THE 30TH ANNUAL DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS panelists predict the Emmy winners: Dan J Kroll
Posted Friday, May 09, 2003 6:59:29 PM
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Dan is the 28 year-old founder of Soap Opera Central. While his "must see" soaps include just Port Charles and All My Children, Dan does get a chance to watch all of the soaps on a regular basis. Dan started Soap Opera Central as part of his personal home page in 1995. Dan lives in Philadelphia and does somehow find time to do things other than Soap Opera Central, including sports, music, and enjoying the great Pennsylvania countryside.


This is a comment from last year's predictions: "I don't feel that the best shows of the year received nominations. Port Charles invigorated its storytelling with a new format -- and it paid off. Maybe not in the ratings, but in terms of becoming 'must see' television, PC rocked." Port Charles wasn't nominated last year, but it was the only ABC soap to receive an Outstanding Drama Series nod this year. I think this is finally PC's year.

This is an unusual category this year. Due to the new voting process, most of the faces in this category are new. Anthony Geary has won before, but most of the others are waiting for their first win. If this were the Oscars or Grammys, I'd choose Doug Davidson -- because he's never even received a nomination before. His scenes were powerful, but I'm not sure about the content and how voters will react to a "was it rape" storyline. Maurice Benard has a huge fan base, and that might be enough for him to win the Emmy.


I'm torn between three choices -- Flannery, Grahn and Stafford. All three have won Emmys before. Flannery is the new Erika Slezak, who has won a bunch of Emmys of her own. I am not sure if she will pick up yet another trophy. I'll select Grahn as the winner -- but I may not vote this way on the official Emmy press pool poll!


Josh Duhamel should win -- he won last year and received a nomination the year before. However, I am not really pleased with his scene selection. Paul Anthony Stewart is a really fine performer and he's been overlooked in past years. I think this is his year.


To me, I cannot understand how Rebecca Budig has not yet won an Emmy. She's a superb talent and her no-nomination last year was stunning. This is her year -- and if she doesn't win, I will take her out to dinner on Soap Opera Central's tab. The only possible monkeywrench in the vote is Kelly Monaco, who played twins on Port Charles. Emmy voters love twins. If Monaco were to win, she'd definitely deserve it. She's really come into her own in recent months -- of course it'll cost me a meal, though.


For this one, I could tell you who I know it won't be, but that's not really nice. Shoot, I could also tell you that it's not going to be me. I believe that Jordi Vilasuso will win this year. His work on GL is very good and Jordi was kind enough last year to chat a bit with me on the red carpet. It's all about karma -- and one good turns deserves an Emmy.


I adore Erin Hershey Presley. Her work on Port Charles over the past few years has been stellar. The B&B actresses are definitely powerful, but both Finnigan and Frantz have won before. Of course, from the reporter side of my personality I am pulling for Finnigan -- because she might accidentally reveal more spoilers in the press room!


Hogan Sheffer is a phenomenal head writer and his infusion of snappy dialogue and interest plots makes ATWT a sure-fire bet to win. Of course, nearly every soap received a nomination in this field -- so predicting a winner isn't really that easy!

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