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Emily is way better at being drunk than I ever was.

Emily is way better at being drunk than I ever was. One minute, she is tipsy and slurring at GH regaling Elizabeth with the tale of how she got hammered and confessed her feelings to Sonny, and in 4.5 seconds flat, she is suddenly diving into the icy pond at the park where Michael has fallen through the ice chasing his basketball. Damn. She's good. When I have had too much to drink, I'd be lucky to even notice someone under the ice in a dark pond blocks away from where I was walking (unless he had a shiny flask in the water) but Emily noticed, ran over, undressed, dove in, and saved the day. Maybe knowing the object of her affection, Sonny, would thank her with a bug juicy warm smooch for saving his son's life was motivation to instantly sober up and play hero.

I can certainly see why Sonny would be attracted to Emily, she's kind, beautiful, smart and wonderful to his kids. She doesn't ask questions about his business. Michael doesn't run away from her! But other than those fabulous dimples, why is Emily willing to get involved with Sonny? He's a great Dad to his kids, a religious man who prays a lot, but it's normally asking God to forgive him for some crime because he is a criminal. No matter how yummy his pasta tastes, no matter how delicious his kisses are, no matter how charming and romantic he can be, the bottom line is that he's in the mob and people around him tend to die. All his previous lovers and wives have either been kidnapped, blown up in exploding cars, or have had to live under constant guard, had their kids threatened, and been terrorized by various bad guys who want to get Sonny's attention. Where's the draw? If you're that hard up for excitement, go audition to be on Fear Factor and eat some worms or something.

Emily should go after Liz's brother Steven - should TPTB bring him back - he's a nice guy, a doctor (which is supposedly what Emily wants to be) and her best friend's brother, so at least her in-laws would like her. Of course it's not as exotic as dodging gunfire during sex, but hey, it could work.

Courtney got used to dodging gunfire and became pretty good at Kung Fu back in her days as a mob girlfriend, but now it appears she is only good at whining. Maybe it's the hormones from her pregnancy, but it's a wonder that two men are fighting over her at all. Is her baby Jax's or is her baby Nikolas'? Is there even actually a baby? When is it she may start showing? We may not know the answers for awhile - although 2 paternity tests have come back saying Jax is the father, we know at least one of those was tampered with , and are we sure the second one was totally legitimate? I'm not yet convinced. Alicia Leigh Willis will be gone soon, and it will be interesting to see what chemistry NuCourtney brings to the equation.

The New Year's Eve fiasco with our 4 tortured lovers, Jax "accidentally" winding up with Courtney all night, and Nikolas "accidentally" winding up with Emily was predictable, but I appreciated it nonetheless. I was at church on Christmas Eve and my cell phone vibrated in my pocket - caller ID said it was a ghost of Christmas Past -some old boyfriend. I didn't answer; I didn't need to. I knew why he called. I've been married now for 17 years, but Long Ago Boyfriend called me on Christmas Eve because he proposed to me on Christmas Eve 20 years ago and was remembering that night. But then he got drunk and knocked up some one-night stand, and I dumped his sorry butt and he still regrets it! Ha! Holidays do that -they remind you of your past and people you spent them with, and both Jax and Courtney and Nikolas and Emily got a chance to contemplate their pasts together as a new year began, and I enjoyed those scenes or reminiscing.

It was an emotional week on GH; I confess I cried more than once, but never as much as when Luke and Lulu were connecting over her visit with Laura. When she was sitting in the hallway, slumped in front of Laura's door afraid to go in until Daddy finally talked to her about her Mother - I had to pause Tivo to cry. Luke might turn into a wonderful Dad yet, in spite of admittedly not wanting to be a Dad. The amount of heart he was able to reveal to Leslie Lu this week was just the amount she needed. What magnificent and moving scenes. The beauty for us old timers was when Luke was telling her stories about Laura; we knew he was telling them right because we remembered those stories too. We know about the blanket wall between them at the Whittaker farm, we remembered it as vividly as he did. A lovely bit of daytime drama, truly tugged at the heartstrings.

Another nod to history was Noah and Bobbie - they actually got to have a conversation and dinner together! Seeing the two of them together again was heartwarming, I am a big fan of history. When you have watched a soap for 25 years, and know where every character has been, it's nice when the writers remember, too - Bobbie hasn't been lucky at love much over the past 2 decades, but she was very happy for awhile with Noah. Sure, Bobbie is now the head nurse at GH, but I recall when she was trying to become a nurse after having been a hooker and the struggle she made to change her life. I'm still rooting for her happiness. And sure, Noah is a drunk, but he's a really cute drunk and just about ready to get sober. Hang in there Bobbie. Patrick got called in as backup as Bobbie knew Noah needed help and that she wasn't the one to give it to him. The scene ended with Noah calling the number for rehab that Patrick left with him. Maybe after he sobers up, Bobbie can actually get laid.

Which reminds me, Dillon can finally stop being jealous of Lucas and Georgie spending time together now that Lucas admitted to Dillon that he is gay; I really loved the way Dillon reacted, not in disgust or horror, but in acceptance and kindness. I am waiting for Dillon to talk to his Mom about it and to see how that plays out - I have so many friends and family members who have struggled with this decision, I am anxious to see how the writers handle the issue. If it's handled realistically, Lucas can expect some bad reactions. Some people will not be as understanding as Dillon - and seeing how Lucas responds to them should make for some excellent drama. I guess we all have to learn to be comfortable in our own skin, and learn to accept the fact not everyone will like us, and learn to choose to surround ourselves with people who will love us like a rock, unconditionally. I am hoping GH delves into this and shows us Lucas' journey.

Alexis and Ric have a journey ahead; trying to get Manny off the hook for all the crimes he committed on the "My Brain Tumor Made Me Do It" defense." (And yes I know it wasn't actually a tumor, but since I don't know the medical term, I am saying tumor, so no need to correct me.) Sam isn't buying Manny's amazing turn around, while Robin is on board the "Manny's a Changed Man Express." Mind you, I do believe in the ability of a person to change and to be redeemed, but since Manny has Carly's keys, I am a little leery of trusting his true transformation.

And while Robin's name is in play - I was delighted that Jason told her off about the past. She had all her self righteous reasons for betraying his trust "AJ had a RIGHT to know Michael was his son!" and Jason kept pointing out to her what that truth cost all the people involved. No one has the right to play God with anyone else's life, and Robin's reasons weren't good enough reasons. Carly chose not to tell AJ he was Michael's father because AJ was an alcoholic who planned to use the baby to get in good with his heir hungry grandfather and try to take over ELQ, and Jason on the other hand (I would have used OTOH, but someone complained about me using abbreviations so in honor of them I spelled it all out today.) was willing to just love Michael with no hidden agenda. I would do the same thing if I were to ever get pregnant - make sure my child had a father who would love him and not use or abuse him. Robin blew everyone's worlds apart, and she lost Jason in the process. She didn't count the cost of her choice before she made it, and now that she realizes it cost too much, it's too late to undo what she did. She reminded Jason she saved his life, but even so, that didn't buy her back into his good graces. I was half expecting him to do the "SHH!" shtick from Austin Powers to make her shut up, she didn't seem to get it.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Courtney get morning sickness and vomit on the boat ride to Wyndemere? Will Lulu and Luke decide to bust Laura out of the hospital and move her back into the Q attic where Heather was hiding her? Will Emily join the NRA and go to the shooting range to learn how to defend herself in a mob shootout before she sleeps with Sonny? Will Sonny or anyone else ever mention Reese's name again or has she been totally forgotten? Will Michael EVER get the fact that he isn't supposed to run away? (I thought after being kidnapped by Faith he would have finally gotten it.) Will Carly stop obsessing over Emily and Sonny long enough to actually run the hotel she maneuvered and schemed to get half ownership in? Will Emily be the first girl in 2006 to be the recipient of Sonny's Magic Sperm?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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