How to lose friends and make enemies
For the Week of November 13, 2017
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Do you think you know who the real Jason is? Our columnist did, and then she didn't -- and then she did again. Now she doesn't. Meanwhile, Nelle went from good girl to bad girl to redeemed girl to liar, liar pants on fire. Now, she's playing with it. Will Nelle live to regret it? Our columnist ponders that question and more in this week's Two Scoops.

It's been a rough week for me. Thanks to a series of unfortunate events, and through no fault of my own, I ended up with three stitches in my head, a mild concussion, and a dog who feels incredibly guilty for trying to chase the neighbor's cat. Max loves cats, so he meant the cat no harm, but I'm not sure that I can say the same for me.

Because of my near-scalping, I've spent the last couple of days, minus a few hours to celebrate my sister's birthday, in bed, watching TV and trying not to let my head roll to the side with the stitches. I must confess, it's been rather nice to have everyone pamper me and help me get all comfy in bed, so I can watch GH without interruption. I'm very appreciative because the show has been incredibly good lately.

The ratings certainly reflect that, too, and I couldn't be happier. The writers are doing a fantastic job of investing in the stories and characters, and keeping things moving at a good clip with small payoffs along the way. Instead of a long buildup culminating in a big reveal, the tale of two Jasons has unfolded with tiny bombshell revelations peppered throughout the story, creating an extended climax that started when Patient 6 reached out to Sonny. Patient 6 crashing through the skylight during the launch party will be one of those scenes that will remain etched in my memory for a long time, and we aren't done yet.

Friday's show closed with Jordan announcing that the DNA tests confirmed that Jason and Patient 6 have the same exact DNA. Each man knows that it's because the other is his identical twin, but they don't know that the other knows or why each believes that he is the real Jason Morgan.

The most frustrating development this week was Franco's decision not to tell Liz that Jason's twin didn't die and that Andre tinkered with both twins' minds. I'm not sure what Franco hopes to gain -- or avoid -- by keeping his secret, especially when everyone already knows that Patient 6 is running around and claiming to be Jason Morgan. No one, except for Franco and Andrew, knows what really happened at the top of the basement steps when they were just three years old, but how reliable could Andrew's memory be after suffering extensive injuries, including a head injury when he landed at the bottom of the stairs? Sure, Betsy has her suspicions, but that's all they are because she didn't actually witness the incident.

I fear that Franco's decision is going to come back to bite him in a big way. Jason has always been Liz's weakness, and if there's trouble in paradise between Liz and Franco, and if Sam stays with Jason 2.0, it is not at all out of the realm of possibility that Liz and Jason 1.0 find their way back to each other, especially now that Jake is back in the picture. That is, if Patient 6 is the real Jason Morgan.

Until this week, I was completely convinced that Patient 6 was Jason and that Jake Doe was his twin, Andrew. It seemed the most logical route for the writers to take because Steve Burton originated the "Stone Cold" persona. It didn't make sense to make the old Jason not Jason, and new Jason the real Jason. Not to me.

However, the more this story unfolds with all its interesting twists and unexpected turns, the more it's starting to make a strange kind of sense for Patient 6 to be the twin who received the memories rather than the twin who donated them. Everyone -- Sonny, Carly, Diane, Liz, and even Sam -- seem far too convinced that Patient 6 is Jason, which tends to be a red flag. Heck, even Monica appears to think the man she saw from a distance for a few seconds is her long lost beloved son. At least, that's the impression I had from what she said to Alan about being on the verge of getting a miracle.

Somehow, I don't think that Monica was referring to finding out that Alan had twin sons with his mistress.

Additionally, if Patient 6 is Andrew/Drew, the viewers would be in the unique position of being in the character's shoes by having to accept that Jason had an identical twin who received all his brother's memories in a mad science project that Andre cooked up, and that man is Patient 6. Like the characters, we would have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that the man with Jason's old face isn't Jason.

I don't know if the writers intend to go in that direction, but if they do, I won't have a problem accepting that like I once thought I might. They've set things up perfectly so that either man can be revealed to be Jason, and either way, it will work.

I have to say, Billy has done a phenomenal job showing Jason's frustration with everyone for doubting who he claims to be. It's tangible and compelling. I really feel for him, and a part of me hopes that he can have the satisfaction of looking at Sonny and Carly and telling them, "I told you so." It's the least that they would deserve. If nothing else, this storyline has shown what faithless friends they are. I'm happy that Sonny and Carly acknowledged as much on Friday, but it feels like too little, too late.

Sam's admission to Jason that she's confused and that seeing the man with Jason's old face stirred up some things for her was sincere but not completely honest. I do think she believes that Patient 6 is Jason, and I don't blame her because he looks and sounds like Jason, and he has all her husband's memories. But it's also equally clear that she loves her current husband and that things have changed. She has changed.

If Patient 6 turns out to be Jason, I'm not as certain as I once was that Sam would go to him.

By the way, how stinking cute is little Scout? GH's casting department always finds the most adorable children on the planet, who often look eerily like their television parents. Scout is no exception.

Moving on, Nelle has her claws out, but her sense of self-preservation is lacking entirely because she decided to play with fire and make an enemy of Valentin Cassadine.

It seems that Nelle needs money, and fast. Her wireless bill is late, her hopes for a roommate to share the expenses (foot the bill) fell through, and her rent will soon be due. Nelle turned to Nina for a raise, but Nina nixed it until after Derek Wells Media successfully transitioned over to Aurora Media. Yet Nina hired Maxie and gave her a corner office. Ouch.

After being rejected by Michael, who is no longer moved by Nelle's pretty tears, Nelle decided to enlist Valentin's help in getting that raise by demanding that he persuade Nina to fork it over pronto -- or Nelle would show Nina the picture of him locking lips with Cassandra.

I was pleasantly surprised when Valentin called Nelle's bluff, and warned her that she had crossed the wrong man. Payback is going to be a bitch for Nelle.

I loved it when Nina quickly saw through Nelle's game and called her out on it. I'd gotten used to these silly ploys working in the past, so I didn't expect Nina to realize that Nelle had been holding onto the photo for weeks then blast her for taking advantage of Nina's generosity -- and friendship. I cheered when Nina fired Nelle because it was clear that it was the last thing that Nelle thought would happen.

Now, the big question is how honest Valentin plans to be with his wife. Will he admit that he agreed to work with Anna to take Cassandra down? It's unlikely because Nina's not the type to sit back and do nothing, especially if Anna is involved. Plus, there's still the issue of Claudette and whatever happened to her that Cassandra is holding over his head. I have a feeling that Valentin wants that to remain a secret, especially from his wife.

Jessica Tuck is perfect as Cassandra. She oozes charm and malevolence in equal measure, and I love that she makes Valentin nervous. It says a lot about her wickedness, so I look forward to watching this storyline play out. I also like that the writers are tackling a real-life issue like the opioid epidemic.

This week we were introduced to Amy's brother, Chet, when he arrived at the hospital after overdosing on pain pills. I felt an instant connection with Chet because he seemed as annoyed by his sister as I am. Amy did what she does best: do all the talking and make it all about her. It's no wonder Chet tossed her out of his room. Repeatedly.

I liked Chet's scenes with Finn, and I'm definitely happy that Finn is taking an interest in something other than Roxy. Don't get me wrong -- I love quirky guys, but I'm watching soap operas for the romance, drama, and action. The writers are breathing some much-needed life into Finn, and his scenes with Mac and Felicia when Anna introduced him to her friends were pure gold.

Finally, I'd like to indulge in a little speculation based on some recent news and Oscar's quest to find his father.

It's my theory that we will soon be meeting Oscar's mother when a fan favorite returns to our screens in a couple of weeks. I also think that Oscar and Josslyn's search is going to lead them to Andrew/Drew's front door because once the big reveal is made about who the real Jason is, Drew is going to need a backstory. An instant family is a great start.

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Random observations
It's official, Sam's stillborn daughter has a name -- Lila McCall. Until this week, she was only ever referred to as Sam's daughter/baby or "Baby Girl McCall" on the records and grave marker. Congratulations!

Why is Anna always surprised when people let themselves into her home? She has zero security beyond a lock on her front door. You'd think an international spy would have a Doberman or two, or perhaps a floodlight camera with the likes of Valentin, and various and sundry super villains, periodically skulking about.

Reader feedback

When was the last time Michael or the show remembered that Sonny killed A.J? We don't even know if Billy's Jason knows that Sonny killed A.J. -- Ann Marie Blon

I have to say the reveal of Jason was PERFECT!!!!!!!! I was so glad that the story line didn't drag out for months. I was wondering what was going to happen because he didn't walk in the living room when Sam walked in and shut the door when Jason 2.0 walked in. And then he didn't show himself when Sonny and Jason 2.0 showed up in the woods. I just knew this was going to go on forever but thank God it didn't. When Jason jumped from that skylight my mouth dropped!!!! Best reveal ever!!!!!!!!!!! -- moniemone1980

This might be an unpopular opinion but Michael breaking up with Nelle doesn't make any sense. She has done nothing but lie so him getting fed up after lie number 7 doesn't erase lies 1-6 she already told, and he didn't leave her for any of those. And if anything, the lie about the tickets and telling Carly [that] Michael might be moving in is the least destructive one she has told so far. -- BCAD

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts about the show. I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to email me or leave a comment below.

Until next time, take care.
Liz Masters

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