The Reel Emmy Story: Younger Actor/Actress
Posted Monday, June 04, 2007 4:23:59 PM
The airdate for each submitted Emmy reel is included when available. The airdate will appear as a link and clicking that link will open up our archived recaps for that week for your review. For your convenience, all links will open a new browser window.

Outstanding Younger Actor

Van Hansis (Luke Snyder, ATWT)
Episode 1
Luke refuses to talk to Holden about Kevin and Holden thinks about the repercussions of Luke coming out.

Episode 2
Luke lashes out at Damian for trying to send him to be "deprogrammed" at Kreeger's camp.

Jesse Soffer (Will Munson, ATWT)
Episode 1
A drunken Will tears apart Gwen and later sleeps with Jade after being expelled.

Episode 2
Gwen confronts Will about his affair with Jade.

Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan Randall, GL)
Episode 1
Jonathan finds Reva and stops her from driving off the bridge.

Episode 2
Jonathan learns that Reva did not go through with her plans and he is comforted by Tammy.

Pelphrey's scenes were from back-to-back episodes.

James Stevenson (Jared Casey, PS)
Episode 1
Jared learns Theresa is Mrs. Crane and is running Crane Industries.

Episode 2
Jared and Ethan get into a heated argument over Theresa, which results in a physical alteraction.

Bryton McClure (Devon Hamilton, The Young and the Restless)
Episode 1
Devon decides to remain in Genoa City after his mother leaves town.

Episode 2
Devon confronts Carmen after learning that she was the reason that Drucilla was fired from Newman.

Outstanding Younger Actress

Leven Rambin (Lily Montgomery, AMC)
Episode 1
Lily is overjoyed when she learns that Jack has decided to drop his competency petition, but her joy is short-lived when Jonathan confesses that he's been faking his mental impairment.

Episode 2
A devastated Lily blasts Erica and Jack after learning that Jonathan had been lying to her.

Time of Reel: 15:38

Alexandra Chando (Maddie Coleman, ATWT)
Episode 1
Maddie opens up to Henry about being raped by her brother-in-law, Louis.

Episode 2
Casey persuades Maddie to attend the memorial being held for the victims of the slasher.

Time of Reel: 13:00

Jennifer Landon (Gwen Norbeck, ATWT)
Episode 1
Gwen confronts Will about his affair with Jade

Episode 2
Gwen lashes out at a drunken Iris when she shows up at one of her gigs in LA.

Time of Reel: 16:08
Jesse Soffer also submitted "Episode 1" for his Outstanding Younger Actor nomination.

Julie Marie Berman (Lulu Spencer, GH)
Episode 1
Lulu collides with Dillon and Edward about abortion and turns to Carly and Elizabeth for support.

Episode 2
Lulu finds out that Laura's recovery is only temporary -- and Luke knew about it all along.

Time of Reel: 19:32

Stephanie Gatschet (Tammy Winslow, GL)
Episode 1
Reeling from Sandy's death, Tammy finds herself locked in the morgue with his dead body courtesy of Cassie.

Episode 2
Tammy breaks up with Jonathan so that he can focus on being a good father.

Time of Reel: 41:50

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