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Sam is such a bonehead. Let's lay out the facts; she is out on bail, released to her poor sick Mother who is counting on her to make wise choices.

Sam is such a bonehead. Let's lay out the facts; she is out on bail, released to her poor sick Mother who is counting on her to make wise choices. The police are tailing her hoping she will lead them to her presumed dead boyfriend, and if they find him, they will arrest him before he can find Spinelli and prove they were both set up. Many people warned her about this, and she nodded her stupid head as though she understood. She promised Alexis she wouldn't be stupid enough to lead the cops to Jason. Mmm Hmm. She immediately heads to GH. Breaks into the doctor's co-ed locker room (would YOU want to sit on those changing benches after all the things we have seen go on in there???) and gets the ultra lame disguise of a pair of green scrubs. Hey Sam, haven't you ever seen the Pelican Brief or read any other John Grisham novel? Even Pretty Woman knew to change her hair color. So Sam went out, in scrubs - no sunglasses no wig, no fake teeth, not even pulling up the hood on her Uni-Bomber Hooded Sweatshirt, and of course Lucky and Cruz tailed her right to Liz's studio. What a bonehead.

Thankfully for Jason, he wasn't anywhere to be found. Instead, he was off trying to pry info out of a very wasted Lulu. Spinelli is now on the run with Jason's gun, and Jason has to find him before Alcazar does if he and Sam have any hopes of being cleared of the charges Ric and Lorenzo manufactured.

Ric is a weasel, but he has a little Grinch like heart, 3 sizes too small, and actually seems to b showing some concern about Alexis. Part of it may be selfish, in that he doesn't want to have to face her in court, and the other part I think is genuine. He doesn't want Alexis to die defending Sam, as then it would be his fault the mother of his child was dead since Same wouldn't need defending if Ric hadn't set her up. If Sam had half a brain, she'd stroke Ric's needy ego and tell him she can't stop thinking about their night of passion and that Sonny is a fool for not wanting him for a brother, and that she'd help him get sole custody of Molly. If she'd just push a few of his buttons, instead of letting him push hers, she could probably talk her way out the door.

It looks as though Jason is about to take a trip to Oakville Illinois, but apparently without Lulu. Sonny has appointed himself Lulu's guardian and I see silhouettes of Karen Wexler and cringe. At least Sonny doesn't own a strip club anymore… This should be good on a comedic level; imagine Jason in a Grandma's house in Middle America trying to drag Spinelli away from his PS3.

Comedy aside, GH did a wonderful job this week on the tragedy side of the fence as well. When Luke started ripping ornaments off the Christmas tree and angrily knocking the whole damned tree to the ground, I felt his pain. When he grabbed the treetop angel and clutched it to his chest, it represented everything he lost. As he held it and sobbed, I sobbed with him. The scene between Lulu and Luke was perfect. Laura had an impact on Lulu and even though Dillon let her know her Dad lied about the wedding, she took Laura's cue and forgave him. Like Lulu, Nikolas wrestled with his anger for Luke and instead chose forgiveness. I am glad Nikolas revisited Luke putting his arm around him in the wedding photo, as it was significant to us as viewers, and I am glad the writer's explored it. The arm of Luke Spencer around a Cassadine was living proof of Luke's love for Laura. It was a beautiful thing and Laura's brief visit had an impact on everyone she encountered. Love always does that. Love always changes us for the better whenever we encounter it.

Nikolas' encounter with love made him brave enough to admit his feelings to Emily, in spite of their complicated and Rocky past. Good thing Emily has gotten over Connor, it would have been awful if she had scratched his face when he tried to kiss her. There has always been something about Tyler Christopher that I find irresistible, some vulnerability or tenderness, I can't put my finger on it, but every time I see him cry, I get all maternal and want to comfort him and cook him some dinner and take care of him. I was delighted that he and Emily reunited, although with Nanny McFreak parked outside of the door listening in; we can assume it won't be all sunshine and roses.

So, we saw Lulu and Nikolas dealing with their Mother's relapse. But Lucky? Well, we saw him go back to work and give a little speech to Liz about his Mom wanting them together, but no real emotional depth in those scenes. Lucky's been given the task of finding Jason, and on his first day back at work, we got our quotient of Skanky Ho and her Fake Baby showing up at the PCPD to have Lucky put his hand on her Un-baby.

As to Maxie, I just loathe her. I got a letter this week from one of my astute readers who said if the writers would focus on Maxie's abandonment issues from Daddy Frisco dumping her to be a spy we may feel more sympathy for her character. Not a bad thought, possibly it would make her more human - but even girls whose Daddy's abandon them don't get a free pass to fake a pregnancy and give drugs to an addict to get him into bed, so I still wouldn't be able to rationalize her series of bad choices. But it certainly would give her character more depth if the writers gave us a clue as to why she is such a Skank.

Her sister Georgie on the other hand got some retro "That Girl" Marlo Thomas circa 1966 bangs. She acts out via hairstyles I guess. She's working so hard to make Dillon stop thinking about Lulu, but Dillon knows Lulu is in trouble and can't shake the feeling that something is wrong. Georgie doesn't want Dillon to get involved, but alas, Dillon feels unreasonably compelled to save Lulu from whatever mess she is in. The trouble with befriending a High Maintenance person is that you always get involved; you have to get involved, you have to save them from themselves. Especially if you are codependent or have a Savior complex…. Or so I've heard.

The funniest part of the Dillon saga was Carly trying to advise him about having to pick one girl and sticking to it, when for the life of her she can't pick a man. Sonny or Jax? Jax or Sonny? And still keeping Jason on the side as her best friend. So, perhaps Dillon would be better off getting advice from another source. The trick to taking someone's advice is to determine whether or not they are successful in the area in which they are advising you. As in, don't take stock tips from a dude who is broke. Don't take marital advice from someone who has been divorced 5 times. Don't take dietary advice from someone who is out of shape. Don't take auto repair advice from someone who has a bunch of broken down cars in their backyard. Get the point?

And some Random observations. The scene where Alexis loses her head scarf and we see her balding head and patchy hair was heartbreaking and very well acted. Thanks to the brilliant acting of Nancy Lee Grahn and Rick Hearst. The scene where Tracy reminds Luke he still has a child who needed a Father was also very heartfelt. I was prepared to hate any and all Luke and Tracy scenes as I am still pissed about losing Laura, but alas, they got me and I was glad Tracy was trying to get through Luke's grief and remind him to stick around for his kids. I enjoyed the flashback scenes of Stone bungee jumping, but I still have a problem understanding why Dr. Dreamboat would be interested in Robin as she spends a great deal of her time whining which is a very unattractive quality. Who wants to be in a relationship with someone when all you're ever doing is trying to cheer them up? Liz isn't showing at all. Maxie isn't either, but of course, she isn't really pregnant. I loved the scene with Jax and Carly pretending to be in the sleigh and hope their New Year's Eve wedding actually happens.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Spinelli get caught at 7/11 ordering Macho Nachos and Slurpees? Will Sam come up with another brilliant disguise like a scrunchee for her hair or new sneakers? Will Kristina admit she's faking shock just to get one of her loser family members to play with her? Will Luke notice Lulu is missing or just keep kicking the Christmas tree? Will anyone ever notice Liz is spending a lot of time in her studio but all her canvases are still blank? Will Epiphany get Stan a Christmas Stocking even though he's still working for criminals? Will GH ever remember Tristan Rogers is on the cast list and use him? Or Rick Springfield? Or Finola Hughes? Or Wally Kurth? Or… (fill in the blank)

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