belle and Shawn decided to take Claire on a similar trip around the world, they purchased a boat and named it the Fancy Face IV.

Address: Docked at Pier 53

Horton Center

This is a Colonial clapboard house that sits on an acre of hillside land. It has four bedrooms and two baths; a two car garage. Originally, there had been a den off the living room which Dr. Tom Horton used as his office. Almost all elements of the original set remain, although they've all been restored. The front doorway is the same one that stood in 1965. The foyer color was changed from green to tan. When the house became the Horton Center, little was changed. Only EXIT signs, fire extinguisher, etc. were added.

Address: 545 Sycamore Street

Kiriakis Mansion

The estate sits on over four acres. It's an English Tudor style mansion with five bedroom and six baths. There are separate servants' quarters, and a four-car garage. Although some of the "rich guy" decor has been replaced with somewhat lighter metal pieces, there are still several pieces of art, sculptures that bear a rather threatening look which are reminiscent of Victor's darker past.

Address: 13201 Glen Oaks Drive


Not in the best part of town, this loft is still a valuable property on a developing part of the river. It was first Bo and Hope's starter home. Then John Black purchased it. It maintains a very masculine feel even though Isabella brightened the decor with peach toned paint and other feminine highlights.

Address: 25 River Street

Mickey & Maggie's House

There's actually no longer a set for Mickey and Maggie's present home. They once lived at her rustic farm house in a nearby town, then had an apartment in Salem and a house on the lake which was very woody, furnished with a mix of contemporary and antique items.

Address: 415 Ardmore

Salem Inn

Alex Marshall made this investment on the advice of his partner in crime, Victor Kiriakis. It's a brick and wood structure, ten stories high, housing quaint hotel rooms above several restaurants, lounges and meeting rooms.

Address: 4300 Washington Avenue

Salem University Hospital

The Salem University Hospital is the most extensive building in town, with its multiple sets: nurses stations, emergency room, trauma center, examination rooms, offices, ICUs, nursery, a fertility clinic, operating room, stairwells and roof.

Titan Publishing Building

One of many properties Victor Kiriakis bought up in the early '80s during his money-laundering days. Although refurbished in a contemporary style, this older building could have used some better internal fixing up of elevators, electrical systems, etc. It rises twenty stories and holds Titan Publishing and many other executive business offices. There's also the health club and, at the top, The Penthouse Grille that offers a bird's eye view of Salem.

Address: 14 Salem Circle

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Who's Who in Salem

DAYS Actor biographies
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