Behind-the-Scenes Emmy Coverage: The Emmy Gift Bag
Posted Saturday, April 29, 2006 1:45:57 PM


The dictionary describes swag as "valuable goods."

In layman's terms, "swag" is the term used by folks in the industry to refer to the items inside the goodie bags given to presenters at awards shows. Surely, you've heard of these goodie bags. For many fans, the logic behind the gift bags is lost. Why should a celebrity be given thousands of dollars in free gifts just to show up, read a teleprompter and tear open an envelope? Aren't they already blessed enough to have a career in the world of entertainment?

Interestingly enough, those in the industry vehement defend the giving of valuable gifts to celebrity presenters.

"Why shouldn't they get it?" asked on industry insider, who asked that we not use her name. "The stars don't get paid to be here. They don't get paid to be a presenter. They are giving up their own time for free - so this is sort of a way to say 'Thank you' for being a part of this event."

From a marketing standpoint, the suppliers of the items included in the goodie bags benefit from the incredible buzz comes along with having a celebrity use their product.

While some of this year's items definitely cater to the notion of being rich and famous, many of the items have a much more far-reaching notion: anyone can enjoy the luxuriousness of feeling like a celebrity and it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to do.

This year, Soap Central was granted inside access to the celebrity gift room and we were able to track down some of this year's hottest items that can help you feel like a soap star.

BODY Soy Massage Candle

Perhaps the most buzzworthy item amongst this year's gifts was something called "BODY Soy Massage Candle" by Undercover Care. The BODY candle is a 100% natural candle that, as it burns, can be used as a massage oil! The candle burns at three degrees above body temperature, so the drippings can be poured onto your partner's skin and used as a sensual massage oil without the fear of being burned.

All My Children stars Justin Bruening and real-life wife, Alexa Havins, were huge fans of the BODY Soy Massage Candle and almost started a demonstration inside the gift room!

The BODY Soy Massage Candle costs just $24 and is part of an extensive collection of in-home spa treatments. The candle and other items in the line are available for purchase online or via in-home parties. The company also has a collection of lingerie available at, with the tag-line "Every body loves Undercoverwear." The lingerie collection is designed to be comfortable and sexy for women of all body types, up to a size 3x.

2(x)ist Underwear

And speaking of underwear, why should the ladies have all the fun? When you see some of daytime' hottest hunks strip down to their skivvies on the screen, many are wearing a line of underwear by a company called 2(x)ist. Gone are the days when underwear for men came in just one type and color: white jockey shorts. The 2(x)ist line was designed to accentuate a man's body, providing superb style and comfort while adding some serious sex appeal. The contour of each garment hugs all the "important" areas and can make your boyfriend or husband's butt look better than you imagined. Buy if for him because of the comfort and style. Buy if for yourself because you'll like how he looks in it!

2(x)ist underwear can be purchased online or in a variety of stores around the country, including Macy's and Bloomingdales.

TreasureKnit Photo Blankets

Okay, so who doesn't like to have photos of their family, friends or pets on display in their home. Of course, everyone likes the ability to personalize their own space and be surrounded my familiar faces - be it an office cubicle, the mantel over your fireplace or perhaps a special gallery wall in your own home.

TreasureKnit has created an incredibly innovative process that allows for your favorite photo to be weaved directly into a blanket. Your photo isn't simply transferred onto a blanket using an iron-on - your photo is actually woven into the fabric of the blanket. There is no need to fear that your photo will "flake off" over time or fade after a few washes.

The blankets make the perfect personalized gift for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas present or just an everyday "thinking of you" occasion. What grandparent wouldn't melt at the sight of their grandchild woven into a cozy blanket?

While the blankets themselves are stunning, they are made even more attractive by their extremely reasonable cost - about $130 for a 50" x 60" throw. And if a blanket isn't quite what you are looking for, TreasureKnit also offers towels, pillows, tote bags and several other items.

TreasureKnit supplied celebrities with commemorative blankets made from the official Daytime Emmys print created by pop artist Charles Fazzino. Finola Hughes (Anna Devane, GH) said the color photo blankets were a perfect gift and that she'd be getting one made with a photo of her sons Dylan and Cash.

For more information about TreasureKnit, please visit their web site at

Invicta Watches

And now for a big ticket item that was definitely an eye catcher. In the world of watches, this season big watches are in. And when it comes to watches, no one does it quite like Invicta.

Invicta offers a wide selection of watches -- far more than can easily be described in the space of this column. There are mechanical watches, automatic watches, chronographs, watches with diamonds, watches with metal wristbands or watches with leather wristbands and watches in just about every color of the rainbow. From formal to every day casual, Invicta is sure to make a watch to suit your taste and fit your budget. The watches in the Invicta product line range from under $100 to nearly $2000. But don't think that the lower-priced models are "entry level" models. The stylish metal-band 9349 retails for about $190 and the sexy 2584 chronograph comes in around $270.

Emmy-winner Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer, GH) is a self-proclaimed fan of Invicta. If you look closely at Luke Spencer's wrist, you could very well see him sporting an Invicta watch. Other celebrity fans are Susan Lucci (Erica Kane, AMC) and Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart, AMC), both of whom picked out men's watches for themselves. Lucci opted for a round-faced orange timepiece and Minshew picked out a blue watch.

Invicta watches are available at retailers nationwide, including Macy's and Bloomingdales.

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