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Define the word 'couple.' Doesn't it imply there are only *2* people involved? Two.

Define the word "couple." Doesn't it imply there are only *2* people involved? Two. TWO. Not 2 plus everyone on Earth with an opinion, and yet I see it happen time and time again…two people hopelessly in love are thwarted by a choir of voices who wish to chime in about their relationship. Isn't committing yourself to another human being hard enough without trying to please the universe, too? This week, a plethora of couples have been compromised by the interference of others - Georgie and Dillon, Sam and Jason, Robin and Patrick, Liz and Lucky, heck; let's even throw in Skye and Lorenzo although Diego's interference in their relationship wasn't on purpose, he's just an idiot.

Sometimes two people are entirely entwined, indisputably in love, genuine soul mates which connect on the deepest of levels - they are happily planning a future together, content and serene, pleased with their choice. Then, without warning, enter the choir of public opinion to sing a rousing chorus of "Those two don't belong together." They decide to save you from yourself by prying you away from the one you love, and when they succeed - they separate you from the only thing in your life that makes sense, the only person who brings you joy. They are utterly convinced they have done so for your own good, in spite of the fact you and your beloved are now miserable. The lovers in question allow doubt to creep into their minds - questioning the love that once was a rock-solid certainty for them and ponder the choir's message… "Well, sure, we adore each other, but if everyone else thinks we are wrong for each other, they must be right!" Wrong! They allow people to bully and manipulate them and effectively destroy any chance they have for happiness as if their own desires and dreams don't even matter. Then they spend the rest of their lives sitting around wondering about 'what-ifs' and 'what might have beens'. Oh, if only they had been bold enough to fight for the one they love and to plug their ears to the insistent sounds of the choir singing songs of doom and gloom.

Dillon and Georgie have been in love for years. Sure, they are very young and fell for each other in high school. So? Doesn't anyone know a couple who got married at 18 and is now in their 70's and has spent a life of love with one another? Who says young love can't be real? Well, in their case, Tracy, Lulu, and Diego said so, this time around, and they have also battled Sage, Felicia and Mac in the past. All sorts of people have decided they don't belong together. But we have seen them together and we know they DO belong together. He's a film geek who can quote lines from movies spanning 7 decades, and she's just a geek who likes to study and get straight A's. They're precious together. But seeds of doubt were planted by people they trust who were determined to split them up. Those seeds grew into a plant of doubt and fear that strangled that young love. I for one am very annoyed. A little bit for the characters, and a little bit for me. I was rooting for them because their abject nerdiness is so endearing, and because I root for geek's people in love as a practice. (Seeing as how I'm a geek.)

Lulu swore she saw Georgie and Diego making love in the boathouse, which of course was a total lie. Dillon, who was already insecure about Georgie's friendship with Diego believed it easily because A) He trusted Lulu as a friend, and B) Georgie had kept her friendship with Diego a secret in the past to avoid fighting with him about it. Lulu lied because she wanted Dillon for herself. Dillon is clueless and didn't catch the fact that Lulu was crushin' on him, so he took her at her word and lit into Georgie with accusations and ugly unkind words which can't be erased. This week, when he overheard Lulu admit she made it all up, he went to Georgie and tried to undo what he had done. She patiently listened, but she couldn't forgive him because a trust had been broken between them. She told him she didn't cheat on him, and he didn't believe her. She can't get past that. She devoted herself to loving him for years, in the end he listened to other peoples opinions and lies about her instead of the truth that he should have known about her after years of evidence that she loved him purely. What Georgie doesn't know is that her pal Diego was in on the scam to break up her relationship with Dillon, too - we can only hope Tracy can garner a confession from Diego that Georgie overhears.

I usually cringe every summer when they bring out the teen storyline to hook the high school set on the soaps before school starts in fall, they're usually the sort of thing that the Tivo 3X Fast Forward button is made for. But these kids are all fabulous actors. Dillon's (Scott Clifton's) scenes this week were totally heartbreaking - the stricken look on his face when he overheard Lulu's confession, when it dawned on him that he threw away his soulmate over a lie - it was gut wrenching to watch him agonize over it. We saw every ounce of regret wash across his face. Brilliant acting. Georgie, Lulu, Tracy - all Fab - even Diego is getting better this year.

Sam and Jason, next in line, have been in love and totally devoted to one another for years. But enter Alexis who found out she was Sam's biological Mom, and let the games begin… Alexis is the D.A. and her newly found daughter is dating a mob hit man. Alexis begins singing into Sam's ear, "He's no good for you." And when Sam refuses to listen to her, she instead starts blackmailing Jason. "Dump my daughter for her own safety, or I'll find a reason to put you in jail." And she has real ammo, Jason's push over the roof killed Manny, not Lucky's phantom bullet, and Alexis knows it. Jason and Sam are miserable without one another, but hey, the meddlers seem so happy and delighted to know they have successfully ruined their relationship.

Lucky and Liz are having a few issues, too - and Maxie's clinginess and Patrick's flirting aren't helping matters. Patrick brings Liz a bouquet of flowers, simply to make Robin jealous, and Lucky walks in at the exact moment he hands them to Liz and assumes the worst - why on Earth would Dr. Dreamboat be giving his wife flowers? He jumps to the conclusion that they must be having an affair. They aren't having an affair of course, but Lucky's drug induced haze of paranoia is being fed by Maxie's constant come-ons and Patrick's non-stop flirting with Elizabeth.

Robin and Patrick have had interference from Anna, Robert, and Noah, but they have benefited from it, as they are both too stubborn to work out their own problems without people pushing them to do so. It's my considered opinion that if you can turn your feelings on and off like a light switch, it's not real. If you give up on it that easily, there wasn't anything there. Robin and Patrick are still deciding, and other people tell them they belong together, but they haven't yet determined that for themselves. Patrick explained to Robin that he saw how deeply in love his parents were, and when his Mom died, it cost his Dad everything, and he just didn't want to expose himself to that sort of pain. Robin loved and lost with Stone and Jason and isn't all that eager to try again herself. But while they are pretending to be nonchalant about their relationship, deep down, it matters to them. Sometimes we lie to other people and sometimes we lie to ourselves.

Emily is lying about taking trips to the tanning bed, I think. The blotchy fake tan and ultra sheer pink lip gloss look just doesn't work for me. Maybe it's the lighting… in certain scenes her tan looks even and in others, she looks like an orange-ish giraffe with big brown spots all over. Emily and her bad lip gloss are marching around Sonny's house marking their territory. I am on vacation right now and missed the entire last week of GH, so I am at a loss. Even now, I can't connect to the net to even read the recaps, so I have to hope my Tivo has 10 days of GH waiting for me when I get home. It will, of course, it's very faithful. Somewhere along the line it seems Sonny came to accept he has bi-polar disorder, and Carly is out and Em is back in. Forgive me for not knowing how that happened just yet…

Carly knows Ric had a hand in Sonny's breakdown, but Emily wants to forget it so Sonny will move ahead and focus on his treatment. That's all well and good, but Ric is still plotting ways to thwart Sonny and set up Jason, so Carly has to be her pushy self to make sure Ric doesn't succeed. Carly has every reason in the world to mistrust Ric, you may recall he kept her chained in a panic room for months in the past, so she really doesn't have any reason to give him the benefit of the doubt, or assume he has Sonny's best interest at heart. When Emily wouldn't listen to Carly's claims, she went to Jason who absolutely believed her, as he loathes Ric as much as Carly does. (And will loathe him more after he beds Sam, I predict. This is not a spoiler, just a hunch.) Ric bought a look-alike Lily dress to push Sonny over the edge, and now Carly has proof. When Ric dropped by Sonny's to skulk around and dig through Sonny's papers looking for proof against Jason, Jason was there waiting and is insisting they wait together until Sonny gets home to tell him the truth.

Sonny is currently in a session with Lainey where he's admitting he loves Carly and regrets the bad way he has treated her in the past. I loved the line "There's a lot of dust in my head and I don't want to examine it too carefully." Meanwhile, Carly is off having dinner with Patrick to keep her mind off of Sonny. She seems to have gotten over Jax pretty quickly, ay? I appreciated the scene where Sonny explained his illness to Michael and Morgan, up until they popped in I thought they must have been shipped off to summer camp as I hadn't seen them for eons. Of course, I haven't seen Lucas all summer either, did he and Guy go to Coming Out Camp this summer, or has Bobbie banished him?

I only saw 3 episodes this week, and missed all of last week, so if I missed something MAJOR, please know it's because I didn't see it and not that I ignored it…

Some random notes…
1) When Nikolas says he is "clumsy" as a Dad, does that mean he has dropped baby John on his head, or that he jabs himself with diaper pins when he changes him? (I bet infant princes do NOT use disposable diapers)
2) The only look I hate more than Emily's bad tan is Alexis' Pepe' Le Pu hairdo. The white blond highlights against the dark brown hair look like a cross between a skunk and Cruella DeVille. I know that's mean, but if my hair looked like that, my friends Betsy and David would tell me straight up - "Hey Tam, your hair looks like a skunk. We can't let you leave the house like that."
3) Give Noah Drake more to do than meddle in Patrick's sex life. He deserves a plot of his own.
4) What are the odds that anyone, anywhere, would hire the local Mob bosses girlfriend at the police department and let her file sensitive files concerning his crimes?
5) I loved the delivery of the line from Jason "Looking for something Ric?" the way he spit Ric's name out of his mouth, it sounded like a cuss word. He said it with utter disgust and contempt. Perfect.

What will happen tomorrow, dear viewers? Will Ric dress in drag like Bugs Bunny and call himself Lily? Will Maxie find something to do besides steal drugs and stalk Lucky? Will Liz file a sexual harassment suit against Patrick and get his butt fired for causing trouble in her marriage? Will Lulu ever find anyone who loves her and doesn't leave? Will they add more bedrooms on Courtney's place before 3 women move into a place with no actual bedrooms and a pull out sofa? Will Nikolas start calling Alfred "Yenta" when he tries to set him up on dates?

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Only tomorrow knows, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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