Mimosas in November
For the Week of November 6, 2006
It's another sunny Sunday in Southern California. I just went to brunch with friends and we drank Mimosa's and ate foods they don't have where I come from in Ohio like Chorizo with Egg and Nopales Con Huevos (Cactus with Egg) and the sun is hot and the flowers are blooming and people with glistening suntanned skin are lounging under umbrellas on the patio waiting for a table. The only reminder I have that it's November is the Thanksgiving Turkeys on sale at my local Ralph's store. Why am I telling you all this? Because although I live in San Diego; the residents of Port Charles supposedly live in upstate New York. While it's typical for me to be wandering around in winter in flip flops and tank tops, I find it odd that no one in Port Charles is wearing a coat yet.

Liz was visiting Lucky at rehab outside in the courtyard with her t-shirt on and her teeth weren't even chattering. I watched Good Morning America this week and it was 30-some degrees and snowing in New York. Just thought I'd remind the writers that although they are writing GH from their ABC HQ office in Southern California, the part of the country they are supposedly portraying has a little thing called WEATHER.

Of course, in truth, it doesn't matter what people are wearing, it matters more that anyone who wanders by is allowed to go walking into Lucky's room. Lulu, Nikolas, Ric with his still bruised face, Liz, Luke, Maxie and her fake pregnancy, Cruz (wow, he finally got a first name!) Jason, Sam - he should just leave his door open, he has no privacy anyway. I can't believe Helena hasn't stopped in and tried to erase Liz from his brain again. She really seemed to dig it when Lucky was her puppet.

Not only is it easy to get into Shadybrook, it's just as easy getting out. Just ask Laura. After 4 years in a catatonic state, she just wandered out into the city, no car, no idea where she got the outfit she was wearing and somehow made it to her old house. I don't care how she got there really, I'm just glad she did. The scenes between Genie Francis and the rarely seen Denise Alexander were perfect. It was exactly the sort of reunion we hoped they would have. As of late, Ms. Alexander has been relegated to the background as Lulu's Grandma, but now she's moving a little closer to the front as Laura's Mom. But I hope they give her something to sink her teeth into. Back in the day, she was front burner and worthy of it - a truly fine actress. It was wonderful this week to see her do more than drop Lulu off at the mall. She and Genie still have the Mother Daughter chemistry, thanks to TPTB for letting us watch.

The mystery to me is that GH can't catch up to The Young and the Restless in the ratings, and I wonder if it's ever dawned on the decision makers at ABC that Y and R uses it's veterans and they still have actual storylines? They are able to keep their older fans, and build new ones at the same time by introducing new characters at a reasonable pace without banishing all their veteran characters to back alleys. But, I digress… Back to GH -

Laura got to see Bobbie, who didn't reveal to her that Tony had died, Tracy Quartermaine, who didn't spill the beans that she is the current Mrs. Luke Spencer, and Laura even got to take a tour of the Haunted Star. It's a wonder that the Haunted Star in and of itself didn't put her back into a coma. Of course, Laura has yet to make it onto Helena's radar, but when she does - yikes. Spooky things are bound to happen.

All of Laura's reunions have been sweet and a joy to behold. I'm so happy she's back, and according to my mail, so are the majority of you. I have heard that Ms. Francis told ABC she would be willing to stick around, but ABC says it can't afford her. If ABC wants my input (which I am sure they don't) I would say cut Maxie and Sam and you can easily afford Laura. Sam is far too whiny these days and Maxie is a lying Skanky Ho. I could do without both of them to keep Laura. I know some you will disagree, but hey, let me know who YOU would cut to save money.

This week we saw Alexis finally break down sobbing, not from being ill over her chemo, nor from her failed marriage, but, from hair loss. It's amazing isn't it, the things that trigger our tear ducts, the things that send us over the edge? There are things about us that we like, things, as she said, that people compliment us on and we find our self esteem in those things, right or wrong. This week, Alexis began losing chunks of hair by the handfuls and she tearfully told Sonny "I know it's silly, but that' the thing people always compliment me on, they say I have nice hair." and I fully understood her pain with that one line. Anyone else? If you can sing and people always tell you what a wonderful voice you have and suddenly you were rendered unable to sing, it would impact you. There was a man last year, a world class pianist who lost his arm in a car accident, and the thing he was known for was suddenly taken from. Alexis wasn't just mourning the loss of her hair, she was mourning the loss of her self image - she knows it has to be readjusted now, she's no longer the lady with the great hair, she's the lady with patches of missing hair and that is going to be an adjustment for her.

Amazingly enough, the person who has been there most often for her, is Carly - her rival, the thorn in her flesh, and yet, perhaps through this circumstance, she will see what it is that draws people to Carly. She's fiercely loyal, and nothing stops her from helping her friends. When Alexis needed to get to the hospital, Carly got her there. When Ric tried to take Molly and Alexis needed a safe place for her kids to go, Carly stepped up to the plate and agreed to move in with Sonny and her boys to help care for Kristina and Molly. I have to say, when Tamara Braun left, I was heartbroken, I had no idea how they would ever replace her, and their first attempt to replace her failed, but the Powers That Be certainly got it Wright the second time around.:) Carly is happily planning her wedding to Jax, which Sonny has vowed will not take place, but I hope he's wrong.

There are people out there, like Sonny and Carly, who got married for all the wrong reasons and stayed together for all the wrong reasons, Certainly there is history, there is love between them, but what she has with Jax is actually HEALTHY. Jax and Carly have a relationship in which each person respects and trusts the other; a relationship in which they have fun together and communicate with one another and cherish one another and dream together. With Sonny, it was about control and dominance, Carly was never respected. She was ordered around and given ultimatums. Carly was merely a possession for Sonny, something that belonged to him like a bike or a clock radio. He didn't regard her as a woman full of magic, wonder, feelings, and dreams who should be taken seriously. But Jax does take her seriously and includes her in every aspect of his life. For that reason alone, he deserves to win her. Both men love her, but only one actually values her as an independent person. Only one of them genuinely sees her soul, and he's the one she should end up with.

And, if all is right in the universe, Nikolas and Emily will wind up together, too. They are inching closer together each day, but both still a little hesitant to lay it all on the line as they have failed each other and hurt one another before. But the love remains and is undeniable, so they keep trying to find a way to overcome the mistakes of their past. Without interference from Nanny McFreak this week, they made real progress. Nikolas had quite the week between his Mom coming out of her catatonia, and his brother hitting him up for a $300k loan.

Sam had a pretty lousy week. Alexis disowned her, she went back to work, got framed by Ric, arrested, dangled off the side of a building after apparently thinking she could fly by trying to jump from rooftop to rooftop. Everyone knows you only try that after you have been bitten by a radioactive spider and develop superpowers. Then, Jason rescues her and takes her to a safe house that has Gladys Kravitz as the neighbor who wants to come in and look around a little. But even in the midst of all this chaos, she found ample time to whine, whimper, cry and look all moony eyed at Jason. Jason offered to get her out of the country until Sonny can make her case go away, and she…declined. What a ninny!

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will our precious Morgan ad lib more really funny lines he isn't supposed to say? Will Shadybrook be able to stay in business with only Lucky and Laura for patients? Will Lulu pour her heart out to just anyone dressed as Death at her next college party, or only dudes she think may be the Hot Professor? Will Diego sleep with Maxie anyway even though she knows she only wants him as a sperm donor? Will anyone ever thank Robin for suggesting the treatment that brought Laura back to life? Will Lila Rae be offered the job as ELQ CEO before Christmas?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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