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Theo Carver
Actor History
Rusty Cundieff
Resides At
Somewhere in Salem at time of death
Record producer
Benjamin Carver (father; deceased)
Rita Carver (mother; deceased)
Abraham Carver (brother)
Karen Carver (sister)
Jonah Carver (brother)
Jett Carver (nephew)
Brandon Walker (nephew)
Theo Carver (nephew)
Jett Carver (son; unnamed mother)
Crimes Committed
  • None
Brief Character History

Theo Carver came to Salem to investigate the murder of his good friend, Danny Grant. In order to aid in his investigation, Theo posed as a record producer. He soon discovered that Richard Gates, a crooked cop, was the one who had killed Danny. Before Theo could get to his brother, Abe, with the news, Richard shot and killed Theo. Theo died in Abe's arms and Abe vowed to devote his life to catching criminals like Richard.

In the summer of 2007, Theo's son, Jett Carver came to Salem on an assignment with the ISA. Abe mentioned how much Jett had grown to look like his father.

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