Yvette DuPrés
Actor History
Lori Hallier
1989 to 1990
Other Names
Yvette de Castellain (assumed name)
Flings & Affairs
Victor Kiriakis
John Black (as Roman Brady)
Crimes Committed
  • Scammed Victor Kiriakis
Brief Character History

Justin Kiriakis brought Yvette to town because he wanted to get revenge on his uncle Victor. She pretended to be a wealthy French baroness and soon charmed Victor. When Justin learned that Victor had a heart condition, he begged Yvette to leave town, but at the last minute, Yvette changed her mind and moved into the Kiriakis mansion, despite Justin's threats to expose her. He agreed not to as long as she didn't hurt Victor, and as she was growing to care for him, she promised. But while she was living with Victor, she was also enjoying a friendship with Roman Brady. When Carrie ran away, it was Yvette who knew where to find her and Julio, and Yvette who convinced Carrie to return home. When Victor had a heart attack later in the year, Yvette cut off her ties with Roman, devoting herself fully to Victor, to whom she soon got engaged. Luckily for her, Roman's feelings were strong enough to have him destroy all evidence of her past once he found it. After Anjelica discovered the truth, Yvette realized she couldn't keep her secret forever, and confided the truth to Victor, who shocked her by telling her he'd known for months, and still wanted her. Unfortunately, she still wanted Roman, and when Roman asked her to spy on Victor because he thought Victor had kidnapped Kayla. Yvette managed to find proof of that, but Victor uncovered her spying. He made her a virtual prisoner in the mansion. Roman was able to help her escape, and told her that she would never be safe in Salem. Yvette said goodbye to Roman, whom she realized she'd fallen in love with, and left town.

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