THE 30TH ANNUAL DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS panelists predict the Emmy winners: Liz Lee
Posted Friday, May 09, 2003 6:59:29 PM
It's daytime television's biggest night. has all the Emmy angles covered. Select an option from below to link to more information.

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Liz is the monitor volunteer for the B&B Board and the lieutenant monitor volunteer for the Y&R Board. Widely known in her narrow circle as the Greatest, Most Vocal, (and possibly only) Fan of Y&R's "Mary Williams", Liz maintains it's a shame the Daytime Emmys don't recognize non-contract character performers. Liz has watched daytime drama since high school, cutting her teeth on the ABC lineup, then in college picking up CBS and staying there ever since. This year: lots of Y&R, gobs of B&B, the so good again GL, and of course, ATWT on laundry folding day. Liz credits her spry for her age outlook on her wholesome Gateway to the Midwest lifestyle, and her not necessarily cheerful bent wit comes from the sleep deprivation and paucity of bathroom privacy you get from hanging around two young children.


How cool is this? Two out of the four nominees are half hour productions. Pressed for time, anyone?

I'm going with my board's show here - can't do otherwise. Ignoring the dull and the dim from last year (why not, tptb at B&B do!), what a knockout, knocked up, and kick whatever's not working to the curb year it was.

The Bold and the Beautiful


Love Y&R, like Doug Davidson, hate his story from last year. So not going to reward it.

Love Ricky Paull Goldin as Gus Aitoro. You can feel his heart beat in every scene. Tempted to go with this guy but...

Word is, Maurice Benard is the guy to beat. Ask my 90 year old grandmother - this guy makes her forget she forgot where she left her Scotch, he's so hot. And I'll stop and watch his scenes if I come across them while surfing channels. Even scenes with Brenda - ugh!

Maurice Benard.


Michelle Stafford and Susan Flannery. Both bring more to the table in an scene than most actors bring in a month. So hard to choose. Stafford is an eclectic actress though - some people just don't get her. Or they think they do, but they're wrong.

Two Emmy's in a row? Flannery deserves 'em. She does more than slip into a wig every day, she slips into a skin.

Susan Flannery.


Next year, Mr. Christian. Next year. (And for God's sake, use what ever leverage you have and push to become Sharon Newman's divorce attorney!!!)

Not into Danny Santos.

Leo's dead and gone, right? - as well as having won last year. Yawn. Moving on...

The real grown ups - Hendrickson and Raines. Outstanding. Another hard choice here.

Raines is another one I think has better material right now than he did last year. Not that last year is to sneeze at by any means. It's hard to throw my weight behind great stuff already eclipsed by greater.

Yet Hendrickson is one of those "Another year, another nomination" types. (Would I love to see him opposite Susan Flannery? Damn straight I would. Make it a menage with Ricky Paull Goldin and I'll bliss out!)

Who to go with, who to go with...

Benjamin Hendrickson.


I haven't seen the reels - I get that Robin Christopher's is awesome. Who doesn't love great drunk scenes? Hey, what a good time to mention that non-contract, small role players should be given their own category - tune in to Y&R and check out Jill's mom to see what I mean. That actress deserves every award possible! She can share 'em with Carolyn Conwell.

Back on topic: I'm a body of work kinda girl. I've seen Cady McClain's stuff week and week out. Ro-sannnn-ah, yeah!

Cady McClain.


David Lago is my pick.

He's been robbed a couple of years going now, dammit. Fork it over, people.


Along came the wind and blew her in again...

Jennifer Finnegan.

No one threw up better. Ever.



No one does funnier or more intelligent quips, zingers and double entendres (editorial note: please get an accent over that last syllable in 'entendres', thanks!) - what's more, they pay the audience the gorgeous compliment of assuming we'll get the joke.

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