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The Reel Emmy Story
Posted Monday, June 04, 2007 4:23:59 PM
Okay, let's be honest for a minute: Everyone has their favorite star that they'd like to see go home with an Emmy. But being a fan favorite isn't enough to guarantee a victory on Emmy night. A panel of volunteers watches each nominee's Emmy submissions and then casts his or her vote for the best of the bunch.

In recent years, the Emmy voting process has been... well, a soap opera of its own. The media was, in some years, blocked from seeing the clips submitted by each nominee. Some members of the media fired back by refusing to offer coverage of the Daytime Emmys. This year, things seem to have calmed down substantially on both sides.

Following is an account of the scenes that were submitted by the nominees.

Outstanding Drama Series

The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode 1 (Aired December 5, 2006)
Stephanie and Eric travel to Chicago to confront Stephanie's mother, Ann, about the abuse she endured as a child. Taylor, meanwhile, informs the rest of the Forresters that Stephanie was abused as a child.

Episode 2 - (Aired December 6, 2006)
Eric scolds Ann for not being receptive to what Stephanie had to say. The Forresters react to the news of Stephanie's childhood abuse.

Guiding Light
Episode 1 (Aired October 18, 2006)
In an A Christmas Carol-like tale, Alfred leads Jonathan through a history of his romance with Tammy.

Episode 2
After calling off their wedding, Dinah and Mallet throw themselves an un-wedding reception.

One Life to Live
Episode 1 (Aired May 29, 2006)
As John, Natalie, David and Margaret race back to Llanview to prove Todd's innocence, Todd is put to death for Margaret's murder.

Episode 2 - (Aired October 6, 2006)
The residents of Llanview gather to mourn John McBain's death. Asa returns home from the hospital.

The Young and the Restless
Episode 1 - (Aired December 18, 2006)
A severe storm knocks out power to Genoa City trapping some unlikely couples together: Jack and an in-labor Phyllis, amorous Brad and Sharon and Kay, Jill and psychic Sylvia Browne.

Episode 2 - (Aired November 10, 2006)
Paul, Neil and Michael run through nearly a dozen possible scenarios to explain who killed Carmen Mesta.


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