Jacob Young
Emmy Winner Young out as GH's Lucky
Posted Sunday, December 08, 2002 10:43:04 PM
Though it had been rumored for several weeks, ABC has now confirmed reports that Emmy winner Jacob Young (Lucky Spencer) is leaving General Hospital. A spokesperson for the show states that the role will be recast.

Young joined the cast of General Hospital in February 2000, fresh from an Emmy-nominated run as Rick Forrester on CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful. The then-newcomer had the unenviable task of following the Emmy-winning -- and fan favorite -- Jonathan Jackson in the role. Young, however, made the part his own and won over the fans. In May 2002, Young was awarded the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor.

In addition to his work on General Hospital, Young has been actively pursuing a career in music. Young's self-titled debut album hit stores in September 2001. Young has also expressed an interest in a career in feature films.

Young's contract with General Hospital runs through January 2003. If Young finishes out his contract he will air through most of the month of February. However, show execs are actively seeking a recast for the role of Lucky Spencer. If a recast is found before the expiration of Young's contract, Young could conceivably exit the show sooner.

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