What they were wearing: Red Carpet fashion
Some people watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials. When it comes to the Daytime Emmys, perhaps the biggest thrill -- next to finding out who takes home the little golden winged statue -- is to see what everyone is wearing. The glitz, the glamour, the gowns, and the bling... we know that most soap fans can only dream about being on the Red Carpet, so we've made it our mission to make sure that no one gets by without letting us fire off a few snapshots of what they were wearing.

With so many stars on the Red Carpet, it's impossible to post photos of everyone, but over the years we've compiled galleries of our favorites. Now you can feel like you were there on the Red Carpet with our Fashion Photo Gallery.

You can access any year from our blue navigation menu at the top of any page in the Emmys section. Simply move your mouse over the Photos/Fashion option and then select the year you'd like to view from the drop-down menu. Of course, you can always navigate to this page by clicking on the Photos/Fashion menu option and then selecting a year from the list below.

  2013: Los Angeles
  (Beverly Hilton)
  2012: Los Angeles
  (Beverly Hilton)
  2011: Las Vegas
  (Vegas Hilton)
  2010: Las Vegas
  (Vegas Hilton)
  2009: Los Angeles
  (Orpheum Theater)
  2008: Los Angeles
(Kodak Theater)
  2007: Los Angeles
  (Kodak Theater)
  2006: Los Angeles
  (Kodak Theater)
  2005: New York
  (Radio City Music Hall)
  2004: New York
  (Radio City Music Hall)
  2003: New York
  (Radio City Music Hall)
  2002: New York
  (Madison Square Garden)

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