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Clearly, GH is written by men. I know this because no woman who isn't named Cruella would let a hospital full of innocents die to make money.

Clearly, GH is written by men. I know this because no woman who isn't named Cruella would let a hospital full of innocents die to make money. Holly Sutton Scorpio was a con artist, but not a cold blooded murderer. Mind you, I don't care how they write her; I am just delighted to see her. We know under the heart of the shrew they have turned her into lies the woman who bought Robert a Wallaby for a pet. Holly has the antidote and while she has it locked up in her hotel cabinet, Danny and Courtney both died, and baby John, Ric, and Sam are quickly on that same dark path.

As to Danny, at least they let him keep his baseball cap on throughout his ordeal; he didn't have much else. When Sam slurred out "I have to get Danny his cap, he doesn't think clearly without it." I realized just how much she deserves that Best Lead Actress nomination just to get a line like that out without bursting into fits of laughter. He didn't think clearly WITH the cap either, Sam. Kelly Monaco was best known last year for her dancing, but this year, her acting is the thing that is shining like a beacon. Mind you, I am weary of seeing Sam crying…For months she was tortured over Jason's brain tumor, and now over losing Danny and in delirium from her own fever, but if they are going to make her cry every single day, at least she's really good at it. In fact, I'll go so far as to say she's the best GH crier since Genie Francis, back in Laura Spencer's troubled teen years and before the invention of waterproof mascara where Laura had big black streaks of mascara running down her face every day.

Sam's pain and rage manifested itself in full at Alexis as Alexis got the last available dose of serum, thereby saving Alexis but signing Danny's death warrant. Her tirade about all the things Alexis had been "Sorry" about was powerful and painful to watch. Sam has been through a string of truly painful events, while Alexis' painful events always magically resolve themselves and of course any person would be asking God why and raging against the machine as the saying goes. Sam has a big shock in store - and while I know a lot of you detest spoilers, - if you haven't put one and one together yet and come up with two you haven't been paying attention. I'll just lay out the facts for you… We have discovered that Alexis gave up a baby for adoption as a teen. Sam was lashing out at a mother who abandoned her. Sam hates Alexis; but Alexis feels compassion for Sam - well, YOU do the math…

Another actor who should be awarded for his portrayal of raw emotion this week is the fabulous Ron Hale as Mike Corbin. Most weeks he is relegated to serving coffee and slices of pie to people at Kelly's but this week they actually let the dude act. When Sonny stopped by to give Mike the news that Courtney was dead, Mike attacked Sonny for feigning grief when he never gave his sister the time of day while she was alive. His pained facial expressions and broken heart were bear before us, his tears were so real I could taste the salt myself as they ran from his eyes into mine - his work was penetrating and passionate. Here's another great actor that GH has under contract and underuses while pushing lightweights like Jesse and Maxie on us. The theory is that seeing young actors draws in younger viewers, but then how do you explain the success of the Young and the Restless who has been the # 1 rated soap for years - and they still feature their older actors regularly?

GH could learn a lesson from them and I think they ARE learning. In the past couple of months, Alan, Monica, Bobbie, Tracy, Luke, and Mike have actually gotten some meaty scenes. They've also brought back Noah, Robin, Robert, and Holly - all fan favorites and dropped them into front burner storylines. I've heard from a lot of you in email and you seem thrilled and delighted by this trend, as am I - but the bottom line where ABC is concerned is this - did it boost ratings? Did the numbers go up? Are more people watching, which means more advertising dollars, which means more profit? As happy as we viewers are with the return of some of our favorite actors and characters - (Now give us back Kristina Wagner as Felicia, please) the only way we will get to keep them is if the numbers were boosted by their presence.

I said it last week and I'll say it again, I think Robert and Luke have more chemistry than any couple ever on a soap, they just look like they are having fun together in every frame. Just that 5 minute scene on the docks while they are awaiting the person bringing the serum made me giddy - their interaction is priceless. Robert's short term gig with GH is nearly up, but I hope he'll be back soon - there is so much to explore. There is a relationship between Robin and Robert that has so many layers it's ridiculous. I have to admit it's been nice having Robin be sick this week so she wasn't buzzing around the hospital judging people and giving other characters unsolicited advice on their lives, although rumor has it she'll be back up and about next week telling Jax to keep Carly away from Baby John.

Note to ABC - if you want us to truly worry about whether a character lives or dies, don't show them in the previews and promos for next week's episodes. On Friday, we were to believe Sam was on her last breath - a huge cliffhanger, but when they showed the "Next week on General Hospital" previews at the end of the show, we saw Sam at home in her jeans bickering with Jason - so hey, guess she makes it…

I don't know what was wrong with Lucky's cell phone last week when he kept trying to call Elizabeth and she just got static, but I think Garth Brooks was calling on the other line to tell Lucky he wanted his shirt back. Was that shirt Lucky had on something he found at the airport in the Maarkham Islands, or a Crylium Industries uniform or what?

Jax surprised me this week. I love Ingo Rademacher, I think he's downright dreamy. I go on fan websites and look at pictures of him and it makes me happy. He's one handsome dude. But I've always considered him a lightweight as an actor. He plays a billionaire playboy who flies around the globe bringing babes croissants from Paris on his private jet for breakfast and such - romantic and fun to fantasize about, but not the stuff one could consider serious acting. That having been said - when Courtney died this week and they left Jax in the room with that tiny, delicate premature baby boy and his giant hand was stroking that tiny arm and he was talking to that child with all the sincerity in his soul, I realized I have underestimated Ingo Rademacher, and he's probably been dying for a scene like that to prove to the world he's not just a pretty boy. Mind you, even in his grief over Courtney and his inner turmoil over whether or not to admit he isn't John's biological father, he still looked damned good. But there was substance behind that beautiful form not previously realized.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Carly fall for Jax even though he's not a criminal? Will Ric and Sonny start having summer barbecues now that they have bonded? Will Sam keep Danny's virus infected cap, or incinerate it? Will Kristina take the box of baby hair and paste it on her Barbie dolls? Will GH ever go to Target and buy some new washcloths so everyone's head isn't wiped with the same sweaty rag? Will Emily become impregnated by Sonny's ever potent sperm and give Michael, Morgan, and Kristina another ½ sibling? Will Mac and Robert have a bonding brother moment before Robert skips town? Will anyone ever check the animal shelter for Kong the Chimp and Rosie the dog? Will Nikolas get a haircut and shave that nasty scruff off his face now that he's better?

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