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Sonny and Nikolas shared a hospital room. Nikolas had 3 days growth of whiskers on his face, and wildly tousled hair, while Sonny didn't even have 5 O'clock shadow.

Sonny and Nikolas shared a hospital room. Nikolas had 3 days growth of whiskers on his face, and wildly tousled hair, while Sonny didn't even have 5 O'clock shadow. Was Emily secretly spraying Nair on Sonny's cheeks to keep him soft and kissable while Nikolas ended the week looking like Nik Nolte's mug shot? All I know is that Sonny left the hospital looking as though he was on his way to a GQ photo shoot, while Nikolas actually looked like he had a deadly virus. Sonny was just way too pretty all week for someone who was supposedly dying.

Courtney ended up with the virus which makes no sense whatsoever; because the last time we saw her she was chained to a bed in some Helena Cassadine torture chamber. Did we miss the part where she escaped from Helena and snuck back to Kelly's to hide above the diner? Based on the advetnues of captives past, it would seem Helena is pretty thorough when she kidnaps someone. It's difficult to imagine our pregnant Kung-Fu Barbie getting out of chains and past bodyguards that easily, but hey, apparently it happened because there she was telling Nikolas about it. I've never liked the Courtney/Nik pairing, and kept hoping she'd go back to Jax, but it a moot point now, as if she dies she won't end up with either one of them.

Dillon was near death and thus was able to get all the concerned parties to allow him and Georgie to marry in the hospital chapel. This week's episodes were filled with so many wonderful performances, it's hard to know where to begin heaping praise upon them, but I'll start with Scott Clifton. His vows to Georgie were filled with romance and passion and in case you missed it;

Dillon: "What's more important than this? Georgie, my whole life I felt like something was missing, and I didn't know what it was until I met you -- my soul mate, my inspiration, the thing that filled that void in my heart. The best day of my life -- before today -- was when you told me that you loved me, too. You're my best friend and my hero. You're -- you're the person that I respect more than anyone in the world. You gave me the courage to love and the faith to dream, and now you're part of that dream."

Ah yes, that's the reason I watch soaps, to see the people who belong together wind up together. They are precious and cute and he's a movie geek and she's a straight A student academic geek and they are so perfect for one another and of course that means the writers will have them broken up any day now so we have to watch in angst and worry for months to see if they can find their way back together. But call me naïve; I'm a believer in love and happy endings. In fact I'm counting on Happy Endings. The happiest ending this week is when they both nodded off and HAD THE SAME DREAM about their dream wedding. Very romantic. Can you imagine being so in tune with another person's soul you would fall asleep beside them at night and have the same dream? I can.

Dillon's wretch of a mother, Tracy wandered into the hospital chapel and looked very out of place; she's not exactly the religious sort. But in a moment of desperation, she humbled herself in God's presence and hoped he had a Monty Hall-like nature because she came to make a deal. If God would spare Dillon's life she'd start being…nice. Of course the thought of Tracy being nice is laughable, this is the woman who kept her own father's heart medication from him and left him for dead when she thought he cut her out of the will. But she promised God she'd be nice and Luke heard her. Jane Elliott has spent more time behind the scenes in recent years than in front of the camera, but I'm so glad she's back on the canvas and on the air. Just as Brad Maule treated us to his layered and high caliber acting last week, Jane Elliott shined this week as Tracy pleaded with God for her son's life. I'm always so delighted when people who are truly gifted are given the chance to share their gifts in full. Of course she broke her promise as soon as Dillon came to and has set about trying to get their marriage annulled. I bet God gets really sick of our broken promises.

Another actor who gave his all this week is Rick Hearst. Wow. This scary monkey virus and its side effects have given various characters flashbacks, but maybe none as powerful as Ric's tearful tirade to his dead mother demanding to know why she gave him away. Those scenes were genuinely heartbreaking and helped us to better understand the anger he feels toward his brother Sonny who was the kid his Mom kept. All the awful things he has done in the past, like kidnapping Carly and chaining her to a wall in the panic room for months made more sense to me after witnessing that display of unbridled rage he holds inside against his mother for choosing Sonny over him. Rick Hearst cut loose emotionally in those scenes and gave Ric Lansing his whole soul as he acted out that painful laundry list of childhood hurts.

Of course, the tirade was directed at his wife Alexis whom he mistook for his mother Adella, and Alexis let a cat of her own slip out of the bag. When Ric bellowed "What kind of a mother would give her child away", Alexis said tearfully "I didn't have a choice!" She tried to brush it off with Sam as though she had just been playing along and trying to try to calm Ric down, but - it seemed to me as if Kristina and Molly may have a big brother or sister out there somewhere… I sure hope Alexis gets well soon, as she could really use a fresh coat of makeup, and I can say that without being judgmental as I was sick last week and also look like hell with no makeup.

As I mentioned earlier, the virus is causing some people to have flashbacks, and after Carly and Jason had a run-in with the Crylium Industries bad guys and Carly got injected with the virus, her flashbacks made her horny. She went back in time and thought she and Jason were still lovers and got all grabby with him. When she finally snapped out of it, they talked about it for real, and this exchange really got to me;

Carly: "I was so close to having you right where I wanted you. I even got you to kiss me a few times. And then I had to go and trash everything by sleeping with Sonny. For a while, I thought that was the worst mistake of my life."

Jason: "It wasn't. We both know it. You know what? I can answer your question. Where would we be if we'd gotten together? Nowhere."

Carly: "I don't believe that. You love me."

Jason: "Of course I do. But I can only love you the way you need because I'm not in love with you. You can't break my heart. And you know we're both better off."

It's true, isn't it? We have such different expectations from friends than we do from lovers - it's easy for Jason and Carly to love one another unconditionally because their lives are not wrapped around each other in the way they would be if they were involved as a couple. They adore one another and come to one another's aide anytime the call for help rings out, but they go home at night to other lives and other people and those times apart may be the only way they can manage their genuine passion for each other - it would almost be too much to bear almost if it were a 24/7 arrangement.

Luke is learning that fatherhood is a 24/7 arrangement and has actually allowed Lulu to convince him to give more blood to make serum to save Nikolas. Imagine Spencer blood and Cassadine blood colliding! Helena may have to kill Nikolas herself when she realizes his perfect Cassadine-ness has been polluted with Spencer DNA.

Spencer DNA can come in handy, as Lucky has discovered. He has survived the virus, the test shot of antidote, and various weird science types doing experiments on him. Of course Liz's own trip to the chapel to plead with God probably didn't hurt. Her prayer was so sweet and so sincere - her gentle "I just can't live without him, Lord." Couldn't have helped but move God's heart. And after all the other prayers He had heard that day, Liz's prayer was certainly more sincere than Tracy's - in fact I'd go so far as to say Elizabeth is the closest thing Port Charles has to a saint. Hopefully by the time Lucky is back in Port Charles, the cure will have kicked in and the two of them can have 3 minutes of happiness before the next crisis arises.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Sam decide she likes the turban hairstyle and start dressing like I Dream of Jeannie? Will Jason pretend he has the virus so he can give Carly one good roll in the hay? Will Sonny dock Max's pay for letting Michael escape into infected hospital rooms 3 times when he was supposed to be "keeping an eye on him"? Will Jax use Pampers or a diaper service when he moves baby John into his penthouse? Will the chimp come back to Port Charles and donate its liver to Noah Drake? Will Emily ever take the class in medical school where they teach you to wring out a sweaty rag before wiping another person's head with it?

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