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Anna Devane Scorpio certainly DOES live up to her hype, I must agree with Luke.

Anna Devane Scorpio certainly DOES live up to her hype, I must agree with Luke. Finola Hughes has aged very well and still has all of her spunk. The Scorpio family therapy sessions were a thing of joy to behold. I felt as if I was visiting with old friends from college, and indeed I was. I took a college class in the 80's which was called "Pop Culture" and I actually got college credit for watching soaps and Cagney and Lacey. I swear. I wasted my college money taking classes like that which probably played into my lack of success in the marketplace, but boy, I sure do know Pop Culture. Anna, Robert, Luke and Holly - Dr. Drake and a few other 80's staples helped get me on the honor roll as it was pretty easy to get A's for watching soap operas and writing a bunch of crap about how it affected pop culture. I even managed to get said A while drinking vats of .25 cent beer and making my way to the Mug Wall of Fame.

The "whodunit" of Holly's missing jewels was all good fun, but the real diamonds we uncovered were the sparkling scenes between Robert, Anna and Robin as she implored her parents to tell her if they ever loved one another. With a passionate and resounding clarity, they confessed that they did and still do love one another even though they can't live together. It's nice to know some True Loves last even if it's only on TV Soaps. And of course, I realize that getting all those former cast members to grace the streets of Port Charles (Or the Maarkham Islands) was merely a May Sweeps gimmick to boost ratings, but hey I watch every day anyway. For me it was as if ABC wanted to personally reward me for my years of faithful viewing and gave me a great present, all wrapped in mystery, romance, nostalgia, and magic. So, to anyone who had anything to do with this - Thank you.

I was also delighted that the younger crowd got to tag along on the caper, as it sets up a new generation of adventurers - Dillon, Lulu and Robin can someday take over the action/adventure plots when my hero Luke Spencer finally decides to retire. One of the priceless moments this week was Holly coming on to Dillon (he looked so completely panicked, and yet strangely intrigued). Another gem was Tracy riding in on the shoulders of 4 muscular tanned jungle dudes. Oh, to have money… Seeing a new side of Robin was quite wonderful, I enjoyed her more than I have in years - adventure suits her. I especially liked the moment when Anna pointed out to Robin that she had fallen in love with her father in the form of Patrick Drake and the look of abject horror on Robin's face.

I seriously do adore Dr. Dreamboat. However, Lucky does not. I know the writers are trying to help us sympathize with Lucky, but isn't it about time we found out what the secret project Liz and Patrick are working on at the hotel? We know that they aren't having an affair, but they are doing something unorthodox. Just tell us already. I have heard about 15 vague conversations where Liz says "Lucky will be so upset if he finds out." And I scream at my TV "FINDS OUT WHAT???" -They are probably giving hearing tests to deaf children in the hotel lobby or something. Or perhaps they are secretly taking ballroom dance class together so Rebecca Herbst can be in the next incarnation of Dancing With the Stars. Something totally innocuous, no doubt, but please, just tell us WHAT.

In other medically driven stories, last week I mentioned Sonny and impending plot involving Bi-Polar disorder. Several of you wrote me to tell me I was insane and that Sonny didn't have anything wrong with him. So, now that Emily is walking around with the book from Lainey that says BI-POLAR in giant letters, I'd like those of you who doubted me and told me I was stupid to apologize. I have several friends who are likewise afflicted and I have heard Maurice Benard speak very openly about his own struggles with Bi-Polar disorder. I am really happy GH is allowing him to move deeper into Sonny's struggle with it, as Maurice Benard has wanted to explore this for years. Sonny isn't just a moody guy; he has an actual illness that dictates his mood swings, and we are going to have the opportunity to follow him on this journey of healing and understanding.

Maxie possesses understanding, too - she understands that she has a piece of information that may cause Jax to cough up a large sum of loot. She attempted a blackmail scheme involving Coleman, but when he sent Diego in his place, Maxie didn't get the cooperation she needed. She then decided it would be a great way to get Prince Nikolas as her new squeeze, as 5 minutes after tearfully mourning Jesse, she's already making candlelight dinners to audition replacement boyfriends. When Nikolas proved to be uninterested, she kept the news of John's paternity from him and instead called Robin for advice on how to handle the test results. Robin has in this situation before, and her choice to tell the truth about Michael's paternity cost her relationship with Jason. Will she make the same choice again? Trust is a delicate thing. Jason trusted Robin with the truth that AJ was Michael's biological father, and she betrayed his trust and it altered the course of her life. But in this situation, Robin has no real loyalty to either party - she and Jax are friends, but she's not really invested in their friendship, it's not as if we saw her calling Jax from Paris all those years she was gone. My bet is that she hits the ground running and makes a beeline to tell Nikolas the truth. Rumor has it that Helena is coming to town this week, so it's a bad time for that news to come out - protecting John from Helena is the main reason Jax has been lying about being his father. He loved Courtney enough to try to protect her son from Loony Granny Helena.

Alexis has decided to protect Sam from Jason, but we all know Sam would not want to be protected from Jason. Even though she took a bullet meant for him, she loves him above all other people and desires his presence in her life more than anything but oxygen. That's the thing with true love; it's undeniable even when it's messy and complicated. You don't give up on it, because you can't give up on it; it's the thing that makes life worth living. Alexis has good intentions, but in keeping Sam away from Jason, she is keeping her away from her Power Source, it's like plugging in your cell phone when it's battery is dead - without that jolt of electricity, it's can't recharge, it doesn't work, it's ability to communicate vanishes. Sam needs Jason to have a desire to wake up - he's the one for whom she would wake up.

Jason asked Stan to find out where Sam had been taken, and sadly for Stan, his Mama, Epiphany caught him trying to hack into the hospital computer and gave him and earful about the way in which he is choosing to use his computer skills. I love that girl more each day; she is honorable and strong, but sassy and funny. She is highly watch-able. I hope we get to know Stanford's entire family. I hope there are a lot more kids in the clan.

Did the rest of you get happy when Sonny and Jason actually conversed this week? I know I did. Sonny is trying to get Jason to see the light, and I think it's slowly filtering into his brain. Emily is in danger with Sonny, yes, but Sam is also in danger by being with Jason. What's the solution? Remove the element of danger. Sonny can eat dinner on the patio now without fear of being shot by a rival gang, but sadly Emily can't eat on the patio wearing white as Sonny may tip the pasta sauce into her lap in some fit of rage over his cooking. I wish I could get away with the table tipping and plate throwing when I ruin dinner. But since I don't have a clean up staff like Sonny, I just cry and order pizza.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Lucky write me a prescription for Vicodin with Patrick's prescription pad for my sore knee, or must I continue to self medicate with margaritas? Will Lady Jane and Carly go to Happy Hour together and drunkenly hunt for Very Rare Endangered Lizards? Will Jason remember he is supposed to be keeping his eye on Escobar instead of arguing in the hospital foyer with Alexis? Will Dillon find life at home with Georgie and her prom woes dreadfully dull after his big adventure in the jungle with Lulu? Will Manny, his gun, and his plethora of tattoos surface in Sam's hospital room?

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