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For the Week of August 20, 2007
Two Scoops is a weekly opinion column about all things General Hospital. Check in every week to see if you agree or disagree with what our columnists have to say!
This week's Two Scoops column has not yet been posted. We know that you are eager to read our columnist's take on last week's shows, so please check back later this evening for the new column.

In the meantime, please feel free to read over two year's worth of Two Scoops columns in our Two Scoops Archives!

Two Scoops is an opinion column. The views expressed are not designed to be indicative of the opinions of or its advertisers. The Two Scoops section allows our Scoop staff to discuss what might happen, what has happened, and to take a look at the logistics of it all. They stand by their opinions and do not expect others to share the same view point.
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