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Samantha Brady
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Actor History
Ronit Arnoff
Lauren Ann Bundy
Jessica Davis
1985 to 1986
Tiffany Nicole Palma
Ashleigh Blair Sterling
1986 to 1990
Christina Wagoner
1990 to 1992
Dan Wells
February 2005 to August 2005 [as Stan]
Stephanie Bader
1997; flashbacks; voiceover only


Originally born on October 16, 1984

In 1993, birth date changed to October 16, 1977

Other Names

Samantha Gene Brady (full name)

Stan (male persona)

Colleen (alias used while in witness protection in 2008/2009)

Sami (nickname)

Tammy Fisher (fake name on passport)


Named after her maternal aunt Samantha Evans (Marlena's twin sister) and Eugene Bradford (Roman and Marlena's close friend)


Film consultant (November 2014 - November 2015)

Co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises (July 2014 to October 2014)

President of Countess Wilhemina Cosmetics (April 2012 to July 2014)

Former executive for Countess Wilhemina Cosmetics (December 2012- March 2012)

Former junior executive at Mad World Cosmetics (October 2011- January 2012)

Former stay-at-home mother

Former partner with E.J. DiMera in Mythic

Former executive assistant for Austin Reed and Company

Former receptionist/filer at Basic Black

Former receptionist at Salem University Hospital

Former director of imaging at Titan Publishing

Resides At

On the run from the DiMera family

Formerly Hollywood, CA

Formerly the DiMera mansion- 430 Lakeview Drive Salem, USA

Formerly Apartment 33 in Salem

Formerly Apt 4B in Salem

Formerly the DiMera mansion- 430 Lakeview Drive Salem, USA

Formerly Marlena's penthouse- 24 Riverview Drive Salem, USA

Formerly police safe house (in an undisclosed location, presumably in Salem)

Formerly in the DiMera mansion- 430 Lakeview Drive Salem, USA

Formerly Apt 32, 110 Guilford Street Salem, USA

Marital Status


Past Marriages

E.J. DiMera (Married: July 2, 2014; Dissolved by his death October 14, 2014)

Rafe Hernandez (Married: Nov 24, 2010; Divorced March 2012)

E.J. DiMera (Ceremony was started on Aug 20, 2010 but never finished)

E.J. DiMera (Married: Nov 9, 2007; annulled: May 27, 2008)

Lucas Roberts (annulled)

Brandon Walker (annulled)

Austin Reed (annulled)


Roman Brady (father)

Marlena Evans (mother)

Eric Brady (brother; twin- Sami is the older sister)

Carrie Brady (paternal half-sister)

Rex Brady (paternal half-brother)

Cassie Brady (paternal half-sister)

Donald Jeremiah Craig Jr. (maternal half-brother; deceased)

Isabella Black (maternal half-sister/ paternal second cousin)

Shawn Brady (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Caroline Brady (paternal grandmother)

Frank Evans (maternal grandfather)

Martha Evans (maternal grandmother)

Patrick Aloysius Brady (paternal great-great-grandfather; deceased)

Nora Molly Brady (paternal great-great-grandmother; deceased)

Kimberly Brady (paternal aunt)

Kayla Brady (paternal aunt)

Samantha Evans (maternal aunt; deceased)

Frankie Brady (paternal uncle; via adoption)

Max Brady (paternal uncle; via adoption)

Bo Brady (paternal half-uncle)

Unnamed Baby Reed (paternal half-niece or nephew)

Andrew Donovan IV (paternal cousin)

Jeannie "Theresa" Donovan (paternal cousin)

Stephanie Johnson (paternal cousin)

Joey Johnson (paternal cousin)

Shawn-Douglas Brady (paternal half-cousin)

Chelsea Brady (paternal half-cousin)

Zack Brady (paternal half-cousin; deceased)

Ciara Brady (paternal half-cousin)

Claire Brady (maternal half-niece / paternal first half-cousin once removed)

Eric Brady (paternal great-uncle)

Colleen Brady (paternal great-aunt; deceased)

Molly Brady (paternal great-aunt)

Robert Evans (maternal great-uncle; deceased)

Colin Murphy (paternal first cousin once removed; deceased)

Trista Evans (maternal first cousin once removed; deceased)

Ryan (paternal first cousin once removed; deceased)

Tate Black (paternal first cousin once removed)


Will Horton (son; with Lucas; deceased)

John "Johnny" Roman DiMera (son; twin; with E.J.)

Alice "Allie" Caroline Horton (daughter; twin; with Lucas)

Sydney DiMera(daughter; with E.J.)

Arianna Grace Horton (granddaughter; via Will)

*Due to a babyswitch, Sami raised Grace Brady, although she was biologically Mia and Chad's daughter.

Flings and Affairs

Arnold Fenigen (lovers; while he was pretending to be Rafe)

Rafe Hernandez (lovers; engaged)

E.J. DiMera (lovers; engaged)

Brandon Walker (lovers; engaged)

Franco Kelly (engaged)

Austin Reed (lovers; engaged)

Lucas Roberts (lovers; engaged)

Crimes and Misdeeds

Various lies and misdeeds

Kidnapped her baby sister, Belle

Changed paternity test results on Belle

Drugged and raped Austin

Blackmailed Kate

Stole Austin's car (twice)

Shot Alan Harris and castrated him to avenge her rape

Lied about paternity of Will

Lied about Lucas abusing Will

Charged, convicted, sentenced for murder of fiance Franco Kelly (lethal injection)

Pulled a gun on Kate and Lucas to get them to tell the truth about killing Franco

Fleeing the police with ex-husband Austin

Blackmailed Victor into transferring Austin to Hawaii

Seduced a mailman in order to steal the package with the tape (mail fraud)

Broke into Victor's desk to get the tape of her confession

Tampered with the results of Lexie's paternity test for Theo

Blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie that any children she had with Austin would have genetic defects

Helped sneak fugitive E.J. passed a police road block and out of Salem (December 2006)

Custodial interference; lied about Grace being adopted using forged birth certificates and adoption papers (February 2009)

Shot E.J. in the head (September 2010)

Assault; threw Arianna her into a table (October 2010)

Obstruction of Justice; provided false information to police pertaining to E.J.'s shooting and Arianna's hit-and-run (October 2010)

Breaking and entering; broke into Arianna's apartment to search for a video camera (October 2010)

Assault; pushed Nicole into the side of the counter, knocking her unconscious on the floor(November 2010)

Held Imposter Rafe captive in an abandoned building (May - June 2011)

Committed adultery- slept with E.J. while married to Rafe (December 2011)

Corporate Espionage- took a job with Countess W to sabotage their ad campaigns and feed information back to Mad World (January 2012)

Helped E.J. jump bail and flee Salem (August 2012)

Broke into the Salem P.D. to try to destroy evidence against Will (March 2013)

Stole a USB drive from Nick Fallon to destroy evidence against Will (May 2013)

Physically assaulted Detective Joe Bernardi (May 2013)

Shot Bernardi while trying to protect Rafe (June 2013)

Obstruction of Justice - lied to the police about knowing Bernardi before she shot him (July 2013)

Dragged and threw Nick Fallon into the river (November 2013)

Conspiracy to cover up a crime - destroyed evidence that would incriminate Kate, Gabi, and her in Nick's murder (November 2013 - June 2014)

SEC fraud (not shown on screen - September 2014)

Used the passcodes E.J. left her to clear out several DiMera bank accounts (not shown on screen - November 2015)

Health and Vitals

    Raped by Alan Harris as a teenager

    Battled bulimia as a teenager

    Raped by E.J. DiMera (December 2006)

    Blood type is AB (February 14, 2001)

    Brief Character History

    In 1993 Sami Brady reappeared in Salem as a teenager -- even though she was born in 1984. She kept having run-ins with a good looking young man and became smitten. A few weeks later she learned that that young man was none other than her sister Carrie's boyfriend.

    Soon Sami became friends with Lucas Roberts who was also new to town. Sami convinced Lucas to talk her to the Spring Fling to make Austin jealous. Lucas then talked Sami into going on a crash diet to make Austin notice her so he could have Carrie all to himself. Sami became bulimic and emotional distraught. She confronted her mother Marlena about her affair with John black after Sami spotted the two of them in the heat of passion. Sami pried into the hospital computer and learned that John was the father of her baby sister Belle.

    Sami then kidnapped Belle and planned to put her up for adoption so her dad would not have a constant reminder of her mother's affair. Although Roman had no clue that Belle was not his. John found the baby and reunited her with her mother.

    A while later Sami began dating Alan who raped her. Sami tested negative for both HIV and pregnancy. When she testified against Alan at the trial she looked like a liar and the charges against Alan were dropped. When Alan attacked Sami at gunpoint, she got hold of the weapon and shot him in the groin, castrating him. She then turned to Lucas for comfort and they made love. Through it all though, Sami still was in love with Austin and soon gave him the date-rape drug (which she got from Lynn Burke) so he would make love to her. When he realized what had happened between them he told her it would never happen again and Sami left town.

    She came back to town a bit later to interrupt her sister's wedding to Austin and announced she was pregnant with the groom's child. Little Will was soon born. Austin did all that was possible to help Sami both emotionally and financially while Sami did all she could to keep Austin and Carrie apart. All her schemes came to a head when Kate, Austin's mother, discovered all she had done to keep Austin away from Carrie. After the fallout, baby Will was kidnapped and sold on the black market in France. They found the baby but Austin and Sami were forced to get married in order to get the little guy back.

    Austin made it clear from the beginning that the marriage would be annulled once they got back to Salem. However Sami dodged the summons for the annulment and did her best to keep Austin as her husband. She stole Austin's car so he could not go on a romantic weekend with Carrie and the car went out of control. She tried to warn Austin who wouldn't listen. Austin then ran Sami over with the car. Sami spent many weeks in ICU and last rites were performed. However she pulled through but is paralyzed and has amnesia. To keep her from relapsing Austin is pretending to be a loving husband in hopes that his wife will soon remember and they can proceed with the annulment.

    Sami got away with playing the amnesia for quite awhile. She continued to oppose the romance between John and Marlena for a LONG while. Roman returned, and try as she might, she could not lie for very long. The return of her brother Eric didn't help any either because he sensed when she lied. She manipulated Austin to marry her again in a church, until Carrie, Eric and Mike found out her secret... that Lucas was actually her child's father. Carrie married Austin that day.

    Next, Sami was romanced by Franco Kelly so he could get his green card. He personally couldn't stand her. During this time, she also accused Lucas of child abuse, and because of this, Lucas was driven to drinking. Roman didn't like him at all, and Marlena was very surprised when they announced their engagement July 4, 1998. Franco pursued a stripper Candi while still engaged to Sami. Austin caught Franco making love to Candi in a sleazy motel, and told Sami a few minutes before her wedding to him.

    Her words when going to confront Franco? "I'm going to kill the bastard!" Franco was found dead in the Kiriakis living room, and Sami held the murder weapon... the gun Franco had given her to protect herself. (Lucas actually killed him.) Sami was convicted and sentenced to the lethal injection.

    Austin took Sami and Will out of Salem, and went on the run from the law.

    Sami was cleared of the charges and saved at the very last minute. While she didn't stop scheming, she did start enjoying her relationship with Austin. Things went back and forth, but finally she and Austin were engaged to be married, and began planning their future together, until Austin discovered that she had lied about Lucas hitting Will all those years ago. Austin left town, and Sami.

    After Austin left, Sami was lost. She didn't know what to do with her life, and was obsessed with punishing Kate and Lucas. Luckily, Brandon Walker's love kept her from going overboard, but it wasn't able to keep her from scheming. When she discovered that Brandon and Lexie had slept together, she used the hospital computers to access the results of the paternity tests to make it look like Abe was the father. When Brandon found out what she had done, he walked away from her only hours after they were married.

    Sami went to the DiMera mansion to confront Tony when she realized he was involved in her exposure, and in the ensuing argument, Tony pushed Sami away from him and she went through the glass doors. She nearly died, which prompted an emotional reaction from Lucas, and caused Sami to wonder what could have been if there hadn't been all the hatred and bitterness.

    Sami had just recovered from her wounds when a mysterious rash of killings began in town. After Celeste had a vision that John would kill her mother, Sami begged her father Roman to please help her save her mother (at the same time, she was trying to get them back together, wanting her life to be as it was before John and her mother conceived Belle). Roman was unsuccessful in convincing Marlena to look out for herself. He decided to move on once and for all and marry Kate. Sami blasted her father, making sure he knew that she thought he was crazy for marrying Kate, and that she would never accept it. Marlena had managed to convince her that she needed to mend fences, just as a bloody Kate staggered out of the kitchen and announced that Roman was dead.

    After Roman's death, Sami hit rock bottom. She ended up finding comfort with Lucas, and despite all their years of animosity, the two began getting closer. They finally got engaged to be married, despite Kate's interference. Hours before they were to be married, Sami woke up in bed with Brandon (with no memory of how she got there), and Lucas called off the wedding. At Sami's lowest point, though, she was contacted by a mysterious person who offered her the chance to get back at all of her enemies. For weeks, Sami dressed as 'Stan', and secretly tortured many of Salem's citizens. She ended up caught in the middle of the war overseas and when Philip Kiriakis was kidnapped, returned to battle and lost his leg, many of Salem's citizens blamed 'Stan'. Even though Nicole knew her secret, Sami thought she was safe, and she and Nicole teamed up to prove Kate drugged her (which they managed to do) and to break up Brady and Chloe (which didn't work out). Sami and Lucas got back together after Sami exposed Kate, but broke up after Kate exposed Sami as Stan.

    Luckily for Sami, just as she was about to be arrested for treason, Austin showed up and made the police see that since she wasn't in the country and Tony DiMera (who turned out to be the mastermind of the Stan plot) was never officially declared an enemy of the United States, she could not be held liable. Lucas turned his back on Sami, but Austin gave her a job to get back on her feet. Austin and Sami slowly began moving towards a relationship together, and Sami, desperate to keep Carrie and Lucas apart, blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie that she and Austin shared a genetic defect that would affect any children that they had. So Carrie chose to pursue a relationship with Lucas, and was thrilled when she became pregnant. They wed, and Sami and Austin began planning their own future.

    Not long after Carrie married Lucas, they all learned that Carrie has never been pregnant after all, and never would be. Sami and Austin continued with their plans to marry, but as Sami was about to say her vows, she received a call from someone who threatened to destroy her if she didn't call off the nuptials. She fled the Church, finding comfort in the arms of her new friend, E.J. Wells. She was also ordered to hand custody of Will over to Lucas, and when Will disappeared, a mysterious voice intimated that Will had been kidnapped. While Will was missing, Sami and Lucas caught Austin and Carrie together, and Lucas announced their marriage was over. Will came back, safe and sound, having run away to Chicago. Lucas announced that he would move into Sami's apartment with her and Will because Will needed more constant parenting.

    Sami began to focus on her friendship with newcomer E.J. Wells, who had become a valuable confidant after her relationship with Austin had ended. At the same time, she and Lucas began to grow closer. After a number of pseudo-threatening confrontations with E.J., during one of which she was certain that he was going to rape her, Sami severed her ties with E.J., and she and Lucas began working their way back to a future together. Unfortunately, E.J. had become determined to have Sami bear his child, and he got his chance when Lucas was trapped under beams on what was to have been a romantic trip with Sami. He forced Sami to sleep with him, telling her that if she didn't, he was going to let Lucas die. Sami submitted to his advances in order to save Lucas, but when she learned she was pregnant a few months later, she was devastated to realize that her pregnancy could be a result of her rape, and not her relationship with Lucas. Lucas, who knew nothing of what happened with E.J., was thrilled to learn of her pregnancy, and they began planning their wedding, but once E.J. realized he could also be the father, he demanded an ultrasound.

    Sami tried to fend him off with fake ultrasound results, but that didn't work once he learned the truth. She then decided to pretend that she wanted a future with E.J., and Celeste convinced her that the only way to save herself, Lucas and her child from E.J. was to kill him. Sami tried to kill E.J. by setting his "unconscious" body on fire, but was unable to go through with the act. No matter how much she hated E.J., she couldn't bring herself to kill him.

    E.J. continued to demand that Sami have an additional paternity test, even after her twins were born. After many false tests, Sami learned that her twins had two different fathers. E.J. was Johnny's father and Lucas was Ali's father. But, the split paternity was the least of her problems. The Brady/DiMera feud had reached new heights of terror when Andre kidnapped and tied a bomb to Roman and then ordered the hit and run "death" of John Black. Stefano told Sami that the only way to stop the feud is if she agreed to marry E.J. Desperate to save her family, Sami agreed. Sami and Lucas divorced and Sami married E.J. at St Luke's church in Salem. Angered by her decision, Lucas showed up at the church and shot E.J. in the back. Lucas pled guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Before he turned himself in, Lucas agreed to let Will go live with Carrie and Austin in Switzerland in hopes that Will would be safe from any more DiMera retaliation.

    While Lucas was in jail, Sami and E.J. grew close. In hopes to win favor with Sami, E.J. turned his back on his father and told Sami and Marlena that John was alive and being held captive in Stefano's basement. The police arrested Stefano and send Sami and E.J. to a safe house while Stefano awaited trial. E.J. took every opportunity to get closer to Sami. He helped her raise the twins. He comforted her at her grandfather's funeral. He paid off a customs official to put his Visa in question so that Sami had to stay married to E.J. Sami and E.J. moved into the DiMera mansion together to prove that they were indeed a legitimate couple with strong family ties. E.J. even paid Nicole Walker to help make Sami jealous. All of his efforts paid off. Sami eventually admitted her feelings for E.J., discussed their tumultuous past, looked to each other for comfort, and eventually, Sami and E.J. made love.

    Their love affair was short lived as Lucas was released from prison the very night that Sami and E.J. slept together. Lucas walked in on them and was furious. Sami immediately found herself torn between two men. She said that she wanted to be with Lucas, but couldn't stand the idea of E.J. moving on with anyone else. But, Sami's wavering put her in the position of losing both men. Unable to make a clean break from either man, Lucas and E.J. started looking for female companionship elsewhere- E.J. with Nicole and Lucas with Chloe.

    Sami also had to share her children. One day when Lucas came to pick up Ali from the DiMera mansion, he found Sami lying on the floor. Lucas rushed Sami to the hospital where she found out that she was pregnant. Sami and Lucas both knew that E.J. was the father. Despite her feelings for E.J., Sami wasn't sure if she could tell him about the baby. Not only had E.J. been moving on with Nicole, Sami was worried about Stefano. He had returned to the mansion and was constantly talking about his "plans" for Johnny. Sami wasn't sure that E.J. could stand up to Stefano when it came to Johnny, thus Sami wasn't comfortable acknowledging that she was carrying another DiMera baby. After much encouragement from Lucas, Sami finally decided to tell E.J. about the baby. But when she went to the mansion to tell E.J., Sami witnessed a murder. She saw the murder's face and called the police. A few hours later, Sami was almost killed. Worried about Sami's safety, Roman sent Sami to live in a safe house.

    Sami was heartbroken to leave her children, but did enjoy the fact that she could put off telling E.J. about the baby because she had to sever all contact during her stay in witness protection. While in witness protection, one of her main guards was a hard-nosed FBI agent named Rafe Hernandez. Sami and Rafe butted heads during her stay in witness protection. She tried to sneak out or make phone calls. Rafe tried to stop her. Eventually Sami and Rafe formed a friendship. She told Rafe about the baby and how she didn't know what to do about E.J.

    When their location was compromised, Rafe took Sami to a nearby convent and then went in search of the killer. While at the convent, Sami confessed to Sister Theresa that she was in the witness protection program, scared of her baby's grandfather, and in need of a secret place to give birth. Nicole, who had learned that Sami was pregnant, tracked Sami down and overheard this conversation. Posing as a pregnant woman herself, Nicole gave Sister Theresa the name of a "secret" clinic where she "planned to give birth". When Sami went into labor, Sister Theresa took Sami to the clinic that Nicole suggested. Sami gave birth on January 28, 2009. Dr. Baker immediately rushed the baby out of the room because the baby was having problems breathing. As Dr. Baker was working on Sami's baby, Nicole appeared at the clinic with another baby- a baby she convinced a pregnant teenager, Mia, to let her adopt. Nicole blackmailed Dr. Baker into swapping the babies. Sami went back to the convent with Mia's baby and Nicole went back to E.J. with Sami's baby. Sami named Mia's baby "Grace." To avoid anyone finding out about her pregnancy, she left Grace in the care of the nuns at the Covenant of the Holy Cross until she could bring Grace home.

    Committed to keeping Stefano from knowing that he had another grandchild, Sami returned from witness protection with the announcement that she had decided to adopt a baby. A few weeks later, Sami brought Grace to Salem. But the baby wasn't the only addition. She had also started a romantic relationship with her bodyguard, Rafe. Sami even agreed to let Rafe adopt Grace. But before the adoption could become "official", Grace tragically died of bacterial meningitis. Sami was crushed.

    After Grace's death, Sami came clean with E.J. and told her that Grace was actually their biological daughter. E.J. was furious with Sami and his anger only compounded when he found out that Nicole had lied about her miscarriage, thus baby Grace was never Sami's biological daughter. Determined to get her daughter back, Sami went after Nicole and got her biological daughter back.

    Nicole was not going to give up. She snuck into the DiMera mansion, stole Sydney, and went on the run. E.J. and Sami rushed to get Sydney back. But still angry at Sami for lying in the first place, E.J. teamed up with Anna to kidnap Sydney from Nicole and make everyone- including Sami- think that Sydney was dead. As the weeks dragged on, E.J. grieved with Sami and eventually felt sorry for Sami and brought Sydney home. Seeing Sydney with Sami, E.J. realized that he had fallen back in love with Sami. E.J. proposed to Sami and she agreed to marry him.

    However, Rafe was still certain that E.J. was behind the kidnapping. He overheard Nicole and E.J. talking one night on the pier and realized that Nicole had something on E.J. Rafe seduced Nicole to get access to her apartment. He found a CD of E.J. confessing to the kidnapping and raced over to the DiMera mansion to interrupt Sami and E.J.'s wedding. Sami was furious when she heard the CD. She broke up with E.J. on the spot and left with Rafe.

    Later that same night, Kate overheard a drunken E.J. tell Stefano that E.J. should have taken the kids and left Salem months ago. Kate called Sami and told her to have a plan. Sami snuck out of Rafe's apartment while he was sleeping, went to the DiMera mansion, and found E.J. passed out and holding a gun. Sami took the gun and shot E.J. in the head. On the way back to Rafe's apartment, Sami threw the gun in the river.

    The next morning, Rafe and Sami woke up in bed together. Rafe proposed to Sami and she gladly accepted. Later that day, Sami learned that E.J. was in the hospital. The doctors didn't know if E.J. would make it. Bo began investigating E.J.'s shooting. He questioned Sami, but Rafe assured Bo that Sami was with Rafe all night. Sami appeared to be getting away with attempted murder, but them Will told Sami that he saw her fleeing the mansion the night E.J. was shot.

    Will, Rafe and Sami plotted to cover up Sami's crime. But, Arianna heard Will and Sami talking about the cover-up. Arianna went to Rafe to confront him and Rafe told Arianna he would support Sami, no matter what. Arianna threatened to go to E.J. Sami called Arianna to talk to her. Sami told Arianna exactly what happened the night Sami shot E.J. in hopes Arianna would believe that the shooting was justified. Arianna didn't believe Sami, and Ari had taped the entire conversation. Sami attacked Arianna to get the video camera back. Arianna escaped and headed to see E.J.

    Before she got to E.J., Will confronted Ari one more time. Ari ran away from Will and was hit by a car. She died a few days later from complications from the accident. The police never recovered the video camera from the crime scene. Sami broke into Ari's apartment to search for the camera. E.J. found Sami and confronted her. Sami made up a story about looking for Arianna's rosary and left.

    It turned out that Arianna had left most of her possessions to Brady, her fiancé at the time of her will. Brady gathered her personal affects from her safe deposit box. The camera was in the box. Nicole found the camera before Brady did and watched Sami's confession. Nicole took the video to Sami and blackmailed Sami into letting Nicole spend time with Sydney.

    Rafe urged Sami to agree to the deal at first, in order to give him time to get the tape from Nicole. Rafe tried infecting Nicole's computer with a virus and stealing the video. When Nicole found out, she went straight to E.J. and offered him the same deal- the tape of Sami's confession in exchange for time with Sydney. E.J. took the deal, but wanted more. In order to pay Sami back, E.J. asked Nicole to move in with him and act as the children's stepmother. Nicole reluctantly agreed.

    Knowing that E.J. was in possession of the tape, Sami worried that the truth about her shooting him would come out. Rafe and Sami married in order to protect Rafe from having to testify against Sami. Then, E.J. used the tape to blackmail Sami into giving his full custody of Johnny and Sydney.

    A few weeks later, Gabi and Will noticed an abnormality in pictures of Johnny- a glaze over one of his eyes. Sami and E.J. put their differences aside to be there for Johnny when he was diagnosed with ocular cancer. The doctors caught it before it spread, but Johnny's right eye did have to be replaced with a glass eye. E.J. promised God that if Johnny's eye sight was safe, he would stop trying to keep Sami away from her kids. Johnny's eye sight was fine and E.J. agreed to shared custody of the children.

    E.J. kept his promise to allow Sami to see the kids, but found a loop-hole. He never promised anything about Rafe. Determined to get Rafe out of the children's lives, Stefano and E.J. hired a small-time criminal, Arnold Feniger, to impersonate Rafe. They gave him plastic surgery and schooled him on all things Sami Brady to prepare him for the role. When Rafe was hospitalized after a car accident, Stefano made the switch. Arnold went home with Sami and immediately began sabotaging her marriage.

    Determined to complete his mission and get out of town, Arnold "accidentally" let Sami overhear a conversation with Dario where Arnold talked about his one-night stand with Alicia. When Sami overheard, she broke up with Arnold again. She grabbed her purse and ran out of the apartment. However, in her rush to gather her belongings, she grabbed Arnold's debit card.

    Arnold chased Sami to the Convent of the Holy Cross where he quickly realized that the real Rafe was also staying. Arnold told the nuns that he was looking for his twin brother and learned that Rafe was headed to an apartment complex near by. The apartment complex was the building that housed the safe house. Rafe, Sami, and Arnold all finally came face-to-face. Arnold tried to get Sami to believe that he was the real Rafe by telling her the plan that the DiMeras put into place.

    Sami didn't know who to believe until Arnold attacked her. Rafe stepped in to protect her. Rafe attacked Arnold and tied, gagged, and locked Arnold in the bathroom until the two decided what to do with him. Eventually, they moved him to an abandoned warehouse.

    Noticing that Rafe was suddenly back in Sami's life, Bo and Hope began to trail Rafe. Their information lead them to the warehouse where the found Arnold. As soon as Bo and Hope figured out that Arnold was an imposter. Bo and Hope teamed up with Sami and Rafe to get proof that the DiMeras created the imposter and thus were responsible for all of his subsequent crimes. Eventually, Arnold agreed to testify against E.J. and Stefano in exchange for immunity and witness protection.

    Just as Stefano and E.J. were about to be booked, some other inmates recognizes Arnold as Rafe and beat him to death. Stefano and E.J. were arrested for Fay's murder, but had to be released once Arnold's statement was no longer in evidence. Sami and Rafe were furious. But, to their surprise, E.J. claimed that he was a changed man and signed over full custody of Johnny and Sydney to Sami.

    Sami was thrilled with the arrangement and settled back into a happy life with Rafe and her kids. Sami applied for a got a job as a junior executive at Mad World Cosmetics. She even welcomed Marlena, John, Carrie, and Austin back to Salem. However, shortly after their return, John was arrested on corporate embezzlement charges, loosing most of the Salem PD's pension funds. Worried that John never fully recovered from Stefano's mind control, Sami began to distance herself from John- much to dismay of Rafe, Marlena, and Carrie, who firmly believed that John had been framed. Marlena's staunch support of John even opened up old wounds between Sami and Marlena over Marlena choosing John over the family.

    Against her better judgment, Sami allowed Rafe to bring the kids and meet with John before he left for his trial. The family gathered at the Brady Pub. But, a police officer found out about the meeting and opened fire on the pub in retaliation for his lost money. No one was hit, but after the shooting, Johnny was missing. Sami was beside herself.

    She blamed John and everyone associated with the meeting for Johnny's disappearance. As Rafe went off to look for Johnny, Sami went to confront E.J. to see if E.J. was actually behind Johnny's disappearance. While she was at E.J.'s house, a news report came on TV announcing that the body of a boy had been identified as Johnny. The report turned out to be false, but Sami and E.J. did not know that at the time. Overwrought with the grief of their "dead" son, Sami and E.J. slept together.

    Meanwhile, Rafe and Will went back to the pub to look for Johnny. It turned out that Johnny got scared when the shots started and hid. Will went to the DiMera mansion to tell E.J. the good news and instead walked in on Sami and E.J. together. Will immediately left and vowed never to forgive his mother. Sami had no idea that Will was ever there.

    When she finally returned home, she was thrilled to learn that the report was false and Johnny was alive. But, Will was very distant and cruel to Sami. She thought that it was just a phase he was going through. But each of her attempts to reach out to Will were not received. Still, she continued to try to talk to her son. She even called Lucas to come back to Salem to see if he could talk to Will.

    Meanwhile, Sami focused her attention back on her job and taking down the competition- Kate DiMera's Countess W Cosmetics. Sami and Madison devised a plan to stage arguments in front of Kate, to make Kate think that Kate could hire Sami away from Mad World. Kate took the bait and Sami immediately began pitching Kate ideas that would be far inferior to Mad World's campaigns and product line. The plan worked perfectly, until Brady convinced Madison that the plan was too dangerous for Sami. Madison ordered Sami to back out of their plan. Worried that she was in too deep to get out, Sami begged Madison to reconsider. When Madison refused, Sami quit working for Mad World and devoted all of her time to Countess W.

    Thinking that her professional life was finally in order, Sami focused on her family. She was determined to make her marriage strong, so she reluctantly supported Rafe's decision to go into business with Carrie. However, one day when she went to visit Rafe, she found him kissing Carrie. Furious, Sami ordered Rafe to move out of the apartment.

    Will was angry when he heard that Sami kicked Rafe out for a kiss, when she had slept with E.J. Will confided in Sonny, and Rafe overheard the conversation. Rafe confronted Sami. When Sami begged for another chance, Rafe refused. He told Sami to file divorce papers.

    Things got worse for Sami when Kate confronted Sami about being the mole. Sami tried to explain that the scam ended a long time ago, but Kate wouldn't hear it. Kate told Sami that it would only be a matter of time before the police found out.

    Sami went to the Brady Pub to down her sorrows in a glass of wine. E.J. walked in and asked her what was wrong. She filled him in on Rafe and Kate. He said that he couldn't help with Rafe, but he would act as her lawyer against Kate and he gave Sami an apartment in his building for her and the kids to live in. Sami thanked E.J. and told him that she would pay him back eventually.

    Sami's professional life perked up when Stefano made Sami part of his plan to avenge Kate's infidelity. As controlling partner of Countess W, Stefano removed Kate and gave Sami the job. But, Sami's personal life was still troubled.

    She and Will were having major problems. Will had even moved out of the house and began working for E.J. So, Sami called Lucas for help. Lucas returned to Salem and it wasn't long before Sami and Lucas reconnected romantically. Lucas helped Sami deal with the news that Will was gay. Eventually, both parents fully supported Will and the three were beginning to act like family again.

    Will continued to work for E.J. To stay close to the kids, E.J. moved into the apartment across the hall from Sami. Eventually, E.J. and Sami called a started getting along. When E.J. was framed for Stefano's "murder", Will and Sami believed in E.J. and wanted to prove E.J.'s innocence. As the "evidence" began piling up, Sami and Will convinced E.J. to flee town once he was out on bail. So, Will hacked into the Salem PD computer system and deactivated E.J.'s ankle monitor. And, Sami helped E.J. leave Salem, despite Lucas's demands that she stay away from E.J.

    During their escape, a giant explosion hit Salem. Sami and E.J. were caught on a warehouse catwalk. Sami fell over the edge, but E.J. was able to pull her to safety. Thankful to him for saving her life, Sami went on the run with E.J. They hid out in one of Stefano's safe houses. Shortly after they got there, E.J. and Sami confessed their feelings for each other. But, before they had much time together, E.J. got a lead on who was setting him up. He left Sami to investigate it.

    As soon as he was gone, Rafe broke into the safe house and arrested Sami. But, he handcuffed her to the desk so that he could wait for E.J. to come back. Sami and Rafe began talking about their relationship and Rafe asked Sami why she threw it all away. Sami was in tears.

    Meanwhile, E.J. was hit over the head and dragged to a warehouse where Ian McAllister (had been keeping a very much alive Stefano. While Ian was looking away, E.J. got free and attacked Ian. When Ian was knocked out, E.J. tied up Ian and called the police. Then, he returned to Sami.

    When he got back to the safe house, he found Rafe there with Sami. Rafe arrested them both and took them into the station. Sami made bail quickly and returned home where she tried to sort out her feelings for both Rafe and E.J.

    She dated both of them, though Rafe was more guarded about his feelings. When Rafe's sister, Gabi was rushed to the hospital, Sami was there to help her though the tough news -- Gabi was pregnant. Sami told Rafe the news and helped him accept it and work through it. Sami even offered to help plan the wedding for Gabi and Nick, whom everyone assumed was the baby's father. As Sami and Rafe drew closer, she decided to break things off with E.J. She was planning on telling him after Gabi's wedding.

    But on the day of their wedding, Chad exposed Gabi's secret -- that Nick was not the father of Gabi's baby. Will, reluctantly, admitted that he was the father. Sami was furious with Gabi and lashed out at her for keeping Will out of the baby's life. Rafe immediately lashed out at Will and told Sami that this was all her son's fault. Sami and Rafe broke up on the spot. E.J. was waiting for Sami when she came home from the wedding. Sami was happy to see him.

    Sami told E.J. everything, including what happened with Will and how she was planning on breaking up with E.J. after the wedding. But, she said that she'd seen the real Rafe and didn't want anything to do with him. She acknowledged that she and E.J. always seemed to be drawn to each other and wanted to finally give their relationship a shot. E.J. was thrilled. He and Sami began dating.

    But as Sami began planning a future with E.J., Nick was worried that his plan to keep gay Will out of the baby's life was now in jeopardy. So Nick hatched a plan. He had overheard Lucas scream at Will, "I went to jail for you!" Nick began investigating why Lucas had been in prison. Nick also planted a transmitting and recording device on Will, then sent a text to Lucas prompting the two to have a conversation where Nick found out that Will was the one who shot E.J. in 2007 and the police still had evidence of it in their evidence room.

    Nick had papers drawn up for Will to sign that would release all parental rights to Gabi's baby and just waited for the right time. That time came when Gabi started having labor pains while talking to Sami. Gabi and the baby were fine, and despite Kayla saying that dehydration contributed to her labor pains, Nick used Sami's temper as an excuse to set his plan into motion.

    Nick confronted Will with the deal -- if Will signs away his paternal rights, Nick will stay quiet about Will shooting E.J. Nick also pointed out that turning in Will would mean incriminating Lucas, Roman, Hope, and more in the cover-up. Sonny, E.J., Sami, and Lucas all tried to convince Will not to sign the papers. Sami even offered to sign a document that would forbid her from coming near the baby. But Nick would not agree. Despite protests from Sami, Lucas, E.J., and Sonny, Will reluctantly signed the papers.

    But Sami would not accept her son not being a part of his daughter's life. She and E.J. realized that there were two pieces of evidence that they needed to destroy -- Nick's recording and the evidence against Will at the police station. While E.J. worked on the former, Sami focused on the latter.

    She enlisted Lucas's help in breaking into the police department to steal the evidence. But, Rafe caught them and threw them out. So, Sami moved onto more desperate measures -- Stefano. Sami moved with E.J. and the kids into the DiMera mansion and started to build a relationship with Stefano in hopes that he would see her family as his own and use his contacts at the Salem PD to destroy the evidence against Will. Will agreed to go along with the plan.

    While Stefano got the evidence removed from the Salem P.D., Sonny helped Sami break into Nick and Gabi's room (they were staying at the Kiriakis mansion) and find Nick's recordings of Will's confession. Sami, Sonny, Will, and E.J. celebrated when the file was deleted.

    But Sami had one more end to tie up. She overheard Stefano telling Detective Bernardi to bring the evidence against Will to Stefano, rather than destroy it. Sami followed Bernardi through town and tried to convince him to give her the evidence. When he refused, she tried to attack him and take it, but she was unsuccessful.

    One day while walking though the Horton Square, Will and Sonny witnessed Nick and Gabi being escorted away by a man named Jensen. They thought it suspicious and followed the three of them. Jensen took Nick and Gabi to an abandoned warehouse on Smith Island. He held them at gun point. Will and Sonny were able to rescue them, but Will was shot during the struggle. At that time, Hope and the police arrived. Hope fatally shot Jensen. They all took Will to the hospital. Will made it through surgery successfully. Gabi had Will's name put on Arianna Grace's birth certificate.

    While visiting Will in the hospital, Sami went to check on a comatose Rafe, whom Jensen had also attacked. While there, she went into the bathroom to get a washcloth for Rafe's head. She heard a man enter the room and when she looked through the bathroom doorway, she saw that he was standing over Rafe's bed with his arm raised, holding what she thought was a knife. (It turned out to be a razor.) Sami shot and killed him. The man turned out to be Detective Bernardi. Stefano had sent him to harm Rafe.

    Sami told the police the truth, but they were unable to locate the razor. Since no one knew that Bernardi was a dirty cop and would ever want to hurt Rafe, the case against Sami looked strong. E.J. stood by her side. He convinced Justin to take her case. After testifying that she didn't know Bernardi before the shooting, the grand jury decided not to indict Sami.

    But Sami hadn't been completely truthful with the grand jury or her lawyer. Chad had shot a video of Sami attacking Bernardi in the Town Square. He showed it to Abigail and to Sonny, who mistakenly shared it with his mother, Adrienne. Adrienne did not like that her son was involved with Sami's son. When she saw the video, she turned it in to the police. Sami was arrested and re-charged with murder in the first degree. The judge denied her bail and Justin was furious with her and dropped her as a client.

    Will begged Justin to keep Sami as a client. Justin refused, so Will came clean about the whole story. Sami attacked Bernardi to get the evidence that could incriminate Will in E.J.'s shooting. Justin was still angry that Sami lied to him, but her understood that she was protecting her son. So, he took her case. He also became the lawyer of record for both Will and Sonny to protect them in their possession of the video.

    Justin set out to defend Sami. He thought he had a break when Kayla reported that a review of Bernardi's hospital records suggested that Sami's bullet didn't kill Bernardi, but that he died in recovery after surgery. Justin got a court order to exhume the body, but then learned that Bernardi's wife had changed her mind and cremated her husband. E.J. tried to stack evidence in Sami's favor -- even going so far as to plant money in Bernardi's son's savings account. But the prosecutor was able to prove that the money was planted. Desperate, E.J. turned back to Stefano.

    Stefano had the razor that would prove Sami's story. He was willing to produce it if E.J. turned the company back over to Stefano and then agreed to work and live with Stefano until Stefano wanted it otherwise. Reluctantly, E.J. agreed. A few hours later, the police found the razor, a Moroccan bank account, and an email trail depicting an affair between Bernardi and a nurse at the hospital. All of the charges against Sami were dropped. But, E.J. had to tell Sami what he'd done to set her free.

    Sami was furious with the idea of moving back into the mansion. She asked E.J. to back out of the deal, but he couldn't. Reluctantly, she agreed to move into the mansion and stood by E.J.

    The final term of Stefano's deal was for E.J. to convince Chad to move back home as well. One day at Chad's apartment, Chad happened to stumble upon some papers about treatment for brain tumors. Scared because of what happened to Lexie, E.J. asked chad about the papers. Chad confessed that he didn't have a brain tumor, but Cameron had diagnosed him with one. Since Cameron and Chad were competing for the same girl, Abigail, Chad let Cameron continue to think that Chad was dying from a brain tumor so that Cameron would back off Abigail. E.J. was impressed and told Chad that he'd done the right thing. But, E.J. used the information to blackmail Chad into moving back into the mansion. Still, E.J. stepped in with Cameron to make sure that Cameron didn't find out the truth.

    On the night of Sami and E.J.'s engagement party, a crazed Marge Bernardi crashed the party with a gun. Her mission was to shoot E.J. so that Sami would suffer the same way that Marge suffered. But, Chad stepped in front of E.J. and took two bullets. He was rushed to the hospital. With Chad on the operating table and needing specific drugs, E.J. had to tell Cameron that Chad didn't have a brain tumor and was on no drug protocol. Chad recovered from the gunshots, but the doctors discovered a problem with Chad's heart that required immediate surgery. The specialist was in Boston. E.J. made the arrangements and Stefano took Chad to Boston for the surgery.

    With Chad and Stefano out of the house, E.J. focused his attention on Kristen and her wedding. He didn't want her to put it off and agreed to stand up for her as her "man of honor." But a few minutes before the wedding, E.J. overheard Kristen on the phone with someone talking about how Father Eric won't remember sleeping with her. E.J. confronted her and Kristen confessed that she's drugged and raped Father Eric, and videotaped the whole thing. Kristen begged E.J. not to tell Sami, saying that Eric never has to know and she and Brady can marry like they want. E.J. was apprehensive at first, but when Sami came into the room, he lied and covered for Kristen. Sami knew that E.J. was upset about something else and asked E.J. to tell her what happened with Kristen. E.J. said that everything was fine.

    They all headed to the church for Brady and Kristen's wedding, with Eric officiating. However, Victor had just gotten his hands on the video and convinced an unknowing Marlena to play the tape of Kristen raping Eric at the wedding. Everyone was horrified and Kristen ran out of the church, eventually fleeing Salem. E.J. immediately jumped to Kristen's defense and claimed that the tape looked consensual. But, Sami did not believe it. Sami told E.J. that their relationship was on hold until things got straightened out with Eric.

    Meanwhile, Sami learned that Gabi had gotten a job offer in New York City, that would require Gabi and Arianna to move. Sami went to talk with Gabi about how this wouldn't be the best move for Arianna, especially since Gabi would be taking Arianna away from all of her family. Sami even offered Gabi an exclusive contract with Countess W if she would turn down the other offer. Gabi said that she'd think about it, but that probably wouldn't change her mind.

    Sami knew that times were desperate, so she called Kate to tell her about Gabi's job. Kate informed Sami that Nick was moving to New York City too. Sami and Kate set out of find Gabi and Nick. Kate found them in the square and texted Sami to come meet them. But, while Kate waited, she overheard Gabi and Nick arguing.

    Gabi told Nick that she wasn't taking the job. Nick was upset and let it slip that she couldn't turn this down after how hard he'd worked to set things up for the three of them. Gabi asked him what he was talking about and he confessed to sending out her resume for her. Gabi was furious and accused Nick of playing God with her life. Nick pleaded with her to understand. They were having this conversation in the middle of the town square and people began to stare. Gabi told Nick that she wanted nothing to do with him and stormed off. Nick chased after her. Kate chased after both of them.

    Nick followed Gabi into the woods around town and continued to beg her for another chance. While trying to get away, Gabi tripped and fell on the ground. Nick jumped on top of her and starting kissing her. Thinking that he was going to rape her, Gabi grabbed a rock and hit Nick in the side of the head. Nick collapsed next to her and Gabi made her way out from under him. Kate arrived and saw an unconscious Nick and Gabi in tears. Sami, who just got Kate's text, arrived shortly after. Sami checked Nick for a pulse and couldn't find one. Kate noticed that the river wasn't far from the spot and suggested that they just throw Nick's body into the river. Sami agreed to help because Gabi was the mother of Will's baby.

    Gabi was hysterical over the events that just happened, but agreed that this was the right thing to do. The three women dragged Nick to the river and pushed him in. Just as he hit the water, Nick woke up and grasped at them for help. But, they'd already let him go into the cold water. The three women assumed that he would drown and die. They agreed to keep all of the events of the night a secret.

    A few weeks later Sonny, E.J., and Will found out. E.J. agreed to help Sami and worked with his men to clean up any remaining evidence. But, E.J. was growing impatient with Sami's indecisiveness about their relationship. E.J. demanded to know whether or not Sami wanted to marry him. She insisted that she loved him, but she didn't trust him yet to marry him.

    On the day of Arianna's christening, an alive Nick Fallon showed up at the church, much to the shock of Gabi, Sami, and Kate. Nick had a scar on the side of his head from where Gabi had hit him with the rock, but otherwise didn't seem to remember the events of that night. Nick claimed that he was there to see Hope, but the Sami and Kate were suspicious.

    Their suspicions were confirmed a few weeks later when Nick let it slip that Kate and Sami had tried to kill him. The women were furious to hear that he had been faking him memory the previous few weeks and suspicious of why he didn't blame Gabi as well. Nick insisted that the two of them had manipulated Gabi. Nick explained that he was able to hold onto a branch in the river and a man -- Percy, who was bird watching at the river at the time -- pulled him to safety.

    Percy insisted that Nick call the police. But Nick told Percy that he would make it worth his while if he didn't involve the police. Percy agreed. It also turned out that Percy had pictures of the women throwing Nick's body into the river, which he sold to Nick.

    Nick used the pictures to blackmail Kate into giving him a job at Mad World and hiring Percy as his assistant. Nick insisted to Gabi that he didn't go to the police because he just wanted a fresh start. Gabi believed him. But Sami and Kate didn't buy his story at all.

    Meanwhile, Will and Sonny got engaged. Sami protested at first, but when Will explained the importance of holding onto someone who loves you, Sami was excited for them. It also made her realized that she had something special with E.J. So, she rushed home to him and told him that she's ready to set a date for their wedding - May 2014.

    Slowly, Nick started to show his true colors to other people. He blackmailed E.J. and Abigail with photos of their affair. He manipulated Will and Sonny by threatening to send Sami, Kate, and Gabi to jail. He found a lawyer for Gabi and urged her to sign custody papers that would only allow Will to see Arianna every other weekend. He got into a physical altercation with Abigail's new friend, Ben, who had stepped in to protect Abigail when Nick grabbed her arm. Everyone seemed to be growing tired of Nick.

    The only person who still believed in him was Julie. She had a heart-to-heart with him one night about how she used to cause trouble too, was angry with the world, but was given another chance. She urged Nick to get professional help and embrace the second chance he'd been given. Tearfully, Nick thanked her, agreed to have dinner with her later, and left a message for Marlena, asking her to set him up with some mental health care.

    But as he was leaving the message, Nick was shot three times. He stumbled to the square and collapsed in Julie's arms. He died a short time later. Hope led the investigation to find his shooter. It turned out that Gabi had finally overheard Nick's threats to Sonny, retrieved a gun from the closet, and shot Nick to death. She turned herself into the police and plead guilty.

    With Gabi's troubles, Sami had pushed the wedding back. But, Sami eventually decided on July for the wedding. She moved full-steam-ahead with wedding planning. She asked Abigail to be her maid of honor. Little did E.J. or Abigail know that Sami had ulterior motives.

    Nick had made arrangements that if he were to die, photos he had of E.J. and Abigail's affair were to be sent to Sami. Since receiving the photos, Sami had been plotting her revenge. The day of the wedding, Sami leaked DiMera business secrets that got E.J. arrested for insider trading. He was taken into custody at the reception. She went to visit him in jail, comforted him, and earned his trust. Then, with him locked up, he decided that she should represent him at the DiMera Enterprise board meeting the following day. (E.J. was in a power struggle with Stefano for control of the DiMera Empire.) Happily, Sami agreed.

    Little did E.J. know that Sami had been working with Kate to take over DiMera Enterprises. Kate had spent the last few months gaining Stefano's trust again. When E.J.'s arrest made it dangerous for Stefano to return to the country for fear he might be arrested too, Stefano agreed to let Kate represent him at the board meeting. With the two women in power, they attended the board meeting and presented a letter "written" by Stefano that suggested that Sami assume the role of CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Per their agreement, Sami suggested that Kate become co-CEO and the two run the company together. The board voted them in. E.J. and Stefano were blindsided and furious.

    With E.J.'s power taken away, Sami turned to Abigail. Sami showed up at Abigail's house to show her some wedding pictures. Jennifer looked on. As Sami scrolled through the pictures, she got to the photo of E.J. and Abigail together in the Horton Cabin. Abigail looked sick. Jennifer accused Sami of faking the picture, but Abigail confirmed that it was true. Sami told Abigail to get ready for more. Sami was going to make sure Abigail was punished.

    Sami met with Anne Millbauer to get a copy of the hospital's code of conduct policy. She saw that there was a clause in there that if an employee were to be caught engaged in unbecoming behavior -- like having an affair with a board member -- then that employee would be terminated immediately and never eligible for rehire. Sami met with Kayla to tell her that Abigail needed to be fired. When Kayla refused, Sami cited the hospital policy. When Kayla tried to talk her out of it, Sami hinted that DiMera Enterprise's $20 million donation to the hospital could go to another hospital if Kayla wasn't willing to hold up the policy. Angrily, Kayla agreed. But negotiated for Abigail to resign instead of being fired. Sami agreed as long as Abigail wrote a letter documenting her inappropriate relationship with a board member and her understanding that she can never work at the hospital again. Abigail wrote the letter.

    As news spread about the affair, the only person who appeared to be on Sami's side was Kate. Jennifer, Kayla, Eric, and Will all took turns admonishing Sami for her behavior and telling her that she should have known this would happen when she go involved with a DiMera. Will was especially worried about what Sami would do to Abigail, so when offered the opportunity to write an article on Sami and E.J., Will decided to use it as an opportunity to teach his mom a lesson. He wrote a tell-all story about E.J.'s affair and Sami's quest for revenge. Sami was hurt when she read the piece and asked Will not to publish it. But Will insisted on going ahead with it.

    The only problem was that Will had not named Abigail by name. So, Sami called Will's publisher and gave her Abigail's name. Will, and soon the rest of the town, was furious with Sami. But E.J. stood by Sami's side, even going to talk to Will in hopes that he would fix things with Sami. Once her anger began to lessen, Sami realized that E.J. was genuinely sorry and she still loved him. The two reunited and planned a happy life together.

    However, Kate was skeptical. She threatened that if Sami took E.J. back, she'd team up with Chad to fight them. But Sami was determined to make it work. However, because Sami had frozen most of his assets or sold off his subsidiaries, E.J. had to find an alternate source of income. So, had gone to Victor and asked him for connections in the drug dealing business again. Through that business, E.J. had met Clyde Weston -- a supposed mid-level drug dealer from Poplar Bluff, MO. Clyde presented himself as someone who wanted to work for E.J. However, Clyde actually wanted to take over E.J.'s territory. When E.J. learned that Clyde was overstepping his orders, E.J. went to confront Clyde in the park. During the confrontation, one of Clyde's men (who used to work for the DiMeras) pulled out a gun and shot E.J. in the stomach. A few seconds later, Sami found E.J. lying on the ground. His last words to her were, "You were worth everything." He died in Sami's arms. She was heartbroken.

    Despite disowning his son for siding with Sami, Stefano was upset when he heard the news. He made several phone calls, one being to Kristen, who was also devastated by the loss of her brother. After Sami left the morgue to go tell the kids about E.J., Kristen went in and injected E.J.'s arm with an unknown substance. A short time later, an urn was delivered to the DiMera mansion. However, the ashes inside did not belong to E.J. Stefano wanted to make sure that he, not Sami, got E.J.'s body.

    Sami's family rallied around her with support. Sami didn't know for sure what she'd do next, but she was certain that she was going to keep E.J.'s kids away from Stefano. However, she quickly learned that couldn't be by running DiMera Enterprises. A few weeks prior, Sami told a group of investors about an upcoming business prospect. When Kate found out, she knew that Sami could be brought up on fraud charges with the SEC. So, Sami agreed to sign her share of DiMera Enterprises over to Kate.

    Around the same time, the news of Will's article was going national. Three film executives from Hollywood flew to Salem to offer Sami a movie deal. The catch was that she'd have to move to Hollywood. They also wanted Will to come along and write the screen play. Sami jumped at the opportunity for a fresh new life. In October 2014, she packed up her kids and moved to Hollywood, CA.

    Sami regularly calls her family in Salem. And, Lucas flies out to California to visit Allie often.

    Sami returned to Salem in October 2015 when Will was tragically strangled by the Necktie Killer. She joined Lucas is burring their son.

    While in Salem, Marlena gave her a stack of mail that had been delivered since Sami left Salem. In the stack was a letter from E.J. He included a flash drive of information and the locations of a lockbox in Switzerland. She traveled there and got more information in the box on the DiMera Empire. She returned to Salem to tell her family about her progress. However, she was abducted and jailed by Andre when she returned.

    She tried to make Andre an offer to team up with her to take down Stefano for good. But he didn't agree. She realized he hadn't even told Stefano what he was up to. So, she stood firm that Andre couldn't harm her. She overpowered a guard and escaped captivity. THen, she used the info E.J. had left her to clear out $250 million dollars from a DiMera bank account. She went back to pick up her kids, and then the family went on the run together.

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